Buer's Grand Dao Wen Dao Shou Yu

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Wei Buer believed that as long as he put in enough effort, then he could become the leader of his village's storytelling population. However, he discovered that there were freaks with gold fingers everywhere in this world. Wei Buer believed that he would definitely be able to find his beloved girl, but discovered that girls were really quite scary.
Speaking seriously:【This is a large-scale Xianxia novel filled with feelings, relationships, and logic】
Welcome to the starting point hiding the most indecisive person and the jaw-clenching battlefield where you want to beat this indecisive person to death. Welcome to the extremely tragic Asura Field and the scene where this indecisive person is well received. Welcome to the place where Makoto Ito fought. [+1 Reference to Makoto Ito from School Days]
Even if he's dead, nailed in a coffin, Wei Buer wanted to use his broken vocal cords to shout——[+1 Reference to Lu Xun]

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