The «Good Voice» theme song draws a charge

The «Good Voice» theme song draws a charge

In that morning.

The new day of morning paper drew a charge.

«„The Voice” the Nanjing sea elects, the registration is irritable!»

Are «hundred million title fees, worth?»

The «people investigate: Everybody to „The Voice” the favoring lead as before less than 50%, there are many 50% professionals and people still did not favor!»

«Zhang Ye came to Hai Hai to choose the scene to drum up support for „The Voice” yesterday!»

«„can The Voice” break industry in the competition program low situation?»

The «Singing program market bubble is serious, the weary condition presently, is early sick! The Singing competition that huddles together frequently, or welcomed the heavy pound attack of supervision level!»

«„The Voice” soon becomes last straw that crushes Singing Class competition program?»

The entertainment versions and Net News of various publications, to the report and tracing that «Republic The Voice» is carrying on continuing, even if, many people do not think that 《The Voice》 can have high Viewership Ratings, may the lineup too be after all big, spent was too big, was the Heavenly Queen/days later alliance, was hundred million Yuan title, there is a label of Zhang Ye product, the topic nature stayed at a high level, the media definitely were also glad to the report. Entertainment Circle does not lack the news, may lack actually looks like the 《The Voice》 so crest of wave big sound and greatly has the coherent long-enduring flash news, the appearance of 《The Voice》, can say that supported hundred and thousand of media reporter mothers not to need to be worried really we did not have the news to write!


Around 7 : 00.

Just delivered Chenchen to enter the school gate, the telephone came.

Is the Zhang Yuanqi telephone, „my song?”

„What song?” The Zhang Ye conditioned reflex said.

Old Zhang: „What song did you say? Owes me a song, afterward did not say that must write a subject Qume to 《The Voice》, is authorized me, we two were also clear.”

Zhang Ye thinks that one's own was to comply with this matter in the past few days, missed a Old Zhang song in any case, 《The Voice》 has also been needing the theme song, he said that simply directly wrote a song to Old Zhang, while convenient worked as the theme song, but was too busy for serveral days, yesterday even also in the morning took plane Shanghai to make the sea to elect to make publicity, in the afternoon hurriedly took plane to pick up the child to be on vacation from school, the matter were too many, early this forgetting, him said immediately: „Oh oh oh, this matter, I can forget, I have been writing the song for serveral days, boiled for several days.” Makes out of whole cloth.

Old Zhang: „Right?”

Zhang Ye: „That, your matter I can not be careful.”

Old Zhang: „Finished?”

Zhang Ye: „Finished.”

Old Zhang: „Then on line.”

Zhang Ye: „You came CCTV I to give you music score, then your four teachers while convenient rehearse this song, when the time comes records time makes the beginning tune.”

Has made the telephone call, he drives CCTV.

One to the column record scene, he started new day of busy, the telephone remote control elects located in the outside several seas, while directs the delivery progress of stage arrangement and promotional film, the publicity short films of four teachers have recorded one after another, Zhang Xia and film of Chen Guang couple comes out first, when is 15 seconds is long, has put on the market separately, has broadcast in CCTV Channel 1, because Zhang Yuanqi the running schedule cannot arrange, film recorded yesterday well, Old Zhang is in the teacher most famous one, this promotional film must certainly put best time, these. Wants Zhang Ye this Chief Director to handle and plan, here all matters must he be busy.

Makes rune/symbol Sihong as for column Director?

Except that Zhang Ye proposed from the beginning after plan of 《The Voice》, rune/symbol Sihong has added several times chaotically outside, later almost with the scene the form that could not see rune/symbol Sihong, CCTV Channel 1 sent rune/symbol Sihong to get down is an inspector general, so long as program has not overstepped the limit in the stock rail, rune/symbol Sihong has not mixed, Zhang Ye here it does not matter he was not at actually, rune/symbol Sihong was not, Zhang Ye instead can unshackle not to worry.

„Liu Er.”

„Leader Zhang, do you look for me?”

„Did polling machine do?”

„Has not subscribed, that isn't does not worry?”

„Although is the finals will use, but cannot delay, hurries to manage!”

„Understood, I relate making to order immediately!”

„Taking advantage of also good, having a look at other CCTV Segment Group to have ready-made, Little Zhou, Little Zhou comes.”

„Oh, Leader Zhang I in me in!”

„CCTV 75 seconds of advertisement publicity is definitely insufficient, you relate other media, is mainly the major video sites, we buy their several advertisement.”

„Good, I manage!”

„Do not fear to spend, buys.”

„? Aren't we money are not many?”

„Are not many also 10 million, other competition program, 10 million even can be their complete production cost, but this money is only comes out to us wealthily, buys any advertisement not to be good, publicity this is most important, must ‚voice’ the selling point hits, making the common people accept, for these, spending how much money not to dislike many.”

„I understood Leader Zhang, you and others my good news!”

The Zhang Ye direction overall situation, each point must grasp.

Present he took office Chief Director also about ten days, now also more and more looks like program Chief Director, model|pattern Erqi was full, the speech was getting more and more firm powerfully, issued the duty to be also getting more and more well-organized, Zhang Ye one's own together was also growing with program. The work of this Chief Director, is very important to him, surely will be the most valuable experience on his next Chenggong Road, this will be much money many popularity cannot trade.

Can hold the post of this kind of big manufacture in CCTV Channel 1 this big channel Chief Director, actually is also Zhang Ye a reason that complied with Jiang Yuan initially to invite, he needed this experience with the story, this was a charge, in giving from now on roughcast, although before he has also held the post of the Director system as well as Chief Director of «Zhang Ye's Talkshow», but that was obviously different, on the Talkshow program stage on a Zhang Ye person, the program core was also Zhang Ye takes Host script and performance, the work of Chief Director was only empty, with this CCTV large-scale variety competition may compared with not.

time in a flash on noon.

Zhang Ye dug up to draw two food simply, came back to direct the work.

Suddenly, the Vice-Director Zhang Zuo half step entered situated in the underground two 《The Voice》 stage scenes, „Leader Zhang, well? Leader Zhang where?”

A Little Wang finger of not far away, „installs the chair with the worker together.”

Zhang Zuo humph a throat has hurried to run, „whoops, how Leader Zhang you personally did, gave the worker on the line.”

Zhang Ye then loosens the chair, had not felt relieved that said to the worker: „Four chairs do not arrange that far, slightly about, making among the teachers not need the microphone speech also to hear opposite party Voice mutually...... Again near-point...... Right, was good, like this.” This male servant is person of striving for perfection, in his dictionary has not assembled, therefore has also fostered his problem, Zhang Ye looks at others to work, is always not pleasing to the eyes.

Zhang Zuo said: „Leader Zhang, that side person arrived.”

Zhang Ye turns head, gasping for breath sigh said: „What person arrived?” Has made ash, his one's own two have patted the racket.

Zhang Zuo said suddenly: „Sister Zhang their four teachers, the person came, here I am make them come, your passing television tower?”

Zhang Ye stares, „four teachers? Do they do?”

The Zhang Zuo perspiration said: „Is your approximately, you did not say couple days ago you write the song, then this afternoon to four teachers to a song, has a dress rehearsal simply a beginning Qume? Did you forget?”


Is now Heavens/Days!?

Shit, was busy silly! I said how on Old Zhang early in the morning to call to ask the song me!

The Zhang Ye corona said: „Did person come?”

Zhang Zuo said: „Yes, arrived.”

„This, do not let them come first, you constrain them first, lets them wait / etc..” Zhang Ye said immediately.

The Zhang Zuo hear was blurry, „why? What did I say?”

Zhang Ye said: „You said that I am not , after a half hour, makes them come again!” Then, Zhang Ye hurriedly walked, „arranges tune Teacher? Arranges tune Teacher?”

Little Wang said: „Is giving the player the lane to arrange tune.”

Zhang Ye hurried [say / way]: „First puts, lets arrange tune Teacher to look for my.”

„? Good.” Little Wang looks at Zhang Ye to worry, slightly ran, in the past called the person.


Some recording within.

Zhang Ye and a youth arranged tune Teacher to come.

„Is Leader Zhang, how such anxiously looking for me?” Arranges tune Teacher to wonder saying: „Can arrange the theme song? I arrange the tune first, then gives four Teacher to sing?”

Zhang Ye is silent.

Arranges tune Teacher saying: „Do you give me the music score? Do I look at the song first?”

Zhang Ye is silent.

At this time, arranged tune Teacher to ponder over the taste to come, said all of a sudden in consternation: „Won't you, you have written? Isn't an approximately today's row of song?”

The Zhang Ye cough said: „Now writes also with enough time.”

Arranges tune Teacher to faint, Shit, haven't you written really?

„You said that this theme song, which song suits?” Zhang Ye holds the Buddha foot.

Arranges tune Teacher dumbfounded , „did four teachers arrive? Now writes also without enough time, this competition program theme song, actually anything type has, but I believe that but must be suits the subject the song to be best, for example can express the dream, for example pursues a goal with determination, this can the atmosphere of quite good conjunction competition, the prominent player also be the prominent stage . Moreover the song wants the energy, results in sunlight some, has anything the ponder of the life to make inquiries into that such was on the contrary complex, is not on the contrary prominent, probably was like this.”




Players? Competition?

The Zhang Ye hear, has selected, „has the written records?”

Arranges tune Teacher to stare, about looked, gives him.

Zhang Ye took the fountain pen to start to write the lyrics on paper immediately, wrote while said: „I sing now, you help me a music score, thinks while convenient arranges the tune.”

Arranges tune Teacher to say dull: „Have you, you wanted to come out?”


Then several seconds!

I just said that what song is appropriate, at most several seconds, did you write? Is impossible! Industry in writes the word writes the tune quickly „quick ringer”, does not have your this Speed, let alone this Speed, even if your this Speed is multiplied by 100 times, others do not have such quickly!

He does not believe that takes up spatial music score to prepare the record.

The next second, Zhang Ye the art or technique of singing that used him to be full of loopholes opens the mouth to sing:

„To fly to ascend the sky, with Sun side-by-side.”

„The world waits for me to change.”

„The dream that wants to have, never feared that others see.”

„here I can realize.”

„Laughed heartily loudly, lets your me side-by-side.”

„Where cannot happy infinite.”

„Abandons worry brave stride I'm free.”

„I stand in the stages!!”

Arranges tune Teacher to be dumbfounded, several seconds, did you also really write? crap! Your this has hit chicken blood you!?

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