Battle Frenzy

By Skeleton Wizard

The King style of being obstinate and argumentative

The King style of being obstinate and argumentative

In bullet screen the speechless ellipsis of big string big string has wrested away the screen space, perhaps has much is participates in CHF other Battle Squadron team member to send, these in low spirits had looked the fellows who material really cannot bear want to spit the trough, too did not give people the means of livelihood!

„Ahhh, you discover not to have, this is ninth, what next to last act is who???”

„Probably expert was similar, the major Household also under initial capital, the component of next to last act should compare the great ability to be right, seemed like nobody.”

As if felt that everybody's question, the video entered a blank, presents the snowflake that the faint trace has spilled unexpectedly, is the volume, the signal is not good??

Immediately the question mark of Skylink Shanghai quantity, is seeing gratifying time, how can the signal not be good!

However, this is not signal is not good, after snowflakes, in Dark as if the person's shadow of rocking, is following close in the screen a humongous question mark.

What Ten Great soldier list final next to last act is......


In the Dark world transforms four large characters.

This in a flash as if entire world was peaceful, is this real?

As if the heat flow welled up the throat place, will All-Mouthy King in legend participate in CHF really?

All-Mouthy King???

Similar to silence before the volcanic eruption, as if everyone felt that own heartbeat, every so often, the people suspected that All-Mouthy King is not real exist/existence, or is a game of Older Generation expert, however all these not real.

All-Mouthy King is a Heroic Soul Academy student, this Exceed Grade talent has hidden in our sides, yes, he will participate in CHF!

„Brother King?! Unexpectedly is Brother King?!”

„ Real false, Mo Family knows that who All-Mouthy King was? „

„Is the Mo Family person?”

„Should not! If Mo Family opposite party academy does not know, how can affirm that All-Mouthy King will certainly participate in CHF? This is the CHF Ten Great expert list!”

Nobody will doubt being on the list qualifications of All-Mouthy King, but actually some countless people in Madness is doubting the meaning of Mo Family this string of materials.

This is the Mo Family information first time receives the explicit suspicion probably.

Since truly, the opposite party academy such basic information does not know why can affirm All-Mouthy King will participate in CHF?

A stone arouses thousand overlapping waves, All-Mouthy King in a flash has thrown off the front all people.

After a training of most Madness, Wang Zhong started to reduce the Battle Squadron training quantity gradually, especially aimed at Barran, these days enough strengthened, sometimes relaxed to ponder that will bring many harvests, the promotion of Barran and Scarlet was obvious, Milami also had not the small progress, Colby and Lilly, although has made contribution perhaps, but dealt with the standard of CHF somewhat to be difficult, but also had the promotion in the team coordination, entire Tianjing Battle Squadron has also been ready.

The expert videos on Mo List promoting have not affected Tianjing Battle Squadron, to other team member, these is too remote to them, their goals enter the match, naturally Wang Zhong does not think that Scarlet also has certain idea, enters the match is the first step, if can make the good progress to be good.

Student Grai is also very sensible, was selecting really on the card, could see, slid Grai of great-circle is that charming, the condition was also quite good.

„Senior Wang Zhong, I came back.” Saw the people, Grai has shown the bright smiling face.

„No wonder I said Senior Sister Hyman will have unexpectedly also arrives at the training ground ahead of time the time.” Wang Zhong cannot bear tease.

„Sir Captain, this you may falsely accuse!” Hyman is inserting the waist: „Most loves the late person is you are right?”

„Is is,” Wang Zhong smiled, did not refute, drew a stool to sit, full of enthusiasm looks at Grai: „Does Grai, what amusing matter exit to bump into?”

„Yes!” Hyman was shifted attention immediately, an excitement of face: „Said quickly to us that which places you did go to? How to go? What has to be good to play?”

„Has gone to the place are many, along Tianjing toward north, the big point city has gone, but does not have on to be too long dull,” Grai said with a smile: „Only belongs to have a look basically, the majority of time were used to hurry along, must say that amusing words, felt that the wilderness lived is more interesting, regional garrison some vagabonds who no matter bumped into, suitable enthusiasm, knew many new friends.”

„Heard that the north vagabonds are quite valiant, the disposition is also anxious,” Colby interrupted: „It is not quite easy to be together, Grai you are also fierce.”

„in fact is good, felt that the genuine vagabonds did not describe Barbaric like the south that they were hospitable, was also very sincere to the person, was various customs were many, person who if did not know, was very easy to affront them, I have also made several jokes in that side.”

„Said quickly said quickly!” Hyman positive urging.

In the Federation north region, many places are maintaining the tradition of move about, naturally, mostly regarding in the city and railway rail nearby pasture, these herdsmen is called the vagabonds, with being responsible for nursing the locally-stationed forces of railway rail to collaborate to resist the mutant beast group frequently, frequently is facing the worst living environment, with the mutant beast fight in the first line, such vagabonds nationality is quite valiant, the north is rich in heavy equipment, many Aristocratic Family temper the method of juniors to throw the farthest away pasture to become 2-3 years of vagabonds before their adult rituals, otherwise dies outside directly, if can come back, how many no matter you his strength have promoted, but absolutely. Can be a whole body is sending out the wild real man.

The vagabonds to the impression of person all along so, cut-throat, overbearing and wild, but in the Grai mouth, actually seems only the southerner's misunderstanding to the vagabonds, this matter was different people have different views and different people have different views.

Big group of people are gathering round chat happily, suddenly the door was shoved open, Ma Dong entrained one pack of materials to run in high spirits: „The athletic competition system of CHF formally announced finally, ha, preparation brothers! Well, did Grai also come back? Ha, this may really be good, attained the notice a moment ago time I also worried how must inform you!, Comes to see!”

Recently Ma Dong had not been idling, as the Tianjing Battle Squadron team leader, he was also busy preparing, that side the territory construction task has straightened out, moreover his primary mission was the earlier and Darwin that side person docking, construction as for territory, to be honest, came the unified plan by the Assassin Household brain trust, regardless of experienced or the energy, these matters were not Ma Dong can achieve obviously. Let alone also has his father to be responsible for here with the Assassin docking and supervises, basically did not have the Ma Dong anything matter.

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