Classroom of the Elite

By Kinugasa Shougo



○ Ryuu "Ryo" garden gets what you get, what you lose.

That night, I dreamed of my childhood day.

One thing that killed was a snake "Snake".

Perhaps at that time, if you remembered fear if you got attached to it before killing that serpent.

Did I choose the same choice?

「……No, it does not make any sense to such thought.

Humans send everyday life that is impossible to redo.

And the victory or defeat is constantly moving every day of the day, there are days to win or something to lose.

It just happened that day yesterday.

The number I lost is total, and the 3 digits "kade" will not go down.

Even if it is limited only to Aya "Ayano" "Koji" "Koji", yesterday is not the first losing.

But why is it different so far?

Early in the morning at 8 o'clock I took a step outside to leave the dormitory and aim for school.

Although it is the first day of winter vacation, the school has been opened without problems for club activities.

Uniform is the principle when stepping into the school, but there is no need to protect anymore.

The morning practices of the clubs who are doing club activities start around 7 o'clock. Kayaki Mall is from 10 o'clock, so students heading towards school this time will be about me.

「……In the middle of a tree-lined road leading to school, one student was shivering the body "body" coldly.

I ignored him and I was walking forward, but I heard a voice as I passed by.

"I finally came" I heard such a voice and passed away.

"Wait a moment" As soon as he ran after chasing, he could "grab" my shoulder.

"Ah…… What are you doing? Do not touch it carefully "" I do not even touch it. You've pushed it by mobile. I just wanted to return it. "I said so, I turned" my nose "," blowing "buds back on my cell phone.

"I do not want to do it properly. Since when have you waited "" Come on …? "

It will be as long as it will be that I do not remember.

Why is such a useless place, the guy is fine.

If you try to escape the side of Italy 's "blow" instead of receiving it, this time it gets stuck in her arms.

"You truly resign" or "Why do you?"

"Did not you just return the cell phone?"

I answered briefly, Ibuki gazed as if he got angry.

"At the beginning of admission, you told me that when you struck" Ishi "" Zaki "and Albert and others, you said" did not you? Even if I defeat many times the guy who won the last is the strongest. In fact it was true to Albert et al. "So" Why "Why do I end it because I lost to Aya" Ayano "Koji" Koji "once?"

"I sealed my hand ahead with this misreading. Besides, I have not improved anything anymore. "" What is that? It's okay, but it's okay.

In the sense that makes me think so, it is really a big deal Who is that guy?

"Kanna" So I returned to asking Ibuki's question.

"I do not care" Ibuki will not let go of my hand to hold my arms.

"I wanted you to quit me. Well, it should be exactly right. "

"Since I told you to raise it to A-Class, I cooperated. Yet this Zama? "

Everyday I intended to degas moderately, but Ibuki 's guy got out quickly "I'm getting drunk.

There seemed to be something insufficient to say, and there was no appearance of words stopping.

"I have overlooked all the domineering attitudes and actions so far. Since I only had the final goal I endured it. Even when the C-Class got a penalty the other day, I did not give any detailed explanation to us. Still, I did not complain from the surroundings because I believed that I could go up to A-Class at the end. Nevertheless are you leaving here? Dasa's too "and every other breath, I added one more thing.

"Is there such a miserable story?"

"I will not make a good conversation forever, Ibuki" I stopped once.

Because I have general pain, I do not want you to do extra things.

"Sure I said you both miscellaneous" fishes "and" fish ". I will raise it to A-Class comfortably if it follows. I just gave candy "rice" while dominating with violence and planting fear. You know the contract with the A – Class I got. I had no intention of returning you to you. "" You mean you were going up to A-Class alone? "

"I intended to do so in the end. I will not look after serving my classmate seriously. "I can not but convince Iki" Blow "from my way.

"It's OK. Well then "" 800 million points "" ……Shift brush color hue counter-clockwise

"I was worried whether I should move the point for a moment with Maji after being given a cell phone yesterday. So, I thought if anything and let me see the inside of the cell phone variously. "Activate my cell phone and point the screen.

That is the trend of three years strategy and points I was up.

"If only one wins, only 20 million points is fine. But why was he planning such a plan? 800 million is the necessary point for all C-Class to go to A-Class. Well, I do not think it is a very large amount to save. "" Do not dream. It's a note I wrote with just play. "Take a cell phone from Ibuki forcibly.

It will be led by "Hiyori and Kim" for the future. There is a possibility that Aya "Ayano" path "Koji" does not move "I do not say such thing" Ibuki, Private Point does not move at all.

It is gold for perfect death.

It is troublesome.

"I'd like to say something from a little while ago." If you say "If you say," if you say, "Please win with me," suggesting that you are nothing beatable.

An idiot is easy to use, but sometimes it does strange and runaway.

"In addition to the wounds done yesterday, the body has not moved properly in the cold, is not it?" It quickly became clear that there was not much strength in the arms where the sleeve "sleeve" was sticking.

Forcibly walking out and paying the hands that pinched that sleeve, I was beaten up the next moment.

Body body "Body" is struck to the stone pavement.

「……Rough. I can not take passive passion very much. "Ayanokōji's funny thoroughly destroying the body.

「Ahh……It refreshed with this. If you quit, quit as quickly as possible. "Ibuki walks towards the dormitory.

How long have you been waiting here waiting for it?

1 "Saka" Saka "on" only. (Clears his throat) I told the matter yesterday. "I came alone to school I did not ask under the homeroom teacher"

This time was specified from the fixed phone in the dorm in advance.

Dare to put in a day because leaving school just after the disturbance leaves much trouble.

It tends to be a problem if it is based on work on the surveillance camera as well.

If the former student council president knows this situation, it is still "still".

It was aimed at separating it.

– I know. Come on. I want to avoid the story here. Would you like to see a career counseling room? "" Oh "" But there is one problem before that? "" Is that a problem? "

"Take me a minute" Saying so, Sakagami called out to the students in the staff room.

Two people who showed up soon after.

"Ryuuuuuu" Garden "Een" … "


Albert is a stone "Ishi" Saki "Zaki".

Following the stupid of "Iki" blow "Hibiki", these two are here.

"I have been waiting since morning as to whether you have been visiting. Even though I told you to contact me directly, I was in trouble without asking. First of all, do something about these two people. "" What are you doing, you lose it quickly "I will kill you" We "─ ─ ─" Stone "Ichigo" Zaki "Zaki" trying to say extra things Keep away from scratching.

– Ugh.

Saka "Saka" who was listening to "How to say" and "Mr." Say "Above" such a touching glasses said.

"The matter that the surveillance camera of yesterday was broken. Are Ishizaki et al. Also relevant? "

"That's what I personally did. I will go quickly "The careless contact here will only narrow down the heads of the guys themselves.

Shake off, Ignoring Sakagami, I will walk into the course guidance room.

Although Sakagami suspects Ishizaki and others, they urge them to go home, and they followed me.

"I am planning to understand you from the telephone by telephone, but I will settle it one by one Ryuu" Yuu "garden" En ". First of all, can you not accept the case that the surveillance camera was contaminated with spray? "

– Yes. I did it alone. "And one more thing. What is the fact that stone "Ichigo" Zaki "Zaki" and Albert, Italy "blow" and "rub" also did? "

[みとめる] /recognize/observe/detect/notice/realize/accept/appreciate/acknowledge/approve/admit (vt)/ It's all my responsibility. I tried to hit it unilaterally. There is no need to pull out these "from such a losing battle.

"If you understand the story is quick" "Please wait, Ryūen! We are irrelevant ─ ─ ─ ─ ___ ___ 0 ___ ___ 0 ___ ___ 0 ___ ___ 0

I do not have anything to do with those who drop out after I've tried violence once or twice.

"What are you doing Ryūen!"

"I will make it say many times. Is not it enough for me to get tired of just being beaten yesterday? "

Remove your eyes from Ishizaki who is sufferingly suffering "aching".

"Even now still add to my penalty" "……No matter what circumstances you will cause trouble next time you will not be alone. " I will finish this anyway. "I passed through the career counseling room, I immediately cut out the main subject.

"Make a quick call, Sakagami. "Please proceed with the withdrawal process." "Because it seems that there is a difference in the intuition" "It is correcting it." Sakagami slowly moves his mouth.

"Conflict was confirmed in your remarks" "Ah? Give me a sec. What if it is a contradiction? "

It seems that there was a problem with D – Class as long as "this is" grasping "here."

No way Aya "Ayano no Shodoji" Koji "did it at the last minute?

Ignoring my proposal and reporting to the school including the light "karu" well "い" "沢" ざ わ ", not only I but Ibuki and Ishizaki receive substantial punishment.

Just losing your Private Point will not end.

"Have you filed an appeal against us too?" "An appeal?" In the story I heard, it is being heard that not only you but also one of the students of D – Class was involved in destroying the surveillance camera, "What is it …?"

I can not understand the meaning of words for a moment, it gets confused.

"The D – Class side has already paid Private Point as repair cost. What I wanted to confirm is whether or not the proportion of negligence was even and good, that part. "" Playfully … …. "

It is a big mistake to think that I'm not going to "do" such a thing.

"I will drop out" "……There's nothing wrong with it, Mom. Nevertheless? "

Saka "Saka" upper "is not stupid" either.

I guess from the situation that troublesome things happened at the rooftop yesterday.

"That's it. I could not afford to respect the assertion of individual students "I can not" get out of the meaning remaining in this school.

I understand. If your will is firm, it is not to be stopped. "Saying so, Sakagami took out the paper from the drawer.

"Try to write your name, student ID number, reason for withdrawal here" "After waiting a little while" picked up a pen, Sakagami took out the two-piece paper.

"After your withdrawal process has finished, let's deliver these two pieces to Ishizaki and the mountain" Yama "" … "" ……What??? They are irrelevant, "" It certainly is irrelevant. But the two did not want it. If the dragon "Ruyuu" garden "Een" chose to drop out, I told them that I quit as well, so I did not listen to it. "Aya" Ayano "A little road" Koji "… …. Have you done uselessly putting Chie in that idiot?

Stonewa "Izaki" Azaki "and Albert as hostage to prevent my withdrawal" to stop "and to stop.

If I make a choice to "leave a word" here I will lose my meaning and meaning to drop out will be lost. It's toppled over.


"I am sorry to leave school from class. I am thinking "Saka" Sakaka "Kami only" dropped my eyes to drop out of my hand.

"Now it's settled only by damage to the carpet. It will be the first and last opportunity. "" What merit is there to leave me? "No more, Saka" Saka "Yanagi" Yanagi "and one sorrow" I do not feel like waking it " You should know that.

"Withdrawal stopped" or "me" It pushed back the paper and the pen, I stood up.

Two years ago, a strange rumor "rumor" will be set up during the first grader.

Ryūen Kakeru "Kaku" seems to have released "C" as a leader of C – Class.

I ceased carrying Ishizaki and others and stopped talking to anyone.

It was as if she was watching me at the beginning of entrance.

I repeat a lonely time alone.

I wonder if the date will come for finding something in the future.

I do not know.

Just a sure thing ……He and I are similar.

And it is still worthy to use.

Postscript It is the first time in five months. Costume "Kin" Kasa "Bon festival" Akira "Let 's do it".

There was anime broadcast in the summer, did everyone enjoy it?

I was impressed as a viewer in the world view of "real" that is transmitted only by animation.

There is something very emotional that my story flows as a picture.

By the way, recently I have removed surgically "atheroma" of 10 years old (about 7 cm in diameter) that I had nested on my back. There is a feeling that pulls out the back from the back … …. Thanks to the difficulty I could not use the backrest for about a week, I returned to the back of "beautiful" beautiful.

Regarding the circumstances that the release time of 7 volumes became later than the usual time, as a result of adding the broadcasting time of the animation and its contents, as a result of a direct confrontation talk with the dragon "Ryo yu" garden "en" Because there were times when it was likely, is it better after all is over? It was released this month with a judge of.

It seems that the number of people who knew "Welcome to the classroom of honorable supremacy" increased in the past few months, thank you very much.

Of course, thank you for those who are reading from before animation. There is support of everyone, so we are continuing to publish. Thank you.

In this volume of 7 volumes, the settlement with Ryūen will arrive for the moment, but that does not mean that C-Class's turn has ended. Newly emerging existence, Ryūen 's actions which descended from the stage stage, etc. And since the third term is a new stage, I think that not only the student council but also the second and third graders are involved and the battle with A – Class and B – Class will begin.

Although I can not show you everything right away, a story of "Sase" of one "Ichiyo" in the near future, a story of Saka "Saka" Yanagi "Yagi", a flat "Hira" "Wig" castle "ig" etc etc (Members are too many to write here) will also increase the turn number. Would you also be interested in becoming an enemy or notice the neighborhood?

By the time the period has gone empty, we are also steadily making the next volume production. So the next time is a short edition of the 7th and 5th stories of the winter vacation. We will deliver a story centered on Christmas events. The main story of winter vacation is centering on the girl who will become the cover next time, and the romantic circumstances that are rolling around.

Incidentally, the expression short editing is not a mistake, but the volumes such as Volume 4, Volume 5 and Volume 7 and Volume 7 are still basically all the long holidays "Spring Break", "Summer Vacation", "Winter Vacation" story Because it is, there is a perfect match with the original work. Please note that point in advance. In addition, thank you for your continued patronage.

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