Classroom of the Elite

By Kinugasa Shougo



○ Thoughts like "cross" "complex".

About two hours before going to the light "Karu" well "I" "Sawa" under the dragon "Ryo yu" garden "En".

In D – Class tea "Chi" pillar "Bashira" sensei explained the notes on winter vacation.

"During the winter holiday, some of the school 's inside will be off limits for renovation. Do not forget that point. Then club activities are closed on closing ceremony today. I've finished explaining only what I need to do so as soon as possible to return home.

However, I look at the whole class silently for a while as to what "lost" is.

No signal came to end even when waiting till, Ike "skeaki" I cried my hand after I was "tired" of my paralysis.

"What is sensei doing?"

I think that there are also many students who already "grasp" "grasping" already, but you may wish to see that your promotion of C – Class is almost certain. Well done. "" Oh, oh. sensei honestly praised me. It's pretty rare, is not it? "

Not only Ike, all the classmates would have had the same impression.

"But do not be discouraged. If you make a big problem during winter vacation, it may affect Class Point. Try not to forget the duty as a student even for a long break. "Tell me, tea" Chiya "pillar" Bahara "sensei finished the second semester.

"It is really unusual. It is no doubt that Chabashira sensei gently pierced us nails "nail" "It seems likely" Do not cause behavior behavior, it was a form that followed that follow.

I will turn textbooks to bags "bags" and turn to "light" only "gaze" while dancing, "Miyazawa".

Then Karuizawa turned his eyes towards this while talking to other girls.

One mail sent from Karuizawa to my address I was telling you in the morning for emergency use.

If there is a story about the cruel of the pan "pan", it is called to the roof at 2 o'clock today.

I neither surprised nor did I reply.

For what "late" it was because he was contacted by the dragon "Ryo yu" garden "" before receiving the mail.

He does not mind that Karuizawa does not get cranky.

I act only to lure me from the beginning.

But Karuizawa leaves the classroom with my friends as if I was satisfied, I felt that I looked at the mail with my eyes. Will I leave school and plan to come back later.

Almost all the "all" students will disappear from the school around 1 o'clock.

Keiki Mall is going to go, what will you do? "Kei Kei" Makoto "finished the return exercise came closer and said so.

– Yes. I have no special plan today, I will go out with you today. I will be there as soon as I'm ready. "" I'll be waiting in the hallway. "Let's bring textbooks, etc. once. There may be things to use something.

"Ah……Uhh. Perhaps it seems that the schedule has been filled? "

It was Saasi "Fuji" in Toronto that I am sorry seemingly.

– Yes. Now I have made an appointment to go play with "Yuki" village "Mura" … "

"Well, that's right. I'm not telling you "I feel disappointed that I will put on my shoulder.

Perhaps it was like trying to invite like the last time.

「……Today it became impossible, is it OK even during winter vacation? "

/(int) Huh?/What's up?/

No. It's bad to refuse it twice, what if Satō is good … "


"Ah, ah" Gucci and pushing out the body "body" to the front, I feel a little seduced by Satō.

"And promise!"

I made my face red and Satō jumped joyfully joyfully.

What on earth were you interested in that kind of thing … ?.

Of course I do not feel bad, but I still feel embarrassed because people still remain in the classroom.

"Anyway from tomorrow on anytime, anyway. For further details please email "" I understand! See you again Aya "Ayano" Koji "Koji" Kun! "

Fukuoka 's face "Saito" Wisteria "joins with Shino" Shinano "Hara" Hara ".

Shinohara et al. Went out of the classroom after seeing my side with a suspicious face.

Well, you suppose you are going to join Kei Kei "Makoto" Makoto.

Whether they were already "all together" in the hallway, I was chatting and waiting for my arrival.

Wave "will soon realize the situation with the sunken expression of" Creepy "or" Erotic smile and love "Ai" village "".

As soon as I started walking out, I seemed to have cut out Wave Lu, and cut it out from here.

"There is no other deep meaning." "What's wrong with not listening yet?"

"Whatever happened, I was about to listen, right?" How is that Satō's appearance, do you imagine a couple of different things? "

"Kiyo impure" Takashi "Taka". Hori "Hori" north "came" to Satō, there is no chapter of manipulation "What" lost "is said to be mad. No, but I would like to make an apology.

"I'm only being invited to play for a moment." "I think that girls are very good at inviting boys, are not they?"

"Sasa, Sasō, Mr. Satō, I do not care about Kiyotaka-kun, are not you !?"

Even before I caught a sickman called "Chiyaku", Airi said while spinning around his eyes.

「……I do not want to ask such a thing. "" Is it a love love christmas with a running goal? No, it is awfully great, is not it? "Wakuzaku is a wave Wu Lu, imagining selfish development.

"Where are you going further?" I think that it will be quite crowded today. "If it is a long holiday from tomorrow, there are a few students to play overnight today.

Keiko judges that it is better to hurry to do anything.

"Oh well, why do not you hang around somehow? Even with such a discussion, Ming "Aki" people "and" was walking silently without breaking a hard expression.

Akito's consciousness was not behind us but because it was concentrated behind it.

While moving, I will search for the identity of the sign from behind.

"There is no appearance of turning on … …."

Mute in a loud voice "Tsubuya" Kinan "An" Relieve "to".

Apparently the dragon "Ryo" garden "seems to be hungry to decide today.

Did you decide that it is no longer necessary to put on the back?

"But that's right. Everything is in Kayaki Mall, but I'd like to go out as well. "So saying" Wave "is" Ru "," Ae "or" Haruhara 's Harbor "is far or faced towards the main gate.

"I'd like to see Shibuya or Harajuku or something like Omotesando's illumination," I do not think anyway in the Zelky Mall, I will not replace something like a school street. "Even a special unusual preparation is not promoted, same as always.

"I am satisfied with the current environment. Necessary things are almost unified. Kiyo "Takashi" Taka "Do you think about the same thing as everyone? I want to go out "Love" Ai "village" Ri "can not be seen as a type to go out and forth like a wave winking.

Well, I do not have to talk to each other.

"I am satisfied with this environment like Airi, but I can understand how I feel like going out" "I do not know whether it is for protecting the rules, but I also hesitate to contact a family member too much. If it is an ordinary household, you do not have to worry about children or anything else? "

It is certainly unusual that I can not meet my child for three years.

The expression is hardened to the light "Aki" person "and" it sounded deeply.

"My mother is worried. It certainly feels uneasy about that. "" It is said that the school side is care about that. From what kind of student's gradebook it seems to be reporting periodically "" …I am worried more. I will try hard to study a little more … "

"Girls are more concerned than boys, parents worry." "Auuchi is okay. It's not there. "Sarat and Wuluke shed the story.

Because there seemed to be something that I do not want to touch something, we will not pursue either.

1 "Well then shall we go karaoke? It may be a bit crowded, but … "" No way, I guess it's not going to be a punishment game again … …? "

"Of course I am not sure. For the revenge of Yukimo. "While consulting where to go next, I stopped my feet.

What's wrong? Kiyotaka-kun "" Not bad, I will go home with this "" It's already before 2 o'clock? "

Say while Akito checks the time on the phone.

"Actually I stay sleepy yesterday and I am quite sleepy. Please invite me even during the vacation. "Love" Ai "village" Ri "seemed disappointing, but now there is no inconvenience even if I am absent.

Wave "will follow" Ru "Add" or "Up" "Hand" well, let 's leave it safe.

I bid farewell to the group, and I turned my back.

Then take a cell phone and take a call to teacher "Chiya" pillar "Bashira" sensei.

"I am" "Thank you. I have a little story, can I see you from now? "

– The hell you think you're doing? – Me? It has not been stopped "or" it was nothing to do with me anymore "" Yes. I noticed that there are problems remaining to be settled. If possible we would like to meet directly, not by phone. May I go to school? "… ….I'm waiting in the classroom. "" I understand. I will arrive in a few minutes. "After such interaction I came back to the classroom of D – Class.

There was no other student already and I saw the outside of the window near my seat Chabashira sensei There was one person.

"If it is as usual, it will snow as it is this year," "I like snow" "I liked. However, it will become dislike when becoming an adult. "Close the curtain and look back slowly.

"It seems to me that there is a talk, what kind of case is it?" "I thought that I did not hear the answer. Why were you trying to rise to A-Class until I used it? "If there is no strong feeling so much, do not use the students until the teacher gets a" lie ".

"There is a part where this school competes with the teacher as well as the student, it is natural for them to aim for the upper class even though their assessment is considered." "That is not a real motive, is not it? If there was a will to pursue A-Class from the beginning, I should not have made any remarks that would be disadvantageous to the students of D-Class. "In the first interim test of the first semester, Chabashira sensei intentionally added only D-Class Did not give information to make it disadvantageous.

「……That is no longer a problem with school rules. That concerning me personally. There is nothing to talk to you. "" While dragging in preparation for becoming a dense "shield" A at that time, you were lost, were not you? Does this class really have the power to aim for A – Class? Is it really okay to aim for an A-Class? "No matter what the sensei has in mind, I do not care.

The most important thing is whether this is a worthy thing to use.

"It was apparently a useless time. I will return to work "To the teacher who is trying to escape turning back, I will speech again.

"If you do not answer, please do not give up" at least give me that I will use it. "" Is that still the case? There is no need to be concerned. Did you already leave my hand, is not it? "

"The bottom line is from here. If I waste today's day, the D-Class can not go up to A-Class. On the contrary it is likely to be caught up to the C-Class, is not it? "" What are you saying "I look at the clock in the classroom explicitly.

"I turned around 2 o'clock. On the rooftop, it is probably that we have started an interesting show by calling the dragon "Ryo yu" garden "light" "karu" well "izawa" izawa "" ……Ryūen does Karuizawa? "

"Do not even know sensei? It is that Karuizawa is a student who has received past gruesome cruelty "" It is a first-eared …… "

From the state of Karuizawa usual, you can not imagine the figure being bullied.

"And probably from this tomorrow, this story will rise" virtually "in school. If so, Karuizawa may choose to withdraw from herself "from" herself. If I can prove that C-Class has been involved, I will be able to "peel" one another, but each other's damage will be immeasurable "The punishment that dropped out of the class that is not" now "is revealed Although it is not, it will receive a corresponding penalty. Even without asking for details, you can tell by looking at the complexion of tea "Chi" pillar "Bashira" sensei.

But as soon as he regains calmness, he has turned his usual strong eyes.

"Well, I could read your spirit. It is very difficult for you to converge things just by you to listen to this case. However, if I am a teacher at this school, the story is different. Far from solving problems you do not understand your identity. It will not be any more hands. "" Could you please accept if you ask for help? "

"Do not get in a tune Aya" Ayano "A small street" Koji ". I am not planning to cooperate with you. "" It is fine "" The act of teacher intervening between students' problems and resolving them was not at least praised at this school. " Not only does the teacher get into a single rooftop, stop Ryūen from bullying, and keep the Karuizawa past. It can not be such a sweet deployment.

It is a matter of course that Chabashira sensei refuses.

"But can you refuse it easily? There is no guarantee that I will not disturb the D – Class this far? It is possible to skill carefully so as not to raise it to the upper class. "" ……No way students threaten teachers. "If sensei returns borrowing and returns the relationship with me to equal teachers and students, it will not act at least in the future. I guess it alone is a big merit? "

"If you can not go up to A-Class by refusing this subject, that's the same thing in the future" stubbornly "I can not help doing anything, but tea" Chiaya "pillar" Bahara "sensei refused .

Allow me to put your mind at ease. I have not asked sensei for such help from the beginning. "" What? "

We have not included in the calculation, such as strategies to rely on teachers from the beginning.

"I just got a little funny. Why can you see it in the distance? As I said so, I invited Chabashira sensei as a visitor of the story.

2 If on schedule, has it passed 30 minutes after light "Karu" well "I" "Sawa" rose "went up to the roof.

In a hurry, I thought if stone "Ichigo" Zaki "Zaki" had gotten off once, I went back because I pumped a lot of water into a bucket.

It seems that it is going back and forth several times to tell from the water droplets that have fallen on the floor.

Perhaps it is a trick of the dragon "Ryo" garden "which caused Karuizawa to flash back about past mistreatment" aimed at confession ". However, Karuizawa did not vomit soon, after that C-class guys and Karuizawa himself have no sign of showing up from the rooftop.

There was a possibility that it was a slightly different result from my plot.

However, it is in the positive direction which we originally stopped assuming.

"What do you mean Aya" Ayano "pathway" Koji "? How long will I stay here? "I took Chabashira sensei away from the classroom, I was a C – Class student, a mountain" Yama "field" Albert " I was watching the situation for the first time.

But a little more.

If you have come so far, you do not have to take action in a panic.

Timing is late, the more you go, the more you go.

Of course, there is also a risk of late, but that is a necessary expense when considering the merit.

"Why do not you chat with them?" "In a chat in this situation?"

Ignoring the doubtful Chabashira sensei I shake a story.

"Although I am going to talk about it as soon as I enter the university, I heard that Susumu" Wu "Fujio" asked me to sell points less than 1 point in the exam. "" ……Remember ah. You paid 100,000 points together with you "Hori" northern "came" "If you think that it has been more than half a year since then, it is very fast" minute ".

"There is nothing that can not be bought at Private Point. You told me. "" It is a fact. Susumu "Wu" How do you drop out of "Fuji" how? "

"Certainly, purchasing scores is true for reasons, but do not you think that first dropouts will not come out first in environments where they are always allowed. Every time you take a red spot, someone else can do something. If you do so, you can stop "stopping" only withdrawal, "but" It is not easy to secure "Private Point securing easily. You guys D – Class miraculously maintain high points, but D – Class of the year is about half the point level. Besides, my classmates are not necessarily friends. It is not amusing to have a student trying to defend Private Point even if I drop the Class Point. "" Surely. But will it become a defect as a system as well? If there is always point relief, the hurdle of dropping out by the test drops extremely. "" It may be so "I did not deny it, but the tea" Chiya "pillar" Bashira "sensei did not match my eyes.

"The problem is about the price that Chabashira sensei gave me when asking for me to sell points." "Do you want to say that it is too expensive now?"

-You are wrong. Was it somewhat like what I said to 100,000 points a point, or was there a ground? Although it seemed as though it was decided by "Kotatsu" "Kiyou" immediately in the talking, it is difficult to think that you can decide the price of points with your discretionary discretion. "" What you want to say, Aya "Ayano" path " Kojiji "" This school thoroughly details on points are detailed in clear? A manual for buying points is also available. It is convincing. "" That is what the price of Sudou I attached at that time was what the school had prepared in advance "?

yes, that's right! Can you answer? "Time lag is born.

Chabashira sensei that I responded so far packed a bit in words.

"Why do not you answer anything if you ask?" "Can I interpret it as not being answered?" "Do whatever you want" "Then I'll judge without permission here. The school prepared a manual on all things "all", and it was preliminarily decided that one point 100,000 points regarding the sale of the points is also made. When advancing the story on that premise, a new question arises. It is a part whether it sells one point every 100,000 points each time there is a test. "" It is free to think about it, but what is meaningful in this conversation. Right now "Karu" well "I" "Zawa" ざ わ "- I continue to interrupt the word.

"Is it a price of 100,000 points per point only for a certain period of time from admission, or will it rise to" every time "whenever I purchase points? Or can not even buy from next? The question comes up one after another. Please answer which one is the correct answer. "" No choice. Do you think I will answer such a question? Even if you answer it temporarily, there is no technique to ascertain whether it is true or not. "" Yes. You can ask sensei directly "I'm forced to capture the eyes that sensei loses not coming.

"Now, how much do you need to get one point sold in the next midterm test?" "…………"

Completely tea "Chi" pillar "Bahara" sensei's word stops.

"I will not be able to answer, as a teacher. If you do not answer, I will naturally not ask other teachers the same thing. And if the answer comes back, I will remember that you can appeal to the school as if the homeroom teacher of D-Class is discriminating. "Not only Chabashira sensei, but even other teachers are answered There may be times when it is not there. In that case multiple cases are conceivable. In the first place, there are rules that can only sell points for the first one, or a mechanism that can only answer when points are actually missing by taking red points.

But the answer is not yet answered.

The answer is that the manual is prepared when the score is insufficient.

"Are you going to put your feet in the rule?" "There are a few students doing that. Rumor that "rumored" is rumored to be sowing "points" of "Ichiyono" that is rumored, and the dragon "Ruyo" garden that insists on "Private Point" It is obvious if you look at En "While trying various trial and error everyday, I am trying to find a strategy that is advantageous to my class.

Come on. Let's answer your question. Certainly, the clue to exploit the structure of this school is in "grasping" the grasp of the actual condition of the rule on Private Point. Naturally the students of the past have been approaching from various viewpoints as well as you. Even D – Class which is a collection of defective items, it is not an exception. Even though there is a difference in early late. And the school prepares thousands of rules finely and answers the questions of the students. It also regulates the points necessary for cancellation of the withdrawal procedure by "disappearing" "selling points of votes, rubbing of violence". However, the teacher can mention and teach directly to a very small extent. For what "lost" it is because most of them are not allowed to answer. No, indeed there will also be many areas that we do not even grasp the teacher. "" Is it the answer you can not answer "to my question?" "That's it." This is a solvable mystery "mystery". The rule on the special use of Private Point is that there are many things that can not be answered unless the conditions for using it are satisfied.

The price at the time of buying one point in the next intermediate test is decided, but it is possible to make a countermeasure by teaching. However, if it remains unclear, it will be impossible to do reckless things. It is because if it is said that one point takes one million points, it will be packed with just that.

「……Does this story relate to this matter? "

– No, it's ok baby, I got it. This is just a chat. It is neither over nor below it. Of course, there is nothing to do with this case as well. "Tea" Chiya "pillar" Bashira "sensei can not read the real intention here.

WellIs it about time soon? The hide-and-seek will end soon. "The time confirmed on the mobile took around 2:40.

I send a mail to a certain person.

I instructed you to come to this place soon.

"I do not know detailed circumstances, but I can understand that light" Karu "I" "Izawa" Zazawa "suffered serious injuries to C – Class. If there is no plan to engage the stage, we should call other help. "" I will go to the rooftop. "In that word Chabashira sensei could not hide surprises.

「……'Cause of some stupid bitch? If that happens, it will be known to schools. " It is not worth anything where the dragon "Ryo yu" garden "has noticed that it was me. On the contrary, if I get involved from now on, I may readily deeply read and self-destroy. "" If you do that, you are a person at a breakthrough. A quiet school life will be lost. "Perhaps a certain thought was smoldering in Chabashira sensei.

As long as I do not show any identity, there must be a way to make D – Class cooperate.

But in whatever form I contact the C-Class, Ryūen and others are convinced I am X. No, even if I do not go to conviction I will be the first suspect and that's it.

The existence of me who was moving in a no mark so far becomes a well-known fact.

I did not put it out in words, Chabashira sensei got out of his eyes.

"Maybe it was my misunderstanding" "Misunderstanding?"

"Saka" Saka "Yanagi" Yanagi "From the chairman, I was told about the story just before entering the school. Be a very special student. Being excellent. And that you must be a student to protect. What grew up in an environment far from love. As a result of considering all "all", I discussed with the president and presented a conclusion. He wanted to attach this affection to the school and want him to hope to stay alive. And I talked to you about my father and brought down what I wanted to withdraw. Although there was not such a fact, it was finally become a thing of reality. "" I see. Indeed, by having goals, it is not easy to create a mind for you. But raw "Ai" hate "is difficult", I am not a human being worried. No matter what a third party wants, I will choose to remain in this school. At least I do not intend to go back under that guy. "" My failure was that you tried to use you easily. D-Class aims for A-Class. Is it a mistake that chasing such a dream story was wrong? "Tea" Chiya "pillar" Bashira "Bashira" sensei spits as thoughtless.

However, it is not a smooth story "Kokeshi" but it is a story that is too early to say "give up".

"It will not be a dream. In fact, now D – Class is about to rise to C – Class. Hori "Hori" north "came" will soon bring together the classes in the near future. Surely "" It is true. To accomplish what was not in the past. That would be worth it. But are you seriously saying that? Horikita put together classes "" It is a word I do not want to hear from my homeroom teacher. At least I think that Horikita has sufficient power to lead the D – Class. "For Chabashira sensei, Horikita seems to have been only a means to use me.

"As a result Horikita is beginning to grow. That is true of many of my classmates. Afterwards, if you lead as a teacher, maintain C – Class …Or perhaps as close as possible to A-Class. "Whether it actually can rise will also require a slightly different ability.

"You really do get down?" "I think so for now." It is inherently impossible to keep the students' feelings twisted by the feelings of teachers.

Such a thing should also know Chabashira sensei well.

It was not just for insurance that I brought Chabashira sensei to this place.

It was also to show that I definitely left the class competition.

As I was saying It is your selfishness that barely disappears. But is that a problem to solve? "

"I can not guarantee absolute. It is only to deal with by thinking from the character and behavior pattern of the dragon "Ryo yu" garden "En". Well, thank you for seeing a relationship. "Because I saw a person of purpose showed, I thank Chabashira sensei.

There is no problem even if you let go of it any longer.

"Aya" Ayano "Koji" Kojira "" Ayano's "Koji" Kojira "Former student council president who has been calling so," Hori "Hori" North "came" studying "learning" tea "Chi" pillar "Bahara" sensei I am surprised.

"What does it mean……?"

"This time, it is a witness in setting a settlement with the dragon" Ryo yu "garden" En ". The other side is the other party you choose. I wanted to avoid only the puzzled answers you did, "I know that the witness of the teacher is the strongest card, but real use is impossible.

Then, it is a wise choice to use a person close to it.

"Are you going to let Horikita converge the situation with the hand I said earlier?"

"Does the former student council president look like a person that does that?"

Once I saw Horikita 's brother, Chabashira sensei, but I came to the conclusion that it was impossible immediately.

Like sensei, Horikita brother can not participate unnecessarily.

"There are people who witnessed what happened on the rooftop. I have only that fact. "To that end, I signed a contract with Horikita's older brother.

Well, now that does not matter.

"When I got up to the rooftop for a few minutes", "I stayed in the middle of the stairs leading to the rooftop." You do not need to speak or punish students coming down from the rooftop. However, it would be fine if you let us recognize you all "come out" from the rooftop. "Former student council president witnessed the students who entered and exited the rooftop.

That alone has no effect on Ryūen 's group.

"All right. But Aya "Ayano no Koji" Koji, "Do not forget the example promise" "Of course. If you do not do something wrong, it will be erased from your memory this time as well. " Briefly finish. "Horikita I was sent off to my brother, and I turned my feet to the corridor leading to the rooftop.

"Wait a minute. I was going to do what I could do if I could not obtain permission from Horikita. "" Well, how was that case? "I was thinking. Perhaps I would have used the slope "Saka" Yanagi "Yagi" who knows me.

If it does not work ─ ─ No, even if you consider plans that are no longer needed, there is no choice.

"It's 10 or 20 minutes. It will be coming back so much. "Go up 3 stairs.

One step, one step.

If you proceed slowly, the black shadow is ahead. There was a gatekeeping guard the way to the rooftop.

He is standing in love and quietly overlooking here.

It is a mountain of C – Class "Yama", "Albert. There is no sign of movement from the previous time. It 's a perfect "guy" perfection "watch" role.

I do not know anything too detailed, but this guy would also be a rookie of the dragon "Ryo yu" garden "En".

I look down on me as if I were going to price.

"Can you pass through?"

I do not even know whether Japanese can be understood, but I will try to speak for the time being.

But Albert does not move at all, it only keeps observing this.

It is frustrating that I do not know if I can not understand what the word is of refusal.

Take a cell phone quickly with big hands and try to call somewhere for the dexterity.

"Do not panic. I'm the one you are seeking for. (There is no need to panic. I am the partner you were looking for. "When telling that in English, Albert stops moving.

However, no reply is returned.

"Today, I'll solve the trouble by myself, and no one interferes. (Today's problem is solved by me alone. There are no other interventions) "When I explain again in English, after thinking a little, Albert set a cell phone and danced.

And quietly open the road. It was a silent signal of passing. Apparently he seems to have been admitted. However, if you stayed on the stairs, it will also interfere with this strategy.

"Although it is bad, it is going to crush Ryūen" from now on. There is no chance of a guy without your cooperation. "Dare to say that provocation in Japanese, Albert once saw under the stairs. After confirming that no one was there, Albert opened the roof door with his own hand.

Albert also goes to the roof, then stands by the door and watches from behind.

Clouds of clouds are about to rain anytime. Fenced away from the door, toward the fence. I will find "light" Karu "well" "Izawa" azalea "there. And the stones "Ichi" Saki "Zaki" and Iki "Blow" I noticed the opening and closing of the door, and Ryūen turned their eyes toward here. I look around the front and back and the left and right and check the surveillance camera.

The lens part is filled with black and does not play a role as a surveillance camera.

I see. Simply took away visibility with a spray "Uba" did it?

When grasping the situation "grips", it will return immediately to the Ryūen et al.

"Ayano, Koji …?"

I uttered the first voice Ibuki.

Listening to my name, Karuizawa notices this presence.

However, he did not make a voice immediately.

I just knew what was surprised as to what "late" he came in here with the color of Hitomi "Hitomi".

I say "I am late for being bad."

how soWhy did you come …? "

Squeezing out a faint voice, "Washing out", "Light" Karu "Well" Sawa "Azawa" sees here.

"You promised nothing, by any means. If you have something there will always be something to help "" Ryu, Ryuu "Ryo" Garden "En". Aya "Ayano no Koji" "Koji" is X?! "

NO way There is absolutely no such thing as "stone" sashimi "saki" zaki "is panicked, but it is denied by" blow "which is ahead of Ryūen.

"Ryūen. X is trying to use Ayanokōji. Do not be cheated. Perhaps Karuizawa should have told in advance that another person will go to help ─ ─ ─ "" Iroku Ibuki "Laugh Ryūen laughed a distance from Karuizawa and approached me a little bit.

Still stopping at a distance of 5 meters.

It turned out that Ryūen was strongly wary of this at that point.

"This is this, if you think who came. It is always Ayanokōji that is sticking to the sound of "Suzu" sound "ne". What seems to be a popular rooftop that entered the winter holiday? "

"I got an email from Karuizawa". I want you to help me out "concreteity, and I will not say that he got in touch from Ryūen. If "what" late "if" I am invited to go to the hunt in a stupid way to Ryūen, it is a prey hunted by a hunter.

[# Illustration (22.jpg) Enter] "Ho?"

"It is decided to be a lie" lie ". Instructions came to you. "Can go to help light" Karu "well" I "Zawa" Sawa "Although it is said that it is silent I 's blowing" blow "But what" lord "is burning me I will deny my existence.

"What 's wrong, Ibuki. You seem to want to think that Aya "Ayano" Koji "Koji" is not X himself. "" I do not want to think, I'm saying it is different. Koitsu is just a stupid person "I'm good". Perhaps it is X or Karuizawa, or even the situation is not understood? "

"Do you think that you are cheerful? I guess there is a reason to think so. "

The dragon "Yuu" garden "en" asked Ibuki.

"In order to disturb D-Class, when I was Deserted Island I brought Karuizawa's underwear into a men's bag" bag. " Everyone thought that I was a C-Class naturally as a criminal. But Koits did not doubt it. I was told that I do not think that it is the perpetrator towards me for goofy. "" Was it delightful "I was reluctant" "Just kidding. Even though I am the culprit in the first place, you do not think I'm happy. However, it is an incompetent student who can not even doubt the obviously suspicious one. That's why I just recognized that. "That is why such a guy does not seem to be manipulating the D-Class behind the scenes.

"Does Ryūen believe? That, Ayanokōji is X "" Originally Ayanokōji was stinky. It was always a trip to Hori "Hori" North "came" that was touted as capable so much. "" But you say that it is too blatant … …Is not it overwhelming to hide the identity? "

"Surely. You can see what you want to say Stone "Ishi" Saki "Zaki". So I also caught out the outer moat carefully. And I knew about one of Makoto "Nabe" pots and made me re – emerge in favor. Even from the viewpoint of the speed of response from Karuizawa 's cruel "Ijime" problem or means, either Ayanokōji or Flira "san" is one of them "Do not be" rated "and" good ". You did not make Ayanokōji and Hirata the top priority target afterwards. "The opinion is broken also in C – Class.

It was a unique situation that I admitted, Ibuki and others did not admit.

"Because it is most doubtful, I showed that intentionally. Or maybe there was no way other than using Horikita "" But "─ ─ ─!"

I decided to throw a gentle stone that was fuzzy, fluffy "I love you".

"Even if you do not worry, I am the one you were looking for." "Ha ha. After all it is suspicious. Do you say it yourself? It is a matter of course that it is impossible to obediently accept it because it has been hidden so far.

"I think too doubtful. Maybe they were told to give a real blackmail as a decoy "decoy" …. "

In the dragon "Riyu" garden on the verge of getting convinced, "Iki" blowing "Shinku" and Ishi "Iashi" Saki "Zaki" are waiting for it.

"You read that you do not see the X here?"

"Surely. Hatsu "Hori" Kita "I came" was hidden "Mine" Minami "that guy who was doing it is getting caught up in such a visible trap" trap "easily, if you think normally It's a funny story. "Is it a natural flow that doubts about that point?

"I can see bad hands for me Aya" Ayano "pathway" Koji ". The only best thing that you should take in this one case was to abandon the light "karu" well "い" 沢 "ざ わ" 恵 "け" け い け い ". It was not reckless to jump in. Ibuki and others may be doubtful. If you are truly X, tell me how you will overcome this cold "yuu" location "That is the biggest proof. So Ryūen adds.

"It's a simple question, are you in a dilet today?"

Questioning for goofy On the other hand, the Ryūen and others also flowed like a whimpy for a moment.

"I just came here asking Karuizawa for help. Nothing even in the exam, now I do not have any proofs, right? If you want proof that you are X, you can take it until the next exam. "" That's not it. You are now held true to us. And also the secret of Karuizawa. If you go back without doing anything here, you will know that it will be hard tomorrow. "" Is it serious? "

"Do not get fucked hard" or "Megoro." Now, let me see what you are going to do. "" I do not do anything about anything "" I understand Ryūen. I'm letting you wait for the wisteria "sutra" in the side "soba". "

Ishizaki turned his eyes to the door that was about half open and said,

"It is not", but Ryūen denies it.

"Well, is that so?"

"If a lot of classmates find out the devastation of Karuizawa, I will not have to say it, Karuizawa's position will end just by that. Let's think about it with a little head. "Without that confirmation, Ryūen can not do such a naughty" tea "tea action.


"But if you are blurred it's a big deal." "It's enough, right? Ryūen. There is absolutely no way for X to get on board alone alone "Ibuki advances to Ryūen.

"I'm troubled. Ibuki and Ishizaki do not believe you are X. "Ryūen shrugs his shoulders and shows a state of being blown up by Ibuki and Ishizaki.

"I told you not to do anything. But here we need to make sure whether it is true or not. For that, we have to make it known and check it, but is that okay? "

Say so, a dragon watching here one with a smile "Ryo yu" garden "En".

"I have admitted it from scratch. Let's disclose more information if you can not believe it. I 's blowing "I do not stop doubting. I will speak to Ibuki.

"Test of Deserted Island. You were told to shoot the leader's key card with a digital camera. However, what is the "late" why? "The crucial digital camera was out of order and could not be used. Maybe you disagree.

"Why is it !?"

I am the one who broke the digital camera hidden in "bag" bag. I used water to avoid trauma. "There should be few people in C-Class who know that they owned a digital camera.

"By the way, when I met Ibuki in the forest, your fingertips were dirty with soil. The soil in the vicinity where the sitting was sitting there was a trace which was once digged back, "After". I checked it in the middle of the night and the radio was buried. That was for keeping in touch with Ryūen, did not he? "

If you do spoiler so far, you should understand it even if you do not like it.

I was watching Ibuki whose hands were dirty at the moment when I was in "Yama" "In" or "Love" Ai "Sari".

In other words, it is definite proof that it is a person who is looking at it.

"There is no choice but to admit it. Aya "Ayano no koji" Koji "is X" "Wait, wait. Can you say that it is the same person as X, because your head gets caught somewhat? "

"There is a need to doubt anything more." Ryūen makes a more embarrassing expression.

I mean it's wrong! Even if Ayanokōji was actually X pulling the thread behind the back, why did it come out obediently? Everything so far has been destroyed!

'You prepared about the measure. Miracles that do not even foresee our imagination. That's my Peter.At that time it might just be a fool. " There is no hand to beat in this situation. You hold the big secret of the past of light "Karu" well "" Sawa "Zazawa". I know how it goes if I do something inadvertent. Is not it the current situation that the result prepared in preparation to avoid hitting anything in the first place? "

“Hah! So what do you do? With this, you can make your existence always brighter? Since I did not grasp the identity, the meaning of killing Karuizawa 's cruelty "burning" death "here has also diminished. You can not do anything inadvertent as we are silent. "It will be completely stucky." "It is unlikely that I can report that I made Karuizawa here to the school." Unlike during the exam, violence in the usual school life can be withdrawn immediately Absent.

Even if we can prove that all "all" is damaging, it is doubtful how much damage can be given.

"If you challenge our actions, I will cut off Karuizawa's retreat as much as possible" If you give a penalty to Ryūen et al., I completely lose Karuizawa.

There seems to be a case that you have cut your bones if you thought you had cut meat.

The dragon "Ryo" garden "Een" who used the past of light "Karu" well "Izawa" Zazawa "as a means of attack switched to defensive means here.

"Even if you look at it over there is overwhelming lead." "I was satisfied if I understood the situation. Karuizawa will be brought back. "" Do not say anything beating. "I came," I came, "Let's take it more slowly." Ryūen "drags" the arms of Karuizawa and drags himself up dragged.


"There is no such thing as exposing the true character to meaninglessly by you. I have been thinking about what kind of hand. Let me show it, "Quietly pushing the palm to make it provoke twice and prompting me three times.

"Bad, but Ryūen. No matter how many times you are asked, I will not be able to answer your expectations. "" Ah …?

"I was rolled with you in my palm. That's it. "Everyone in this place would have thought that X would say such a thing.

Even if you abandon Karuizawa, it is cruel X to protect your identity. A student that gets caught in a head that can rescue Karuizawa while preserving the identity. It should have thought of either.

Ryūen who was a smile so far finally started to look down.

"It is a good X that keeps track of this extraordinary thing, and it is also nice to have a shoulder look through like this. Even if it is a friend, Iki 'blow' has always distrusted Ryūen.

It is not acting but because I really think so, I doubtlessly cast doubts.

As a moment, I will take the next action.

"I certainly exposed the identity. However, it does not matter immediately. It is only Karuizawa that Hori "Hori" north "came" that I knew the fact that I was moving the D – Class with a shadow. In other words, if it leaks to another class, it is what someone said in this. "" What happened? "" If you let me know the existence of myself, then at that time all the school that happened at this rooftop " I will report it to you. "" Because you can not do that, you said you were being kicked in. "" You can do it. Just sacrifice Karuizawa "" … ….Shift brush color hue counter-clockwise

"Originally you thought I thought I would abandon Karuizawa. Even so, I was convinced that it was not so since I appeared on this occasion. Maybe you disagree.

"That does not make sense. If you abandon it from the beginning you may have finished without identity. I came because I could not do it. You do not want to be perplexed. "" Nice … …. " If Qing "Kiyo" Takashi "Taka" is ballet, you can tell me about it. "While slowly bringing down the fallen body, light" Karu "well" I "Sawa" Sawa "looks at me I came.

I will immediately return my gaze to the dragon "Ruyo" garden.

"It seems that. Whether you believe or not believe it is selfish, but at that time you will engage in a thorough battle. "Just knowing the identity of X for the moment is OK, "I agree. It may be seriously thrown away "It was originally started to sweet X" broth ". Ishi "Ichigo" Zaki "Zaki" and I "I" blow "Hibiki" do not want any more.

「……Kuku "What kind of late" Why ", Ryūen suddenly holding his head shook tremblingly and laughed.

"The war may start, if one definitely violates a secret" baku "dew". I will admit it. "Even though there are shallow deep differences, scars will remain on both sides.

Moreover, depending on the way of thinking, Karuizawa does not necessarily cause lethal damage.

You can come up with a picture of a girl who went back while being bullied in the past.

If Ryūen declares the end here, it will end with that.

There ─ ─ this man absolutely does not choose such an option.

"To be honest, it's beating fast. You can not defend yourself only in a way that it is not easy to "get rid of the identity" as much as possible, and it is "yudi" to commit judgment to the opponent. However, there is no doubt that X that has made me entertained still is Aya "Ayano no Koji" "Koji". If it is then you will have to entertain until the end "damn" unless you lose. That's right. Ishizaki "" Yes, "" To me it's all about "is a game. Not only is it going up to the A – Class, it 's all about playing to crush the "sesame" of one "Ichiyo" and to crush the bell "suzu" sound "ne". It is bored of crushing the D – Class and crushing the B – Class, a slope that is taken in the last game "Run" so "Sayaka" Yanagi "Yanagi" It is boring until Ryūen laughs, Karuizawa I will raise the forelock of the. The face of distorted "distorted" pain Karuizawa.

However, its eye "Hitomi" no longer had a color of fear.

"Kuku …. It was such a feeling of despair that way I felt no fear at all. It is too stupid to have argued whether Ayanokōji is X or not. I will make absolute eyes that I believe in Ayanokōji. If I scatter the identity of Ayanokōji, it seems like I'm about to report what I was tormented by myself. So, relax. With this, your role is definitely finished. "Has your interest in Karuizawa no longer" lost ", or you let go of your shoulder if you let go of your hair.

"You have entertained me. At the very least D – Class defective products caught the back of my plan over and over. And there are times when the way of doing is similar to me. It is impossible to have interest. I tried to pull out the black curtain. That turned into my pleasure. I do not think about it any further. Talk about it in your own breasts pleasantly, to the tongue "muzenta", "shadow" minute "shit" if you think about it when you think about it.

"And I decided" "…What are you going to do with Aya "Ayano" Koji "Koji"? "

"What is so irritating I" "Blow" Ibuki "When I take a distance from me, I will not be afraid to dragon" Ryo yu "garden" enemy ", but approach the eyes.

"It is said that actions ahead are linked to the crisis of C-Class" "Kuku. I will not cooperate with classmates by taking care of "when" animal "Piki" wolf "wolf", you say you come here and talk about C – Class' s crisis. "Because I thought that you followed me, because you thought that your" Numu "tea" Chi "will benefit the class. But this is beyond that range "Category" Chu Yu. Obviously Ayanokōji has no hand to do, "I'm sorry" I was depressed "depressed" depressed "angry" like I will clear Ibuki continues.

"So you can not admit what you are going to do from now" "Do you know what I am trying to do?"

"I can tell from seeing you all through April. You say you are going to give way with violence, do not you? "

The body of the stone "Ichigo" Zaki "Zaki" that heard the story is rigid to the point that "a body is small".

"Ishizaki too," Ko "" Miya "Miya" is also near "Kon" Fuji "How" also. Albert all dropped it with violence "" It is the best to show the difference in power "" The difference is already clear "It is true that Ayanokōji has been boiled several times so far . You ought to return the borrowed. "" That's why that idea is pinching the class! "

Bread, dry sounds echo.

Ryūen 's palm captured Ibuki' s cheek ".

Until that, Ibuki gets silent.

"I can do it if I can enjoy it. Violence is particularly easy to understand "as it is now. Such words seemed to be heard.

Is there the answer that Ryūen traces "traced" again after all?

It is inevitable that there is nothing but a stage where misunderstanding can be done.

– Alright, Here it comes. The most important thing about this time is what you would like to do with each other's information. Ayanokōji wants to finish notifying anyone about the incident here, including the matter of his identity and light "karu" well "" sawa "azawa". As a matter of fact, it is true that Karuizawa was "scared" and "throbbed" and "got cold water. If it should be reported in any chance I will eat a fairly heavy disciplinary punishment. In other words, what happens in this place keeps secret each other, no matter what happens, it will never leak to the outside. "Given the current trend, that can easily be deduced.

If you make a shield of my past and my identity as a light "Karu" well, "Izawa" saka ", I will definitely never let out of here.

Whatever happens, there is no other choice but to sleep on top of each other. "Nevertheless" Certainly ", C-Class people who can also dispute with" rubbing ".

"I understood a little why you showed your identity late. It certainly has become impossible for us to fight each other out of the field. Close the door Albert "Albert received instructions from the dragon" Ryo yu "garden" "and closed the door that continued indoors.

"But after all it has not changed as it was a bad hand. You may have thought that you ended here, but I will not let it go. "Everyone in this place feels on the skin what is going to happen.

Ryūen's policy will not change.

"There is no retreat, is it? With this I can develop your desires as much as you want. "" First of all, that clear "I will change my face to fear. Is not he hiding a hawk? Well, if you do not do "tea" tea "Chi", "Are you going to appeal to violence really?" "It is not just brain fighting to fight anything. It is also a wonderful way to assassinate himself, behind a military man laying a solid team. Violence is the most powerful in the world. No matter how small the work is done, I can not avoid giving up before violence. "I was once in Ryūen, I 's blowing" Blowing ", Ishi" Izaki " Zaki ", and I gazed at Albert once.

"I will burn your odd appearance to your eyes and I will make it a hand. From the third semester I will start cooking "Ichigo" of "Ichiyo" "People certainly will yield before violence. I do not know its reason. However, it is necessary to always exceed the competence of the opponent in order to pass through the theory consistently. Do you know that? "


"Only four people in this place can not stop me …" …?

Ibuki which can not be understood frowns the eyebrow "eyebrows".

"Kukkuku. Kukukukukukuku "Wow, it was so funny, Ryūen laughed with his belly.

"Aya" Ayano "Koji" Koji "is about to say:You and me like "everyone", you can not rule over with violence. Would you please let me see that confidence. "Ishizaki" "Is it OK?" Ishizaki unexpectedly hesitates "Chiyo" "Chiyo" as an attack order.

Susumu "Fuji" How to fight like "How to fight" or "I do not know who you are accustomed to, I am a normal student.

It is unreasonable for resistance to be born even if instructed.

"Please do not hesitate" "But … …."

"We thoroughly beat Aya" Ayano no koji "Koji," I do not need to worry about anything "" Wait! "

It was a shout of light "Karu" well "" Sawa "" Zazawa "that stopped the stone" Iashi "Saki" Zaki "trying to close up.

"Why are you stupid like this !?" Qi "Kiyo" Takashi "Taka" There is no good thing to beat! "

"C'mon, do not join us suddenly, Karuizawa. You are already finished. There is no worry that the past will be broken by becoming a sacrificial guy. Just give thanks. "As the water does not go away, the dragon" Ru Yu "garden" En "raises Karuizawa 's hair again.


And I kidnapped Karuizawa behind as it was.

"So do not forget it." Nevertheless, Karuizawa still tries to kill Ryūen for my father "kiba" for me.

I get up and rush to Ryūen.

"Do not worry Karuizawa" I say to Karuizawa like that, stop it.

"Well," but "I do not need to worry about anything." "Yes. You should only worry about Teme. "Ishizaki comes forward.

"Do not feel bad, Ayanokōji. This is also an instruction of Mr. Ryūen. "" Separately nice "It is the deployment which has already incorporated all of this into things like this.

Ishizaki just raises his fist "fists" casually. As if to hit a resistant baby.

A monotonous motion that can be avoided even by elementary school students and junior high school students.

I will catch the right fist delivered to the big swing with my right hand.


"Ishizaki. If you do, you should do it seriously "Warn only once. However, even if I stopped fisting, it seemed that Ishizaki did not come with a pin.

Even if it is stopped, it can not be helped. It was probably because it was a reasonable power even if it was stopped.

I clasp Ishizaki's right fist as received with the grip force of the left hand.

C Oh, uh ……!"

The expression of the stone "Ishi" Zaki "Zaki" gradually becomes harder, and both "Ryo yo" knees "knee" begin to tremble.

"A little Ishizaki?"

I noticed that the appearance was obviously strange, and I turned "blow" to look back.

"Oh, guys! Tama, stop it! "

It can not support the body "body", it collapses from both knees and knees on the cold floor of the roof. Ishizaki desperately stroked my arm with my left hand so it is useless to do it like trying to grab my arm.

Among them, Albert was behind me, not being Ibuki, and Ryuuuu "Garden" even though I was able to grasp the situation first. A black shadow approaches.

Before getting the boss's permission, Albert swings up and shakes a thick arm like its utility pole.

I could attack it from the left hand side of me It may have been that I thought that I could defeat after Ishizaki escaped.

However, it is unnecessary care. I was able to pass himself, but I was dare to take some damage, I received a fist "Fist" from the front with the palm of my left hand.

Heavy and heavy sound echoes.

Jinjin and elbow "Elbow" to the shoulder entrance penetrate powerful force.

「……It hurts me as "trekking" …. "

Albert 's facial expressions are hard to understand through sunglasses, but the situation could be fully grasped.

"噓" Lie "….Oh, are not you playing, Albert. Ishizaki "Were not Albelt seriously driven in Ibuki from a distance, or Ishizaki seriously hurt?

Or is it just a scene you do not want to believe?

When I relieved from my right hand grip strength, Ishizaki hugged her right arm like 蹲 "Azukuma".

"Leave Albert" Ryūen's instruction flies.

Albert rushes with a strong body and wields its brilliant arms.

Damage accumulates "cough" if it continues to repeatedly attack with destructive power on the structure of the human body.

I received it intentionally for the first time, but I can not let you eat ahead from here.

By pushing out the left "hide" fist "fist" that is protruding, you can attack with corrective action first.

In the form of "aiming at the counter", Albert 's fist is knocked on the abdomen. Although I was able to go hand in hand, I will not overcome his opponent with unknown ability.

Albert 's expressionless face was slightly "stupid", but it is also a little.

Even from a hard feeling that comes back to this fist you hit, the damage is shallow.

In addition to the privileged body which is not found in pure Japanese, it is understood that it is considerably exercised.

Then, it will only take time and effort to "penetrate" the steel body.

There are countless parts of human beings that are regarded as weak points.

For example, an epicenter can not be trained.

Of course it is premature to think that this part is a part of a blow strike.

It is possible to get used to the pain and to endure it simply by being hard to train.

Also from Albert instincts have fisted a fist in the epic "Fist" You knew that it was already "Ko" You decided to "twist" the big body to dexterity.

In anticipation of it, I stabbed the tip of the sword into the throat "throat".


A voice that does not make a voice leaks from Albert.

"Aya" Ayano "A small street" Koji "っ!"

A stone crying from behind, a stone that punches me "Ichigo" Zaki "Zaki".

「……Do not shout if you come … "

While bothering "Ishizaki" to bother Salt to Salt the enemy, Ishizaki kicked the knee "Knee" of the left foot which he stepped on.

Everything is true any further.

I confirmed that Albert that was turning behind me collapsed from the lower body and rolled down and kicked into the face. Then immediately punch out Ishizaki 's cheek with the left hand.

Ishizaki was "kuzuo" and the rooftop was wrapped up in a quiet "lust" dullness.

However, I had only to burn the unbelievable sight, the dragon "Yuu" garden "En" and the "Ii" blow "splash", the light "Karu" Well "Izawa" Zazawa ".

"Apparently, it seems to be more than we think. Is it because I was confident in my arm that I was bullish until that. That was unexpected. "" Does this studio prepared by chance happened to Ayanokōji? What was that

"Are you seriously saying that, Ibuki" "Oh …?"

"The fact that Ryūen is a type of person who controls rape with violence is presenting" a long time ago ". Do not you think that it is too advantageous for C-Class to have a situation in which violence is wrapped on it and no problem occurs at all? "

“….. huh?”「は…

As Ibuki began to "head over", a big question came to Ryūen.

"Wait a minute. I can not understand it as a treasure "truly". This situation is what I created. "" Can you still see the situation even if you talk carefully up to this point? "After a breath of breath, I play a neta shit entirely" all ".

"It was decided from the front that you and me face each other like this. And in the circumstances where you can not tell the school to each other, Ryūen has never settled with violence that the dragon "Ruyuu" garden "Enka" Sho "Kaku" believes in none. "Ryūen has planned so far , I feel like I've been doing it as planned.

But that is a big mistake.

"If I do not seriously realize the identity, I will not use the true pan" pan "from the beginning. If you send spoken activity recording data you got it, the thing to start searching the perpetrators will be more evident. And you seem to be a dictator and trace to "Manabe". And it was heard? Weakness was grasped by giving a hand to light "Karu" well "I" "Sawa" Sawa ", and I obeyed without obligation" There is no material denied by Ryūen side so far. They must, right?

"You were convinced that me and Karuizawa were" connected ". How to do later. For that purpose I thought what preparation would be effective. It was the stone "Ichigo" Zaki "Zaki" and the small "Miya" Miya "to let the students of D – Class train, or took a blatant action and contacted the high school" yen "enji" じ じ " To make X feel a sense of crisis. Well, in the case of you, you enjoyed it purely, there may have been some aspects that give me time to think about it. "" I mean something funny. Did you dare swim in my palm? "

"I showed it to be exactly swimming with my palm and this one was swimming." "Please apologize me" Ayano "Koji" Kojiru ". You were still pretty. Where is the dominance of this little while ago, it is a big pinch in a blink of an eye. What do you do "blow" splash "Ryūen who was watching all the details of this place laughs happily even if she shows workmanship.

"What is it …?Even you, Ayanokōji … …! "

Ibuki rushed so as to hit the crowd, and he jumped over to me.

There seems to be no concern that the underwear is visible etc.

No, exactly it might not have been cool enough to think about such a thing.

I go down to the back, calm down and avoid that kick.

Ibuki would have been switched on again.

Instantly step on the ground twice three times, shorten the distance and attack the subject with less kick with a gap.

It's a very good move.

Although there was a bad physical condition, there was only a thing to defeat Hori "Hori" north "came".

"っ" When I avoided it with a momentary move that does not hit all "all" kicks, Ibuki once stopped attacking and tongue as irritated.

"Really you, you …?."

"Can you believe it even if you look so far?"

– It's disgusting. I do not know something, but it makes me messy! "

For Ibuki to jump again "I'm going" I instantly stuffed the distance.


You can go out with your play, but it is not a good idea to spend too much time.

I do not give a time to guard against the "bubble" blow, and when I "catch the neck", I dress the back to the floor as it is. Ibuki who opened his eyes got conscious immediately and got stuck with Pikri.

It 's more certain if you knock on your head, but you did not go to killing each other.

"Violence is not a monopoly patent of the dragon" Ruu "garden", "Ibuki, Ishi" Ichigo "Zaki" Zaki ", and Albert.

Now that the students who can also be called Ryūen's right arm have collapsed, there is only one left.

Light "Karu" well "I" Sawa "Azawa" that witnesses the sight alone seems to be unable to issue a word.

"Also looked at this situation, yet calm and have truly"indeed"there?" not only the head of the violence until and firsts your "and" seen "only" Yat "its" and why the "and applause that represents the respectful and obedient, Ryūen walked up to me.

"Do you know what I want to say on that?" Aya "Ayano no Koji" "Koji" "Come" "Come" Ryūen strives hard and analyzes it calmly without feeling it in the distressing "distant" region.

It is not just a mere bitterness that shows room.

Ryūen only has an excellent characteristic of Ryūen only.

It is because of that, so far it can be kept dignified.

"It is not just a struggle to decide victory or defeat of violence. Ryūen dropped a little lower and left "Hidari" fist "Fist" came out.

The aim is not the face but the abdomen.

I fly backward and avoid it.

Immediately Ryūen stuffs as if to pursue, and this time he will pull out the right hand of dominant arm.

"Although it is bad, it gets an attack in a straight way" I am not going "to get it." If you avoid it further, I will set up this time.

Ryūen's forearm stretched his forelocks right.

It reacted quickly, Ryūen paid it with the left hand.

─ ─ ─ Immediately afterwards, my kicker hits the side of the "side" side of Ryūen "rose".


At the moment I was distracted by my right arm, I set off an attack immediately.

Ryūen takes distance once to avoid being attacked in rapid succession.

It goes without saying that "Compelling Ryūen" comprehensive power exceeds Ishizaki's "Haru", but I was impressed honestly.

Although there was a heavy blow, there was no sign of collapse.

"Surface" Primary "White" Maybe "Waaaa" That's what I said and laughed.

However, I can not believe that it is still "Always" when I can win Albert.

"Aya" Ayano "Kojiri" Kojiri "" Okara "It is reluctant while keeping it" burning "" Takira ", and it will not be easy for me to smile.

It is not a movement learning martial arts.

Self-directed battle style that went wearing through a latent battlefield of various "many" shuras.

There is no way to continue avoiding "all" "all" attacks to the perfect "perfect" perfection.

It was easy to fight back, but I guard it while guarding several times.

When catching the fourth fist "Fist", the dragon "Ryo yu" garden "tells us.

"Why does not it come out on the table and fight? You can go hand in hand if you do. "" There are a lot of them here. "" Is that so? Would you win and tell me? "" Do you think you can win? "" Kuku. Do you think that you will not lose? "

「……I'm sorry. I can not imagine losing. "What is visible to Ryūen, but I can not see it.

"You will win in this place. But what about tomorrow? How about "Asashute" the day after tomorrow? "" If you repeat, which one will you win? "

"What are you busy doing? What are you doing while shit "shit"? I do aiming "from anywhere" "Do not you fear losing?" "I do not have fear. I have never felt it. "" There is no fear, "or something quite funny to say.

Perhaps it is the source of confidence of Ryūen.

"You know if you know the pain. Person will change to fear after that. "" Would you let me know the pain for that pain? "" No matter how much you want! "

Ryūen looks at eagle 's eagle' s eagle 'and strikes a high – speed knee' knee 'kick on the abdomen.

"Kiyo" Takashi "Taka" ─ ─ ─ ─! "

Worried and shouting "Karu" well "I" Sawa "Sawa".

However, it is a blow that I thought to eat, it was nothing to worry about.

"You know twice, three times you understand! Hey oi! "

Ryūen stepped on the left foot so as to aim the same place.

The distance approaches as you step in and guards your face with your left hand.

It protrudes the right hand, pulls it out, "right" lets out the knee "knee" of the right foot.

One of the best of today 's boyfriend' s body today.

I lie behind and encounter the pain going around the whole body.

"How is it? Did you understand this? "

「……There is nothing as it is raw "Ai" hate ". Just just spreading the pain. "" Are you going to say that you do not feel the horror just like me? "

"That's not it Ryuu" Ruyo "Garden" En ". That's not the case. "I know the existence of fear due to pain.

I know how frightening it is to become a loser, how frightening it is.

I have seen the existence that collapses over and over again in front of my eyes.

But one day it was not a fear.

I felt it cold.

It is because he knew that no matter how painful he despaired others, he did not hurt.

If you acquire even "all" techniques to protect yourself, that is fine. Even if I am okay, that is a winner.

"Let's play more!"

Ryūen cried, and I bathed a concentrated fire into my abdomen three times.

Where the knees "Knee" has fallen slightly, "Ryūen 's kicking comes closer to the head.

Bastard! Would you please prospect? "I coped with it by avoiding it without hurting it. Absolutely no fatal injury.

"Do you play with me?" Aya "Ayano" pathway "Koji". "What is the reason why you should not avoid attacks that you avoid?" "I'm trying out what the fear you say is really evoked," "It's a lick" no matter how much "While feeling the difference in power, Ryūen did not show the momentum.

If this is a reckless ruffle, the story is different, but my confidence in the brawls "," the confidence in my confidence, the more desperate when I feel the overwhelming difference. However, there is no indication.

Ryūen stepped on trying to go wrong from the dominant stage, defeating all "all" by showing off. That means that my calculation was a bit mistake.

Of course, I misread the upper limit, it is not a problem to be troubled. Just because one of the necessary processes was lengthened until I broke my heart. Ryūen will bear pain accordingly.

"You, where did you gain such a power. It is not normal, Ayanokōji …… "

It is only certain that it is not an area that traces "tracing" following the number of fights.

I will not answer, I will shorten the distance with Ryūen which I opened step by step.

Girari and the sharp eyes are here I saw the intention of doing "peeling".

"It's been sneaking up hidden behind that ability. How are you feeling living day by day while looking down on miscellaneous fish? Was it pleasant enough to ejaculate? "

"I have never looked down on it nor did I think about that. Because everything is not directly related to me trying to fail other people try to succeed. "Did you not like the answer? Dragon" Ruyo "garden" Oen "smiled laughing hair.

"Is there such a thing? Humans are lumps of greed. "I strongly deny my idea that there are no desiring human beings.

Of course, there are still many things that I can call greedy.

But that is another story.

Even if you play more, perhaps nothing will change.

I will rebuild my posture.

"If it is you will beat as many times as you do until you are scared" I will do it "!"

Already it is good Ryūen.

Knee "knee" to the face "Knee" to the face "Riūen" who shifted the target "Arua" was shifted to the left arm, "I knocked", I forcibly pulled the body of the other person " I shuffled the right hook to the face without forgiveness.

"Wow! -!"

Ryūen blows away, receiving a shock that consciousness is harvested.

However, it is not harvested by a single blow.

It keeps power to the last just before that.

When I fell from the waist to concrete, I riding on Ryūen and riding the left and right fist "fist" from above.

"You said that you never felt Ryūen" "Ha, ha … ….Kuku, that's right. I do not know the fear. Even if half of the sight has been swollen and crushed "crushed", Ryūen fights back from the bottom.

However, the power is damaged and it gets swayed without being distracted.

Instead, I will return a precise and intense blow from the top.

The facial expression of Ryūen turns into a steep "kake".

"Wow, I ……! I am confident in the fight "Ken" fight ", but I do not mean I have not lost. No, I can understand it because I was twice as many people …. "

It seems a bit spicy "Saya" rice "ripara". Did the mouth come out? Spit out the blood from the mouth and throw away to the ground.

I waved my fist again.

"Haha! … ….Oh, the shit sprang again and again. "Repeat attacks to the left and right in small increments.

However, Ryūen did not really fear.

"In violence you can see the human true heart. The dragon "Ruyuu" garden "enclosed the first time and laughed, as well as the beat and the beaten.

Prove that you can hit as many as you like.

Huff, huff.GlueIt will be fun Aya "Ayano" pathway "Koji". It can be as big as he is stronger that way. It's all you want to do. That's why I show you Ayanokōji …… "

Ryūen opens his eyes.

Against that Ryūen, I repeatedly shook down the fist "fists" repeatedly to aim for a face.

The face has already been swollen, bleeding and internal bleeding is also terrible.

Still Ryūen does not fear.

As a human being, one of the feelings that should be inherent.

That is not working.

"Ryūen is OK" I propose it from here, but of course Ryūen can not accept it.

"Kukkuku. What is it, Ayanokōji. I have not come yet. Try stopping your breath. "To Ryūen who presents his own life and provokes, I will eat another fist again.

Pains distort the facial expression "Yunaka" but that is also a moment.

"Hurting a pain" ぇ ぇ ぇ …But that 's all there is. "The eyes that see it have not changed since the encounter.

It seems that I do not doubt not believe in the immediate defeat but the last winning victory.

"Even if you win here at this time, I will eat it again and again. Wherever you are at school, find a gap if you find a chance. And I will win at the end. "Until now, Ryūen turned over and survived. Even a stronger opponent is not always invincible. It is the self-confidence that I am trying to escape the gap.

Put fear on opponent with violence and rule.

Fear that when you turn this guy into the enemy, when you are attacked and you do not know if the big "Oh" Kai け "I" will do.

Temporarily enjoy "Happiness of the day" Yu "Elegance" Come on, victory is in the morning, Ayanokōji! "

While losing the ability to fight back, Ryūen keeps laughing until the very end.

"When you look at the weak, people are peeking at emotions as fun as you can". And the fear behind that feeling is "latently" latent "Does fear lurk behind the emotions?

"Do you want to win? Do not you want to lose? What emotions do you have? Ayanokōji "Do you want to win?

do not want to lose?

"You are now … ….Are you laughing while dominating me? Still sore at me? Or are you excited and happy? Or is it frightening "? Please tell me! "

I wonder what he says from a little while ago.

Raw "Ai" hate "hard" and I can not see my face, my face.

But there is one thing I can be sure of.

Such a trivial thing, the heart will not shake. Only that.

There is no such thing as making a peeping emotion.

Let him hit the fist "Fist" that has been forgotten for some time to the face of the dragon "Ruyo" garden "En".


I will not stop it.

Right to the left, just repeat the fist of the same power.

Ryūen's face draws.

Oh, that's it Ryūen.

I guess you could have seen it, too?

[# Illustration (23.jpg) to enter] [# illustration (24.jpg) enter] I feel that the feeling of fear certainly exists in myself.

I've been beaten by a dragon "Ruyuu" garden more intense blow than before.

At the end is a shot that harvests consciousness.

You may have intended to control this heart, but I do not think that the heart that can be manipulated is raw "ai" hate ".

I got up from the top of Ryūen slowly.

I can not bear to leave anything under the cold air, "Karu" well, "Izawa" saga "no more.

"I'm letting you wait in a situation that 's not bad, it' s accompanying 'minutes'. Is not there a monster "I"? "

/(adv) (1) very/extremely/(exp) (2) that is/It’s okay guys. It's a bit too cold and the feeling has gone away …. "

Put hands in front of Karuizawa who was sitting in and watching the whole story.

I was "tired" The hands were as cold as freezing.

"Have you disillusioned me?"

"Why, of course……. I was betrayed from the beginning. "" Yes. Then why did not you sell it to Ryūen? "… ….Because of me. However, only that 's so saying, I fell down on my chest and trembled the body "body".

– Why?I was scared. "

"There is no need to think about anything now. What has been done today, what has happened here as well. It is good to think after all "all". The only thing that is certain is that at this moment of the day, your curse "Jiyu" bondage "disappeared. From now on, true "Ma" pot "Nabe" … …No, someone else never returns the past. Afterwards, as usual you should act like usual. "Whether you still have the power to step down, you can take care of all that light" karu "well" Izawa "saka".

Karuizawa, it should have been a few months of disaster really.

Mistress caused by accidentally raised pots. Bullying after knowing that it is aimed.

The dragon "Ruyu" garden "er" was digged back past wounds, and it was understood that all of that was my responsibility.

The spirit will be unstable and it will be ragged.

You survived the "over" or "cruel" past, and you made the present. It only resumes it from tomorrow, "but if Karuizawa Kei" Kei ", it is no problem.

I was convinced when I met again on the rooftop.

"I am the one who hurt you. I do not say that you forgive me. Just remember one thing. Like today, if you have something, I will come to save you "" Kiyo, … …. "

Karuizawa does not leave from the lodging tree which I am, although being overwhelmed by this much.

Karuizawa reached what I could not exist in this school without me.

No matter what happens to me as long as I am, my heart will never crumble.

What if I was helping Karuizawa at an early stage?

There is no doubt that the reliance from Karuizawa has become stronger as it certainly fulfilled promises. However, on the contrary, when you are abandoned in the same kind of eyes, Karuizawa 's falling "bold" can be seen and darkened.

However, by pulling to this point in the first stage, the intention to believe to the last will occur, no matter how much it goes. At the same time, I was able to "grab" "grasp" that Karuizawa is not a human being easily betrayed.

Even though I was spitting out my name, that is why I was suffering from a "guilt feeling" and I have to think that I could move favorably after that.

Of course it is OK to let go of the hand "" Komu "sesame" that you got "Yes" "Body" wanted "None" Naked.

Whether there is a need or not is secondary, and there is nothing better to keep in hand.

"Student council president in the place we got off a bit … …Now it is the former student council president, and probably the tea "Chi" pillar "Bahara" sensei is waiting. Since it should be somewhat familiar to the circumstances, it should cope well with the upper part of the uniform that was wet "" Wow, I understand ….Kiyo "Takashi" Taka "is it? "

"There is a cleanup on me. It is troublesome to see something together with it. Say so, so lightly push out your back and lightly karu well "Izawa" is returned from the rooftop.

Ah, dear, dear, dear.

It is impossible to leave the four people on the rooftop.

Aside from tea "Chi" pillar "Bashira" sensei, if you find it by another teacher you can not avoid the problem.

I awoke the consciousness by tapping "ほ" cheaply, in order from stone "Ichigo" 崎 "isaki".

And lastly the dragon "Ryo yu" garden "En" also.


"Did you wake up?" "This problem … …Aya "Ayano no Koji" "Koji" "I think that it ended with this," it is the end. No way I will not tell you to continue from now on. "What kind of people saw it is clear that the win is settled this time.

"I use any means. If it is to win, Ryūen slowly raised his upper body.

"It's a war if necessary" "Do you say that I was beaten by me?

「……Kuku. It is truly Dashe. But to win it is also one of the choices. "Even if nothing indeed, it seems to consider if you want to win me.

"Why would I decide to force what you forced?"

"I will only advise once, but I will not recommend it. The former student council president is waiting at the destination. Even if you do not know the details, it will happen that there is a problem behavior immediately. The fact that Ryūen was the first to set up is certain from the time of crushing "overwhelming" the surveillance camera on the roof. On the other hand, I was in that time zone Zelkea Mall. You can prove an alibi even if you care about it "If it comes to that, it is natural to keep insurance on as many pieces as you like.

「……Were you able to witness outsiders from the beginning, did not you do it? "" Once you do not hit you, you will stop attacking "or" You will not stop "" I am convinced of this defeat Even then? "

"At least, I think so. There is only one cause of defeat of Ryūen. I misunderstood the order to capture, that is all "all". If you are experienced in fighting against "Ichiyo" 's "瀬" ‖, Kuzu "Wig" Castle "and" Saka "or" Yanagi "Yanagi", I will fight in the position closer to me I could do it. I was too curious and moved too much. "Ryūen showed a bitter smile when it was wrapped up.

"I say it clearly … …."

"I'd like to say I can accept revenge matches anytime … …I will not do anything outstanding in the future. If possible we would hit others. "I thought that Ryūen's words seemed to come back soon, but I thought about what" lost "is silent.

"If you carefully read that the witnesses made you a distance, I will continue to pursue you as a matter of persistence, if you continue to do your own identity and mildness" "well" Sawa "Azawa" past Is not it just the way to drive us out despite throwing it away? "" I want to avoid it as much as possible, but there must be no choice but to do "" And not only I but the stones that were in this place "Ichi" Saki "Zaki" and I " I do not know the extent of disposal, but it is inevitable that it will be considerably heavy punishment.

"It was a failure that I was confident that my identity and Karuizawa's past are absolute. In order to prevent it beforehand, I should do more extensive or keep a lot of guards. "In the area called this school, the entrance to the dragon" Ruyo "garden" is absolutely difficult.

"As long as I keep on existing, C-Class will be hand-crafted." "If you do not do it for us, you will not be using" tea "for another, I will not use it this time as a tool." "The more I believe such a mouthfulness, I am sweet. If you are forced into a cold state "C" by C – Class, we will inform the school side of today. Maybe you disagree.

"Kanna" It certainly is not an absolute promise.

Does C – Class function properly in a state where the head is always pressed down?

"But what do you do? I can not cancel the facts that happened Ryūen "" Noisy. The game against you is over. And there is also my own fight. "Ryūen looked around Ibuki and took out a cell phone and entered something.

And, on the rooftop floor, I slipped my cell phone to the feet of Ibuki.

– Gosh, man.

Ibuki who heard a conversation between me and Ryūen silently gazes at me. Also of me.

"Responsibilities are all" all "I will take. Before that, move all my points to you. "" … …? Ryūen, what are you talking about …? Baka

"Well, that's right Ryūen! I do not mind talking about things here and I do not need to take responsibility! "

The events of this time can not be declared mutually. Such face-up equality. However, in fact Ryūen noticed that D – Class dominates overwhelmingly. There is only one way to cancel it.

"Aya" Ayano "Koji" Kojira ", this matter is all I did. I'm OK with just getting out of school. "" Seriously "seriously as" a minor "minute. Ryūen spat out the words and at the same time saved in the mouth "I bleeding out the blood which was waiting."

"The tyrant is forgiven only while that power makes sense. If we lose to this point, there will be no one who will follow it. "To date, the domineering attitudes and actions, all the results are accompanied by the result" that was allowed.

Looking for X involving other classes has generated as many ripples as possible.

Did you realize that you did not qualify for yourself who lost to this brute force technique so far?

It seems to be much better different than I thought.

It was a correct answer that we had settled this far, and set up an environment in which the dragon "Ryo yu" garden "can do everything.

– Whatever that means. – Back off, Ludlow. I'm serious. Why do you want to trust me "Say" …

"You hate me. That is why. Share the remaining Private Point with everyone. By going out of school I will end up invalidating the contract with Kuzaki "Wig" Castle "and" Saka "or" Yanagi "Yanagi", but it would be impossible for the contractor himself to do something " If you leave, there is a high chance that it will be true.

"Mr. Ryūen, are you saying seriously?"

Stone "Ichigo" Zaki "Zaki" also got up and shouted with a sad voice.

"Let's do it. I do not need to scream, I can hear it. "Laughing thin, Ryūen.

"Let's do it yourself" It seems likely that he decided to resolve to drop out seriously, he will stand up without looking at his cell phone.

"Well, I guess" leaving so good, Ryūen trying to leave the rooftop.

On the back there is no word for "Ibuki" blow "or Ishizaki 's word.

– Can I borrow it ? I'm really leaving the school. I think I will regret it. "I stopped Ryūen.

"Why do you care about such things?" "If you leave here without even knowing the meaning of losing here, your growth will end there" "Ah?"

"Why did I lose to me? Can I leave it unknown? "" ….Lost. Where is the meaning of helping me in the first place. You also know that light "karu" well "い" "沢" ざ わ "I do not know if you leave me. I do not know when I will rouse this thing. "" Yes. If you are strong and looking for a reason, if you collapse "squeeze" of Sakayanagi or "Ichiyo", you can fight D – Class without difficulties. Also, if the contract signed with Katsuragi remains, A – Class gets little damage at a time. Sacayanagi and Ichinose would think that Ryūen was destroyed by X suddenly withdrawing from anything more than anything else. He added that he was troubling, that is, it would be troublesome after all.

"Even if this case jumps our expectations in an unexpected way, I am fortunate that I am not aware of anything that is visible to anyone. Whatever you look at, you can only see the inner circle as well as the inner circle. "

「……Then the scenario is this. I attempted to add sanctions to bad working guy, but on the contrary I came back and I decided to withdraw from the line. You can say something like that "If that is the case, it will not inconvenience me.

– Step forward.Why is that so? "

"Everyone here was suddenly knocked out by Aya" Ayano no Koji "Koji" one person. Do you have a hidden view of "Mi" Ryo "Eh" now? Besides, there is less damage if one person disappears. "" Would you let me say just one more addition? It is selfish to withdraw from voluntary, and it is selfish to doubt, but I am not planning to tell this subject to anyone. To the former student council president who is waiting under, all things are "all" and it is settled to useless useless things. In other words, there is nothing deserved to drop out. I will not stop if I drop out on that … "

"Do not stop on that. I do not believe people easily "So that dragon" Ruu "garden" En "was left out, disappeared from the rooftop.

Of course, aside from the stone "Iashi" Saki "Zaki" left behind, Iki "Blow" was also not convinced of Ryūen 's behavior.

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