Classroom of the Elite

By Kinugasa Shougo



Time for settlement "When".

"With that, I end the home room. Have a consciousness as a student of our school during the winter break and send a moderate day. It's over "Saka" Sakaka "Kami" is a blessing and meaningless word I heard, I take out a cell phone.

The day to finally arrived.

That is the second semester's closing ceremony. On this day in the morning all the "all" events ended, after school.

Campaign activities are closed, and the school side encourages students to come back as soon as possible.

That is, most of the students do not remain in the school.

"Have you erased the erasable guy, but have nearly ten candidates still left?" Some of the guys I have never talked about are mixed, but that's useless.

Ideally it did not use light "karu" well "い" "沢" azawa ", but X did not taste the tail" tsupupo "to a tremor" truly ".

"Well, on the contrary, should I say even more fun has increased?" To be honest it is putting the eyes on the eyes, but there is no point in getting in the "narrowing down" here.

It is more exciting and interesting to embrace X with the head empty.

I took some action after the paper shuffle test.

I fully mobilized C-Class-driven guy and put it on the target to be watched.

However, it did not try to approach the identity of X by sticking it in.

Also, thinking of the risk of becoming a big problem, I did not dare add a tail to a weak man or woman.

To watch over, it narrows down to a defect type like Susumu "Fuji" how "and Miyake" Miyake ".

Or just keep a conservative person who is afraid that the problem will spread like the flat "Hirata".

Even so, people in D – Class notice the disturbance of my behavior. In the case of Sudou there was a time and effort to go directly to provoke because of his bad smell more than imagined.

In any case, the main thing is to always be aware of that I am "aiming".

He would have spent all his time everyday.

Fear of "You may be known the identity".

In the past, he kept hiding the bell "suzu" sound "huge" and made it "mine" stubbornly "hard" What continued to hide the identity.

In other words, a person who is afraid of exposing that he is manipulating the D-Class with a shadow.

If it is, I will chase it and stop it, I will squeeze my neck with cotton.

I can not feel that that feeling is frightening.

And one more. I bother taught him that he is aiming for light "karu" well "い" "沢" azawa ", but nevertheless he did not take action immediately.

He should have kept wearing his nerves for the past two weeks. How do I contact Karuizawa? How do you listen? I would have asked Karuizawa who is the weak point whether every day progresses "progress" "Chiyoku" and asked if there was no accident. What kind of action will I take approaching my true identity? I must have thought about that.

It gets exhausted beyond imagination. And a kind of confusion.

I can not judge to what extent the tail "Shitsubo" is grabbed normally. Suspicious heart "shin" Dark "Anan" demon "Ki".

And today – it was the best day to catch the falling X falling into panic.

More than half of classes begin to return home in a matter of minutes.

The progress of the hands of the clock decorated in the classroom is slower than usual.

Students leave school one after another.

"Kuku …"

I felt my heart beating fast.

I feel a high "like this" which I could not taste for the last few years.

Recall that I was questioned by "blow" recently.

What kind of "late" bother bothers you, trying to find X until you vent the danger.

Ibuki said that there was little meaning when found out.

Certainly, it is not where we have found its identity.

Oh, I guess you think it is over as to whether it was you.

But that's only for ordinary people.

I've been fighting against D – Class by drawing a number of strategies.

I understand even. That X is the owner of a thought similar to me.

I have never seen that such a person exists besides me.

That interest has driven me strongly to this point.

Knowing X and what kind of change will come to me when I face that guy?

I want to know what to try.

I can meet X who has enjoyed me until now.

It is because it made the breasts rumbling enough to make me think of my first love.

For that, use any means.

The mail sent to X this morning has already been notified that it has arrived, it is certain that it has arrived at the person.

Knowing what will happen today, what kind of measures will X show me?

"Ryuu" Yuu "Garden" En "Kun Do not move I was standing next to me is a vertebra" name "" Hi ".

"What is it" today "It is appearing quietly" It seems that everyone is uncomfortable "He says so and looks around the surroundings.

All the remaining students are moving near me.

"What are you going to do now?"

"It is a face to face with the existence that has been entertaining me in recent months. Will you also come? "

"No, I will withhold. I do not see it so much fun … …. "

Besides, it adds.

"Do I really have to hunt down?"


「……- No, it's ok baby, I got it. Ryūen-kun who is the leader of the class decides it. "Is it self-contained, Hiyori walks out.

"I am in the library. Please contact me if you have anything in trouble. "" You can not be a force, do not you? "" That's right. Then we had a good winter vacation "things" stuff "fear" without hurrying, Hiyori spoke to himself at a pace "peculiar" "Tan" and went home.

Hiyori gets caught but his head hates her fight.

I thought I could use it while I was using it, but it is still useless as my frame.

It is easier to use those who act accompanying than that.

Frames finished preparations gather together.

"Time is it Ryuu" Ryo "Garden" En "Mr. Ishi" I "Tsukazaki" Zaki "speaks somewhat of a restless appearance.

"Enjoy everything" I give Ishizaki a bag "bag". Among them, essential items are included.

Albert also stood up, "Ito" blowing "buds".

There is no need to go by a large number of people.

Minimum number of people required. And I need a hard man.

What I will do is to arrive at this well-behaved school "Because it is bottomed out" It is a behavior not to be considered.

In the 30 minutes after the home room is over, the inside of the school that entered the winter holiday is almost completely "out". Like the summer vacation, the students leave the school building all at once.

There are few people who are conscious of us at the place where I moved sweepingly.

– Mm-hmm?OK, now, where are you guys taking me? Tell me what you are going to do. "The current strategy did not tell anyone, including Ibuki.

Ibuki and others also skip instructions to Ishizaki and others and only know that they were keeping the Miyake "Miyake" guard.

As a result, I did not even notice the real reasons for closing the high "Yoko" yen "Temple".

I shut the mouth because I could not erase the possibility that a spy such as "Maka" pot "pan" is entering C – Class. He must also hold as much hand as possible in order to conceal his identity.

In order to definitely chase X, I fell down on the real thing.

"Are you curious? Ibuki" "It is becoming the body of being associated. Because you are always "Mumu" tea "Chi", I am always stranded here. "Following Ibuki, Ishizaki also stuffed the distance whether the real intention was concerned.

Do not remember the story of "light" Karu "well" い "" 沢 "ざ わ". It is a woman who caused Mabe to be used as a spy. "" You are a damn woman from D-Class. I know about it, "Ibuki who got into the D-Class in Deserted Island's exam, you know well.

"I am calling Karuizawa on the rooftop by e-mail today. The address has also been obtained from a woman who has an exchange with Karuizawa. Of course I was letting you know that it was mail from me. "A woman with exchanges ……I dared to name his name. "It is because he judged that it is not necessary to say anything about comb "comb", "joke" and "ryo kiyo".

“….. huh?”「は… House with snowy rooftop Karuizawa will not come to you from your call. " If I did not come I wrote that I will violently defuse the past of light "Karu well" Izawa "Zawaru" It is miserable "Mizu" If a story comes out, the surroundings are a big fuss.

If you think that the current position will be in danger, you only have to get on with danger.

"If Karuizawa comes, do you think that you can hear the identity of X?"

"Oh well I will not vomit normally." X should be promised to protect Karuizawa from enemies, including true pan "pan".

"I sent a mail to X, too. I will call Karuizawa from now on and I will listen for your identity. For that reason you use whatever means. With this, not only Karuizawa but also threatening X against "X" at the same time "" But ….Is your threat email sent to Karuizawa, right? What if I can challenge the school with it? Would you like to do it if you put X in Chie "Are you thinking that much? I will give you a glimpse so that I and I blow will propel you.

"You can not do it. If you do such a thing, this is until we reveal the past of Karuizawa. Whatever method I take, Karuizawa has no way to suppress us … "The only countermeasure is to Karuizawa or X to face directly and persuade me.

"If there is the worst scenario, Karuizawa will not appear and X will not appear. But that makes it possible to enjoy what Karuizawa will do. "" I do not think it would be worth the risk …. "

Not Really There is also "ties" in crushing Karuizawa 's "hands" and "pieces" sesame seeds. It seems that he uses various kinds of evil Chie by using Karuizawa. "Why do you understand such a thing? I certainly knew that X was threatening the Manabe in order to protect Karuizawa …. "

I recently noticed that Karuizawa is a handwriting.

What was truly "stiff" because I noticed the mysterious doubts at the time of paper shuffling.

"Kuku. Well look forward to it. In any case, Karuizawa, who is afraid that the past talk of bullying is going to be revealed, will definitely appear "" As Karuizawa appeared on the roof as your story said … ….So what exactly do you do? I heard about it a while ago but have not heard the true character? "

Ibuki also seems to have been concerned about that stone "Ichigo" "Zaki", but ….

"In the story of the Manabe, Karuizawa seems to have been in a much hot spirit" bruise "in the past. It seems that humans who have experienced "overly" or "severely" losing reason when placed in similar environments. Then, let 's reproduce the situation and make it. We are entertaining at a grand scale. And I'll continue to blame you until I talk about the identity of X "Tsubono" so "… No …Are we going to do something to Karuizawa? I'm not insane, "" None "Mu" Tea "Chiya" It is Ryuu "Ruyo" Garden "En". Susumu "Fuji" How was it, even though it became a problem, it seemed like a few people would slaughter girls … …In the first place there is a camera on the rooftop! "

"Such things are hundreds of things. I think about countermeasures for that. "Go up the stairs leading to the rooftop.

In the middle of that, I look back to the Italian "blow" which strokes behind the scenes and the stone "I" "saki" zaki ".

"If you do not want it, you can escape" "To, it is such a run away. I will follow Ryūen. "" What about you? Ibuki "" It depends on your measure from here. If I think it is dangerous I will go down. "Because he seems to care about X as before.

I will have Ibuki wait in front of the door leading to the roof and receive a bag "bag" from Ishizaki.

I took out the necessary tools from inside and let Ishizaki bring my bag again.

Is that a…

"Do not wait" alone, I opened the door on the roof.

There are unusual schools whose rooftop is open all year round, but there is a translation.

Not only is it equipped with a solid fence but also a surveillance camera is always in stock. If it causes trouble behavior "will not be accompanied by danger", it will be recorded as soon as possible.

Of course, as it is obvious, the students use the rooftop roughly. But the rooftop is unpopular throughout the year. There are countless cafés and malls and popular places in this school. The odd one who wishes to come here will be about me.

However, the place where the camera is installed is limited.

It is installed only on the outside door on the roof.

One rocket with few hidden blind spots is enough for one roof, but on the contrary, if this does not work, there will be no one to watch.

Stand under the surveillance camera and look directly at the lens of the camera.

Then I sprayed the black spray can prepared in advance and prepared it for the surveillance camera watching the roof.

The rooftop camera is the same as the school building and it is a vandal dome camera. The body of steel on the lens cover of a powerful polycarbonate is strong against vandalism. But nothing can be done to disable security cameras, not just vandalism. One spray can is sufficient.

Spray instantly sticks to the cover of the camera and dyes the field of view dark.

No matter how shock resistant a strong camera it will not show images.

"There is no longer the eye to monitor with this" It is already underway at what kind of monitoring system the school side has laid.

Of the hundreds of cameras installed in the school, only the major places are monitored in real time. You will not notice any abnormal situation soon.

I used to crush the surveillance camera in another place in the same way as before. Then she declared himself as a slope "Sakaka" on top, and received a penalty. The result was taken point as repair cleaning expenses of the surveillance camera and only received attention. I also heard whether it is always being watched at that time.

Especially today most of the students are on their way home. Furthermore "furthermore" furthermore "The alert of the school side is loose".

"Albert. You are waiting a little descended. Please pass me when light "Karu" well "い" "sawa" ざ わ "came. Conversely an unexpected guest …When teachers came, please contact me immediately with a mobile phone "quietly nodding" nodding ", Albert goes down the stairs.

If you make a watch for just in case, you can respond to unforeseen circumstances.

"You mean you painted the camera … …Punishment "Chiyo" punishment "It is not a thing" "mere prank" mischief ". "A great deal of injustice" does not come in. "" Karuizawa may come as you read "" Come. It is a matter of life and death for him. You can not abandon it. "Afterwards, I just wait for the scheduled time.

2 Pm approaches 2 pm, a little before the appointed time, the door on the roof opens and one student appears.

Taking a cold wind into it, a main character of today that makes the body "stiff" rarely "slightly".

"Kuku. I thought I'm coming. Karuizawa "Turn off the mobile screen and I get in my pocket.

I 's blowing' bud 'and stone' sushi 'saki' zaki 'turns to Karuizawa with a slightly nervous appearance.

「……Mail sent to me this morning, what do you mean? "

"It's nothing to ask again. I understand the content so you should have come here "The contents of the mail I sent to Karuizawa's address is this.

"I asked your past" all "from the pan" pan ". Come alone on the rooftop after school. If you talk to someone, tomorrow will rumor about your past "rumor" to "violate" rumors "at school" If you give out the name of the manabe, Karuizawa understands the contents by itself. I have no choice but to understand.

"Did you keep silent as promised? No, I have no choice but to keep silent. You can not let anyone know the past. "It may have been that you hurriedly informed about the X that only knows the secret when you fall into the cold" Kiyuu "area, Either way is fine. I also said to Italy 's "Blow" wings, but because I'm already sending mail to X.

I will carry out sentence against today 's light "Karu" well "I" Zawa "Zazawa". And if you pursue your identity.

It is the same as Karuizawa does not ask for help.

"But was it by themselves alone?" "You told me that you came alone … right?"

"Kuku, that's right" Who knows that the person who is hiding the real character originally is not inadvertently appearing?

Karuizawa can not ask other students other than X for help.

That is because my past presents "death". And it is the same as X which hides the identity.

In other words, actions are strongly restricted.

"I do not know exactly what I mean, but … …. It's cold so I'd like to finish my story sooner. "Let your arms stand with your palm. It is useless to appeal without knowing circumstances.

"Well then why did you come here. You should have neglected it, did not you? "

"It is only ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ 0.

"Rumor that does not exist" rumor "? I know all the members here. There is no way that you were a rookie of the high school debut "Iji" … "" …

Even if you try to hide it, it will appear in the attitude if you are told the truth.

"It is luck in luck that was known to the" pan "pan. Upside down "Hatred against myself who did not turn around" "Muay" "……What do you want? Do you threaten me and have you gotten it? "

"It's killing time. What will you do if I say so? "

Karuizawa already has no margin against us here that can afford.

"If you do something for me … …I will tell it to the school soon. "" Hey hey, I can not do it, so you came here alone, did not you? Do not call anyone's help "" ……Dragon "Ryo" garden "en". It is OK to ride so much. There might be something else beyond it. "I doubt that there is something behind what appeared alone on the rooftop.

"It can not be Karuizawa only to rely on X." You do not have to watch out for unnecessarily. If Karuizawa wants to record a conversation with me or record it, it can not be such a trump card. He is the most afraid of being violent in the past. As long as we do not disclose the facts, we have no choice but to resist. "" But ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─

Truth "Maka" pots were threatened "thrown" by the evidence that they were muggling "light" "karu" well "saw" sawa ". I promised to stop or stop bullying after that, not to talk to anyone. And it was used. I was guided to leak C – Class' s information so that I could "narrow down my head" on my own.

Ibuki is worried about whether this time we will be held the evidence and threatened.

However, such a thing can not be done.

The weapon 'Karuizawa's being tormented' weapons never feared if you know how to handle them.

In this case driving us down, there is a "tie" in driving Karuizawa.

However, it is a fact that it is coincident with danger. Various "mule" blade "is the sword of".

There is no need to threaten this way if you only violate Karuizawa 's past.

A certain effect will be obtained if making a fuss based on information that is present.

But until it is exposed. These double-edged swords will not be usable.

Just sinking Karuizawa can not reach X.

What I want is to drag a guy who is hiding "behind" Karuizawa.

Since I took action today, I have to find out exactly the identity of X here.

For that, it is necessary to measure how far Karuizawa and X are in relation.

"Let's stop circling. You want to be released soon. Tell me the identity of the guy hiding behind you. Then I'll keep all the past "silent" and keep it silent. "" I do not know the meaning, but Karuizawa clearly shows more upset than before.

Karuizawa already knows that I am looking for a lurking in D-Class.

However, he should have thought that he was caught the existence and the fact that he himself was crying.

"You were able to help X where Mamoru was being bullyed?"

"Well, huh? It is useless if you hide it now. There is some kind of evidence here "" ……evidence? "

Apparently Karuizawa seems to have not heard the details from X than I thought.

Slowly, I will chase Karuizawa so that I will not mistake handling with one hand.

"How do you think that X on your back guard protected you from the manabe?"

– I don't know. I have never been murdered ", even if it is said to be X in the first place …"

"I get it. If I do not approve, I will tell you the conclusion earlier. "If you do not do it, you will not be allowed to accept light" karu "well" い "沢" azawa ".

"X poked the weakness of true pan" pan "pan. If you do not want to be scattered about the fact of bullying you you can keep it quiet. I did shut it up like that. "Karuizawa did not answer anything, Karuizawa only found a glance at me.

"Kuku. I see. I know how X sealed Manabe. "" Ah, I have not said anything. "" It is not a word. However, I talk about the truth firmly with my eyes. "I keep on talking.

"To that, it's a well-developed deployment. But X got tired of just that, and when I was at the athletic festival it was like Makoto 's "true" like betraying me, did it to Maki? Spy and provide information. Of course, you have to obey, threatening to violently bully the bastarded facts "Do you", "what? I do not know what I'm saying seriously from a while ago …. "

"My eyes are swimming? It seems that the case of the athletic festival "Kuri" seemed to be the first ears. "No, I do not think Karuizawa himself may know the identity of X, too?

If you always touch and move from a free address etc … ….

No, it is unlikely that Karuizawa will follow up on a person whose face can not be seen.

If you do not really know, it would be easier for Karuizawa to confess that they do not know the identity after recognizing the facts to a certain extent.

It is strange if there are no reasonable reasons as long as you do not know anything unknown.

"What I want is only the identity of X that I have attempted to attack. Originally I am not interested in your past. Do not you think it is a wise choice to teach a true identity adultly? "

"The answer is the same no matter how many times you are asked. I do not know anything. Seriously cold, but … "

Whether it was not going to stay long, that case "and" good "like this is very light clothes.

"Well it will be cold. So why do not you want to finish the story and go home? "

"There is nothing to talk about" "Is that so? I can not help it if you eat X "Kaba". You ought to expose all of you "all"? "


For Karuizawa is exactly 4 "" face "sen" Chu "that" song "?

If you can attack it you have to be silent.

Whichever choice you choose will make enemies.

It goes into long consideration, but such a thing only consumes it because of "no" time.

"It does not make sense to" narrow down useless Chie ". It is not a situation that you can break through thinking. It's clear that options you can choose are already limited. And the best choice to choose is to vomit your name on the back of you. That's it. "If you do so, only the secret of at least light" karu "well" "sawa" will be kept.

There is no way for me to help other than to truncate X now that the situation is "tight".

「……If, as you say, there is someone behind me, there is no guarantee that the person with the name I mentioned here is so. Can you see the truth? "

Ishi "Ichigo" Zaki "Zaki" was interrupting the conversation without permission, even if it caught it.

"As Karuizawa says, there is no way to make sure" doll "dragon" Ryo yu "garden" sen … "

Now, joining this conversation is only to give Karuizawa an escape path.

I skip instructions as if I'm silent in Ishizaki with gaze and gesture.

Ishizaki who realized that it was obtrusive closed his mouth to be sorry.

"If you say that you have stuck with" 噓 "lie" you will find out later to "violate" the past, "what will it do" "That is ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ __ I do not have that. "Laughing to the contrary, Karuizawa has counterarged against the bullish eyes at ease.

"Even I am stupid. In order to tell the truth to tell the truth now, you also threaten me again. I'm sorry I can not use it every time I have it. "" Kuku. Certainly. There is no guarantee that I will not use you like Mamora pot "Nabe" was used for X. But what if you do? "

"I do not say that I'm living, I do not say it is not there. Do not mention the name of someone properly. In other words, I will not answer you anything. "Karuizawa seems to believe that silence is the only correct answer.

It 's not a bad choice, but it' s not best to say "It 's the bottom".

"If you keep silent, you reveal it, you say that?"

"You think that someone is behind me. But since I can not approach a definite identity, I came in contact with it. Then, I can not imagine easily abandoning that opportunity. "" I see. If you expose your past before listening, you will have no reason to break your mouth. It may be late to arrive at the X I'm looking for. "Karuizawa got out of sight" to say that.

"As for me, even if X's identity does not break from your mouth, the problem will not occur. It's only a matter of taking your time slowly. It seems that the opportunity to locate the identity does not count on the fact that it is also "going to be ahead" ahead. "" But that is a story if you plan on doing so in the future. If you realize that you are being searched for identity, it is not unusual to take care not to carelessly expose the identity. "

Do it more than you expected. It is a woman whose head turns fast and the mouth turns.

If X has a thought similar to mine, it is because I felt its utility value based on the fact that light "Karu" well "I" "Zawa" Zazawa "builds a high position within D – Class It should be seen that it was. Owner of a person who does not desire to use other people. In other words, Karuizawa can be cut with ease.

There is no doubt that X was moving behind the scenes to raise the D – Class, but the possibility of giving priority to hiding the identity once more can not be ruled out.

There is a possibility that Koizumi will be hidden as Karuizawa says if you defeat the problem easily if you go badly.

Should I fall short of X after this, my fun can be greatly damaged.

Karuizawa did not think about anything and thought that he came into this place, considering "handling" self-defense measures, have you gone aboard so far?

There are lines that were inserted into X and Chie was … …That's a delicate line.

– You get it? Do not you think that it is best for me to return to myself? "

I see the mobile screen. But there is no contact from anyone.

Was the mail sent to "X" here also sent without error?

It was obvious that it was not easy to show the tail "Shitsubo" so easily.

Let's say that some danger will be moved to the next stage at resolution.

"The point is that you should let X motivate you? Ten mostly, if you know the identity, it is the best choice to listen here "You are bad X. It is the result of hanging Karuizawa and hiding the identity on a heaven 's balance.

「……Threat "aweds" do not work, how do you let your mouth break? "

Kind of obvious. It is the market that torture "kou" is a market price to break the mouth from long ago. "Ryuu" Yuu "garden" En ", seriously …?

"Italy" blow "splash", hold down Karuizawa "Why am I? You should do it yourself. "Ibuki, who does not care about what you do, will" dodge "the instructions.

"Do" "I will not bear responsibility. Whatever you think, it is a dangerous bet "or" Nagai "" It is Dasse I'm desperate to get off with a blunder. What is important is to regain trust in "what" "what" "attracts Ibuki 's arms tightly.

"I will take responsibility for all" all "so be safe. So do not hesitate to do it. "" … …. "

I once again order Ibuki with a rebellious attitude and let it run.

Ibuki approaches Karuizawa while tongue sticks.

"What, what?" "There are various circumstances also here. It 's bad, it' s bad "quickly, lightly" turns round "behind" Ko "" Izawa "," Ibu "blow" restrains both hands.

– Fuck.

Scream up.

Ibuki keeps suppressing Karuizawa 's resistance "all" while despairing desperately.

If Ibuki is experienced in fighting experience, there is no technique to make Karuizawa.

"Stone" Ishi "Saki" Zaki ", come seeking water to the bucket. Tonight we have 2 cups. If there is a toilet on the lower floor, I will never have a chance to use this time. There are two cleaning buckets in a male toilet. "" What? Is it water? What is it used for? "

"Do you rebel against me?"

"No. I will bring it soon! "

Ishizaki in a panic goes through the side of Ibuki while becoming to fall forward.

"Let's start chatting a little more until Ishizaki returns" "I do not like it! - Let go of me.

Although Karuizawa is raging with his "ken" fate, he can not get out of the detention of Ibuki.

It was not to let people escape. It is preparation for amplifying the fear of what is going to happen.

[# Illustration (19.jpg) to enter] Really light "Karu" Well "Izawa" Azawa "I have pretended to happen to myself, desperate resistance, show the last evil.

"Because I will tell you when I touch one finger with serious!"

"Kukuku. It's bullish that you came here and was "a minute" minute. Do you think that X will protect this time as well? "

Regardless of how many times it is the same, it is stubborn about the existence of existence.

"This is my selfish inference, but are you promised to protect yourself against X that manipulates the D – Class with shadows when you are in it?"

The eyes of Karuizawa swim. Even if I try to hide it, it is not easy to hide it.

"Otherwise the story of the story" Tsuji "褄" Tsuma "does not match. There is a possibility that the bullish personality that is rarely spoken from girls of other classes will also ruin and it will be targeted from other than the true "Ma" pot "Nabe" I "" Blow " Bloom "shifts his eyes from Karuizawa to me.

"There must be no choice but to remember the daily fear of the people who know the truth. However, you never realized the fact until today and came without being caught mad. What is "late"? It is nothing else because the existence that will be helpful to you and helps always sticks behind me. "" Is that it X? "

Ibuki will ask.

For now. But ─ ─ ─ It was not so from the beginning. X must have known the fact for the first time that Karuizawa and Mabe touched it. Oh, boy. I….You guarded the flat "Hirashita" was your boyfriend and protected you? "

The eyes of Karuizawa "How" the hole "This" opens.

"Chichi … …."

"It does not differ. Do not look too sweet to me Karuizawa 's eye of Hitomi' Hitomi '' Kiku 's coming. Drag the darkness "darkness" that will sleep in the back of Karuizawa.

Surely I would have done the same, like X.

"Hit …… !?"

It finally began showing off one side that seems cute "pretty".

「……Dragon "Ryo" garden "en". Why you can tell me such a thing. "Not only Karuizawa is surprised by my words.

Ibuki could not help putting into that wonder.

"It is an experience. I've seen a lot of rotten people so far. "" Fuu, Fuu. Oh, I have kept you waiting "The stone" Ichigo "Zaki" Zaki "that went to see the water in a hurry came back in a few minutes.

About 80% bucket with water. Among them, it is waving wildly.

Ibuki who saw it bumped the question again.

"It's like having two buckets. Why are we looking into that? "" Where are you monitoring cameras installed at this school? I do not even know that. "" "What? You do not understand such a thing. "" You must not investigate and you do not understand. However, if you examine it, the visible range is "all" and "grasp" can be "grasped" You can "I can" I gradually look up the position of the surveillance camera inside this school every day.

It is also a result of knowing that two toilets are always in stock.

"One of the experiments to make sure of that was the case that let the stone" Ichigo "Zaki" Zaki "suffer" Wistaru "how to" attack. It seems there were eyewitnesses in D-Class even in stupidity. "Ishizaki is unfavorable to face it.

If there were no witnesses, that incident should have worked more favorably for C-Class.

"I should have said that, Ishizaki. Absolutely do not admit disappear "" Yes, … …At that time, that became weak, … …. "

However, as a result, it was deceived as a fake surveillance camera, and Ishizaki and others confessed.

"At first sight this school seems to be working in a disciplined manner. But the actual situation is not so. The brute force method is also allowed to be accepted depending on the way "The hint to notice it is rolling in the place where everyday is" the place where it is ".

"I do not know for you, but I always try and fix the guys who are short-cut" The first thing I did after I entered was the "rule" and "how to clear" this mysterious school It was to explore.

What I did in order to enter this school and understand the system.

It was to measure how useful Private Point is.

"For example, do not you think that the exam mechanism is very strange? Whether it is a deserted island or a shipboard test, whether it is paper shuffle or not, senior students can confirm the details. At first glance. However, there is no student who answers satisfactorily even if hearing it. What do you think "lost"? "Every year the tests that are being conducted are different. There are possibilities that the rules may be different. "" Yes. All the exams will not be the same every year. But if you want to express it strictly like this. ""The rule imposed on every grade" is different. "" What do you mean, Ryuuuuu "Park" Mr. "If you can check the contents of the exam and clear it , It does not hold the premise as a test. Just a senior high school student becomes a desperate fight.

In order to "stop" it "must" be bound with absolute rules.

"After 2 years," Students who leaked the exam contents dropped out immediately "If such a rule was added?"

Whether the test contents are the same or not, do not get caught "and if such a shackle is prepared?

"That is ─── I will never speak it." "Yes. I can not speak at a place where my juniors asked me. Those who fought with a dropout for a year can not bear the risk of dropping out with careless remarks. In fact, I tried to negotiate and negotiate Private Point with some students belonging to the 2-year D-Class, but I never succeeded. Speaking is a proof that there is a corresponding risk. "It's like this now. Miya "Miya" Miya "and near" Kon "Fuji" how "said before. I got a hint from my senior "I do" and said he did not tell me almost anything. Rather, there seems to be some kind of air that should not be heard. "Because of everyone's thought, the air that has not been allowed for in the past has already been completed.

Strictly there is a possibility that more detailed rules are laid, but it is understood.

"In this way, I have always been aiming for the boundary between permission and violation." Acquisition of surveillance cameras, senior students, back trade with A-Class.

I've confirmed the delineation of what I can and can not do in detail.

Karuizawa began to somewhat touched the body "body" in cold weather, "It is one of the experiments to make it" light "to drink here" today "here today.

"Trauma is awakened more strongly by real experience than evoking it with words." If the testimony of Matsumoto pot "Nabe" is the testimony, bullish Karuizawa will immediately laton the ringing I will.

I signal the stone "Ichigo" Zaki "Zaki" with eyes.

It would have been easy for Ishizaki to understand what he was ordered.

I 's blowing' splash 'leaves Karuizawa as if it pushes forward.

Ishizaki told me, took the bucket's water to the head of Karuizawa.

"What ?!"

Under the cold in the midwinter, the bathing water will cool down to the mind 's heart.

To much shock and shock, Karuizawa crumbled down on the spot and trembled the body.

Hold your body like arms in both arms.

The bullish figure so far has disappeared with a full bucket of water.

"Do you remember?" Baptism you have received at the previous school. "" No, no …! "

Clog the ear "tassel".

It just felt like the girl fearfully frightened by the ghosts, just trembling the body.

"I will not finish like this. I will destroy you thoroughly. "When I took out the cell phone and started recording, I caught a bangs of Karuizawa 's wet hair.

I can see that animation is coming out of my eyes.

Now, in the middle of Karuizawa past abuses will flash back.

"It's a video of bullying. If you do not tell anything, I will scatter it in the school "I will do it" Of course it was a "lie", but I can definitely make a correct judgment on the light "karu" well "" sawa "izawa" Absent.

"Here you cry, shout. Show me yourself "Please give me a wish" Please give me "Please forgive me", "No, well!"

Nothing is more guttered than the scratches deeply carved.

"I am sorry to see you" No … …After all it was not to lend a hand … "

I kicked my eyes as if I blown away.

"Weak person abuse" Ijima It is funny middle-aged. It will make my heart excited. "I remember the things that I was trying to get to.

There was a guy who cried like a baby when Takehito came running.

But in the case of Karuizawa a little different situation.

"You have been thoroughly bullied, you often have a head in the D-Class" "Horn" ". I'm impressed "The guy who was a weak person revealed his head in his own power and built a new self.

Using the flat "Hirata" field "," X was protected and kept maintaining its position until today.

"It is not possible to do, so easily" Once a bullied one gets subatonized. The roots are deep enough to be repeated.

It can not be helped because it is educated by bullying as it will.

"Certainly, I can not defeat the liver" Kimo "'s settling of" Kimo "It might be a woman who is losing" Squat down, I continue to shudder against Karuizawa trembling.

"Burns, human nature does not change so easily. I can not change it. You are a potentially banished human, not a human being. Remember that well "Stone" Iashi "Saki" Zaki "picked up another bucket left at the feet of the Zaki, this time I get caught up in Karuizawa.

「!?」Karuizawa intensely shrinks the body "body", giving a voice that can not be heard.

"Ishizaki. Come again. "" Yes, I picked up two rolling buckets, Ishizaki got off the roof again.

"Who is protecting you, sealing the mouth of the pan" pan "?"

"Such a person, there is no …!! Not, there is not it! "

Shake your head and deny you to run away with your eyers.

"Kuku. Do you still pass through it hidden? After all the liver is standing. No, are you used to being bullied? You may not be bullied if you take it to this degree. "Karuizawa 's arms are pulled up" forcibly ".

「……I can not see it. "" It's interesting to get here from here? "

"It's just a bad" "shit" Damn it is only bad "I" "Blow" buddy "does not go away, refuses to participate in the abuse" Iji "to the last and leaned to the roof top door .

"I will leave when I check the identity of X" "That's fine" It's not like I am entertaining you.

I break light "karu" well "い" "izawa" in my pleasure.

Cool down to 3 core "Shin".

The coldness of the dripping water from the hair.

This caused the bucket to be overturned overhead four times.

I passed through my uniform and I was wet to the underwear long time ago.

But it is not terrible that the body "body" will tremble with cold.

It is that the back of my heart will get cold.

The more you want to look at the world itself, the more dark and heavy the darkness "darkness" peeps through the face ".

[# Illustration (20.jpg) Enter] Why are you being bullied?

From such feelings, it gradually starts to change.

I wonder why I am alive.

I wonder what was wrong.

Start blaming yourself.

The cold heart kills the body "body".

Deep scratched deep scratches "scratch" trail "after" began to erupt as if it had a fever.

"Come on, it will be light comfortably" Karu "well" I "Sawa" Sawa ". There is no need to suffer any more. "In front of my eyes, the dragon" Yuu "garden" en "laughs and presses confession.

But this is a real dead end. I was not able to answer anything.

If you talk about Qing "Kiyo" Takashi "Taka", I may be temporarily released.

But that does not mean "tie" to salvation.

There is no guarantee that Ryūen again will not "threat" me with the same thing.

It may appear again in front of you and may instruct D – Class to be a betrayal.

The worst developments often seen in dramas are waiting.

It is generally decided that the end of a human who continued betraying is sad "hit" miserable.

Then, I will keep holding my last hope.

I only believe in the words of Kiyotaka who promised to defend.

That is…It is the last fortress that protects my heart trying to be swallowed by the darkness "darkness", "a stone."

"I know your thoughts. If you identify the identity of X here, you will lose even the possibility of being protected by him. I'm hoping for a loss. "Teeth interact with a gossip, cold and fear.

Desperately trying to stop the foot "Ah", but "the heart will not listen to what to say.

A dreadful memory that knocks on my mind.

Overlapping past and reality.

"Will you die with hope?" Also back to old days, is it really OK? "

Unilateral violence of words will attack me.

"It is not X to save you. I will be saved by myself if it turns white here. "I am scared.

"But if you are against the host, you have to attack the weakness." Help me.

"Scary things that you do not have, all that" all "written" or "stitching" tie "roses in school" It is scary.

"At that time, are you able to be a central figure of the class as you are wearing calm" Otoo "?"

I need your help.

"No, it's impossible. You will also go back to your earlier one. I will return to myself being muggled because of misery. The former bullying is intense in me, strong strongly and repeatedly flash back.

"No, no, no no, no no, no …"

I do not want to return to such a dark and miserable world that I want to die.

"If it is it is easy. Please ease and defend yourself now "" Please, forgive me, forgive me, please! "

The pride and other crumbled away.

Is not. Just sticking with cellophane tape, it was originally crumbling.

I managed to kill myself "light", "karu", "well", "she", "sawa", "Megumi"

A fun school life falls down with a sound.

"I do not want to" forgive "like" true "or" pot "like" pan ". We knew your secret. Even if you kick me out of school, I do not know one or two people who know this truth. Rumor "Rumor" will soon rise "vine". If so, may they be bullied even by the classmates you saw under? "

"No, no, no."

"Remember me well. I do not care how hot it is to get back to my old self, "erya".

A white world spreading mind for the moment.

And the darkness "darkness" right after.

In junior high school, I opened the entrance to hell from things that are insignificant.

Originally a victorious, bullish personality I had turned girls of the same type to enemies as soon as they entered the school. Everyday from that, I was far from enjoyable school life.

Scribbles and loss of notes in textbooks, such things were cute "pretty" potatoes.

As I agree, I never once put water on the toilet, once or twice.

He was beaten and kicked out, and he was taken to movies like this and made him laugh in class.

Above "Uwa" wearing "Picture taken" is "Tack" Biweek "and the animal 's death in the desk" and "Mukuro" is also there. I remember it all.

I also had a skirt dropped in front of my classmate.

After swimming classes, underwear is hidden, uniforms themselves have gone.

Even something made me confess to men who I do not like.

Even he picked up the scattered odds on the ground with his mouth and ate it.

Sometimes I licked my shoes.

I suffered a humiliation called "shoes" "shoes" "humor".

The driver?

I remembered it.

In such a case, the last defense measure taken by humans.

You only have to accept it.

Accept the reality that the dragon "Ruyu" garden "is erastered".

Then you can become easy.

Oh, I wonder if I will go back to that time.

At that time, I know that my heart will surely be unbearable.

The girl who gave me a nice girl will change her child.

I can never endure that cruel time again.

The school which abandoned me was the only thing.

That taught me about this school.

A student who knows me dropped the thread of salvation that nobody was gone.

When it is gone, I am ─ ─ ─.

Look up to the sky.

The hidden tears are overflowing "zero" "spilling" falling.

Why, I wonder what I see now. …………

─ ─ I do not want … ….

Such feelings were born in my heart.

I accept it straightforwardly and do not want to go back to the past.

A dragon in front of himself "Riyuu" garden "Een" says, I just want to find the person I'm looking for.

In other words, if you give out the name of "Kiyo" Takashi "Taka", it will be released.

But, there is no guarantee that my abuse "Iji" story will not be violent "baked".

It may be known to the next day.

That would be the same.

After losing Kiyotaka 's trust, he loses all his friends.

But, ─── There is a possibility of being saved.

Once you name your name, if you feel easy it may be time for this spicy time to end.

It can not be helped.

Help me.

Kiyotaka that promised so did not come to help after all.

Believing and waiting, no change will come to this situation.

You do not notice the mail you sent?

But I sent a signal to him with my eyes.

And there was eyes and eyes, surely accepted "accepted" me.

I'll protect you, so be safe.

Or so we thought.

Only I was convinced?

I don't know anymore.

There is no technique to verify that.

The relationship between me and Kiyo "Takashi" Taka "is too dilute.

He disappeared from me without a guarantee that "true pan" pan "do not do anything for me.

It is no longer necessary for me to appear on the table, because of such a selfish reason.

Seconds such as me.

– We've been betrayed

Did I abandon him?

"Albert. Did someone come? … ….I will contact you again. "In front of my eyes a dragon" Ryo yu "garden" sing "quietly sighed.

I think I expected "little too", but there is no sign of anyone coming to help. "Oh, it was abandoned after all.

Okay, I do not believe it.

Kiyotaka said it would help.

In fact, it protected me from the Manabe.

It seems that he trusts "Mr." Minute "Bun" and X is light "Karu" Well "Izawa" Risa "" Ryūen sighs as if it had been fainted ".

"You are cheating" What are you doing? "" Different … …. "

"It's not different. I will tell you the truth in a shipboard test that you are not taught by X. "" Shin, Jichu …? "

From the face of Ryūen, the smile faded away.

"Manabe intends to abuse you" for the recovery of "Fuji" Fuji "" Fuwa "Fuji" "Yuu", but I could not get that opportunity. You can not obediently respond by calling you to an unpopular place. However, you visited the lowest floor alone by what "lost" lost. Why'd you stop?

"that is……"

It is because it was invoked as "Okinawa" like "Oku".

At that time my heart was unstable and I had no choice but to rely on Yōsuke-kun who was parasitic.

So I went to that place … ….

Then, in that place the true pot "pan" came by chance … ….

"Do you think it was a coincidence?"

In addition, the dragon "Ryo yu" garden "osan" looks through my heart.

"It can not be done to chase you over all the time on a large ship. If so, it is not a coincidence, it is inevitable that manabe will appear, "I said," Okinawa "like" Okinawa "was deceived" as it was "?

[ちがう] /differ/different/

Is not.

You must understand what is not soon.

For a moment I tried to blame Yōsuke-kun.

"You already understood. X got into contact with Makoto with a dense "hiss" and made guidance to invite you. People who hate light "karu" well "い" "sawa" ざ わ ", do not cooperate, sprinkle sweet words. It was only stupid that I caught such a bait "Esa", but that is the truth. "I certainly remember it was a strange event.

Yōsuke, who should have called me, never appeared at that place after all.

I know from the current Kiyo "Kiyo" Takashi "Taka".

I instructed Yōsuke and let me be alone … ….

"X intentionally abuses you" to suppress the evidence of the site. Do not you think it is outrageous? "

I want to think that it is different.

But what Ryūen says is …It's not a simple story.

Did not Kiyotaka appear in that place and it was a coincidence that saved me?

"You have been rescued. It was a false "sadness". It is stupid story "It was deceived … ….?

"Look around the surroundings. Do you have X here now? Are you helping us? "

I'm…Have you been deceived from the beginning in Kiyotaka?

"It is reasonable to think that the identity seems to be ballet and truncated you" It is "this" it is, such a thing ….

There is not such a thing … ….

I was ─ ─ ─ I could not help you.

Even though I suffer so much ….

I was caught by Kiyotaka 's trap "trap" and it got helped.

A variety of things, being helped.

It is thrown away in the critical time.

Because it is this … ….

"You already noticed it. Yes, that is also a malicious 'cruelty' idiot "darkness" darkness "will cover me.

I can not get out of the ring of Mobius which is eventually called bullying.

"No, no one way to save it is left alone" name.

To teach the existence of Kiyo "Takashi" Taka "to the dragon" Yuu "garden.

If it says "That's it," if you say your name, will it be easier …?

"That's it. It will be easy "Ryūen laughs again as if reading in the mind.

"If you say your name, I promise that you will not be involved at all in the future." Oh, I can save it.

Just say a word, Aya "Ayano" path, "Koji" Kiyotaka, with your mouth.

I do not know if I believe it or not.

But if you hear the words from my true heart, you surely understand the man in front of me.

There was only that conviction.

Contrary to the will, the lips move with trembling whether it is slight "dregs".

Betrayed despair and anger, and a heart that wishes to be saved.

However, it does not become a voice yet.

It is too cold to pull the voice of the heart.

"Slowly and nice. Tell him his name "─ ─ ─ ─ …."

This is it.

I trembled, trembled, scared and scared.

And a word came out.

/(aux-v) (1) indicate past completed or action/(2) indicates light imperative/

Ryūen to hear back.

/(aux-v) (1) indicate past completed or action/(2) indicates light imperative/.

Slowly, slowly I 'm squeezing out ".

Then it is released.

Again…? Speak slowly "Ryūen's face approaches me.

"Many times……"

A word comes out.

No, it's not like that.

I did not plan to do that from the beginning ….

Because, I – ─── "Even if asked many times ……I will not say "very" …"…" … "

「…………」The expression of the dragon "Ryuu" garden "en" which was a smile solidifies.

Cloudy "cloudy" I felt that a light of light appeared in the sky.

In the world where nothing changes in reality.

What I trickled "throat".

"Even if my school will lose my whereabouts from tomorrow ……Even if you keep suffering … …. "

Things that must be believed.

It is neither Ryūen 's word nor the existence of Kiyo "Kiyo" Takashi "Taka".

"I will never say my name … …."

Warm light coming in the chest.

「……That's fine, light "Karu" well "い" "沢" ざ わ "Good.

All right.

You may regret it.

But, this is OK …!

"I know that X was just using you, what is it" lost "" eaves "," I do not know "" I do not know … "

I want to ask such a thing.

But, ─ ─ ─ The only thing I know now.

"There is something I'd like to attach" and "I like it" to me as well!

The blurred vision was sunny for just a moment.

I understand. I am sorry that your presence will be gone from this school today. I did not want to do anything cumbersome as me, but it can not be helped. But I deserve respect. Past trauma. Even if I was betrayed by my only reliance, I would admit that I did not sell it. "

It was meant to be.

I repeat to myself many times.

I will break here, though.

I was a little proud of myself what kind of "late" it was.

If he could be saved because he was betrayed, not betrayed.

It is not bad if he can cooperate with the peace that he was looking for.

That is it, somehow I 'm "and" I like it "Is not it nice?

My life There was hardly anything interesting but it was exciting and not bad when I was doing a lot with Kiyo "Kiyo" Takashi "Taka".

It was a little fun.

I mean, is it like a hero who supports a hero with a shadow?

There were many things I did not know well though what he was doing.

Somewhat, it was unusual and funny.

Besides, in any form, it was true that it was saved.

So there is no regret.

There is no regret.

But, then.

But, really, in the bottom of my heart, is not he coming for help?

It is also true that there was such a pale emotion.

Oh, stupid.

I was completely danced in the palm of my hand.

Is it self-owned?

Have them protect Kiyotaka as "Oshio" through "Kokeshi" kun.

I am a woman who can not do anything alone.

Cold winter sky.

I felt comfortable somewhere.

Good bye. I'm full of lies.

On the way home, me in an inorganic past.

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