Classroom of the Elite

By Kinugasa Shougo



Common sense

One day a winter holiday came close.

A big typhoon was about to land on the D – Class.

It was just after tea "Chi" pillar "Bashira" sensei signaled to end the home room.

The doors of the classroom were opened, and the students of C – Class showed up to the D – Class as the dragons "Ryo yu" garden "En".

To the unexpected students' visit, inside the classroom is awkward.

Chabashira sensei gazed at Ryūen 's direction for a moment but immediately left the classroom. If it happens immediately even if a big brawl occurs, there is nothing wrong with the students from other classes visiting.

Ryūen, who had been observing the D – Class for a long time, finally got in from the front without getting the answers to seek.

Or are there strategies behind my imagination behind the scenes?

In any case I've never changed my strategy.

Hori "Hori" north "came" which had been returning supplementary also stops holding hands and looks at the students of C – Class.

Besides Ryūen, it appeared stone "Izaki" Zaki ", mountain" Yama "," Albert. And "Ko" "Miya" Miya ", Near" Kon "Fuji" How about ".

It is no wonder that class fighters will become heavier if militant groups gather here.

"What the hell is it. This is a D-Class "What reacted to Ryūen first was" Wu "Fuji" how ". Originally the battle fight "or" apid "speech" may have some influence, but it may have been a pure defense reaction to not be swayed as before.

I have to defend Horikita anything. I wonder if such a thought preceded.

Sudou standing up to Ryūen instantly.

I felt afraid of "flat" Hira "Tadashi" who saw that, "violent boy" power "wonderful" Sha "‖" I was scared and went in between.

"Is it for something in my class? Ryūen-kun "When Hirata who can not understand the situation can hear back, Ryūen also talked extensively about gesture hand gestures.

"Is there a reason why you should not visit classmates' classes? It must be a school anywhere. It is not possible to visit a friend and go to other classes. Hirata will calmly return to the obvious high-pressure attitude that brought along the lines of the opening first, remarkable provocative and strong "stiff" side "Mote".

"Surely it is normal. But, at this school, circumstances will change a bit. You should have never visited the D – Class like this at least until now. "Hirata will try to rule over as far as possible as this case is treated as an emergency.

"It has only been past" far ". I thought about showing aggressiveness a little more from now on. "Placing the palm on a girl's desk at hand, Ryūen shows a white tooth.

"Paper shuffle tests are going well in the upper hands. Thanks to that, we lost the C – Class. There are no results yet, but from 3 semesters you may get up to C – Class. It's a big deal. " Because you are a boss monkey who is just incomprehensible face. Drop in the D – Class "To the" Susu "wistaria" How to enter "sideways" Yoko "spear" spear "How to say" Hira "Hirata" Wait a little hurriedly by hand.

"Because I've made a lot of effort on my way" "Do you work hard? Sudou who seems to be unrelated to that effort is also unknown because it survives because it is still "not yet". "I thought that I would drop out first." "Did you remember the name at last?" Two people who interact with each other with a line of sight intersecting "like" "complex".

Some of the classmates who were about to return are standing still rigidly in a state of emergency.

"Can you tell me the real requirements?" If you want to get things done as soon as possible Hirata seems to want to avoid only being kept being spoiled by the dragon "Ryo yu" garden "En". However, it is better to think that such attitude is being seen.

"I now warn carefully against you D-Class" "Warning?" "What do you mean?" "I do not intend to explain to a guy I do not understand. Or do not you understand? "

It seemed like a provocation to Hirata at first glance, but in reality it did not.

Ryūen hardly looked at Hirata and looked around the classroom all around.

If the aim is "Hirata", if I am not Hirata, I would like to say, "I'm Kei" Kei "Makoto" or "Aki" people.

However, in fact it is enough to just walk through all the "all" lightly.

It was an unexpected person that Ryūen finally grabbed the point of sight.

I do not think that person is looking at themselves, etc. No, I do not care, I finish my return and get up and I will try to leave the classroom.

While no one could move on to appearance of Ryūen, it seemed as usual.

Ryūen who laughed thinly sends a signal to the fellow who can be refused a little behind, and immediately leaves the classroom.

Apparently the target person seems to be that student.

When the Ryūen leave and the doors are closed, they are freed from suddenly heavy air and the class members make noise.

"Oh no, something like Ryūen is going to do! How about it? "

"Well, I wonder what you intend to do for Atsura Takakaze" like this "yen" Enji "じ じ"! "

Yeah. Ryūen 's opponent was D – Class' s heresy, Koenji Rokuro "Sukuke" Sushi ".

Ike "Ike" and the mountain "Yama" "Inchi" was the center, and we began a delusional story without permission.

But recently, it is quite a comb "comb".

I know that it was caused by losing the game against Hori "Hori" North "I came", but it did not go out much before.

Of course, it just did not become quiet. I'm still talking to other girls about the dragons "Ryo" garden "En", but I have not tried going all the way.

Horikita is Horikita, there is nothing to tell me something about comb "comb".

"You are bad at first, are not you? Horikita is calling out to me who was thinking about what is not related to the present "Ryūen.

It seems that even if Horikita does not want to have a relationship with C-Class as much as possible, it can not be released.

"Karenai" Ryūen seemed to have a complaint in a high school "yen" en "Temple", but it is also caught a little.

Koenji is certainly a puzzle with a mystery "mystery".

However, the possibility that Koenji is doing something to D – Class should be low even if seen from the outside. There is a reason why he is trying to make contact with Koenji now blatantly while monitoring a lot of people.

"Kiyo" Takashi "Taka", why do not you go looking at the situation a bit?

It was Ming "Aki" person "that I cried.

"There are many people" anyway. Perhaps I'm going to do something. "" Yeah right ……Even if it says that there are many eyes to watch, it is absolutely nothing. "If Koenji is also assaulted in the unlikely event, there is a possibility that the responsibility will be heavily burdened by D-Class that prevented it. It is not only a matter of getting a penalty from school. I wish I had gone to help, I will be filled with regret.

Leaving the corridor with Akito, Kei "Kei" Makoto "fault" has also arrived.

"I will also go. It is dangerous if it is a small group. "A little late, Horikita is alone, and followers like" Suu "Fuji" How "also comes out.

Furthermore, the flat "Hirasada" field came out of the classroom with a worrying expression.

Apparently, it looks like it will be a tough day.

Asked Keiko and Akito to wait for a while, and I will speak to Hirata.

"Hirata. Is not it better for you to remain in the classroom? Perhaps there are other students following it. Ike "Ike" and mountains "Yama" "Inside" like "We are crowded" When coming up to the students of the testimonies, I think that the trouble is likely to be large "… ….That's true. But Koenji-kun, are you OK …. "

"Horikita also headed, there are also Keikoku and Akito. The worst violent bat "power" If it is going to be "Sha" ‖ "Well," I will contact you "" Keiko-kun? Okay, thank you. Even so I will not do "Mu" tea "Chiya" Do not do it "Hirata who caught up with the name of Keisei never came deeply.

Hirata immediately went back to the restless classroom of restless D – Class.

"It is the right decision," Kiyo "Takashi" Taka ". More people will only have more time and effort. Also, in the case of "Hira" field, it would be more appropriate to have the class settled down. "It seems that he is convinced by the judgment whether Kei" Kei "Makoto" Fuji "is also negative It nods nod.

The next question is where the high school "yen" er "Temple" headed for.

In the school, the dragons "Ryo yu" garden "en" can not do anything inadvertent. If you are going to do it will be outside, but you can not imagine where Koenji goes.

"How is Koenji always done after school?"

「……Wow "" I do not even know "Ming" Aki "people" and "" also skewed headache as to whether they did not recognize anything at all.

"There is no one who knows the behavior pattern of Koenji?"

Most of my classmates never talked satisfactorily.

"He often goes back to the dormitory" to stay true "" Why do you understand such a thing? "" You see where you often go home. Anyway, it will be a big deal if you go outside the school building. You should head for the entrance first. 'Say so, we will leave our way and head towards the entrance.

If you have shoes, you can confirm that you are inside the school, and in that case you will earn time to get important.

We also keep pace together so as not to be late.

"Perhaps war like things might start" Major:"Sudo" Fuji "How to" clenching the fist "Fist" say to the moat "Hari" north "while roaring his nostrils.

"Just kidding. I can not laugh at D – Class and C – Class' s collective violence incident. Why is it coming up to you? "" It is decided that it is worrying about "That 's bell" suzu "sound" ne ". Ryūen is a rumor "rumor" that woman will get a hand, "I'm not doing how to train you so softly that you can be protected." "I can not say that" If you can protect yourself yourself , Horikita does not change bullish attitude.

Do not make me cry if I have experience with mamboji martial arts. Sudou 's bullshit is also idle "gloomy" spinning around.

But Sudou is Sudou, so maybe I do not think that Horikita is strong but also fine dust.

"And, although it's unnecessary, I have another one. What if you worry about club activities? "

"It's okay. I have a little time to practice. Sudou seems not to leave Horikita, trying to catch up, let's search for Koenji quickly.

I know.It's a bad thing to move with seeds of trouble "It was so poisoned.

If the moat "Hori" north "came" hurts because it got in a single body, Susumu "wistaru" How can you be sure?

If so, it will develop into a big uproar that will not compare with the previous one.

If it is a similar member and a second riot, the school side and the student council will not "forgo" pardon ".

In that sense Sudou's accompanying should be seen as the best.

1 Leave the school and approach the tree-lined street on the way back to the dormitory.

The students have hardly seen themselves there just as they have just had after school.

However, on the way home, there were male and male C – Class students.

Although I did not see it in the classroom, it seemed that C – Class' s "blow" splash was also joining.

Before that we can also see the back of the high "Koko" yen "En" Temple "じ" aiming for a single dormitory.

It seems that he is planning to serve Koenji in earnest.

The dragon "Riyu" garden "Een" who was closing the distance skips instructions to the stone "Ichigo" Zazi "Zaki" and makes Ishizaki head towards Koenji.

"It was this street as you read" Suzu "sound" ne ". Let's stop it immediately "Sudou who found the scene asks Horikita for instructions.

"Let's see a little while. I still do not know the aim of Ryūen – kun. "As Ryūen himself said, it is commonplace to call out to students in other classes and there is no violation anywhere.

There will be no achievement obtained even if you jump in carelessly at this stage.

Let's see how it is approaching Ryūen et al.

"Hey wait Koenji. Lend me a moment. "" How are you guys? I do not remember doing what to be called. "Ishizaki can not see the face of Koenji disturbed by his path, but his tone does not change as usual.

"It is not you to judge it." "Hm. It surely is not you. "Koenji looks round the Ryūen and the C – Class mate.

There was no impatience or anxiety at all in his eyes.

"Do not you remember me?"

While holding hands in both pockets, Ryūen opposes Koenji.

"Of course I remember. Is it Naughty-kun of C-Class? "

"I missed this moment but today I will go out with a weird person" "I was sorry. That day was a lot of "busy" boy "I apologize to hairstyles my hair. I do not look like an apology.

"But you do not have to ask me a thing. Is it a strange person, is that me? "

"You do not have anything else than you" "It is a comment that is hard to understand, but let's listen in this place. I am Hiroshi Kan "It is big". But there is a date promise from now on, you can finish it in a short while "can you do? "

"Are you going to leave that errand later, though it is bad?" "Are not you going to return?"

"What if you do?" Although the high "Koko" yen "Enji" temple "じ" that you put your arms around to think a little, but the arms that were immediately assembled were unraveled.

"Would you like to visit the case with me?" Closing the way back to the dormitory Is it the idea that becoming an obstacle other than "Fusa" or judging that it can not escape? Koenji has a rest space a little earlier I pointed.

"No matter where I am" "Keep on" "At the beginning, Koenji moved to a rest space slightly away from the way, as the leading Koenji induced.

Regardless of traffic, there is a limit to staying at home if it comes away from the eye.

"It seems better for us to go" [# illustration (17.jpg) Entering Listen to it Susumu "Fuu" How do you want to rush to run down, Hori "Hori" north "came" I stop once.

"Careless abuses, avoid actions. You know what? "

"Oh Oh" Sudou and Horikita who once received attention again cut ahead and head down to the dragon "Ryo yu" garden.

And a little later we also caught up with us.

Immediately Horikita speaks to Ryūen.

"Ryūen-kun. I wonder what I am going to do here. It will be a serious problem as soon as you hand out easily. " Were you caught flying and came to Nokonoko? "As I knew who would come from the beginning, Ryūen looks back.

And I will carefully observe the subjects on this side.

It is one fact that it was a high "like" yen "en" Temple "じ" target "a", but it is probably also a trap "Ryo" to narrow down the opponent you are seeking I will.

Otherwise, I will not bother to take a battle fighter and get on the D-Class.

I will set aims so that it will be "smelling with broiled" smoke ".

"Miyake" Miyake "to Aya" Ayano "Koji" Koji ", and Fukuto" Yuki "Village" Mura "? Well it is a safe place. "" I also have Ryūen "Ignore Ryūen as Sudou who overlaps fists with fist" fist "as it flows.

"What's wrong with the flat" Hira "rice field" "Well, I do not know. I'm not interested. "" Let me out. Masayoshi It is not unusual for him to be in this place if he has a strong sense. "" All "" all "is saying that things will not proceed as you expected." "Well that's ok. Today is nothing "Ryūen instructs with chin" jaw ", and encloses Koenji to stone" Ishi "" Zaki ".

Ming 's "Aki" who was watching the situation "and" was murmuring "muttered" trying not to hide disgust.

"It's almost like a king. I used classmates with my chin. "" Bad Miyake. The bad thing about my growth is from long ago. "Ryūen keeps stuck in Koenji while pushing his hands in both pockets.

"Wait" "Wait?" What are you waiting for? We can not do anything as you can see. "Right now, no one touches one finger in Koenji.

I do not mind being "bullied", but then I guess it is unnecessary? "

Koenji points out to Ryūen who calls and talks to others.

Ryūen faces Koenji as it can not hear Horikita's advice.

Oh, yes… Today's leading role is you Koenji. You borrowed one from me. "" Do you borrow? I do not remember "raw" Ai "hate", but "I do not remember" "D" Eh "support" and "In the exam, you missed the point because of you cleared" Do not know well. Where did you hear that rumor "rumor"?

– Yes. Is that game with that lie "lie"? That was bad if you disturbed him. "While apologizing, being bad is not even thinking of" mini "dust" high "like this" yen "enji" じ じ "じ.

A majestic appearance "Tatazu" We take out the hand mirror from the "pity"

C-Class guys probably did not understand imagination.

Koen agreed carefully against C-Class that turned out suspicious eyes, Koenji replied.

"A little wind is strong today. It is a confirmation that my nice and cool set is not collapsing. "Move your face several times to check your condition while moving your face to the left or right.

「fumu……Slightly disturbed and lacking beauty. Is it bad but will you have a mirror a little? "

That being said, Koenji presented to the dragon "Ruyo" garden "Een" which was in front of the eyeglasses.

Ryūen receives a hand mirror while smiling.

Say so, Koenji took out a compact size hard wax from a bag "bag," and attached it to the fingertips and started setting hair with both hands.

The C – Class taken in a disgusted "awkward" was unable to put in the abnormal sight.

But the next moment, a strong sound echoes.

Ryūen threw the hand mirror that he had received from Koenji strongly. Like tapping on the ground.

With the usual smile, Ryūen "sticks out" the arms of Koenji.

"That strange person, how long can we keep it as it is?"

Koenji breathed quietly while leaving the hair conditioning with both hands.

"I will do Yancha. The hand mirror is good enough for you? "

"I am bad, I slipped smoothly" "Hugh. Then how about it? Well, let 's let go of my hand holding my arms. I can not set it up. However, it is a good man, even if the hair is disturbed. "In the air that made herself nervous, Ryūen slowly released his hand on Koenji.

Risk is too high to make gaudy action in this place.

However, Ryūen's style which attacks the opponent to the limit is not seen in the style of Ryūen.

"Ryūen-kun with a bullshit" "Keep silent, Suzu" a tin "sound, is not it? I'm playing with Koenji now. "" You are just trying to unilaterally? He does not want it. "While carefully collecting broken pieces of the hand mirror, the moat" Hari "north" came "stares at Ryūen.

– I got this. I wonder if my hand "" may be "" I do not care. Having a club activity is more problematic if you do a monster "I" "It is a problem." That said, Hori "Hori" North "came" is refusing the offer of "Suu" Fuji "how".

"You are not saying stupid. Can you make a woman injured? "Sudou began picking up debris so as to forcefully push the Horikita away.

"Horikita says so that it will not treat even if you get hurt, but Sudou began picking it without worrying about it.

"If you think of something, it is a very interesting combination of interesting" minutes "" and "This disturbance did not fit within the limits of D – Class and C – Class.

It seems that I heard the rumor of the disturbance "rumor", A – Class' s slope "Sayaka" Yanagi "Yanagi" showed up.

Among them was God "or" Room "Muro" True "and" Masumi Sumi ", but the remaining two boys only remember the face.

"Sakayanagi? ….When it stops, the girls and the girl lightly hit concrete with the stick that he grabbed.

Anyway, it became a large household gathering.

There are six people including our high school D – Class "Ken" yen "Enji" ji ". There are five C-Class. A-Class is 4 people.

A total of 15 people gather.

"It is a coincidence that I came here." "Laughing" It can be seen at a glance that the dragon "Ruyo" garden "is not a coincidence anywhere.

"Even so, to the main members of C-Class, students of D-Class. Are you planning to do even with your consultation on Christmas party? "

"Please withdraw, there is no use for you yet." "Is not it okay? If it's a party, how big is the adult? Could you add me as well? "

Ryūen did not seem to oppose the utterance which is similar to the provocation from Sakayanagi at all.

"Do not stay here if you plan to circle" "Of course not. Sakayanagi sitting on a bench in the rest space only a short distance away will not do the truth "like" like painting mud on the face of the party organizer.

Before that, three students of A – Class will sit down. Just like to protect Sakayanagi.

Well, although this air is unlikely to cause a violent incident … ….

There is no surveillance camera near the resting space.

Still, students who are on the way back as soon as they move their eyes.

I do not know when and how many people will come here.

It is hard to think that a strike occurs.

Koenji Rokuro "Roku" Aki "sushi" opened the mouth as the central figure of the gathering which had a fearless smile on so far.

"I do not mind increasing the number of galleries, can we get it going so far? If not, I will let you go back. "" Wait high "like this" yen "Enji" じ じ "じ. It is said that the dragon "Ryo yu" garden "En" does not escape this time "" It is bad. Various obstacles entered and the story was delayed. Let's get into the main subject soon. "Koenji laughed a little.

"To tell from the situation – perhaps you seem to be absorbed in knocking down C-Class's baffle or other people who put together other classes, is not it?"

"That's right. Human beings with disabilities are all "enemies". "There is a way to disturb you from within D – Class. You are looking for who the disturbant is. "Ryūen does not have to talk, but Koenji seems to understand.

It is unusual for men who do not show interests except for subjects of their own interests.

"That 's it." "If so, I'm not fit for your glasses." If "what" it is "lazy" I am not interested at the end of D – Class or the end of the other classes. I have no intention of doing anything in particular in previous exams. And I do not intend to do so from now on. Is it funny against such humans? "

"That's a funny story. "How to support" and "How to explain the test. The story is going up. "" Oh my. It seems to be unknown to a certain extent "Much" minute, "an zodiac exam. Koenji, who was assigned to the monkey group, spectacularly perceived the gentleman.

From the results it should be difficult to identify the students even if the D – Class won.

I bought it carefully.

Or is there speculation from the fact that Koenji is assigned to the monkey group?

Koenji's remark, which he did not deny, there is a possibility of getting convinced.

"It's just a killing time. I did not feel like joining the troublesome gatherings many times. I just decided that ending is a shortcut to freedom. "Koenji, who took out the mobile phone, switches to camera mode and displays his face.

Apparently it seems that he intends to use it as an instant hand mirror.

"If so, the possibility of participating other than the zodiac test can not be ruled out. In other words there is no guarantee that you do not control the D – Class. Is not it? "

"Surely it is. But, if you are a man who concludes so, that means that it is a stupidity that you only have that level of brain. "Ishi" Iashi "Saki" Zaki "tries to crack down on verbosity , Ryūen laughs and stops it.

However, I admired it was a wonderful return of words.

If you position an unrelated person as a black curtain, it is certainly nothing but a stupid thing.

"Well, certainly. If you are telling the truth, do you mean that you are harmless a man? "" Jesus. Dragon Boy "Dragon Boy caught up, Saka" Saka "Yanagi" Yanagi "laughed.

However, the dragon "Ruyo" garden "Een" neglected it and shifted the story to a different vector.

"What if I let the guys suddenly lynch you here? What if you tried to rule over the "test" or "test" matter or "grudge" or not, without any benefit, with meaningless violence? "

Hori "Hori" North "came" seems to respond to disturbing air, but before that, the high "Yoko" enema "Terre" laughed.

"That's a nonsense question. You do not choose that choice in this place. What is violence in many galleries? You do not have much advantage? "

"Raw" Ai "hate" is difficult ", I can rampage even in such inconvenient places. I am overlooked. "" I see. Let's answer. If you choose that choice, I will knock out all the people coming in order to protect myself and pride. "" What if you can do it alone? "

"It is more difficult to think about the reason why I can not do it" I heard funny interactions, Sakayanagi smiled a long distance "smiling".

"Apparently there is no way to put up the reasoning, Koenji is not X. This guy is crazy man in a different direction from me. It seems it is only it. "" It seems that the misunderstanding has been solved, but what is more than anything. "" But let's ask Koenji. D – Class is steadily increasing Class Points. There must be a celebrated head of a head that is responsible for that function. Who is it if it is not you? I came along here with a stupid face. Are you in this? "

For the first time in Koenji, we turned our attention only once to D-Class.

But if you laugh with your nose it shrugs your shoulders and you lose interest immediately.

"You may answer that question, ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─

Sakayanagi, who was sitting on the bench, opened his mouth to block the words of Koenji.

"I have an interesting story. There are students who disturb C – Class in D – Class. I heard the rumor "rumor" that Dragon Boy is looking for, but is it the truth? "

"You told me to shut up, Sakayanagi. And then you kill if you call it the next time? "

"Hehe. Did not you like it? I think it's a nice naming. I am sorry. It seemed that something that my understanding did not reach me was indeed happening. Little "laughing, Sakayanagi continues without worrying.

"You were overlooked by someone of D-Class whose plan was defeated. Is not that just that? This school is based on the battle between classes. It is not strange to disturb other classes, right? In fact I and you are also fighting how many times they do. I do not know anyone, but it is also a wonderful way of fighting strategies by hiding the identity. Would you bother to do that and ask questions like this to ask and inquire about unrelated students. It seems to be an honest unsightly act. "" I admit that my plan is crazy due to X. " But the problem is not there. It is what it is doing to drag the moving guy in the back into the table. It's such a game. "" I see. In this way it is also in your plan to act as a fear "fortune" and "to act as a madman? "

"That's it. If necessary we do not talk of violence. I'm enjoying it in my way. "" If you do, it is unsightly to expose you to being incompetent, "" just to get out "? A lot of things are heard from Mr. Masumi "Sumi" and the bridge "Hashi" book "original". What strategy did you devise in Deserted Island, and how did you lose? If you analyze properly it should be obvious that he is irrelevant? Originally active at Deserted Island, the moat "Hori" North "There was a bell" Suzu "sound" It is it "or something. Is the person whose unidentified person you are looking for is really a real person? "

Sharp slope "Saka" Yui "Eye" eyes "Hitomi" and words attack the dragon "Ruu" garden "En".

「……Is not it a mad excuse for planning …? "

One of the students of the A – Class murmurs in a low voice like keeping pace with Sakayanagi.

"That's too much to say" Oni ". Ryūen is not that stupid, is not it? "Hashimoto, was it? So say so and follow Ryūen.

However, Ryūen does not show any fear "Hiru" mike upset to Sakayanagi 's provocation.

"Such a thing" is because Ryūen is the best known from the beginning.

"You are stupid, are not you? I used a kudzu "wig" castle "and a contract was signed," so Ryūen dared not to refute the part and to change to another point.

The intention of getting to work from this time is obscuring and obscuring this time.

"Is it a contract? Certainly, "A-Class paid Private Point as a consideration instead of receiving assistance from C-Class at Deserted Island" was it? Specifically, "It will be paying 20,000 points per person till graduation". "On the other hand, Sakayanagi also fights without warning.

Oh… What is it, what are you doing behind! Is not it okay? "

How can you feel bad?

"There is no problem on the rules. It is that they have contracted after mutual classes agreed. We got "Class Point" which C – Class was supposed to get, "consideration" obtained by that … …In other words, we just paid the Private Point to the C-Class. "I knew that the A-Class and the C-Class were part of the Deserted Island trial, but in return it was unknown. This is certainly a deal that can be established. I asked for 20,000 Private Points instead of leaving behind all the "all" points, leaving behind 270 points (available on the A-Class for use on Deserted Island) (slope minus 30 points due to absence of "Yanagi Yanagi" absence) . At first glance it seems that C-Class can be obtained, but the aspect that can be read at Class Point after the exam is large. It is the Class Point that determines the ranking of the class. It can also be said that Private Point is merely a point to be provided concomitantly. As a result, Kuzu "Wig" Castle "has lost points, but if it did not, there was a possibility that outcomes equal to or greater than that could have appeared on A – Class. Class Point's lead is a big factor. If I was living a normal Deserted Island life, Class Point was almost left behind and the difference with B – Class had shrunk from now.

But what was "late" why did you talk about what was not revealed at this timing?

It was probably like a fight like Sakayanagi 's fight against the dragon "Ryo" garden "En".

Is Ryūen stupid Sakayanagi, Sakayanagi also turned back to Ryūen as well?

"It is you who are in trouble getting ridiculous about internal affairs. Why did other classes know about keeping 20,000 points in progress every month? "

"If you want to talk, it will spread quickly. It can not be helped even if you care. It is Katsuragi-kun who showed the idea of ​​contracting in the first place. "I say that I am irrelevant. Sakayanagi who was absent from Deserted Island is a story that can not be prevented.

No, although there is a possibility that I could instruct the class not to do anything extra to pre-order, I wonder if I dare dare to think about the conflicting two people.

In fact the Katsuragi school now hides the ringing, it seems that Sakayanagi dominates the class.

– Crap. Will C – Class be guaranteed monthly spending? "" What is not to be deceived "Su" "Wisteria" How are you? We are completely abandoning the Class Point which originally had the possibility to obtain C-Class. I do not necessarily get it. "" Really it is Suzu "Suzu" sound, is not it? We got 200 Points of real Class Point at that Deserted Island, right? Moreover, that point revenue will last forever unless A – Class completely fails. " It's similar. What you are getting is Private Point. It is totally unrelated to Class Point. "If you are sure to aim for A-Class, Ryūen has not obtained any gain. In that respect it can be said that the claim of Hori "Hori" north "is better.

However, it is a big incident that in January about 800 thousand points, namely gold flowing from A – Class to C – Class.

Even if the C-Class will continue to lose the Class Point in the future, the minimum income is guaranteed. Although I was chased by the Sakayanagi school, Katsuragi was on top of me.

"Did we talk over?" You seem to like fashionable things. I do not intend to deny that, but will not you just stop having to get in my way? "It is unpleasant to be able to take time by listening to meaningless high school" theory "depression" Hey wait high "like this" yen "Enji" ji ". I have not heard of your answers yet. "As I remembered, Koenji looked up a little over the sky.

"It was a chewy head in the D – Class. I never thought of honesty … …Either way should I not answer? Why are you pursuing the answer, even if you risking the risk? I do not want to do as much as I can take action to take away pleasure. I am singing "yuu" singing "young" at this school. That's it. If this school makes me feel better, if it's a different story, it is unlikely that I can expect it any way. If you are, you will fall in love with beautiful women and raise each other. And keep pursuing your own beauty. That's it. "" In other words, do you not participate in conflict between classes? "

"Even now, I plan to tell you so first. Both C-Class and A-Class do the same thing for me. You guys are boring here. "" What? Dragon "Ryo yu" Garden "en" Coix We are trying to "lick" things from a while ago! Let's discipline "here"! "

Foolishly, the stone "Ichigo" Zaki "Zaki" turns the fist to Koenji "fists".

However, there was an existence that was inspired by the words of Koenji before Ryūen.

The slope "Saka" Yanagi "Yanagi" which had been putting in tea only smartly, but seems to have caught a little in a word at Koenji.

"I will not hear a bit. As Dragon Boy's anyway ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ __

And unforeseely kick out.

"Whoops ─ ─ ─ !?"

The bridge that hurriedly broke between Sakayanagi and Ryūen "Hashi" The book "original" guards it with the left arm.

However, Hashimoto blows sideways and falls to the ground of concrete as a strong blow.

If Hashimoto does not come in between, it is highly likely that he seriously kicked off Sakayanagi's face.

For Ryūen, a boy student of A – Class who was called "Oni" in Hashimoto earlier, entered into combat while putting his hands on white gloves.

"Did you feel" bothered "?" "You should have told you to kill if you call it again?"

[いいかげんにしなさい] /(exp) shape up!/act properly!/ Your action now is a big problem. "The warning that the beat" Hori "north" witnessed the moment of assault was warned, but it was Sakayanagi that stopped it.

"Have you had any problem behavior now? Hashimoto-kun "" No. I just fell down by myself "While bashing the dirt on the clothes, the bridge" Hashi "book" original "slowly stood up.

"It seems," Hori "Hori" Kita "came" Miss "" …. Dragon "Ruyuu" Garden "Eri" and you are crazy, "A – Class led by Saka" Yanagi "Yanagi" against violent acts never leaked complaints.

On the contrary, I even give out some air that I can afford to fight.

"I'm sorry, Ryūen-kun. My gossip has passed. "So I apologized and I gazed at my high line of sight" towards the yen "en" Temple "じ".

"I will return the story, but what does it mean to be boring, including me?"

For Sakayanagi it seems to me that Koenji's remarks are more concerned than Ryūen in front of me.

Ryūen also seems to have slurred away from Sakayanagi.

"To what extent are people … …."

It is unlikely that Horikita will be upset and you will be shocked.

The members gathered here are all habits and habits.

"Have not you liked my words so much? Little Girl 'heading to Sakayanagi sitting on the bench, Koenji widens the palm and turns his fingertips.

"Kuku. Little Girl? Ryūen laughs with his nose as soon as Dragon Boy returns.

"Was it Mr. Koenji? You misunderstood how to use English? I am not a young girl. "" Fufufufu. It is not myself but mine that decides it. It is not wrong usage. If you become "a fit" age and body as you call it a girl, it will only be called so, "That is wrong. As a usage, Little Girl is a term used only for primary school girls. This world is not made to allow your own selfishness. "" I can not catch on common sense "is my flow" Ryo yu "ceremony" Fu suddenly pounds my hair.

「……Nevertheless, Koenji "demon" Ki "head" rose a step.

I will try to remove something like a white glove again.

I initially thought that it was attached to the cold weather for "lucky", but it seems to be different.

"That's right. Does a demon come out if I take off gloves? "

"What's that" Suddenly, Sudo "Wu" How do you say "Ogre" comes out and I hesitate to hear it.

"Shiraneya? "Old style" is a manga that is "line" or "manga". A demon comes out and a cartoon fighting devils comes out when I remove the white gloves. "Although I have never heard of it, I have never read a manga in the first place.

"There is no use for A-Class. I will not let it in now. "" Can you make his corrections as much as his correction? "" Huhuu, the battle over me is not a bad thing. I'm sorry, either men or women, I am only interested in senior citizens. "Students representing classes such as Saka" Saka "Yanagi" Yanagi "and Ryuu" Yuu "Park" En "are high "Yoko" yen "Temple" じ "It is being swayed by one person.

The fact that common sense does not pass is in some sense the strongest.

Violence and the new strength that lined up with 噓 "lies" may be "insane".

"It seems that you were okay to have cleaned up today. Even Ryūen's opponent in Koenji will use equivalent physical strength.

I understand that I can not draw any more information, urge you to leave Koenji.

"Please do not hesitate. Seiyu "It was not Ryūen who was a typhoon, it may have been the direction of Koenji.

The disturbance ends shortly "breath" "breath" Showing "calm" loneliness "bushy" comes.

Apparently the sightseeing seems to be over, do you want to return? "" Look forward to the third semester, Sakayanagi "" If you are convinced that you have defeated D-Class, you will always be opponent " The students of the school will also raise.

"Will we also raise it? Hori "Hori" North "I came" "Well ….I can not go out with him any more. "You can say that you gathered most of the debris" Su "" Fuji "how" and returned to the beginning for the moment.

"But, he seemed to be less interested in Koenji-kun than I expected …"

Horikita also seemed to be mysterious in Ryūen's behavior.

On the other hand, the doubt was also propagated to C – Class.

「……Was it good to let go? "

"If you are the one I'm looking for, I will not let you go." "It looks like I was suspicious. I do not know what you are thinking, and there is no possibility that it is true that you are saying "There is no match between the idea of ​​Yatsu and my idea. Because X guy makes a thought similar to mine, he is going to do. I do not think that Koenji was drawing strings behind. In the first place, does the guy seem to act together with Horikita? "

"It certainly is hard to imagine, though. Why did you aim for Koenji? " What do you think of Koenji? The dragon "Riyu" garden "Een" who disconnected his eyes from the back of "Takashi Takashi" yen, "Yuen" Temple "Ji", saw this creepy smile floating here.

"What are you messing with from the moment ago? I do not know what it means "Ryūen 's actions can not be understood Susu" Fuji "How" is provoking with fist "Fist" to glare at you.

"Baka is not retracted" "What if you !?"

Hori "Hori" North "came" stops Sudou with eyes and hands.

"Ryūen-kun. Your actions are always on the verge of "getting out of hand", it is true that it is hard to understand. "" If so, my actions are correct "Even if Ryūen is to blame, Do not do.

On the contrary it seemed like I enjoyed the situation steadily.

"I will narrow down the candidates a lot today" Tsuzuru "Suzu" sound "It is". "Being hidden behind you" "There is no ear to hear whatever you say. It's a waste of time as long as we get together. Would you mind stopping me approaching my classmate in the future? "" It is my freedom that neither approaches nor approaches. There is no violation anywhere. "A human who breaks the rule immediately makes a rule shield" rule ".

"But this game is over soon. Do not look forward to the finale "So conclude, Ryūen walks away only by lightly looking at the slope" Yanagi "Yagi".

"You seem to have finally returned. Let us also return. Once in a while, I will put it in my ear "Kun 's ears" "Hirasuta" "But, what is it, Ryūen's guy. What did you want? "

“So! There must not be anywhere who knows what he wanted to do, "apparently all seems to be ready in Ryūen.

While I realized that, I saw Ryūen's back.

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