Classroom of the Elite

By Kinugasa Shougo



○ Notification of reunion and parting.

'A shit. I do not know what they are. "That 's why I went to school," Su "" Fuji "How do you say" I do not want you "is passing the seat of your mouth and mouthing" Hori "north" came " It came down to the bottom. You can see that expression is rugged "rustling" and angry.

"Listen to me for a moment" "Suzu" sound "Ne" "What's wrong" "What's wrong" If you come in front of me, Horikita will go talk with you if I can not ignore it.

"They are the guys of the C – Class, Tsuyuron" Ryuu "garden" En ". From morning I brought Ichamon to me. Hanging out to walk in the hallway. "Why did you join us?" "You do not vomit or put out your hands, do you?"

Sudou immediately refutes to Horikita who lightly shines.

"Do not do it. Ignoring cancer and you came "" Yes. It seems that I've been lying hands or something else I guess I have not had any problems for the moment.

"By the way, tell me what you are saying" I will ask Sudou.

"I was told by Suzone. Do not ignore it anyway when you can not cope well. "That is precise advice. If you disagree with Sudou badly, you will "pour" oil into the fire.

If that is the case, let Sudou put "stress" on it, but let's endure it.

"Well, the shoulder collided a bit while I was forcibly passing. Because other people 's guys knew that I was rare "from", so it's okay? "

Right. I will not be going to be immersed in it as a treasure "truly" Do not be afraid to involve schools and student councils to cause a riot.

Even if it was beaten, as long as it breakthroughly breaks it will be okay.

"So what did you say?"

"It's a monkey's stupid, it's like a kid. Battle for fighting "or" selling up "bread, and his fist" fist "on the palm of your hand, letting anger radiate.

I wonder if it will be an extension game to show the face to Archery Club yesterday.

"Ming" Aki "people" and "…"I hope people of C – Class have stuck to Miyake "Miyake" who is also in club activity "Miyake – kun? Recently, I seem to actively acting as a "minor" minute "," What is the aim "I do not know. Do you intend to raise the case like you did when you felt me ​​again? "

“So! I can not say it now. But I will think about measures. Also do not put your hands out even if entwined in the same way. "" I understand. I will not break my promise with you. Even if it is beaten up, I will keep it quiet. "Compared to the time before" C-Class "and" Mutsu "also," Su "" Su "" Fuji "How to say" had a reasonable weight.

It seems that I accepted honestly that "Hori" Hori "Kita" came "only because it was" taken ".

Sudou who made the report was satisfied with that alone and returned to his seat and began a casual conversation with Ike "け け". Horikita says while seeing it.

"I wonder if Sudou himself finally became popular" "Yes. Words are somewhat rough, but it should be an acceptable range. "" He seems to have to proceed to the next step soon, "he says so, and took out notes about what" lost "Horikita He runs a pen quickly.

"What is it, the next step" Peeping "Kikono" If you do, let's close the note and close it Horikita.

"I will talk about it again. What I should do is not just the problem of Sudou-kun. "If he can not keep it alone, he added so little.

I do not know what you are thinking, but what about this as a matter of things?

Recently Horikita himself often acts thinking about things.

It seems to have become possible to communicate little by little with Sudou and Flat "Hirasada".

"Even so, it is quite a" minute "," active "dragon" Ryo yu "Park. It was just after the paper shuffle, though I thought he was doing something a little more adult. I wonder if I got something new right now. "" But is it weird? There is not any special examination being done right now. "" If you think back from the beginning, he is not doing a way of fighting "tied up only for examination". It seems that he also began to assault against Sudou – kun, and it seems that B – Class of "Ichiichi" also was laid something outside the exam. It seems that you like an off-site game that does not go well with the deprivation of points "Is not that even if you do not ask it every time you know it? I will see with such eyes as to confirm this. Of course do not notice and pretend to flush.

"But, what is the target for this time?" "You really do not notice?" Or is it fake? "

"What does it mean? I do not know anything. "" He is trying to find a person who moves the D-Class with a shadow. For that reason I started to move on without pretending to be. "" That is you, "so to say, I was intensely glanced at you.

"My hidden Kaku" Mine Minamino "is already completely inaccessible to Ryūen-kun" Horikita kept on serious "seriously" without opponenting this 噓 "lie".

"Why can I say so?" If you think that I still are running "all" like other students, of course it's strange if they come in contact with me. However, I have not done anything this time "Ryuu" Ryo "garden which I was stuck to" Hori "Hori" Kita "came" like "Tsunetari" so far " It seems to me that it is said that it is not so.

"It's up to you, is not it? Is not it unexpected that your strategy that you showed up at the time of paper shuffling works? You can think that hesitantly "hesitate" to do something wrong. Aim for filling from the outer moat "Nara" Naka "I wonder if so. I do not think like that. Was it lost interest to me? "" Is not it interesting to Ryūen and it was not full? "" That does not mean that. Do you want to be kicked? "

"I do not want to be kicked" will kick seriously and I will refuse it properly.

"The leader of the shadow of this class, did not you look at him for stupidity? ……It's fine to make it, but are you going to make me say that more in such a place? "

There is no one who listens to our conversation before the home room where many classmates came, including combs "comb" ", but it certainly is not like to do here.

"Even so, I came to understand Ryūen as" Momentary "minute. Aya, just like a little while ago, it was not a meaning to "tea" "tea" "It was not meant to be" or "It seemed to be rare" again so let's put it in a hurry.

"His way of doing is basically the same thing. Even if it succeeds or fails it does a similar fighting way. I will learn it even if I do not like it if I can get on it many times. That's why I could read about using Kushida for paper shuffle ─ ─. Of course it goes without saying that what was not ideal was … …. "

Everyone does not want traitors out of class. If Kushida did not betray D – Class, it would not have been a hard time so far in the exams so far.

Horikita thinks so.

But let's think about things. It is because Kushida 's inner enemy can be used, Ryūen has a part that was secure. If there were no other usable pieces, you probably thought of another hand.

As a result, the existence of Kushida has also narrowed down the enemy's attack patterns for better or worse.

"It is not the only miscalculation, but with a paper shuffle I was going to have the back of Ryūen-kun." "Actually so" "Yes. Therefore, some students of C – Class may be dropped out as a result of studying study "spoiled". I thought so, but it seems that it was a sweet idea for trekking "truly" There is no need to study if you can obtain the problem and answer that is perfect "perfect" perfect "perfect". So it seems that C – Class who was careless was not going to drop out.

Kei "Kei" Makoto "fault" was also so. All the things to think about are still the same.

"You should also be a smart guy" on C – Class. It would be appropriate to think that he was doing a different support from the dragon "Ryo yu" garden "" Yes. Ryūen seems to have no choice but to hide behind the moat "Huri" north "crying" anyway, if you are trying hard in invisible places.

If that is the case, I do not mind talking about school.

It was felt as an action that could see something like such preparedness.

"From now on, it's going to intensify his gangsters' tenacious gimmicks." "It's a story I do not care about. It is up to you to stand on arrows and on the front side. "" I know that. It was like a fate that was forcibly dragged out to you. "" I accepted it unexpectedly "" Because there is no choice but to accept it. I do not think I can withdraw it now? "

It is a good thing to be positive. Originally the potential that Horikita has is not bad. If you acquire even the ability to successfully communicate with others like Ping "Hirata", you will be present for the current status.

"So what about the hands?"

"What?" "I heard whether there is a strategy against Ryūen-kun's search. It will be irreparable if you do not keep your hands at the moment. "It seems that Horikita apparently worried about my true identity.

But that is unnecessary.

"I have not thought of anything" "You do that again … …."

I showed blatantly a sigh of sigh and cheerfulness "I do not tell you anything.

"Well then I will change the story a bit. Will you still join the other party? "

"Over there, are you about Keikoku? Are there any special orders or conditions?

"I do not think it is a very beneficial group, though. Originally the "long" is "a valley" "Department" and "Miyake" with Miyake "Miyake" The study group that was launched from the fact that a weak subject was unbalanced. I wonder if it is not necessary now that the examination is not done. "" I have not judged whether it is beneficial or not. I feel comfortable, they are with them "When you are with Horikita, you will only be talking about the direction to aim for A-Class.

Since I was not interested in it from the beginning, it is inevitable to have much contact with Horikita.

If Hori "Hori" north "came", but if you speak to me after all the conflicts of those classes, that is the same as Kei "Kei" Makoto "fake" can correspond.

「……You cooperate with me, do not you? "

Any time. Yes,you have. As much as possible "It was not a very consenting expression.

1 morning The last lesson is over and it will be lunch break. I thought about inviting myself "Aki" people "and" and "Keiko even for lunch, and the neighbor saw this stuffily.

"what is it. I guess you are not going to continue in the morning? "

I don't. I have a favor to you. "" If it is a troublesome thing, it's a pass. "" I do not deny being troublesome. But it will not take much time. "Saying so, Horikita took out a book from his bag" bag. "

"Did not you say that you wanted to read this I was reading last week?"

Put the book on which the sign of the library was pressed on the desk.

"Farewell love" Ito "Suki women" People "" It is a masterpiece written by Raymond Chandler.

I've been interested in it for a long time and have been visiting the library several times, but it was oddly popular in this school and I was always borrowed. I have been trying "Akira" for making a suggestion that I have no choice but to purchase it.

"You borrowed well. Is it possible to lend? "It is predictable that another person borrows as soon as it is returned.

To borrow securely, it is best to receive it directly from the former borrower though it is somewhat dull.

"If you want it, that's it. By the way, today is the return day. So why do not you go through the procedure at the library once and then you will rent it out? "" It is troublesome to return, so why should you take that procedure to me? "

"Even if I bother to bother, what will you have to go to the library? Rather considering efficiency alone, I think it is a correct judgment, but certainly. Only the trouble of Horikita to return it can save the province.

I need a student ID card when borrowing a book, and it is impossible for me to borrow in the name of me.

On the other hand, if you just return it you do not need anything to present.

"Of course, if refused, I will just return to the library and return it myself. I do not know when this popular and short-lived book will come next to you. Well, "Okay" I will not forget the time "Wax" expenses "If you go to the library then it 's OK" Even if you think about it is inefficient? I will press the pressure of "forgiveness" as much as possible.

I wonder if it is kindness of my mouth "Hori" north "I wanted to read".

「……Come on. I will thank you. "" Say hello "That said, Horikita handed the book to me.

"If it's inside of today, either at lunch break or after school, I do not mind at the desired timing. But be sure to handle it. I will accept responsibility if I receive "want to stay" extended "I do not borrow books at the library, but the mechanism is" grasping "the grasp" is ".

Although borrowing itself is free, it should have been a mechanism to deduct Private Point when delinquent.

No time like the present. I will go from now "Horikita will be relieved that person, you do not have to take care of each other afterwards.

2 The library just lunch break is an unexpected hole.

Because it is forbidden to eat in the hotel, it can not be used as a lunch place. There seemed to be only a few users now, so it seemed likely that the return procedure would be smooth.

"Why would I borrow some other book …?"

Whether borrowing one book or borrowing two books does not change the trouble of returning.

Let's have the books I want to read borrowed together before returning.

I will go around the mystery corner with "Farewell Ai" "Itto" Sukiki "Hito".

If anything, let's fix it with two detectives. It will be much better if Raymond Chandler can consolidate it.

When I reached the mystery corner, I caught a girls student.

I am trying to take a book on a bookshelf that is taller than I am, stretching out my arms towards my life.

The location of the book is exquisite, it seems to reach and it does not seem to reach it.

It is resistant to using the step table because it seems to be reachable because it is a little bit thin.

There will be a man or a woman happening.

摑 "Tsuka" The book I'm already about was Emily Bronte's "Arashi" Storm "Hill".

It is a work written by the second daughter of three Bronte famous in literary history.

No, it is certainly a mystery like a synopsis, but genre is a romance.

I entered the side and I took a book of "Arashi" storm "hill" where the girls students are reaching out.

"Although it may be unnecessary" At that moment, I learn that I knew the person who I thought was a strange girls student.

"C-Class surely … …."

Hiyori 's name is "Shi".

A student who showed us in front of us along with the dragon "Ryo yu" garden "a while ago.

After seeing the face quietly over there, I remembered the same way in the same way.

Certainly…Aya "Ayano" pathway "Koji", was it? "The other party seems to remember this name.

It is inevitable if it is also based on what it was a strange way of contact.

– Yes. Tentatively this "hand the book.

"Thank you" "Do you like it?" Bronte "" I personally do not like it or hate it. Just a book with a different genre was placed so I decided to return it to the correct position. "" I see … …. "

[# Illusion (12. jpg) enter] Apparently it seems that he had the same impression.

"By the way, what I have in hand is …"Farewell love "Itto" woman "person", is not it. It is a masterpiece, is not it? "I felt that something like a ghost stayed in the eyes of the" Shi "name.

"I succeeded in borrowing from a friend today" "It was lucky. It seems that there was a boom of Raymond Chandler among the second graders, and it seems that the battle has continued for a long time. I thought that I wanted to read back, but I could not find it today … "

"That did a bad thing. "I do not care about the truth of lending" "somewhat." " I have read it before, I am also searching for that book, and I am also talking about another book. The library 's library collection amount of this school has a considerable scale. If I was reading it, I'm surely graduating in the blink of an eye in real time. "So tell me, smile a little smile for the hands of Bronte.

「……I see。 It is true that there is a substantial amount of books here.

Even if you can not read a specific book, how many hours do you have time to crush?

"Do not disturb" It's a valuable lunch break. It is about to have come to this place in preference to lunch, it will be unwilling to be taken time by chatting with students of other classes. Decide to leave.

Sir? Are not you coming to find something else to borrow? If you only need to return and rent out the procedure you will be accepted. Were you trying to borrow another book, right? "

Shiina stops me who tried to return the heel "crimp".

"What are you going to do next time?"

Shiina, who I was talking to, took off his line of sight from here and turned his attention to the mystery corner.

"Dorothy · L · Sayers series have been read already?"

No. Christie read, but Dorothy has not put his hands on her. "" If it is – that's right, who 's the dead body?I recommend. It is inevitable to want to read the series if it is the first work of the Sir Peter "Kiyou" series, once it is read, it is inevitable to want to read the series "That said, I pulled out the corresponding book from the bookshelf and gave it out.


I was stumped by the development of the mystery "mystery", I was wondering how I answered.

"Was it annoying, trying to progress the story without permission?"

I am not particularly interested, but there is nothing like a chest that I can refuse here.

In the meantime, borrowing itself is free and you do not want to leave it.

No. It is true that I was a bit embarrassed. "I'm going to borrow it" So, "I'd like to borrow it", "What is it", what is meant to be "Shiki" name "What" is awesome "I'm excited" I narrowed it.

"Perhaps it's lunch is not it? If you do not mind, why do not you join us? "

「……It is an expansion that I can not understand even more than when I was recommended for a book.

Whether by chance encounters, it may be better to see the instruction from the dragon "Ryo yu" garden "flying".

However, there is no difference in the results Shiina holds in order to decline to accept or "accept" here.

Whichever you choose, it is punchy to be judged as gray.

"There is no one in C-Class who likes novels, and there is no companion to talk." Did Shiina say so because he could not tolerate that there was no answer here?

"Is not it a problem in various ways?" Did not C – Class become a momentary jump now "Looking for someone on D – Class? I think that I was treated like a suspect, including me. "This Shiina is probably a person who is hiding" behind "the mele, Kei" Kei "Makoto" Ki "is the moat" Hari "north" You should be told that you are a candidate and you are asked to explore.

Otherwise, it suddenly appeared in that place and did not come into contact with others.

It is highly likely that it will be involved also here to enter deeply.

In a way it is more eerie than Ryūen. For Shiina Hiyori is a complete unknown.

I did not even recognize it even in my previous exams.

Although it is possible to gather information to some extent by using light "karu" well "izawa" riwa ", it is impossible to move it poorly now that Ryūen is watching. Members of this handed card have no small community, so there is no way to explore the details of Shiina.

Of course, Horikita is not good at collecting information on other classes, of course.

It is possible to use the flat "Hirasada", but he is basically neutral, and how I feel about me and how I feel I can not read yet I do not want to rely on carelessly .

At least now, at this timing.

Don't panic! That was only a formal move for Ryūen-kun. Originally, I am not interested in things like fighting each other. Or will it be a problem to talk to me? "

– No, nothing. There is nothing special to say if there is no problem. "" It was good. With such trivial things, it is not a pleasure to enter into classlessly "split" between classes meaninglessly. It is the best thing to make friends, "he said. I think that it is inevitable in the way the schools compete from each other.

Still most of the students are usually in contact with ordinary people like normal. As Hirata and comb "comb" are "popular" rather than "minute" "gimmicky", there is never anything like a wall for friends.

"Let's go over it then. It seems time has passed by moment. "Looking at the clock installed in the library.

"Let me process only at the reception desk" Who could have expected this development in the library that happened to come by chance?

3 Go to school for two people. It has been over for more than 20 minutes since the start of the lunch break, so it was crowded with a lot of students. However, most of the students seem to have just finished eating while eating, and few students line up with ticket vending machines. I chose daily change properly, but it was long from here.

I can not choose the name "nai", I lost my fingers up and down, pressing the button.

"please wait for a while……"

I told you so, I wait for a maturely about 2 minutes. Finally I decided to choose the same thing as I did.

"I got lost a little." "Good. It is not even the back rows are lined up. "Soon thereafter, the set meals were prepared from the counter and came out.

Shiina seems to have trouble holding a tray with meals.

It was because she carried around the school bag "bag" that she brought to the library, Shiina carried it to the cafeteria.

"I'm in the way of my bag. I have it. "" No, I would like to ask such a serious thing … "

"Should be fine. It is hard to be rolled with holding a tray. "" Sorry …… "

When I received a bag that I was sorry seemingly bad, I was heavily weighted as much as I could.

Are you carrying them in textbooks too?

"It's heavy, is not it? Thank you. "Avoid densely as much as possible, I sat face to face with the sky" A ".

Then we will have a slow late lunch with us.

"Do you usually use school meals?"

– No, it's ok baby, I got it. Basically, I usually buy lunch at a convenience store in the morning and eat it in the classroom. Aya "Ayano" A small street "Koji" Do you often use school meals? "

"Convenience stores are not savory, so after all they can be freshly made," the labor and cost performance are not bad.

Shiina picked up chopsticks "chopsticks" and brought Okaze to his mouth properly.

I admire watching the behavior. How to hold chopsticks is very beautiful and beautiful.

"Oh, I see … ….School meal, surely beauty is "taste" is not it? I will keep it in mind. "" Did you ever eat here for the first time? "

"Were you bald?" "I was worried even before the ticket vending machine, I thought maybe … …."

The second semester is already over and students who have never used school meals are unusual.

"Although I was interested a while ago, if I lose my first goal, my feet will be far away. I tried putting courage on thinking that it was a falcate "corner", so it may be somewhat understandable. It is a little courage to go suddenly to facilities that do not show your eyes normally. I am confused because I do not understand the selfishness of the place. Self esteem that regulars do not want to show myself who does not know anything stops in the heart.

At first, I also had resistance to buying drip coffee at convenience stores.

It was because I was not confident that I could make coffee smoothly from a cup containing only ice.

However, trying to open the lid "lid" is surprisingly rare in most cases.

"Well, then we may be able to come to this." "Yes." Then we have a conversation and soon finish meals with school meals.

As it was a latecomer, when students finished eating meals, students of school meals were mostly away. Some students who are blossoming in part of chat and eat slowly also have poppets.

"I will return to the story at the library before, why do not you read here if it is okay?"

That kind of lady with a bag "bag," a name "na", puts it on the table.

Don, and the deep bass echoes like you can not imagine from the appearance.

"Aya" Ayano "Koji" Koji "Kun, have you read any of these?"

I took out four books from my bag. It is reasonable that the bag is heavy.

Elilla Queen in William Irish, Isaac Asimov in Lawrence Block.

"It's a nice choice … …."

None are masterpiece mystery novels of the past.

– I know, I get that, I do.

"I also like the mystery quite a bit." "Oh dear?" I'm so glad that my palms are aligned, and Shiina laughs.

Suddenly, I feel a sense of incongruity in books.

"This is not a book of the library" "It is all private items. Someday, when someone who can talk with similar hobby appears, I try to lend it and carry around. At first it was a book, but it got more and more before the opponent to lend was found. "" Oh, is it? "

"Please do not hesitate, please take with me anything" "Well then ….Ellie Queen who has never read "" Please "Please do it if it is acting, but it does not seem like that.

Because I like pure books, I could only think of actions and gestures.

But in a strange place, it was a strange edge.

Of course, if it is a trap "trap" structured by the C – Class side, it should be wary of it, but this case is probably a complete coincidence.

When I promised to return at a later date, the chime which told the end of the lunch break echoed.

4 After school, I got in touch with my mobile group chat as usual.

"Come if you can come to Zelkea Mall. The usual place "Wave" was such a relaxing chat from "Ru" Aka ".

At the moment when I tried to make a cell phone to reply, a word blade "Yaba" came flying from my neighbors.

"I feel uncomfortable with the face being blunt" "Who" "You. Even if you do not bother to complain, you have a sense of consciousness? "

"I'm confident that at least I'm not nearly satisfied." It is because there is no memory that the mouth corner has gone up.

"Serious" Seriously "beyond me, or is it blurred in the contrary …?Apparently Hori "Hori" Northern "came" apparently realized that I am delighted to see a chat from a friend.

"You too are melting away" is what you blended "Leave such a line and leave the line" Tiel "and Horikita will return home with a bag" bag "in hand.

"It is nearly flat," Of course, it is true that we did not feel bad about contacting from a friend, but if the interpretation that we guessed without permission from my expression was "haiku", it would be a pleasure for Horikita It seems not to be.

I wanted to keep building a batch alliance so much ….

Hurry up and go home and leave the classroom.

If it is an ordinary group, we will multiply the voices in the classroom and head towards the destination, but we do not do that much for our group without compulsion.

Only human beings who want to come to the end gather at the timing when they want to come.

When we arrived at the usual place of Zelkea Mall, we all gathered together.

"Ming" Aki "people" and ", club activities?"

「……Today it is skipping. "" It seems that guys of C-Class also appeared in the archery field. It seems I have not been beaten or beaten, apparently … "

Apparently it seems that some rubbing "everything" happened.

"I do not feel a little bit, so I told my senpai that I should take a rest. I'm quite relaxed 'I'm sorry' It is a declaration that is too honest even if I take a break.

Well, you can not enter this place if you put a "lie" like a bad physical condition.

"It may be awful, seriously, that we should not stop the violence of C-Class soon. There is a problem with club activities, "Why do not you consult sensei once?"

Wave "advises" Ru "Akito", but Akito shook his head.

"I can not do anything when I told you that C-Class is watching. Regardless of where it is off limits, it is free to come and visit the Archery Club. "Even though it is almost rare, there are no problems with repeated visits.

"Is that so? C – Class, really depressing "depression" pottery "Is not it? Oh, that's C-Class. I saw it, I saw it. Well, hateous president ___ ___ 0 Writing words that I do not know from any era, I'm stuck with my elbow "elbow" "armpit" belly "rose" by my side.

"What you see, what?" "What, Kiyopon is eating with the C-Class's vertebra" "Mr." … "… …I see. Were you seen in school food?

Even though it is wide, most people were sprinkling in the second half. It's not funny.

"Love" Ai "village" ri "has been concerned about it all the time and it was spilling polo-poro rice" "Wow! It should have been a promise not to say, Wakuru-chan! "

Right. Well then there is nothing "without it", it is told that it is said that it is not made simple brain that can be forgotten.

However, this one point goes.

It took the gathering today that I must have talked about this story.

"No way, just before Christmas, are you a runaway love person?"

"Is that so? Kiyo" Takashi "Taka". I thought you would not do such a thing like that. "As somewhat angry, Kei" Kei "Makoto" fault "says.

"Sweet, it's too sweet. Men and women end up in love affair after all. Speech is too dasy saying that it is a popular world. The young man of this time is earlier than I expected. "" It's fast, it's fast. We are high school first grade. "" Yeah, it's about 1 year in high school and my first love is too late. When I was in elementary school, some of my classmates were junior and senior high school students and I was a daughter of a high school student. "Such a wave" is a remarkable remark to the shocking remark of "Ru" "Aka" or " It becomes "none".

"I have never heard of it." "It was just that Yukimu had not seen the surroundings. There are many girls who are not interested in classmate childish boy. "I think there is nothing like a childish elementary school student, but I may not know the public as well as education. I just have to correct where I should correct.

"Although it is bad, it's bad, but there is no such story that I floated in that place." "Is that so? Is not she being concealed? "

"You see. I said so, but Wakao does not believe me. "" There was a business to go to the library at lunch break. So I happened to be called "Shi" name. I think that it is the same as Ming "Aki" people "and" Ikusa "stone" Ichigo "in club activities. I was asked variously. It was because I did not want to refuse it and turn on my extra eyes … "

Just like the flow of the story, the more you say it, the more real "Shin" real "taste" taste "increases.

Besides, it is not 噓 "lie".

Although it was an accidental encounter, there is a high possibility that he has made an investigation.

"Aya" Ayano no koji "Koji" was finally marked? Did you not like the thing that is likely to get over by the D – Class so much, the dragon "Ru Yu" garden "the guy" realized again that the damage is spreading besides myself again, the anger "Futan" I will.

But Keiko started thinking about the problem of this time in another direction.

"No, it may not be so. Recently, rumors "rumors" are widespread that there are police agents who are hiding in D – Class? I did not say "I did not care" until now, but it may be because Ryūen traps us. Ayanokōji, what kind of things did you ask Shiina? "

"You are right as I say. I guess I thought it was easy to talk to because I was alone. I had interwoven somewhat different stories, but the policeman asked me some questions about such things. "" Well, that was right. It was not a date, was it? "By nothing related at all, chewing my heart and crawling" below "" Love love "Ai" Sato ".

"But I do not have any clauses that I think, and I can not answer no matter how many times I'm asked. It was hard to be honest. "" Well, I guess I thought it was fun quite well? "

"You can not have a disgusting face on blatant places. It is still a classmate. "Wave" seems to be still dubious, but "Kei" Makoto "fault" seems to switch his head soon .

"Aside from the love affair of Wako, the fact that C-Class is saying is a little worrisome. It seems that he was consulting to "talk about" Susumu "wistful" from "how to tangle" to "moat on rare" and "on the northern" that is "bad." Apparently this is a morning Sudou's conversation She seems to have heard it.

"Are you okay? For Keiko 'Ankoku' Aki 'people' and 'To', Keiko showed a kind of gesture to think.

"Directly nothing at the moment. However, if it says to say that there was nothing to worry about, it will be a "lie"? "As I recalled, Keisuke said that it is anxious.

"There are many opportunities to see C-Class students these days. I did not mind, but no one is also a member of the dragon "Ruyo" garden "En". It probably is very likely that it was probably because I was also attached.

Yes.But, I have not done anything? "

If you do not remember your hand, give a hand to the hike.

"I am also" Wako Ichigo raised his hands to match love "Ai" village "Ri".

Usually I do not think that I am being trained by someone.

Not to mention all of us are memorable.

"It may be that someone is guarded just because I have not noticed it yet like an education." That stalker? Of course, a male poses for girls aiming "variously" problems.

Ryūen may be moving girls if thorough measures are taken.

"Are you guarded? Maybe it could be … …. "

Akito who heard the story talks that there are clauses that have something to consider as bringing his hand to his mouth.

"The time to join you with my club activities is almost slow, is not it?"

"Well, it's after 6 o'clock or 7 o'clock?"

"I was afraid that there were a lot of C-Class students. Even when we gathered at the Kayaki Mall the other day, there was a small "Miya" Miya ". Even now "Akito is one of the heads, and his observational power is sharp.

Wakao tried to look around the blatantly, so Akito stops it.

– Bad idea. You do not know the aim or you do not want to react "If Akito did not stop it I was stopping.

It would be better to avoid acts of increasing extra flames as much as possible.

"Waka is bad" I will not hide, and the wave "Wu" towards the small "miya" Miya "that I'm watching will be poisoned.

"Destiny, is it true? It is said that there are countermeasures hidden in the D-Class "Were not you seriously making Wakuza too, yet it seems to be a half-doubt though it is" not yet ".

"It's useless just to worry about the wave wave. The dragon "Ryuu" garden "en" is unconcerned, and it gets a fake lie. I do not know if such a person really exists or not "Ming" Aki "people" and "I say so, deny from the root of the story.

But Kei Kei "Makoto" Makoto "seems to have thought things in a different way.

"You should have thought of Ryūen. I think that there is such a guy, he should be chasing after us. "Who do you think that there are such people?" "If you do not think so, you do not understand the meaning of this action, do not you?" Akito is not good It did not appear to be convincing.

"It would be nice if Ryūen's thinking had meaning," Akito seems to be doubtful because he has been attached to it several times.

"What do you think of Kiyopon?"

The question that I expected to fly came flying.

"Whether there is a person actually looking for it or not, the reason for the trailing will be that." After finishing listening to each opinion, Wakuza speaks while tying arm.

"Hori" Hori "Kita" came "Not that you are a person who used to work in previous exams, right? Snow? It is a good head. Actual tests are always top notch. "" I have not done anything. Deserted Island also says sighs sigh while reflecting that it is a miserable story that it is also a "dog" support and "the test was just being swayed".

"If it is high," like this "yen" er, "Temple" じ じ く ん と ん か. My personality is like that, but my mental brightness "Mega" Shiki cough "Motor nerve pulling out" The group "Kun" It is not it. That character, as Wako Haku says. Do you look like a guy who moves for class? "

The lack of coordination is far from "Harukita" rather than Horikita, because it goes through the clouds.

"But, that is why it is a fake." "Break" is "heaven" like "rough" Like this character is making a character? "

"The true figure is a calm deposit maker … ….[ない] /out of/

Everyone shakes their heads all at once.

"Absolutely not. He is a prickly guy. "Because the relationship is also long, the student Koenji is sure to have a thing that is incredible.

"Even if you exclude personality from the very beginning, the possibility of a high-ranking yen" en "Temple" is a very low possibility of a master's degree "is included, and Kei" Kei "Makoto" Fuji "says.

"He retired the Deserted Island test on the first day. In other words, the battle station should have not been seen at all. If there is a platform other than Hori "Hori" north "at the time of Deserted Island, it will not happen." "Oh alright. It is persuasive, is not it? "" But this story is a completely memorable "measure". Because it is based on the assumption that the master really exists as the dragon "Ryo" garden "En". It talks about if it involves all "all" tests. Even if it existed, it may not have been out of the entrance examination of Deserted Island. It's all about speculation. " It certainly is true. "" But I certainly think that the guy is in the class, "" Why do you think so? "Suspicious Ming" Aki "people" and " .

"Somehow. If it says strongly "D – Class has made a breakthrough" so far as it has been said, it is a place. Why can not the Ryūen-kun decide that the master is not Horikita? "Because it is unknown to anyone, the conversation stops for a moment.

"Maybe the flat" Hira "is" Do you not care? " Surely at the time of Deserted Island, I did not say anything like that I received advice from Mr. Horikita. "" Actually is that what Hirata was telling you? "

"I can not tell the guy to do such a thing, is it absolutely impossible to say it?" The person who eventually came out as a promising candidate was Hirata.

"Well, Hirata is definitely watching Ryūen" "It looks like a lot of trouble … It's been marked by about 10 people." Normally there is no momentary moment of rest, if you are monitored by such an adult population.

As Akito is attached to Ishi "Ishi" Saki "Zaki", someone sticks to Hirata and it marks it, but it is Hirata student who does not negotiate with it.

I see the figure that would be taking care of the opponent who must be knocked down.

I have not had any contact with Hirata recently.

It is true that movement is restricted in situations where Ryūen et al. Are exploring.

There is no need to impart meaningless bait.

"Nee, hey Qing" Kiyo "Takashi" Taka "Kun" Ai "village" Ri "who was listening to everyone's story tranquilly opened my mouth.


"I want you to listen carefully, but ……Perhaps the countermeasure is about Kiyotaka-kun? "

In such words, the remaining three people have been watching me all at once.

"Why did you think so?"

"Well, because that … …Kiyo "Takashi" Taka "is always calm, head good … …It's dependable, so ……I thought he advised Hori "Hori" Kita "Kimita" variously …. "

"Did Kiyopon score on the test good?"

"I am remembering that there is neither possible nor impossible" Keiki and Keisuke Kei "Kei" Makoto "Sei".

Love that is unknown to nature or even backstage between classes "Ai" village "ri" would be a bad voice.

"Sorry. Somehow, I thought so … …If it is aimed at the dragon "Ryo yu" garden "oen" by reason of advice without noticing, it is sad "scary" thought "it seems" … "

"Sorry, I am the side who always receives advice from Horikita." "Ma Ma Kiyopon has some mysterious elements as well. Whether you are in the vicinity of Mr. Horikita or not, may the situation be suspected only by the situation? "" That kind of thing ….I guess. "I was directly invited to the name of" Shiina "" A "Ming" Aki "who was negative to the existence of the master itself reaches a single conclusion.

"There certainly is a clause that doubts Aya" Ayano "Koji" Koji ". Even if there is no master in fact, there is a line that I thought that there are unscrupulous countermeasures by being in the side of Horikita "soba"? "

"If so, it will be a disaster Kiyopon" "……Really "" intuition "Difference" thorough "Is it a thorough mark from Ryūen? Just imagining depression "depression" ceramics. If you have any troubles, do not hesitate to consult me. "Akito said that and put his hand on my shoulder.

– Yes. I will do it. "However, it can not be said that it will stay constant as it is forever.

Ryūen always launches a total attack at the timing judged as an opportunity.

5 After school the next day. I relaxed my weird stiff shoulders and sighed so that nobody seemed to understand.

The cause of the stiff shoulders is that the behavior of someone in the class was incomprehensible.

There was no reason to leave such a troublesome thing like "Yoshi", an unexpected visitor came close to me.

Hirari and skirt sway in the wind and stop walking in front of you.

"Hey Ayanokōji-kun. Today's my free time? "

That's why I'm calling D – Class' s women 's girlfriend' s wisteria.

"If good, why do not you come home with tea together?"

Crossing with the index finger of the left hand says while wrapping the hair like pasta.

What, boldness ……I must say that he is a positive student.

Does this student say "Saito" Fuji "Uta" confessed to me before? I am doing something like.

It would be like a date invitation.

Next neighbor resident Hori "Hori" Kita "came" does not seem to care and goes out of the classroom and finishes the classroom, but Aya "Ayano" path "Koji" group members are quite aware of the situation I feel like I am.

Why is Ikaike girl Satō talking to Ayanokōji? exactly?

Especially the wave "is" Ru "" Add "or" I wonder if there are other girls in the neighborhood and I'm curiously curious.


Today there are no schedule in particular. You do not have to worry because group gatherings are not mandatory participation. I am also concerned about the gaze from the members, but that is trivial "fine".

"Did you feel bad?"

Satō got a little uneasy to hear that a good reply did not come back soon.

"Bad. Today is a little "I was worried a little, but decided to refuse in the end.

The reason is due to the shoulder becoming stiff.

From the morning of today I have been to school after school "until the occasional eyes were uncomfortable.

Even at this moment talking to Satō the line of sight was also always pointed to me.

Tea "Chi" pillar "Bahara" Bashira keeps remaining in the classroom after school.

The person himself was pale "Tan", "Tan" and was handling the remaining paperwork, but it was obvious that I was watching me while faking.

Make me feel like I want to touch somewhere.

"Well, that's right. See you again Ayanokōji – kun 'Bad' It 's bad for Satō I made you' bold ', but I have no luck.

In the form of being sent out to Satō, I left for the corridor to return.

This solves the problem …Instead of immediate danger comes close at hand.

It is because Chabashira sensei who left the classroom at almost the same time followed.

Have you had any errands as before?

It seems that it was correct by refusing the invitation of Satō.

I dared to avoid the corridor of the classroom which was conspicuous, headed to the staircase one roundabout towards the entrance.

「……Ayanokōji "When popularity diminished, Chabashira sensei stuffed the distance and cried.

"Is it something for me?" "Oh. About me. There is a talk. "" It is a difficult consultation. I have an appointment from now that Hori "Hori" has come "north" "I try to escape with a suitable 噓" lie ".

"I do not want to do carelessly as a teacher, but there are circumstances that can not be done." Tea "Chiaya" pillar "Bashira" sensei who always does not want to show emotion showed an unusual and bearish expression.

"I do not feel pretty good." "I am sorry, but I have no right to refuse. It is a very important story. "I do not want to keep up with it, can not it be impossible for a teacher to obey instructions?

Somewhat resistance is impossible ", I decided to follow Chabashira sensei.

A place where I left the area where my students are and came and came.

"Reception room? Would you bother to talk about it in such a place? "It will be quick for career counseling." "I understand it at once" I tried tea "Chi" and "I", but it seems that he will not answer the students' questions at the most.

But the thing to worry about is the Chabashira sensei first than the other side of the door.

Should I say that I am restless and somewhat impatient?

Even if the other party on the other side of the door is the person I imagined, it is strange that my attitude is blatantly upset to this point. Regardless of the teacher who usually lacks calmness, Chabashira sensei does not apply to that category.

Without noticing this question, Chabashira sensei knocked the door of the room.

"Principal sensei. Aya "Ayano" pathway "Koji" "Kiyoshi" Kiyo "Takashi" Taka "I brought you" principal, is it? It seems unrelated to students like me from admission to graduation.

"Please go in." Soft "Yawara" It seems to me that a voice to feel the age of penetration "Rukuro" "Ruku" was heard, Chabashira sensei opened the door of the drawing room.

Around 60 men were sitting on the sofa and sitting. I have seen it several times in the entrance ceremony and the closing ceremony, it is definitely the principal of this school. However, I could not afford that expression and I was sweating on my forehead. And another person in the other side. I am convinced.

I wonder what what "late" was called here.

"Well, afterwards we will talk with you two people … …Do you mind? "" Of course. "" I will remove the seat, so please slowly. I am sorry. "The man sitting opposite the principal is in his 40's. Clearly despite the fact that the age is nearly two in the past, the principal touched his torment "Toru" Toru "Toru" tied lowly and escaped, leaving his territory behind.

"Well then I will excuse myself … …"

Chabashira sensei also bows to the man and leaves the room with the principal.

I did not miss that the gaze that I saw lastly was swimming.

When closing the door, only the sound of the heating motion is small and it resonates in the ear.

When this word did not go out and it did not move, the man quietly spoken words.

"How about sitting down first? I bother went out of my way "a year, no … …The voice of a man listening for the first time in a year and a half.

Both tone and tone are the same as before.

I did not want something changed here either.

"I do not plan to talk long as I sit. After this I have an appointment with a friend. "" With friends? Don't make me laugh. There will not be such an existence in you. "Although I was not watching my life, I will decide it.

I am convinced that I am absolutely Masayoshi this manly.

"Whether you do not talk with me here or not will not affect anything ahead", "If you think you can expect me the answer I want? In that case you do not have to talk. Here we are also sewing busy intervals. "Without turning their attention to this, the man came trying to lead conclusions so.

"I do not know the answer that you wish." "We have already prepared a withdrawal notification. Even the principal talked to me earlier. Afterwards it is over if you say yes. "[# Illustration (13.jpg) Enter] If this is the case that this is a misdemeanor" Maa "or" am ", the man immediately cut out the main subject.

"There is no reason to drop out of school" "You may be so. But it is not so for me. "Here the man turned his eyes towards me for the first time.

Its sharp eyestrain seemed to be increasingly sharp every year, not only from the viewpoint of fade "calmness".

Many people have been attacked by the sensation that seems to be able to see through to the back of the heart at the eyes like "Hitomi" like "Ken" and "Yukinare" "Mashed blade" I will take it here from the top.

"Would you hope the child's hope, if anything, by the unilateral circumstances of your parents?"

"Parent? Is there something you once recognized that you are a parent to me? "" There is no certainty "as a problem in the first place, it is doubtful whether this guy thought that I was my son.

They probably only remember that they are only parents and children of each other.

There is nothing to do with whether blood circulation is on or not.

"As a premise, you have caused arbitrary behavior. I should have told you I was on standby. "No longer sitting and urging" Wow, "the man cut out so. And continue.

"I broke the order and entered this school. It is natural that you should order to drop out immediately. "" It was the story of the White Room that your order was absolute. I just left there, there is no need to listen to instructions. "A brief explanation of logic. But the man naturally does not agree.

"It is something that has become a tongue" shadow "with a certain amount of" minus "while looking at a little. Is it still the influence of a shitty school? "頰" cheek "With the cane" attached ", the man saw me with eyes like seeing filths.

"Would you rather answer the question just now?" "Does it mean you have no need to listen to useless questions?" You belong to me. It goes without saying that the owner has the right to "all". I will decide whether to live or kill. "In this rule of law, a man is seriously saying so that sexual" quality "is bad.

I do not know how much I'm going to "I do not care", but I do not intend to drop out. "I do not quit despairing" or "I do not quit, it is clear that it is a parallel line all the time.

A man who dislikes the idle story can not be unaware of it.

Then what to do. Of course I will come up with the next hand.

"Pine that taught you the existence of this school and entered Chie for enrollment" Matsu "Male" Oh is not wondering what you are doing "

"Separately" is a familiar name, I immediately remember my face.

"The guy was a shudder who left the management of you for a year, but it was against the last of the last employer." Do not talk about it at once and speak with a break.

By doing so, I will engrave deeply the contents of the opponent and plant awareness that important conversation will start.

By mixing heavy tone and heavy gaze, the side told a story thinks in a negative direction arbitrarily what it is. What kind of terrible things did you do?

"As a method of escaping from under management, I taught you the existence of this school and ignored the real father's intention and proceeded to admission process without permission. It 's really foolish "It is sad." Take a cup of tea from the school side, including a bite.

"It is an act of being outrageous and unforgivable. It is obvious that we have to receive the reporter's response "It does not mean" threatening ", but it seems that she talks without feeling about the fact that might have happened.

"I guess you already have imagination, but guy is disciplined with my hands" Opinion "___ ___ ___ 0 ___ ___ 0 ___ ___ 0 It is a judgment "The man named Matsu" Matsu "male" Oh "who was doing my deputy was a person near the age of 60.

Very complicated and friendly. It was a man like any child.

Matsuo got married at a young age, but he could not give children internally and was given the first child after 40 years old. But as a price he lost his wife unfortunately. I remember that the age of a child brought up by one hand was the same age as me and repeatedly said that he was a proud son more than anyone.

Matsuo said that she was excited about studying everyday, as she never met the son directly, because she became great and would return her gratitude to her father. The smile at that time is still burning to memory.

"You will also know. Presence of a son who is proud of Matsuo "When I thought about this without permission, I poked it as I had seen.

"As you decided to enter this school, Matsuo's son also entered the well-known private high school by fulfilling the test of difficulties. I used to work hard alone. "

"But, I am leaving now" The meaning of that word is simple.

Although avoiding direct expression, it means that I canceled my son's admission as punishment.

This guy has that power.

– And then? Did the man like you alone do it? "Mr. Matsuo's son is a strong child of" core "" Shin "" It is a kind of gentleman ". Even though I graduated from a secondary school that I was wishing for, my sexual root did not go bad. It seems that he tried to restart by entering another high school soon. So I decided to do my best as well. I crushed "thoroughly" the destination I went to where my son was going, and made me give up "Akira" to go on to higher education. Matsu "Matsu" male "Oh" too. I rigged the bad reputation of the guy and thoroughly sealed up re-employment. As a result my son lost his job and it was unemployed. "It is said that Matsuo and his son got lost on the street due to my selfish doing things.

It is not a fictional story but "all" facts.

But if you just report such a trivial thing, it's really beating.

"You will not be surprised too much if you do so. A certain amount of compensation is inevitable because it was against the employer. But Matsuo seems to have thought more than imagined. A gentle man who was originally responsible. He who had lost his wife young and raised his son with one man, suffered from suffering that his misbehaving action took away the future of his son "Uba". I drew up one conclusion to save my son. As a remuneration, I suddenly committed suicide burned last month after I'm sorry "I wish" not to give my son any more. "What the man who said it long it seems like.

It was my connection to the tragedy that my selfish action took away the lives of others.

"Now my son earns a wage only to live my daily life at a byte point that I do not even need to guarantee tomorrow. There is neither a dream nor hope. "" Because of you, the family encountered a sad "hit" miserable "eyes. My son is surely struggling, "It will not be a deadly permissible problem" So what? When I was waiting for the next word, the man was "slightly" squatting, but he lifted his mouth.

"You look after yourself, you seem to be not as curious as a dead man. You will regret your Matsuo if you look at the attitude of yourself who has kept pushing back and forth of himself. "Is it neta or something?

This man is the reason why Matsuo and his son got lost at the road head, and chose to die.

There is nothing to regret for dead people in the first place.

But the aim of the man is not to drive my sense of guilt.

And I did not want to draw sympathy.

I just wanted to show it.

If you make yours mad, you will not "forgo" pardon ". I just wanted to tell you about it.

"There is no proof that your story is true as a premise," Matsuo's death notification has already been accepted. Let's get a resident card if necessary "It is bullish if you say it anytime.

"If you really died, you still can not leave school. I understand that you can be punished for you and inherit Matsuo 's will which I let you admit me here "Playfully return it to the playful content.

"It is unusual as" an appalling "minute" Kiyo "Ki" Takashi "Taka" So you do not know the feeling that the man wants to say.

This guy's instruction ……To be precise, I always followed the instruction of the White Room.

It is because I was doing it all "out" the world.

However, the only failure of a man would have been a one-year blank.

"There was something during the blank year. What made your decision to enter this school "And because the man also noticed, I will pursue.

"You may have done the best education" indeed. Even if it is such a way that you can not face the world, I will not deny the White Room itself. So I'm not planning to talk to other people about the past, or something like "true" or "something" that is depressed. However, you chased too much for your ideals. The result is that I am now. "I am a sophomore in high school. Age is 16 years old. But in terms of knowledge my learning volume has exceeded the amount that people learn over the lifetime of Haruka "Haru". That is why I noticed something I noticed. People 's quest for inquiry springs indefinitely "come out" and come.

"You taught us various things. Needless to say pure academic academy, there are no other people in martial arts, self – defense arts, journalism and "Kiyo". That's why I said I wanted to learn that "you are a secular world" that you truncated when it's crappy. "" Is it because the conclusion that you drew out of the house was "tied"? "

"Did you learn the same thing as this school by staying in the White Room? What is freedom, what is the meaning of not being "bound"? It can not be learned at that place. "Only this part is undeniable to this guy.

Although the White Room may be one of the facilities that nurtures human beings most efficiently among the world, it does not mean we can learn all of this world. It is a facility that cuts out what is considered unnecessary to the limit.

"Matsu" pine "Male" Oh "said to me. Only in Japan, this school can escape from your hands "If you choose this school and wait as instructed, or if you choose another choice, I would have returned to the White Room again. I strongly refuse to drop out.

"Though it is not understood, it seems that we have no choice but to accept the situation. It was a failure to suspend the facility temporarily before the plan was completed. It 's not too bad that the plan over the past 16 years is likely to crumble in a year. And abhorrently I will escape to this school and escape from my hands. "As a man, I also know that the temporary interruption of the White Room was a disinterest.

That is why he is trying to pull me back stronger. However, it seems that there is something behind that it touched "it" over a half year or more. Is the big game also in the back of this school?

"I understood the reason why you came here. But it is a sweet story if you think that it was solved. Like the son of Matsu "Matsu" male "O", I can also learn this school "by brushing" "You can intervene at this school where the government breathed you now I can not think "" what "" late "It can be said that way. There is no evidence that there is no basis. "" First of all, there are no bodyguards that you always walk with. Because you are buying grudge "Ura" from here and there, you should not let go of that existence. But there were no "guys" in this room and in the hallway as well. "The man again took a cup and drank the rest of the tea that would have already been tepid.

"There is no bodyguard at all while visiting a high school at all." "A man walking along the escort to the toilet can not do such a thing" I am "like that. You should see that you could not bring him like you brought in. It is that the powerful person of this school did not allow it. "And if you do not follow it, the man would not have been admitted to enter here.

"Do not lack grounds." "Next, if you are forced to quit, you should be running without saying the fifth five. Even so, I will not do it and I'm about to drop out of my way through dialogue. It is a funny story, "Matsuo 's son should not have a direct conference but he' s got the iron" tsubo "鎚" tinge ".

And one more. At this school you can predict that it is not a lot of an enemy land, if you are told by the world that you forcibly moved … your ambition ……Do not you think comeback will also go out forever? "

「……Is that Matsuo's Chie? Even if I die, I still cling to me. "" Matsuo's mouth did not seem to be enough, "though it was not heard from Matsuo in more detail, but I can infer it without permission.

Matsuo would have known that this guy can not be stopped by half-hearted things.

"The same as the impact of the disruption in facilities, but I found another problem. Even if you intend to discipline as "rebellious period" to say how perfect "Kan" is perfect "Petty" it would be equivalent to what you call "rebellious period" "human beings" that is what happens to human beings In education at least 15 years old, DNA that has been engraved from it can not resist.

"Why do individuals like you are out of the way. You should know from the beginning that there is no point in learning something unnecessary. "" Do not get excited, and decide your own path yourself. It is only because I thought so. "" It's silly. There is nothing in this world such as more than the one I prepared. You should be beyond me to move Japan. I do not understand why. "" It's a story inside of you "" It seems that it will not be a talk of course "" Oh. It is the same opinion. "It is a parallel line no matter how far it goes. There is no such thing as a conviction going down.

"The White Room has already been restarted. This time it is a perfect "perfect" plan that does not get in the way. I am preparing just to get back the delay. "" If you already have your intention, you have a lot of people. Why are you stuck with me? "" The plan surely resumed and it is going well. However, it seems that the word 'taiko' as long as you can not have appeared yet '' 噓 'lie' but because it is a parent and child, the word does not seem to come out "" When you said such a boring sound, it resonates in your heart Well that's not it.

"The last word is Ki" Kiyo "Takashi" Taka ". You should consider it after considering it. I leave this school with my will and forcibly with my parents. Which is your hope? "

Apparently this guy really wants to withdraw my hand and I can not help it.

I do not know what kind of hands I'm planning to use but I do not feel like listening.

「……Are not you planning to go back? "The men quickly reached a conclusion as long as continuing silence.

"I do not know if you have salvation, but I do not mean to abandon" leave "what I learn. Different policies, this school is still fostering talented people. You are expecting there. "" It is stupid. You do not understand at all what place this school is. This is nothing but a hut of the crowd of the crown. You should also be in your class, the unbelievable bottom side "" the base? And vice versa. It is a place where one answer might be found asking whether human beings are equal or not. I think that it is quite an interesting policy. "" Does not incompetence become able to stand on the same ring as genius? "

"I want you to be there" "It seems that I want to resist my policy anywhere" "The story is good at the end. It should have noticed that this story will "follow" the parallel line forever. "Knock flew into the drawing room at the timing when it showed the intention to cut it up.

I heard a voice saying "I will be rude", a man whose doors are opened slowly and appears to be in their forties revealed their appearance.

Before the unexpected visitor, the man 's facial expression was "slightly" stupid.

How have you been? Aya "Ayano" "Koji" Koji "sensei" The man who appeared to say so slowly lowered his head. As it seems, his subordinates and his boss are.

「……Saka "Saka" Yanagi "Yanagi". It is a nostalgic face with a lot of mischievous minutes. It's been 7 or 8 years. "" Do you take over from the father's position as chairman, will it be about it again? It is an early thing "Saka" Saka "Yanagi" Yanagi "? I feel a sense of incompatibility with the surname of a man who gave in his name a president who is in front of me.

It would be unreasonable to associate with Sakayanagi who is enrolled in A – Class.

"You are Aya" Ayano "Koji" Koji "sensei's … …Kiyo "Kiyo" Takashi "Taka", was not it. Nice to meet you "When you call out to me, you are a director who stood a bit headed to me who was standing.

Good day. I have finished talking about this and I will return. "" Oh, can I wait for a while? I want to talk a little with Ayanokōji sensei. "I can not refuse to a third party, much more by the president of this school.

"Sit, sit down" and say that and sit down on the sofa. The chairman sat down next to me.

"The principal asked the story. I was going to want him to drop out. "If he is a man who succumbs to power, I may be forced into a cold state" uchi ".

"That's it. The school side needs to carry out immediately as the parent wants it. "How will the president of Sakayanagi return in response to the words of the man?

In the other place "yo" place "that" worry, catching the eye of the man "Takara" Sakayanagi the president said.

It wasn't that. Certainly parents of the students have a big voice. Sometimes your child's opinion is not respected if parents are anxious to drop out. However, it is a story of considering various reasons. As an example, if there are facts such as extremely bad assault is received, the story will be different. Is there such a fact, Kiyotaka-kun "" There is absolutely nothing "" It is a farce. This is another thing that makes a problem. It is only saying that "I am going to leave a high school I entered without my parent's permission." "High school is not compulsory education. It is up to you what school your child goes to. Of course, if it is necessary for parents to pay educational expenses such as "accompanying to go on to higher education", it does not pass. At least in this school the government is responsible for the full amount so there is no anxiety material due to the amount. The autonomy of the students will be given top priority. "It seems that it is a matter of course, but it was a thankful word.

At the same time one point goes. Matsu "Matsu" Male "Oh" said that "This school can escape from the White Room" remarks may be related to the presence of this man. I talk about what I thought without fear of things "things" to my father. And it is effective.

There was as much confidence as the principal who succumbed to power before.

"You changed, too. Where you went when you agreed with me before "" I still respect Ayanokōji sensei. However, I am going through the trace "after" because I agree with the idea of ​​this school my father made. Is not Ayanokōji sensei the most familiar? There has not been any change in policy since my father's day. "" I do not mean to deny your way of doing things. It is also good to inherit the will of the father. However, if so, I let him enter this school with what "lost" late "Kiyo" "Takashi Taka" "There seems to be a doubt in a man," said Saka "Sayaka" Yanagi "Yanagi" the president I started pursuing.

"why. I judged it as worthy of passing as a result of the interview and the exam. "" Do not let it go. I heard that this school is different from the general one. Originally Kiyotaka could not have been eligible. I know that interviews and tests are ornaments. "The expression of Sakayanagi, who had a refreshing smile on his face, changed.

「……Although it may be said that "I tried to retire" the line, Aya "Ayano" pathway "Koji" sensei. It is well known that you are "knowledge", "" It is supposed to be secretly recommended to this school. And it is decided to pass certainly at that time. If you turn backwards, the students who are not nominated should not fail if they are "all" like "what" like "what". Maybe you disagree.

Originally, it seems to me that only students are talking about things they never heard.

"The existence of Kiyotaka can not be in the selection. In other words, it is funny if it does not pass. " yes, that's right! Originally his existence was not on the admission list. If there are unexpected applications from students who are not on the list, they are rejecting everything. As a camouflage for that, we are conducting interviews and examinations. But only he was judged by my own judgment and allowed admission. I may have brought him back, but now I am an important student to keep with me. I have an obligation to protect the students of this school. There is something that can not be said to be a request of sensei. The man sprained and spoke to me from the president Sakayanagi, as long as he did not talk to himself "as long as he does not say" as long as he does not speak ".

However, Sakayanagi president continues the words.

"I will not ignore your parents' opinions. If you wish to withdraw, I will talk with three people repeatedly with Kiyotaka-kun and the school side and talk about it until it is satisfactory. "Virtually eliminated completely.

I guess you can see that there is no longer any technique to manage a man in this place any more.

"Certainly you can not push through your field. But in that case, I will only change my mind. "" What are you planning on doing? I will be doing too much rough truth "or" ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ "" I know. I am going to put some pressure on my head. "It was also a manifestation that the man specializing in ability at that point did not do it.

"It will not be a problem for Kiyotaka to leave school based on school rules." "Well, I promise. I will not treat you as special because I am a son of sensei. "" It seems the story has ended. I will excuse myself "The man rises from the sofa.

"When will we be able to meet next?" "I will never see you again at least," "I will let you see me off" "I do not want you" to a man who refuses to see me off.

"If you talk about your parents, you do not think you will go to school several times?"

"A place like this is enough only once" So good left, the man walked away from the drawing room.

I could use a drink. As usual there is a sensei and the place is getting excited. I wonder if you will have trouble too? "

Only "I do not think" as usual is coming out.

When I got alone, a little calm down the slope "Saka" Yanagi "Yanagi" the president has turned a warm eye.

"I have known you for a long time. I never talked directly, but I was always watching over the glass. sensei often praised you well. "" Is that so? That helped solve the problem. "" Karakuri? ……What do you mean? "

– No, it's ok baby, I got it. More than that, Mr. Sakayanagi president. Perhaps he is enrolled in A – Class ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ It is my daughter. "" Is that true? "" Oh, because I was a daughter I did not make it an A-Class? I am doing the judgment fairly. "" I do not doubt it. I just listen to it. 'With this, I feel that he understands a little mystery "mystery" why he knows me.

This guy's daughter is not strange.

"Although it is OK to the extent that you can answer, there is something the man mentioned earlier about ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ Wonder?"

Right. Aya "Ayano no Koji" Koji "It is what sensei says. This school allows junior high school students nationwide to enroll only for students who have made a preliminary survey and decided that they deserve "belonging to our school". Every year we are working together with administrators of each junior high school. As a result, the students are now gathering. Interviews and entrance examinations are just formal decorations. In order to joke in interview, students' enrollment is confirmed to take 0 points in the exam. Naturally from the whole country students who wish to enter the university will apply for admission, but it is a pretense test to drop all "all" out there. "So in order to take 100 points, I completed an interview" perfect "interview" Will it be dropped to do so to you?

I can not confirm the truth to the dropped student side.

I am satisfied with this. Past problems like the students who are inferior in academic ability such as Susumu "Fuji" like "Ike" and Ike "Sake" and light "Karu" Well "Sawa" Sawa "and Ping" Hirata " Even the students who have the entrance can enter.

General common sense and academic ability are secondary evaluations for this school.

"In the case of you, as soon as I decided to enroll, what I passed my decision was passed. Even having taken 50 points in all the written exams had no effect on the success or failure "It is a very unique school.

Perhaps until now, there would have been no such school in Japan.

"You and Aya" Ayano "Koji" Koji "sensei will be wondering. I wonder if this school, which is led by the country, is not judging by what the "late" why "total strength is high. But, it surely will come to know. I wonder what kind of training policy we are aiming for and what kind of effect will be produced "Saka" Saka "Yanagi" Yanagi "The confidence overflowed from the president.

「……The talk "Rainbow" has been rinsed. But I can not tell you any more. You are a student who entered this school and I am the one who oversees it. "Still speaking it was because I was in a special position that I was aiming for that man.

"I will protect the students in the rules as the responsible person of the school. You know what I mean? "

If you can not keep it in the rules, you can not help it.

「Of course。 I will generally understand what the man seems to do. "In order to drive me out of this school, the options that I can take are very limited.

"Excuse me with this." "Yeah. Good luck, "he sent me so, I left the drawing room.

When I left the drawing room, I saw the appearance of the tea "Chi" pillar "Bashira" sensei waiting for the discussion to end at a short distance from there. I bowed and tried to pass by, I started walking in keeping pace.

"How was your face with your father?" "It is useless to put a bad idea. I have understood everything already. "… ….What did you understand? "

"Chabashira sensei. Most of what you said to me was "lie" "What are you talking about" "I'm going to hurt, but I can see it in my attitude, but I'm showing in my attitude" The way of choosing blurring and words is slightly "stupid", but Kanji is different from usual.

The appearance is killing the emotion to the limit, but still it is not able to hide the ups and downs.

[# Illustration (14.jpg) Enter] "That man is not touching tea" Chiya "pillar" Bashira "sensei. Naturally, I am not even pressing to drop out. "" No, your father has asked me for cooperation. Indeed, as I taught you, you should have dropped out of school. "My father has indeed pressured on me to drop out. However, it is the first time that I entered this school and I can tell by watching the attitude. I could not refute because there was no confirmation, but contacting one teacher is a funny story.

"Let's stop misunderstanding" or "Let's stop it." Saka "Saka" Yanagi "Yanagi" The president told us all "all." When I was decided to enter the entrance, what I was talking to you "" … ….Did you talk, Chairman? "I laugh thinly.

At that moment Chabashira sensei understands that he took a blunder.

"Aya" Ayano no Koji "Koji", you put a bear …? "

Yeah. The president did not say anything about Chabashira sensei. However, it became obvious that "___ Tsuna ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ 0

"From now I will tell you my reasoning. First of all I brought my entrance hope to this school, so Sakayanagi president, who knows me from a long time, moved on its own. And at the same time as deciding to enroll, you decided to assign to D – Class. I decided to put it in D – Class anywhere else because the tea "Chiya" pillar "Bahara" sensei was a teacher who did not show strong interest in face – up class conflict. The homeroom teachers I have seen so far had strong motivation to improve even one class. "If you are assigned to a class that I am not good at giving up, the chances of getting more attention will increase.

"However, there was only one miscalculation in the slope" Saka "or" Yanagi "Yanagi" the president. It is the fact that the homeroom teacher of D-Class, which seems to be lethargic and loving to the class, was indeed hidden in the desire to actually raise to A-Class, a person-by-one, "" ………… "

Chabashira sensei can not answer anything and listens silently.

It was probably because it knew that it would be revealed inadvertently arguing.

That's why I did not hold back and made words wild.

So to find out one more thing.

"You stick to the A-Class strangely. However, until now, I could not get the opportunity because I was blessed with my students. So I sent my everyday saying "Tan" without delaying that feeling. Maybe you disagree.

Chabashira sensei had been trying to keep an eye on him differently.

"The words of Chabashira sensei that denies" Aya "Ayano's path" "Koji" that you memorize "keep" is "weak" is weak, without "awkwardness".

"This year the irregular name of me came out accidentally, the situation was different from usual year. There were many students who had difficulty in character but the grains were "uniform". It is a comb "comb" "high" in the moat "Hori" north "high", "yen" er "temple", flat "hira" rice field ". Students are able to aim at the upper class as long as they can carry on. I also want to expect. If so, it would not be amazing to burn the sealed ambience again. It is easy to understand if you recall the remark of "Miya" Miya "of the star" Hoshi "who came from" getting involved "when you entered the university" Chabashira that you want to rise to A – Class to old – age familiar Hoshinomiya I knew my true heart.

Her words tell us that she is not aiming for "lowering" Kokuto "Koku" upper "Jiyou".

"And now, no matter how I get rude words and attitudes, you can only swallow it in this place. If you think that the president is told to watch me and I want to make it a weapon to go up to the A-Class, I can not drown my eyes to violence here "In fact, listen to it I can not do with Chabashira sensei.

"While wishing to go up to the A-Class, you can not afford to take this opportunity to you who is in charge of the D-Class for a million years. I decided to use my presence until I followed my father 's lie that I had contacted my father. That is the reason for contacting me, and Horikita was only the frame used for that. However, things are not so simple. "Originally I had no ambition, I had no intention of aiming at A-Class from the beginning.

The first special exam at Deserted Island has opened for me with the existence of me who hardly takes action.

"If things continue to open water to other classes after the start of the special exam, it will be impossible to overtake them. The impatient you took out the story told the president to keep it secret. It's a tough idea. "From that point on, D-Class has won with a certain degree of success.

But miscalculation will occur. My father finally got in touch with the school.

And at this moment of the day, the truth of all "all" and the lie "lie" presented "dew".

"You're going to keep me down, but you are already held backwards." "……I see. The director should be special. Your bowl is not that of a first year high school student. I thought that the idea had already exceeded the age range "Wah" or not "I breathed, I nodded" nodded "and admitted it.

「……Come on, admit it… Certainly I am not acquainted with your father "I lost the attitude that I kept keeping protecting on my life" fault ".

"But what do you do with the fact that you can drop out if you care for it? It is also possible to stick out to the school side as making a serious violation of the rules. You definitely want to avoid dropping out? "

To come here and to intensify further threats "Odori".

"I want to say that the result does not change, regardless of the process." "That's it." "I'm sorry, but I was convinced. You can not drop out of me. "" …Would you like to hear the reason for that conclusion? "I calm down the regrettable tone and return it to its original form.

Originally the feelings were not swaying at all.

It is because it has only been demonstrating to make sense of the true meaning of tea "Chi" pillar "Bahara" sensei.

"This is the situation. Perhaps the current D – Class has maintained good results seen in rare "rare" in recent years. Hori "Hori" North "I came" and other students started to put their strength little by little. I can never rise to A-Class even if my cooperation is gone. "Up to this point the D-Class has been upsetting the superclass" I'm going "further, coming up to overtake the C-Class There.

No, at the moment it is internally reversed.

However, if you drop out of school, the target will naturally go away.

It means that Chabashira sensei is in a situation where it can not be handled out.

"Even if I descend from the stage, Chabashira sensei keeps fighting as long as there is hope." It is impossible for man to throw away hope with his own hands.

"So, you will be released," Now that you know "all" "all", do you release "aiming at A-Class"?

Of course abandon. There is no way that sensei who wishes to use me to go up to A – Class has a connection with the father behind the school. In other words, there is no need to keep "shy".

"At least I think that my turn is over," but he did not deny it completely.

If there is hope, people follow.

While knowing that it is infinitely close to 0, it makes me want to believe the possibility.

Tea "Chi" pillar "Bahara" sensei stops walking.

"Tentatively, please watch him now quietly. If you come into contact with me for further reasons based on personal emotions, it will hurt the students' heads.

"Why would I know if I am nothing" Mumu "tea" Chi ", but if you do not release you" "Is it an option to die with ambition? It's not a clever choice. "" Let's change the question. When there is no hope from me, do not you think that there is no guarantee that you will not train you? "

"Certainly, there is a possibility to drop the Class Point rapidly in the future. If that happens, there will be no hope. Well then I do not mind. If you try not to listen to it, do not hesitate to do it.

"However, I will be aware that the position of a teacher is not absolutely guaranteed," but it is just a threat "odor", but at least Chabashira sensei who knows internal circumstances will have certain effects .

I did not seem to find any words that I could throw against me leaving the spot.

There was nothing impressed by the reunion with his father, but it was a big harvest day.

It means that there is no longer any need to help get to A – Class any more.

Whatever this dragon "Ruyo" garden does, there is no need for me to be involved in the D – Class.

On that, it is said that there was no disadvantage here where the light "karu" well "い" "沢" ざ わ "came about.

Of course, if Karuizawa 's bra "waxing" "like", or if I betray it my presence will be "show off", but until then.

Even if it is pursued by Ryūen, if I do not do anything for D – Class after that, it will end with a gray judgment.

6 Roadside trees at dusk.

Raise your neck and exhale, the white smoke crosses overhead and disappears faintly.

Every time I exhale from the "cold" mouth or nose, it makes me funny when the breath has come out, it disappears and it disappears repeatedly.

It tends to forget because the day of intense temperature difference continues, but it is already completely winter.

This time last year, I stayed indoors for a long time ….

One strange girls student goes through me beside me as it feels cold.

It seems that mobile phones are being held in hand and are actively going to "talk" with someone.

"As soon as I became a student council president, my relationship got worse, Miya" Miyabi ". Haha, joke joke. I am not angry, though. Prepare me for getting lots of luxury "Oka" this time "Looking under the cold sky" The thighs seemed to be very cold.

The fragrance of shampoo, which has been aroma from the semi-long shoulder mouth.

Student council It's bad, but it's a pass. I am not interested in that hand. Besides, Ya has not yet settled with the former student council president? What kind of confession suddenly will you confess? I know that both of them are hands out. "I'm not planning to eavesdrop on it much, but I can hear the contents even if I do not like being told in such loud voice. From the content of the conversation it would be a second grade girl.

– Honey.If you win the Hori "Hori" north "came" chairman, you may consider it at that time though. That's all right. "When the girls finished the call, they breathe fairly white.

And stop once and put the cell phone in your pocket.

"I am in a good mood, Ya 's guy. Even though I did not expect that Horikita student council president could use it, I expected that Ya would stop. In the end, the game will end with Ya 's winning. "I was talking happily until the previous time, but I was toneing down as soon as I finished the call.

I am walking away as it is whether I can notice such as my passing of mistake.


However, a small happening happened.

In the divorce that branches to each dormitory's dormitory, it falls gently over whether it was "ripe".

"It was … …."

As soon as you get up, just turn the face a little red and kick around.

And it seemed that I noticed this for the first time whether I could see that I was walking behind.

I bit – smiled a bit.

From the appearance it seems that it is not as bad as the monster "I" did.

I ran out to escape and went away to the dormitory where the second grade lives.

"After all second grader?" At this school, it seems that there is no exchange over the grade a lot except through student councils and club activities. That's why I have few opportunities to remember my face.

"Girls are cold." Sometimes, in the classroom, some students say they want to "jerk" the jersey under the skirt.

I think that it should be good to wear, but it seems to be a prohibition in the school regulations.

Girls are a lot hard too.

"Winter" for the first time to experience.

It was so chilly, and I did not expect that the scenery could be seen somewhat transiently "fleeting".

There is a song that the dog runs excitedly and saw the snow, but I can understand it well.

I wonder if I get excited when snow falls.

Breathe in breath and recollect the events of today.

My father 's contact and slope "Saka" Yanagi "Yanagi" President of the president, school policies and so on are OK.

It was a big harvest that the tea "Chi" pillar "Bahara" sensei 's lie "lie" was able to see through.

With this alone I can go far forward.

「……I had been to the end as far as possible, but it is inevitable that as long as D-Class plays an active role as a result of the examination results published, it will be the focus of attention.

Inevitably the mark becomes severe, and you can investigate who is acting in the center.

Fact In fact, Hori "Hori" north "came" was tailored as its central character, but the dragon "Ruyo" garden "en" found it fake.

Sakayanagi knows my past as well, and it is about time to start doubting "Ise" of "Ichiichi".

If you turn back, it is only now.

Of course, the premature judge may be "tied" to destroying herself, but movement that takes both the forward and backward movements into consideration is needed.

If so, the current problem is how to deal with Ryūen.

I take out my cell phone from my pocket and directly address it.

And send a message to a person.

Please give me a call when you are ready to talk.

As soon as it was read the message came back.

Apparently the person rarely played with friends, he seems to have returned to the dormitory early.

I immediately enter the number of 11 digits "digit" manually from the call button and call.

"Hello" Lord of a somewhat loud voice is D-Class Light "Karu" Well "Sawa" Azawa "Megumi" in a year.

The principal still does not know "Yoshi", but he is one of the enthusiasm for Ryūen now.

Beyond Horikita, a person who knows that I am acting against the D-Class behind the scenes.

However, there are many parts that I do not know specifically about how much involvement and what I am doing. If there is something that can be said at the moment, I saw it from a light "Karu" well "I" "Sawa" Sawa "that it is very creepy.

"I do not think what you are doing" "It is a joke. You can not call me without any meaning. "I thought it was a light cutout from footwork, but I could not make it to Karuizawa.

"Do not you mind let's enjoy talking a little more?"

"It is impossible unless you are willing to enjoy himself," he said so.It is not even a bunch of girls of D – Class to be "well" "It 's" Tatsu ". I often understand the other party.

"Is there any contact from the pan" Pan "?"

Yes. It has not been a problem for now. … ….Did you contact him to confirm that? "

Rather than being surprised, a reaction like a sickness "punching" came back.

"From that point of view" was "a minute" but "I went through", but has not anything done so far? I do not worry about any more. "" I hope so. But no one knows when it will happen. "Karuizawa seems to believe that true rest will not come until graduation.

The wind blows and sticks coldly to the exposed face.

"I am still out" I wonder if I heard the sound of the wind over the phone, Karuizawa saying such a thing.

"I am on my way home. It seems you were early today. It is always late. "" There are about as long as I want to go home early "The response that got a bit tasty comes back.

"A" I found something and my voice leaked out.

Karuizawa, who thought she was talking to "what", reacts.

"No, nothing," a branch of the road to the dormitory, where the senior student fell down, one red amulet was falling.

I wonder if the senior student of the previous year dropped it. Although it may be better to release it, it is forecast that snow will fall from the night, so if it is as it is it will be immersed in water "Mizu".

There is no sign of returning when I notice it, and I will pass it to the dorm administrator.

Uh, okay. There was something you absolutely wanted to check with. So then why can I ask? "

"What you want to check?"

Pick up the amulet and restart the conversation with Karuizawa while turning their feet to the dormitory where the second grade lives.

"Why will not you say that you do not show it to anyone who is smart? Because it's just a foolish D-Class, it's not supported if you go out before going out like "Okinawa" "Sukebuku" "Why have you confirmed such a thing?

"Why did you think so that you are smart?"

– Wearing what?

"The scores on the test are average. I do not say anything special in a class, and there is not any part that you would like to evaluate. "" I am saying it is not that kind of thing, "I said," Of course not, that's what I'm saying "Of course, light" Karu "well" Izawa I know what I mean by "saza".

I've been asking Karuizawa for cooperation with some sort of backside work so far.

It is a matter of "squeezing the secret shooting" or "comb" comb by paper shuffle ".

It is unavoidable to think wondering by synthesizing them.

"Well, if you put it out ahead of time, the evaluation in your class will also rise, is not it? On the contrary it might get attention from school. Karuizawa said such a thing with a higher tension though it should be something unrelated to himself as at the time of the sports festival.

"Do you know that I am not the type that wants that kind of thing?"

"Why do you do it differently? You do not have to do it from the beginning if you do not want it. "" It is the best opinion "I do not want to do it.

"Originally I did not plan to do anything. However, because there was a reason to do it, I was just lending me a hand with D – Class. "Although it is a story that I would never do absolutely, today is a little special.

Feels good.

"I do not care" somewhat "I do not want to" somewhat "I do not care" "I'm afraid" "Even now I will go to the table and I will not do something" Only this point against Karuizawa You also need to remember it carefully.

When a problem occurs in the future D – Class, I will be troubled if it moves like this when I depend on myself.

"After all it is you? It is not only with "how" and "Ming" "Aki" person "who is looking for the dragon" Ryo "garden" Enka "becoming blood" Chi "eye" Mako ". The range of the tail is expanding day by day, and the rumor "rumor" spreads beyond the D – Class fence. Ryūen has been defeated by someone in the D – Class and is looking for Rebellion "Vengeance". The number of students who talk about it has increased.

It would not have been necessary for Karuizawa to understand me.

"Today's subject matter is also relevant to that matter. I thought of apologizing to you one. "" Apologies? "

"Since I had clear reasons so far, I have helped D – Class get points. But that necessity did not arrive just now. "" Huh? Well then are you going to be quiet? "

– Yes. I will leave it to the moat "Hori" North "came" and "Hira" field "all". I'm sorry about being caught up in trouble as I realized the identity in the dragon "Ryo" garden "En". There was a possibility of carelessness being conspicuous in the last time. You call me a karaoke help, a comb "comb" "It is a touch, I brought a lot of trouble" "Well, well then it will be freed. Even I was dating "" That's what it is "So far" light "Karu" I "" Izawa "Zazawa" worked beyond this imagination.

So you can cut out without hesitation.

Yes, I clearly told you, "This will be the last one to contact you from me."


However, Karuizawa 's reaction turned "dull".

I won't– Greenwald:Did you say something?

Do not you say you missed listening to the fact that the wind was not blowing?

"This is the last to contact you" to tell again.

You should have been able to deliver the words firmly to Karuizawa's ears this time as well.

"It will be natural because every request is gone. No one knows that contact points were originally born with me and Karuizawa. If there is no meaning and repeating contacts it will be suspicious. " Well, well, that's correct as it is …. "

To clog words.

Karuizawa learns getting caught, but I continue to talk without permission.

"Of course, in case of any unforeseen circumstances I will help as promised. I will defend it. Just to be sure, you can leave emergency addresses as taught before but do not mind removing the basic things completely so as not to leave any evidence. This time your contacts are already erased. "" Wait a moment. Why, why did you say such a sudden? "

"What is it?"

"Anything" anything, that, it's too cold … …. "

"It was supposed to be cold, originally the relationship between me and Karuizawa" It was not supposed to be born unless it involved in the cruel of the "pan" pan " .

There is a difference between heaven and earth that rocky students and Ikaike girls.

"Even you were not wanting to be used for me?"

"That's right … but …"

The poor crispness of light "karu" well "い" "izawa" does not go away.

On the contrary it has increased to silence.

"The story is over but there is something to say?"

There is nothing good to pull.

I forcefully urged Karuizawa to be confused "to" promptly.

「……I understand "arrival" "bottom" "It was a reply of tension far from convincing, but the reply is reply.

But I will continue to say what I realized what I can not do anything.

"It is the last to call like" Kiyo "Takashi" Taka "" Last name "" Residual "Gurase" Okinawa "Oshino?

"I can not do that" "If there is nothing wrong," Tan "Tan" everything "Tan", quietly "going" to "continue" to progress.

There is nothing left of emotions there.

There is no possibility of getting caught.

"Well I will cut it …"

Karuizawa would have strongly felt it even from over the telephone.

Talk to himself when he ends his call.

"Well," "Ah … …."

Karuizawa who says something at the end, but then did not continue.

I waited a few seconds and I disconnected the call.

Then erase the history and put the phone in a pocket and "dance" it.

Karuizawa got a lot of peace of mind while wearing herself at the parasite called me.

If such a thing is stolen, my heart will shake strongly.

Anxiety and loneliness transmitted through the phone will probably increase day by day.

If it is attached to the dragon "Ruyu" garden "er" in such an unstable state – almost certainly, the heart of Karuizawa Kei "Kei" will collapse.

"Have you made many rounds of turns, have you begun to correct orbits to the situation when you entered this" Hori "Hori" Kita "came", Karuizawa, Ryūen as well as Saka "Yanagi" Yanagi "is irrelevant.

I will not actively participate in the exams from here on.

If you clear up the remaining problem, that's it.

However, in order to clear up the problem, "cooperators" are absolutely necessary.

After that I entrusted the administrator of the dormitory with the amulet that was supposed to be a thing of the second grade and returned to my dormitory.

7 Remove the wet sheet with the garbage adsorbed from the head and discard it in the garbage bag.

Sitting on the bed after washing the hands, the slightly "squeezed" spring crushed sound.

Because the end of the year has come near, I used a holiday to do a big cleaning.

Originally there was nothing extra in the room, so in half a day the whole process was over.

"It is a good idea to have a room clean" "It is a nice thing." It seems that the first time I entered this room, I felt as if I was trying to color it.

Turn on the kettle pot and ask for a moment of rest.

Although hesitantly hesitated to use the cup who had just polished to shine, he hesitated, but he was not stopped or "unavoidable".

I take out the cell phone and try to access the school application.

Class Points and individual balances etc are displayed, and they look at it without any meaning.

I decided to stay until hot water boiled and decided to organize my own future.

Follow the first place in the first place.

What 's late "Why did I enroll in this school?

It is because it does not return to the previous environment.

I was not satisfied with my life at the White Room.

From the viewpoint of human rights, although there are many problems, it is true that it is a place that can receive at least the best education. Thanks to that, I was able to form a personality called myself and acquire the ability not inconvenient.

However, I felt unhappy dissatisfied with myself who calls my father the best masterpiece.

If I am called the best human … …Is that really a pleasure? exactly?

It was meaningful to learn because we always lived on the premise that there is a need to learn. Nevertheless, if the top is gone? It will be very boring.

Well that's fine.

You should think about what to do in the future.

I knew that my father would come in contact. It was decided at the time of the summer when the tea "Chi" pillar "Bashira" sensei came out omission. However, it was a half-trust from that time.

If my father really comes in contact with me, it is not a question of tea "Chi" pillar "Bashira" sensei 's eaves "is not overlooked. It is not a man like a class teacher who can do with the other person.

However, from the point of knowing about his father, he could not even decide that he was a complete lie "lie".

To that end, I showed a cooperative attitude and I've been holding some hands to get up to A-Class.

The sound of hot water boiling boiling from the pot begins to hear.

But when I came here, it turned out that the remark of Chabashira sensei was painted with a stone.

Even though it 's strange, by having fathers appear.

The most important thing here is not that she did not have contact with her father.

I was convinced that the point I threatened was "to" leave school when I did not submit.

Chabashira ___ ___ ___ ___ 0 ___ ___ ___ 0

It is the same as Hori "Hori" North "Kite" and Kei "Kei" Makoto "Kai". No, I am a person who is more committed to A-Class than that.

There will be no courage to give such humans to drop out of class.

Well, initially it can be thought that I was taking the action of suicide bombings. Until the difference in the Deserted Island test was compromised, the D-Class was in a very difficult position. It was too thin to hold hope.

If I could not use it I would have thought that there was not a lot of feeling. That is why I could not see through the hidden traces in that truthful word.

Now that the plating has been done, the force to command me is rapidly decayed "erratic" and has been lost.

Whether you are an A-Class or a D-Class, if you are going to spend three years as a regular student, my goal is to add more troublesome things to more classes.

In fact, Ments such as "Ichiban" and "Saka" or "Yanagi" Yanagi "are beginning to be interested in me. But if you succeed in fading out now, you should lose interest immediately.

If there are still problems, only one person is a dragon "Yuu" garden "Shinken" Sho "Kaku".

If he gets to me, it may touch around the facts about the noise.

That is why it is best to avoid identifying the identity.

But it will be impossible anymore.

In an effort to break the relationship with light "Karu" well "I" Sawa "Azawa" Megumi "Kei", the invisible "thread" remains 繫 "tied".

If left unattended, Ryūen will surely pick up the thread "someday".

A week later? One month later. A year later?

Such uncertain 'someda' is troublesome here.

At the same time notifying the boiling that it was boiling, the power of the pot fell automatically.

「……Would you like to drink tea, too? Because there were a lot of visitors before, our cupboard is overflowing with tea bags.

Coffee, tea, green tea, wastefully wide variations are reserved.

I put a black tea bag in the cup and it took a call from the first floor.

– No!

If someone is a classmate, you should push the entrance chime directly.

I came to check it without any help, and there was an unexpected face there.

I could use Resident Personality, but I would like to be honest.

The person who was thinking about going out from here came from over there.

"I'd like you to have a little time." Should I take it back? "

「……It's not a big deal. Now it's okay. "But a rare visitor has come to visit.

It was the older brother of Mori Hori "Kita" who was a student council president until this time.

Release the auto lock and invite it into the dormitory. Meanwhile I will "boil" boiling "shu" rise "" hot water just brewed with a tea bag along with a newly prepared cup.

Suddenly the entrance chime was ringing.

"I want to avoid standing, so go up" "I agree with you" If you can see such a place in Horikita, you can complain about various things.

And I also want other students to avoid being able to see where they are with the former student council president.

Invite Horikita 's older brother into the room.

When I invited into the room, Horikita brother immediately noticed the presence of tea.

"Because I was thinking about drinking, it's followed." "Although it's been the first year, I'm using it for" myself "minute" I'm using it for "beautiful" "beautiful" "There is no thing "It does not bother to tell the things that made me beautiful today.

Unfortunately, it may have been said that they saw the wet sheets looking thin from garbage bags and they cleaned up yesterday today.

"Go to the dormitory for a year and go to the dormitory for a year, and the former student council president is also a matter to me?"

"Next semester ends in second semester. School life left by me is not so long. "It is two months or so if we go to real school to deduct holidays. It will be in a flash.

"There is something I want to tell you before I leave this school. It is about "South" clouds "Ya" Miyabi "Nagumo Masaya. I think that explanation is unnecessary, but it is 2 year A-Class and this current student council president of this school.

Although I do not know the exchange of the sports festival and the new greetings "Ai" a message "shitsu", it seems to be various dark people.

But what is it Nuncumo, such a thing is irrelevant to me.

"I do not think there will be something like talking to students at the very least. I am not belonging to the Student Council like "Ichinose" of "Ichiyo", so to explain, Horikita elder brother continued talking without worrying at all.

"I did not mean to make such a story anyone. But the circumstances changed a bit. "The circumstances have changed, hey.

"I've been" holding "the tradition that this school has built up. It is because I am convinced about the structure and rules of this school and I have thought that it is correct. But the south "clouds" are trying to overturn the root. Perhaps next year, this school will be overflowing with unprecedented number of dropouts. "Currently I do not actively represent the Student Council but it is also a matter of time.

"When Nuncum was a year, you already had" appointed "to the student council president, did not you? Well then, do you have the responsibility to bring in the Nanuni? "

"I do not believe it" Do not deny, Hori "Hori" North "came" I will accept my brother.

"I entered the student council and made a mistake. That is a failure to train successors. The only thing that made me feel talent was Nagumo, but I grew bigger and different from my policy. It can be said that nearly all "all" are under the control of the Nanko in the other two years. "" It is a funny story. It is understandable that all two-year A-Class supports Nankumu, but if you try other classes it should be an enemy. "" That guy is already taking in the whole grade "What strategy is struck I do not know whether it is, but it seems that it is doing something that is considerably "mum" tea "obs".

"In the year of this year, there were two people who beat the gate of the student council. Kuzu "Wig" Castle "Ki" and "Ichiyono" 's "Wase" was. Both students are excellent students with promising potential, but I dare tried to wait for recruitment. It is because it is pure excellence, because it was placed under the control of the Nanko and was dangerous of the possibility of being influenced. But Nanyun gathered information under the water and contacted Ichinose and as a result I forced Ichinose to the student council. "" Why are you trying to aim for such circumstances by speaking verbala to me like that? "

"If you refuse to stand on the table stage, use the sound" Suzu "sound" ne ". You can move Suzone on the back like the previous exam. I will do a bridge to the Student Council. "" It's an unreasonable story. If you are at the Student Council, my sister willingly will accept it, but as soon as I withdrew from the student council president, he is not interested in the student council. Also I will not do anything for my sister to enter the Student Council. I will do nothing. "Including black tea in the mouth for a while.

"I guess with the tradition that you and the previous generations kept protecting. Is it changeable also that it is the flow and destiny of the times? "Such a thing, even if I do not say this man knows it.

"That's right. It might be so. "There are many parts that can not be seen in the flow of the story, but there are things that have come to be seen.

Hori "Hori" Kita "Kan" "Manabu" is one of the students enrolled at this school and wants to stop the student council 's actions that will be held from next year.

And I want to conveniently use me for that.

That is why he is pushing to the dormitory of such a first grade.

"Do not disturb" Even though we can not do it without any weapons that I can not "braze" a bra "wax".

The more I let him do, the better Horikita 's brother may not have afforded.

"Can I hear your contact information for the time being?"


I withdraw my cell phone from the charger and bring it to my hand.

"I'd like to give my sister a student council and manipulate it behind the scenes, give me a time to think a little" Do you think? "

"I visited on the premise that I would be refused. It is bad if you do not think about it. "Horikita brother conversely felt disbelief as this showed a positive attitude.

However, I will tell you the contact address without hesitation.

It is probably evidence that we are closely watching the student council of "South" "Cloud" "Ya" Miyabi ".

"I will contact you if you think you can cooperate." "I will not wait for expectation." After all, Horikita's older brother never sit and left the room without putting a mouth on tea.

"I do not think there is any need to stick to the student council there until that." Although it can not be helped to think about the person who graduates in the next few months, I became only a little concerned.

8 Midnight Saturday, news that the first snow was observed in this region flowed. It seems that the snow which fell "barely" to melt away in the dawn, but the name "na" remains on the wet concrete "water" miso "pool" occasionally " It was left behind. Moreover, despite snowing the day before, the maximum temperature was 24 degrees Celsius and nearly summer day. Half "Han" Sleeve "Sleeved" even if I went out with weather was not a problem.

"Is it the end of the second semester next week? Sunday is somewhat realistic "Sunday. I went to the club activity in the morning to see the situation of excited "bald" Mumi "Aki" person "and" everyone. And then on the way back, Akito was invited and our group Aya "Ayano no Koji" Koji "group played down at the Kayaki Mall until dusk. Shop appropriately or chat with a cafe. I took lunch and was excited with karaoke. It was a day when ordinary students enjoyed doing what they normally do.

Did you, uh-/(int) cough/ahem/ Ah throat "throat hurts." "5 consecutive songs were too much snow. It is unexpectedly upper hand "Wait a minute" … "…The cause of the injury in the throat "throat" is in the punishment game. "Kei" Kei "Makoto" Sei "is fighting the uncomfortable feeling of the throat while" Waves "is" Ru "Addicted" Wrong " I will glare at you.

There were various food menus in karaoke, and there were also ones premised on punishment games.

It is easy to understand that there are only one spicy in the six Takoyaki.

It is a mystery "mystery" game of having to sing immediately after cutting and eating hot spots without the person who gave it. Besides, it's okay to drink water until you can sing it.

The meaning is unknown, but it got so exciting that it would have been established as a game.

However, it is a substitute that should be called a "punishment game" with "excessive" or "cruel" in the game.

It was interesting to earn takoyaki, which is a spirit of honor and success, so that we tried to test how far we could draw. The result is 5 consecutive.

It only seems like it will happen unexpectedly, but on probability it is 7776.

– No luck here either.

"Is not it lucky, is not it? I thought that I could have dropped all the troubles of this year. "This year I will be waiting a lot of good things from now on." "Nothing too, it will be over again in about two weeks … ….It was a deliberate wave of Luo with laughing with belly, but apologizing inappropriately for his dissatisfaction.

"Sorry Sorry. Was it so painful? "

"I thought that fire would pop out from the mouth ……There is something extra to spicy, too "Whether the pungent taste still remains on the tongue, I put out a tongue.

"By the way, it was hard serious to keep me guarded" as if I got the last reserve I got "It was Ming" Aki "people who" prevented "the great accomplishment of six consecutive" When".

"Well then, if you go to karaoke again" Yakka three people, including love "Ai" village "Ri", have a disgusting face.

"Okay, you should eat properly until the end, even if you hit it?"

"I know that. It is not fair to say that the story is bullshit "fierce" You do not have to be afraid to draw spirit obviously.

I do not think that "I do not think that I will draw" is like "fancy" indeed.

"There seems to be considerable confidence in hardships." Such a surplus "Yo" Yu "Yu" 綽 "Sujaku" To continue showing the attitude of "Suyaku" I watch the core and look at the core.

"Oh, did you get stuck?"

"I did not mean to hide it … …"

"You can also have super spicy ramen with enough time. Rather preference? "

I feel that I am no longer alone in the field of punishment game … ….

"Can I eat all of them …?"

Love "Ai" village "ri" which has been anxious about mouth from before the game.

"All right okay. If only you suffer, you only have to spit out. There should not be any boys trying to force Airi to eat. "That is right. Ming "Aki" people "and also" Kei "Makoto" Mai "will not force too hard.

"I am sorry, Airi is also singing" Wow "Well. Karaoke for the first time really? "

Y-yeah. It was amazing "I was embarrassed, but …"

"Afterwards a little bit more voice is perfect" Kan "Poor" Peeky "Neither is it a little sneaky, Airi is willing to work hard.

"Is it almost time to return?" 9 On the way home from such fulfilling karaoke.

The time is still before 5 o'clock but the sunset has already started to set.

"Because we were very warm during the day, there are lots of light clothes today, is not it?" "We were half a day" sleeper "Sleeve" but I did well. "# # Illustration (15.jpg) Enter] Today it was warm and we were all light-hearted.

It will be cool down completely in an hour.

"I'm not good at cold." Looking up at the sky "Wave" is "Ru" "Ka" or "Yu" Yu "depression" It says so.

I wonder if the temperature like today should be continued if possible.

"I am not good at it … …."

"I am a little cold, it is easy without having sweat even in club activities." It seems that the one that seems to be called winter school in the middle is "Aki" person "and" It is about. "

"It will be cold again from tomorrow." "That's right. I have to prepare various things. Snow may fall out in earnest as the year's end approaches.

As I was chatting, the group's walk was delayed and I heard a voice from behind.

"Thank you for going out with me today, Saka" Saka "Yanagi" Yanagi "Mr." No no. I also enjoyed it. "Such interaction. In retrospect, I saw two unusual combinations, "Sase" and "Sakayanagi".

Ichinose who noticed this group raises his hand and calls out.

Sakayanagi did not turn his eyes towards me, he had just passed through the entire group and passed. While doing true "mima" like declaration of declaration of war, there is no sign of showing movement since the athletic festival. However, no matter what the future Sakayanagi 's hope can not be true.

"Aya" Ayano "Koji" Koji "Kun" "It is an unusual combination with" Momentary "minute" … "really?

Whatever you think, the line is on this side.

A-Class and B-Class. The leaders of hostile relationships are friends and they are together on holiday.

"As far as I can see, there were many that I was with Mr. Hori" Kita "came. It looks a bit fresh "Ichinose says by looking around members.

"If you say so, it seems you won the C-Class test this time, congratulations, congratulations" The results of the paper shuffle are announced to all classes.

Of course, the result of the confrontation between A-Class and B-Class is the same.

"We lost, but I did two points" "the point difference is small". Sakayanagi said to supplement the results, "I think that it is almost unchanged.

Although it was the top two classes that made a good game, the B – Class seemed to have not reached A – Class slightly, and the A – Class maintained a single top. I expanded the difference definitely.

"The fact that D-Class won is likely to go up to the C-Class from the third semester, is not it?" "If we do not tighten our B-Class also, it will be overtaken soon." "Of course, overtaking catch up "I am going to laugh and speak with jokes." Kei "Makoto" fault "plunges seriously" seriously "to" sesame "of" Ichiyo ".

"And any one will be A-Class." In the word of Keisei, the slope "Sayaka" Yanagi "Yanagi" only closed his eyes and laughed thinly.

It is prudence that I did not think "pleasing" that attitude, but now it is still D – Class.

You should know something meaningless as you come out strongly here.

But the group is not very good either, the group on this side does not get along well with Ichinose. Because it is not a type that does not waste amicable laughter and public talk to omake, conversation stops naturally. Ichinose is enough for this to realize that they are unnecessary in this place.

"Haha, are we bothering you? See you again "" Excuse me. "Sakayanagi leaves behind Ichinose without speaking to me or looking into eyes.

It seems that we do not do careless truth or something like "let's smell something poorly in this place.

"Competitors rivals, right? That two people "" Aside from whether expression is right, there is no doubt that it is an enemy. "As a suspicion, Keikoku watches the backs of their two guys while making their glasses quick.

"Temper" Truly "is Ichinose's place?"

The existence of Ichinose, which makes friends with any student, is a well-known fact.

"To tell you, Ichinose is different in the world I live with … …."

Love and love "Ai" village "ri" leaks.

"I do not like it as a same woman a little" "Why do you dislike Ichinose?" Is "Ru" Add "or" I do not dislike it separately. Even though I do not like it. Just what is it like to be perfect "perfect" perfectly "perfect" is it ideal too much? If there is not a fault a little, you will not be cute "cute", are not you? I want the inside to go bad … ___ ___ 0

"It is certainly eerie that having weak points like weak points does not have it. Just to say I want rotten is too much to say, "Do you agree with that" Akira "person" "as well as flowing stone" nodding "nodding" to match partial wave uru.

"That's right, though. It's cold in perfect perfect good people, even in the world of cartoons. "Pushing your hands in your pocket, Walluke watches Ichinose's back.

I want to say…I do not think I want people there. As Ichinose is now a disgusting person if it is a disgusting person, nobody seems to be incredible. "Airi shows an uneasy pupil" Hitomi "as I do not like that.

Right. It 's unbelievable in the world "Kan" It is perfect "Pet" It' s surely a gentle person will surely go somewhere. Maybe you do not realize that it is close to you. "As you follow," Wave "is" Ru "Add" or "added so.

"We are going up to C-Class soon. Then the next "Ichigo" 's "Seto" will become an enemy. In that sense it's going to be the opponent whatever you have to do. You better not shoulder strangely. "That Kei" Kei "Makoto" fault "is correct. The more Ichinose is a good person, the more difficult it is to fight.

If it is easy to understand like a dragon "Ryo" garden "en", nobody has unnecessary emotions there.

But in the case of Ichinose, can we head out to our class without hesitation?

「……If you go up to the class above, you will be inevitably forced to fight such a battle.

From behind, Ryūen burning in counterattacks may have been attacking.

It is unclear what will be the future for the cooperative relationship that Hori "Hori" north "came" with Ichinose.

If I say only idealism, I will continue to hold hands with Ichinose and others and capture A-Class.

And when Ichinose came up to A – Class and B – Class, we break down the agreement.

Of course, I can not imagine that things will simply carry on.

[# Illustration (16.jpg) Enter

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