Classroom of the Elite

By Kinugasa Shougo



○ Footsteps of midwinter.

The middle of December has passed.

The change of season was early, it became completely cold. Mufflers and gloves, long socks "wearing" students increase as usual, today's sky is cloudy "clouds" the sky is about to snow.

When I think about it, I have never seen snow since I was born.

Of course there are things I have seen in the world of television and books, but I never actually felt it with my hands with my hands. I do not know if it will snow this area this year, but I feel like to experience it.

A corner in Zelka Mall after school. Members of D – Class who gathered in the break space of "Today" for students "Okinawa" are like me and Sasakura "Kura" Ai "Ai" Sari "," Four people:"Valley" Department "Beba" is "Ru" Aka "," and Fukuti "Yuki" Village "Mura" Kei "Kei" Makoto " Hiko "Hiko" is the real name of Keiko, but with the hope of the person himself, he calls it Keiko among us. This face was becoming a member of Mine "Mizuji" recently completely familiar. We gather at irregular intervals for a couple of times a week and talk about nothing about purpose. Time may vary from day to day, about two hours or sometimes in about 30 minutes. You can return home if you want to return on the way. They are members who do not need to be concerned anyway. However, such members often spend more time together than usual only after school on Friday.

The reason was that there were various circumstances of the fifth member, the last member, Miyake "Miyake" Aki "Aki" person "not in this place.

"After all, no one dropped out from any class. I thought that it was about time that the C-Class neighborhood would do it. The problem I made was not easy. "It happened that the girls students of C – Class passed by themselves, and Keisuke said so.

"It seems that you can not study C-Class or anything more than us." Wandruku replies immediately with a fight with a cell phone. And I got a report.

"I will soon come Miyachi. It looks like I got out of the club now. "It seems that he was interacting with the waiters. Akito who belongs to only club activities in the group can not gather immediately after school by all means.

"But I wish I could win the exam so it was okay …? Besides, I'm not happy that someone who drops out in another class will be delighted. "Airi does not like rough things, he says obedient feelings.

"Well, there is nothing better to get along with. It is also difficult because of the structure of the school, is not it? The aim of the upper class is to kick other classes "It is like saying" Oh "It seems to be tough, but the remark of Wahuu is correct. Honesty who heard of it was obediently admired.

Yes, you are right. You know what Airi says, but only kick it off if you do not kick it. Winning at this school is to sacrifice three classes. There is no need for us to be sacrificed. "" Yes, that is … … "

Love loving "Ai" village "Aya" in the words of Kei Kei "Makoto" fault that has become somewhat toney.

"For example, is there no tricky way?" In the final exam, Class Point will be "all" together. So we all graduate with A – Class. What is it supposed to be? "" I think that it is terrible "I'm sorry" "Sorry, I think it is impossible" Wave "answers a strange idea of" Ru "" Aka "or" Akira "people" and "joined together.

"Why can you say that?"

"I have heard that seniors are talking. In the case of the same test rate in the last test, it seems that a special test will be added to determine the ranking. "" What kind of exam? "

"I do not know. To the end rumor "rumor", it seems that Class Point did not have the same rate in the past "It is unknown to Akito for the reason that I heard it.

However, there is no doubt that it is one useful information.

"That's right I guess the wholesaler will not get down. I thought it was an interesting idea. "" After all, it is only one class that can be an A-Class. "" Miyachi. How was practice today? "

Akito asked Wakuza that way.

"What was it like" "Hmm. Tone of a bow "" It is another normal. It is neither good nor bad. Do not ask me if you are not interested. "" It's not good. What kind of conversation between friends? "

"Where would you have knowledge about archery?"

Suspicting while sitting in a chair "child".

"Any knowledge, aiming at a target with a bow" Is not it a competition?

"No, it's true, but … …Well "It was Akito which tried to explain in detail, but it seems to have given up.

"What I say? I have never been interested in archery since I was born. I was wondering what would be wrong if I made a mistake. "In Wako Mayu, the road to Archery seems to be in the wrong direction. I think that it is not a flashy competition, but I am interested personally. However, many students never touched the bow.

"Why is it an archery? Especially the flower form of this school is not it. "The question flew away also from the honor which heard the exchange of the two people.

"The seniors who took care of at the time of junior high school were Archery Club. That's why I just wanted to try it. There are no particular reasons for it. "" It's such a thing to start something, is not it? "Love" Ai "village" Ri "also came into the story a little casually. A sight that came to be seen recently, it is a pleasing signs of "Chiyou". And because no one is surprised and does not tease you that Airi will join the conversation, I can cut in with nature.

"Airi is a digital camera. Currently "various flows" are "lines" and "I do not know. I wonder if I can understand you "" Is it a girl-specific instructor's hobby? Do not understand "Do you not come to Kei" Kei "Makoto" fault "? Something somewhat negative is told.

"Oh, that's gender discrimination. I guess there are many people who are doing quite well now though they are boys now. "

「……Or that so I do not know how to disseminate personal information on my own. "" I do not even know a bit. Kiyo "Takashi" Taka "is it? Are you doing? "

"No, my knowledge is clear." Because exchanges with the outside are prohibited at this school, things like SNS and others with strong message quality will be "connected" only by students. If it is satisfied then there is no particular way out.

"Kiyopon seems to do that because you see it. I feel like pulling if I master the instancer with this. Have ice cream on top of the eyes or parry at the pool at night. … ….[ある] /certain/exist/present (vi)/

"None" instantly denied. It is because you are in trouble even if you get strange characters later.

"You say that, are you doing? Inst. "" I have not done it at all. It is troublesome, I do not want to show myself to "other people" and "like", "I agree with it at all" One "When you kick" Wave "is" Ru " "Nodding to the word" nodding "reverence. When I heard that, Airi seemed to be densely "hidden" but it suffered a blow, critical damage. It seems that it is now paused, but I was doing it for self taking and uploading to SNS as a hobby.

"In the world that's pretty popular, it's not a funny thing" Follow lightly. It can not be helped if Airi falls pointless. The person himself intends to hide, but I am concerned about my remarks are barely looking at the side of my eyes.

Airi responds to such a follow-up expression as well, so it quickly seems that Wakasa also noticed.

"I also understand that" I am too trendy "" I do understand it, so I can not dispute it. I'm sorry for instructors and people I like. "Wu Jun, apologizing for raising hands.

"It is certain that stupid things will definitely deny what you are trendy about or what others like like things because they dislike themselves. I did not think about it. "And I also apologized for Kei" Kei "Makoto" fault ". Mainly to love "Ai" village "Ri".

Airi kept stroking my chest like I was relieved.

"It is bad as I change the story, but I was a little worried." When a bit of a topic calmed down, the light "Aki" people "and" that "broke out.

That tone contained little "nothing" and "hurried", so that he glanced around and made a mouth like that.

"Have you noticed the appearance of C-Class recently?" "How is the C-Class?" Always funny, what, what is it? "

"The wave of Hitomi" which was a big eyed crick was "Ru", "Aka" or "It 's strange that" he wonders.

I understood what Akito's line of sight is pointing to.

It is about those who put around us these past few days. Akito also seems to have noticed.

Even now, a single boy is seeking a distant view of this situation while killing the signs.

It is a student of C-Class and is also a member of the entourage of Ryuu "Yuu" Park "Miya" "Miya" Miya ".

Almost certainly it will be our group's surveillance.

However, the distance is as it is, and there is no evidence to keep an eye on the question. If we are insisted that coincidence overlaps several times, we can not pursue further.

Rather, I'm sorry for the dangers that might be made a bad guy when I was stuck up.

Dare to say that Akito did not say that because there is no confirmation yet.

The problem more than that is that it is also in "other than C-Class" that watches this group. Akito does not even notice its existence.

"When I was at the study meeting this time, I was able to do from C-Class' s" guys "from us" It was at the time of a written exam by paper shuffle, when we had a study group for countermeasures . C – Class students appeared in public cafes and suddenly came to this group.

And until today "to this day", that strike has been continuing in the form of a tail.

"Ryūen-kun and the vertebra" name "are those people. Perhaps again? "

– Yes. It was a bit different from before. Today Archery Club stone "Ishi" Saki "Zaki" and Komiya and others came face to face. By observing, my seniors were pleasantly admitting "Kokoro", but I was bad because I glared at me all the time. " In other words, Komiya has put it around so far following Akito.

Ishizaki is not because the large number of people are not suitable for the trail.

It seems that Akito suffered annoyance by watching Ryūen as much as he was.

"Are you interested in club activities, are not you?"

Nobody knows Ryūen 's idea "There is no good" Airi says such a thing.

"I wish I could have it. It was not such a kind of atmosphere "Ming" Aki "People" and "I've spun around my arms so as to appeal to the fact that my shoulders are stiff.

The action that gives pressure by the dragon "Ryo" garden "Een" has been repeated, strengthening its momentum.

I did not talk to you directly, but I even feel like hearing Ryūen 's invincible laughter.

I will pursue you carelessly. Such a strong will of Ryūen is out.

"Did not you get something done? Wild "or" Next "___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ 0 You can not do anything before advising or senior students on "fluffy" truly ". It was around the end of the practice. "There have not been any special changes to my individual since that day, but it is obvious that you have a hit. It should be seen that there is some mark on light "Karu" well "い" "riwa".

Already in the guy you should have "targeted" the target to several people including me.

Another thing is to decide something definitive, I will think that I will reach my place.

And Karuizawa Kei "Kei" is holding the decisive thing.

However, it is evidence that you carefully think that you do not take action lightly.

To make Karuizawa listen to me, I can not succeed from the front.

So how does Ryūen fill the last piece?

Imagination is not difficult if you look at the behavior pattern of the guy up to now.

The problem is when it is "when".

While I was thinking about that, Akito 's conversation was progressing.

Kei "Kei" Makoto "fault" concludes the reason why C – Class gives a little help.

"Is not it related to the growth of D-Class? Early arrival Class Point got 0 points, we came to where we can catch the back of the C – Class if you notice it. As a result of this paper shuffle, we may finally get to C-Class from the third term. It should be quite impatient. "Keiji calmly infer the reasons for C-Class's behavior.

"That 's right, apparently. It seems that we are going to overtake that much that much idiot. "" But … …I could not overtake it, did not I? "

When love "Ai" village "Ri" heard while thinking about class point announcement, Keikoku replied.

– Yes. The Class Point announced in December is 262 points for D-Class. C-Class is 542 points. The difference was still 280 points. "In our Paper Shuffle Exam, we and ourselves D-Class won the fight against C-Class which we decided to confront directly and take a splendid Class Point" Tatsu " "did. 100 points of C – Class moved to D – Class, and the difference of 200 points total was packed. The difference is only "a little" or 80 points.

However, still at this stage C – Class was leading.

However, ─ ─ ─ This came the accident and another accident happened to the C – Class.

"There seems to be a serious violation of C-Class. Although details were not announced, it was given a big penalty of minus 100Class Point. "Just the other day, I remember receiving a rough explanation from the school side.

"What will you do when you do it? Although it seems that C-Class seems to be like it "Aki" A wave that "reclaims" is "Ru" Aka "," but D-Class unfortunately can not laugh at other classes.

Although it was an exam, I have lost 1000 Class Points in January at the beginning of my enrollment.

"The effect of self-destruction is great for whatever reason. If we can finish without anything in the future, there is a high possibility that it will be promoted to C – Class from the third semester with the winter break closed "Keiko" Kei "without knowing that" Kei "Makoto "Fin" concludes the story.

Cause why did you start seeing it from Miyachi?

"There is no material to deny" If you try it as a dragon "Ryuu" garden "bamboo" of C – Class, demoting is not an interesting story thoughtfully.

I am looking for a weak point of D-Class to keep my current position somehow.

If so, Tsuji "Tsuji" 褄 "Tsuma" will match. The ideas of everyone other than me staying together here.

"Although the fluctuation of the class is a problem that can not be avoided for this school, I think that it is not something that happens so frequently" Shin "" Shu ". If that is the case, the fact that the first major D-Class has grown is a reason for being impatient for C-Class, and if you think that you are trying to find out why it has grown, you can nod nod " I mean, I'm a leader, Ryūen-kun. Rents are rounded "" I see. Do you know the desperation of theirs? "Were you thinking of Ryūen who prayed for pride to be torn apart from shitta and thinking that he lowered a little pool" Ruyuu "drink" I "? Ming" Aki "person "Agreed.

"But, it is. We have not changed things differently, do you? Do not you say that the difference is getting clogged if you notice it? Why? After all C – Class has fallen on its own? "

Certainly, many students in the class did not know the battle under water and tried to test normally.

It is unreasonable that understanding can not keep up with the fact that the difference is clogging up.

"Considering" narrowing down only to D-Class ", the Deserted Island trial has won another class. In the test "Ryeuen" and I tried to Ryūen, but in the paper shuffle the other day we were rebounding. On the other hand, the C – Class has a section that neglects the Class Point, right? "

"Even Deserted Island, you should use all the points early paid" "…C-Class self-destruction? "

"I can not do that kind of view. The violation this time is self destruction. "Deserted Island special exam carried out at the beginning of summer vacation. Each class was equally given 300 points dedicated to the exam and cleared one week using the given point. And the remaining points are "all" and reduced to Class Point at the end of the test. C-Class will soon be 300, as Dream says "Wow" "Ru" "Wave" while narrowing down Chie to leave much more even with one class, including D – Class. I used up all the points.

"So, as a result, we had a big difference in our D-Class." We, our D-Class, had twists and songs "Yo" songs "Kiyoku" folds, but it was 225 points Succeeded to leave.

"Yes, it is. There is something I wonder if it was worth it. It seems that C – Class enjoyed a vacation for the amount of spoils. I did not know the hardship just for a moment Envy "Uraya" It is wishful "" It is stupid. Dragon "Ryo" garden "En" has no "Mu" tea "Chi" … …No, it is a child whose behavior is to take actions that people do not do "and" good "is a good intuition. That's why it's meaningless if the class is losing. "We will increase the Class Point to rise to the A-Class. It seems that it seems that it seems to seem to be an incomprehensible eccentricity, such as the act of abandoning the Class Point, such as acts like "bottomed out" if it is made to Kei Kei "Makoto" that strong intention.

But in the exam of Deserted Island, Ryūen should not have been "wandering" the point given just meaninglessly. In fact, Ryūen used all the points, but it took over all of useless toilets, tents and surplus food to the A – Class. It can not be thought that that Ryūen offered it as "no" amulet "try". In other words, there must be something I got instead of losing Class Point.

Of course, I can not have received invisible things such as trust and friendship. What you can get even if you lose Class Point. It will be Private Point.

There are few students who know the fact, although it is a part that is unknown to reverence.

"Boys are okay, it looks a lot easier. You don't believe? Love "Ai" village "" "" Well, yeah. That it is. There were some children who were in great trouble. I wonder if it was a little late timing …. "

So saying, Airi was "down" while blushing his face. Although it is Deserted Island test which considered girls considerably to some extent, it is still a fact that it was hard for Haruka "Haru" than men.

"What" late "Why was it a little hard if it was a bit late?"

Inspiration that did not understand the circumstances of girls at all seemed curiously peeping into the face of Airi.

"That, ha ha" Airi can not say that girls' s days are involved very much, and escaped running away from the eyes.

Wako Ichiba who was watching the situation sends a bitter comment to Keiko.

"How much I say, Snow. That kind of natural, ignorant places are surprisingly cute "cute" point, but about this case you read the air? I feel screaming.Aside from whether it is a bad guess or a really unknown, Ming "Aki" people "and" gently "beat the shoulder of honor.

"People have many things." "I can not understand it at all. "There are lots of different things." Kei "Kei" Makoto "Fuji" who can not read the air tried to step further into the girls circumstances, so Ming "Aki" people "changed the topic.

The D – Class won because the "moat" Hori "Kita" came through to see the wasteful operation of the dragon "Ryo yu" garden "En"? If nobody noticed, it is highly possible that D-Class was also hit by a leader, did not he? "

I answered Akito who confirmed to me by myself noddingly "nodding".

"If that happened, there would have been no situation this time." Just trying "Australia" Ugo "Yu", and finally tried to take only the beauty "taste" place? Pretense that everyone retired. But did you need to have Ryūen-kun to remain on the island? It is the leader of the C-Class, was not it more sure to leave a more inconspicuous person? "

That wave "is" Ru "The addition of" Aka "does not mean that the reasoning is not shooting at all.

But that is also true of all "all" classes. It is natural to think that a prominent man is a leader, but it is no wonder that anyone can doubt it beyond nominating a leader.

There is no student who can nominate Ryūen as a leader unless he is confident in the island. Even if we found out what was left, the risk of being nominated would not have been high. The possibility that the inconspicuous C – Class pupils do not sublime others "could not be ruled out. Disadvantages to deviate from the merit of nomination It is a bigger test. It is impossible to nominate with confidence to anyone as long as you do not end up decisive evidence.

"Naha Ki" Takashi "Taka". Will you tell us the information you are hearing from Horikita? "Kenshin sued with a serious expression.

"What does it mean?"

"I want to know what Ryūen is thinking and how I'm going to do. Given the sports festival and paper shuffle, we need to get closer in the class in the future. "" I'm too creepy stuck to the stone "Ishi" "Zaki" Zaki ". It seems to agree "Apparently, it seems to be aware that it is important to cooperate more than ever.

Akito and Wako Haku which seemed not to pay attention to the problems in class so far seem to agree.

"I know only about the extent that I also heard it …"

Keiko says before calling or suggesting Horikita.

"First of all it's enough. Tell me "4 people have turned their eyes at the same time. I feel strange pressure.

Come on. I can not take responsibility even if there is a wrong place. "After making such a refusal, I will explain to the group again what happened at Deserted Island to share with Horikita. Of course, everything worked by me alone, ostensibly because I decided to think and act alone with Horikita.

The dragon "Riyu" garden "En" that had been latent on the island had been interacting with spies using a radio. It was thought that there was a spy infiltrated to other classes besides the "blow" splash. Then since the shipboard test, Ryūen began to "arrive" at the moat "Hari" north "came". On the ship he talked about Ryūen who found the trial strategy and won the victory.

Naturally I will surrender the treachery of Ryūen 's planning to kill Horikita in the athletic festival and "comb" comb "field".

"It is almost like this place. It seems that it is not much different from what Kei "Kei" Makoto "fault" knows but "I tried hard to think deeply about the innocence that could not obtain new information.

"I doubt that the wave" was also saying "Ru" Ah? "Why did he purposely remember Ryūen on the island?" "Horikita says that Ryūen is not trusted by anyone It seems that it is favorable. To estimate while gathering information from other classes, it seems that the load was heavy for other students. "The command and spiritual power to take the lead of the spy. It must be a person who can cooperate with the A-Class which has perseverance and physical strength to remain on the island with minimum equipment for a few days, here we do not say it, but it has a "tie".

Then, it is not an exaggeration to say that it is a strategy that can not be done except by Ryūen.

If the leader 's nomination was to be done after all the students gathered, this strategy would not have developed Ryūen as well. However, it was clearly stated in the manual dealt to Deserted Island that it will take place immediately after the call on the last day. That is, it is done before each class set. Ryūen should have put an eye on that part and made a strategy.

"It's truly Horikita … …I could not notice it that much. To hit the leaders of other classes from the beginning was as good as being abandoned, and I tried not to find out the situation. "Awakenings who reflect on the pale" Tan "as" Tan ".

"Is not it impossible?" In addition to food problems and hygiene problems, manuals were burned, underwear was stolen, D – Class was also flapping. There was no time to spot "inspecting" the class of the other "yo" place "that". "Aki" person "who recalled the incident at Deserted Island. Also excavate memories with disgusting feelings.

"It was really serious, do not you think?" "But it's amazing Horikita. Love "Ai" village "Ri" praises Horikita with the appearance that I was honestly impressed.

"You can nod that Horikita who has seen the strategy of Ryūen-kun is nodded" It seems that it seems that it continues to be issued a little bit now "In fact, I will not deny here, I will tell you the truth .

And I supplemented this.

"It seems there seems to have been a miserable" getting into the same group in the examination "Drying" support "" Somehow I knew about Deserted Island and the ship. But I wonder why Ryūen recently came to "get involved" to other students of D – Class as if it were "relaxed". It's not unusual to come to the Archery Club and check my situation. Even if you know that "Hori" Hori "Kita" came "aimed", that question comes out of course.

"It might be trying to find a weak point of D – Class. Because there is no such thing as "I love you" to add to Horikita. Is it a strategy that will break from around? "" I see. Is there such a possibility …? "

I wonder if the reasons for the actions of the dragon "Ryo yu" garden "Een" have certainly been conveyed to Kei "Kei" Makoto "fault".

"Kiyopon 's girlfriend' wave" has been "admiring" or "tea" in admiration?

"Do not do it to yourself" "Well, that's right. I think that it is rude to Kiyo "Kiyo" Takashi "Taka", "Hey. I'm sorry sorry "but I will supplement it without permission, but I am rude to Horikita. When you are made a couple with me etc.

Even though it is a misunderstanding, it is a topic that is getting angry when asked "How do you say" "Fuji"?

"Even if she is not, do not you like it? Or do you have other girls? "" I do not like it, she does not even exist "" Well. Well then we are all determined to be lonely this year. "" Lonely? "

Look around, Adrian. It will be Christmas soon. "While sitting on the bench placed in front of a restaurant located in the Zelkey ​​Mall, Wakuza muttered.

As was said certainly, the decoration preparation for Christmas which is unlikely to be a facility in the school was proceeding. Occasionally students who seem to be couple of girls also pass.

"It's not a special day, is it? It is an ordinary day. "" It may be true for Yukimo, but it is surprisingly difficult for girls to have difficulties. "" U, rumors "rumor" and various things come out … "

"Yes Yes. I wonder who they are dating or socializing. You said you did not mention it overnight? Although I am doing my own fondness, I'm strangely sorrowful "cute" thoughtfully "I see it with eyes" "……We are in the first grade of high school. The studies are in the real situation. "" Did you imagine it for a moment? "Red face" "Noisy" "At any rate, this mango juice is too sweet. I will show you how to do "Akira" People "and" Oh "and I turned the cup to my place.

"I was surprised at how beautiful, tasty, it was impossible to believe.

"By the way, I think there are various kinds of D-Class during the winter vacation, but I am …"Does that mean someone is going out with someone? "

Interestingly ask "I wonder if love" Ai "village" Ri "" Wave "is" Ru "?

– Possibly. There are men and women who go out, and men and women who catch up also come out. A lot of things will happen for Christmas. "As if I have seen so many couples so far, Wakuzu nods three times nod.

"Anyhow, there is catastrophe anyway? For the moment I'm dating in the D – Class is flat "Hirasada" "It 's light" Karu "I" "Sawa" Rough "It' s about" The sweetness of mango is caught in the throat "throat" Or, holding down the throat and speaking clearly "Aki" people ".

By the way I'm drinking it now, but the things "things" are amazingly sweet.

"That does not mean that. Miyachi's unknown place, surprising couple has been made. Love does not come only within class. If you have a favorite child, if you do not act before being stolen by someone "" It's hard to hate "raw" ai "hate" "My sweetheart is enough for archery alone" "Odor. I say that it is not getting hot up there. Scramble "" ……It was a little embarrassing, Akito seemed touched and looked away.

I see。 Is there already Christmas approaching in the world? As far as there was no familiar "staining", I could hardly hear the story apart.

"Anyway I am a club activity. I will not take a day off even during the winter vacation. Whether she's also a story or not, there is no plan so far so far. "" Do you have any intention to make it? "

In an interviewing style, I gesture like grasping the microphone by hand, and I will pull the wave Wako into the mouth of Akito.

"I'm not going to raise a voice like" skeakers ", but boys and girls are alike, are not they?" They would like to say that they are not interested in love itself.

「……Well, I wonder if I have an ideal boy. Although Yukimo seems to be a negativity in love itself, but what if a child like Yukimo appears? "

What d'you mean?It depends on the relationship between me and the other party. "Oh, pretty" I'm pretty "so I am not going unconditionally. Hmm, it is serious "serious" -da. "Two men who are swayed by the wave uruga who makes fun of" noisy ".

"Kiyo" Takashi "Taka" Do you have a plan for Christmas? "

Airi sitting next to me suddenly asked me such a thing.

"Wow Airi is that inviting Kiyopon? Da … "" Well, it is not, that's not it! Because it is different? "

"Could it be anything else? Kiyopon has just said that she is not here. "" No, it's not like that, see, what does that mean? Because I was concerned about what I am doing when I alone Christmas. 'Certainly. If you are a boyfriend, you will do one or two dates.

But in the case of a single person, it is interesting to know how to spend.

"Indeed. Miyaichi may be a club activity, but what about Yukimpu? "

"I wonder if I am studying. In the third semester, as you go up to C – Class as planned, it will be a place to be chased, not only to pursue. I'd like to be able to draw the test even by the written exam only because there are many students with low academic ability in the class. "Suitable for the class, the best shirt for me," Contribution "to the class" Ken " It seems like an idea to go.

Wave "seems to have confidence by teaching studying to" Aruku "or" Akira "who" is Ru ".

"I can not afford to work hard to study that. Leave it to me, Keiko "Makoto" fault "" It is OK to leave it, but if I can graduate with A – Class and proceed to any desired destination, there will be only the future that will destroy if the ground is not high " I'm sorry that if you are thinking only about going up to the A – Class.

"Surely it is. It seems that it will collapse as soon as it is not in your height. "" But then, the meaning of graduating with A-Class will become thinner. "While understanding it seemed that there was some dissatisfaction when trying Akito.

By the time I graduate in A – Class, everyone has the ability to be fit for it.

I wonder if the school has a plan to say that.

For now I can not say anything.

"So what is Kiyopon that love" Ai "village" mind "? After all Christmas alone? "

"That's right. Nothing extraordinary. You're going to be quiet in the room, are not you? "

"Christmas is an ordinary holiday, is not it?" December 22 is the closing ceremony. Christmas will come soon.

Fu…..Hehui "Airi who was watching such interaction laughed a small laugh at what I thought. Although it seems that he is desperately trying to get laughing, he seems to be unbearable.

"Was something strange?"

"Sorry. No, I, that's fun, …Then I was able to laugh at something. "" Is it fun, can you laugh? "

If you do not understand well, you will tilt your heads "

I noticed that Airi seemed to have tears on the edge of his eye a little.

"I have never had such a fun time like this until now. I am amazingly fun now "Airi made the words hidden in obedient breasts, so that it was natural.

"There are only a few chagrinting conversations," "That's fine. I wanted to talk about such story. "" I do not know anything well, but it was better then. I also enjoyed it "Wave" came close to "Ru" to add.

And the topic shifts to the next.

"Arrived" corner "It's gathered, do not you go back home after eating dinner?"

Especially without opposing opinions, we became a flow to move as a group.

So I call out to everyone.

"I'm going to the bathroom a bit. We got a lot of people to talk to. Yes, why don't you, uh, go on ahead? I'll be right with you.

"Well, I'm waiting here" "No, it is about time that it crowds out in time, so it might be more efficient to line up. It seems that everyone was convinced, I went to the restaurant of Zelkea Mall. It is a situation that holds true because love "Ai" village "ri" is able to act to some extent even without me.

Miya "Miya" judged that I headed for the bathroom, I followed the light "Aki" people ".

After walking off the back of the group and Komiya, I started walking in the opposite direction with the toilet.

And we approach one girl sitting in a resting place where we chatted.

"A little nice" I called a girl sitting in a chair for a single seat "child". God of A – Class "or" Room "Muro. She was manipulating her cell, as if she did not notice it, she stiffened and did not move.

"I'm talking to you there," I will call out again.

「……"Hi" me? Oh… What "little" stinky "raised his eyes and showed the gesture of noticing me the first time.

I advanced a few steps as it was and sat down on another one-seat chair next to the Kamuro.

Piliri air flows only between the two people.

"I seem to have putting me around recently, is it for something?"

Oh… Oh my God.

"Yesterday's way home after school. Zelkey ​​Mall two days ago. Zelkova Mall 4 days ago. On the way home six days ago. On the way back home 7 days ago. The incidental "minute" is probably going to happen "I will direct the mobile screen to the girls and slide the picture quickly.

"Before I knew it …"

I shot the image of the target "aimed" closely "hidden".

"As a person who is on the shoulder side, I can not see this when I'm looking at my eyes. In the meanwhile it will not be unreasonable not to notice even if this is taken with a cell phone. "" Why say what if you put on after? It's not gonna be okay.

(whispering):No reason. I am not directly suffering damage, and I do not intend to stop or "do not have to worry", is not it? It's a coincidence. "" But what if the boss knows this situation? "" Boss? What is it, the view of the movie too much? "

Would you like to report to "if you slope"? "Yanagi" Yanagi ". You can not talk with your tail "" ……Just a minute wait "Elbow" Elbow "hanging" I'm gonna put my hands on hand and I'm going to stand up "or" Muro "room.

I understand well that its attitude alone does not like the current situation.

To "Sakayanagi" is "Shinyou" as a "minor" minute. I work properly even if it is made to be struck for a long time every day everyday. I guess we are on good terms. "" Do not be silly. I do not think you want to obey such a guy. "" It's not necessary to take a lie to such a place. In fact, I'm using a valuable time of my students to make a boring story. I trust and respect Sakayanagi so I can do it. " I want to cut the edges right now. "As you spit out intensely, the Kamuro is showing off" it is ".

"If so, why follow Sakayanagi's instructions." "You can do anything else." "If you are not intentions, you may be holding one of the weaknesses …"I want to say something. "I will report to Sakayanagi the poor nature of your tail. If that happens, the lack of ability for you to move as limbs and limbs is exposed ". The weakest grasp may be influenced later. "" Threat "Odor" That's why. Are you also me? "" Wait ". Sakayanagi seems to hold some weakness in using the Kamuro.

Although it was just a bamboo shoot, it is said that this also works brilliantly.

"Why are you too? It is strange that you are aimed at Sakayanagi. "Come now. It is refreshing to me as well. "Although the intention of Sakayanagi seemed to be unknown to the Kamiro, it seems that only one answer was obtained.

"You are a student of D – Class looking for" Ryuuuuu "garden" En ". I can not think of anything else. "" What if you do? "

I do not dare deny it.

In the first place, if Sakayanagi knows my past, it is meaningless to say how much you prepare and "mending".

"It seems I'm threatening me, but if I do like that I can tell Ryūen" "If you thought about threatening, were you threatened back? Let's do this "I offer one proposal to God" or "Muro" room.

"I hope to continue to like it in the future. Do not raise anything. Also, stop talking to Saka "Sayaka" Yanagi "Yanagi" "Oh yeah. I would like to have other than Sakayanagi lie down instead of what I am. "" It's a replacement condition "" I do not think it's a bad story, "… ….- Yeah. I'm not interested in the dragon "Ryo yu" garden "En". "Kamuro seemed to" accept "" accept ", and nodded" nodded "and stood up.

"Today I will go home. I was tired. "That said, the Kamui went to the exit of Zelkea Mall as soon as possible.

"It seems that a troublesome weakness seems to be grasped, that guy", but with this, it will be gone, "sweeping" vulgar "and" sideways "yoko" spear "spear.

Should I do with this for the time being?

The identity leaks to Ryūen from an unexpected place. It seems that there is not a problem that the point of danger like that.

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