Classroom of the Elite

By Kinugasa Shougo



○ The difference in decision.

On repeated days of study, the date is inscribed while many students get depressed.

And the arrival of winter. Finally in December I finally got off to the final exam by 3 days. On Saturdays and Sundays from tomorrow, the school is closed, and on Monday the test production is waiting.

There is no big fear of challenging the honest exam itself. For D – Class, it has enough cohesiveness, and the quality of the study group is high. Sudou and others We can say that red-dot regulars are doing their best neatly so far.

The problem is outside that. It is no exaggeration to say that Ryūen and Kushida are in these two people. It will definitely be moving under the water. And you can almost read the hands that come in.

Ryūen's aim is "to win the D – Class in overall point" and "to spread out lurking behind Horikita". [ぜんしゃ] /former (vs)/In other words, the strategy for winning the overall point is inevitably limited. If you speak in a legitimate way you will struggle hard on the whole C – Class. Or make up a problem with super difficulty level. It would be either. However, this is a strategy to strike D – Class in the same way within the range of ordinary effort.

I do not know how C-Class is gathered during the past and I was studying extensively. We are not showing up in an environment that is easy to concentrate on study, such as cafes, libraries, classrooms.

Are they simply not seeing by chance, or are they striving at C-Class students who can not see it? Even if you are intensely studying, the D – Class is not outstanding, so you can be forced to fight for five minutes. I do not seem to be fighting in any way to win.

If you do, you can easily imagine being a strategy to win from another perspective.

I was just thinking.

"Well. Horikita under the stairs looked up, I was standing at the stop. Hurry up and catch up with Horikita.

Horikita's hand had a big tea envelope. There is a problem sentence that I cooperated with Hirata et al. For the past month. It will be the fate of D – Class itself.

That is why I was created secretly without even mentioning the problem sentence. Horikita finally assembled it, so only Horikita knows all the problems.

"What is the prospects?"

/(exp) I don't know …/How about …? I wonder/What about ..?/ I do not want you to expect too much. The adjustment of the school side is also getting bigger. However, it is no doubt that it has been finished as the most difficult test among the exams that I received to Kole. "To some degree confidence is obscured from Horikita. Should it be said that it is firmly finished?

The problem is the future. How to protect this question sentence.

Stay with one student on the way in the hallway to the staff room.

"Suzune" There was Ryūen laughing unfaithfully. In that hand the same tea envelope as Horikita is held.

"Is it a coincidence?" Or ambivalent? "" It is inevitable. I was waiting for you to arrive. "" Ambushing one "Sighs as if to be amazed, trying to pass by the side of Ryūen.

"Wait a moment. Are you submitting problem sentences just by yourself? Let's go together "Ryūen will hold the envelope in front of Horikita.

"I do not know who will steal it. I can understand how to be cautious. "" Can I just worry about the class of people? Are you okay? "

"Kuku. You do not have a foolish betraying me. "" To that extent, it is just as submissive as I am, "Horikita's bullshit is a provocative return to provocation. Ryūen would not be able to have fun with it.

Start walking like we are about us.

"I hope Chie squeezed out by you defective, I hope that we can pass it" Keep walking to ignore the existence of Ryūen.

"Ayanokōji-kun, are you studying properly? I am worried about the situation of partners, though. I think that the red dot can be avoided. "" Do not think so. One can not afford to drop out. Even if we have confidence in the problem made by C-Class, do not let yourselves get worried. "Apparently Ryūen is not going to be silent and responds to mouth again.

「ほう……。 That's an interesting remark. It seems as if they are grasping our way of doing. "" I wonder why. It might just be a cheap provocation? When you reach in front of the staff room, "Horikita invoked Chabashira sensei." Somewhat later Chabashira sensei shows his face.

Ryūen also called Sakagami sensei. Sakagami sensei who came earlier receives a tea envelope from Ryūen silently.

"You can accept this?"

– Yes. I will ask you later. "Chabashira sensei shows up as soon as it completes short interactions and replaces it.

"It seems you brought it" you seem to already know the case, drop only the line of sight to the tea envelope.

There seems to be no particular mind that Ryūen is by side.

"Chabashira sensei. The problem sentence I will submit will be the final draft. "" Let's keep it "Ryūen was watching with an eerie smile.

Horikita stops moving once seeing the hand trying to receive a tea envelope.

"I'd like to ask you, is your time okay?" "Oh" "This question and its answer are the coincidence between the victory and defeat of D – Class. In the unlikely event that information leakage should be avoided. Would you please refuse everything if someone suggests to show me this print after me? I do not want anyone to show it, including me. "Horikita so negotiated on the basis of the failure at the time of the previous sports festival.

I can not tell whether Chabashira sensei can make it.

"Refusal of information disclosure" "Is it difficult?" "No such thing. You can understand the desire to be thoroughly afraid of information leakage. The school side has no right to refuse it. But, of course, there are conditions. "" Condition ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ Is everyone convinced? "

"I do not take the word, but I think that it is safe to take such a consensus ─ ─ ─ so. I do not have any students who want to lose their class. "" I will not be able to say that. I talked a similar story before, but the individual's idea is unexpected. There is no curious story even if there are students who want to lose. "" That is … …. "

Chabashira sensei set arm and added further.

"To put it more, is there a guarantee that the problem you are having is the problem statement that the class wants? Everyone seems to have consented by seeing the problem sentence and it did not mean that I brought it. "" Are you going to prove it? Why do not you check if there is no problem by showing problems to everyone? "

I don't think so. That means that things are not that simple. It is impossible to tell whether the student Horikita Suzune standing here is acting for the class. However, I will listen to your hope. No matter who the student touches, I will never disclose the answers and answers I've made. "" Thank you very much. With this, I will be able to have the exam with confidence. "" But. I will only tell you one thing. Originally it is not preferable to block information in this way. It is also evidence that the classes are not all single. "It is certainly a reality that can not be denied. If there are no doubtful partners, we will not ask for disclosure of information in the first place and we will not imitate to leak it. Although it is a selfish imagination, it can be said as a trouble that can not happen to B – Class.

"It is a painful story of the ear. I am currently struggling to build a relationship within the class. "I heard that far, Chabashira sensei laughed a little.

"You have changed, Horikita" "… ….There are times when I can not keep changing. "" I accepted your wish without any doubt. However, there are cases in which disclosure is permitted as necessary. An unexpected situation is always going to happen. I want you to add only one to the current story. If Horikita permits and requests to show problem sentences and answers, we respond to the disclosure of information. Our train is not going any farther. We'll unload here. Is it risky for you to make it assert that you will never show it to anyone? "

The point is that it is not formally possible to not disclose 100%.

It seems that we do not care about any means so we would like to leave a method for disclosure.

"Well, that's OK. But please presuppose that I will be present. "" That is true. It is also possible to stumble that you got permission. Come on, admit it… Then, if someone asks for a problem and an answer, I will tell you all what you said. We have to disclose information in fear of information leakage. I can not afford "噓" as a teacher. "" It's okay. "Horikita strikes a hard and relieved thing for a while at once.

It certainly is no longer going to have the same development as athletic festival. Whatever the case of Kushida, even though I want to see the problem sentence, it is impossible without Horikita 's seat. There will be no tricks here.

It is also obvious that it is not a reason to cover it at the place where it said that if you make it a rebound you pay the points.

But something is wrong.

I felt like I was listening quietly to the interaction between Chabashira sensei and Horikita.

The question is not immediately answered. However, there is no doubt that something is wrong. So far it looks smooth. Finally, the completed problem sentence will be worth the effort of Horikita and Hirata and others, and it will be finished in exquisite high level of difficulty. That's fine. And at the same time as submitting it to Chabashira sensei, we have also taken measures to prevent information leakage to others.

Even though Kushida was supposed to get Ryūen's compliance and got a problem sentence and an answer, a mechanism not permitted unless Horikita permits attendance was accepted.

Everything is fine. There is no gap anywhere.

That's it. That's explains a lot!

There is no mistake anywhere in this exchange, but obviously it is uncomfortable with Chabashira sensei.

The eyes, gestures, and attitudes of Chabashira sensei do not say so.

I receive the problem sentence somewhere somewhere and it is progressing.

And Ryūen's resolute attitude. That attitude that is not impatient is caught.

"Let's go home, Ayanokōji-kun. I have finished my business. "I could not hear the words, I saw the eyes of Chabashira sensei. sensei also sees my eyes.

Before it is too late ─ ─ ─.

I can not speak foolishly in front of Ryūen. I can not send extra eye contact.

Even if it surpasses this place, it may become time to lack time to come back here again.

It was Horikita who started walking in the opposite direction to the staff room, but immediately stops the foot.

「……Chabashira sensei. I told you I can not turn on now, right? "

"That's it. It will be natural as a teacher. "" I will ask, but I realized that the question sentences and answers I submitted have been accepted ".

Although it was a little hope, Horikita came to doubt with his own power.

"It is unknown whether to confirm whether there is any abnormality in the question whether it will be accepted or not." "What's the matter? Horikita did not give me an eye for me who asked me like that.

"Then I change the way of saying. Before we introduce the current problem sentence ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ already accepted another problem statement ___ ___ ___ 1. "

To that question, sensei 's line of sight and words stop.

"What do you mean, that? …"

"There is no other choice but to ask the answer from the mouth of Chabashira sensei" "…It is a question to me now, but there is only one reply. We have already accepted acceptance without delay ". The meaning of that reality. What to point.

"Is that – that someone else submitted a problem sentence and an answer?" Thoughts and emotions that can not catch up.

"That's it. In this way the problem sentence you made will not be adopted. "" Please cancel the acceptance right now. The correct problem statement is here. "Horikita refers to the tea envelope that sensei got.

However, it is understood by the story that it does not pass easily easily.

"Sorry, Horikita, that is your selfish subjectivity. I brought the problem sentence and the answer to another student and completed the examination and acceptance. He was also worried about similar things. I want you to keep a secret so that problem sentences and answers do not leak out. And if a person trying to change it arbitrarily appears, you only want to receive it and keep it on hold. And I'm being asked to let him know who visited him at a later date. "" Whatever happens … "

I can crush without force on the spot.

Too ruthless reality.

"Who are the students? Can you teach me? "

"Kushida Kikyō" It was an obvious answer.

Horikita "Kushida's Betrayal Betrayal" I thought was going to be good. It means that it was hit by the lead as it was. Kushida moved boldly greatly, too, because he already knew himself behind the scenes already.

"You can change the accepted problem sentences in some cases?"

"That's right. Let's handle unforeseen circumstances. But the deadline is over today. If you want to change the problem sentence here, I will have Kushida brought "" That kind of … "

Cannot be broken into. Kushida can not respond to obedience.

To overcome this problem you need to visit Chabashira sensei with Kushida.

However, Kushida will not be caught from this time absolutely. You can escape nearly 100% just by turning off the mobile phone and setting it up in your room. No, is there a high possibility that it is not even in my room? Today is definitely over without changing the whereabouts.

"You can infer that either Horikita or Kushida, but I do not know the truth. It is also possible that a third party who is unknown is pulling thread. You will be in trouble if you have troubles within a class resolved within your class. "… ….What time is it today? It is up to 18 o'clock to correct the problem sentence "I confirm the cell phone. The time is before 16 o'clock, that is, about 2 hours.

"Kukuku ……Kuhahaha! Well, what are you doing, Suzune! "

Ryūen who was watching the whole interaction exercises a big laugh.

A man who would have known this situation from the beginning spits out the laughter desperately struggling.

"You are no longer stuck. The problem I made hard was totally useless! "

"Your deposit? You instructed Mr. Kushida to issue a problem sentence, did not he? "

"Do not you know now? I do not know about D – Class, do you? "

Horikita devastates to Ryūen's obvious…

"I can not abide that outsiders to eavesdrop on me any more …!"

"Oh, I'm scared. I suppose I will go home quietly. I am looking forward to the result of the exam. "" Are not you going to look for Kushida? Horikita "" ……I hate wasteful efforts. "It should not be accepted even if I meet Kushida by any chance. The game is no longer decided.

"Is Kushida instructing you not to show the problem sentence?"

"No, I have not received the instructions" There is no surprise. Rather, it is preceded by a new recognition that "it is not".

"Please show me" permission, decided to show the problem sentence submitted by Kushida to Chabashira sensei.

There is one impression coming out soon at a glance.

"It's exquisite difficulty" "Yeah … ….The problem secretly submitted by Kushida would not be that difficulty with the problem Horikita and others prepared. It can be said that it is a well-respected problem statement. Both of us can do something we can not figure out except for the person who made it. If you consider Ryūen involved, is it likely that Kaneda created a problem? That is why the third party does not know which truth is. If this is a problem solvable by Sudou et al., Kushida which replaced with such a simple problem will be suspected, but if it is made similarly it will not be so. The truth gets fuzzy at once.

Horikita, who committed to not kushida's past, Hirikita will not publicize the Hirata who is afraid of intra-class conflicts. It is a state that I won.

There is no problem as long as you know how much difficulty the problem will be.

If all the members of the C-Class share their answers, they can beat out ultra-high scores.

After judging it, Kushida thoroughly camouflaged the information so far and carried out the strategy.

While participating in the study group, while taking on Horikita's game, he steadily and steadily handled it.

If the D-Class is negative, it is inevitable that part of responsibility will be questioned by Horikita, which has been pulling the lead so far. While lowering the centripetal force, and using Ryūen to drive Horikita.

There is still salvation if it only creates problem sentences. The worst defeat can not be helped so far.

However, the most important thing is the question of betting proposed by Horikita.

It is definite that Kushida is collaborating with Ryūen, and it is fully conceivable that instead of cooperating, C-Class problem sentences and answers are obtained.

If so, Kushida will probably get 100 points. If Horikita misses even one question, he will have to choose the option of voluntarily withdrawing.

Horikita does not make a promise to be a rebellion.

If you defeat you choose a way to drop out even if you disagree.

"Take all of yourself," D-Class wins by now.

Kushida's first battle would have given Horikita a lot of shock and damage.

At first glance it looks like there is no way to strike a hand, but it does not.

However, that is all caused by the sweetness of Horikita's packing.

If I were … ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ __

What are you talking about?

Chabashira sensei did not see any upset, he tried hard and was calm.

"I'm sorry, just to be sure I put my thought and acted for a long time." That's why Horikita's face, who said her face downwards, had no color of depression at all.

And I understand.

"Have you stabbed your hand firmly?" "Yeah. It can not be done in a similar way that what was done at the athletic festival. I asked Chabashira sensei as soon as details of the final exam was announced. ""I have a decision right to submit a problem sentence" "I want you to pretender to accept even if anyone comes" Kushida says that he thought that his problem sentence was accepted Thing.

"They are certainly convinced that the problem sentence has changed. If you are not studying for tests, you may leave school from C – Class. "I did not even think that I would have made a wonderful counter so far.

Almost certainly Ryūen will not be aware of Horikita's first-ever attack of first-handed offense.

"At any rate it is a hard way. Even in D – Class we have taken over, it is a request I have never heard of. Out of assumption such as warning, deceiving etc within this class on the school system. I will not go on like this forever. I can not win the test that I can win without holding a traitor by my classmates. "Show us how unusual Chabashira sensei is worried.

– She's not gonna get any better intel than that. To prevent the submission of a problem sentence and to be aware of having accepted it. This is an unnecessary act that you do not do if you are in another class. I guess they will not do so even in the A – Class which splits into the Katsuragi school and the Sakayanagi school.

As much as that, Kushida's response is that we need to use nerves.

I understand. However, I am planning to end this exam as well. "It is my will to end to pull the legs among my friends.

I understand. Let's have fun. 'Horikita breathed a breath after seeing Chabashira sensei back to the staff room with a tea envelope.

"I am sorry for keeping you silent" When I was alone, I lowered my head and apologized.

"No, that's fine. I was not completely aware of it honestly. "Although I had few opportunities to act with Horikita, I was despised.

"He does not know how many times he was rolled. I will learn a lazy ___ ___ ___ 0 It's not just crushing the definite victory of C-Class, but D-Class gained one step.

However, Horikita's tough match still remains.

"I will win Kushida in score at the end, so I will finish this exam successfully." If you do not score Kushida in points Horikita has no future.

In order to never lose, it is a premise to take full marks.

1 From the present day, the first half of the final exam is started. The total points to be taken by two people is 692 points. It was lower than expected, but I can not take care of it. You may declare that the game will be decided by the first half of the exam, the first day.

It is a game of how far each student is pressing to the level of each problem sentence and contents of the first day of the term end test are the four subjects of national language, English, society, mathematics. Also included are subjects that divide Horikita and Kushida.

While walking in the corridor leading from the entrance to the classroom, I saw Satō appearing waiting for someone.

The waiting man was fortunate and unhappy like me, as I found a figure he came close.

"Good morning, Ayanokōji-kun. It's a test soon. "" Oh. Did you sleep well last night? "

"I went to bed after studying until about 1 o'clock, but I got a bit nervous," he says so and takes a deep breath holding down the chest.

"I can not say it comfortably, but I will do my best for each other. You should be able to do well if you demonstrate what you have been studying as it is. "" Yeah "In whatever form we are a pair. It can not be denied that it is a coexistence body as it is a single lotus. If Satō gets soaked up, if I run down, Satō does. We will drag each other to abyss.

"Good morning Satō" "Ah. Good morning Karuizawa "Karuizawa who came to school found Satō and cried out.

"Did you promise to Ayanokōji-kun? It is a very unusual combination. "" No, no. At least, I met by chance …… "

I know. Well, why do not you go to the classroom after you bought a drink with a pallet together? "

"Well. Well then, see you later Ayanokōji Kun "A little bit smelt Satō turned her back on me.

Karuizawa saw this for a moment, but immediately turned to Satō.

"They were good friends with each other," or "It was surprising that Karuizawa's yakimochi" or "What?"

It was Hirata who asked me so.

"Good morning good morning. What do you mean by now? "

"Even so, I have been with Karuizawa for a long time as a boyfriend. I have noticed that she is recently concerned about Ayanokōji-kun. "" No, I guess it's different "Forcibly moved the parasite of Karuizawa from Hirata to me, It can not be helped.

"I wonder if that's true. But as for me it is nice to be that way. I think that one who is not a fake relationship is healthy. It was too selfish to say that. "Two people headed to the classroom as it is.

"The problem Mr. Horikita thought should definitely stick to the C-Class. Later we think that it is not difficult to win if we correspond well to the test. "Hirata was full of confidence as well.

It seems that there is a certain path of victory in this exam.

There were also pairs that became unexpected combinations, but it is roughly as expected.

"Actually I had something I wanted to tell Ayanokōji-kun. Do you know Hiyori Shiina? "

"It's a student of C-Class. I met the other day. It appeared at the Study Group of Keiko. "" It came to me as well. It looks like I'm looking for someone who is behind Horikita '' It seems like '' The person behind Horikita 's behind you is you? Ayanokōji-kun "It was not a dialogue of the desire that Hirata wanted to know, it was a dialogue for confirmation.

"Aya, of course I will not tell anyone. I wonder if you have any purpose. It is also a fact that D-Class is being helped. "" That's right. I will accept it as grateful advice. "" I do not deny it. "" I do not believe that I denied it now. "" That is true. It may be. "" It's not like a hero. There is nothing to hide the identity. I just do not want to be conspicuous, but I'm really serious. "" That was the first time that you showed movement at the athletic festival because there is some reason. But is it okay? The movement of C – Class is becoming active. I will not spare cooperation if necessary. "Although it is an offer from thankful Hirata, it is not necessary at the moment.

"I'll do something with this. I will ask when I will. "I got to the classroom. I looked at the facial expressions of Sudou 's in the distance, but it was clearly different from just before testing. It seemed that he was calmly using the time calmly and finally confirming without having to memorize the problem in a hurry. It was not even one person two, nearly half of the students focused on it.

"You misunderstood" "Really" If this is that D-Class, you will not believe it even if you show it to someone a few months ago.

If this school was a school with no objection to the result, this may not have been the case.

"Are you ready for your heart?"

Horikita neighbors had been reading while not studying for exams.

"What are you reading before the exam?"

"And then there was no one" "Agatha Christie? Horikita who closes the book denies such black jokes.

"There will not be anyone. Of course neither myself nor you, "" It is a face to win against any opponent. "" Of course. I am preparing for taking the first grade this time. "" It would be difficult if the problem of another class's students was simple. "" I win over it. That's enthusiastic. " Let me show you the confidence of unshakable confidence.

2 The first bell rings and all of the students perform study tools. All tools unnecessary for the examination are required to stay on the locker behind the classroom. You can only leave on each desk to writing instruments. If the pencil is broken shortage, the pencil pencil's core is broken, or the erasers are gone, you can be relieved by declaring to Chabashira sensei.

"We will do a final exam from this. The first hour is a modern sentence. It is forbidden to flip the paper to the table until the start signal. Not to let it go to the top students "to be careful, Chabashira sensei puts problem paper on each desk.

"The test time is 50 minutes. To avoid poor physical condition and toilet as much as possible. If you can not stand it any way, please declare it after raising your hands. We can not accept any exit from any other place. "Tell the prohibited items and distribute the paper to everyone.

There was no student who was already talking about me, and I was losing my eyes on the prints.

Soon the chime rings and announces the start of the test.

As the test begins, we turn the test paper all at once.

According to the teachings of Keigo, the trends and measures of the problem will be on the way.

Read the problem sentence diagonally from top to bottom and judge whether the classmates can be solved.

There are unforgivable problems lined up from the first question, but it does not matter that way. The problem predicted by pinpoint also appeared considerably, and there were not many problems that could be solved if calm down.

That is to say that the aim of Keisoku was hit.

Also, the correction contents instructed by the school side would have been great.

There are traces of trying to make a twisted problem, but there are traces of being forced to be straightened.

Nonetheless, it is unlikely that the average score falls down reliably than the previous intermediate test. If there are students short of studying, there are times when you take 10 points and 20 points. I would like to take these points of view, and I would like to secure more than 50 points, preferably 60 points or more, as surely as possible.

It is thought that 60 hurdles will be exceeded if you are a skilled person in the class, but you can not give up.

More than anything, the wave lacquer and the Akito et al., Who are likely to become tasks, have to be quite stepped on here. I must absolutely defend the red dotted line of the arts which I am not good at.

Horikita in the next seat immediately took a pen and started on the first question.

Horikita is casting its attention on a fight absolutely not defeated at Horikita.

Kuruto rotate the pen and I think of what to do.

Satō was also relatively enthusiastic participating in the study group. Ike and Yamauchi are expected to score more points, but we also need to answer with corresponding points.

Individuals' grades do not inadvertently raise the red dot line this time, but decide to proceed to the 60-point base on the basis of later things.

What is more important than that ─ ─ I will raise my head.

Eyes intersect with Chabashira sensei who saw the students from the teacher.

However, it is not Chabashira sensei that I pay attention.

It is the response of Kushida Kikyō who challenges the test in front of me.

Even though the test began, there are no signs that the arms are still moving. Seems to be checking something many times while reading through the problem sentence.

Were they for a couple of minutes? Eventually the arms started to move forward to solve the problem.

Then, the tension test continued, with no time to spare and to talk from the first hour.

It was the 4th hour that a small happening happened.

It occurred at the time of mathematics which is supposed to make a direct confrontation with Horikita and Kushida.

It is just after I started overturning with the start signal.

"Why are you …"

Kushida's voice which leaked while pushing and killing.

"What's wrong Kushida" "No, I'm sorry. There is nothing. "The classmates were interested in Kushida who leaked the voice for a moment, but they will start on the problem at once.

If you look closely you can tell.

It can not be imagined from the usual calm Kushida. [どうよう] /perturbation/surge/perturb/unbalance (vs)/

Apparently that man's choice was "that way"?

Horikita is not distracted by Kushida's upset and is tackling the problem of mathematics.

A legitimate straight fight just to demonstrate the results that came this month.

It is strong because of simple.

Well, I will concentrate on the exams where the troubles disappear.

3 "……Fuu "Horikita breathed, I looked up at the ceiling of the classroom.

"It is a face to do it." "I never thought that my study was hard. However, I studied the most in my life this time. "" What is the self-grading of mathematics? "

"100 points. I want to say "I want to say", but since there was a subtle problem with 1 question, I would say 98 points to say the least. A problem with a considerable degree of difficulty mixed a little. "Instantly said the result of self-scoring without hesitation.

"You can have mistakes or omissions. What is the lower possibility? "

– Checked. At least I survived the test with absolute confidence. I think that we were able to have results close to the full score for the remaining four subjects "" That's amazing … "

"I challenged the game on the premise that Kushida would take 100 points. I intend to thoroughly try not to make trivial mistakes. It is a miserable story because it may have failed to score 2 results, "a human being has a mistake. It may be less than 98 points of self-scoring.

It was because the problems Kaneda had created were not difficult problems.

I can not understand that even that kindness has exceeded 90 points.

However, it will not be possible to answer with confidence so far.

In fact it is a score that can take 1st in class undoubtedly if it is 98 points or more.

While teaching to many students, Horikita completely survived with his own energy and guts.

"Suzuka, there are things I want to report, so why do not you go home together?"

Sudou who finished the test came close to holding a bag somewhere.

"What you want to report?" I am sorry, can you talk over here? "

"Today's test, it's a delicate line that we received 40 subjects in all subjects. Hang out with it. Apparently it seems that he intends to invite Horikita and apologize on that way back. Sorry to apologize.

"It's not bad. The difficulty level of the exam changes day by day. If it's today's test content it will be fine with that. "The difficulty level is higher than the usual test, it is inevitable that the score drops.

"I have a schedule so you go back with your friends." "Do you still have it? Ayanokōji. Are you going home by two people? "

It was a suspicion of doubt as to what I would do with Horikita.

"He has nothing to do, I have an appointment with Mr. Kushida. Is there something wrong? "

"With Kushida? If you know that Horikita's schedule is girls, Sudou immediately pulled back.

"Then I will go home and study." "Yes. However, thinking about tomorrow as well, please sleep soon. "" I know that. Kanji, Haruki. Let's go home together "No stinging appearance is seen at all, Sudou invites them to return home with a calm appearance.

You can avoid red spots naturally if you can start studying. Since we can respond to each test without panic, clear mind is born.

"By the way, what is the schedule with Kushida?" "It's not too big. I thought that they should be able to self-score each other, so I thought I'd confirm that. "There is some time to return the test.

If each result is obvious, there will be results without waiting for an answer.

However, I am already convinced.

It was Horikita Suzune who won.

It does not have to listen to the results. You can tell by looking at Kushida that is clearly showing upset.

That Kushida goes out of the classroom when he stands up, not getting fixed anywhere.

"She wonder what's wrong …"

"Is not it that self-grading was lower than I expected?"

"I hope so. He is also a whim. "" Do you care about Ryūen? "

"If by any chance teaching an answer, there is a possibility that it is taking full marks. If that happens, there is only a defeat or a draw. Neither you nor I will leave voluntarily. "" At that time will you ask Kushida for forgiveness even in Takazaka? "" I wonder why "" What is it "" Nothing "Horikita chases Kushida. I decided to pursue afterwards as well.

"Kushida-san" When you stop at Kushida as you walk out in the hallway and walk, slowly stop walking.

"What, Mr. Horikita" was a expression including fatigue and..

"I wonder if it's a bit of time. I have something to confirm. Since there are people coming and going here, can I change the place? "

"It depends on the content of the story, but it may be a problem here" "I will refuse it first, but I will bring Ayanokōji-kun together. Do not mind as it is a stakeholder who was involved this time? "

I did not answer by words, but Kushida did not refuse.

After confirming the time on the mobile, nod and accept it.

I guess he is planning to see "someone" after this.

There are still a lot of students in the school. Just to be sure, I will go to a special building.

"The thing that I want to confirm to you is, of course, the bet on the term-end test, is not it?"

Yeah. The result is ahead, but each other's self-scoring should have been completed. "" That's right ……I'm done "Horikita dropped out, Kushida won a big pride.

You can not check how many points you have taken in any way.

"I am confident that I got over 98 points. How was you? "

There are a few in Horikita, but there is anxiety and doubt.

If Ryūen lends a hand, it will greatly affect its own advance and retreat.

Even listening to Horikita's score does not surprise Kushida. No, it looks like he already knew it.

"I definitely do not have to wait for results" That seems like a self-propelled murmur.

"I'm fine, I guess 80 points will stop. No, probably not even 80 points. So you bet is yours, Mr. Horikita "Yes … …."

Horikita feels somewhat doubtful that Kushida's score did not grow higher than I thought.

"I thought I'd take more if you were studying intensively." "I am like this" I responded like subordinating and I sighed once.

"Formally it is after the result comes out … …I wonder if I will win "Because the results of the test are notified from the school side, there is no room for fraud.

"There is no need for that. You bet that you win. Horikita's satisfied? "

Even if there is a mistake in self-grading, Kushida understands that there are not nearly 20 mistakes.

"I wonder if I can believe it. I will cooperate with you from now on. "" I will fulfill my promise. Even if it does not agree how convincing it is. Writing in writing? "

– That won't be necessary. Let's start with believing in each other. "Horikita put out his hand in saying so.

I thought that I wanted to contract as a result of shaking hands.

Looking at his hand, Kushida did not move. I stare at the eyes without color.

"I hate you, Mr. Horikita" "That's right. But I think I can make an effort to be liked "Receiving emotions from the front Horikita.

"I'm getting more and more disliked" I will not try to pick up a hand, Kushida will pass through Horikita sideways.

The outstretched hand empties the sky in vain.

"I will not interfere, but I will never cooperate. You know that.Yeah. I regret that I can not help it. Do not forget Horikita. The only thing I bet is not to disturb you. "The deep color in the back of my eyes captures me, while weakening.

"That's ─ ─ ─" No answer Kushida leaves. I do not want to face face with Horikita even in one second.

One hard time passed away. Horikita is out of the target, but this time I say that I am.

It seems quibble, but it certainly was not included in the content of my loss.

Even though it says "It was hard to scrutinize the contents of the bet a little more, probably nothing changed.

There is one conclusion in me. Kushida must keep his promise forever.

It is not as easy to sublimate in him. In order to protect our existence, we are unnecessary by all means. For Kushida it is only foreign matter.

Unless removed, the future of rest will not come to Kushida.

It would be Sekiyama to expect a temporary rest for a long time to last a long time.

4 After thinking about Horikita to return, think about the future.

My imagination Ryūen Kakeru is not a human being like this.

Certainly Horikita worked well this time. I enclosed Ryūen, who manipulates Kushida by the first player.

Originally, it is not likely to be used in class conflicts where it is difficult for traitors to be on ally, but it can be said that it was an effective means when a traitor is lurking. However, it does not mean that you can use it at any time in a way that is limited to sports festivals and exams like this time.

That is why he took the initiative by tying his older brother as a witness, and made a chance to win a thousand chances. One month until the final exams D – Class which opened a study meeting rarely should not be defeated by C – Class. It can be said that it is a complete victory.

Mobile phone trembles.

– What are you trying to do?

It was such a mail sentence.

You are planning not just me but you, too? Ryūen.

"When you use Tomeke, I will pay you exactly" When another short sentence comes in, another one mail arrives like a catch-up.

This time it has an attached file.

The attached file is an image, and when opened it turned out to be one photograph.

There is no letter written in the e-mail sentence, it is speaking only with images.

"Were the Manabe spit after all?" Ryūen knew when he came in contact with Hiyori.

You can imagine even if you do not see how it was carried.

Is it that he threw out a traitor by a threat similar to intimidation or extortion?

With this, the name of me and my honor rises in the head of the guy and the suspicion will become strong.

But there is no evidence. If you consider the possibility that the black curtain is lurk behind it, you can not brand it.

However, there is no difference that Ryūen struck a hand to catch up here.

It is not necessary to think hard that what you thought "how to send this picture" has been sent.

To have "this picture" means that the background was also known to some extent.

In some cases, the fangs of Ryūen will be suitable for the person in this picture.

No, it is a declaration of declaration of wearing fangs.

"You do not have to spare anything that keeps you silent." Are you enjoying hunting?

It is getting tired of being stupid, being persistently persistent.

Closing my cell phone will solidify my will.

It seems that there is no point in doing halfway acts to cut off his mental power.

Let's pick you up if you plan to trap.

"Come with all your power to keep no regrets. I'll play with it according to your favorite ringing. "I was unwilling to find myself feeling a little fun.

5 "It was late. Were you struggling to distribute your classmates? "

"What are you going on, Ryūen-kun" Kushida, who showed up on the unpopular rooftops, will stop behind Ryūen without trying to hide the true nature.


"The problem sentence and the answer you passed. It changed to a completely different thing from the exam. "" That's right. I switched the problem sentence before the deadline. What happened to it? 'When laughing with a small nose, it contained the bottle of mineral water that you had in your mouth.

– That's when you said it. I use Horikita to withdraw from any kind of hands. For that purpose I betrayed my colleagues and replaced the D-Class question sentence. Use the C-Class math problem sentence and answer as conditions for redemption. Horikita has voluntarily withdrawn at this time if you go as promised. Nevertheless you betrayed me. "" What, are you getting angry with that? "" Is that so? Are you going to win over the D-Class and do it for such a thing? "

"It is a misunderstanding in the first place. The problem sentence you have not been adopted in the exam. "" Ha? Oh my God. I promised you as soon as I told you. It is certain that I also confirmed Chabashira sensei. "" You have not noticed yet? Suzuka turned the hand first and stopped so as not to officially adopt your problem sentence. Thanks to that, thankfulness for winning, it was about to die. Everyone was asking for this strategy. "" Please wait ……Turn your hands first? No way- God, no.

"If in doubt wait for the results of the exam. C-Class will probably be losing to D – Class ten most. In other words, the agreement is invalid. This is not receiving any tradeoffs, so we can not show the correct answer sentence. It's a natural story. "" Cut … …! "

"I will tell you, but. Even if you appreciate me you do not have a reason to be hurt. "

Gratitude because you helped my mum with the rent and dropped by twice a year to give me a fucking lecture? You lost to Suzone this time? What do you mean to appreciate? "

I recall the humiliation declared defeat in front of me. The anger that the intestines are boiling over.

"It is irritating, without knowing that it is fitted in a trap manually," Ryūen approaches Kushida's uniform as it approaches.

Then forcibly removed the button of the blazer and stretched out his hand.

"A little, what is that !?"

Ryūen laughs to Kikyō hurriedly away.

/(int) (col) (abbr) good grief (expression of exasperation)/ It's not so we can hang you or anything. Explore inside pockets "" ……Interior pockets.

While wary of it, Kushida slowly put his hand into the blazer's inner pocket.

There is a feeling of paper not memorized there. It was a folded paper when it was taken out.

– Oh, my God.

Ryūen should now have no room to put something in. In other words, it was entered from before. When you open the paper, there are math test questions and answers.

However, it is not the test that I received today, but the problem that Ryūen first submitted.

"Why is this on my clothes …"

"Perhaps it is not only that. There are a couple of "cheat materials" in your personal surroundings. I will come out looking for it later "" I do not know what I mean, "" Someone at D-Class is preparing to kill you. What happened if your fraud was accused during or shortly after class? What if I remained the first sentence and answer? Try to come out from such a person who got a high score. What was going on? "

"Did I drop out? With cheat not doing it? "It seems stupid." "Originally innocent it would be a matter of proof. There is a fact that you got a problem sentence and an answer beforehand by pairing with me. It can not be helped even if it is made black anymore. "It is obvious that you can appeal that it was charged to someone, and if it is white it will not be black, but it will stain gray. It is undeniable that Ryūen provided C-Class problem sentences and answers. Even though the provision of problem sentences and answer sentences is not illegal, it is impossible to leave it unless there is suspicion. Even if you can escape the dropout, black suspicion will remain and the test will be invalid. It does not go out of speculation, but Kushida is threatened with the position of the class, and the C – Class is also sprinkled with sparks.

"I just caressed this cheat sheet … …."

"Do not you think you have it in your mind?" Were there any funny guys around? "" No way ….That's not…Last week we had a karaoke room with the Horikita and our last meeting. At that time, there was a strange thing. There was a girl involved in meaninglessness, I was angry and juiced. After that I did not ask you to go out for cleaning. I think that I can understand in situ and I have no relationship … …Somehow it is getting caught. "" Would you guess who the woman was involved in, Karuizawa Kei? ""How do you know? Are you sure you watched it? "

"You do not have to watch. It is a simple reasoning. "Battle the tongton and temple with the index finger to show off his own reasoning power.

"Try to talk in detail from scratch" Kushida told you about the incident in the karaoke room while being dissatisfied. It was convened to Horikita and Hirata and gathered. Ayanokōji, Sudou, Karuizawa also attended. Explain in detail that Karuizawa was involved in the process and juice was put on.

Ryūen who silenced and heard it assembled further reasoning.

"There is no doubt that it is a strategy for fighting you." "That is not it. Certainly I issued a blazer to a cleaning shop, but I confirmed the inside of my pocket when I put it out, and the store will tell you if something comes in at the time of return. Were not Karuizawa at that time supposed to be meaningless? "

"It is certainly a difficult technique to stock at that timing. But the aim is not there. Did not you want to know whether or not you have reserve uniforms? "

[よび] /preliminary/spare/preparatory/ Even so, after all it can not be done. "" Why can you say so? "" Does everyone in the place says they can trap without being seen by me? I am not stupid. I am watching surrounding gestures and behaviors. You should have felt uncomfortable if you were taught. "" Well so. It was only one or two people who stuck with a person who was in the field. "" Ha? How do you do that? ─ ─ ─ ─ "" There is nothing to worry about. It is true to deceive you if there are human beings who can read the place. Human thought patterns, features, habits, how do you behave when something happens. What kind of remarks do you make? I told you I was reading all. It means that there is a guy who wrote the script so that you can move on the written scenario. "Kushida reminds me of that time. I began to think that it might be possible. Especially Hirata's thought is consistently pacifism. I will worry if Blazer gets dirty and I will deal with Karuizawa 's unreasonable anger. It is just before the test, maybe you have asked for the number of blazers possessed. Start thinking like that.

"If you learn that you have only one blazer, you only put an answer sheet in the physical education lesson. There is no mystery even if you do not touch 1 or 2 days in a blazer inside pocket that has come back after cleaning. I guess there were a couple of other hours to work. But what is important is someone who thought of that hand. It is not at least Suzone and Karuizawa, it is not a woman who can do such a thing. "" I mean I was tangled? "To someone else" "There was a letter that accused Ichinose's fraud problem just before the examination" "Ryūen set in. Why was that? It seems that it was not wrong after all. "" That is a strategy that well represented the character of the black curtain "" "What?

"I did not feed that letter. "I do not know the meaning, though I do not know the meaning." "Do you think that I bother to bother to print my name as I put all the paper preaching Ichinose's allegations of ill-fraud to all posts? No, I will think that he is the main criminal if he writes the name as another apart from not doing it. "" You should have denied if you said you are not you, do you? "" Do you think I do? "

「……"Kushida understands immediately. Ryūen tends to seek exciting things all the time. If there is a person who sent out a letter to deceive his name, it will surely be interesting for that situation. In addition, if you do not hear from Ichinose's corruption suspicion, you should also want to know its truth.

Then why did you bother writing the name of Ryūen to the sender of the letter? The creditworthiness falls down if the sender is unknown. The allegation may have been treated more detrimental.

"But what did you mean?" I learned strange information until you let me warn you. "" Well … well … well. I thought about it, but that is unknown. Were you simply wanting to know the fact that Ichinose has a lot of points, or …No, it is not possible. Such a stupid story "Ryūen caught it by saying it. It was because it was a very real story.

"Oh no. I do not know what your past is like. I am not interested in such things. However, if you continue to stick to leaving Horikita any more, you'll be erased? "

Beyond thorough preparation, deployment of strategy without mercy. It is definitely a person X Ryūen follows.

"You are not all right. If C – Class loses its overall score, is not it bad? "

"That's right. You guys would have received reach to C – Class promotion. "" How do you feel like a D – Class that was being treated as a defective item?

Ryūen does not feel anything even if it receives persistent flurry from Kushida.

Because it is because there is no interest from such a trivial thing at all from the beginning.

"It's a special one. I'm still A, but I am talking about the game only with a symbol. "" ……And then passes out. Ok, that is weird.

Of course Ryūen does not answer. However, Ryūen's policy from entering this school has not blurred anything. There were also times when the schedule was going crazy, but preparations are steadily proceeding to rise to the A-Class.

"Do your best to work hard and aim for the upper class." Ryūen who finished talking walks out to return.

"This cheat sheet …!" Wait, it's kind of strange! "

"Kuku …"

Kushida notices mysterious things by looking at the open cheat sheet.

"Explain what it is Ryūen" "Did you notice?"

There is a contradiction. There is no doubt. New problem of swelling.

"Why did D-Class' s team have this question and answer sheet that should have only me and you? There is no way I can think about it. "" That's right. That is why I bought it, because I gave it to X. "" I betrayed you "" That is different. It's a necessary deal. "Ryūen looks down on his cell phone. There are pictures of problem texts and answers before replacing.

It was when Ryūen sent it to an email address of sender unknown.

"But ─ ─ ─ I know well about me." Before sending the mail, there was an e-mail that was sent divided into several times from X.

The first one is a title written as "transaction". Its contents are as follows.

"Delivering the question sentence and the answer sheet of the final exam confirmed by C-Class" or "Significant change in question sentence and answer sheet that will be offered or will be provided to Kushida Kikyō" This was the email sent to Ryūen .

Ryūen does not respond to such a thing if it is normal.

However, X has unconditionally given useful information to C – Class.

Beneficial information is that Horikita Suzune was ahead of the measures of Ryūen and Kushida. Just as I was stepping on that I was successful in replacing problem sentences, that point was even underwater to Ryūen.

If there is not this information, there is a possibility that someone of the classmate who was lack of study was dropped out. Ryūen was able to take three options at this time.

One is to make Kushida win not according to X. However, this did not want to leave Horikita Ryūen wanted to avoid as much as possible. One thing to let Kushida cheat out and exit without exchanging problem sentences. However, it is not fun to be carried along as the ideal of X, so I did not choose it as an option.

And finally Ryūen 's choice, to make a replacement and make Horikita win the test.

"Protecting Suzune and at the same time succeeded in sealing Kikyō" Suzuka fighting in the table and someone who fights behind.

Ryūen could not resist laughing as a result of the reverse use of the strategy using Kushida.

"I will get down soon. If you do not show the identity ─ ─ ─ "Open the image you were sending to the sender of the mystery.

"At that time, I will just destroy the guy." Ryūen is confident that the existence that is reflected there is an important piece that is caught by someone.

Conclusion From here it's not a main part, I finished 6 volumes. It is Kinugasa Aki. Recently my problem is that the body globe is getting bigger in golf ball size. Looks scary

This time "Welcome to classroom of ability supremacy" became the seventh book. Is this volume a place of healing like hitting the calm before the storm? Although I decided to draw the inner change of each character, in the next volume I think that the story will progress beyond now, including the decisive battle with certain enemies, including the past of Ayanokōji Kiyotaka.

And ─ ─ ─ Yes. "Welcome to classroom of ability supremacy "(as in fact) has decided to animation. Thanks to everyone, thank you very much. Tomosé and all of you were very pleased and licked licking the wounds that I kept ten years since last. (Meaningful) Broadcasting is from the end of July, is it about two months after this book was released? You must be able to deliver 7 volumes at that time! (There is no trial that I declared and done well) Various people will be involved from now on, including editorial, publisher, animation production company. I will do my utmost to avoid being ashamed of that effort, so please do not hesitate.

Author Kimugasa Akira (ABC) Born in November. Mainly in charge of PC game planning / scenario. The masterpiece is "Akatsuki no Escort" "Reminisense".

It is too fun to visit the shrine. I came to dream of a nationwide championship. I am trying to anticipate the pleasure of old age, but the time clearly is short.

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