Classroom of the Elite

By Kinugasa Shougo



○ Formation · Ayanokōji group.

As soon as I got to work with Yukimura and others, I got a fifth opportunity.

From the 2nd to the 4th we had a study meeting with the school's palette, but today I decided to gather at the cafe in the Zelkea Mall. Together with the fact that the whole club is suspended for final exams, we predicted that the pallet with the school will be very crowded.

– Am I sure I wasn't what? It is more noisy than I imagined "arriving at a cafe, overwhelmed by the large number of students. We somehow secured seats but the cafe was nearly full and the study group with all grades mixed was starting. Although there are many students to work quietly, it seems that it will not look like a quiet library as the number gathers again.

"I should have taken a library or my room." "No such thing. This one is easier to do and easier to do. Hey Miyachichi? "

"That's right. Quietly stretched air is sufficient only for archery. "It is apparent that Yukimura's imagination and two people settle down.

The era of closing in the room and heading to the desk is over.

It is modern study method to learn while talking with colleagues. It is evolution like degeneration.

"You guys are studying, believing if you say you can concentrate. I have prepared the tasks of today. "The notes handed down to the two who started to prepare indiscriminately lined up with the problems of the subjects aimed at weaknesses. It seems to be a shop of a tea shop on the day of fireworks display. It seems that Yukimura has considerable fighting. This is understandable.

"Wow, I'm too cosmopolitan today ….I do not care for Yukimu. "I do not like studying, and it is also a nest that Hasebe suffers if it is a subject that I am not good at. Miyake was feeling nauseous, while I was watching the note, I held my chest piercing around with my hand.

"What do you do when you start to scare?" "Well, it looks like that … well, is not it …? Obviously it is more difficult than it was in the last time and it seems difficult. "It is a thought pattern common to students who can not score points of difficulty before deciding. First of all I think that it is possible to challenge is fundamental in the basics. "Yukimura enthusiastic about teaching speaks.

"If so, is this problem easier than last time?"

"Of course it is difficult" "….It is not difficult, is not it? It will not stop within the easy range forever.

But Yukimura's questions and commentaries are splendid. Expression may be bad, is not there enough skill that can teach a teacher?

While scolding, I will not let go of my voice when the other party can not understand. Have Yukimura also grown under the shadow that Horikita was growing up? It is said that it is changing like this.

It seems that it was a long time ago that he was barking when he was a mistake when he was in the first semester when he was with Horikita and was excellent.

"Yusuke Hasebe" Miyake decides beforehand whether he realized that it has no meaning even if he was dissatisfied forever.

"Motivation jamie pickets. What's wrong, hot blood system? "

"I do not want to lose my time by studying for hours even though I do not have a part-time club. After you finish you can come home, do not you? "

"Of course" Yukimura and Horikita and others had differences in how to teach. Unlike Horikita which studies exactly a certain time, Yukimura does not set time. Continue until prepared task is over. So sometimes it ends sooner than planned, but it sometimes prolonged.

Which is better is different for each person, but it is probably the way it is because Hasebe and Miyake can do to some extent.

It would be tough if students who are not based like Ike do this.

There is also the possibility of hitting the answer without thinking well in order to end it quickly.

Well, it will only be taught until it is understood that it will be done.

"I wish I could give up club activities if I do not have time." "I want to do club activities. But I also want some free time. "" Self-esteem "No matter what the motivation of the two people has recovered anyway. If one or both of them are removed, what difficulties can Horikita make at a later date?

The trust that Yukimura steadily cultivated at these study meetings seemed to have a positive influence on the two people. I can not feel the doubt of Yukimura's way to the two people now.

"Then then Ayanokōji. I will get you to do from today as well. "" ……/(int) yes/yeah/uh huh/(P)//

"You will be able to score to some extent, but the opponent of the pair is Satō. I have to go through a preliminary review thoroughly. I can not get back when two people leave school. "" No, I am – ─ ─ ─ "" Do it, Ayanokōji-kun. And will we die together? "

Hasebe sank down like a ghost, hanging his forelock, I banged my hands like dragging it into a well.

I was swallowed by the darkness of the problem of the artsystem so that the "Welcome" spinal column is dragged by a cold voice like a shaky thing.

1 "If you say so. Is not it Yoshimoto – kun to C – Class? You know exactly, are not you? "

"Is that about Yoshimoto Kosuke? Archery Club's "" Oh yeah. That Yoshimoto-kun. I began to associate with my second-year senior. I did.

Hasebe who was tired of studying, chatted.

– I bet. I just thought that it was early to go back strangely recently. It is quite a hurdle among the high school students to go out with one's older even one. It seems that if this becomes an adult of about 30 years old it will become irrelevant whether one or two age differences. I can not imagine teenage myself yet, but surely it will happen.

"Yoshimoto-kun, it seems that you are going to get married in the future. Man is a simple idiot. "The story goes derailed in Hasebe and Miyake.

"It is free to talk about who you are going to associate with, or to tell about the future, but at least the hands move," I know. It is not a brief talk about a little relief, "Hasebe has not moved to point out from Yukimura.

"How are you?" "I feel somewhat disgusting. Shall I take you for me? "" Is this sugar mashimashi again? " I will drink that sweetly like that. "" From my point of view, the person who drinks black understands me. Watabe "Hasebe tried to stand up with a plastic cup that was empty, but slightly stole the bag that was placed on her feet, dropping the cup that he had in his hand onto the floor.

Follow your eyes with a cup that rolls and rolls, no matter what.

Then the cup rolled to the feet of the walking student.

"Ah, sorry —-" Hasebe trying to apologize. However, as the cup was stepped down shortly, the continuation of the apology was swallowed deep inside his throat.

"It looks much fun. Please join us too. "" What are you …? "

Hasebe strengthening caution at once and looking sharply.

That would be a reasonable story. It was C – Class' s Ryūen who crashed the cup. Just behind it is also Kondo to Komiya to Ishizaki, as well as the appearance of a trio of C – Class that often sees.

I am smiling with a grin of what is interesting.

And one girls student who did not always stood next to Ishizaki and others.

I am looking for a tensionless expression that is not similar to this place.

– Excuse me. Why did I step on my cup? It's not an accident, is it? "

"I thought that I threw it away because I was rolling over my feet. I stepped on to save labor. "So laugh, kick it and return the crushed cup to Hasebe.

The contents that remained a little were spilled on the floor, and the hole had been emptied in the cup. Miyake who was trying to keep silent, got up slowly.

"Hey Ryūen. I wanted to say something from a long time ago, stop that kind of attitude. Who are you talking to? "

As long as Ryūen comes out, Ishizaki comes up to raise Miyake's chestnut.

"You are not me. Ishizaki "Miyake shakes off Ishizaki's hand without moving.


When Ishizaki screams, it draws attention from noisy surroundings.

It was Ryūen who responded sensitively to that.

– Get off of me. Ishizaki is going to raise even violence in such a place "" Sorry, sorry. Miyake was cheeky, so …

"I do not dislike myself who is going ahead with emotions alone, but now I want to be matured." "Yes …."

Ryūen is right. It's not only one year here. A clerk in the store from senior students, and several surveillance cameras. It is a public place without blind spots.

It is obvious that C-Class is pursued responsibility if things happen here. It is also supposed to receive some penalty by testimony and record.

"I have no use in you. I am interested in two of them, "Ryūen took a gaze to me once and Yukimura.

– Did you get your present?

– The hell you talkin' about?

Of course Yukimura can not understand anything. I see the one I was nominated by another person. It is definitely a gift, I sent you the other day "Who are you?" "It will be about the mail written.

/(conj,int) (1) come/come now/come along/go on/hurry up/hurry up

I cut white as well. Ryūen also got into a brute force way. There is no reason to dig a grave at the place where it was questioned. There is no conclusion to increase the suspicion. It is because it goes gray no matter how far it goes.

"How is it? Is something going to get caught? Hiyori "Once Ryūen disappeared from us we asked the girls who were only accompanying their opinions.

I don't know. I can not say anything at this stage. "Among the many students who were seriously afraid to Ryūen, students who were called girls Hiyori were calm. An unfocused eye somewhere alternates between me and Yukimura.

By what way did Ryūen bring this student?

"Both are thin impressions and I will soon forget." "Kukuku, do not say that. Because it is a partner who may be a long lasting relationship. "" Yukimura … ….Ayanokōji-san ……Koenji-san, who was the rest? "" Hirata is Hirata "" That was right. It was Hirata. Why is it difficult to remember face and name? "It seems that it is wrapped in a mysterious space where it was just popping out, but it is concerned that Ishizaki talked in honorific. I have seen only the face, it is a student of C – Class.

"It seems that you remembered only Koenji for running water." "That person was very unique, so it was easy to remember." Apparently it seems that Hirata and Koenji are also marked from Ryūen. Only Koenji can certainly not be able to read the action and it is also impossible to care because it is high in ability.

However, if you learn that Koenji is not a role-making but a genuine innate franchise, it seems like it will be out of Ryūen's target on a day not far.

"What the hell is that? Ryūen. We are busy, if there is a requirement, please do it in a short time. "Miyake will speak boldly speaking for our feelings.

Do it. There's nothin' to see here. Today I'm just a greeting. I will tell you. Let's meet again in the near future. "" What do you mean "Ignoring Miyake, which is going to eat again, Ryūen takes out the surroundings and leaves the cafe.

The inside of the shop wrapped in silence for a moment quickly regained liveliness and regained the study mind.


Only the student who was called Hiyori remained in this place, and I was watching this all the time.

In such a situation, it was not supposed to be able to focus on studying, Hasebe said, with a slight annoyance.

– What the fuck? I'm disturbed if I stay there, "" Please wait a little. "" Ha? What's that? It's an obstacle so I'm going somewhere, do you know? "

Hasebe who crashed the cup was in a bad mood since.

When Hiyori responded to Hasebe who thrusts into Hasebe, Hiyori walked to the checkout of the store with her back turning with his baggage on his feet, answering with a smile somewhere out.

"What's that" "Come on. I do not understand what is quite what at all. I do not want to know "Yukimura looks like Hiyori's behavior is incomprehensible, thought for a while, but it seems he decided not to conclude and to ignore it.

"Certainly, Shiina Hiyori, right. I have seen it. "Only Miyake seems to have remembered and said his name.

The Shiina name seemed to have ordered the store clerk, I came back with two cups.

"If you do not mind here, please" "What do you mean. Why are you giving me? "

"You do not have to worry. I was watching the acts just before, and it is obvious that Ryūen-kun is bad. I would like to apologize for this as one of the C-Class. Sugar was allowed to enter without permission. "" I put it in … ….We must hurry. That, it is delicious. "It is exactly the same as what I was drinking." "Because in the crushed cup we had a lot of sugar settled at the bottom of the coffee, I wonder if she likes being sweet. It seemed like I did not make a mistake. "" But, the amount of sugar contained is the same, but ….[ぐうぜん] /accident/chance/causal/accidental/casual/accidentally (an)/

"I calculated backward from the amount of sugar remaining melted" "Wow! I can do that! "

"It's something we can do surprisingly. Looking like this, I'm superior in insight, I'm saying so, I sent my eyes to Mr. Yukimura and Miyake respectively.

"This is ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ 0 ___ 0 ___ ___ 0 ___ ___ 0

Hasebe who was angry until a while ago, he is puzzled by the popping pace of Hiyori.

I do not want to give extra information to Yukimura who teaches studying. Hurry up and let the notes for all of us close.

"Maybe I am supposed to be a spy?"

"I do not think so," "I will not do such a thing. I usually have a distance from Ryūen-kun. "" To that extent Ryūen-kun got a name that was friendly to you? "

"I asked for it and accompanied me. I was interested in D-Class "Three people who can not understand Hiyori's remarks tilt his head.

Of course I also pretend to not understand by copying to the right.

– No. Now the topic is noisy in C – Class. A policeman hiding the identity in the D – Class is hiding. The scribbler seems to have contributed greatly to the leap of D – Class at the deserted island test, on the ship 's test, and at the sports festival. Do not really know? "

Hiyari talks about the fact that the students of D – Class, the majority of which have not been noticed before. Of course Nagatani's heads have a strange Hatena mark.

I don't really get it. Is not it Horikita? "

– It is absolute chaos. I only came up with Horikita though. "" Horikita Suzune does not seem to be, "Hiyori cuts the conclusion that he made after thinking about it.

"Ayanokōji seems to have come along with Mr. Horikita often" "It is not so recently, but it may be a long time to stay with other people than me" "My seat is next to each other" "But, There should not be anything more intelligent than that guy. "" That's right. Basically, the strategy of D – Class is the image Horikita thinks. "Hasebe and Miyake agree at a good timing, and the credibility of the words increases.

There is no need to affirm or deny that we are together.

It is important that the students of D – Class tell the story just as it saw.

I see. Everyone, the same classmate is being evaluated like that. "" Can you please do not disturb us by saying something you do not understand? "For Hiroshi's unique atmosphere Yukimura said strongly.

It seems I can not put up with reducing my study time any more.

「……I'm sorry I am disturbing for studying, is not it? "" I am sorry but it is true "" I do not have to say so far, I'm sorry "" I will not complain if I take out the red spot and drop out Then talk as much as you want. I'll let you go home. "" Well, please forgive me. Please tell me "Hasebe who lowers his head and head.

It makes me feel so foolish, which I suppose was the point. If you want to talk strangely please do it after the test. "To Yukimura which forcibly ends the Hiyori story midway, Hiyori stands from the chair looking sorry.

"really sorry. It is a dangerous thing if you do not desperately study so far, is it a test? "Is it sarcastic for the students who are likely to take a red dot?

It smells somehow natural, but it is not certain whether to trust.

“OK. Let's talk about when the final exam is over. Even then it is not late. "Have you decided to return as an adult, Hiyori has a cup.

And thanks for the coffee. I got a treat. "No, no, I do not like it. Goodbye then "Himari who appeared with Ryūen also went through such contacts.

I can not be confident as to whether I am planning to find myself, but there is nothing better to be alert.

Could you tell him to look it up at once.

2 We are inevitably on our way home due to the same dormitory.

Yukimura recorded the progress of today's study group while operating the phone.

"It may have been a while since I focused on my studies so far. In addition to six hours plus 2 hours after school? Even students of the world will not do that, is not it? "

"While students at C – Class stopped in on the way, I did waste time," "I did not lose to that kind of disturbance and we tried hard as we learned today." They were talking and talking with each other satisfactorily . Yukimura who heard it raises his face.

"You're kidding. At least three hours after school when college entrance examination begins. I would like to study for 4 hours if possible. Of course every day. I will study voluntarily for more than 10 hours a day before taking the exam. "" Well, Murimuri. You can not do so much study. "My older sister is a teacher, but before I take the exam, it is always like it is quite normal" "It is an elite family line. Will Yukimi also aim for future sensei? "

"To be a teacher, nothing else is anything. Besides, I am not trying to be a teacher. Were you aiming for a teacher, would you come to a school of a system deviating from such a world? "The way to faculty is not easy to think normally. Just as compared with lawyers and certified public accountants, the difficulty level can be lowered by several stages, so there is not much to worry about choosing this school.

In addition, in the case of Yukimura I am not bothearing studies and my academic ability is more than a crowd. Even more.

"Why then?"

「……Everything is OK. Do you want to ask why someone else decided to go to school here? It is Hasebe who thrusts into it, it seems that it was counterproductive, unfortunately it will understand what it feels like if you are digging into the root digging digging position. Hasebe does not show any particular dislikes that she dislikes, but rather responds by taking the initiative from myself.

"I am an admirer invited by the school's singing phrase? If graduation allows both studying abroad and finding employment, is not there no hand to enroll? Most people do not motivate it, is not it? "

"Add another one. A school that does not cost money deserves a reason for going on to school. Much less dorm life can get ordinary money. But this school does not even demand it. Even if there are no points, it is made so that school life can be sent. I would appreciate who you are more than a guarantor to go to university. " "It's quite amazing to be able to go on to college anywhere." "It is free to talk about a dream, but overcome the final exam before that. Because Hasebe's expectation system can not graduate with A-Class, it does not mean anything, is not it? "" Is not it okay with something? Actually, only A – Class is a school 's school which allows me to go anywhere as long as I graduate properly. "" It would not be that. If so, information will surely be circulated to students. But even if I do club activities I will not ask for any such story. On the contrary, the D – Class of 2 years and 3 years seems quite miserable "I do not belong to club activities, but I do not know the circumstances of the neighborhood, but the 3 rd grade students enrolled in D – Class who have touched them before There was not.

"Even if it is a school controlled directly by the country, if you look at not giving any special authority beyond A-Class, you may think that it will affect negative as well as work positive when entering university or getting a job. As a student who could not get up to A – Class. That's why I must absolutely graduate with A-Class "" Eh it is the worst Jaan "prestigious, if it is a famous school, basically it is highly appreciated if there are two grades" personal grades " . However, in the case of Advanced Nurturing High School, even after graduating, there is a possibility that Yukimura will be stamped by students who could not go up to A-Class. It is the existence of students who are not acknowledged by Ike's academic ability to support it. In the end, 'deviation value' is not much related to admission conditions.

It is impossible for universities and companies to see this aspect of suspicion.

"Miyachi also goes on often, study meeting. I was going to stop right away. "" Are not you rare? In the first place, you will not normally get involved with boys. " But I thought that these 3 people would be alright. "It seems that there is a place to think of Hasebe.

I thought it was about time soon, decided to bump a question.

"Hasebe, do you only have a bit of a story?" "What?"

"Are you on good terms with Satō?"

"Mr. Satō? I wonder if you get along well. I do not like being able to swarm in the first place. If you are Satō, you should ask Karuizawa-san? "

Nobody has any difficulties if it can do it.

It is a difficult problem to talk to people who are involved to a certain extent.

How does that help us?

I do not know how to say "no ─ ─ ─", but at least it can not be told as it is. As I was in trouble, I told you that Yukimura noticed.

"Because I am a pair, I understand the feelings that matter. It is uneasy if we do not know good and disadvantaged. "" Ah, I was talking about a pair a little while ago "" I can not do anything with contacts too much to listen directly "To Musume and Hasebe Both hands are combined.

However, I have made a new proposal as to what I had thought.

"If you do not want to ask Karuizawa-san, why do not you ask Kyoo-chan? I am on good terms with Satō, can you talk about Ayanokōji Kyou? "

…yeah? Kyoo? "

I do not know who you are with a nickname that you do not hear, and I will listen.

"About Kikyō-chan. You are quite talking about Ayanokōji, do not you? "

So Ky – chan? I did not know but I am convinced if you try to know. Certainly Kushida would be qualified. I know the classroom's internal situation well, and there is a possibility that he had relied on Horikita without hesitation without a matter. However, whether it is an opponent depending on the current situation.

Miyake came out with a help despite being unconvinced of the advice that it would be possible to ask Kushida.

"Anyhow Karuizawa is OK, is not it good to listen to Kushida? Both boys and girls seem to get along with Kushida. Hasebe is like that, right? "

Right. There are many disliked girls, but Kyoo likes it. I will be patient for the class and willing to struggle. But it is always bright. I usually do not talk to someone as a consultation, but only Kyoo is a bit special. I will listen to you as well as I will never say to someone. "" There are problems such as consulting for you "" Wow, that is rude Miyachi. There are lots of girls in the age. "" What a variety of things "" Do not you say Soreh? You will absolutely speak absolutely. "" Do not do it ….I can not say it either. It depends on the content "It is natural that people who say so do not bring trouble consultation.

"If there is something to worry about, it is best to consult Kushida. I agree with you. " I do not know what I like about Satō, but it will not be broken absolutely. "" Why do you like Satō? Ayanokōji "" I do not say that. I just asked if I am on good terms with Satō. "" Is not it doubtful? I am not getting along with Satō before, have you? "

"Ayanokōji said because it is a pair that is concerned about Satō. Have you forgotten it yet? "Mr. Hasebe also does not withdraw to Miyake's word.

"Yes. It feels like something is not it. How to listen "Girls have radars that can not be understood from time to time. Only this is not enemy.

– That's it. Can I go back to a convenience store? "Miyake's sudden proposal makes this story naturally end. – Good job.

However, the presence of Kushida has been sublimated to an indispensable existence for D – Class.

Certainly whenever you look back on which scene, Kushida is always concerned with everything. Nevertheless, I have not made a strong claim and have devotedly worked on someone's support. It is now that the grassroots movement is steadily making achievements.

No one, a member of a little habit of being in this place, does not speak bad about her.

Where things do not exist, things you do not usually say are mostly preceded and come out, but it is amazing that only good stories are heard.

"Ah, me too. Let's go two people "" I am a child, "Yukimura also seemed not to be alright.

3 4 people standing outside the convenience store and eating the ice I bought.

"The ice you eat when you get a bit chilly is also tasty, is not it?" Hasebe said while carrying the cup vanilla ice to a scoop mouth with a thin wooden spoon.

On the other hand Yukimura usually watches the raw materials, do not eat ice cream much.

"It's an on-parade of preservatives and coloring agents." "Wow, you can not eat anything if you care about that anyway?"

"I want to stick to what I eat. Deserted Island After my life, I came to think that I lost my physical condition. Now it is the organic food center that is selling to the supermarket of the Zelka Mall. "" It was a stupid person "Apparently Yukimura seems to be a health-conscious human being.

"In the first place convenience stores have high unit prices. If you turn your feet to a mall for a while, even the same item will be several tens of yen different. Why do not you buy it a little more efficiently? "

I point out by looking at the shopping bag of Hasebe who bought everyday items besides ice.

"Maybe Yukimu is a cost price?"

"I have always been worried about it, but I'm sick … …"Yukimura kun, so I'm sorry. Because I get in from my nickname when I get along. Miyachi, Yukimo, then Ayanon. Yeah, something Ayanon does not come nicely, but before I knew it I had a nickname. And Ayanon of subtle evaluation.

"Do not talk about Yukimu. It's embarrassing. "" Is it bad? "

「……I didn't say that. "I said it was embarrassing." "It's about that much" "But in the presence of the public, Yuni is somewhat … …."

Yukimura stopped saying so, but Hasebe returned to Yukimura with a serious look.

"I remembered that it might not be bad, this kind of relationship also" "Is there a relationship called by a nickname?"

"No hesitant, I am also a Miyachi, is not it really a system that came alone alone?"

/(adv) (1) just (e.g. ""just wait here"")/come now/now, now/(2) tolerably/passably/passablySounds good. I do not deny. "" When it comes to organizing members, it's unexpected that you feel comfortable. Both Yukimo and Ayanon basically have few friends. The second semester came in the middle, but thought that I wanted to create a new group through this study group. That's why I do not mean to regain time, but I wanted to call it by a nickname or a lower name so that I could get to it quickly. How about the two? "

I have proposed so. When Yukimura and I were not able to answer, Miyake followed it.

"That's right. I feel that I am familiar with this group surprisingly even if I am not bad. Horses do not match with Sudou et al. Hirata feels a bit different. It is surrounded by basic girls. " How about the two of us? "

Both Hasebe and Miyake were positively thinking that these four people would be a group. Will Yukimura pierce?

"Originally I am with you only to see your studies. This group is over when that is over. Look,The test is not over this time. Of course, it will continue until graduation, of course. If that is the case – I do not mind admitting it for efficiency. "" What, it is hard to understand. But ─ ─ ─ Thanks. "" Wow, huh. It is because we do not lower the evaluation of class any more by giving out dropouts. "" Ayanon is the only one afterward. Oh, but is it difficult as it is a group with Horikita? Besides, I am playing well with Ike-kun and Yamauchi-kun. "" I can not afford superiority or inferiority to my classmates, but at least it was a bit different type and I could not match it. It is easy to say that you do not have to impossible for the men here. Honesty Horikita is strong only between the seats next to each other, it is not a special group either. "Regarding that point, it was true.

「I see…… Well then I will decide on this. From now on we will be a member of the Ayanokōji group. "" Wait. Why is it my heart? "" It was Ayanokōji who brought up one match, is not it okay? "

Miyake is also in line with Hasebe 's opinion. How about Yukimura?

Fair enough. It is annoying even if you call himself the Yukimura group without permission "It is acknowledged smoothly.

"Then it is one in starting the group. From now on I will prohibit the surreptitious surname "" It is selfish to make a ban, but I, Miyaichi … ….Oh, you can not call it Ayanon. Embarrassed It looks like an idiot before that. "Yukimura and I call it" Miyachi "certainly has a sense of incongruity.

It was a great help to substitute that denial instead.

"Well at least that's the name below. By the way, I can call you as if you wish to call me. What is Miyachi's name? "" Akito, "you can call it, right? And Hasebe had a good face.

"Akito? Well, then, somehow. Ayanokōji was Kiyotaka "Because I have stayed in the same room, Yukimura seems to remember the name below.

"The name under Yukimura was certainly Teruhiko," I remembered the time of the shipboard test. Then the appearance of Yukimura gets cloudy as soon as possible.

「……Rather than being impressed, Yukimura made a troubled look.

"Yeah, Yukimu to say Teruhiko. Should I think about something different nickname? "" Stop it "If you stop with a strong tone, Hasebe shrinks a little bit.

"Something wrong?"

When I asked Yukimura whose attitude was obviously changed, unexpected words came back.

"I agree with the story I call under the name. But I would not stop calling me Teruhiko, "he said.

"Is it okay to call but is it hated to be called?"

"Separately you do not like something about you. But I dislike myself of that name. Although nobody ever tried to care about me because I had never called me under the name, the circumstances changed, "" It is not a different glitter name at the time, is it normal? "

It is no wonder Miyake wonders.

Certainly the name Teruhiko will belong to the standard, normal category.

I do not think I bother to name it.

"Is there something special for that?" "……Ah. Teruhiko's name was attached by my mother. It's a mean man who left me with a father when I was little. So I can not accept "I knew that it was a heavier reason than I thought, Hasebe and Miyake's expression became hard.

Yukimura who seized it decided to decide to round up the story soon.

Sorry. I said something unnecessary. "" No, I am sorry. Somehow I talked about the name of the nickname or the lower name. "" There is nothing to apologize. I naturally did not know the circumstances. If you think normally, you probably do not like people who do not like your name. I do not want to destroy the air here if possible. So if there are no inconveniences, I would like you to call it Pauline for the future. This is also the name I'm using since I was a child. "" Honesty? Does that mean that there are two names? It seems to be really complicated somewhat. "" The name of Keisei is not what I considered appropriately. He is the name his father was trying to name. From the day my mother went out I made it on my own. If you do not agree with it, I would like you to call it Yukimura as you always do. "If Yukimura decides so, it can not be pursued any further.

It is surprisingly few to say that it has two names.

Not only for celebrities but also for the general public.

"I do not agree with doing bad names, is not it good to do?"

"That's right. Well then again good honor. "As Hasebe said, do not mind and decide to call with the name you wish.

"Saying bad selfishly … ….Kiyotaka, Akito. Besides that, everyone is called again under the name from Yukimura.

"You say it's okay. More or less, people have circumstances. "That's right. I do not want to reveal it to myself, there is a past that I do not want to know about, Yukimura ……No, it is only that there is a past which is also honored.

I truly imitate himself and call out his name in a voice.

"Inspiration to Akito ……Wakuru, it is. I remember this. "Girls' abandonment is more nervous than men.

"Even so, it is Kiyotaka," Wakuzu seems to be somewhat stuck in my name again.

"It's Kyyopon instead of Ayanon. Yeah, that one is comfortable and confirmed. Do you call Yukimo together so? "

Wow, I got an embarrassed nickname than Ayanon.

I think that it will get itchy somewhat if I think that it will soon be called in front of the masses.

I don't think so. It's embarrassing to be Kiyotaka 'It's embarrassing' Anyhow, aside from being embarrassed, the name that eventually calls for a good condition has been decided.

Originally I can not grasp the timing to call from myself, but in this trend I seemed to be fine.

I look back. Because it is the time of this good flow, I directed the sign behind.

Is it enough to listen silently like this, Sakura.

Sakura keeps coming from behind every time we meet and hold a study group.

Today 's cafe, and now I am looking at the situation from a little distance away.

Not all of our voices will be heard, but we should have arrived.

This moment when the group is about to be formed is the last chance.

If you do not want to break in here, you can not come in.

"Well, once again we all grasp the name and again. Let's group together by 4 people ─ ─ ─ ─ "" Oh, oh, hey! "

It is difficult! And the trash can beside the sound. One student who stands up with Sore.

Of course not to mention it, Sakura. When I started walking in a state of tension on the tackle, it came up to us by the movement like a robot.

"Cherry Blossoms ?"

Three people call their name almost at the same time.

"I, I, too, put it in Ayanokōji-kun's group!"

Sakura who had been struggling for a long time without giving out to the table gave a voice that gave up the courage to collect in the sump.

Tension nurtures the face blatantly blushing red. I have not noticed that the position of the shifted eyeglasses is wrong because of the panic because the viewpoint is not fixed at all.

"To want to join the group is that there is anxiety about the red spot. Surely I do not know the feeling of falling into anxiety when considering Sakura's scores and partners "Calmly calmly analyze Sakura's visit. And I draw conclusions.

"I think I should join Horikita's group. My institution is not big enough to teach it to many people. Besides these parts will teach different parts as well "The words of Sakura who gave way to courage are unfortunately repercussions of calming correspondence.

"Well, they are different …I also want to join Ayanokōji-kun's group purely! "

I will scrape the shame of the trip and the train that has started to move will not stop. Sakura's preparedness will not be afraid by some things. Tell the feeling again.

With a Sedan for your stakeout. Even if Sakura joins. Akito welcomed the unexpected guests saying so.

– You're sure? Easy with that. "" Even if it increases by one person, it will not change much. Besides, they should not qualify to enter this group. I thought that it was exactly the case among the peers in the class. Did you not?

"Is it a stagger? It seems likely. "It is a well-known fact that Sakura is also often alone in D – Class.

"Is it good for yourself?"

"There is no reason to object. But do not increase it any more. Sakura So it's easy to accept, but if a noisy guy comes in I will come out "" Oh, thank you, Miyake-kun ….Yukimura-kun … "

Although some condition was attached, I also accepted the revival. The remainder is Wakaba.

It was the most comfortable way to welcome you, but that expression does not have a smile.

"I am bad, but Sakura. You can not convince me as it is. "" Ah-u … ….Wow, I'm sorry, I do not care … "

Wakamura makes a steep face and approaches Sakura so that it gets on the welcome mood of the corner.

You know what I've been thinking, Zoe? I feel a sense of premonition that he / she expects a lot from this group, that he will be able to make friends for a long time. So – ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ high.

"As you wish to join this group, I will oblige you to call with the name below or call it by nickname. In other words, I changed Sakura, er … ….Uh, it's the name below, "supplemented with" Airi ".

"Everyone will be called Airi and other members will also call. – Yeah, yeah.

I understand everything that Sakura is poor at interpersonal skills. That's why advice.

Can you bear such a situation? I have confirmed.

"Oh, Er … …."

I decided to follow up as much as possible to Sakura who is confused. It is because the hurdle goes up when it is compelled to call it with a nickname from Wako suddenly here.

"Indeed, to Akito, it is wave ur additives" Yukimura will explain Hasebe to Miyake in turn.

「……To Keiko-kun, Akito-kun, Wako Haku, … …"Wow!" I desperately squeezed the voice that seemed to be broken and called the name below.

"You do not have to turn it down?"

"Yeah. If the name below is OK. The only thing left is Kiyopon. "Sakura, who sees this story, has turned his face to blazing faces. I suddenly called in under three people in my life, so I understand the feeling. I will just call me next to that.

"Ha! Hu!"

A mysterious onomatopoeia leaked out of the mouth of Sakura.

"It seems that Kiyopon was pretty intimate from before, so you can afford it?"

Wakuza says to catch up. It sounds like an examiner.

"It's fine with Kiyotaka" Anything Anything Kiyopon's hurdle is too high. It's embarrassing to say in my mind.

"Kiyo, Kiyo …Piyo …! "

Because everyone is paying attention to the behavior of Sakura, pressure is rising even if it is disgusting.

It is a pattern that falls into a vicious cycle as time passes.

"I do not know what effect this group will have, but I think that it is necessary for Sakura at least now. I've made a big step forward, I am not afraid to go one step further. "I will tell you kindly so that I will support the back.

「……/(int) yes/yeah/uh huh/(P)// Kiyotaka-kun. Thank you. "After the silence of a slight resolve, Sakura tightly looked at my eyes and said so.

"Yeah good. I also agree that Airi comes in. "With this, unanimously, Sakura's participation is approved.

"Kiyopon, please try calling Airi properly by name" "Well … ….Airi "" Have you got nervous, but while you are nervous, you succeed in calling each other by name.

"Well then again. Those five people are Kiyopon group … "Whoever joined, my name group-principal group name does not seem to change.

4 The Ayanokōji group that was established in such a form (although it invites very shameful feelings by oneself) officially began activities with Airi. It was originally established to support two people, Wakuzaki and Akito, but began to gradually move beyond the frame. The opportunity to make a group chat so that Wakurou indirectly pulls the group and to talk there there while not staying together has increased dramatically. It is because it does not have many friends, because it tends to bounce the conversation in chat, and it often gets alone in the room, it gets longer.

"When tomorrow's lesson is over, will you go to see a movie for a change of pace? "

Such a subject came flying in chat.

"Could it be a new movie of example? "

"Yes Yes. We have to start screening from tomorrow. Now I'm in the testing period so it seems like I can easily quietly reserve the seat by the reservation. "" It's not a bad idea as a refresh purpose. Do I also have to participate in all of them? "

"Of course I can not mean Yukimo if I do not participate. The group has just started. However, if I do not agree with the schedule, I will change it after the test. "If you do not have the number of people, you are going to postpone the schedule.

I have not read Akito yet, but if I was watching this chat I guess I agreed to get on the flow. Both Keizo and Airi should hold the answer on hold, should we lead the way?

While making a bit nervous, make chat texts.

If you send "So join", a few seconds later chat from Airi came.

"I also want to go" "……Okay. I will go if Akito goes. "All members except for Akito with reads now declare participation. Akito also sent a message to me after a few minutes I noticed the chat.

– All right, calm down. I was also interested in the movie. Can I leave my reservation? "

Yes. I will collect the points properly later, so I'm sure the group chat will stagnate once. It seems that we switched the screen to the operation to reserve seats on the Internet.

"A pleasure, movie" A message that flies individually from Airi to a cell phone.

"Yes," "Nice tomorrow, Kiyotaka-kun. Take a break "Complete the conversation with Airi who botherly sent an individual message.

I wonder, "Is it a movie tomorrow in a group?", It seems that it is getting a little stupid rear.

I think the world thinks about this degree, but I had a feeling of excitement that I have never seen before.

「……I should go to bed early so as not to be late. "Then the telephone rings.

I looked at the name of Horikita Suzune displayed on the screen and started talking.

"It sounds like I got up." "It's still 10 o'clock. Can I help you guys?

"I will finish the study group at the library soon. Then, I'd like to make the last meeting for the final exam tomorrow after the study session. I wonder if you can go out with me. I will be saved when I can speak to Yukimura-kun. "" Tomorrow? … "

"Have you had any problems?"

Speaking of no problems means to get rid of it.

It is supposed to go to the movies after the study session.

"If there is any inconvenience, it's fine even the day after tomorrow. But Thursday is the limit. The problem sentence is almost done, but in some cases it may be necessary to replace it. "It seems that he wants to keep the judge as early as possible.

Even here, I do not want to dismiss that expectation. It would have come to meet with Hirata and others carefully, but I would like to keep checking till the end of the last.

[Alright. I will try to speak frankly. Is it okay if it gets late? It would be better if you also contacted Hirata and Karuizawa. "" Honesty? It seems that I have become close to Yukimura. You do not need to worry about it. I already have a talk. It only seems to convey the date and time. "Apparently not just me, Horikita seems to have succeeded in shrinking the distance between the two people through study meetings at Horikita. It is a pleasure if at the very least we can have a conversation with Hirata and others.

When you hang up the call, a message comes in again on your mobile. It's been a long time today.

This time it is from Karuizawa, not from Airi.

"I have checked as you said. Today, a child who asked if Hasebe had watched the amount of sugar put in the coffee. It happened that she was paying attention because he put in a fair amount. "

It means that the tact was useful rather than being superior in insight. Hiyori has shown to show off his own power to rock here.

It's just a good opportunity. Do you keep that story?

"I think that we will get in touch from Horikita tomorrow, but we will have a meeting from around 20 o'clock." "20 o'clock? It's not too late. "" There is a little schedule. I will go to the movies after the study meeting. "" Is the movie a possibly that new work? "

Kid's got it. Besides that, I have something I'd like to ask you with at the meeting. "I give detailed instructions to Karuizawa.

It is because there are no hands that do not use the meeting tomorrow.

From Karuizawa who finished listening to everything, a messy message came back.

"It's also a terrible troublesome role. What is the aim? "

"I will explain it after it's over. That person is for you. " Well then it will be tomorrow. "Karuizawa immediately quit pursuit. But shortly afterwards, the message arrived only once.

It is an illustration of a small stamp instead of a letter.

There are several candles in a lovely strawberry holecake.

"I was late for noticing it" A message of such an additional entry is also entered. There was no contact from Karuizawa after that.

"He, did you notice that I was your birthday? But how do you remember "I do not remember telling anyone about my birthday. I noticed the truth where I thought so. When using chat application, there was also a field for entering birth date in addition to name and e-mail address. Because we did not choose private, we were in a situation where we could investigate if we wanted to investigate.

What I thought absolutely was not this year. The first thing I noticed on my birthday is Karuizawa.

I decided to erase everything after the end of the interaction with Karuizawa.

I learned a little resistance to turning off the birthday stamp.

Try to access Karuizawa's profile on the spot. Then I found out that March 8th is my birthday.

"Would you mind remembering me?" 5 I felt the lesson of today was unexpectedly long.

It may be because I was looking forward to opening study meetings within school after school.

I head for the cinema with Yukimura and others.

"Somehow, collective action is exciting …Kiyotaka-kun "Despite modestly, I talk as if Airi got excited next door.

I thought that I was innocent like a child, I also had similar impressions.

I mean, I am also a child.

"That's right. I do not feel bad. "" Hehehe … ….Kiyotaka-kun "What's wrong?"

"What, is it?"

You called me. NameWow, I was calling you !? Sorry, not at all like that! "

I do not think he heard a mistake, but Airi denied having called him.

Step into the Zelkea Mall and immediately head for the movie theater.

Wakuza who tickets issued ticket hands a ticket to each person.

"I'm looking forward to it" "Ayanokōji-kun!"

I heard a voice crying from here from a distance. Satō Maya, why are you here …?

"Did you mean to see the movie from now? Oh, this is a hot topic! "

Say it looked excited looking at the ticket you have in hand.

"Actually, I also came to see a movie. Then there are also Karuizawa's people. "" ……Seems like it 'From behind Satō several girls are approaching.

"Did you get invited from Karuizawa?"

No. When I talked about going to see a movie at a study meeting, please tell me that Karuizawa wants to go as well. So I decided to go with him. Let's watch it together because it's a point, "Airi said, saying that he and Qi and his arms with both hands.


At the back Airi gives a voice similar to a scream.

"Oh, stop it" "Well – I do not want to do anything better" Sat said to be OK, but the face is a bit red. It seemed like I was trying hard by force.

"Coincidentally, to Yukimura-kun, Ayanokōji-kun. Also, Ms. Hasebe and Sakura also say "Karuizawa speaks with a line of sight from above.

It was not coincidence at all, I just told him I am going to the movies yesterday. However, I did not expect Karuizawa to come.

「……It is a bad coincidence. I am going inside "The punishment of indignant appearance enters inside while showing a ticket one by one.

"Well then I will go …"

I moved away from Satō a little forcibly, and I followed the afterlife.

The inside of the movie theater was filled with students enough to fill the seat. The smell of a savory popcorn and the smell of a burnt hot dog tickle the nostrils.

We reserved 5 seats from the right end of the tallest row seat at the end.

Satō and Karuizawa et al. Seemed to have been suffering from items at the shop yet, but not inside.

Sitting on "Oh, ki, Kiyotaka-kun" seat, I was caught a small ear from Airi who sat next to me. Because other students are also interested in talking, I think that it is not necessary to be so loud.

“What’s wrong with you?”

"Kiyotaka-kun … …I am on good terms with Mr. Satō recently … "

If you were watching the sight before, you can not help it though.

But if you do not firmly deny what goes against the facts, it would be tough to spread the rumors well.

That is very unfair. Because I studied a few times with Satō, "he said," But, do you usually do not build arm or something, do not you? "

"I did not organize it, I was assembled," "I do not mind if I do not like it, I think so …."

Although I'm bearish, Airi will come up with the right tip. It certainly may be the case.

Although it was passive while being washed away, it is not good to create a misunderstanding around it.

[Alright. I do not think there will be next but I will be careful. "" Well, are not it? "

Is there still something ……?

"Before we decided on a pair or something, did you two go with Satō somewhere?"

By the way, when called Satō Airi watched me in the classroom.

「……Besides, there are something between … …. "

If it says that there was not "no" it would be bad, but just heard the contact address.

Even Airi is exchanging contacts and it will not be a tough thing.

"Do not you agree?"

"Well, no. I'm sorry. Hear what weirdly ….It's uncomfortable, is not it? "

Nope. Please let me know at any time if there is something to worry about. "" Leave it to me. I, I will keep observing Kiyotaka-kun firmly. "No, I am in trouble even if I are observed with such a spirit … ….

I swallowed the word because I can not bear to put a denial on Airi making a small guts pose.

After that there was no special event to happen, and I appreciated the movie quietly.

Just to say that there was somewhat subtle thing about the content of the movie.

6 Zaimaki Mall has a variety of commercial facilities. Most of them are used on a daily basis such as supermarkets, but there are many shops that are only occasionally used. For example, is it a representative of the delivery service that carries foods of specialty stores and convenience stores that will solve the problems of electricity and gasworks to the dormitory room? And the cleaning shop is one of them. Often it will be taken care of by occasional people, such as salaried workers, but this student in this school has nothing to do with it. However, when the blazer etc. becomes soiled dirty, it has an important role to be used when there are clothes that can not be cleaned by themselves.

Even if you will not be taken care of usually, it will come unexpectedly when you need it.

It's past Thursday night before the exam next week at 8 o'clock. Shops in the school were already closed, and D – Class members gathered in the karaoke room. In this space you can make arrangements without talking to the outside.

Horikita and Hirata took action quickly. He added refreshment to the gathering at the time of the final examination and was in the final meeting.

If it is true it would be best to open it in someone's room, but there were people who did not want it.

"Can you sing me?"

"Wait, Karuizawa-san. I did not come to see you today. "" Why is karaoke at hand? "

"Because you absolutely said that you do not like dormitories, did you do here?"

I do not know where my ears and eyes are in cafes and cafeterias.

"That's right, though. What is it like stupid not to come to karaoke and sing? "

"Be patient with drinks and food alone" Karuizawa had already pledged orders. The table has junk foods including potatoes and individual drinks.

"Well then let's duet together when the strategy meeting ends. Yōsuke-kun" "That's right. I wonder if I can take a breather like that if the story gets together well. "" I agree with that. I'd like to make arrangements for the exam properly, but it is quite a long time since I sing at karaoke. "Hirata and Kushida got consent from Horikita and Karuizawa respectively, as in searching for a compromise plan.

「……I will start it. "Ignoring these two people lightly, Horikita starts talking.

"First of all, it is the result of the study group, but I honestly think that it is a superior result. I was worried about how early men's playful behavior was conspicuous but I should have been able to respond to the extent of the term exams to a certain extent thanks to my firm efforts to study. "" From the mouth the English word book comes out About Sudou I will appeal to studying, but it is a very hard to understand expression.

"Sudou has grown dramatically as compared to the beginning. Especially there are remarkable improvements in concentration. However, do not forget that the basic academic ability is inferior to the first-year junior high school students when they are still doing the grinding blades now. "" Studying Konohake and staying at one level … … "

"Because it was a lower grades of elementary school so far, it is outstanding," he said, "Horikita san, I guess it's too much to tell me … …."

"I did not even know the existence of Pi until this time"

It is a bomb remark inside. I have never known the existence of Pi and have lived to date.

– What? It's just a foolish thing! "

Karuizawa, who is not good at studying too much, also overreactions.

"Uh, well. You do not know even if you are. "" No no no. I know about 3 or 14, "Such a low-dimensional story is developed in the karaoke room. It seems that the head hurts when hearing it.

Please stop that. I could hardly see where your academic ability is. Are you really okay, Horikita? "" Do not worry. As I said, basic academic ability is low. But, to the extent of the second semester of high school first grader, he understands roughly. It is absolutely nothing like taking a red dot. Is Yukimura-kun, who had Mr. Hasebe and Miyake-kun problem solved? "

No problem. It was the closest view by Ayanokōji, is that right? "

"I think that it was a way not much more. There is no worry about the red point. "" It was good. I absolutely dislike that someone at D-Class will be missing, let's overcome it with everyone. "… ….Something, I think. Is everything okay?

After listening to Kushida 's thought, Karuizawa told me such anxiety.

"I do not want that classmate to go down, but is it an exam everyone is leaving every year, right? There is no such guarantee that me and Sudou will not take the red spot, do you? "

"Warranty can not be done, but … …."

"Please do not say such a light way if it is done." The air that was relaxed somewhere will turn into a splashy air.

"Kushida. Something, is not it pretty much since a while ago? "

"I do not think so……I just want everyone to successfully pass the exam …. "

"Sounds good, is a smart person. I do not even know what will happen. "" It's all right Karuizawa-san. I am participating in a study meeting right now. "Hirata follows up, but Karuizawa did not seem to be convinced.

"I wanted to say it from a long time ago, is not Kushida a good boy chan?"

「Eh……Well, I guess … "

"Can I keep you cool? Karuizawa. I am in the process of discussing for the test now. Do not take the time because it is irrelevant. "" Horikita is a bit silent. Hey Kushida, maybe you are making a fool of me smart in my mind? "

"I will not do such a thing" "Do not worry if you do not guarantee it. Because I am hard at every test every time. So take red points and take responsibility? "

Too absurd. For some irresponsible anger, not only Kushida but also the surroundings are confused.

Karuizawa is unilaterally killing against Kushida 's justice and kindness.

Soon afterwards, I handed the glass cup containing grape juice, which had hardly been putting on hands, towards Kushida and dashed the contents. Juice containing coloring material scatters largely around the breast of the blazer.

"Karuizawa – san!"

Hirata unusually raised a loud voice to the unbelievable acts and held hands to grasp the cup.

"I can not do it now. I think there are good and bad things to do "." " Am I bad? "

"I'm sorry, but now you are bad, Karuizawa. Kushida did not have anywhere. "Even Kushida and Horikita in the cold war state are behaviors we can not defend.

"I am fine. I do not mind at all. Could it? Do not blame Karuizawa-san. "" That's not going to happen. Whatever you think, Karuizawa is bad. "Do not wear clothes on teeth, objectively judge yourself as well. It is not unreasonable for everyone in this place to turn to the enemy. Whatever you look at is bad, you can think of Karuizawa 's selfish remark. But that is not unnatural. Originally Karuizawa Kei is such a girl.

"So. Only me is a bad guy. That's right, Kushida is a popular person in the class. "We have already appointed a judge except me who is here.

Karuizawa turned his face as if to sink to the rest.

"Which side are you Ayanokōji-kun?"

"Neither ally nor anything has said anything wrong. Karuizawa is wrong "" Oh yeah. Didn't think so. All of them are my enemies "Karuizawa who stood up, without having apologized, got a bag.

"Mr. Karuizawa. I regret absolutely if I finish today with this weird state. I do not want that to happen. "Hirata strongly stops Karuizawa trying to leave the karaoke room.

What's that? Then what should I do? "

"First of all I apologize to Mr. Kushida. That's the most important thing. "Following the persuasion from the boyfriend, Karuizawa stepped down despite his misery.

"You do not think that you are bad, you have to apologize?"

"First things are to do it." Then, Karuizawa stood silent for a while for a while.

「……Sorry After the silence, Karuizawa broke apologized as Hirata admonished and apologized.

"No, not at all. I should have said a little more understanding to Mr. Karuizawa "In a situation where it is not strange even when angry, Kushida allowed Karuizawa without getting angry at all.

In response to that, finally I felt guilty awoke to Karuizawa, I returned to the side next to Hirata and sat down again.

"I guess it was not cool a little. Sorry "Karuizawa apologized again to Kushida. Kushida smiles so as not to mind.

/(ik) (int) (col) Thank you/

Seeing the state of the two people and relaxingly stroking my chest.

But that does not mean that we can solve all the problems.

"Kushida. Do you have a spare blazer to go to school tomorrow? - All right, okay.

"Oh, no. I made one ticket in front of me, only this one remained … "

Originally, 2 blazers have been paid from the school. However, unforeseen circumstances like this one happen, and the size also changes according to growth. At that time, if necessary, you can buy it at a store that specializes in Zelka Mall uniforms, but it will take some time to tailor it to fit students individually, and it is not cheap at points.

"There's a laundry room?" Take some clothes that I got soiled with club activities. If you put out today you can get it on time in the morning of tomorrow and it will be in time. "" I did not know because I have no opportunity to use it regularly. It seems to be managed somehow. "In response to advice from nice Sudou, it cripples the clue of solution.

Karuizawa who was listening to a story makes a suggestion as to what he thought he could do.

"I do not mean to apologize, but I do. Only let me have the cleaning fee let me out "" Good, such a thing, Even if you do not mind "" Well then it says I'm restless ……No good

– Wow, you sure?

Yes. All I do is bad so let me do that. "So in this case, Karuizawa found a landing point for the cleaning fee.

7 After finishing the disaster meeting and returning to the dormitory, there was a big man standing by the fountain.

I did not seem to be meeting someone, so I tried calling that man Katsuragi.

-What are you doing?

"Ayanokōji? No, I was thinking a little. It's about the final exam next week. "" On the final exams? " In such a place? "

"I just thought that I wanted to spend time quietly and thinking by myself, I do not think so." It's not like a high school first-grade idea.

Anyway, the final exam? I do not think that it is a test that A – Class with high academic ability suffers.

"Does this next term exam seems to be good?"

As I asked in such a way, I decided to say frankly.

I guess your reputation precedes you. It looks like I'm studying hard. "" Is that so? I hope it will not be such a dropout will come out. "I can not feel ambition in any way to worry about such other people.

"So what happened?" As I asked, Katsuragi started moving a little heavily.

「……When you are a junior high school student, are you experienced in a position such as a school committee member or student council? "

"No, not at all. I was not interested. "" I kept on belonging to the school committee members and student councils at all times since I was in elementary school. I have served as a student council president at elementary school and junior high school. However, since I entered this school, I decided to make a big orbit correction. "" That does not mean that it is not included in the Student Council. "" I wanted to enter, but I could not have been accepted by Horikita student council president "The story and the story of the final exam do not tie together.

"The student council or the classroom committee seems to have no authority at first glance. Most of the students think that such things are not worth it, they only have time and effort, so there are only a few people who wish to do it. "It is with my feelings of mine. Basically it's not like a managerial job.

"However, those titles are granted" rights ". There is a difference that can not be filled between officials and those who are not. And I lost that right. "" Your rating on A-Class is over a certain amount, "and" If so, I would never choose an option to target B-Class. " If you are a human like Katsuragi you aim for D-Class or C-Class.

You should definitely defend and choose the way to win reliably.

– Can I borrow it ? Talk about the inner circumstances of the class. "" This is something you will understand if you analyze a little. "" You do not have to overload too much. It seemed to me that Katsuragi was pulling the A – Class, but that 's not all. A – Class is a rock solid if anyway as it is now. The important thing is to keep the current position. "" ……Sounds good. Whether it is said to the D-Class that it is supposed to follow, "Because it is far apart to catch up, there may be things that look objectively" When two people return to the dormitory, a crowd of people It was done.

"It is quite noisy. You're doing it right now.

“So! Why do not you listen appropriately? "Hakase picked up a close-up face, so try calling out.

Dana, what the fuck?

"Are you in Ayanokōji? It seems that the same letter seems to have been sent to everybody's post every year for sure. "" The same letter? "

I divided the crowd and I turned the dial key of my post. Although it is not usually used posts, there are times when it is used for mail-order and school contacts, interaction between students occasionally.

Other students were looking into my post from behind as they were interested and could open them.

I adjusted the numbers and opened the unlocked door.

Then I took out the "four-folded prints" in it and returned to Sotomura.

"Is this it?"

"Something like it seems to be bad" After a little late, Katsuragi came back with the same print.

As soon as Katsuragi opens, I also open that print.

There is written in the printed letter, like this.

"One year B-Class, Ichinose Honami may be collecting points illegally. Ryūen Kakeru "Sotomura opened the print as though the same thing was contained.

Katsuragi muttering after reading the printed sentence.

"Wrote carefully up to your name, what do you mean, that man? There is a possibility that it could be sued if this is one unfounded story "" At least, since it contains more facts, it is said that it was executed? "

"If it is not so, it's a stupid idea. However, it seems like a guy. Aside from whether it is truth or not, it is a stance to blame if there is material that makes me think illicit. Originally defamation and illegality is also a good place, but he does not care at all such thing at all "If it is が Ryūen's image may fall greatly, but if you try Ryūen which is originally bad reputation It means that it does not hurt or itch.

"Hey, Ryūen is coming home" One of the students finds the figure of Ryūen who came back from school.

Ryūen comes into the lobby whether he knows that it is making a fuss.

"Hey Ryūen, what do you mean?"

As I entered the lobby, the B-Class male students got stuck with a sharp momentum.

"Ah…… What do you know now, all of a sudden?

"It's about this letter! Distribution of joked items! "

I will strike ahead of your words. And Ryūen who read the letter laughed at his shoulder.

Oh, that. Is not it funny? "

"What is interesting! There are good things to do and bad things! "

"Then prove the fact. The fact that Ichinose is not gathering points illegally "" That's ─ ─ ─ ─ "" How is it? Ichinose "Ryūen asks for a letter asking Ichinose who hears the fuss.

"No matter what I say here, perhaps Ryūen-kun does not believe it, right?"

– Yes. It is because the school judges whether there was fraud or not ". Sorry, it sounds like weird suspicion. However, I feel safe to report to sensei tomorrow and prove that it is a misunderstanding of Ryūen-kun. "Ichinose arguing in a dignified appearance.

"How can you prove it? Ichinose "" I will tell the details to the school. How many points do I have and how did I get that point? Are you satisfied if you do so? "

"Reported to school? Can not you explain here before that? "

"Will I believe just by explaining here now, Ryūen-kun" "I do not believe. It's easy to breathe out of saying a demo cassette from your mouth. " There is no room for fraud if the school stands in between, "she said. (BOTH CHUCKLE) Cool, cool. It is also in principle "I was convinced! And students in the surrounding B – Class make a fuss.

"Burns, human beings are dirty and dirty creatures. There is a possibility that you can do covert work by devising some measures from now. "

To the last, Ryūen is bullish and eats against Ichinose.

"What is that guy thinking? Even if Ichinose has a large number of points, it is far from a type that is illegally obtainable. There was no winning where I accused himself persistently "I felt difficult to understand, and my facial expression became even more severe.

"Then, how do you believe me?"

"Please disclose the point you have here first. Then explain the reasons for that point. And I will report the same things to school tomorrow. If this is the case, the student who is raising distrust in you will also be convinced. "If that is the case, it will definitely reduce the gap to think or excuse an excuse later.

However, I do not believe Ichinose responds easily.

"It is a consultation that can not be done, Ryūen-kun" "Do you mean to admit the corruption?"

"That's not it. I can not reveal the hand because I have not got points illegally. Whether you have a number of Private Points will have a big influence on future strategy. "That means that even if you suspect it temporarily, you can face the card.

"If I explain to school tomorrow it will be investigated. If there is injustice on it, I guess everything will be announced whether I tried to hide or not. "

"There is no proof that you will report to school tomorrow." "You can say it from Ryūen-kun. Just as I wrote in this letter. "" Is that so? It seems to be so confident. "If I had illegally gathered points, Ichinose would be inner guy.

But there is no will to shake everywhere. I am always dignified.

"If you are looking forward to tomorrow" Ichinose watched Ryūen who rides into the elevator and laughs unfaithfully.

"Once doubt is held, suspicion will remain unless it is dispelled. Honor students like Ichinose are no exception. As the color of doubt gets stronger, that trust gets reversed at a stroke. "Katsuragi's inference that analyzed this situation is correct. Even if you take one politician who represents the country. Even while maintaining the support rate at a high level, there is also a case where the support rate drops greatly by one "噓" which interferes with it.

Of course, if you know that the fact is nonsense, you may raise the support rate, as opposed to it, but mostly you can not completely eliminate suspicion.

The next day, What Ichinose said was a reality. An announcement from the school side is a notice of "no improper". School was set up as a guarantor and the suspicion was cleared without fail.

Ichinose's Private Point I saw earlier by chance happened to exceed 1 million lightly. It will be added more than before.

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