Classroom of the Elite

By Kinugasa Shougo



○ Signs of good luck.

After the start of the 6th hour home room, Chabashira sensei instantly left the classroom.

Hirata stands at the podium after rising up with wonderful students.

I am not interested in playing games now. A serious discussion will start.

"Today's home room wants to do a strategy conference for the quiz of tomorrow. Chabashira sensei has permission. I told him I do not mind using the time of the home room as he liked. First of all, is Mr. Horikita, is it OK? "

Were you waiting for Hirata's words? Horikita got up quietly and danced next to Hirata.

Some of the students seemed to feel small incongruity to a girl who stands side by side with Hirata. "Horikita" "Hirata" D-Class Strongest tag that did not seem realized so far. The gate from Hirata was always open, but Horikita never accepted it. Horikita who always fought by one person and believed that he could win.

However, such Horikita also committed a great misfortune on the stage called the sports festival and was reborn as a result of knowing the limit of fighting alone.

Of course, everything is not perfect.

Swiss biologist A · Portman says. Man is said to be a physiologically premature baby. He advocated that human beings are born approximately one year earlier when viewed from a zoologist point of view, when comparing their developmental status with other mammals. Although it is a human being classified as a large animal, when a baby is a newborn baby, sensory organs have already developed, while athletic ability is immature and it is not possible to walk alone by themselves. On the other hand, other large animals, such as deer, are matured at birth and many are detachable that can move on their own.

As I trace the example, the current Horikita is born yet can not move around freely.

However, while it is immature, it contains infinite possibilities.

I am able to grow any way from now.

Perhaps conflicts will continue in Horikita. You will be doing very hard.

It is the best and the only way to entrust yourself to the open gate.

「……Be sure to start with I want you to apologize but I have overdue. "I thought that a story toward the end-of-term exam would begin soon, but it was not the case. In Horikita it seems there was something that had been smoldering in my heart for several weeks.

"I got a disappointing result at sports festival. Apologizing for what I could not do for the D-Class while standing in a strong attitude. "Saying that, Horikita lowered his head only one time. As a matter of course, many students are upset.

It was remarkable that Horikita would carry all of the reasons why the D – Class was defeated.

After two-person leg, I call out as Onodera, which had been a little bit far from Horikita, panicked.

"Besides, it is not only Horikita's responsibility to lose another. You do not feel like lowering your head to the head. "" That's right, Suzune. Haruki and Hakase have nothing to do with it. "It is poor but it is also a fact. Yamauchi and others were staring at Sudou, but there was no objection.

"Even if it decides winning or losing, there is something that is permissible if it is a humble attitude. At least I do not have much point to evaluate at the sports festival. "After saying that, Horikita saw the face of Sudou for a moment. It probably was supplemental that there was nothing other than "getting a friend called Sudou". Sudou can not draw that feeling. Sudou laughs at a white tooth and laughs quietly, smiling a bit like a smell.

"But the apology is over here once. I would like to challenge for the next small, final test. I think that it is impossible to overcome if all the classes do not fight together. "" I understand it, but is there a countermeasure like countermeasures? You do not understand that way of deciding on a pair or not, do you? "

No The law of pair has already been clarified. If you carry it well, you can put an ideal opponent to all the students here. Hirata kun ask "Hirata turning to the support role wrote a signal and continued to write the law of pair on the blackboard.

Law of Pairing When looking at the class as a whole, the next highest and lowest scorers pair up next, the second best student and bad student, the next is following the third and the next ~ 100 students and 0 students. 99 students pair with one student "This is the meaning of the quiz and the pair law. Simple, right?

"Oh, oh. This is the law of pair, I found out well Horikita! Great! "

"Many students should have noticed this much. Besides that, from here. As can be seen from the above, the persons with lower grades are almost automatically adapted to partner with higher ranking. However exceptions are always possible. I'll explain the strategy to ensure a reliable and accurate pairing. "Many students say that they are aware, but that is not the case. Certainly it was an easy-to-understand hint compared to the previous one, but it seems to have been noticed because the failure experience so far is alive.

Horikita who walked herself next to Hirata looks back to the classroom.

Feelings that I do not like speaking in public and feelings of embarrassment.

I did not include any such resistance feelings. I was just looking forward to the front.

"Based on the results of previous tests, I'd like to focus on the students who are uneasy about the score, and make plans with top performers. Some students may be uneasy personally, but it is true that they can not cover all of them. "There are 11 students with an average score of 80 or more, excluding full marks in the mid-term test. If it reaches 90 points or more, it drastically decreases to 6 people. It is not a pleasure if we think about the test contents which were relatively easy. Good results do not reach half of classes.

On the contrary, even if we consider that there are more than 60 students, Ideal pairs for everyone ……In other words, it is seen as reality that we can not combine it with a high score holder.

Therefore, Horikita seems to aim for stability by forcibly combining 10 people above and below.

I will describe the name of the person of the lower grade on the blackboard.

"Well, I do not really understand. What shall we do? "

Yamauchi, who knew it was written a name, asked.

"The ten lowest grades written here can only write their name in the quiz. Since it is not reflected in grades, there is no disadvantage even with 0 points. Conversely, top 10 grades always have over 85 points taken. And for the remaining 20 students alike, we will spend ten people at a time. Have the highest grades aim for a maximum of 80 points, lower grade students take one point. By doing so, a balanced combination for the term end test should be completed automatically. However, I'll make detailed confirmations later. There is also the possibility that an accident happens. "The important thing here is to avoid paired with students taking 0 points and students taking 1 point.

We have to make pairs of students with differences in academic ability as much as possible.

"I also think that the plan is good. You should not try anything to fix the test. "There is no way to disagree with Hirata, who was meeting beforehand, to make a flow of entrainment.

It is Koenji which does not always follow, but neither affirm nor deny.

Rather than that, I do not seem to be interested in all the series of interactions. I am not familiar with class more than Horikita. However, is it the best policy to keep that attitude this time?

Although Koenji is not always trying to take the test seriously, he always avoids results that would be dropped out.

However, if it becomes this "compulsion pair", it will not be a bad score. The probability is quite low, but depending on the partner 's achievement it may be disqualified even if you take several full marks.

Will it be cooperative for this exam while pretending not to be interested in such a situation?

Noi ─ ─ ─ In that sense, there is a possibility that you can not read Koenji in reverse.

"Koenji-kun. I wonder if you also disagree. "" There is no objection etc. It's a nonsense question. I grasped the contents of the test as well. 'While leaving a long leg on the desk, I raise my hair as usual.

"Well, may I expect you to secure more than 80 points surely?" "What do you think? It depends on the content of the test? "

"If you do intentionally take 0 points, and you have something to partner with the top scorer, there is a danger that the balance will collapse. I wonder if you understand only that point. "The only thing to fear for the quiz is the irregular score. If the student with excellent academic ability deliberately goes hands like Koenji, the balance collapses by itself. It is necessary to avoid creating a high scholastic ability pair like Horikita and Koenji.

"I will carefully consider. Girl "Although it is the answer of Koenji which is doubtful, we can not fill it any more now.

Because you can not use the actual final exam scores.

1 And the next day. The quiz time quickly came.

I thought that I would start testing soon, but my homeroom teacher Chabashira sensei started talking about one thing first.

"I will do a small test from now on, but I will report one before that. It was nominated for the C-Class in the final exams you wished this time but it was approved because it never occurred with other classes. "" Both A-Class and B-Class nominate us D-Class I mean, was it? It is great that I gained C-Class with low academic ability without resorting to lucky weather forecasts anyway. "It seems that Horikita is relieved at first as it was able to break through the first barrier. The next is which classes nominated the D – Class.

"And it was the class that gave rise to problems for D-Class, but it was decided by C-Class. It is due to the result that nomination was not suffered here. "That is, the battle of this time is a form called D – Class v. C – Class, B – Class vs. A – Class.

"It was an ideal combination." "It seems like it" Nomenclature did not suffer, that is, the top classes chose a strong enemy in order to expand the gap by direct confrontation. I expect that's what it was.

The thing that makes it visible from there is that Sakayanagi would have designated the other party of A – Class. In Katsuragi, you would have nominated the D – Class, a subclass that is likely to win.

It can also be predicted that the centripetal force of Katsuragi is decreasing.

Horikita 's desire to nominate C – Class became a living form.

"Even so, Ike and Yamauchi are pleasant to the eye, even though it is a test from now. Before the test, you often make bears under your eyes, but are you saying that there is a secret strategy? "

Hehehe. Please look carefully sensei 'I am a self-confident Ike, but that should be that. Because nobody has studied.

The point to be afraid in this test is to take points halfway. The test content is unlimitedly low level, but if you do not understand one question, you can write only the worst name and submit it as a blank sheet. Seriously challenging is a unique quiz that increases risk.

Chabashira sensei has no reason to not see it.

"Do not just repent later. You'd better seriously face the test. "" What is it, something serious? It does not affect grades or the like, is it? "

No problem. There is no reflection on grades "" If it does not take score, you will be safe. "" If you are in the way you want it ", Ike et al. Study abandoned group will be quiet for a moment.

"You had better keep the scores … Are not you …?"

Sudou was unexpectedly restless in that word.

"Make sure not to be deceived. There is no mistake in our plan. "A cool word from Horikita that makes silent students silence. Instantly Sudou regained calmness.

「……You know. I just believe in Suzune "Chabashira sensei who was watching it also confirmed that class air was back and picked up a print.

"Well then, we will do quizzes. Do you do cheat acts again? Even if you do cheat regardless of the grades you will give a merciless penalty "let's pass the print back to the beginning of the line and turn it back.

Since it is told me to lie down until the start of the test, I turn on the print which came to hand at hand.

"Do not you worry? Whether the method of pair selection is right or not "" "Well not. There is no conviction about this time. "There is no evidence that Horikita was upset by the word of Chabashira sensei. That is why I could thoroughly throw Ike.

If there is anxiety or fear in the leader it will also propagate.

Signs, changes. Not the D-Class until then, the students who began to change.

Although it is still a little bit, I guess it has been touched by the teachers who face each other day by day.

A small test starts with a "beginning" cue.

I slowly overturned the prints.

"Uh … ─ ─ ─" My voice spilled unexpectedly. Perhaps I was not alone surprised. Although it was supposed that the difficulty level was set low, the level is really low.

Even if an elementary school student's high school year is solved it is the level to correct most problems. Of course, there are problems with a slightly higher degree of difficulty, but Ike et al. Can get nearly 60 points without panic.

It's a sweet trap. A catastrophic event could have happened if he jumped carelessly by any chance. But by Horikita's control of it, the D – Class will not end up with unreasonable results.

Two quizzes ended without problems, and the return date arrived as early as the fourth hour of the next day.

Until now, D-Class has challenged for any trials with lack of cohesion.

Compared to it, a sense of unity that is too good to go up this time is born.

Whether there is a pair system, problem creation, competition accompanying it, etc., it may be a great favorable thing that the rule of this special examination is simple. Just do a test and take good points.

What has been repeated over 9 years, ranging from elementary school to high school.

"I do not think there will be a turnaround and it's nothing more" thankfully, the words coming out are real intrinsic.

"Then, from this, we will make a pair announcement for the final exam" The results of the returned quiz are posted.

Horikita Suzune and Sudō Ken, Hirata Yōsuke and Yamauchi Haruki, Kushida Kikyō and Ike Kanji, Yukimura Teruhiko and Inogashira Kokoro.

Almost scheduled pairs were announced. By the way I am saying ─ ─ ─.

Ayanokōji Kiyotaka ……Satō Maya "Do not be shy in a bad way …"

You know what you are getting. It is a partner who wants to think so.

Satō also seemed to have noticed that I was a pair of opponents, looking back on my eyes. ♪ And her smile, her smile, it seems

Tell me what you are aware of raising your hand for a while.

"Koenji-kun also seemed to fit in this time to fluke." The pair of Koenji was Okitani. It seems that he took a solid high score to see the result.

Well he's got high scores in the test each time, so I can get as much as I did as usual. I have no eyes on the result and laughing with meaningless grinning with her arms folded.

"Looking at this result, you seemed to have someone who understood the intent of the quiz test. And I could also confirm that I could share that understanding with my class. "Chabashira sensei is impressed by looking at the list of overhanging pairs.

"Pair the students in order of the largest difference between the maximum and minimum points. It is supposed to be chosen at random if the scores are equal. I will tell you that explanation is no longer necessary. "It is not necessary to be surprised at this point, but it is probably to say that it is a sense of relief as the reading is won.

"There seems to be no tough places in combination," Yeah. It is as smooth as it is to this point. But the real thing is about to come. How to make a problem and how to get over the final exam. Your pair is Satō. It was not intentional, but it was probably enough to occur probabilistically because half of the students took score other than the upper and lower rankings, that is, the score outside the strategy existed. Can it be said that it is convenient?

Satō is a red point candidate. There is a need to hold down the score at a higher level here.

"In order to raise the average score of the class, I will hold a study group until the final exam. Since I can cooperate with Hirata-kun and Kushida-san this time, I am planning to make it a two-part system a day. 1 part to study for two hours from 4 pm to 6 pm after school termination and 2 copies from 8 pm to 10 pm considering the club activity group. I will decide each turn around. Nice to meet you, Hirata-kun. "" Because I am a club group, I will take charge of two copies. Let's cooperate and do our best. It is a strategy that can be taken because more people are taught.

Then Horikita and Hirata talked twice and the study method was twisted and the details were decided.

Horikita as one of the directors. Hirata is appointed to two directors. While supporting the whole study group, it is decided to thoroughly instruct subordinate members who feel strong anxiety about the score. While attending both parties and 2 copies, Kushida bought a role to teach students who are uneasy at around 50 points and teach studying with a special chasing role. Many girls such as Onodera and Ichibashi are in the middle class.

However, it does not mean there is no problem.

The number of students taught is much different from the one semester. Currently there are three roles to teach.

Of course, the more open to number of people, the less effective it is to study.

During the lunch break, Hirata and Sudou gather under Horikita.

"Fucking, Suzone is not two copies, is it? Sudou who can not participate in one copy because of club activities can not attend Horikita this time.

I hate Horikita as being the only motivation. I usually get a bad habit here.

"It will be a problem if anyone is motivated by teachers. – All right, okay.

「……Do it. I'm a pair, I must do my best. "Do not control spectacularly raging horse Sudou. Alright.

"Your hard work is reflected in my evaluation. It would be nice if you understand that. I will do my best so that I will also show my face to the evening section as much as possible. "Horikita lightly lift Sudou just as the final finish.

"Okay. Motivation came out suddenly. Regards Hirata "" Welcome back. Let's do our best together Sudou-kun "As a pair with Horikita is decided, Sudou's spirit seems to be sufficient.

But here comes the unexpected problem.

「……Would you like to consult a little? "What came under Horikita was a student who had never talked with me.

I was talking to you with a sorry look like I was in trouble.

"Miyake-kun? Looks like you're having problems.

Miyake Akito enrolled in D – Class. And two people in Hasebe who talk about beautiful girls and boys.

These two people are quiet from the usual and hardly see a situation involving someone. It is a surprising combination, an unexpected visit.

"They are sure – ─ ─ We are supposed to pair with this final exam, do not you?"

Hirata who found out common point, Miyake started talking about things.

"We were paired with our exams, but both of us suffer from weakness in testing. I was worried a bit so I wanted to get advice. "Okay, I gave the results of the quiz and the results of the midterm test to Hirata.

A pair of quizzes, their average points are in contrast, Miyake's 79 points, Hasebe's 1 point away as intended. It seemed that pairs were successfully assembled by the top grades and lower ranking students that Horikita was aiming for. But there was a miscalculation here. The average score of Miyake between the two men is 65 points, and Hasebe 63 points. There is little difference in academic ability. It is a student who is divided up and down just in the middle of the class. At first glance, both of them seem to be able to score at such a level, but there was a catch.

The tendencies of the two incorrect answers were too similar. That is to say that weak parts are all together. In the final exam, 60 subjects of one subject are essential. It will be a dangerous bridge.

"Well, that was a little unexpected. Let's check other pair later. "" Bad, Hirata, again depending on you. It is good as a cruise ship and a good sports festival and it takes care of everything. "" I will not apologize. When you are in trouble, you are mutually disappointing. "Was it so? Miyake had abstained from injuring his legs before the last relay at the sports festival. Whether the injured already is cured or not There seems to be no problem in movement.

I remembered such a thing suddenly, but I can not understand the details.

Miyake and Hasebe, mutual answer sheets are very similar in correct and incorrect answers.

Both have similar tendencies to think that the same person has been solved.

Although it is possible to adjust academic ability to some extent by score, we can not pair all the students perfectly. It would be unavoidable that an irregular pair would be born.

"But I did. I do not want to complicate the extent and practice of study too much …. "

It is not bad for both of you to see the contents of the test. It was a problem that we are disappointed with oversized profession. Sudou who are not good at studying overall but a little different color set.

In this way the teaching hands are getting less and more exhausted.

Originally it is about to teach studying with one on one man.

"Kushida. I wonder if I can ask you additional. It is quite a large number of adults, and although it is two people who have a little habit of studying for a while. I should not disappoint in the overall point. "" Yeah. I better. Miyake-kun and Mr. Hasebe even better, "Kushida asked the two of them. Miyake did neither affirm nor deny, but Hasebe was different.

"I am a pass. I do not agree with Mr. Ichihashi, "he refused in response. Fortunately, Ichihashi was not left in the classroom and conversation was not heard.

"I do not have a lot of study meetings with many people," apparently Miyake's opinion depends on Hirata.

Hasebe thought that it was a stance that I took a step back from the beginning, but he seems not to agree with Miyake's opinion.

"But the two weak parts are quite similar. Even though I can clear the overall score if I enter the final exam as it is, there is a possibility that it will be below the minimum of 60 necessary points for each subject. "" That's right. "Hasebe seemed rather dissatisfied, disappeared from Horikita . Then turn and turn to walk.

"Where are you going?" "Miyacho. It is bad if I asked for invitation but I guess it was not suitable for me after all. "So refusing Hasebe had left one of the classrooms.

"Bad Horikita" "I do not mind. Will you just mix with Mr. Kushida? "

Miyake will compensate for the worst subjects, and the cover will be effective.

「……It's a pass. I can not feel like studying in lots of women. I will try it myself. "That says so Miyake also pulled back. Then he struck the bag in his seat. You can not force others to Horikita. If you do not participate in the study group at your own will, you will not get much results, and the morale of the students who seriously tackle will also be lowered.

I don't know what I want. I think that it is better to follow those two people if possible. "" Yeah ….I hope there are people who can be taught elsewhere, "Tillary and Horikita have seen me, so please refuse with eyes. I can not believe that I can communicate with Miyake and Hasebe, apart from the teaching skills.

At that point my existence should be excluded.

"I will try to adjust whether I can make time." After thinking, Horikita, who decided that I had no choice but to move, tried to end the story.

"Is it the opposite? If you think about the long-term warfare of the future, it's definitely overwork. As a result, the learning efficiency will drop. Horikita has work on creating problems for C-Class. "" But is there any other way if there is no other hand? "

Horikita 's forcible remarks because it was judged that there were no other hands.

I can give advice to stop Hirata, but I have no way to stop it.

Horikita takes care of Miyake et al. It was time that it seemed likely to be decided by that trend.

"Well, I will take care of it." A student who was not in the circle of discussion came close.

It was Yukimura who came into the story so.

"Yukimura, I welcome you if you cooperate. I also have an academic ability that is appropriate to that approach to study. But do not mind? I thought that I do not like this kind of harmony. "" At least, if I do not cooperate this test will not be overcome perfectly. Horikita seems so. So I tried to undertake everything by myself "Because I am seeing the changed Horikita different from the sports festival, I think that Yukimura would have to act as well.

"There is only one other problem. I can tell you my studies, but I do not have a bite with Miyake or Hasebe. I feel like I'm not easy to see the situation of the two guys just before. I want you to think about how to persuade the two people and bring them to the study group by themselves. "It was conditional to undertake if they could bring the two.

Of course there are no such conditions. Horikita was pleased with the emergence of a thankful helper.

It seems to be a movie companion who rushes to the relief from the sky from helicopters to the hero who was driven into an enemy soldier and fell into a dilemma.

Come on. I will think about how to call the two here. "When Yukimura installed only the minimum convention, he left the classroom as if nothing had happened.

"Is it okay to say I was okay for a while?"

"That's not exactly right. I do not have you, right? I do not have a grudge with two people. "Because I could not help putting it in, I thrust it into Horikita.

「……Hirata-kun, are they obediently obedient to Yukimura-kun? "" How about that … ….Though I think I know three people each is a type I like. Whether or not it matches Yukimura's personality and way of thinking, there may be a bit of anxiety there. "After hearing that, Horikita came to see me after thinking for a moment.

"Hey Ayanokōji-kun. I do not mind letting you manage Yukimura-kuns. "" Do you manage? "

"Sometimes you were on the ship with Yukimura-kun, and I thought that somewhat flexibility would be beneficial. It may be difficult to negotiate with Miyake-kun or Ms. Hasebe, but if you stand in between, it might be easy to contact with us. "I said such a thing. Well, if you do with the elimination method it will still be a better way. It is because there are no one among the three people who may be in contact with Horikita every time.

Why are you setting up an arrow of bare feet to me. Even though I was glad that the turn does not come.

"I hate it. I wonder if you would cooperate with me. I do not say that I just want you to teach studying just by administering it. "It is said to be just management, but the management is not straightforward.

"Can I ask you?"

Following the pressure of Horikita which began to switch to threat no longer, I could only do the nod.

Let's reform our mind here.

By taking on this matter, Horikita's face will stand upright and the horn will not stand.

The point is that it should not be something to let you do anything more. The most troublesome thing is to teach studying and thinking about problem sentences.

I tried just as much as I could, and answered, I sighed at Horikita invisible.

3 After school, I started preparing to take action immediately. Talk to Yukimura and then call Miyake. It is to open a study meeting from now. We asked Hirata in advance and two people got prior consent.

"What's that, Hasebe?"

As soon as the lesson was over, Hasebe had not left in the classroom why.

All of them?

I murmured that Yukimura got slightly angry.

"Hasebe is not that kind of guy. Perhaps you are going ahead? "

"Why do I have to go first?" "There are various things," Miyake seemed to understand Hasebe well, so I did not have any special worries.

For the time being we head for the palette which is the planning site of the study meeting.

Then I found a figure of Hasebe in the middle of the corridor leading to the cafe.

"Why did you go?" Yukimura gets stuck with finding the appearance of Hasebe.

"Why not because you do not want to stand out? I do not understand if it is in class "answers vaguely. It seemed that Yukimura seized it as humiliation.

"Does it hate to be able to see the figure being talking with us?" "That's not the case. I also have a lot of things. "" Do not worry Yukimura. Hasebe is always like this. "" It seems that the seat seems to fill up when we talk here, will not we move in the meantime? "

I understand the feelings of Yukimura that I want to get angry, but I urge you for a while.

In fact, students are starting to gather one after another on a pallet that has come after school.

"Oh yeah ….It is troublesome if the seat is buried. Let's go "Yukimura who regained calmness soon broke first.

"You should also take a minute to speak a little bit more." "Was it such a nasty way of saying? It seems that Hasebe also seems to have not been bad.

Somehow it succeeded in securing the seats where four people can sit and re-partition the battlefield.

-Well, I– Anyway I'm sitting next to me, Yukimura, Hasebe sitting in front. And Miyake sitting next to Hasebe.

I do not know where to turn this way, but I do not know how such a gathering will be completed, but there were 4 people with a sense of incongruity anyway.

"I will accept it if I have something in case of anything," but as soon as I heard it, Hasebe's red-eyed point lightly raised his hand and said.

"Ayanokōji-kun speaks" "……Is that the question that suddenly came out? "Hasebe looks up at me slightly interestingly. It is strange that I speak and talk.

"Because I did not have any impression. Are you a student who does not notice even when you are absent? "

I will never talk to Haseya on a regular basis … …It can not be helped even if such an impression is held. For such comments, Miyake touches the topic of the sports festival.

"But the relay this time was terrible. Ayanokōji is one of the most interesting ones. "" Looks like. But I wash my hands and did not see Ayanokōji-kun's active figure. So it feels strange. You competed with the former student council president? Immediately after the athletic festival ended with a topic I was a stranger "" When was junior high school At the time of the land section Ayanokōji? Also, when you see that scout, the scout of the Land Department has arrived. "" Well, oh well, I received some solicitation. I refused it. "After all, such a thing is transient, it is not like it will last forever. Those in the track section will not be talking about me any more. Even if the feet are fast, it is meaningless unless you are interested in club activities.

"I have never been honest with club activities, so I do not know selfishness." "Is that so? There is nothing wrong. "While my topic continued, Yukimura kept asking the conversation without emitting a single word. Hasebe moves the topic to Miyake without paying attention to that situation.

"Miyachi is an Archery Club. Are you having fun bowing every day? "

"I do not have to have fun. By the way it is not a bow but an arrow.

"Because I am not interested in club activities. You can do it as long as you enjoy having fun every day. "The impressions I have felt are quite different for both of us. Talk better than I thought.

"Well, Miyachi, are club activities good?"

"I was absent," "I do not feel relaxed," "I do it when there are priorities. It's a loose part with no penalty in particular. "" A little nice. There is something I want to say before I start a study meeting. "Yukimura who was silent and listening to the story opened his mouth with a calm situation. That gaze caught me not Miyake nor Hasebe but I am the one.

"There is no hiding like the athletic festival Ayanokōji" "What? Never heard of it.

"It's for studying. I heard that Horikita can do quite well "" ……That guy "It seems that he gave me extra blows to Yukimura in a place I did not know about.

"Well memorize is relatively good at it. I think that you can score points to some extent if you concentrate. 'If you do not tell me about this, it will be difficult to gain Yukimura's trust.

"I can do it but I do not do it" "Yukimura does not enemy. Do not expect too much. I am not good at teaching. " Try seriously so that you can also get a lot of one point. I will teach you so I will absolutely take higher points than the midterm tests. "Yukimura opens his mouth like an instant.

"As you instructed, have you brought the 1st semester and the last half test test sheet?"

"Huh," Hasebe replied, Miyake nodded. Then take out the print from the bag and hand it to Yukimura.

I check the contents at the same time while looking at the print with my sideways eyes. The conclusion that comes out there.

"Both of you are brilliant science. Most of the subjects of liberal arts are devastating. "Both of them have comparatively high scores of about 70 mathematical scores, but about 40 in mathematics and world history. It is also nodding that two people are worried if this is done.

"I never thought that they were friendly with each other, but I knew well that we were suffering from weak goodness." "I was spoken to Hasebe when I was studying at the library before. That's the flow. "" I and Miyachi are comparatively lonely groups. I do not get familiar with the classes. "Two people who kept class and distance feelings did not belong to a specific group. Is it a big cause that was not familiar with the class as well?

"In that sense, I am the same. Basically there is a feeling of incongruity in the existing group. "" Why did you approve of making a group this time? "

"It's not as strong as groups. It's just a study group. And a few if it is quiet. I do not disturb himself to study. That's why I will think about how to study from now on. Although it is bad, I will have a little time. "" OK. You should tea properly and wait, do not you? "

Hasebe to relax and take off the phone as quickly. I can easily kill time if I have a cell phone of the present era. I am also properly fingering a cell phone, what should I do?

I suddenly felt my eyes and somewhat sent my eyes to that direction.

Several boys studied this situation and was calling somewhere.

Three familiar students. Everyone is a C-Class. Only Ishizaki in the center knows the name.

I do not have to get caught up in troublesome things.

However, Ishizaki et al. Did not get involved here, even while sometimes sending a line of sight, they walked to the front of the showcase which was placed next to the checkout of the pallet. Cakes that can be eaten with drinks and brought back are displayed and sold there. Strawberry shortcake and Montblanc seem especially popular, but I do not know the details. A clerk who decided to be a purchaser wants to ask the students for an order but seems to be having a difficult time. There is no sign of reaching the inside of the showcase all the way and it turns into a sorry look that seems to be troubled.

"Somehow how many!"

When crying Ishizaki who ceased to be numb, the inside of the cafe was instantly dropping the volume a lot.

"Even if asked so ─ ─ If such a custom cake, it is difficult to respond if you do not tell me a week earlier … …I can not deal with it very much on that day. "As soon as I heard the voice of such correspondence, the pallet became noisy again as if nothing had happened.

"Why that" Hasebe looks a little disgusted with Ishizaki and others while making pen penetrate.

– I'm not sure. It does not matter to us. "Yukimura had not shown any interest and was writing something by looking at the middle test between the two. Where are the areas we are not good at and what are we planning on what measures to take?

"Cake? …"

I'm not interested in Ishizaki's story, but to tell you that, tomorrow it was my birthday.

Honesty I do not have any image of how to spend my birthdays like ordinary people have. It was only to be one year old.

I did not know anything. I know that my birthday is the day to be celebrated by my family, lover, friends. I just do not know the emotions at that time.

"What's Ayanokōji-kun" "Nothing" Tomorrow is October 20th.

Many students, employees, teachers, etc. are enrolled in this school.

Even if there are two people on the same birthday, it is not strange.

Only the difference between me and I will be celebrated or not.

I wonder if anybody knows next year's birthday.

4 "I will give you a replacement for coffee." About half an hour has elapsed since Yukimura began to check the test results of the two people on the "I am also" pallet. Yukimura does not appear to raise his face yet, it seems that it will take time to decide checks and policies for a while now.

Hasebe and Miyake pick up the empty cup and head towards the store's counter. Although the pallet is limited to the same day, it is structured so that you can drink the second cup at half price by bringing in a receipt. It is cheap and tasty, and it seems that it is increasingly popular among freshmen every day as it is possible to drink a satisfactory coffee to an extent. Hasebe and Miyake had already tried to drink the third cup, but Yukimura of teaching side still has half the first cup of coffee. It seemed that he was considering serious eyes to textbooks, notes, and test paper in order and to learn how to learn.

"It seems tough" "I have never done anything to teach people how to study. Although I taught studying to a foolish classmate of a middle school overnight, it was not very tolerable. In the first place he could not concentrate on things because he did not have the fundamentals of studying so. "As Yukimura thought back at the time, Yukimura once placed his pen and turned to the ceiling.

"I still can not forget the useless time of that time. I thought that it was a fool to teach people how to study. Even when Horikita and you held a study group by gathering the red dot pair in the first semester, I was laughing in the honest mind. Hirata et al. 'S study group is also so. It is said to be doing useless things. A guy who can not study has mostly disliked studies in the first place. I studied two days a day, I escaped the red spot in the test, I feel like I studied. It is a useless thing that you do not learn, you do not acquire. "Instead of vomiting poison, Yukimura just seemed to murmure pure real heart.

"Well, why did you decide to teach this time?"

It is too difficult for the content of this exam to be comparable to when it was overnight that Yukimura taught before. High difficulty is anticipated that can not be overcome unless it is thoroughly studied. Yukimura's shoulder is not light. If by any chance Hasebe and Miyake pairs will drop out, Yukimura himself will also bear much responsibility. At that time, I regret that I should pass the fact that they are self-responsibility and teach better better. Yukimura is such a human being.

"At the sports festival I did not use anything. I was scooped down by what I cut down as unnecessary. Bad motor or study, the difference only would "Ike cannot be studied and Yamauchi, Sudou. I can not exercise. It seems that it is now equal to the genre and it is judged to be equal in this school.

"You can not study this school as much as you can. Even just doing exercise is useless. And even if you combine the two, it is not enough. Even sentences like Buddhist scriptures like Horikita and Hirata can certainly not be overcome. Intuition, flashing, sense. Anyway, we demand one thing indispensable in human society one after another. As soon as this happens, it is already overwhelming with individuals. It will be necessary to supplement all of them. [だんけつ] /union (vs)/ That's it. "Since entering this school, it seems that Yukimura licked various struggles.

"So I decided to cooperate. I contribute to the class by what I can do. "That is, of course, studying that he is good at.

"It is also why I noticed that I had selfish feelings if I could only study. I noticed it by remembering my mother who was selfish. So I was able to look back on my own … …No, the story of now was unnecessary. Please forget. "Yukimura returned to me interrupted talking and dismissed the gaze from the ceiling.

"Perhaps, I would have had more difficulties if I kept on them. Even if you make Miyake or Hasebe, you have the power to tackle studies seriously, so it's easy to do. Besides being good at science, it is not bad to swallow it. I do not know how far I will be able to do, but at least a considerable improvement can be expected. "Prospective …No, I should see it as a reaction on touching two people. Although I was only observing by the side, it is certainly not a bad attitude to tackle studying in Mr. Hasebe or Miyake. The point of view and understanding is also quite modern. That is why Yukimura would be seriously trying to respond to it.

"It's time to go to the toilet" Hasebe also has not returned yet.

It seemed like it was a while before studying, so I stood up once. Because the line of sight that I felt was not only for Ishizaki and others, there were other things I felt.

I could not see it clearly, but there was a secret sight from a certain person. Yukimura stands up. Because I never gave my eyes to me, I will move to the next seat as it is. I do not think he is noticed by me, I rounded my back like killing my signs.

"What are you doing all alone, Sakura" "Huu!"

The back bounces back and he looks up on me afraid Sakura.

"It was a coincidence, Ayanokōji kun," "Oh it is a coincidence," "It was a coincidence," "I thought that I looked back at this occasion and looked directly at it." "That is … ─ ─ ─ …Sorry, pal!

Sakura confessed so quickly that he could not have confidence in penetrating his head.

"It's not something I said, I do not necessarily have to come here," he said. If he is in an emergency, he should bring in a phone call or e-mail.

Looking at places where there is no errands but the other people ─ ─ ─.

"Do you also want to join the study group?"

"Why, why, why not?"

"Well it's a simple reason, but studying tools are visible from the bag." That's because there is no need to take back notes at all.

There are a lot of students studying alone, but Sakura will never choose such a crowd.

"Oh no … …."

I closed my bag when I got it, but it is already late. That attitude is like saying yes.

"Would you like to participate in our study group? I will try calling out, "" But, I … …I have never talked with other people almost … "

Sakura is not getting close to our table because we are not good at touching people. You don't have to explain.

"Have you ever wondered whether you have something to think on your own? If it was Sakura up to now, it could not have been able to see opportunities by coming to this pallet. "It is not easy to keep one face down, in places where there are various small and large groups. Let's run away many times, you should have returned.

Still, what is still left here represents Sakura's psychological state itself.

"Sakura decides what to do. Because I am here, it's okay, it's better not to measure with a ruler that is not ok. Imagine what you think, how Yukimura, Hasebe and Miyake feel, "Sakura may have been disappointed in that word.

It may be a grudge why he will not make a state system to accept me.

However, Sakura 's waiting stance has good times and bad times.

The best way is to watch over distance when you think of Sakura 's step – up.

Of course, there is some reason for that.

Although I have just touched it yet, Yukimura and others feel that hurdles to contact are lower than other classmates. I feel like that in my own way. Sakura must also remember a similar feeling.

"You should think slowly what you do. We will remain here for an hour to study and I am studying. "It seems a bit cold, but that is why I left it, and I left Sakura. If you are speaking at the side of Sakura's seat for too long, Hasebe is quickly noticed even though it is a cafe with many people coming and going.

I return to the seat with a natural flow. Yukimura did not say anything special just by glancing at me.

Then I got a voice when I waited about two minutes.

"You. Was the check done? "

"A little more" Yukimura raises work pace.

"Ah, I see, Ayanokōji-kun. There was something I wanted to ask you a bit. "" Stopped Takeshi Hasebe "Miyake stops Hasebe's trying to ask something.

-Amazing. I do not want to reduce it when I heard it. "" Is that a problem? "Now, after school, this is a cafe with a school. It's a great point to talk. "

Looking at Hasebe 's attitude not attracting, Miyake shook his head as if he did not know what to do.

What am I supposed to hear?

"Are you going out with Ayanokōji-kun and Horikita?"

"I have not done" "Immediate reply?" Is it somewhat familiar with a model answer or something a little doubtful? "

"Because various people are asked. It's not that you are always acting with Horikita "" It may be. The rumors of romance are half truth and half a trash, so it is half a gauze. "Girls liking one like Hasebe also seems to be strongly interested in romance stories.

If you are a nice guy here, you will not forget to check whether there is a boyfriend in that Hasebe.

Of course I could not do such a thing (it could not be done) and the talk ran.

"Yoshi ─ ─ ─" Suddenly, Yukimura vigorously raises her face. Apparently all of the confirmation is over.

"Somehow I could grasp the weak parts of the two. But I'd like to detail the details from here. "Turn it over and turn over the notes you wrote variously to Miyake.

"I tried to make some of the problems of the arts system. Since later I will do also Hasebe, write my answer directly to my notebook and write it to myself. The time limit is 10 minutes. All 10 questions "Miyake pulled out the note without complaining about the problem issued by improvisation. I am obediently obeying because I firmly recognize that I am the one to be taught. After Miyake struggled for ten minutes, Hasebe suddenly challenged by a baton touch. Is it a problem to find out more the tendency to be weak?

Then after a total of 20 minutes of examination, Yukimura started scoring the notes immediately.

"All of you … …."

Yukimura who finished all the scoring sighs somewhat to be amazed and returns the answers of the two.

There are three males with the number of problems correctly answered each other. There are six parts. And there was one sankaku.

If it is a test, it is the same score, but surprisingly that all correct and incorrect answers are the same.

"It is not just that good subjects are similar, the same way of remembering and trends are the same." "Is not it quite feasible to feel something fateful? Miyachi "" No feeling "" Oh, well. Something is bad. But is this a pinch? "

It's Hasebe impatient to return to me, but that is the opposite.

"It should be taken as favorable in this case. The labor will be halved. "Almost perfectly the same academic ability, if it is a trend, the burden will be quite comfortable as Yukimura says.

You can make the number of teachers real one person.

Of course, there are always trivial differences as long as they are similar, but if you take the form that follows each time, you can carry it more smoothly than you thought.

"Do you feel comfortable?"

"It depends on future efforts. Although I made problems in ascending order of difficulty, I still have anxiety remaining rate of correct answers. Regularly this place ……In other words, I think that it is necessary to set up opportunities to study. I'd like to have a place for gatherings 7 or 8 times back from the end of the term end test. Ideally it is better to study while leaving a short term focus. Are the three sides alright? Miyake has club activities as well. "" If the end of the fiscal year is near, my club will be on holiday, but let me have time consultation. "Yukimura nods at the request of course. After that I'm from Hasebe but ─ ─ ─.

"Ah, let me hear one before you answer. Do you feel like studying as normal? I do not like to study, but I am going to be able to do a preliminary exercise alone. Is there a merit to studying like this in a group? Of course I am aware that efficiency can be improved by having a smart person tell me. I followed it with Miyaichi 's advice, but I'm kinda dubious, is not it? "" It seems not only that there is anxiety about how to teach me, "Yukimura, who was aware of the inclusion of Hasebe' s explanation, explains the policy.

"I do not plan on regular study sessions. The reason for this is that the original examination question that the school creates, this time, other classes are supposed to make problem sentences. The problem created by ordinary schools is that it is a matter of looking ahead to the university going ahead and features that are easy to prepare as much as we are specializing in suppressing the basic. Speaking of course it is natural. So, to be honest, it is unknown about the part where students make problems. It is difficult to set trends and countermeasures. That is why it is essential to study that considering it. "Miyake convinced the explanation of Yukimura.

Of course she is. C-Class will come out with absolutely twisted problems. "" Oh. But it does not mean that we can not make any trends and countermeasures at all. If you think that C-Class makes problem sentences, you may not be able to imagine first, but how about if you can identify individuals? I think that it is "Kaneda" to make a problem with my expectation "Although it is a name that I can not hear much, it was a name I have never heard of.

"Is not that something you feel like you're wearing glasses, are not you?"

"I do not know how to say that, but it is probably it. C-Class then you can study the most. "If you think that the information brought by Yukimura is correct, it is reasonable to think that students who can study naturally make problems.

"But, if you make twisted problems, Ryūen or Ishizaki may make it."

I don't think so. Even if you make any hook problems, you can not make a problem unless you have ground forces. Imagine in a poorly written subject of two people. Does the problem of hooking that can not be solved easily come up? "

「……No it is fresh. In the first place even problems will not come to mind. "" I agree as well. What sort of problems or problems will come out on testing? "

"That's how it is. Even if it floats, the problem sentence quite obviously goes beyond mind, and difficult problems and tracing problems are not easy to make, thinking about making it. Even if we look at the textbook appropriately and aim for a difficult hole, it will not be a problem as it is, the school side will play, "the guess is striking a good point. Just a little weak to have confidence.

"Is it finally decided by the school whether the issue is established or not?"

I interrupt a little bit about Yukimura's story.

"If so, do you need to know the clear line that the school side judges as a problem?"

"That's it, but it will not be a pain if you understand it." "I think you understand. In short, prepare some problematic problems from the D – Class side and ask the school side to judge it. Is not there a clear answer as to whether the problem is accepted or not? "

"got it. That is indeed a good idea. "" Yaru-chan Ayanokōji-kun "" And if you do, it seems necessary to issue a temporary problem as soon as possible to identify school standards. I also think about some problems from me, are Horikita and Hirata moving? "

/(exp) (1) how about …?/(2) I wonder/I don't know/I am completely taking another action now. The details are unknown. " It is only Ayanokōji that can keep in touch with the other group. "Miyake and Hasebe nods almost at the same time.

"I understand, I will check as far as I can, but ….Do not expect me. "Neither Horikita nor Yukimura, I wonder what I want to make me a useful bridge.

Yes. I see. "Hasebe's question was solved, the expression is a smile.

"I do not have club activities, anytime, anyway. I decided on Miyaichi as the standard "and gave up all of the decision right.

Miyake who was watching it saw Hasebe in appearance surprised.

"I thought that Hasebe clearly refuses. Is not it unusual? I will not normally get involved with boys. "" It seems as if I do not study a lot this time. There is no use for me to drop out, but can not we get involved in Miyachi? "

It seemed that he consented to Miyake, who is a friend, rather than himself.

"Well then it's broke up today. I will do my first study session from the day after tomorrow. "That concludes Yukimura. Do you plan to find a trend of the problem today and tomorrow, and to take measures?

And even if the dissolution was declared and the pallet was left behind, Sakura never cried.

5 "That's useful information. I definitely want to try to see what level of problem the school admits. "After parting with three people, I immediately contacted Horikita.

Tell information from Yukimura to Horikita and ask for instructions from now.

"I am already working with Mr. Hirata and I am preparing problems for C-Class, but I wanted to know how far I could make a hook problem. I will have the information shared well there too. But it seemed like everything went well, but is it OK to trust Kaneda-kun to create problems with C-Class? "" There is no absolute guarantee. Just at the study meeting, it is one way to tackle the problem and measures to be taken with Kaneda awareness. There is nothing wrong with doing it, do you? "

Right. I will do so. If all of this tests are filled with problems with all difficulties, we may be too busy to take 90 points from 80 points. "There are two more habits than the tests given by schools If it is difficult on that, it will be the limit value of the score.

"By the way, I wonder how today's study group has progressed. I wonder if you can let me hear you without any harm. "Since I was not particularly hidden, I told the incident of obedience obediently. However, I exaggerated a bit. He showed his friends appealing what he was able to do. However, Horikita who was listening listens to the point without touching at all.

The only thing I kept at a stroke was the portion where Miyake and Hasebe's academic ability were many.

"It looks like it's not intended at all, but it's quite a coincidence, is not it?" "

It is unusual to resemble that level even though there are times when you are subject to weakness.

"I will do it as much as possible. I'm a member that seems to be easy to control. "" Nice to meet you. Then you have another thing I would like to ask. I wonder if Yukimura-kun's study group is on holiday, can you show your face here as well? "" Is not that the same as the promise you said the first time? "

"There is nothing wrong. I do not need to teach studying, I just want you to manage everyone. "That management is ambiguous. I am quite sure what it points to as being too vague. I do not know the definition of the word less than a boyfriend beyond friends.

「……What is it management? "So when I asked back, I heard a deliberate sigh.

"It is a problem that there are too many people taught to teaching people. I can not reach my eyes. I want school to keep track of whether it is studying properly or not. "" There are dozens of teachers teaching students to students, do not be discouraged, do not be discouraged. "" Although I say greatly, teachers are not alone I am not satisfied. That's why Ike students like students are not good at studying. Even if you install a surveillance camera like this school. Even though I misunderstood only the attitude of teaching, I did not concentrate and studying after all, so I am being driven to a plight like now. "I was planning to argue boldly but it fell back at a stroke and fell sunk.

"Yukimura-kun will also be unfamiliar with teaching others, so it's hard to control because there are so many people here. Especially Ike – kun and Yamauchi – kun are the problems. They are less focused than kindergartners. "Ike and Yamauchi seem to be appearing at the study group itself, but they seem to do whatever they like.

"Do you have any objection?"

"There is not it" "Good" "You do not have to come out at night, do you?"

You know, it's all right. It is no better than noon. But, contrary to boys, some of the girls are noisy. " Were girls who did not participate in the event participate for the purpose of Hirata? I do not feel bad that Karuizawa comes in contact with handsome even though she is there. And if the stock in Karuizawa 's D – Class who controls that handsome gets inevitable, it is not a bad flow.

Although not participating on the spot, it is interesting that somehow the scene of the other group comes to mind.

By the way, there is no name of Sudou in the story that it is noisy.

"Does Sudou grow quiet?"

"Yeah, I'm seriously working. The level person has not yet reached the junior high school student, "Anyway, aside from the content of the study, it seems that you are working hard on the attitude side.

"Regards from tomorrow" It is only certain that there is not at least a good feeling.

"That's it. I'd like to confirm including the study group, but how was Kushida? "" How was that? "

"Have you not changed in particular?"

Of course. I think I was able to help out as much as I could. There was also a promise to be given to the study meeting everyday. "Although this is not the part I want to hear, Horikita did not seem to have had any special talking events yet. Even on the first day, I did not have a chance to cut to the deep part on the first day. However, as a matter of fact it is also true that we can not keep on seeing the problem slowly.

"Is making problems for C-Class started?"

“Of course! As a basic policy I and Hirata-kun, then I plan to make a problem with the opinions of Yukimura-kun. Originally I would like to borrow a larger number of hands, but as the number of people increases, the more risks the C-Class leaks, the more troubling it is. The problem sentence and the answer attached to it are the key to defending D – Class. Even if you work hard on your study that is aggressive, there is no one if defense is done. In the unlikely event the test problem should not be leaked out. It is possible to come in contact with someone and search for information.

"Still it is difficult to shut it out perfectly. Given the nature of Kushida and the actions we have done so far, are not you participating in the study group at night? It is hard to meet with Hirata. "" Well. Certainly that can not be denied. But she can not behave in a hurry. I think that we will not say something worse unless we ask you to help creating a problem. "Only this is only a guess of mutual prospects. What action Kushida will take next is a story that can not be read in either way.

"Problem sentences and their answers are life lines for D – Class. Do not forget that the defeat of D – Class is definite if the information leaks out "It is something that you must think about separately from the desire to attract Kushida to your friends.

It is not permissible to leave the tang cove on the eyes.

"Avoid disclosing information. But I guess that's not the only thing to solve it. "" If I fear it, I'm not in the process of creating a problem. It is after submitting it to the school side. Ultimately, the day before the test, if you confirm the problem sentence and the answer to Chabashira sensei, the content will be known. "Kushida is using that hand for the purpose of viewing the participation table at the time of the sports festival.

Ryūen will probably think more about asking Kushida.

"There is no way to hit anything other than to speak in words." "But what if you leak information to C-Class?" "In that case ─ ─ I do not want to think." It involves the entire D-Class. Even if studying how much to raise the score, there is no chance if the opponent gets an answer close to 100 points "There is no chance of being defeated simply by memorizing the other way.

Right. You can see well that you are worried. But I'm thinking about countermeasures against myself. I will go around 22 o'clock, I want to make even one problem sentence before going to bed, can I cut it? "

I accept the refusal and end the call. I noticed that the remaining batteries were small and I knocked out with a charger that was caught in an outlet that was installed in the bed.

The current issue is similar to the flow at the sports festival. As the participation table used at the athletic festival was a lifeline, in the final exams the problem sentence is acting as a lifeline. Ryūen and Kushida are not partners with the same hands. You should definitely think.

I said that he thought about countermeasures, but I do not know how much it is.

Horikita is going to persuade Kushida from the front to the last.

I'm not cynical trying to laugh at Horikita's strategy. Rather than that, there are almost no hands.

If supposing that I would draw Kushida into a group, then at that time I would go to subdue Kushida with a threatening act like Karuizawa, or a way ahead. However, in the current situation where I do not know until the details of Kushida 's past, I can not use that hand. Considering that it is different from Kushida how to decide my preparation of my mother, there is no guarantee that I can actually threaten it. It looks alike and different.

「……What's wrong? "Unfortunately, there was no other way to come to me now.

E-mail will be delivered if you hang up and have a breath. It was an email from Ryūen.

After the athletic festival, I heard Ryūen's e-mail address from the managers, C-Class students, and sent an e-mail. Ryūen has now replied to it.

Who are you?

The content is only one sentence written in that way.

"Another meaningless mail ……"

It is not enough to reply to Ryūen. And here is a free address, I can not trace it. Such a thing should be obvious, is it Ryūen's play?

I neglected the mail and decided to sleep.

6 After school the library was crowded with many students though it was still early.

Even though it was crowded, students are crazy about talking and it is not noisy.

Nearly half of the seats that are not usually filled by 10% were full of students. Of course, most of the students are not reading or talking with friends, but are busy studying for exams.

Seriously? One student who mutters interestingly by the side "The library has become like this".

That's right. There was a problem just beside me.

Satō seemed to decide to participate in the study meeting, and I followed the library.

I had never contacted Satō since I replaced my contacts the other day. It is very awkward.

"I am going to enter the library for the first time. Ayanokōji-kun, who is it? "

「……How many times is it? "" Yes. I am doing studies unexpectedly. "" Studying is like killing time, "but" Are you going to the library with killing time? " It is strange "Although it responds once, it becomes an attitude like somewhere above.

It is because I did not understand at all what kind of feeling Satō was contacting me. But Satō is also a girl. Do not miss this subtle feeling of subtlety.

Uh, okay. Ayanokōji-kun …Is something wrong?

"Nanniga, Satō" "Hey, I told you to join the study group suddenly," I said separately. Teaching Horikita and Kushida and others are also happier than not annoying? "

A withdrawal from the same class came out, basically pleasing, there is nothing merit. I managed to replace the issue.

"Not like that … …."

Of course, that would not be the answer Satō wanted. Show a little depressed.

But the library is troublesome. The distance to Satō is unexpectedly as much as I speak in a low voice so as not to disturb the other students. Satō's fine breathing is also felt.

Perhaps this is also classified as a valuable one in youth? If so, it may be tough as youth unexpectedly. This situation is for me not at all fun. I get nervous meaninglessly and I care about Satō. I am exploring the partner's emotions and choosing words.

What I most hope for now is "I want to go home soon." Only that one point.

No, is not it?

It will be a little calmer and think again about the current situation.

Certainly I am confused by the events I never experienced. "To be categorized into "love" is too abstract, there is no clear answer. From myself living in the world of 0 or 1, it is natural flow that rejection occurs.

However, I would not have come to this school in search of things other than such 0 or 1.

"Everyone is serious, is not it? I'm going to use a library or anything else. "" It's like the annual convention. To open a study meeting here "Horikita who answered that words Satō picked up by chance, replies.

So I regain my calm. Once I emptied my head. Let 's concentrate only on overcoming this study group without fail.

Horikita, who has already visited the library yesterday, seemed not to be surprised at this sight.

"You guys, just do not make a noise as yesterday, forgive me. Next may not be done with just strict attention. There is also the possibility of being kicked out. "" I know, I know "Ike and Yamauchi, Horikita who secures vacant seats while paying attention to the two problem children. Speaking of vacant seats, more than half of them are empty, but as long as they are free they can not be anywhere.

It seems to be in any school, but something that seniors juniors can use is separate. If it is a cafe it is a part of the window side with good landscape, if it is this library, it is an implicit rule that the side of the free drink is the space used by the senior above the grade.

In such a territory division, the part that the first grader is allowed to use is a noisy part near the entrance. But this time I have to be careful besides that.

I would like to avoid avoiding nearby C – Class students.

"What are you going to do with Horikita?"

"Ayanokōji Do not worry if you are concerned about it. The hand is struck. "People moved in the area used by the first grader ahead of the line of sight. A student who found Horikita stands up. I beat slowly after waving my hand.

One year B – Class student, Ichinose Honami. There are a total of eight students of B-Class around Ichinose.

It seemed like nine people, each of men and women each added Ichinose to four people.

It is not a coincidence to see the profile of the neighboring dweller. It approaches as it was drawn.

"I wondered if I kept you waiting" "No, not at all. Because we are just now. "Yeah everyone" "I met Ichinose in the library yesterday and made a proposal to jointly study. I did not compete with B-Class in this exam, and I thought that there was also a part to help with. "That Horikita will make suggestions that will involve himself with a lot of other people. This is what I was saying to show it to me yesterday.

Happy events tend to be accompanied by problems. However, as a result, the tension of Ike who was adult until entering the library was getting high in a strange direction.

"Ike-kun. You just just warned … ….? "

When Horikita shook the arm of Ike, Ike was frightened like a frog stared at a snake.

Were there reasons why Ike were making noise at study meetings? If you stay with a B – Class girl, you do not even know that it will be terrible.

"Ayanokōji-kun came also today, did not he?" "Because it is a student closer to the red point. It may be taken care of for a while. "" That's it. "Although it's a quiet space, it's not like you can have any conversation at all. Of course, it is essential to speak in a loud voice to some extent. Since Ichinose and others secured a corner seat firmly, the conversation is not noticeable too much. In addition, the music flowing through the room was dazzlingly dampening the bells. Beethoven's Symphony No. 6 "Country".

I do not know who 's singing but it' s a very good choice to relax.

However, I thought of Horikita as a joint study group. If it is premised that we can cooperate with each other reliably, there is a high possibility that efficiency can be aimed at this test. We can exchange information of classes with each other and it is also useful for problem creation by increasing the number of points of focus as well as the number of people.

However, they will have risks as well. If there are students with B-Class and C-Class, there is a danger that those information will be clogged. Of course, even though Horikita understands it, because it took advantage of the merit, it would be such a fight.

Students in each class like sitting in a vacant seat without permission.

"Let's sit here Ayanokōji-kun" "Oh, oh" As I was prompted, I was beaten by Satō and sat down next to Satō.

"Say. Today is quite close to Ayanokōji "" Naturally. I was paired, "Ichinose could not get marked poorly, I picked up textbooks and notes properly when I got on the seat. You will need to study form alone.

"Hey Ayanokōji-kun. How do I study? "

「……Listen to Horikita and others like that. "" It's not a good opportunity. Why do not you pair up, Ayanokōji-kun to take care of Satō? "

Horikita says such irresponsible thing without knowing people's mind.

"I have only a slight change in the score of the test with Satō, there is nothing to teach. I want to teach you. "I followed the rush before Ichinose, but it may have been a failure.

Yeah. Okay, I will tell you a lot for studying, "I was telling you that I was trying to draw out the word.

"Let 's do our best together, Ayanokōji – kun" "Oh, oh ……"

It seems that a study session will be started that uses much care.

That predictions will be almost focused.

"Ayanokōji-kun is always calm. I feel that I am a little mature. What kind of child was the time of junior high school student? "

Satō, who came closer to the guy, caught up and asked with eyes on his eyes. Somewhat dressed in the uniform that the chest was opened, slightly but the cleavage of the chest enters the sight. I noticed that it was noticed but I felt the breath of Satō was intense.

"Separately it is normal. Especially neither conspicuous nor not noticeable. It is not different from now. Do you call this kind of dark? "

I try to make Satō a distance in a style I will lower myself.

No, I do not want to be liked by Satō separately, but I can not stand the painful gaze of seeing the two of us.

Especially Ike and Yamauchi are pointing blatantly blind eyes.

"Ayanokōji-kun is not dark roots. Do you feel cool or feel cool? "

"I do not think coolness is irrelevant." "Is that so? I do not know other people, I think I'm good. "Apparently Satō seems to be received plus as fun as anything to say.

Let's go through this in a legitimate way.

「……Well then, why do not you ask from a weak point. Mid-term test print? "

"I have it" Take out the crushed test paper from the bag and spread it out. Every test has a score around 50 points. Although it cleared the red dot zone on the number, its contents were rather poor. Although the simple problem is right answer, over medium difficulty is devastating.

It is strange that Satō has not studied so much and has overcome the exam.

– How you doin'? Is it a little bad? "" Yeah ….You know. I also like it, so I'm going to study together … "


It was Satō nodding with a high tension, but I hope that the voice is big.

"You something, are not you a little friendly?"

Ike, who was watching the interaction at a distance, came in. I'm looking at a suspicious eye.

"Since it is a pair, it is natural that we should cooperate with each other." While suffering, Satō responded swiftly with the test as a shield.

"Start preparing without saying things you do not understand" Horikita, who does not care about whom you are making friends with, skipped attention to Ike.

/(int) shoot/shit/dang/crap/rats/rats I know I'm getting frustrated, but Ike begins to prepare for studying all of a sudden.

It is a gift of education … …. It was taught firmly.

7 Study session finished successfully, and students advance return exchanges, respectively.

"Ah tired!"

If Ike and others who do not keep their concentration ability in regular classes, the study group after school is hell.

Although there is no teacher's eyes, time without freedom would have been unbearable time.

Ike et al. Have a radiant look, but Horikita's eyes are cold to see it.

"It's not over today. Do not forget that there is a study group tomorrow as well. "" I know, I know. Is not it okay? She said that she was a little pleased. I am tired! "

Like a desolation, Ike and others are going to leave the library.

"It's lively D-Class. I just want you to divide a bit. "" In a bad direction. Blessing B-Class is enviable. "Although mutually mutual, but enviable, it will be the environment of B-Class.

The level of students participating in the study group is also higher than D – Class and also has concentration.

It is more quiet and calm than anything, the intention to cooperate in the class is strong.

"That's good bye. Mr. Horikita, good-bye "Kushida and others also go out of the library with several girls.

"Yeah, good bye" We made such brief interactions and went away without anything. For the moment there is no noticeable approach from Kushida. It seemed like they seem to keep checking both.

"Ichinose. I wonder if I can question a little. " What is something? "

"I wish I could only put it in your ear if possible, but I wonder if I could not. I will finish in a couple of minutes. "I will send my eyes to the B-Class students who will be coming back with Ichinose.

"A few minutes? Well then, everyone is bad, can you wait in the hallway? "

"Yeah, it's okay, I'm chatting properly." Students in B-Class seemed to have taken over with pleasure, and Ichinose agreed to remain on the spot.

All D – Class and B – Class students round up.

"Can I remain?"

"Even if you are with or without you, it is the same existence, so I thought whether it was a bit unpleasant for a moment, but I thought that by telling that I made it easy for me to remain.

"What is it about talking about that?"

This is a strange feeling when it comes to just two people (even though I am).

Ichinose and Horikita, two of contrasting personality are lined up.

"Although it may be accepted like it is natural, Ichinose would help if a friend is in trouble, do not you?"

"What? Is not it natural to help if you are in trouble? "

Right. It is part of that that B – Class now has a study meeting. However, there are various contents to help in a bite. For improving academic ability, it is a bullying problem or a money problem, or a relationship with friendship and sensei. People have troubles in various places. If all the troubled people ask for help, will Ichinose reach out? "" Of course not. I am going to do everything I can. "Although it is a difficult question, Ichinose replied immediately. That eyes seemed not to feel lost.

"Well, is there a clear criterion as to whether you are a friend or not?" Now you have not found an answer in conflict with Kushida.

That's why I may have brought such a question to Ichinose to ask for relief.

Mm.I do not quite understand, but what is it supposed to be? "" For example, are any B-Class students help unconditionally? Even if it is a student who does not usually speak deeply. "" Aside from how the other side sees me, aside from being a B-Class, he is a friend. If I'm in trouble, I will definitely help you. "" It may have been a foolish question. "In addition, Horikita sighed about the foolishness of the question I asked to Ichinose who immediately responded without hesitation.

"Foolishly let me hear a bit more. Let's suppose that you are bad on a daily basis in the B-Class that you hate you physiologically. Can you like that person? Or do you dislike it? "

Mmm, I don't know. It might be a bit difficult. If you think that you dislike physiologically, perhaps you can not do anything by yourself, so you only have to refrain from touch as much as possible not to be disliked as much as possible. "" Well, if such a person is in trouble ……And what about you?

I suppose. Absolutely "to the last question, Ichinose responded immediately.

"Even if you hate it physiologically, that's my problem only. All the people of the B-Class are companions. "" To you so much B-Class is a big presence. "" Yeah. Everyone is a good girl. In the beginning I was disappointed that I was not an A-Class, but I think I was assigned to the best class now. Is Horikita different? "

Should I?Wherever you live is the best place. D – Class is not surprisingly bad, "… ….Hee "What is it, Ayanokōji-kun? I do not like your eyes? "

I was slightly stared at being impressed by Horikita who praised D – Class.

"It is rude to divide into the story of two people, but can I ask one from Ichinose even from me?" "Anything you asked" "B-Class's classmates can understand companions unconditionally It was. I can understand that idea as well as Horikita. I think it is inevitable that getting along with people who ate the same rice cookie would be inevitable. However, you can have friends in A – Class, C – Class, D – Class, do not you? "

"Ayanokōji-kun and Horikita are also important friends for me." "Then what if we are in trouble? What if I cry on you and lend me a million points? "

"If there are good reasons I will help. I will do as much as possible regardless of the amount of money. "" Completely … ….How far are you fond of. Anyone can help me, do not you? "

"Well, if I say the ideal, reality is not that sweet. What I can do for individuals is limited and I am planning to say that. Even if Ryūen-kun is in trouble, I wonder if I can help like everyone else. Well, well, I will help if not a big deal "but says to add. Usually, that "big deal" can not be done either.

"Perhaps it is. If it is a person who admits me as a friend, I'm afraid that big and small are irrelevant. "" It is a thankful story but I wonder if I can say such a thing easily. I may cry and help you when I am in trouble, right? "

"You are welcome. Everyone who admitted that I am a friend is in the same "fellow" category "It has been shown to be a good man to that extent, and Horikita seems to have thought of a little mean meaning. I did not suit the usual coolness and said such a thing.

"What if you and Kanzaki-kun are in trouble in the same way?"

"Is it okay to forbid both options to help?"

"If you acknowledge it, you will both help you." "Haha, I came over" In a sense I was confronted with an absurd choice of two choices and I am confused about the imagination.

I won't– Greenwald:Perhaps it's an answer-free option. It can only be judged from given information that two friends are suffering from the same problem and they are just asking for help in the same way. Even if I take either one at this place, it is true and it is also a trash "The answer which arrived at the end after troublesome stuff seemed to be really Ichinose.

Listening to it, Horikita was amazed at the same time as he was amazed.

"I do not believe in pure good guys. People think that it is a creature looking for reward in return. "Horikita's opinion, what I believed and embraced. It makes noise and collapses.

"But if you are watching you – you really may have a good person," I tell you a straightforward thought, but why Ichinose did not take that word from the front.

No, I should say that I could not take it.

/(adv) (1) very/extremely/(exp) (2) that is/That's too much to buy, Mr. Horikita "I saw Ichinose's eyes swimming for the first time straight anywhere straight and answering frankly. When you stand, you go to the window of the library.

I'm sure they don't hate you. Than thought so much than anyone I've seen so far. "" I am not such a wonderful human being "It seemed to be upsetting that Horikita's face could not be seen directly.

"Really, that's not a big deal ……"

Here, Horikita also apologizes noticefully that Ichinose was lifted too much.

I'm sorry You said it was a good man good guy. I had no intention of making you uncomfortable. " I did not feel uncomfortable separately. "Obvious upset.

I thought that Ichinose's view is not cloudy.

But perhaps I might have misunderstood that part.

"Is that the only story?" I am waiting for Chihiro-chan, so is it okay? "

I stand seated as if to escape.

Thank you. You answered such a strange story. " Well then, tomorrow again. "As Ichinose left the library, few students left for a while. Only third graders and students who are considered library members.

Let's go home. There is still something to do today. "" It will be repeated, but I'm going to do about Kushida. It was a taste like you thought. "Horikita would not want to be asked over and over, but I could not help being confirmed.

"She's special. I will be cautious with persuasion by any means "" Special? "

"I thought of various things. If I did not go to this school, what kind of school life did the student Kushida Kikyō have? Then it looked soon. It is trusted by anyone in the class like this, it can be counted on, studied and sports can be done without any faults. I guess you graduated like that student. But, I plucked her future. She is now being raptured to drive me out until I crank her hands with enemy Ryūen-kun. There is no hesitation even if it acts against its own class. Of course it is not my fault. Unfortunately the fate of becoming the same school is bad. However, it is still irrelevant to me. "So persuade Kushida?

Beyond what I feel, Horikita is now responsible.

No, are you trying to fulfill your responsibilities?

"Do you have suggestions for a bit?" "What suggestions?" "I feel I've found a piece to reconcile Kushida with you." "What do you mean?"

"Ichinose is a good man. Even if it is pure or not, you admit that you are not a good guy of the same level, do you? "

Yeah. There is no doubt that you are kind of a good person if you say something bad a little. "" How about having the two of us stand up with the power of that kind of fondness. Even if I try to speak honestly one to one, it will not be established. That does not mean that Kushida will never show its true nature in anyone of D – Class. "" Is not it the same for Ichinose? Anyone beyond enrolling in this school. "" If so, is there even one student that is likely to be among others? "

/(adv) (1) very/extremely/(exp) (2) that is/

"If you are told that only one person should be nominated at school, are you going to name Ichinose?"

"I will not deny it. But that does not seem like a correct answer. " It is a piece, a piece to a solution to the last. Now I can not speak with two people either. Ichinose will get a better chance to join in. "In fact, I think the existence of Ichinose is a clue to problem solving.

Only the difference in how to use it.

"It's a painful thing. But I can not get on that plan. I have people who are waiting from now. Also, Kushida's case is what I will solve. "Is not that Ichinose can not get caught up there?

8 An unexpected person was waiting when going out in the hallway. As I found this, I waved a little hand and came closer with a smile. There is no surprise in Horikita. On the contrary, I will actively speak out loudly as I find a figure.

"Mr. Kushida, I kept you waiting" "It's okay. There is a little until the promised time. What were you talking with Honami-chan earlier? "

"There is no other love story" "I am curious. Or can not you tell me? "

It was a constant tone and smile, but I felt something like heavy pressure for Horikita.

Right. It is not an unrelated story to you. Maybe I should talk to you, dare to invite her, Horikita started talking with the change of conversation with Ichinose.

"I was asking how I could get in touch with anyone without any separation." "Wow … ….?"

"I do not mean to say anyone away. You, Mr. Kushida "" Hey, Horikita. Certainly I may not get along with me. But, I do not want Ayanokōji-kun like that story. "I do not want to increase the number of people who know my secret more than Kushida's real intention.

"Or ─ ─ Ayanokōji-kun and Ichinose-san knew something different?"

Sharp eyes shoot through Horikita. Horikita took it straight.

Sure. Good point. I'm sorry but Ayanokōji-kun, are you going to return? "I do not want to disturb you. I will go back. "With two people stopping, I headed to the front door ahead of the other. Change shoes One way, aim for a dormitory. On the way I received a call from Horikita and I answer the phone.

"I and you are the same middle school student. And since you know your past you want to drop out, is the fact that right? "

Then, I heard such a voice with a sound like a muzzle.

Apparently I took a cell phone in my pocket and called me. It seems to be a service called Horikita which tells the contents of the story.

"It's a steep story. Why are you suddenly past? I do not like that story. "" I do not want to look back on the past. But we can not avoid it. "" Yes. We rarely have the opportunity to be alone with us. Yes, I certainly want Horikita to be gone from this school. At the same junior high school, the same grade. It is a person who knows about that incident. "" I thought over and over. Certainly I've heard the incident, but I was not interested in me who had no friends. I heard the rumors are not as clear as the truth. "" There is no guarantee that I do not know the facts, right? "

Yeah. That is why the groove with you is not buried. No matter how much I deny you can not deny the possibility that I am sticking. Not only that, I do not want to leave school because I can not forgive to know the existence of the incident "Do not deny Kushida. Horikita continues there.

"Would you like to bet with me?" Kushida "" Is it a bet? What do you mean "The other side of the phone that is quiet.

They seemed to stop talking and began talking. Horikita proposes gambling against Kushida. It suddenly came up to me on this occasion, it seemed like what I had thought from a while ago.

"You do not like my existence. Is not this a problem you can not do? "

"Yeah. As long as Mr. Horikita is in this school my thoughts will not change. "" But we are both students of D-Class. I can not go up to A-Class unless I cooperate in the future. "" It depends on my way of thinking. I or Mr. Horikita will drop out, I think that it is a problem to solve. "" Do you have any intention to drop out? "" No way. If you want to drop out, you are Horikita's. "With a cloudy voice, there are many unclear parts, but both voices are calm.

"I do not want to drop out of school." "You can not help it. I think that we can not make friends anyhow. "" Well ….It may be so. I have been thinking from that day until today. How can I coexist? "The solution does not come to me. She still is innocent.

"And I came to the conclusion. That is impossible even if you have any legs. "" I think so, Mr. Horikita. It is a story that will not end unless one is missing. "" But we are not kids either. I will not proceed forward just by rebounding. But you do not trust me. "After a small silence comes Kushida replies.

What do we do? What is betting? "

"I would like to have cooperation with me without hostileization if I will score higher than you in this final exam. No, I do not care for luxury cooperation. However, I want you to stop interfering with me in future. That's it. "" Would that mean I want to play a personal game regardless of the comprehensive point of the pair? "

"Yeah" "That's a bad bet, Horikita. I have never tried Horikita for testing. It is even more difficult if that is a comprehensive point. Besides I do not think that there is a merit when I win. " That's why the odds are different for that reason. So ─ ─ ─ "Here Horikita makes remarks to shave off his own body.

"Let 's compete in one of the eight subjects that will be held during the term – end test, not the overall score. You do not mind being selected for your favorite subjects. And if your score goes beyond my score, then I wonder if I bet you would voluntarily withdraw, "Horikita said.

If two people have originally different ability, the game is difficult to establish.

However, the story will change if there is an offer that Horikita had himself to withdraw.

It is also a set of favorable conditions that you may choose Kushida 's good subjects.

Even if Kushida is defeated, there is no need to drop out, only to impose not to disturb Horikita. On the other hand, if Kushida wins, Horikita who is in the way will drop out.

"There is a possibility that it could be just a simple mouth. I decided that Mr. Horikita did not win after losing. Of course I have not kept my promise. I wonder if the game will win if I trust such a story. "" I intended to prepare a definite witness so that I will not do it. "" A definite witness? " "

"Can you please – ── older brother" "っ" When that person appeared, Kushida seemed to be surprised honestly. And I am the same.

Horikita 's brother' s words heard over the telephone.

Although I try to raise the credibility of my offer, I am a witness to a ridiculous guy.

"Sorry brother. I just called to call on you to borrow your strength. "Well, the witness who came was Horikita Manabu. Former student council president and the older brother of Horikita Suzune.

"Long time no see Kushida" "……Did you remember me? "

"I will never forget the person I once saw" Perhaps it is probably saying the time of junior high school. Horikita brother and sister was the same middle school. However, since my older brother graduated, I should not know about the incident caused by Kushida at all.

"In this school, I am the most reliable person. And for Kushida, I wonder if someone can trust him to a certain extent. Of course the details are not talked to my brother. "" I was just called as a witness. I am not interested in details. "" Is it OK, Horikita seniors. If the sister loses in the test ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ I swear not to do. My brother 's name gets scratched if he knows that such a person as to break his promise is his sister. Such imitation, I will never do "It is an absolute margin transaction which is no more.

"You are serious, Mr. Horikita" "I can not stop waiting forever" "Good. I will ride that match. The desired subject is mathematics. The content of the bet is just as Horikita said earlier, so it's okay. If it is equal, is it okay to invalidate? "

Hodikita nods. This makes a bet in front of Horikita's older brother. Neither can be closed later.

"Let's play a role as a witness. In the unlikely event that one of the promises differ, we will be prepared for it. "The authority of the older brother should be large even though he retired from the student council president.

Until at least the older brother graduates, Kushida will have to keep promises.

"Thank you my older brother" After that thank you, the place became silent for a while. It seems that Horikita 's older brother was going off from that place.

"I'm looking forward to the final exam, Mr. Horikita" "Let's do our best. To each other. "" Yes. Also please give Ayanokōji my best regards. "" …I wonder why his name comes out here. "" Because I am not stupid. Did you talk? My past thing "" That is ─ ─ ─ ─ "" Ah, you do not have to answer it separately. I never trust Mr. Horikita because I do not have any influence. I do not imitate invalidating a bet, so I am relieved. Ayanokōji-kun, I can see it a bit badly before. I am fine, "Horikita 's upset and impatience has been transmitted through calls as he was pointed out.

"Nevertheless let me dare answer. Certainly I consulted Ayanokōji-kun about you. "" You know. If you see it somehow it makes you understand. Even now I am still on the mobile, do not you? Because it seems that I talked to Horikita a lot over the phone, so I've been talking all the time. "It was not just an intuition, but with Kushida as the basis and confidence, I poked a contradiction.

"Can we merge quickly?" Ayanokōji-kun "Kushida's voice echoing from so far.

Apparently it's called. It seems better to respond to obedience here.

I descended 9 stairs and came to the hierarchy where Horikita and others are, I will join.

"Yahoo" Although it looks like usual Kushida, I can not grasp the true hidden hidden under that expression.

"I'm over, Kushida. After all your insight and action power is amazing. "" Thank you. I still observe a lot of people from here on everyday. "" How did you call Ayanokōji-kun? I think that the talk is over. Tell me if you are dissatisfied with what you were talking about without saying anything. "" There is no dissatisfaction. I just thought of telling you directly towards the face. I wonder if you can add one condition to this bet. "" Condition? "

"If I win Mr. Horikita by score, I would like Ayanokōji to drop out," Kushida suggested. I thought that there was a possibility from betting story.

"It is a consultation that can not be ridden." "For me, I want people who know me to collectively disappear. Even if Mr. Horikita goes away, if Ayanokōji-kun remains in school my severity seed will be left. "" Maybe so. But this is a personal bet, so Ayanokōji-kun will not get involved. I regret if this is a condition to add him, but this bet is not fulfilled. "Before I answered, Horikita took back the request whether he had originally prepared a conclusion.

That's why I never let you tell me about this bet. I avoided mimicking to have a stick on me.

"Sorry about that. If that's the case, I could save time and effort with two birds with one stone. "" I am also subject to withdrawal "I have noticed, but it is very disappointing.

"Hahaha. There is no need to regret. Ayanokōji-kun is not bad and it's only bad that I knew my true nature. "" It's not a problem if I do not speak anything, is not it so simple to get stuck? "

"If you get stuck, Horikita will not say you're going to bet." "After all you are the one you need for D-Class." Kushida is certainly observing the opponent. Horikita acknowledges that it is natural for those who want it.

"It's changed, Mr. Horikita. Even though I did not say such a thing before, "What I could not go up to the upper class if I had troubled within my friends forever. It is a vicious circle for eternity. "Have you ever had two people talked with this tongue so much?

It is a sad destiny that there is something that can communicate with each other by hostile enemies.

If it does not have the common point of the same middle school, Kushida surely cooperated Horikita obediently. If that happens, the hands will extend to the classmates who are not affected by Hirata and Karuizawa, and at a much earlier stage the D-Class may have been able to be united.

"Would you like to bet that one, me? Of course Horikita is on who will win. "" Hey. What are you talking about, Ayanokōji-kun, this is my game against me, you have nothing to do with you "" Surely originally. But, as a result, I am also involved. There is also the fact that he was eavesdropping and hearing the story, it is not irrelevant, is not it? "Horikita seems to avoid making its own responsibility bigger, but interpret it as being convenient for you. Even if Horikita won the test scores and temporarily disappears from Kushida's attack target, I can not say that this time Kushida will not attack me against me.

Then it is easier to leave everything clear here now.

"I'm happy if you do it." "But if you add it to your bet, there is one condition for me as well" "What?"

"I want you to tell me the details of" Junior high school incident "when you started to think of Horikita and I, absolutely I will step into the area that Horikita does not step on.

"That is ─ ─ ─" It does not hold back to Kushida. It does not matter if you show upset.

This is a victim involved in betting. You can assure superiority by asserting rights and acting standing.

"Originally there should be such a right. Although I do not know the details, it seems to be enemies and to be dropped out. Can you understand why it is not convincing? Kushida runs on the premise that Horikita knows the details of the incident, do not you? Then, as I talked about here, nothing will change. If you win the test, Horikita and I will both drop out and I will not be worried about it. "" I am not interested in her past. "" I do not even have you. I am sorry that threatening school life without permission "I shield Horikita's words which are not to be investigated.

"Certainly Ayanokōji-kun is completely involved, that's undeniable. If Horikita does not talk about it in detail, I wonder if it feels unreasonable. But you can not go back to perfect if you know it? "

"You are coming up to where you can not go back any more. Or will you forgive me if you say that you do not hear that you do not know? Will you say that you never treat it as an enemy? "

In Kushida already I have been categorized as enemies. It is subject to processing.

Without waiting for a reply the contents of the reply was clear.

"Impossible," "If so, could you tell me why you deserve to drop out?" Why will Horikita think so far? I do not have to bother taking the risk of participating in betting and dropping out. I did not put it in front of Kushida, but my line of sight appealed so. Although it is bad, I can not ask for that wish. I got the opportunity to make a point, I will make Kushida Kikyō's past naked.

"Ayanokōji-kun, are you good at doing that you do not lose to anyone?"

"It's poor who can only do as a crowd. Is it legs a bit faster if it says strongly? "" Well I guess you'll understand. Do not you think that the moment when you feel the value of yourself that others do not have is the best? Everyone gets a lot of attention when taking the first in the test or taking the first rush after the rush. Amazing, cool, cute, there is a moment to see such a gaze? "

Of course I understand. People are creatures that I want to be praised. Those who disliked being respected by friends and parents are praised. It is a worthwhile motivation to persevere in order to get praised. It is commonly referred to as "desire to approve". Basics of social formation, indispensable things.

"I think probably that it depends a lot stronger than people. I do not want to appeal to you self. I want to stand out, I can not help it, I do not want to be praised. I realize the high value of my value at the moment it came. I feel alive is the best. But I know my limits. No matter how hard I try, I can not be No. 1 in study and sports. I can not fulfill my desire by No. 2 or No. 3. So I thought, trying to do something that no one can imitate. If you are more friendly than anyone and become more friendly than anyone, you noticed that you can be number one in that field "That is the root of the kindness of Kushida. However, if you do not have a front and back side, you can feel better than a good man who prides himself. It is an honest man rather than a bunker trying to hurt a good man no matter where he goes.

Naturally, it is not easy for Kushida to be doing what it says. There is no way I can be kind to anyone trying to be gentle.

"Thanks to that, I became a popular person. Both boys and girls liked. I was relied on, I felt the pleasure of being trusted. Primary school and junior high school were fun …… "

"I will continue doing things I do not want to do. Is not it painful for you? If I were you I do not have a long time, I think it's broken. "It's no wonder you want to hear that. Kushida continues to listen to things that can not be done normally.

"It's a pain. It is decided for pain. Every day I accumulate stress enough to make you feel bald. Sometimes I threw my hair out from my frustration. However, in order to keep "gentle me", I can not let anyone show such a figure. So I endured, endured and endured. But my heart has reached its limit. It was impossible to keep piling up. "Kushida's heartfelt who receives huge stress each day knows.

But how have you kept keeping it now?

"It was my blog that supported my heart. It was only there that I could vomit all the secret stress within anyone I could not say. Of course you did it all anonymously? However, I wrote about the fact as it is. I spit out all the daily stress. Then the drinking drinks came down. Thanks to the blog, I managed to keep myself up. I was glad of encouraging words from third parties who do not know me. But one day, my classmate came across a blog I wrote. Even if you hide the name of the character, it was reasonable even if you noticed that the content you are writing is fact. It is unavoidable to be hated because all the classmates have found countless abuses, but it is the beginning of the incident "" The content of the blog diffused to all the classmates the next day Everyone blamed me. Even though I have been scolded by my hands all the time, I palpitated everything. It is selfish. A boy who said that she likes me bangs away her shoulders. I do not mind being worried about what I confessed in my blog, because I wrote that I want you to die. A boyfriend who gave a boyfriend comforted kicked me off at my desk. It was because I was laughing after carefully writing why the child was shaken. Anyway I felt my danger. All the classmates who have over 30 people have turned around to the enemy. "Battle that can not absolutely win if originally. I can only see Kushida appearing from class.

"How did you get over that situation? Attack? Or is it? "

It is a mystery that I did not reach a conclusion after talking with Horikita.

"I do not use" 噓 "or" violence "either. I just hung up the truth. I just dropped the secrets of all the classmates. Everyone hates everyone. He seems to think he is feeling sick all the time. You do not understand the truth that was not written on the blog. A weapon called "truth" that can only be obtained by accumulating trust. It does not exist in me or Horikita. The killing power seems to be low, but it is a powerful double-edged sword that you can get in exchange for losing trust.

"Most of the blades that were heading for me then turned to be hateful. Boys started fighting, girls also pulled their hair and threw themselves down, the classroom was already making a big fuss. That time was truly amazing. "" That is the truth of the incident you raised … "

"Because all the inner circumstances of class relationships were revealed, that class will no longer function. I was accused of school by nature, but I did not do anonymously just writing a bad mood on my blog. And I just told the classmates the truth, so the school seems to have been in trouble to dispose of it. "Speaking lightly, there was a weight that could not be expressed in every word.

"Unlike the time of junior high school, I do not know the details of my D – Class fellow yet. But I'm grasping the "truth" that only ruins several people. This is my only weapon "This is a threat. In other words what do you want to do?

If you use that truth as necessary, you can crack D – Class which began to unite. If so, the current mood will also disappear.

"It is a failure to have your own outlet of stress out of the Internet. Because an unspecified number of people see it, the information will remain forever as data. So I quit my blog. Now somehow put up with stress by spitting out words "Another face of Kushida I saw before. I guess it was at that time I was violent.

"So do you want to be yours right now?"

"That's my worthwhile. I respect what is respected by everyone, and I like nothing more than being interested. Something beyond imagination comes to myself when you learn the secret that you can reveal only to me. "Anxiety and suffering, others shyness and hope that others only have in their own breasts. To know it.

Forbidden fruit for Kushida.

"Is it a boring past? But for me it is all it. "The smile disappears from Kushida. By finishing talking about the past, we became reliable enemies. From here on, Kushida will come to win without even a slight sympathy.

Don't ever forget that. If I win with mathematical scores, Mr. Horikita and Ayanokōji-kun will drop out voluntarily. "" Yeah. I will keep my promises. "Kushida, who finished talking a little while ago, went home asleep.

"Is it really good? Doing such a bet with Kushida. He is raging with Ryūen. In other words, depending on the negotiation you can also pull out the problem sentence and its answer. "" Why did you participate in the bet if you understood that? Is not it because I believed that I will not be defeated? "

I do not believe "Well". I had no idea but I just got on my bet.

"I said that you may get a problem sentence from Ryūen-kun, but what about it? I do not think there is any worry about it. "" What do you mean "" Kushida's win is undaunted if you can certainly get the problem sentence. But, it also becomes my decision to withdraw. I wonder if Ryūen want me to drop out. "…"That's a doubtful place. "He is trying to put Horikita down, but it is not the wind that aims to drop out. If it says rather, Horikita seems to be strongly willing to let you accept the defeat. The settlement in this form would not be an ideal place. Whether or not to cut Horikita who is also a person holding a key before I can not understand the true identity behind it.

"But what if you were going to get a stick? You might say that you want to raise the content of betting even if you want to improve the individual's performance. "" Ryūen-kun can not be missed. If Kushida wants mathematical problem sentences and answers, it should pursue the reason. [ちがう] /differ/different/

"Well, surely," but there is absolutely no guarantee. I could make a good suggestion.

I would like to think about that, but it is cruel to ask Horikita to that level.

"There is no absolute guarantee a dangerous bet." "That's right. In any exam. But it would be easier if you just cut yourself. "It was unexpected for Horikita that I joined there.

But apparently this is how to fight with Kushida where Horikita arrived.

By establishing the witness of the former student council president, we put credibility with the promise of withdrawal of ourselves and the promise of not making anything to say Kushida's past.

"I will not be able to retire later. You can win absolutely more than doing. "" Naturally talking about "Horikita's battle to bet on his own withdrawal begins.

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