Classroom of the Elite

By Kinugasa Shougo



○ Moving C-Class.

On the same day, after school at the same time, the air in one classroom was unusually freezing.

The cause is obvious at a glance. It was an intimidating feeling that was released from a man sitting at the C-Class teacher and overlooking the classmate.

"Looking back on the previous exams, there were many unnatural points." The name of the man who told us to remember is Ryūen Kakeru. A dictator as a leader of C-Class. Yamada Albert, Ishizaki and other battle factions who stand well with their posture. If a student who should oppose Ryūen appears, a silent threat is felt that ___ TANKEN sanctions will not leave.

"However, when it comes to this, it will not be done by chance." It seems like a solitary tune at first sight, a word with ambiguity as we are telling someone.

"Deserted Island or Sports Day festival, people in the D-Class thinking similar to me are hidden" "Is it similar to Ryūen? I do not think there is such a guy in D-Class …. "

Ishizaki remarks unexpectedly. There is no other type like Ryūen, you know. Ryūen is a strange and incomprehensive existence that combines both respect and contempt. Ryūen smiles and sees Ishizaki.

"I thought so, though. Sore was exactingly realistic. "" Did it end up in the result of Deserted Island and the athletic festival? "" That's it. But be assured. You have rough idea about how to opponent. Alright cock smokers? In the future I will go to hit to target the D – Class thoroughly. Leave A – Class and B – Class once. And be sure to break up the people who are moving behind the D – Class. "No students oppose Ryūen 's policy. Even if I am dissatisfied, I can not say anything. Classmate has already made a contract with the devil.

"Ryūen-san ……Is there really a guy who is moving behind the D – Class? Is not that different from Horikita or Hirata? "

"That's it. And the key to that identity is held by a person in this class "From Ishizaki point the line again to the classmate of C – Class.

"What do you want to say Ryūen" Ibuki standing in the corner of the classroom threw a word to Ryūen while building his arm in a heavy air.

"Kuku. Ibuki, you can not even listen silently? "

"I am not that much free. You do not have the advantage of continuing to intimidate your classmates with it. "" No one who has no authority goes. You have committed a misfortune, do not you? "

/(adv) (1) very/extremely/(exp) (2) that is/

Ibuki had no choice but to put in the words. Especially the defeat at the sports festival is great. I pushed out the students Ryūen was supposed to launch for Horikita crush and Ibuki offered a direct showdown. However, the result loses defeat. Slightly did not reach Horikita.

But Ibuki still has a course of refutation. I lowered my arms and gazed at Ryūen.

"You look like it, are not you? After all, at the sports festival, I could not crush Horikita, and I missed the Private Point that was supposed to be collected? It's not the same. "" With you? Hilarious. The strategy I set up at the athletic festival was perfect. "" So what is that result? Do not explain, why did you have the same thoughts as you now? Do you agree with that? "

In a series of remarks by Ibuki, students in the class were struggling. Because I wanted to avoid touching the inverse scales of Ryūen. Such concern to other place Ryūen does not give a thin smile.

"How much perfect strategy do you think that it is meaningless if it goes through?"

「……Tank through? "

"The existence of mysterious existence X in the D – Class, as it is possible to do, I will manipulate with the student of C – Class under my control as a friend. The point is that there is a spy in this. "With that statement, the inside of the classroom suffered a small mess. Ibuki is also surprised with his eyes wide open.

"You said it seriously …?"

"It's a fact. It seems that my affection, no control was not enough. Ryūen laughed as if to enjoy the fact that spies may be misunderstood.

A person who comes home from now, a disaster that falls equally to those who are trying to get out into club activities.

Everyone in this place now prayed that this time will be over as soon as a second.

"But that spooky spy activity ends at this moment." Ryūen beat the podium once with the palm of the hand and restrained the confusion and submerged the field again in the sea of ​​silence.

"First of all I ask obediently. Raise your hands who betrayed me "tell me straight without hesitation. As a matter of course the hand does not go away from the classmate. Some who devote our line of sight and pretend to be irrelevant, someone who is gazing at the line of sight. There are only those who kill the indication so that they do not move or become inconspicuous.

– It was easy. I will not betray anything if you give it out easily "The existence of a spy who may shake the C-Class. However, Ryūen is exciting.

"I understood well only that I intended to keep it hidden. Then you do not need to give in. No, do not give me your name. For a spy you want to find even immediately, Ryūen makes remarks that you can not imagine.

– What are you asking? Is it tolerating a traitor indeed? "

"Do not disturb me of fun Ibuki. Why do not you sink? "

Ryūen who was smiling tightens facial expressions for a moment and stares at Ibuki.

It seems like a joke and serious words. Because Ryūen is a man, it is a woman so it is not treated unequally due to the difference of sex. If you think it is an enemy and think it is in the way, you will let me leave with whatever hand you use.

"I am planning to come as far as possible without devastating things. If you hear other people, you may think that it is.. But it is true. I took my hand out if it says easy to understand. "Bang, van and tap the podium a couple of times. Sound of bell of purge.

"I guess it was bad. That's why things like traitors came out. "In addition, it sounds like a van. Every time a cowardly student shivers his shoulders.

"I will play a bit of a game now. What a big deal it is. It is a game without such a love that finds a spy trying to surrender. It is meaningless for most students in this place, there is no need to be frightened at all. What, it will not take as long as 30 minutes. "Ryūen says it should be easier as it is an unrelated story besides the spy criminal.

What is not so simple is the fact that this space is filled with air full of fear. Ibuki, the only one not frightening against Ryūen, was beginning to be swallowed by Ryūen's rule.

"Well, first of all let 's all carry a cell phone on the desk at the start. I'll check it straight away. There are no idiots who do not have a cell phone here. If there is anything, take it down right now, that is the criminal. "Receiving Ryūen's speech, the students immediately put the phone on the desk as they are sorry about being suspicious.

Ishizaki going around the classroom collects the mobile that was put on "one with good discrimination and saving" one by one. While sticking the sticky note with the name, it seems she had prepared in advance so that you do not know who 's carrying it.

Ibuki also took out the cell phone from his pocket and handed it over to Ishizaki although he was dissatisfied.

"Ryūen, we all got together. There is also our cell phone. " Well then shall we go through thoroughly one by one? "" But, where should I look …?Received call history? "

"I guess the guy who is hiding the identity is a phone that's easy to be true. Look at the mail history. Of course it is also chat. Whoever is talking to whom, I will look over everything. I can not eliminate the possibility of exchanging with a well-formed name properly. "" Wait a moment. I also have a lot of private things! "

One of the girls screams. I could not stop crying.

It was a remark that dislikes the leakage of personal information rather than the suspected risk.

Nishino I do not want to see inside so much? "

Too right it was. How much it is Ryūen-kun, that's disgusting! "

"Do you mind playing Nishino? On the ship, you advised Mr. Ryūen to carry his cell phone. What are you doing now — "Ah, that is different from that time. All I did was check my email from the school! "

Ryūen was not surprised, and he was listening to the Nishino complaint gently. Certainly during the summer vacation special exam, Ryūen once collected all the classmates' cell phone and checked their contents. However, as mentioned in the appeal, I did not mention any private part at all, I only confirmed the contents of the e-mail coming from the school. It was a situation not similar to this time. It may be private content, for example, that the names of people you like or dislikes are listed up. I absolutely would like to hide others.

"Of course I knew of being suspected, Nishino" "I, basically follow Ryūen-kun, but there are things that I can not convince!"

Nishino usually does not say anything strongly, but he did not draw in this place.

It is like telling that there are things that you do not want to see in the dark.

"Maybe Nishino, are you?"

Some students start to doubt Nishino in the class.

One of them Takumi Oda has suspicions.

"No, I have not spied!"

"But it is doubtful that he wants to conceal it …"

"I just want to keep privacy!"

Ryūen did not show any interest in such conversation within the class, reaching out to the collected cell phone.

"Your cell phone is this Nishino" "A little!"

Nishino thinks that he can see inside is panicked. Nevertheless,

Ryūen took Nishino 's cell phone and let Ishizaki have it and said,

"Please return to Nishino" "Is it OK? I have not checked the contents though. "" I told you to return "Ishizaki apologized to Ryūen smallly and returned to Nishino, the owner of the cell phone.

Nishino who also said privacy in the series, and also the other students are upset.

"It's not a strange story. I judged that you were white, so I returned it. That's it. Naturally, it's a waste of time and a waste of time as you see it is not a culprit. It is a waste of time and time to see it. "Ryūen continued like this without changing attitudes.

"He who is not convinced should raise like Nishino. However, I was not prepared to suspect more than Nishino "Nishino got handling of" white "without being seen in the cell phone, but the second and third place is not so. It was a saying that made such inclusion. Do you take something suspected by Ryūen or take private?

In response to the two choices, two girls, four boys, fear, but raised their hands.

"There are six guys who stink to Ryūen … …There are spies in this, absolutely! Nomura listed last, I thought that you could piggyback and saved! "

Ryūen smiled gruesome at Ishizaki who roars his voice.

"Well, differently. I will not do such a thing! "

Fear of being suspected Nomura denies.

"When you prepare" "Yes" When Ishizaki gathered six carriers, they handed it to Ryūen's hand immediately.

"You do not want to show this inside because you may be suspected. You say so? "

Each responds that they are different in their way of saying.

Nomura You took a while to raise your hands, did not it measure the timing? "

"No. ─ ─ ─ No, that one ___ ___ 0 ___ ___ ___ 0 It's also sweating. "


Originally weak personality Nomura seemed to suffer so much that he was about to faint.

Looking at such a state and laughing happily happily, Ryūen skips the instruction to Ishizaki again.

"Ishizaki. All of them are "white". Please return your mobile phone "Order so. Second shock. Without confirming the contents Ryūen returned all the cell phone of the students I offered. Not all students except Ryūen were able to understand their behavior.

"Explain what it is" "Do it later" Without responding to the wishes of Ibuki, Ryūen once lifted her hair and got a cell phone from Ibuki.

"Have the remaining people check their cell phone every corner. First of all Ibuki, from you. "" …Make it selfish "Ryūen 1 person confirmed all the mobile phones, now the confirmation of the last one is over.

That time is about 20 minutes, and it takes less than a minute to divide a car. I did not think it was able to confirm everything. Most of the students felt doubts, but no one would say it.

But for Spy, it seems that the tens of seconds you can see your phone is very tense for a very long time.

I see. There is no such record in the cell phone, "or" There are traitors in the Nishino who thought that it was white … "

"It is not there" Ryūen says so, but Ibuki's frustration and doubt does not disappear.

"But, in fact, I did not find a spy. Explain what exactly. Is there really a spy in the first place? "

In Ibuki, having a spy comes up with questions like Ryūen's might be the one to hide his brethren.

Ryūen saw the invisible shadow behind Horikita from the time he received the result of Deserted Island, but there is no assurance that such a black curtain X exists.

In fact, all the other classes are beginning to pay attention to the girl named Horikita Suzune.

"Evidence from a thesaurus, let me tell you this. You know well, do not you? "

Ryūen plays the audio file sent from X before. If it is this class, the voice that everyone has heard. It was a voice when Ryūen talked about a strategy to a C-Class fellow.

"Chasing down Suzune, this was sent one step later. In fact, I could not see the dogs as well as get points. You understand now? Do you get it?

– Wait a minute. Even if you assume that the audio file was leaked from the spy instead of what you recorded, a funny question will remain. You did not talk about detailed time to make Horikita ascetic. Did the opponent read all the time? It is forcibly decided "Ryūen's story goes on and it reaches that conclusion. Not only because the strategy was missing, it would have been read until the timing of Horikita's Dogeza.

"It is a coincidence. It is simply a matter of probability. It is after school just after the athletic festival, the best time to stab a nail. Besides, I am watching that the opponent is not interested in the presence of Suzuka's dogeza. Nothing was written in the e-mail that arrived with the audio file. "" What do you mean -?

Ryūen considers watching e-mails without sent sentences.

"The masterpiece X of D – Class that had this audio file knew what kind of strategy I thought was. If I had seen the leak of the participation table, I could also avoid getting aimed at Suzuka at the sports festival. It would have prevented that the Suzuka was destroyed, or even the situation that made him rapture. However, this X intentionally passed through it. While sweeping through my strategy, I swam and let me run a bell burgeon. Of course Suzone suffered. Unexpected own injuries and competitive results that do not grow. And the mental state was pretty bad with the guilt feeling others injured. "" Did Ryūen's strategy make credible the sound file? "

It is not unreasonable for Kaneda to think so, as a student with mashed head wearing eyeglasses. Although it is a dangerous plan made in advance, unless the result is as planned, the sound file will not be established as evidence. It is only because there was a plan to destroy.

"Do not you think so, Kaneda. If you consciously tell the strategy and run it, the sound file will make sense for the first time. It will be a meaning as evidence. "" It is evil, is that thought of X. " I know that my colleagues are hurting but I'm overlooked. "" Yes. Such a guy can not stick to one of the Suzuka no ascension. That is the reason for e-mails with nothing written. I do not think that I do not think that Suzuka's pride will be hurt if it is a sender. "" I can not understand it. You better get hold of hands so that the same class of Horikita will not get hurt ……? "

Other students will have the same feeling as Ibuki. Ryūen's aim of Horikita was obvious, so it should have been able to respond before the athletic festival began. We changed the participation table according to the strategy of C-Class, there was also a way to prevent Ryūen from sending an audio file in advance. Then Horikita was not hurt.

"Have you not thought about X until you submit the audio file to the school?"

If you know the details of the strategy beforehand, use ordinary thinking to save classmates. However, if there is reason to dare dare to do without doing anything, it deals heavily damage to C – Class. It is because providing the audio file to the school side after the execution of the strategy can spread the damage of C-Class the most. If it was known that intentionally repeating the infringement on Horikita and trying to exploit points, the worst Ryūen may have been driven to drop out.

However in October the possibility almost ceased after the middle of the middle. If you dig the past from now on, it will take time and labor for the survey itself, as well as destroying the evidence and escape path will begin. Then why did X do this?

"It is a sweet battle of packing that was helped by chance. Do you say that you can not fully utilize materials? It seems that it is moving behind the hand while getting the information first. If Mr. Horikita had finished paying Private Point to Mr. Ryūen, it would have been a defeat of X rather than winning. "Kaneda analyzed and concluded.

If X got the voice data of the strategy before the athletic festival, it should have been able to win at the sports festival.

That wasn't sexy. X did not come up with a useful way of using audio data. I did not intentionally use it. Even if Suzune was transferring an apology Private Point at an early timing, it would have regained by presenting the voice data as evidence. If you do not return Private Point, you can just send me a sentence even after that if you expose it under the white day. "" Did you never threaten while you knew how to use threats? "

"That's it. And he took hold of that I was going to make Denzo ashamed. Unlike points, Dogashi is not something of numerical value. It is a formal one. I can not do things like canceling or getting back later? "

That is what this means.

The only thing this X aimed at.

"X said that he was welcoming that Suzone would be fiddled with me" We used valuable information gained by using the spy for that purpose only for that purpose.

"Such a thing ……I can not understand. I do not understand X, so C-Class was saved. "Unlike Ibuki, Ryūen understands. Why did X do such a thing?

"Kuku ……You mean that you do not intend to appear on the table to the last? "

If you pursue the source of the audio file sent under Ryūen, eventually X of D – Class will be forced to smash the identity.

If Ryūen was driven down, we would have requested the school side managing all the mobile phones to disclose e-mails and call records, and thoroughly arrived at X.

Besides, I can not feel something like a clinging stick to A – Class in this X. I can not feel the will to bring it to plus. That was the conclusion Ryūen issued.

And at the same time it reaches another conclusion.

"Well, the story has gone a bit derailed, but let's restore it. I do not know what method I used, but I'm confirmed that "I'm similar to my thinking" has made someone in this class spy. If that is not the case, you can not get the audio file. But X is a major premise that absolutely face down on spies. If the identity is known, it's game over when I find a spy. If you do, exchange of e-mail etc. is indispensable for making spy activity. Although I can not exchange letters to old style, the situation is too restrictive and inefficient. "" But there was not any evidence for everyone's cell phone. You do not see it in detail, do you? "" Naturally. Watching the contents of a cell phone is a sign. Because it was only a tobu. " You said that you can understand the identity of the spy if you look at it. "" Think with common sense. If you are a spy, will you bother to leave a suspicious email? "

This doesn't make sense. That's why I also thought that internal checks were in vain. " I can understand it if I think for a moment about finding my cell phone. The destruction of evidence is a strange story. Even if the spy does not turn to that extent, if it is X, it instructs so. In other words, it is said that there is a spy in the guy who thinks honestly when it comes to white by showing a cell phone. That's because you do not show a cell phone is to give up your weapon that becomes white. "That's why Nishino, who refused to show a cell phone, inevitably disappeared from Ryūen's mark. If it is not a spy, there is no problem if it is suspected. It is a trick that made it possible for those who can say so. Of course, we could see inside without excluding even a small possibility, but it also seems to buy class antipathy at the same time. It is because of the premise of dominating by force. I fulfilled my request even taking some risk.

Because I did not look at the cell phone for a short time, I have appealed to the students of C-Class that I have not confirmed the details of my private life. By checking this mobile phone Ryūen wanted to know is not the presence or absence of mail. We measured how much the spy is dominated by the invisible opponent and whether it fears. What you can see from that ─ ─ ─ ─.

"I will ask the spy again in this one" Ryūen will look into the eyes of each and every one.

"Are you afraid of unidentified X? Or me. Which one is really terrible to turn to an enemy, is not it mistaken for it? Remember the thing after the entrance ceremony is over? What kind of encountered the person who came to me? Ishizaki "" "Yes, … …."

In that word Ishizaki slightly shakes the body. Albert who always stands calmly by Ryūen also reacted slightly. Everyone did not obey Ryūen from the beginning. Ishizaki and Albert were originally people who opposed Ryūen. But in the end I gave in. By Ryūen 's shaken "violence". If it is a place of fighting Ishizaki had minutes, if the strength of the body was Albert.

But the two of them fell to the ground.

"The strongest power in this world is shaken" violence ". I will not yield to the power. Even if this school drops out of me, if I do seriously, I can kill traitors before being kicked out of school. Everyone understands the meaning that you are saying? If I drop out of school because of treachery, I will stop the spy's breath to crush insects "Horikita former student council president who controlled the gymnasium and Nancyus student council president, different heterogeneous dominance.

Turmoil Ryūen pushes the shield into crazy violence to execute.

"I welcome the traitor's confession from now. But this is the last chance. Declare it to everyone. If I honestly admit it here now I will promise to let this betrayal action flow into the water. I swear not to let my friends pardon. I should have told you first, if you trust me and raise this class to A-Class if you follow me. As long as you follow, I will protect you. "When I get off the teacher, Ryūen stands in front of each person and sets eye contact with the eyes.

However, it seems that the words tell the class as a whole not just to the opposite person.

– But you and me know when there's a problem. What do you mean to make me angry? "One person, I will see one person again. The quickest way to find a traitor for Ryūen.

And finally, Ryūen advanced to the front of one girls student and stopped.

But it doesn't. Of course, favorite. Ryūen was wearing the star from the beginning.

“What’s wrong with you?” Can not you look your eyes? "

"Well …yeahHello

My breathing was disturbed, I was puzzled, it was a scary expression that I could start crying.

"Kuku. Manor you, Maabe, a traitor of this class, "Understanding the spies of students who are not expecting, the understanding of most of their classmates has not kept up.

"Do not be frightened like a regular pork. You certainly did not give me your name, but I knew you were a spy from the beginning. My complexion was bad all over the place. I can not do secret things "I raise my hair on the ears of the manabe and touch the face. Manabe was trembling as if it was in the extreme cold.

"We are sorry, sorry, I, I …" "Do not worry. I will forgive you is my generous measure. So let me hear it. Yeah, you, the identity of X that you turned to betray you, "Ryūen turned a sharp eyes on Shinbashi Manabe and his friends Yabami Amagi and Yamashita Shin.

2 Ryūen made a payment after making a hard hold on all C-Class.

Only Ryūen, Ishizaki, Kaneda, Ibuki, and three of the suspects of spying were left in the classroom.

"It's a question. Do you know the identity of the guy who instructed you? "

To that question Manabe deny by waving his head to the side.

"Well then. Why did you betray C-Class? Let me hear it. "" That is ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ If you keep silent like this tomorrow, all of you will make a presence like a maggot that will not be treated as a classmate forever. "In a situation where there is nothing to be done anymore, Manabe talks about the truth without masturbation.

[ディ] /(n) (1) D/d/(2) (abbr) (col) director//Do you know K – D – Class' s, Karuizawa Kei …? "

"There are no names and faces. That woman from Hirata "" That girl, that, now it is such a bullish attitude ….It looked like it was being tormented a long time ago … "

「ほう……。 - And?

"Rika was treated terribly by Karuizawa, so let's get back …"

While Maibo was frightened, he told Ryūen what happened on the ship on the summer vacation. Things that Karuizawa was the same group as Karuizawa, that I knew that it was tormented in the past, that was the fact. And acting violently with just returning. We talked about it all.

And the cause of becoming a spy was that it was because it was threatened based on that story.

If the fact comes to light, they will receive disposal over suspension. Naturally, Ryūen is also rebuked. I tell him that I was forced to escape from both school and Ryūen.

Yeah, huh? Well that's also a lot of fun playing. "" It is not stupid. If you are threatened by a guy who does not know its identity, you will know that you may get even more terrible. "" Do not blame it, Ibuki. A human being is a weak creature when driven down. "Ryūen, who decided to forgive Manabe already did not accuse Manabe further.

"It is important from here. Did anyone see the scene of bullying Karuizawa? "

To that question, Manabe slowly nods. And I will name the name.

"Were you seen at that time …?Yukimura-kun of D-Class, and the name of the two who surfaced "Ayanokōji-kun."

"A picture has been sent at a later date. Pictures of when we are involved with Karuizawa … "

Yeah, huh? I thought there was a threatened neta, but was it taken at that time? These marks are like these sticks.

"I disappeared. If you can see it, we ……So … …. "

"The grasp of the situation is complete with this." "It is decided by Mr. Yukimura or Ayanokōji, is not it?" Kaneda who was watching the situation without emitting a single word opens his mouth.

It is one of the few people I thought Ryūen could use in class.

"Please wait, Ryūen. I do not understand Yukimura well, but I can not imagine Ayanokōji pulling a thread behind it. I had a chance to get involved with him several times, but I could not see it like that. "" Yukimura is somewhat suspicious in that sense. It seems that studying can be quite easy "Ishizaki says as it adds.

"Is not it impossible to say that? Mr. Ayanokōji is always with Mr. Horikita. Also, Mr. Ayanokōji concealed that he could move to the athletic festival. Mr. Ayanokōji is more suspicious. "I think that the two are irrelevant. Ayanokōji is just a quick foot, Yukimura can only study, right? Is not there another masterpiece? "

"Who else is there?" "There are guys who are also crying for D-Class. Is it Hirata? "" Is that him? I talk to Hirata well, but I do not think that kind of guy. "Ryūen was trying to make fun of laughter with her favorite self-taught classmates.

But at the next moment, I struck a teammate sitting on a palm and a van.

"A little shut up" In a word of Ryūen including laughter, the class instantly fits in silence and fear.

"Did I ask your opinion even in a word? I find out who is manipulating the D – Class behind the scenes. You are only that piece. Small fish are like fish. The fact that I know now is that it was no doubt that Yukimura or Ayanokōji took pictures. But stop stopping me to be a masterpiece safely. There are possibilities of the hands that they are moving under someone. "That is a troublesome place. There is plenty of scenario that either one or both of them have taken pictures that could be a weakness of C – Class and requested opinions on the black curtain.

"But Ryūen. Especially Ayanokōji should not doubt it? "

Prepare to get angry, Kaneda will dare say hello. I thought that I should do so.

"Yeah right" As for Ayanokōji, it was originally smelly as it is also called Horikita Suzune.

However, doubt born for it.

It makes me feel uncomfortable to be too easy.

The simplicity that a man near Horikita Suzune is manipulating a Suzuka with a black screen.

If you were using Suzune from the beginning, it is a strategy that you never do.

"Did you use the lighthouse under the dark?" No, I do not even understand it. "This desperate feeling badness was unpleasant.

"Would you like me to use a guy?" If it sees the situation so far, there is no doubt that it is the most pressing after all.

Ryūen hit a message to a certain person registered on his cell phone in order to take the next step.

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