Classroom of the Elite

By Kinugasa Shougo



○ Paper shuffle.

One day. The inside of the class was wrapped in heavy air.

However, the air is not a pessimistic one, but it is wrapped in reasonable tension.

It is probably Chabashira sensei who is the class teacher who felt it first.

"Seems to be seated – it seems pretty much ready" She comes to the classroom, the invisible air gets heavier and quickly solidifies.

The figure that should be original. Natural class scenery of course. In its common sense atmosphere Chabashira sensei did not hide surprises.

"It's a serious look with all alignments. I can not imagine that D-Class very much. "" Today is the date of the interim test results announcement? "

Ike says with a slightly nervous look. When I saw it, Chabashira sensei smiled with grin.

Yes, you are right. I drop out immediately if I take the red spot in middle and final exams. What I told you before will be new to memory. It is natural to have tension and anxiety. But you have not even thought of its natural obsession. I am delighted that I saw a growing figure. "Chabashira sensei admired the new aspect of the student that I could not see until now, but that does not mean that the test scores will be better. It was only mindset.

Chabashira sensei dares to say that.

"But as a result the result, if you take a red spot you will be prepared for it. I will post the results of the intermediate test from now on. Make sure you do not mistake your name and score. "Because the warning is genuine, be careful. If it does not accept the result and it rampages, the school side will not resort to hard way. Because the sharp surveillance lens built in the classroom always watches the classmate.

"After all I can see all the test scores." "Of course. It's because of the rule of this school. "Results of all the students of D-Class pasted on the blackboard regardless of the will of the student who wants to protect personal information. There is absolutely no privacy there. The result that is obscured and revealed. As a salesman's Norma achievement chart is posted inside the company, human beings who can not do and people who can not do are exposed.

In such a case, the one that stands out is a man with good grades and a bad person. It is the lower man who suffers more or less to suffer selfish pressure and contempt from the surroundings.

"On average for all subjects, it is fine to think that the passing score is over 40 points. Those who score less than that will inevitably be dropped out. "Although it is a red dot line which is almost unchanged from previous tests, the situation is slightly different.

"The score to be announced from now also reflects the results at the sports festival. Some of the active people have resulted in more than 100 points, but they are handled equally equally. "The lower ten who failed to leave results at the previous sports festival included ten points in the midterm test It was decided that deductive measures should be taken. Sotomura of D – Class is one of the worst grade at the sports festival and must earn 10 points in all subjects from other students.

However, the expressions of Ike and Sudou who are not penalized are also strengthened. The system that we drop out immediately if we take the red spot increases the student 's mental and physical load accordingly.

The students watching over the burning test results slowly being pasted.

However, the neighbors Horikita had no impatience.

"Oh, oh! 噓 you !? "

The order of the results is stated from those with poor scores. In other words, many students thought that the name of Sudou who had made the lowest ranking immovable thing in the middle term test of the first semester and the final examination naturally be printed. However, the name that was in the top batter was "Yamauchi Haruki" and the score of each subject. Then "Ike Kanji". From there it is followed by Inogashira, Satō, Sotomura. The low ranking of Sotomura which is always a little above was considered to be the influence of the penalty received at the athletic festival.

That was close. – Sam, this is great. I wonder if I am the lowest rank! "

Fortunately every subject has more than 40 points, English is 43 points and low-level flight of Surele. The average point does not reach 50 points. Based on the results, Yamauchi would not feel comfortable living for a moment. I have considerable cold sweat.

Sudou was surprised more than that. Even though the lowest rank has been fixed position so far, this test is the 12th largest leap from the bottom. It is a great result though there are scores won in athletic festival. That is surprising surprises. It marks 57 points as an average point.

"I watched the self-record drastically updated at a stretch, and it's one step back to the average of 60 points!"

Sudou cried with joy when he found his name and score. I will further dance.

"There is no noise in that point, in your case there was a savings at the sports festival. It is undignified. "In a word of Horikita who was thrown out as a pussy, Sudou regrettably sat down despite his despair.

It is almost a faithful dog. Instantly respond to the order of the master and carry it out.

"That Sudou would take an average of 57 points. The effect of the study group seems to have been outstanding. "I am poorly English and also 52 points outstanding figures.

For this midterm test Horikita had heard that he taught Sudou and Red dot set to study. I was never invited as a teaching staff, but that would be natural as well. From the other students I am not seen as a smart class. Besides, Horikita himself should also be skeptical of my academic ability.

"The effect of the study group was certainly great. If you were challenging by batting, it would have been a red dot first. However, I think that other factors are significant this time. It was also a relief that the mid-term test itself consisted of relatively simple problems. "" Maybe so "There is no doubt that this mid-term test was a little lower than the usual exam. It was because there were many problems which I suspected that the school side put it by mistake. Based on that, Horikita probably was not impatient because I was convinced that the red dot set definitely exceeded the red dot line. In contrast, the lowest Yamauchi seemed to be unable to conceal the regret that being defeated to Sudou because of a big difference. Sudou taught students to Horikita on a one-on-one basis, even though they taught students who are worried about red points that they studied, as before. The power of love is a terrible thing, seems to be gradually improving academic ability little by little.

"You average 64 points. What an exquisitely ordinary line. What if I seriously give out? "

"It is all you can do with that." It is inevitable that I get involved newly if I get 100 points suddenly near 50 points usually.

I think that it is okay to keep it at hand like this kindly.

But, considering Sudou's breakthrough, was it okay to take a little more?

"Since you knew that you are acting clown, you can not listen to your remarks obediently." "It is uncertain whether you have heard honestly my remarks," Do you recognize that, obediently … ….

Even so, although this midterm test, the problem was easy, the top team has gotten 100 points at any point. This must have got high scores on other classes internally.

"The dropouts by this midterm test are 0 as you can see. You passed the exam in a safe way. "Praise the students obediently Chabashira sensei. It seems there is no place to hit the stone and attitude is discreet.

– As best I can. Oh, I'm looking forward to the next month's Private Point, sensei 'Sudou, who was on the right track, took her elbow at the desk and said such a thing in a dignified manner.

Such attitude also tolerate Chabashira sensei generously, do not destroy the smile.

"That's right. There was no particular problem in athletic festival. You may expect a certain amount of Private Point in November. Nevertheless, I have never dropped out from the past D – Class until this time for three years since I arrived at this school. As well as praising Chabashira sensei appreciated the students in the class. It seemed that there were not many people who felt resistance in the form of victory as they had never seen such a form.

"Do not get crazy, do not get praised" People who do not usually get praised as usual tend to smell like tele.

However, Horikita has no mind at all. Of course it is glad that there was no red spot, but I understand that Chabashira sensei is not a person who can end the story just by complimenting it.

The more gentle the attitude, the more eerie it increases.

The tied ponytail shakes terribly. The footsteps started to move quietly.

I will slowly go through between the desk and the desk whether I plan to go around the classroom.

On the way I got to the side of Ike's seat, Chabashira sensei stopped his leg and said:

"I successfully overcome one exam, but how is this school again? I want to hear the evaluation. "" Well …It is a good school. Successfully I will have plenty of pocket money. It is delicious everywhere like rice and the room is clean, and the room is also beautiful. "Then, I will add fingers and fold it.

"I sell games and something, too. There are movies and karaoke, girls are cute … …. "

The last one seems to be suspicious of the relationship with this school.

/(int) say/well/errr …/(P)//Did I say something wrong? "

As Ike came in, I looked up at Chabashira sensei as if I could not tolerate what I was talking silently.

No. It would definitely be a wonderful environment for the students. From my teacher 's point of view, this school is too blessed. It is because we are given a good treatment that can not be thought of under common sense. "When I walk again, I will walk past the back seat and walk to our side this time.

I feel like I'm about to put a problem on my class. Do not talk to me?

Whether that wish was led to happiness, it was next to Hirata that Chabashira sensei stopped his feet this time.

"Hirata, have you used to this school?"

'Yes' A lot of friends were able to do it, and a fulfilling school life has been sent. "Hirata makes a solid, solid and solid response.

"Do you feel uneasy despite the fact that you risk taking a dropout due to one mistake?"

"Everyone will overcome it every time." Hirata who always thinks of classmates did not see astray.

Chabashira sensei who finished circling in the classroom comes back to the stage.

I could not make out what she wanted to confirm.

If you guess it without permission, you may want to know the morale and atmosphere in the class more precisely. Whether or not to face the challenge of visiting from now on, should be said that.

"I think you also understand, but next week, we will conduct a quiztered test that examines eight subjects for the second semester final exam. I think that some people have already started studying for testing, but I will tell it again. "" Well! Even though I was relieved after the midterm test was over! Also test! "

The cold season begins, and the times when the students who are not good at studying suffer continue to keep on. It is a test storm that can not be escaped as long as it continues to be a student. Especially in the second semester the test interval is short.

"It was only a week before the quiz! I'm not listening! "

Although Ike shouting so, from the sensei of each subject, it was repeatedly announced that a quiz is carried out. I feel like sighing without thinking of Ike 's words of not learning about that.

"I do not pass if I have not heard. I want to say so, but be relieved Ike "Chabashira sensei makes a smile like dropping a thread of salvation.

However, we are learning that it is not simply due to kindness.

"Seriously, sensei! Do not worry it! ( gunshot ) Got him.

I am learning ……It should be supposed to be. Chabashira sensei left his eyes from Ike and kept on with words.

"First of all, the quizzes are 100 points full of 100 questions, but the contents are those of junior high school third grade level. That is to say that it is a test that doubles as to whether you remember the foundation properly. Furthermore, as with the quiz of the first semester, it does not affect the grades at all. It does not matter whether it is 0 point or 100 points. It is only for finding the ability of the current situation. " – You're kidding? /(int) hooray/whee/hot dog!/you beaut/whacko/whacko

"But, of course, let me know that the result of the quiz test is not meaningless. Because the result of this quiz test will have a big influence on the next final exam. "

As soon as the sports festival was over, the next task was about to begin.

"What is that effect? Please say more clearly. "I do not know the feeling that Sudou wants to thrust in so. Dare Chabashira sensei prolonged touching the main subject in a way that encourages anxiety within the class.

"I hope I can explain it to you in an easy-to-understand way, Sudou. Based on the result of the next quiz test, it is decided to have "pair with someone in class and two pairs of two people" "Hirata wonders about a word that does not seem to be a" pair, "test .

"That's it. And that pair is a lotus and I will challenge the final exam. The total number of examination subjects to be conducted is 100 subjects in each of 8 subjects, and 400 subjects totaling 50 subjects in each subject. And there are two kinds of red points that should not be taken this time. One is as close as ever, but 60 subjects with the lowest border are provided for all subjects, and if there is even one item with less than 60 points, both students will drop out. This 60 points refers to the total point plus the score of two people. For example, if Ike and Hirata are paired, it is safe if Hirata takes 60 points even if Ike is 0 point. "A surprised voice leaks out from the student. It will be a pretty easy test if you get an excellent partner.

But what does it mean that there are two types of red spots?

Ignoring it, Chabashira sensei explained another red point.

"And the newly added dropout criteria in this time is that we can judge the presence or absence of a red dot also in the comprehensive point. Even if all eight subjects are over 60, it will be rejected if it falls below the border. "" Is that about the comprehensive point of the pair as well? "" That's right. The total score is determined by the sum of the pairs. Although the required border has not yet been accurate figures, the required total point of the year is 700 points before. "Does Lotus Tensei think that both pairs sharing points will fall out?

To say 700 points means that there are 16 subjects in total, so it is necessary to take a minimum of 43 · 75 points per subject.

Students with acknowledged academic abilities such as Horikita and Yukimura also take corresponding risks depending on the partner.

"It is said that the border is still unclear, but why is that?" "Hurata so soon. Let me explain the borderline of the total point later. Final exams are divided into two days of four subjects a day. I will inform you about the order of each subject. In case of absence due to bad physical condition, if the school side questions the legitimacy of absence and the unavoidable circumstances can be confirmed, the prospect point estimated from the past exam is given, but it is the reason not to fall off. In case you missed all the tests will be treated as 0 points so be careful "It is a test that you can not pass through absolutely. Physical condition management is also within the competence, regulated route.

"Even so, you have become a bit like a student at this school. In the past you would have screamed when you heard the test content. "… ….Well, I will get used to it. I came a lot. "Ike responds less surprised. I can see a little confidence there.

"It is a reliable remark. However, there are probably a few students who think similarly in the same way. So I will give you one advice. It is better not to mind having just grasped all of this school just by completing the first semester of the year. It is because you have to clear the much more difficult tests than it is now. "" Do not say this scary thing, sensei "Say that one of the girls is frightened.

"It can not be helped because it is a fact. For example, this special test …In so-called paper shuffle, one or two dropouts are issued. And most of the dropouts are students of D – Class. It is not a threat but a real story. "The air which has been tense is flowing to the class which was somewhere optimistic so far.

A new special exam visits. But what does paper shuffle mean?

"The pair that broke the border is exiting without exception. If you think my remarks are just threatening, ask the senior students. I guess you also started to make loose connections. "But despite the harsh test content, have you finished with one or two dropouts each year? That makes me feel a bit strange. Depending on the combination, it can be devastating.

In other words, what is "that kind of thing"?

"In the end, it's about the penalty in the show. As a matter of course, cheating under test is forbidden. Those who cheat are considered to be disqualified immediately and have their partners withdraw. This is not limited to this exam, it corresponds to all intermediate and final exams. "Canceling an exodus is a severe punishment at first sight. If you are an ordinary high school you have 0 subjects, strict attention, suspended school is Sekiyama. However, as soon as you take the red spot, you are dropping out immediately, so it is inevitable that cheaters will be treated as being dropped out inevitably. Let me take the trouble to warn you here as an advice for Chabashira sensei, which is to prevent students who make a mistake who went ahead.

But the problem is that it is a pair test.

"I will tell you how to decide the most important pair after the result of the quiz test" Immediately after I heard that word, I grabbed the pen quietly. At almost the same time, the inhabitants of the next seat also hold the pen and start writing something as opposed to the paper stuck on the blackboard.

Look at that state aside and lay the pen that I grasp on the desk.

I realized the unnecessity of my behavior.

"After the quiz, it's it. Is not it a big trouble when I join the lowest rank? "" Well, I received humiliation with Ken! I will study absolutely and reverse it! "

Don't sweat it. You only have a mouth. I am still going to study. "Yamauchi who blew my regret fell down on the desk like an agony. Although Sudou also has a bad mouth, there was some persuasive power just as Horikita really was going to continue studying hard.

Well the thing that is important is not there. The school side does not teach how to determine the pair at the present time. That is, there is a high possibility that it includes the fact that teaching can change the opponent of the pair. Some of the students who have challenged the special exam and the written exam to date will have noticed. Including Horikita running a pen next to.

"Another thing, another final examination will also challenge the task from another aspect" "Hirata will respond to it as it aggregates as the class is slightly upset," Is there another thing you still have? "

"That's it. First of all, let us make yourself think about the questions that will be presented at the final exam. The problem is assigned to one of the three classes other than the class to which it belongs. It means to "attack" other classes. The intercepting class becomes "defensive". Compare the comprehension points of their classes and the comprehension points of the opponent classes, and earn points from the class that the winning class lost. It is 50 points as a Class Point. "Red line prepared by school The line of red points prepared by the school is maintained in pairs with more than 60 subjects, exceeding the borderline of the total point which is supposed to be around 700 points in the year. Moreover, it is necessary to exceed the comprehension point of the other class at the overall point of the whole class.

"There is a possibility that there will be no opening in points depending on the combination? The A-Class attacks the B-Class, and the D-Class attacks the A-Class. Assuming that A – Class succeeded in attack, if we succeeded in defense, we got a total of 100 points. However, if the A-Class attacks the D-Class and the D-Class attacks the A-Class, will it be settled only once? "

"There is an obvious rule on that point. If you face a direct confrontation, do not worry because Class Point is supposed to fluctuate 100 points at a time. Rarely, if the comprehensive points are the same, the point will not change due to the draw "" We think about the problem and we will ask a student in another class … ….I have never heard of it. But will it be established? If you make problems that the students can not answer, I think that it will be a highly difficult test … "

"It seems so. Where you are not learning, or a messy hook! No. No.

Ike is going to be 10 years old as he is upset.

"Of course, if you leave it to the students, it will be. Therefore, our teachers check strictly and fairly the problems we have created. If you have problems beyond the guidance area or you can not answer from the question contents, you will be asked to revise each time. Repeat the check, create question sentence and its answer and complete it. It will not be a situation that is concerned now. Ike, did you understand firmly? "

"Uooh, somehow … …."

It's quite easy to say, but it's not that simple.

"Question making 400 questions?"It looks like it will be a pretty tight schedule. "The test will last for about a month. If you make a problem alone, you need to make 15 questions from 10 questions a day. The more you increase the number, the easier it will be, but the more you get the variation in the quality of the problem. Although it should be said that it is prepared as a grace to make up the problem as it is, it seems that it is necessary to make it at a faster pace if it sees as correction and change after submitting it to the school. Furthermore, considering the "faults" that the D – Class is holding, the creation becomes considerably sharp. Hirata is also confused as to whether it is known.

"If by any chance problem sentences and answers are not completed, there are remedial measures also left. After the deadline, we will replace everything that the school side has made in advance. But be careful, you should think that the difficulty level of the tests prepared by the school side will be lower. "Although you can hear a remedy, it sounds like a real defeat.

In any case it is necessary to complete the problem sentence. A skillful person led by a class must create not only their own study but also a question to be asked to other classes. It is likely to be a very hard test.

"In making a problem, Sole is free to consult with a teacher to decide it only in class, trying to talk to students in other classes of other grades, or to utilize the Internet. There is no particular limitation. If it is an acceptable problem for the school side, it will be difficult if it is easy, content does not matter. "" The end-of-term test that we challenge is, of course, that other classes will think about it? "

Yes, you are right. Where would you mind, where is the important class ─ ─ ─ ─ ─. It's simple and straightforward. The student nominates the desired class and I will report it above. In that case, if another class and hope suffered, call the representative and make a clue. Conversely, if not covered, you will be confirmed as it is and you will be asking questions for that class. Which class should be nominated will be heard on the day before the quiz next week. It is a thing to think carefully up to then. "Although it is a test that should face the school side, will this time be fighting real class somewhere with one class?

In addition to the question of how many points of comprehension of pairs are required in this way, complicated mechanisms will become intertwined.

"This is a preliminary explanation of the quiz and final exam. The rest is what you guys think. "So concluding Chabashira sensei, all the lessons of today are over.

1 "A strategy meeting, Ayanokōji-kun. I wonder if you can speak to Hirata-kun. "As the next special exam was announced, Horikita said that it would start up.

"OK" I briefly answered, I will go call Hirata. Meanwhile Horikita was walking down under Sudou. Now, we are drawing attention from various classes.

It had begun to bring big change to me as well.

It was a presence like a lunar lantern until now that he gained popularity at a stroke with one of the runs shown at the sports festival relays. That's not a surprise. First of all, it is strongly wary of Ryūen and Ichinose as being behind Horikita.

Then, what do you usually do?

Distance from Horikita? It is visible to suddenly become suspicious if you suddenly put a distance.

Would you like to get around like usual as usual? It is inevitable to be suspected if you are near Horikita.

What I want to say is that the situation does not change what I did.

My opponent will crawl this movement without permission in my mind.

Then, I aim to return to the origin of my standing position as I am.

Horikita has inevitably had many opportunities to come in contact with my neighbor, owing to the small number of friends so far, from now on. It will increase contacts with Sudou, Hirata and Karuizawa et al.

If that is the case, I will have a distance.

I do not want to get along well, but I do not plan to become a good god for Chabashira sensei.

If Horikita and others start to walk on their own paths themselves, the burden will be light.

Chabashira sensei is watching from the beginning that it is not necessary to stick to the special from the beginning in raising the D – Class. You ought to get even the students who will raise them to the upper class.

I am not interested in why I aim for the A-Class until I threaten me, Chabashira sensei's real intention.

It is certain that it is not time to let go of Horikita yet.

If you release the reins here, it is visible that the D – Class loses control and collapses at its worst. First of all, we gather people around Horikita and fade out quietly.

What is important is the procedure, preparation and results.

He said "I'm coming soon" I will speak to Hirata who was talking with my classmate and come back.

"This is similar too" I saw Sudou even went to the toilet, once he went out of the classroom.

"How can I see it, next exam?" Horikita asked with a feeling of flying before people gathered.

"You can just accept it as the word of Chabashira sensei. It will be a relatively difficult exam. The red dot line of each subject is low, but if you try to win another class, the required total score will be high as it is and the pair is also awkward in pairing. You can also predict that the degree of difficulty will rise as much as two turns if another class makes a problem on a bonus. Especially troubling is that it becomes harder as a person who makes a problem twists. Even with the same answer problem, the correct answer rate changes greatly depending on the problem sentence. "" Yeah … …Not only study measures, but also the ability to make problem sentences will be tried this time. "It is not enough to just teach the problem to the students who are uneasy about the red dot like the last time. Ideally it is necessary to grasp up to the disadvantage of other classes, but it will not easily expose the hand so easily.

However, there are many parts that do not differ from the intermediate and final exams so far.

In that sense it's possible to get even lesser difficulty than Deserted Island and shipboard. It can be said that the physical strength accumulated like the athletic festival, the test which the accumulated academic ability is tried this time.

"You should hit the hammering hands. That hint was there. "" Yeah. I have noticed that, "quietly answered Horikita.

"You usually pay attention to your opponent's behavior. Because the school side encloses the hint everywhere in the language. The wording of Chabashira sensei, the word to pick up among them tells that the result of the quiz does not affect the grades at all, that the borderline of the comprehensive point has not yet been determined, and why the pair is decided after the quiz Three points "That 's why I pulled a smile in my mind unexpectedly in drawing out that perfect and light words.

Hirata that I called soon joins.

Come on, girls. Is it a measure for the final exam? "

It seems that Karuizawa was calling out, even though it looked awkward to look troublesome, it approached Horikita upon request.

No, sorry. Everyone was surprised that calling out from Horikita was initiated as soon as they entered the school. Now that Horikita is in a standing position within the class, the classmates accepted it naturally.

"I want to start even if it's not a problem," but "Well it's here?" I am new. Why do not you go to the pallet, are not you, Yōsuke-kun? "

Karuizawa clinging to Hirata's arms strongly appeals to their existence by pulling hard. Karuizawa 's way of asking what I was doing from the very beginning I met. By the way, a pallet is a cafe in the school, where lively breaks and after school, girls' students are full of lively activity. When I was watching the state of Karuizawa, I had an instant. I did not remember something in particular, but I got a rest from Karuizawa 's arms away from the arm of Hirata.

"I do not know where the enemy's eyes are, but ─ ─ ─ we do not mind." It was probably better to judge that it was easier for you to move than to reply Karuizawa against this argument. Horikita himself also has no consciousness in this neighborhood, but it can be said that it is a certainly growing part.

"Can I participate, too?"

That's what the classmate Kushida Kikyō came in talking about.

Harassment/(prt) (1) (at sentence end) I wonder/(2) (at sentence end) should I?/is it?/(3) (at sentence end) I wish that (with a negative)/I hope that/I hope that

"I agree. Kushida understands the class well. Also, considering the end-of-term test, I would like to listen to the opinions of many people. "Karuizawa does not answer anything with any stance. Well, what about Horikita?

"Of course I'm Kushida. So sooner or later I was going to call out to you. "Horikita immediately agreed, as if I could save the trouble of calling out.

"I wonder if three people are going to go first. I will go after I have done a little bit of private use. "They agree with each other, accepting without agreeing otherwise, headed ahead.

"Was it good? Kushida Kikyō is a valuable fighting force for D – Class, but it is a relationship of dogs with Horikita. Only the parties can understand the details, but I can not say that I will not get in the way.

Moreover, at the sports festival, D – Class fell into a pinch due to betrayal of Kushida.

"Is it a funny story to reject at that place?"

– Well, that's definitely true. Horikita accepted it obediently, is it looking at it?

"I've been waiting for you Suzuka" "All right. The meeting place has changed. We plan to join Hirata-kun at pallets. "" Oh? I'm sorry, can I come face to face club activity for a moment? I remembered that she was called to my seniors. I think that it will be over in two or thirty minutes. "" I do not mind, it will join as soon as business ends "Sudou smiled and took off his bag with a bag and went out of class.

Later on a bit, Horikita also has a bag. I decided to move accordingly.

"Well then I will go home. Good luck always "" Wait a moment. I will have you participate. You are essential to the bridge between Hirata-kun and Karuizawa-san. I am still not influenced by them now. "" ……Will it be so after all? I said that influence is not high, but I think that you can control classes well to some extent now. Besides, the final exam is the accumulation of preparations. You have accomplished the study group without my cooperation in midterm exams. "In fact, it is made by one person to set up meetings and place settings. It is another step.

"It may be so if you look at that point only. But, when you become Kushida, the story is different, an exception. There are things you have to talk to, and at least I will have you participate in today's place. Or do not you get interested in her action? "

It is a fancy way of saying. Is it better to answer this obediently?

Why does she show hostility only to Horikita, why she is inseparable from anyone in the class "Do not be interested in not being interested?"

That is a totally mysterious story for me. The part is somewhat interested.

– I'll teach you. It's okay with what I know, "Horikita said so. There seems to be a reason for deciding to speak at this timing.

"To be honest, I do not want to listen to her past and listen, but I will tell you that I need to tell you. I feel that it will be for me as a result. "" I thought you were not willing to tell me about Kushida to you "" From what grounds did you think so? "" Until now Kushida You did not try to actively talk about that. Rather than being able to imagine the circumstances that you fell into a hostile relationship. When you confessed with Kushida "Horikita's face confirmed by his side was harder than I imagined.

"I can not talk here. You understand.

Although no one is paying attention to our conversation, there are countless eyes and ears in the classroom.

「……Okay. You ought to go out with it. "Let's expect a story that is worth while going out.

I went out into the hallway where people came and Horikita started talking loudly.

"Where is it right for you to speak?" "From the very beginning. I only know the current thing that the relationship between the two is bad. "Afterwards the face of the darkness that Kushida has. That is what I want to know. But I will not touch it. It is because I do not yet know what Horikita knows and what I'm about to talk about.

"I will refuse it first, but I do not know the person Kushida Kikyō deeply. Where was Kushida's first encounter with you? Is it like a confirmation? I will answer seriously.

"In the bus, she is." "Yes. I and I also saw Mr. Kushida for the first time in the bus on the day of enrollment. "I still remember that. There was an old woman who had been forced to stand without vacancies in the seat, and Kushida tried to let his old woman sit at his long seat. It itself works well. Nobody deserves goodness without blaming. Unfortunately, I remember Kushida was struggling because a person giving up his seat did not appear soon. I am also deeply impressed because I am the one who did not give way.

"If there were elements that you dislike, it's only then … …. However, in Koenji you declined when I offered you wanted to give me direct seat, of course I would not like to give up my seat, I would be strongly disliked. "I do not mean to be liked by me. But the hostility of Kushida is directed strangely strongly against Horikita.

"I did not know about Kushida at that point. No, I did not remember it exactly. "That said," Horikita and Kushida had contacts before meeting at this school "" Yes. I and she were the same middle school. Prefectures are different from here and it is a very special school. That's why I never thought she was from the same junior high school student. "" I see, I see. "In response to this story, one big mystery can be solved. Before I met two people, the relationship between Horikita and Kushida had begun.

If it is, it is convincing. Is not it inevitable that I can not understand?

"I remembered that after the semester study group. My junior high school has over 1000 students at all schools, and it is reasonable that I do not remember Kushida since I have never been in the same class. "

If I assume that Horikita was a personality like a junior high school age now, I do not have any surprises.

Without making friends every day, it should have been dark, just for study.

"So what about Kushida in junior high school? What kind of students were we. "We did not head straight to the pallet. Judging that the talk will be prolonged somewhat, I will go around the school as if walking down the way. The more you get away from the cafe, the less popular it is.

“So! Because I did not have any contacts with myself as I said earlier. However, there is no mistake that Mr. Kushida received the same evaluation as the school now or more. Thinking back to it, I saw her appearance at the center of classmates with various occasions. It was a popular person who was kind and friendly to everyone. There seems to be no student council, but the centripetal force should have been considerable. "If you are doing a conspicuous position, you may have remembered Horikita as a classmate. Certainly Kushida I know does not do anything to do with the position.

Perhaps as the testimony of Horikita, the perfection of Kushida, which has not changed from junior high school, has been demonstrated.

Two people who do not seem to have contacts. I can not solve the mystery as to why Horikita was hated by Kushida so much. Perhaps the secret behind this story is hidden.

"I hate it because I could not make friends with you, it seems not to be disgusting, is not it?" Forty friends can be made, but truly Kushida can not be friends with all the students indeed.

Yeah. It is important to speak from here. However, remember what is only a category that I heard rumors to the last. The real thing is that only Kushida himself knows, "Horikita spoke graciously after giving a preliminary reply.

"There was an event where one class was absent from a group on the end of February of a junior high school third grader who approached graduation soon." "It is not because influenza has spread, right? "

Yeah. The information came around also to my ears. A girls student got triggered, and an incident occurred that caused the class to collapse. And that class never recovered back until graduation. "" Does that girls student need to think about this? "

"Mr. Kushida. But I do not know the details as to why I was driven to the collapse of the class. Perhaps the school thoroughly informed the information. If it comes to light, the reliability of the school drops, which may have a big influence on many students' advancement and employment. Still no smell can cover the lid. There were rumors among students based on various speculations. "" Have you ever heard something in pieces? "

I want to know the outline of what kind of incident it was. Horikita told me to think back then.

"Immediately after the incident came to light, there were students of the same class who were talking about it. Anything the classroom was made to be confused and the blackboard and desk were full of scribbles of slander slander "" All scribbled slander. Is it possible to think of the line Kushida was bullied on? "

/(exp) I don't know …/How about …? I wonder/What about ..?/ There were truly rumors on the floor. Someone in the class was bullied or badly oppressed. I wonder if there was a story about taking a terrible act of violence. However it seems ambiguous. "There seems to be a myriad of rumor stories flowing anyway.

"But I did not hear such rumors in a flash. Nobody stopped talking about that. Even though one class was forced to collapse, it was done as if nothing had been done from the beginning. "Is it that pressure has been applied somewhere?

"If the information was controlled at any rate, even if you do not know that Kushida is the cause of the class collapse, why not? Horikita at that time would not have been interested no matter who would do. "" That's right. And I also decided to take the school for the entrance to school originally and I was confident in my academic achievement and exams so I was not too concerned. "That's it, confidence that the school's reputation will pass I wonder there was.

Class that collapsed with the trigger that the incident thought to be caused by Kushida collapsed. The incident seems to have been a big thing that could have an impact on going on to college or finding employment. It is a story that I can not imagine from the current Kushida. In this case, I am convinced that I can not forgive those who know the fact. If it comes to light, the current position of Kushida will definitely end.

"When I arrange the story, there is a case caused by Kushida, you do not know the details of that incident. However, Kushida himself does not think that you do not know. Since I am from the same junior high school, I thought that I knew the contents to some extent. That's it. "" Actually, I know that Kushida caused the incident, so it's not a mistake, "he sighed. With this, I can see what kind of situation Horikita is under.

Kushida's unilateral misunderstanding and hostility are the causes. That's why past events are great for Kushida and can be said to be absolutely hidden.

I will not believe that Horikita does not know about the incident. It may be trivial for Kushida to know how much the contents are grasped. It will be inconsistent in its original meaning, but at the time when I talked about "incident", it would be as good as I knew my past. It is very troubling.

"Even so – I do not know" "What is the matter?"

– Yes. It is full of mysteries and it feels bad. Do you think that classes without problems suddenly happen easily in class collapse? "

Shake your head to the left or right.

"There is a possibility that Kushida triggered collapse of the class alone by him. I wonder how big it is for a single student to do such a thing. "It is a case of a scale that someone is not brought up first, at the extent that it is bullying or bullying. To that extent one or two people will just disappear from the class.

I'm sure they did. I can not imagine how it would be like that. "It is not something I can do early, even if I think that I will collapse the current D-Class.

"I think we need strong weapons. To collapse the class "" Well … …. "

Weapons pointed here are not just physical implications. It is a weapon including various methods.

"What kind of hand would you use if you wanted the class to collapse?"

"It's bad to return with questions as questions, but apart from whether there is Masayoshi there is something the most powerful weapon in the world. Think about it only on what I can handle Kushida. "" I think I've said something before, but I think that 'violence' is the most powerful weapon a man has. To be honest, "violence" has a unique strength. No matter how clever a scholar or a high-ranking politician eventually you can not win the powerful violence in front of you. It is impossible to collapse the class if even conditions are satisfied, is not it? It's OK to send everyone to the hospital. "Although it is a story, Horikita's example is also true. It also holds as class collapse.

"That's right. I do not disagree with the story that violence is one of the strongest weapons. Nonetheless it is impossible for Kushida to drive everyone with violence. That is a terrible incidents. "If Kushida rushed around with a chain saw, it would not have been a case that could be suppressed by the school's mouth seal. It should have been such a dramatic noise on television.

"What if you can not defeat the violence with that unique strength, and there are other things you can compete with?"

"Have you thought of it? How did she collapse the classroom? "I thought it would work if I were to run on the premise. That's ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─

"I want to say" power ", but it is difficult to exercise in school life …"

It seemed that there was no confidence of thought of it.

"If you can even watch it, power is quite strong, but it is excluded in this case. It is impossible for the student council president of this school. What collapses the class by power? "" What if? A weapon that has the potential to handle anyone's classroom collapse. "" Not only Kushida, it's a powerful weapon that any human being can handle – 噓 ". People are born to be boring creatures. Anyone can handle it. However, "噓" has the power enough to swallow even violence depending on time and occasion. "It is statistically clear that human beings take two or three galls a day. Although it may seem that there is no such thing at first glance, the definition of 大きく is large and wide. ""There is no sleep," "I caught a cold," "I did not notice the mail" "It's okay" There are also various words in it.

"噓 … ….Well, I guess it might be so. " 噓 It is also possible to drive human beings to death in one.

"If it's finished here. For example, can you use the two most powerful weapons "violence" and "噓" to fully utilize your ability to collapse the current D-Class? Try seriously thinking about it. "" I will not say that I can never do it. But I can not affirm that I can do it. There are several people who think that it is difficult to beat down even if you fight with violence if you look at it. I can not honestly be able to defeat Sudou-kun and Koenji-kun from the front with bare hands. And there are people with unknown ability like you. Even if we prepare a weapon like a blunt weapon, even if we are going through the darkness, the story will be different if it becomes all members. It seems to be too impossible "It seems that he thinks seriously more than imagination, and Horikita himself uncovers the maximum way he can take.

"It is correct at that conclusion. Violence can be used by anyone, but the conditions are quite complicated. "" Even if you put on a bowl, I can not handle it. And it is impossible because there are many students who are good at teasing more than violence. The way of fighting is not for me either, "I simulated a couple of times, but it seems that Horikita could not answer.

"If you limit it to either, I do not think Kushida has the power to violence. In other words, it is natural to think that the class collapsed by using "噓" "Well …"

"But can you do it? Such a thing "" How about you? It will not be impossible, but at least it is impossible for me. "It would not be so difficult if only to chase a human being. But when it comes to the whole class it is another.

Is Kushida possessing a powerful weapon that does not belong to either of them, "Can Kushida handle violence or stone that is beyond our imagination?"

I do not know how big weapons were used, but in any case Kushida really is likely to have collapsed his own class. If Kushida was also a victim of class collapse, I will not enemy Horikita so far.

"I was told Mr. Kushida face to face. If you know the past you can drive out any kind of hands. She will need me to join hands with Katsuragi-kun, Sakayanagi-san and Ichinose-san if necessary. In fact I tried to put in my hands with Ryūen-kun. Even if D – Class is forced into a dilemma, she is surely not relaxing the attack for me. As long as I continue to exist in this school, "" It is awkward. Does it have the preparedness to collapse the class so as to conceal his past? "" That would not be wrong with that kind of thing. "That has already been declared to Horikita so far. You should not think that it is a half-threatening threat.

And in the situation of declaring war on war, Kushida said that he would like to attend the meeting of Horikita and Hirata. It may be to keep yourself standing in the class, but hostile behavior …The line of the spy is also dark. However, even if there is a possibility of a spy, we can not eliminate Kushida. Kushida has built trust in D-Class so far. If you abruptly become a eliminator, surroundings will raise distrust.

"Let me check one thing, Horikita. I'm planning on how to deal with Kushida. "" What are you going to do? There are only a few options I can take. Mr. Kushida says "I do not know the contents in detail" and "I will never say anything about the incident". I can only persuade them to persistently talk about these two. "" That is not an easy thing. Kushida will continue to hold doubts all the time, even if you know the fact that the class collapsed in the first place, there is a possibility that even if you know the fact that it has broken the class in the first place, there is a possibility that you can not forgive others. "So Kushida should be taking into account that Horikita consults me It is.

As I think about it, I will also include myself that I want to withdraw.

Let's preserve it at this time.

"There is no other way than to repeat dialogue with her. [ちがう] /differ/different/

I admit it. This case is a matter of prior discussion, asking cooperation or someone else. It would be the only solution to convince you from the bottom of my heart that you say it. "Even if you hold down Kushida from the outside forcefully, it will rebound greatly and repel each other.

"There is no need to think about it." "I have heard the current story and I am selfish but have made a conclusion. To give up giving up persuasion of Kushida and going for a means of forcibly it might be necessary action to get up to A – Class. "Telling that, Horikita glared at me with angry expression.

"That's ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ __-

I did not deny, I nodded quietly. I'll do it before I get done. It is the basis of tactics.

However, instead of agreeing to my proposal, Horikita showed a strong aversion to blatantly.

"I did not expect you to leave anybody out of you. When I tried to cut Sudou-kun before, it was you who admonished not to do so? And I understood. It is useless to do a battle that truncates someone. In fact I had not forgotten Sudou when I was at that time. Even sports festivals may have had more miserable results waiting. I could not see Sudou-kun who will improve in this midterm test. [ちがう] /differ/different/

Horikita who likes loneliness so much and makes friends unnecessary changes so far. It is surprising to see Horikita's growth, which has been stopped by confining it in its own shell, to change rapidly. But it is fine, but it's not realistic as a response. It is doubtful whether you can persuade Kushida to Horikita who is not good at dialogue. It is a place I want to compliment frankly that I brought Sudou into my company, but the situation is quite different.

"Wake is different from teaching studying and preventing dropouts before they happen. Honestly I did not think that the purpose of Kushida is due to one-sided emotions so far. There was a point which does not lead to you, I thought it would manage if I improved it, I heard it. And you just did. Kushida will keep you in the way as long as you are in this school. However, the D – Class that cooperates together in cooperation, and the institution of the school itself collapse. Will not you regret it later if you do not hold your hand early? "

For such reminder, Horikita did not try to agree at all.

On the contrary it seemed that my will became more solid. The eyebrows are strongly caught.

"She is excellent. Not to mention the high ability to affix the surroundings, I am proud of the ability to observe people and it will definitely be a great strength for the D – Class if you become a friend. "I intend to deny that point There is no. It will certainly be reliable if Kushida becomes a definite friend.

However, is it really possible?

"The matter with her is also my responsibility that I have not done anything to face it. I can not abandon them. I will continue dialogue. And be sure to let her understand "Choose your own painful route, or? It seems that Horikita is seriously going to face Kushida for class. Even if I say it any more, nothing will change.

[Alright. If you say so, I'll watch over you. "If you can show me the eyes of such a strong will, I also want to believe in that possibility a bit.

As Sudou could be a reliable member, Kushida could also be a friend.

"I do not say I want you to help me on this matter. It is not a problem to solve with that. "" Yes. It is completely a problem outside the mosquito net "It is also a long talk, and the broad school is about to go on end. I will reach the pallet in a little while.

"I told you about Kushida because you thought you would not say anything to anyone. Because I thought that I understand it. "" It was bad. I could not return the answer I wanted. "I just said a frank opinion, but I could not obtain consent at all.

"Because I offered valuable information, may I ask you to answer a little about my question?" "What's with you" Horikita stopped looking up with a strong eyes that did not change as before. Apparently, in parallel with Kushida's story, there seems to be another story.

"At the sports festival – what did you do to Ryūen-kun?"

"What did you do" The fact that you bumped the question against me means that Horikita was fitted during the operation of Ryūen. I do not know the detailed behavior at Ryūen's sports festival.

If you interpret that the story has progressed as you had assembled in your head, the answer would be one.

"I decided only the landing point. It is only finally to destroy Ryūen's idea plan. "" That means that Ryūen was recording the C-Class strategy? "

Lightly nods as affirmation.

"The recorded data of a strategy conference is not normally available. How did you get such a thing? Ryūen-kun said that there was a spy, you do not have a deep bite with someone who will reveal the internal affairs of C-Class? "

It is natural that Horikita does not know the trouble of Karuizawa and C-Class's Matsuke on board.

"There are various hands struck. That there is recording data is that way. "" And one more thing. I am hungry that I follow you on my own. Naturally, I will fail On what assumption you were working. However, as it is actually the result, it can not be argued. Besides, I can not even ask for an answer strongly because I am forbidden to explore you deeply. It's a nasty situation. … ….But, without you, I am around now ……Thank you "" I am tremendously bouncy thank you "If you think you are being forbidden, it means that the word of thank you last comes out.

"Because I promised to cooperate to a certain extent, I will do it for a while." "I think it is unnecessary, but is it okay to take prominent actions? Ryūen-kun in this case should have been convinced that someone in D-Class is behind the scenes. Ayanokōji-kun should also be included in that candidate. I think that the peaceful days that you would like to be threatened will be threatened, "Horikita said well, the current situation is not what I wanted.

But it is doubtful that the wish is now. To the Chabashira sensei that flashes that man 's shadow, the existence of Sakayanagi to know the past me. Ultimately, no one knows how to eventually fall. Later on, the existence of Horikita may be the trump card.

I am desperately seeking what I am doing in any way quietly.

– How close are we? I was waiting for a response from here with expressions.

"Oh yeah ….Hold "" I think long after considering it. You will not be well understood by you. "" I do not know from the beginning "" It is also so "I did not remember seeing it unless I showed it.

Either way, Horikita has no time to be caught by me or Ryūen.

I must manage some poison called Kushida lurking inside the D – Class, it will not be a starting line.

2 "Oh what have you been doing? It's too late though. Is not it an apology? "

As I arrived at the pallet, Karuizawa stared at Horikita and complained in a row.

"I will start right away. Hirata-kun has club activities, too. "" Wow ignored. Flowing stones ……I feel like that "Karuizawa ignored the apology sought briefly and arrived at the seat Horikita.

"I will not apologize at all" With this I started Horikita with me, Karuizawa in Hirata, and Sudou in Kushida gathered.

Certainly there was not much delay until the club activity started.

It's already 15:50. In this school club activities start at 16:30. What I should be impatient is Hirata belonging to the Soccer Club, but I'm calm down and showing a smile all through. Were you looking forward to the meeting place, the eyes like a boy were shining brilliantly.

Horikita who got a seat could not afford to buy drinks and immediately cut out the story.

"Well then, shall we start talking about the next quiz test?" "Do not you have to worry too much? From the midterm exams to the continuous study group is a heavy burden for everyone. Fortunately it seems to be guaranteed that it will not be reflected at all on the grades. "Intermediate test, quiz and final exam. The storm of study that has no time to breathe will be unbearable stress for the students who are not good at it.

Right. I have not thought about forcing me to study. However, I do not think that the school side will simply do so only to see the students' abilities. We are doing midterm test just before, "Is not because the intermediate test was a gentle question?"

"So why give quiz questions difficult? That's only bad efficiency. "It is totally wrong to get rid of the significance of the midterm test in order to bring out the significance of the quiz.

"Does that mean that the quiz itself is meaningful? I wonder if there is a purpose other than seeing academic ability. "" What, what does Yōsuke Kun? "Although Horikita's remarks are not very interesting, Karuizawa raised the tension when becoming Hirata.

"If the reason for doing the quiz is not to confirm our academic ability, it means one thing. The result of the quiz test will influence the pair selection in the final exam. It is such a thing. "Sudou's face listening to the discussion between Hirata and Horikita is steep.

"Do you understand?" Sudou "" ……It seems quite doubtful at the present time. The story goes on without such a thing.

"There is always a rule in selecting a pair that holds the key to the final exam. In other words, if you find a rule, you can hit a favorable one for the final exams. "" What do you mean, Ayanokōji "Sudou whispers with a bossod. Do not ask Horikita directly because it will not break the talk.

"Controlling the quiz is the minimum requirement for the final exams to be cleared." "Surely, I thought so" Sudou's eyes were swimming admirably. I am sticking with a glance that is nothing more than this.

Horikita's reading is certain. There is no doubt that you will decide a pair based on the results of the quiz. And that has a law that can be seen.

I promise to explain to the students at a later date, so I will never do a complicated and strange decision.

Horikita 's handsome pictures to see how far you understand.

"Is it something like that between close friends?"

Karuizawa who understood the talk properly and heard it somewhat states the law.

"There are times when the correct answer and the wrong answer do not resemble, either," Sudou talked about the law that thought despisingly despisingly Chie.

"Neither possibility can not be denied." For Horikita like that, Hirata felt somewhat questionable, the smile disappears and it turns into a serious look.

"I got a general understanding, but I have a skeptical part of the rule a little." "What is it? As much as I can give you any opinion. "Hirikita looked at the advice from Hirata as he welcomed.

"If there is a law as I said, it seems likely to answer as soon as I confirm it to an upper-class student. If you are doing the same exam every year, there is a high possibility that the law is the same. Is it something the sensei bothers to hide? "

It seems that Kushida who had been quietly listening to talks had a part that was in sync with listening to the story.

"I guess it is a little doubtful. If you are a good senior you might tell me "If you have a simple law you should not be afraid to tell from the beginning. So there are possibilities that the law does not exist or is complicated. It seems that he wants to say so.

"Sisu is Yōsuke-kun. That's right, right? "Horikita caught his attention as he thought from Hirata.

"You certainly do not know what Hirata is saying. But I think the school side is not negative to finding the law. I think that it is a premise that it can be found rather. "" What do you mean, Suzune? Please explain it in an easy-to-understand way. "Sudou who seems to be unable to endure whether it is too much thinking that smoke is coming from the head.

"In other words, it is not a goal to see through the law, does the exam start from knowing the rule? But then, if you can not find the rule in the ruler, there is a danger of catastrophic consequences. "Hirata imagined the worst scenario that half of classes would drop out.

"I wonder if that is the core of this exam. This is a hypothetical story, but as Hirata said, if we could not find out the pair selection by quizzes and its rule, could you be cautiously devastating? Whatever flattering is included Chabashira sensei said. It is the first time for a D – Class who did not drop out to this point. Only one or two pairs in the year are left only to drop out? Do not you think something is wrong? "

"No way I do not understand at all" Sudou who gave up strikes the forehead on the table.

"A story is coming. What Mr. Horikita wants to say is that even if you can not see the rule, serious damage to final exams is not going to happen? "

"Correct answer" "for the time being, can you listen to the ground?"

Karuizawa asks the attitude of Horikita including that confidence.

"If the final exams are challenging in pairs, that the average point is the highest ever, and if students are not aware of the rule of things based on the high level of difficulty of making problems. If you challenge the exam without seeing the rule, you can only think that a miserable result is waiting? "

"Yeah. I think that it is quite painful if two students close to the red dot pairs are paired. "" Because it is scary, you find the rule of pair decision? Demonstrative

Yeah. I absolutely want to know the rule. And as Hirata says, I absolutely want to avoid only the worst situation where students close to the red point pair. But Chabashira sensei said that one or two dropouts a year were out. I wonder if one or two pairs of dropouts are not too few? If students with poor grades in our class unfortunately pair up, it will result in dropout of close to ten students alone … "I see. That's what it is. "" Hey Yōsuke-kun, what's the matter? I do not understand a little bit. "" Well, that's right. How should I explain? Let's leave the story of not seeing through the rule to make the head empty once. Let me assume that we tried the examination "Do not know the existence of the law" for us. Oh, God. What happens then?

/(int) Huh?/What's up?/ Are not you bad? If you are biased by a bad student you may be able to drop out a lot. " But it is only D – Class that leave school yeardrops, and one pair or two pairs "" It is strange that it is "Sudou seems to have noticed that point.

"The important thing in this story is that" the combination of pairs is inevitably made to be a balanced combination ". And that means that it is also "a proof of the existence of a law." By stuffing this story "proof of the law" was made.

"An answer derived based on all processes and results. It is a rule that "a person who got a high score and a person who got a low score pair up". I can not think of anything else. If I am 100 points and Sudou-kun is 0 point, two people with the greatest difference between the maximum point and the minimum point will pair up. By doing this, the most balanced test result will be brought out. "Karuizawa who was convinced, but a new problem emerges.

"I see. But, the average point is not the most dangerous student? "

Right. As the score goes down to the center, various risks increase. "Although students with low score can be combined with high pupils, the possibility of interlayer building with the same middle tier increases.

But back to back, the level of quiz questions is expected to be somewhat high.

Is not it a matter of waiting for problems to correctly measure academic ability?

It will also be possible to avoid it to some extent by prior arrangements and countermeasures.

"If the senior student confirms the law and the same answer is returned, the problem of rule of law is settled with that. We can proceed to the next step. Hirata-kun and Kushida, may I ask the senior students to confirm it? "" Of course I'm asking "" I will ask the seniors of the Soccer Club "they are willing to accept. First of all, countermeasures against the quiz have come to light.

"I want to ask one more thing," "Please do." Even against Karuizawa 's doubts, Horikita encourages without a disagreeable face.

"If you say pairing up, what happens if the number of people in your class is odd?" "It is an interesting point, but that worry is unnecessary at present. When entering from A – Class to D – Class, the number of all classes is even number. I do not give any influence because there are no dropouts. However, although it is selfish guess ….I wonder if they were forced to fight hard when they dropped out. " Are not you poor about losing just by being alone? "

It seems to me that Kushida seems to have a friendly follow-up by the school side.

"Even if you are leaving school or taking a leave of absence due to an unexpected fact that you are sure to have an even number of people at the time of enrollment, I guarantee that it will bear the responsibility of the class." Deserted Island and the sports festival, The school side imposed a merciless penalty on those who did not participate. Certainly the possibility is highly impressed. If you withdraw a single dropout, there is a high possibility that you will be disadvantaged greatly in future exams. Horikita will also be aware of the size of saving Sudou.

"Have they solved?"

"Well, well. Did you think that only thinking is useless? "Karuizawa's small question is dispelled and moves on to the next agenda.

"The law of the quiz test, another step that is worrisome as proceeding to the next step as soon as its back is taken off … …Which class should be nominated to fight? My answer is simple. The only thing I should aim for is C – Class. "Before listening to someone else 's opinion, Horikita first made his opinion. And continue on the grounds.

"The reason is a matter of comprehensive academic achievement without speaking. C-Class is inferior to A-Class and B-Class in academic ability, that's all. Is it obvious if you look at Class Point so far? "

As a basic idea it will not be wrong. There is little point bothering to challenge a high class of academic ability purposely. But Hirata complemented it a bit while understanding it.

"I agree, Horikita. However, A-Class and B-Class naturally pierce it. If it is assumed that C-Class is inferior in academic ability, it probably may be suffering enough. It is a possible bad pattern ─ ─ ─ "Hirata imaged and described the combination on a note.

A-Class nominated D-Class → Determined without D-Class B-Class nominated C-Class → victory in lottery → confirmed in C-Class C-Class nominated B-Class → where Class D – Class nominated C – Class → defeated by lottery → forced to A – Class "Although it is a bad case, there may be enough to be such a form" "Wow, It is the worst when it comes to such a thing. You have troublesome A-Class problem sentences and you have to make A-Class partner's problem sentence, right? I do not feel like winning. "" Yeah. There is no reason why another class does not target the C – Class. But there is no reason to be afraid to avoid it. There is no need to lower the possibility of winning? "

Horikita argues that we should aim at C – Class even if we take the risk of lot drawing.

"Is there a clear difference in academic ability between A-Class and B-Class? I am worried about how much it is different from C-Class. "I bumped into a simple doubt.

"There is no doubt that the A-Class is a little higher. However, I think that it is not so different from blatant. There seems to be quite a gap in the comprehensive academic ability of B – Class and C – Class …… I will try to find a good deal about that. "We understand the average academic ability of D-Class, but we do not know about other classes deeply.

The school side does not announce it if I recall. The only thing I know is the difference of Class Point. From that we can not clearly estimate academic ability alone. Even looking at that point, I guess he was thinking about these tests. The amount of Class Point is not a simple difference in academic ability. If B-Class is higher in academic ability than A-Class, it will be difficult to see the painful outcome.

Even so – I gently looked at the man sitting next to Horikita.

Almost at the same time Horikita makes a strange voice to the man.

"It's quiet and quiet Sudou-kun. Most of the time, you should be gentle? "

"I'm not talking about the level that I understand, and if it is noisy, you're in the way, is not it?"

To Sudou who talks about such an ordinary thing, we all quieted to breathe in.

"Oh, you said weird things?" "I was surprised because I took it for granted that … ….What do you think of this feeling? "I definitely thought that the story could be confused by caught my mouth halfway.

It seems that the shock which could not be compared to the surprising Sudou 's adultness ran.

"Well you can say one thing, are we striking each other one by one? Because it is not possible to become an A – Class at a stretch, it is easier to understand how to hit C, which is the biggest difference. "" I see. To target the C – Class, there may be certain aspects indeed. If we win at the overall point the point difference with C-Class shrinks at a stretch. "" I am convinced, but then it would be better for A-Class to attack C-Class? It is undoubtedly the A-Class will win over the overall point. Then the point of C – Class is gone, is not it lucky? "

"It depends on how far we will target results in this exam. However, it is still the same as C to be aimed at comprehensively. Let's expect somewhere with us, and other classes hit C on that, let's hope for that. "If only to reduce the point of C-Class, the comprehension point will surely be higher A-Class Or B – Class may be good for you to set up an attack. However, D – Class also want to win points and get points. It is convenient for the opponent to be weaker in order to raise the possibility. Avoiding C – Class means that you must defeat the enemy. After all, Horikita's C-Class attack plan, the point is that the strategy to hit the weak points is the most robust.

"After considering various things, everyone seems to agree with Horikita's plan. Then I will also obey "Because I dislike raging the thing, I just presented various possibilities to the surroundings.

Thank you. It seems that we can proceed to the next stage. "Despite some meetings getting caught up, the direction gathered up.

After 16 o'clock, it will be broken up, Hirata and Sudou head towards club activities. Karuizawa also goes towards the ground about Hirata. It was Mr. and Horikita, and Kushida that remained.

"Well, I will also report to the seniors when I heard about the exam." "Nice to meet you" In particular here, Kushida left without touching the example story. Of course.

"What are you planning to do, Ayanokōji-kun?" "No matter what, let's leave it to you and Hirata. Honesty There are almost 100 points to this point. I can not complain. You also have confidence in this forecast, do not you? "

So far. But in order to challenge the final exam, we need to be proficient from the front. "" Anyway I have to improve my academic ability throughout my class. But if you change your way of saying you can easily clear it if you increase your academic ability to a certain extent. If necessary you can adjust your scores as you wish and combine with the appropriate person "" Can I put it in that number? "

"If it is about that. You can join the study group if necessary. But I do not have a leader. "" I will play a student who can not do it "" I just leave the facts as it is. "Is not it a reasonable line as I can do for Horikita? I thought so, but this woman did not seem to be easy.

"I will make you think. You also want to give a suitable role, one of the D-Class. To win everyone. "" ……I thought. "I answered yes and I had the hardest thing to do.

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