Classroom of the Elite

By Kinugasa Shougo



○ D – Class changing.

The sports festival ended and it became chilly in the middle of October.

A general election was held to decide the members who will play the next student council, and as soon as the change ceremony of the new and old student council came. It was a big event that gathered all the students in the gymnasium, but it was also a matter of time for most first graders. While trying to sleep, I am breathing so that I can not put my eyes on the teacher and other senior students.

"Well then, I would like to have the last word from the student council president Horikita." Horikita Manabu slowly advanced to the microphone prepared for the stage with the words of the chairman.

Previous Horikita ……Although it is a sister, if it is, it may have been atrophied only by the appearance of his brother.

But now I was watching with my eyes firmly as I watched my brother's retirement.

"I am grateful that I am proud of being able to lead the Student Council for about two years and at the same time. Thank you. "After a very short greeting, Horikita brother quietly retreated and returned to its original position.

It can be said that it was a greeting that went like a duty silently without any emotional wording.

However, apparently the retirement ceremony seems not to be over.

Student council officers on the stage are standing firm without standing.

"Horikita student council president, I appreciate all of you. Well then, here we are going to receive a new word from A Kannami Yao-kun, who will take office as a new student council president. "Namo, who was called as a new student council president, is called forward and stands in front of the microphone.

Among the student council members who watch the figure warmly on the stage, there is also a figure of Ichinose of one year.

"Two years is the A-Class Nanuni. Horikita student council president, thank you very much for your warmest guidance until today. I am honored to be able to accompany the best student council president who demonstrated one of the best leadership in the past, and I would like to express respect. " Then turn to the student again.

"We will introduce ourselves to you. It is Nanameomi. I am going to take over as the student council president of Advanced Nurturing High School. Thank you very much for your continued support. "It touched me with a glimpse at the athletic festival, and Nanun was polite. The expressions and attitudes shown at the athletic festival are hiding behind. It felt like I felt that way too.

Nancy smiled thin and small so as to change from calm air.

"Although it is quickly, first of all, I am committed to changing the terms of office and appointment of the Student Council, and the way of the general election. I think that Horikita former student president was able to change the general election held in December every year in October was an attempt. Consideration made to move to the next generation at an early stage produced certain effects. Therefore, the new Student Council decides that it is time to step into a new step and the Student Council President and the Student Council officers make their term of office indefinitely during their studies and change so that they can continue until graduation. At the same time, we will eliminate restrictions on the system of general elections and regulations, and we will create a system that will allow Alumni Association officers to be accepted at all times. In other words, we will make it possible for active and necessary talent to be active at any time and as many members as members of the Student Council. If there are talented persons judged to be ineligible during the term of office, we will make a majority vote at the conference and we will also create a contract for expelling them accordingly. I will declare this to the beginning, the students gathered here, the sensei people, and the student councils led by the former student council president. As for my future school ……First of all, I will destroy all of the school's appearance that should be this, which the successive student councils have kept. " It is a remark that seems to deny all the accomplishments of the former student council who stand behind.

"Originally, even now I want to start as a new organization that I think, but unfortunately I can not go that way either. There are a lot of stuff in the barely American student council president. "Nuncum saw Horikita former student council president. However, I look back to the students at once.

"I promise to make a big revolution soon. Practiceful students are on top of the bottom, students with inadequate skill are below the bottom. I will change this school to a true witness school, so please do not hesitate to contact us. "To that declaration, the gym was silent for a while. However, immediately afterwards, almost everyone in the second grader made a scream of delight and settled. The fight between senior students who do not know about our first graders may have been between the second grader and the third grader. It was such an event that made me feel it.

1 One such event told the end, after the school of one day the second semester came to the middle.

A little change around me was beginning to take place little by little. Deserted Island, the sports festival and the D – Class which has crossed the big event started to have a class as a class although it was a slow pace. The circles of friends who were small were gradually spreading, and those who thought that they could not get out of the beginning also began to get along.

Efforts on classes also became markedly better. The big factor is that Sudou of a problematic child who snoozed late and brought violence and various anxiety factors to my language, changed.

After the sports festival, although the days were still shallow, improvement was mostly seen in that attitude. Sometimes I'm receiving classes that seem to be sleepy, but that would be the effect of intense practice at the Basketball Club. Even though I am sleepy, I always take notes during class. The monitoring system that Horikita checks collectively at a later date may also have influence.

Ike, Yamauchi et al. To friends, rough violence hurt the ringing and gentle touch.

It is such a place that I do not want to lower the evaluation of Horikita who is a human being who is intentional, intrigue of self-disgusting selfishly. What motivates people to change is mostly such things.

In any case Sudou grew steadily and began to raise the surrounding evaluation.

On the other hand, such a change was not only in Sudou but also in Mr. himself.

It is a very rude line whether to regard this as a good thing or a bad thing.

Per Person

When I am sorting out my recent situation, I can speak to you right from the side.

I glared a little bit about Horikita who was the one who felt like laughing with "I am bad alone".

"An important friend Ike-kun and Yamauchi-kun. I was extremely depressed to invite you. "" …really?

Each place marking "extreme" represents a bad personality.

"Oh, it's my misunderstanding. It seems that lunch is also one person these days. Ike and Yamauchi will take Hakase and leave the classroom. Will it also go to Zelka Mall?

I intended to be calm like Buddha, but Horikita seems to have seen everything.

Yeah. That point would be one of my changed parts. After the sports festival, I got less invited from the two who were most close to my friends. No, I have not been opposed at all.

Sometimes you just lose people. Everyone ought to have thought that they were united by the same group of students, gathering unnecessary students, but in reality you were hiding high physical abilities. "" What is a high physical ability. It's just a little bit faster. "" But the speed of the foot. Especially for students. Besides, did not you look back over the past things again? I would have noticed that the number of grip strength measurements was higher than average. And you should have known, too? People tend to dislike other people who are outstanding. In fact, in your case I had hidden the excelled part so far. "Such a thing knows not to say. However, you must admit that you did not understand clearly. "It was a fact that he had a consciousness that "the speed of his feet is fast".

"Well then, enjoy the single life slowly." Horikita, who left the disgusting remarks, where to go Long hair and squirting the classroom.

Always in a habit of one, the dignified standing behaviors deserved respect only a little.

Karuizawa, who was still in the classroom, sent a strange line of sight to him when he was waiting for his back. However, if I think that the line of sight has crossed, I will be out of sight with nature as though I did not plan on seeing it separately. Obviously it was intentionally visible, but leaving the classroom a little behind Horikita without appealing anything in particular. I am concerned about the shortness of the skirt that hit Hirari. It is a bit shorter than the other students. It seems that one centimeter two centimeters is alive with the world of error with full power.

"What a hell … ….Well, it is good. "" Hey, Ayanokōji-kun "When I was thinking about what to do, I had unexpected visitors in my place.

It was the same type girl-type girl Satō as Karuizawa. I do not know the name below. I am also a good girl with Ike and Yamauchi and I participate in group chat, but there is almost no point of contact.

Despite being a classmate, I have never talked much.

For girls who make friends with boys, they seem to be popular like Kushida, but they are not as popular as heterosexuals.

Ike says that he is accustomed to man with a light appearance. It seems that such a bitch is not accepted. It's such a complex man's feelings.

From the timing of the visit I might be waiting for me to become one person.

Satō is looking around in a somewhat uncomfortable state.

I got word you wanted to see me.

I could not help listening to such an unusual situation.

– Ya, I know. A lot of things "I have little crispness. Unfortunately we could not infer the content of the story.

Information on the student Satō is too little.

"Well then. You say, do you mind lending me a moment? There is a story. "It is also unusual. I strengthened my vigilance a little, but my liver has not settled enough to refuse invitation. The courage to receive from courage to refuse is easier.

"What is it like in here?" Before I reply, Satō hoped to change the place I stepped unless I declined. I follow it and I will follow.


When I left the classroom, Sakura cried out after saying something, but after all I never stopped calling out later.

I went out to the corridor and came to the corridor which continued to the gymnasium. As the students playing or practicing using the gymnasium for lunch will be crowded for use on the move, everyone is eating lunch This time it is one of the most popular in the school. You may be beaten to talk.

Especially without having to join with someone else, Satō turned around and looked back.

"I hear a bit strange but ….Why is Ayanokōji-kun someone dating? "

"Er, what does that mean?"

"It is decided in the meaning as it is. I mean she's gone. … ….How does it…

If asked by 2 choices whether there is or not, there are no alternatives other than not.

I do not want to appeal to motivation but I do not have any choice but to answer obediently.

Wha… Uh… I-I don't see you.

"Oh, I see. Well then, why should I just ask for her now? "

Even if it is made to be stupid, Satō relaxed a mouth a little gladly without being sorry.

When I came this far, I began to understand what the talk flow is like.

Is it a trap to fit me? Once you are wary of the surroundings, there is no sign of anyone who seems to be hiding in a hurry. Naturally it never came running after leaving the classroom.

Then, it means that there are students who think that Satō himself / her close friend can make me a boyfriend. At this timing, why suddenly.

Is this also Horikita's "fast speed of foot"?

"Because you can do it from a friend – that, please exchange the phone number" Apparently it is not a friend of Satō, but Satō himself seemed to be that person.

I never thought that it would be the day for girls to receive such a proposal.

This is like ─ ─ mid-confession.

There are no particular reasons for refusing to replace contacts "I just understood".

I am going out but I'm not going out with a story about a further leap forward. Now I am only hoping to exchange phone numbers.

Yes. That's it, it's done, "the letter of registration is on the phone. It is still nice, it is that the number of girls' contacts increases.

After a brief exchange with Satō, why is it strange tranquility and air flowing.

"I hear things that are idyllic, but why have you asked for contacts suddenly?"

Satō blushed slightly and deflected his eyes.

"Why not say that …?A sports festival, relay. Ayanokōji-kun saying he was really cool. I never thought that it was a no mark though it was close like this until now. It was a class, I thought that Hirata-kun is the best, but because Karuizawa's boyfriend, how can I not help it? "

After that, Satō looks up at me and adds words in a panic.

"Oh, so you say Ayanokōji-kun does not think anything below Hirata-kun? To be honest, I see it looks cooler than Hirata-kun and she seems to be kind and adult … …Anyway, that's why! "

Whether things like shame felt in the principal, the last 'e' was not heard well. I do not have thoughts following the incident with Satō that went away like the wind, I'm standing.

It was a place that I could not expect, a timing unexpectedly, I got a confession in a person I do not expect. Although life is one-size ahead, it is darkness, but ridiculous things have happened. In the first place, what should I do with this situation? Regarding Satō, I was only accepting it purely flat as a classmate without being good or bad. Then, is it right to decline confession?

No, it is not told that you like going out anyway. I was asked only if she was there but I was only asked for a contact. To add another one, I started from a friend and I just asked to exchange contacts. If you refuse to give up, you might be thrust into what misunderstanding. It's very cool and bad.

Although it is also confirmed, it is good for seeing as a bystander, but when you become a party at the time, you are in trouble. I can understand the feeling when Sakura was confessed to Yamauchi before now if it is now.

When I returned to the school with such a complex feeling, I encountered A – Class' s Katsuragi and Yahiko on the way.

Katsuragi stopped his leg and said to Yahiko, though I thought I did not need to speak, especially.

"Sorry, but please go ahead. There is a talk in Ayanokōji a little "Yahiko strengthened caution for a moment but nodded immediately as Katsuragi's instruction.

"Horikita seems not to be with you" "It is not always two people" It's easy to tell men a boy compared to girls.

When I think so, I feel stupid I was struggling to make friends.

Of course I wouldn't. I was surprised honestly at the sports festival the other day, the last relay. Perhaps it was a situation that nobody in other classes was able to predict. "Naturally it will be a story of that hand. This is astonishing without saying the content speaks lightly.

"It is said that D-Class is not being killed too." "I see. However, most of the students of D – Class seemed surprised. If no one is a thousand two-acter, those who knew the speed of your foot seem to be quite limited. "Would you like to mention it as Katsuragi? I was observing the surroundings frequently in that noise.

Usually it is about attention to runner 's me and Horikita elder brother, but I look closely at all classes including them.

"Although you can imagine what you are free, I will not be able to tell you anything." " I'm not trying to force you from you. "" Do you think that you want information even if you are a hostile class? Or is it the evidence that you are not doing anything against D – Class after all from the A – Class perspective? "Katsuragi, who had a slightly troubled face, walked a few steps, looking out the window from the side.

"I am being chased by various troublesome projects now. I just can not afford to look at other classes. "" I was talking to Horikita. Take care of Ryūen "Turn only information that you know to Katsuragi.

"I will set a goal without pretense to win. Sometimes it is any means, such as extortion or violence, "but in fact Katsuragi is not alarmed only by Ryūen. Rather, Sakayanagi lurking in the A-Class is supposed to be more vigilant. However, I will not dare mention the story.

Sakayanagi Arisu is a mysterious student who knows my past. If you stick around the bush, you will be caught by a snake.

"Extortion or violence? It seems to be dangerous if it is known to the school. "" It is a man who skillfully does it. Please advise Horikita not to continue to mock a guy. Ryūen is a common enemy for A-Class, B-Class, and D-Class, although it may seem like imitation to send salt to enemies, but C-Class fights It is true that it is the fact. However, there is evidence that Katsuragi once formed a hand with Ryūen. Whether it is okay to believe it unconditionally.

When thinking about that, Katsuragi seemed to feel this distrust.

"Can not believe it?"

I will decide to step on that question a bit.

"To be honest, there is also an unbelievable part. It is a subtle matter whether to tell your story to Horikita as it is. I can not tell you the source, but there are rumors that Katsuragi and Ryūen are working together. Is it demo? "

「……Where did you know that. No, did I have to investigate deeply? "Did you reach the answer soon, Katsuragi continued the words without disturbance?

"I regret it now. Although I could not afford a temporary feeling, I should not have engaged with a guy. That's why I want you to think that it is advice. If you touch a guy you will receive a curse. "I do not know what merit was disadvantage, but was Katsuragi experienced with that as well? Strangely convincing though it is not certain about the authenticity of the story.

"It should have been known from the beginning. The dangers of pairing with the guy "" Is that because there were so many suggestions? Katsuragi smiled small so as to self-dictate.

I thought it was unnecessary, but Katsuragi's face can not afford at all. I wonder if you are not impatient or uneasy. I decided to step in a bit and ask again.

"I know to be wary of Ryūen, but the problem is not the A-Class and the B-Class? I saw the Class Point table released in October. "Katsuragi's lips are strongly tied. I do not think that I do not care about that.

A-Class increased to 1124Class Point at the end of Deserted Island and showed a good result, but dropped to 874 points with a sharp drop in points with Special Shipboard Examination and Sports Festival. For the B-Class to catch up against, it is 753 points. The difference is the most packed except at the start when it was side by side.

As a supplement, C-Class is 542 points. And our D – Class is 262 points.

"There is no other way to admit that it is certainly not a good condition. It is being swayed by the structure of the school. It is one factor that I can not grasp perfectly the structure of Class Point. "Do you still carelessly mention Sakayanagi's topic?

However, as Katsuragi says, it is also true that there is a problem with the point system at this school.

It seems to be simple, it is surprisingly difficult to understand and there are many obscure places.

Although it was easy to notice when looking back, as soon as entering school, I was absent late, and I was making a strict assessment of the attitude of the class. The fact is that we are strongly influenced by the D – Class and once it has spit out all the Class Points it is fresh to remember.

However, there is no indication that the class attitude etc is currently reflected in Class Point.

Of course I am working seriously, but I do not think that minus has completely disappeared.

If I think about it now, it may have been the first "special exam".

"I originally came from a local junior high school, but it is a totally different place from the high school life I imagined, here is this place" Katsuragi got a little frustrated with a little frustrated place.

"As I understood, this school is a place with a mysterious mechanism that is hard to understand. I feel it again recently. Originally between students of the same grade, they should be good friends. There is no doubt a hostile thing "There is no doubt that it is different from ordinary school life. Students are making up a mechanism that is difficult to be cheerful. It can also be said that competing rules are being built. In some cases, a hatred match occurs to the extent that you kick the opponent. Such a school.

Just that much, my family ……Unity within your class is basically increased.

Well, the unity of that class is also doubtful except for B-Class.

D – Class with many individual play lacking cohesion, C – Class of dictatorship. And it is a subtle situation with the A-Class which was divided into two in power struggle.

"Have you not been perplexed? Ayanokōji "" To be honest at all. Just because of differences in thinking does not affect judgment whether this school is good or bad. It is an excitingly attractive school if you take such a framework that you have to aim for A-Class. Far away, not having to worry about clothing, shelter and livelihood, if you do your best to some extent, you can also get the money spent on entertainment at the points you will be paid. No matter what facility in the school you take, you can not complain with it. "That point is what all people living in this school have in common. There is no one who does not welcome the current environment unless it is an eccentricity like an ancient person who likes extreme mountain living. Katsuragi can not even refute.

Agreed. If there is something to complain about, it will be that the environment is too perfect. I do not think that high school freshman is well treated. It is not because I have not overcome a particularly difficult exam. … ….A waste talk has passed. Anyway tell Ryūen firmly to Horikita "Following the advice of a silent guy, I promised to tell Horikita.

In fact Ryūen steadily attacks and destroys the D – Class.

"I just want to spend calmly, you too. I have a lot of hardships …I could not help muttering "mutually".

2 That night I was relaxing in the room, Karuizawa called me. The contact person responds a little surprisingly to the incoming received for the first time though it was exchanged.

"There is something I'd like to ask you a moment." Karuizawa said that as soon as I manipulated the call tab and hit my cell phone on my ear.

"It would be nice if there was something you could do to answer." "You, you were told by Satō," said the unexpected question. Why do you know such a thing?

"I will tell you earlier but several girls in the class already know." "There is an information network with fast transmission of dock. You are earlier than the net. Who is the source of the information? "" Nobody anything, Mr. Satō himself. I knew in advance that I would confess today. "Is it like insider trading? … ….No, something different.

"So you saw me at noon?" "….Did you notice it? "

"Who will confess to whom, whatever, why do you report it?" "Because girls are like that." It will be troublesome to get in touch with you later.] Is it something you want to write names on possessions?

Even boys have similar phenomena, it may not be strange, but ….

Still there are points that I do not understand.

"Even if you do not declare or declare if you are the same as your opponent, do not you like it?" "It is completely different. If you declare that you are suddenly going out, it is sometimes you buy it. I do not care about such a thing separately. It is that reply that I want to hear. "No, I am at a loss for being told such a thing.

"No matter what my reply is, it does not matter to you." "That does not matter, but …. But does not it say that it is irrelevant? You are going to threaten me and make me do a lot of things so it will get caught. Girls are in trouble if extra rumors are circulating as the network is wide. The risk of getting caught in this way also increases. I can understand that.

In other words, I have a danger of talking extra information on Karuizawa by going out with Satō. Or you will not be obliged to protect Karuizawa just care about Satō. It's about calling me thinking about such a thing. Even though I think about it obviously I think too much.

It seems that there is a line and it does not pass much. Karuizawa is a person who thinks theoretically without looking for appearance or behavior, but this time it is a little too forcibly.

"I do not need to worry anyway" "I am going to get a confession." "That's not to say" "That's what you are saying. Because I can not say I refuse it here. Oh, you feel like you saw the bottom? Why are you confessing that why do you think about something horny about the good things? Men are such living things "It is a leap of a terrible idea. A child who took one at the athletic meeting will be able to become an Olympic player in the future and the parents who raise it are too much leap forward.

"Even though a man is such a creature, at least I do not feel like that at the moment." "Please prove it. Reason not to refuse "" No proof or anything, I have not been confessed. Just being told that I want you to start from a friend, I just exchanged contacts. "… ….I see. It was such feeling. "Why do you have to tell Karuizawa this kind of thing? Shame is also a good place.

"I do not have a confession in this, nor do I accept it. I exchanged contacts. "" Fuh … …. " Well, for now, I will do that for today. "It was Karuizawa 's attitude from the very top.

Do I finish what I should check on the phone I got?

"I'd like to ask one thing, have not you done anything from C-Class's Matsumoto?"

「……Yes. It's OK for now "Voice tone falls by 1 or 2 stages. It is a matter I do not want to be touched if I take it to Karuizawa.

"I am planning to take measures, but please let me know as soon as possible if something goes wrong. Even if it is an intimidating threat as to make useless uselessly, I will definitely solve it when I speak to myself. "It was transmitted to Karuizawa breath over the phone. Did you use a little strong expression?

「……I get it. Or, I'm in trouble if I do not get it useful … "

In order to survive at this school, Karuizawa absolutely needs to keep the current status.

To do that, you must completely contain the person who knows the truth.

Although students like Masanori are not even able to understand what the truth is. The problem would be Ryūen about that back. Depending on the situation, you have to hit there.

No, perhaps the time is approaching as soon as possible.

"That's why the story has shifted, but what about Satō's case? Is there a possibility that changing contacts will go on to the next one? "

"I am on hold. At least I do not know anything about Satō. I will not be contacting you from ahead. "" Well then Satō-san, if you do not eat any more, shake it? "

"Even waving, I just replaced the contacts. I will not go from myself. "I do not feel confident that I will invite you to a date daringly, even more to confess.

Yeah. Okay, well then. "Karuizawa, as if you were convinced of something, tried to break the call.

'Karuizawa' 'I thought I was not in time, but as I stopped calls were never interrupted.

"Please delete the history of my cellular phone calls to me." "I do it already. Karuizawa seemed to be doing well even without instructing it "Even mail" and "I am fluffy."

"If only it cuts?"

"Oh" Add such interaction at the end, and finish the call.

I was worried whether you should really say one more, but let's stop it.

Even if I talk about my assumption at the present stage, I decided that it will be a burden of Karuizawa.

Even if that time comes, Karuizawa will do the least amount of correspondence.

It is inevitable that a "physical" response is required.

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