Until death faithful!

Until death faithful!

Even if God of Emotion is exists in Class One God top, but, he must challenge, is in High God the strength is very possible at present is strongest God of Ruin. Possibility that he simply has not won. When clearly knows is this situation, he presented the challenge as before, this means that he has disregarded the life and death.

The God of Ruin look concentrates, he has not thought that at this time, God of Emotion also dares unexpectedly so.

„Young people, do you also want persist in your own wrong doings? Your talent is very good, perhaps in the future really will have the possibility in liter position. You should know that provokes again, I will not show mercy.”

God of Emotion coldly replied: „I do not know that what is persist in your own wrong doings, I only know that anything is until death faithful. Sea God is my father-in-law, Wutong is my wife, for them, how throws actually this life to be able? Moreover, you also not necessarily certainly can win me. If I have won you, please emit my father-in-law, relieves the seal. If I lost, how this life does give you?”

God of Ruin laughs, said: „Good, good and good, really worthily is the man who Wutong settles on. Worthily is the disciple who Sea God and God of Emotion regard as important. Only this courage, was worth them to your settling on. If I do not comply, appeared I does actually. Good, I help your faithful until death.”

Is working as so numerous god, as High God he, must comply with God of Emotion this challenge. If he does not comply, will have the huge attack to his own prestige.

„Yuhao!” Life Goddess floating kept off in front of God of Emotion, has turned around, vision brilliant looked to him, „do not make the senseless sacrifice.”

God of Emotion shook the head silently, „Green Aunt, you have helped us be many, then, makes Yuhao come. Troubles you to help me look after Wutong. If, if I were defeated, you told him, I looked for the reinforcements, was missing. Ok?”

The Life Goddess tender body trembles slightly, at this time, she did not have the means to prevent again. Regardless of God of Emotion is young, he is now God Realm Class One God, a Class One God dignity, is really sometimes more important than the life!

Life Goddess smiles bitterly, „can really like this?”

God of Emotion shaking the head of gently, said: „I have not chosen, other god can walk, but I am not good. I do not give up Wutong, but, in this castle, is imprisoning my father-in-law, my parents family member. I must fight for them.”

„Treasures.” Life Goddess received Butterfly God. In the double pupil the jade light twinkle, two ray shine in the God of Emotion double pupil suddenly.

The God of Emotion body shakes, the body is also appears jade light, although dodges to pass, but his own aura actually slightly changed several points.

„Goes, puts out your complete strength.” Saying of Life Goddess inspiration.

Rong Nianbing and seven elemental gods have not walked, on their faces, was appears the sentiment of admiration?

In God Realm, has the courage to give up oneself life fighting, such courage is really worth admiring, although this courage now looks like some stupidities of bringing death.

Before God of Emotion slowly flutters, in process that his body is fluttering forward, the makings of whole person influencing subtly are having the change.

The laughter , anger , sorrow and happiness like detesting, seven Emotion unceasing is fluctuating quietly. On his face also gradually revealed a light sadness.

However, while this presents sadly, around his body, ascended unexpectedly dense mist. This mist is not rich, has not caused the day to change, but, flash when this mist presents, God of Ruin red look, had the change slightly.

That is sparkling seven color mist, is not the genuine mist, but is a flame, only belongs to god, Flame of God!

Flame of God, each god has, but, dares to release truly it, is few. Because, Flame of God, is god Fire of Life!

True Fire of Life, terrifying Fire of Life. When Flame of God starts to burn, means that god, gave up own life.

Combustion of Flame of God, means that this god most magnificent time, will soon show.

„In the past, on Douluo Continent, I and Wutong, had has gone through many places innumerably, finally arrives at the same place. Once, for sometime, I think that I must lose her. In that extremely sad with missing during, I created three type Soul Ability, Soul Ability, this was our Douluo Continent name, but I also similarly believe that this was coming from my soul skill. Therefore, even if in God Realm, I also as before is willing to call it like this. These three type divine skill, reposing my being in love to Wutong with not to abandon. That time she, the alias was Wang Dong'er, therefore, my these three type Soul Ability, were called: Hao Dong Three Absolutes.”

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