God Realm

God Realm

The Sea God complexion changes, wipes the excited color to dodge to pass, nodded to Life Goddess, said: „Thanks.”

Sits in God of Ruin and Life Goddess opposite two people also be with smile on the face nodded to Sea God, said: „Congratulations.”

The Sea God smile returns salute.

God of Ruin sound somewhat chilling [say / way]: „Congratulations.” Although in expression not the meaning of many congratulation, but said finally.

Sea God said: „Recently these years, various world of mortals mainland truly presented many strength remarkable humanity, I suggested that strengthens Deity Pathol Hunter to do an inspection to supervise, if there is an outstanding candidate, truly can introduce God Realm. We also strengthen to the examination that god alternates, how?”

Listened to his such saying, the God of Ruin look to relax several points, other three people nodded, God of Ruin also nodded eventually.

God of Ruin said: „That today arrived here, I must handle several Class Two God disputes.” Then, he stands up, turns around to walk outward.

Life Goddess somewhat apologetic looks to Sea God, but also stands up, to three humanity: „Sea God, God of Kindness and God of Wickedness, I also first walked, I must look to select him, avoid he is extremely severe.”

Sea God at this time the mind some state of mind have not been, stands up says with a smile: „Goes quickly.”

Life Goddess then pursued the direction that God of Ruin was leaving.

God of Wickedness of black clothed stands up, turns head to look to Sea God, said with a smile: „It looks like, God of Ruin or the resentment read are very deep! However, he also for the development of God Realm.”

God of Kindness of white clothing stands up, said: „His today's Emotion is somewhat irritable, Sea God, do not mind.”

Sea God shows a faint smile, said: „I may not have the time to mind with him now that I only want quickly to have a look at my wife. Today your value defends, I was loaf.”

God of Wickedness hey said with a smile: „Goes quickly. Has the good news to probably quickly tell us!”

The Sea God big sleeve wields, changes into a blue flowing light, floating goes.

Looks back that he leaves, beautiful God of Kindness arrives at side God of Wickedness, walking arm in arm gently in his shoulder, said: „God of Ruin was getting more and more excessive recently, the he and Sea God contradiction between transformed to gradually outwardly, does this make us should be how good from the place?”

God of Wickedness sighed one lightly, said: „We were not initial two big God King, here, we were the later generations. Watches changes quietly. God of Ruin had looked for my several times in secret, hopes that can convince me to support him. He for the God Realm development, goes all out, actually also not wrong. But Sea God is more prudent, same right. Which we stand in one side are inappropriate, can only mediate, hopes that they do not make to be good.”

God of Kindness said: „God Realm Council in our five gods, God of Ruin and Life Goddess have the glorious history, Sea God come us is earlier, but is not early are too many. We say nothing , if not two big God King departs, lets God Position of our temporarily substituting for God of Kindness and God of Wickedness, we do not have the qualifications here. On the strength, in our five gods, should be strongest by Sea God, he also has both Asura God God Position after all, is God of Ruin and Life Goddess, we are weakest. You said right, we mediate, perhaps is the best means. Even if their real battles get up, God Realm always cannot be chaotic, we also can only choose the plan of this doctrine of the mean.”

God of Wickedness said: „God Realm currently has Class One God 18, Class Two God 216, Class Three God 1847, ordinary God Officer and Deity Pathol Hunter approximately more than ten thousand. Like us, choosing the neutral should be in the majority, after all everybody is side god, Sea God and God of Ruin is only the idea does not gather, said honestly that I really hope that two big God King finished the world of mortals travelling earlier, quickly comes back, has them, also will not have such many matters.”

God of Kindness resigned-looking [say / way]: „That two fellows, are pestering the generation after generations in the world of mortals samsara, does not know that experienced many worlds, every time cultivates the peak, when we look, so long as they restored some memories not to be willing to come back. Really is helpless!”

God of Wickedness smiles suddenly, said: „Thinks that these are also useless, dear, idles in any case is also idling, was inferior that we also do continue to try hard? You looked that others Sea God is fierce, had a daughter, this time as if makes pregnant successfully. Our god wants to give birth is really thousand difficult, all difficulties, but others had two. A our sound did not have. Is the backwardness are too really many.”

God of Kindness elegant face one red, white his eyes, said: „That can blame anyone, isn't you did not have the skill? I must drink! You adjust the liquor to drink to me!”

God of Wickedness fierce hugs her, said: „Good, furnishes you to drink, roaring flame red lip, what kind of?” At the same time was saying, he holds God of Kindness to turn around to walk, the black light remained together same place, monitors is governing these myriad fields of vision of world of mortals.

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Everybody collects and recommends much! Third child can write gives vigor. Lead who this book, everybody will see my six works.

Including: Douluo Continent and Douluo Continent ii Peerless Tang Sect, Heavenly Jewel Change, Wine God, Magic Chef of Ice and Fire as well as Douluo Continent iii

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