271 episodes Darcia Zuckert honor female Count

271 episodes Darcia Zuckert honor female Count

In a corner of the entertainment district of the city of Moksi, elven bards practiced the guitar.

While playing the score, play the string and play the sound. He played a song through and he lifted his face.

“It’s a wonderful score, it’s very easy to understand”

The S class adventurer who is disguised as an elven troubadourist Rudolph ……, “true” Randolph said so impressed to Kanako.

“After all it is neither a song nor a guitar, it’s a score, it’s great.”

Kanako · Tsuchiya not noticed Rudolph’s identity …… Kanako of the reincarnating [Venus] smiled a bitter smile.

“No, neither the guitar nor this song is not a bad thing, Ediria was also acclaimed, but it is very fresh things to tell you, it will be a great learning experience.”

Randolph entered to collect information about Vandal, knowing that Kanako, one of the members of Vandalu, is recruiting bards and dancers.

And it was adopted especially without problems, and learned various instruments and techniques. Randolph is an elven living over 100 years, yet an experienced adventurer. Although the name is different, there are some string instruments, flutes, and drums of taiko.

However, the performance of the instrument called this guitar was fun. “God of strings” The believer of Hirshem and a female adventurer, Ederia, had been crazy about forgetting the main job, but it is enough to convince it.

The mechanism itself is simple, and there are many other similar instruments. The interesting thing is that the technique of playing is devised.

The same is true for the score that Kanako handed over.

“Mr. Kanako, you probably know well, but usually the musical instrument’s performance technique is taught by musicians and is worn by them.In most cases it is not the secret of martial arts or the magical secret of … … that Often it is difficult.

There are not a few songs that there are no musical scores, and there are other things I have to learn and listen to where I am performing. “

“Lambda” also has various music, and some people are getting daily bread through music. However, except for the royalty aristocrats who do not like it as a part of education and hobbies, their doors are closed.

In many cases, he enters his disciples and learns with professional musicians and singers. After learning self-taught, seeing and stealing …… There seems to be a slavery business that lets you learn songs and performances in order to raise the value of slaves.

In the case of Randolph, it was the beginning of learning songs and drums as part of the ritual in the hometown village where it does not exist now. However, no textbooks or music scores existed, adults explained verbally and only afterwards they practiced.

To the contrary, the technique of guitar feels as if it is supposed to teach someone.

“The performance technique of the guitar that you taught is constant and easy to understand, it seems that it is premised that an unspecified number of people learn.

And more than this score. Every song is simple and easy to understand, and it has the same writing style. Some of the performers have left music scores that can be thought of as different cryptography for each song. “

There is music also in this world. Although there was no fixed way to fill it. Every history, country, and musician who wrote the score are different.

Because it was not necessary to unify the standards.

If you and your disciples could understand, there was no inconvenience for individual musicians. Besides, I did not teach music to a large number of children like “Earth”.

That is why Randolph was praised from the bottom of my heart. Even though I was really a minstrel Rudolph, I thought you would admire her.

… … As an adventurer Randolph, I think that lyrics, and the choreography does not manage anyhow.

If I was singing that lyrics and dancing choreography, it would not fit Randolph enough to think that he had forgotten his disguise, acting and purpose as well as having escaped from the city.

As a bard and hired as a musical instrument player, singing and dancing are not done and it is saved.

“I heard that he is from a dark elves’ hiding place, did you edited this song as a score in that village, or is it you?”

Randolph waved another topic to Kanako in his mouth to misrepresent such inner feelings.

However, Kanako who received it was struggling to suppress the strengthening of his face.

“I do not like it, because I do not think anything about editing, it is natural that the score is the same, as I think it is a great pleasure to compliment clarity.”

(This person, why do not you notice the song I gave you by a different person just by looking at the music score? Because it is a professional bard poet! But anyone else’s bard poet and dancer Even though I did not notice!)

Kanako taught to a bard and a dancer who temporarily hired that they were all songs that he learned with “Earth” and “Origin” as a song written by himself. That is because as a result of various thinking, it was better to falsely so as to work in human society.

In the town of Moksiy it is impossible to misrepresent that it is a song that is transmitted to the hidden village of Dark Elf which is a fake hometown because it is impossible to publicize that he is an incarnation like Vidal Majestic Empire.

When “setting” of hidden village which does not exist becomes too complicated, there may be a discrepancy in the words described by Darcia and Kanako which are supposed to come from the same village.

So when you are asked about the origin of a song, you better say that you wrote it. Of course, there were also people who did not agree with it and remembered questionable, but it was helpful to have Kanako as a dark elf. Because it is an elderly tribe of long-lived, even if there are many songs, it lives longer than it seems to be, and it is convinced without permission whether it made songs in that time.

So, like Randolph, it was the first time for me to see the songs being composed by an unspecified number of people.

“Sorry, I’m sorry, I’m not in doubt, but I guess that something like a habit is different for each song, clearly another person wrote”

“Since I am also living a long time ago, I can not help how it seems like a song made by another if I compared the first song and the newest song”

“Certainly, Mr. Kanako may be particularly good at thinking about unusual songs, so you may feel that way”

As I said so, Kanako taught me songs as I wrote an inner-hearted cold sweat, and practicing that day opened.

While looking at her backward appearance, Randolph reflected that he may have told extra things.

(It is obviously a lie to say that I thought of all the songs on my own … … In the first place my goal is to find out about vandals.In order to misrepresent the emotions of inner feelings, and better show some places I thought, but I asked, but I might have just fueled my caution)

Randolph infiltrated into disguise of Vandal ‘s fellows until disguise to find out about him. Is there a connection with [the fragments of the demon kingdom]? … Is he the whispered whisper among some Alda believers? First of all, you must investigate whether it is the owner of thought that leads to destruction of this country.

If Vandal is the second demon king Guudranis, it is a crisis of the world as opposed to the Orbaum election kingdom. In order to survive, we have to know about the trend of Vandal.

(But, regardless of whether it is related to 【the fragments of the demon king)】, I already know that the inside of the head is not the demon king)

While staying in Moksiy for a few days and being hired by Kanako and acquainted with other Vandal officials than her, Randolph said Vandal is the demon kingdom of Alda believers … … like a ruthless and cruel and evil wicked authorization I came to know that it was far from

Apart from the dissemination of gob gobs and the discovery of new kinds of monsters and the achievements of Tame and others, Vandal ‘s everyday work and personality to hear from people in the city convinced that.

(It can not be said that a perfect good person, a man of justice, but it is true that it is true or pitiful. Because there is a possibility of acting all, I can not draw a conclusion on not seeing directly … … To be honest, I do not think it is a certain type)

Also, there are also people like Kanako, who are regarded as members of Vandal. I hide something, and there are strange points in some places, but I do not think it is evil.

Randolph was thinking that somewhat behind the back might be doing something dark, but within acceptable limits.

There are duke in the world that makes things resistant to continuing resistive movement against the domination of the enemy ‘s occupation, and a duke that requests euthanasia of the younger sister after the strange. …… Myself involved in it is far from good people. Randolph muttered so in the chest.

(Besides being involved in Vandal, big incidents are taking place. No, in the case of the evil spirit resurrected, I feel that Vandal is involved … …)

It happens without a foretaste, and Randolph converges shortly after it converges soon. There is no information that Vandal is involved in it.

However, when exterminating the evil spirit seems to have joined the mother of Vandal, Darcia, in addition to “Alchemist Five Knights.” Even timing should not be regarded as irrelevant.

The ability of “Alchem ​​5 Five Knights” knows Randolph, to a certain extent, but … it was not enough to beat the resurrected evil spirit with only a small sacrifice. The story is different unless L’Ammere, who had never seen him, or Gorde who was sacrificed, was not a strong man, but the activities of Darcia could have made a big contribution to victory otherwise.

Of course, it is a good thing to reseal the evil spirit, but Randolph felt the story of the incident stinky.

(After all, seeing directly with your own eyes, I’m sorry -)

“Hey, Elf’s older brother! Can I ask you a song?”

“Yes, what shall we sing?”

After a while, I will continue to be a minstrel Rudolph for a while. Randolph decided so and began playing the songs that the drinker sought.

“This pre-hired elves’ bard poet is a person who says Rudolph … … it’s amazingly frustrating”

Meanwhile, Kanako was talking to his colleagues in the dungeon of the fake Moksie town in the basement of the Vandal ‘s house.

“Looking at the score and finding out that it is a song made by another person … … Maybe Rudolph knows” origin “? Because it knew the song that Kanako referred to, it is a thing made by another person I pointed out “

Kanako, who was questioned by Bastia, replied, “No, I think it’s different.”

“Even if you do not remember your face or name, there is the possibility of deliberately changing it when you are incarnating, if it’s a short period until assassination of Vandal, it’s expensive.”

Inmates often have the same sex and appearance as the previous life. It is not a coincidence, Rodocorte is a result of devising so that the reincarters do not have a mental problem. …… If both parents were rhinestones other than Asian, that is not the limit, but Doug Atlas, who was a Japanese in the “Earth”, has been reborn as a black man.

Buddy inquired continuously, Rodkorte may have stopped such consideration and may have sent the incarnate to a completely different appearance from the previous life.

“It might be there, but if it was …, then I think it is strange to ask the state of the song so it is strange that there are no good things just by being disturbed from myself.”

However, Kanako did not think Rudolph’s behavior was from the reincarnate that had infiltrated to assassinate Vandal.

“The doubt is about it, the movement is like an amateur, and I am familiar with things in this world.What above, the performance arms are genuine.”

“In other words, it does not seem like there is enough arm to assassinate the boy, it is not saying that it is not a reincarnator knocked down before reincarnation of the knowledge about this world and the performance of musical instruments.”

I understand the words of Kanako as translated by Zadiris.

The former represents the high performance of Randolph’s disguise in Rudolph and the fact that he was good at concealing his ability. The latter is reasonable because he is not an incarnate.

“How about placing a description of the song? Is it the thing that I handed over to this world-style?”

“Well, I had a hard time with the ground”

Kanako did not just write the song “Origin” on the score. In particular, the lyrics changed somewhere like the meaning in this world.

So it is nearly impossible to notice that lyrics phrases and figurative expressions are from different cultures.

“Unexpectedly, it may be only because I saw Kanako’s reactions,”

However, Eleonora points out so. A woman who was infiltrated as a mistress of the leader in a criminal organization, she was healing with a reddish drink, tired of a severe dance lesson.

“I do not know how it is in the world where Van-sama had before, but the bard poet of this world is better at speaking than the peddler and it is good at reading other people’s mind.I have an information store in side job Bards are not unusual either.

So, while listening to the story, you may feel uncomfortable with your expression and voice, maybe I just tried to push it. “

“Indeed, it may have been on the table that I was upset, I’m confident in acting …. I was consciously not wary of it, maybe I was overwhelmed Hmm”

In the explanation of Eleonora, Kanako sighed. She also performed performing arts as a temporary idol in the previous life, underwent a series of exercises in the military, it was possible to prevent you from reading within your mind because you were infiltrating the terrorist organization “the eighth guidance” It is.

However, since becoming a member of Vandal, it was not related to the performance power of that hand. I realized that I was wary of psychological warfare.

“In the battle with demons, I will not be able to read my heart, so it can not be helped, so if you can kill my expression like a boy you’ll be able to mislead you.”

“Is this this?”

“… … was bad”

Zadiris unexpectedly apologized to Kanako which became expressionless as if all facial expressions were scraped off.

“To say that it is like Van, love and fright are not enough”

“From the husband’s neck to the bottom, the expression is richer than the face, I do not know the horror.”

“It looked like a zombie than a zombie”

Eleonora told the impression that Mr. Vandal was mad, supplemented by Vermondo who prepared the tea, and Bastia also touched a brief comment. Apparently, the evaluation of Kanako’s monikane seems not to be high.

“Regardless of my moniker, what would you do about Rudolph? Because my arms are good, as I would like to leave the song as it is … and then teach songs and dance, I would like him to become an evangelist of idol culture “

As a minstrel comes from the journey most of the people who live the root of the journey are ruined, as long as Rudolph acquires idol songs and dance, it seems that Kanako is planning that idol culture will spread as long as he continues his journey.

When Randolph listens, it is a terrible plan that may disappear instantly. But there was none who opposed the plan. It is because Kanako knows that the purpose of hiring trip poets, dancers, and adventurers he taught and teaching songs, dances, and songs is for this plan.

“That policy is not good, I told you earlier, but I do not mean that he is an agent of the intelligence agency, I am seriously suspicious, just in a minstrel Just because I wanted to say that there are things that they’ve got confused about. “

Eleonora does not seem to stop plotting Kanako. Actually, she and Bermond are acquainted with Rudolph.

After they almost crushed the infiltrating criminal organization, they dominated the information network only, so they no longer need to behave as the prince’s mistress, but they are showing and acting without hiding anyone as a friend of Vandal.

And since Vandal journey to Alcclem … I was taking Kanako lessons.

In the past, it was two people who avoided using the transfiguring equipment, as well as the stage debut, but after receiving handmade appliances from Vandal and further practicing members such as Prevel and Gizania, keeping their eyes on It was impossible.

If this is not done, it may become possible for all the closest female teams to sing and dance other than their own vandals. Since it is hard to catch up with it, I decided to participate in the lesson from within.

It was a lesson that I overcame that conflict and had a face with Rudolph several times.

“Also, if you are an intelligence institution’s minstrel, you should disguise it to be less noticeable, it is hard to imagine that a blue hair elf like Rudolph comes near in a prominent figure”

Eleonora said that, Bellemond continued, “I think so too.”

“The intelligence workers should have been trained, but Rudolph does not feel such a sign – although there seems to be some trade-offs, it will be for self-defense.

Besides, from the appearance of passion for music, it seems that it is a pure person without a back side. “

“I will withdraw the previous say. For Rudolph it may be better to be a little wary.”

“That’s right, if you think now, you may be suspicious.”

“That’s right. Shall I keep your vigilance?”

“Why is it so?”

As soon as I have said that I am a pure person, Belmond is confused when everyone watches over Rudolph. But that is no problem.

Before becoming a member of Vandalu, her person’s eyes who had spent more than 90% of the long life of 10,000 years, alone in the maintenance and management of the hiding place on the shore of the underground lake, is well established for being a clench hole It is.

“Rudolph does not have anything to do especially because we are interviewing Vandal for us and the people in the town or singing songs, even though we are alert.

I do not see anyone trying to sneak into the house. “

“As a minstrel, it is an ordinary action, according to Miles, it seems to be” I feel a little enthusiastic “.

Besides that, is there anyone other than Rudolph? “

Kanako, who told Eleonora, gave a name from among the teachers.

“It was Ediria who was interested in the previous guitar, it seems that he liked guitar performance rather than singing and dancing.”

“Oh, that girl who had attached the holy seal of that” god of strings “It is a pillar of the gods of Arda forces … Well, because he is a believer, he is receiving protection It is not necessarily decided that it will be good separately. “

“Yeah, it’s a name I have never heard, it’s just a believer, like the believers of the majority Alda gods in this city.”

In fact, Ediria who thought that Kanako got a name and thought that Zadiris and Buddy were not wary would not be enough to watch out, is actually one of the hero candidates given Hilchem ​​’s protection … “Alchem” In any case, at Moksi she It was still an unknown existence, so I never got noticed.

“By the way, do you not have Doug and Melissa?”

“Melissa went with Miles to tell people to stop tying dag with Mr. Carlos and I followed the two because Doug was his problem”

“When you say Carlos, recently you are always in the front row, why is he with dags?”

“It looks like you want to add it to a party party, you have a point of interest”

“God of honor” is a candidate for a hero who received protection of Rubikante, Carlos. He was a town in Moksi, enchanted by the charm of an idol concert and the hidden ability of Doug.

Of course, I have not noticed Kanako as a hero candidate.

“If it’s time to teach Rudolphs, perhaps you should try to give a lecture at Alchem, or will you concentrate on preparing to give a lecture on the continent of the Devil … … No, Vidal Nurture human resources within the Empire You also need things.

By the way, when do you plan to come back? No way I do not want to write the reply of this previous letter, so it is not that I postpone returning, is not it? “

Turret type Master Knight, who was asked by Kanako to switch his consciousness and to make plans for the future, answered after turning his eyeball a lot.

“It is supposed to leave the town two days after the end of the ceremony I am doing now, so it seems that it will be about ten days later to appear in the town of Moksi.

An answer to the letter … … I am tired mentally, but I will write it properly. “

At that time, in Alcrem, praised the success of Darussia, “Alchem ​​five Gods”, all the knights and soldiers who participated in the fight, heroes of Vida, who fought to re-seal the evil Forzadival that the Duke of Tackard-Alculem resurrected, He had a speech mourning the sacrifice paid.

“In this battle, the sacrifice paid to protect this Alchemem from the evil spirit … and the world is great. One of the “sacred grounds of the wilderness” family that kept keeping the seal of the evil spirit for a long time, one of the principal and our confidant “Alchemu Five Knights”, “Knight of the Archean” Goldey.

The devotion and loyalty that he devoted himself should be a model of the world. “

Listening to the speech which enlarges the voice with magic, the knights and guards who do not know the truth, the people of the Borgadon believer tears.

It is a demon who truly mimics a human being, although it is Gordi who was a servant of the evil God, but its dedication and loyalty were real indeed. It is something of a kind that should not be modeled.

“However, they still are watching over us now with the” Mountain God “Borgadon! What we can do for the left is to just live a way to live with them!

I swear here. Be sure to defend this Duke of Alchem ​​and rebuild the temple of “the sacred place of the wilderness!” “

So the Duke proclaims. Borgadon who is floating around Vandal is mutating.

“C’mon. If such people are in the vicinity, 儂 can not maintain and manage the world worldwide. “

“Because it is a speech, the Duke does not think that Gordeys are seriously in you.”

While he whispered, the speech progressed, a memorial monument mourning for the victims of this incident and a bronze statue honoring the dedication and loyalty of Gordi was announced.

Considering the identity of the victim and Gordi, it is an exceptional hospitality in human history as well. Until the truth becomes clear, it will be a new tourist attraction of Alchem.

By the way, the temple of “the sanctuary of the wilderness” promised by the duke to be rebuilt is to be rebuilt as a temple of Bodhisattva ‘s mountain god Borgadon, not the temple of Borgadon, the “mountain god” of the Arda forces.

Formerly the “Lord God” the statue of Arda and Bellwood and the reliefs of the gods of other Arda groups were adorned, but in the new temple the statues and reliefs of the Vida gods, including the newly added Bashaths, It is going to be decorated.

“Well, let’s have a prize for those who made a achievement in this fight”

From the speech, it was an announcement of the prize. Naturally at the beginning Gordi, the deceased, he decided to get the marquis. …… Because deaths of all the clans have been confirmed, no one actually gets to the marquis position, but in fact it poses and directs that he has paid back to the hero as much as possible.

Next, a medal is awarded to the people of “Alchem ​​5 Five Knights”. People who saw the appearance of L’Ammere were prominent, but they went on without problems, although the hair had not returned as it turned white.

And the time has arrived where Vandalu longed for it.

“We will give Darjea Zuckert the honorary position with the name of Duke of Alchem! “

The audience frown loudly. A new race of Vida, especially the long-lived tribe like Dark Elf, has never been an honor aristocrat before.

But the noise was not negative, many people nodded, applauded and applauded as Darcia became an honorary count with cheering. It is because she knows that she played an active part in the battle against the evil spirit.

It is probably the dukes’ measure to lock the hole that Goldei has passed through by embracing Darcia as an honorary aristocrat in the Dukes of Alchem. Some aristocrats and merchants interpreted so, but no one outrightly exposed them.

It is a strange face about the officials of the Temple of Arda and the opportunistic Temple of Vida.

“I will respectfully worship”

On the shoulder of Darcia who pierced his knees and lowered his head, the duke lightly touches with a long sword for ceremonies with trembling hands. This made Darussia the honorary Count of the Olbium Election Kingdom.

To Duke with cold sweat, Darcia bowed again and returned to the side of Vandal, smiled.

“Now Vandal also joins the nobility’s children, but was it really good that my mother became an honorable nobleman, was not he?”

“Yes, this time it’s more natural for mothers to become honor aristoces, not me.”

In this incident, it was Darcia who played an active part in understanding people. Vandal is turning behind and it is unnatural if you look from the crowd who does not know the truth when he is evaluated more than her.

And if Darcia has power as an honor aristocrat, it will be difficult for other aristocrats or sideways from the Temple of Arda to enter. Like the temple of Tim Vida in this city, things like asking for their own weight will be less.

Besides saying that honor aristocrats can not be ruined, even those who received honor aristocracy by honor aristocratic family are treated as “aristocratic families” because they are treated as “family members of aristocracy”, so they are legally treated as nobles.

In other words, Darussia’s son Vandal is a member of the aristocrat.

The problem after that is that Darussia has passed the thing that Vandal became an honor aristocrat who was a dream, but … Vandal was not at all concerned.

“Besides, I think that mothers and everyone are proud of being evaluated.”

As Vandal said, Darcia made a smile deep.

The ceremony ended inequitably after the Duke struggled to award the Medal to the tall Gizania and to give Arthur a reward.

“Yeah, Vandal, my status also has Zakkat’s surname on my status! That’s it for now!”

“That is amazing, it is a celebration tonight.”


Unnamed: Darcia Zuckert

Race: Chaos Elf Sauce

Age: 0

Two names: 【Witch】, 【Our Lady】, 【Parent of Monster】, 【Vida’s Incarnation】, 【Pudong】, 【Saint】, 【Virgin ‘Our Lady】

Job: Demon Saint

Level: 16

Job history: Magical girl, empress magician, magical idol, demonic attendant, change warrior, saint, fighter

· Passive skills


Magic patience: 10Lv

Physical tolerance: 10Lv

State abnormal tolerance: 10 Lv

Rigidity: 8 Lv (UP!)

Speeding regeneration: 6Lv (UP!)

Great vitality: 10Lv (UP!)

Magical power increase: 8 Lv

Magic automatic reply: 8Lv (UP!)

Magical recovery speed increase: 8 Lv

Self self-reinforcement: Vandal: 6 Lv (UP!)

Self reinforcement: guidance: 10 Lv

Ability to strengthen: Creator: 7Lv (UP!)

Ability to strengthen: Jun Lin: 5Lv (UP!)

Chocolate: 8 Lv

Attack power enhancement at bow equipments: Large (UP!)

Improve defense power when nonmetallic armor is equipped: Large (UP!)

眷 reinforced: 2Lv (UP!)

Enhance ability: Transformation: 8 Lv (UP!)

Enhance magical attack power when equipped with a cane: large (UP!)

· Active skill

Cook: 6 Lv (UP!)

Domestic: 5 Lv

Hunting bow magic: 4Lv (UP!)

Long flow sword art: 3 Lv (UP!)

Millennium: 3Lv (UP!)

No attribute magic: 5Lv

Magic Precision: 3Lv (UP!)

Ming Emperor Magic: 4Lv (UP!)

Water Property Magic: 10Lv

Wind property magic: 10Lv

Fine magic: 8Lv (UP!)

Demolition: 3 Lv (UP!)

霊 体: 3Lv

Breakthrough limit: 5 Lv

Casting discard: 6 Lv

Collaboration: 9 Lv (UP!)

Goddess Advent: 3Lv

Clergy: 5 Lv (UP!)

Butoh: 4 Lv (UP!)

Singing: 3Lv

Wand Limit Break: 4Lv

Rod technique: 6Lv (UP!)

Konjac: 2Lv (NEW!)

· Unique skills

Vida’s Incarnation

Protection of life attribute gods (Vida school)

The ancestor of chaos elves

Protection of Vandal

Shinkanske skeleton

Evolution of reproduction: 6 Lv (UP!)


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