Reborn Only to Love You Again

By Yi Ge Xiao Ping Gai

Chapter 73 days

Chapter 73 days

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A year later, Beijing Hongda Network Technology Co., Ltd.

Nan Feng holding a quivering pile of data, flung open the door of the General Manager's Office.

"...... you to stay hot drink no, ...... did not drink anything, ...... Why ah, but I specially got up early to give you boil ah ...... you and too fishy, ​​and ............" Nan Feng reduction in the leather chair looking at the sweet face, the head does not open eyes looked up to the boss, the next pair of small wind eyebrows on a slip stand straight, yes, the boss actually catch fish during working hours ,,

"Fool, carp hot Well, of course, a bit of good fresh, nutritious Well! You half last night when he fainted, just Bubu body ...... astatine? How to hang up?" Blinked, a who somehow scratched his head.

Who do you play yellow chamber, and deserve! Nan Feng inside the heart cursed, then snappily handle on things hit the desk.

"However, free phone calls and clear his brother **, it is better to sign a few single business ah, seventy come across the company, can depend on you to eat it!"

Close the phone, Wang Dahu look at the color of the eyes look unhappy small mushrooms, tongue sound, said: "! I'm just send Ling-feng travel about half of it, do you need to hate me so much ah"

Nan Feng heard this, a little face immediately red rose, teeth retorted: "! What're you talking, I was not."

"? No" Wang Dahu wickedly whistled: "But the Shanghai international metropolis, a veritable fast-paced world, we grow so tall and handsome and recruit people hooked back a few aristocratic daughter, sister romantic dance that is not Shoudaoqinlai things. "

"You, you, you!" Nan Feng opened his eyes angry because a boss: "Lin Feng did not do what he said, I love a man!."

"That's not necessarily" the chair rests on the back of Wang Dahu sit and wait, decided to give herself a little fun in his spare time, "Yes! Ling-feng love you, you can also drive could not always get a high-profile ah! Relied on people for hello, you can make the effort, and you would have if I ah points, look at it! when he came back only uncertain and brought a gentle little meaning, you become past tense ah! "

"Nonsense! Ling-feng was not as like you said." Nan Feng Wang Dahu looked at his face relaxed look, my heart really hated emergency.

Lin Feng in front of him which will not reveal what it ...... What do the authors really have a circumcenter? ......

Feng Nan aggrieved thinking: that his reason for not agreed to his proposal, but also because that day too surprised, too shy Well ...... and no other meaning, why burden the next day leisurely on foot ah, he promised to think about victims have no other choice.

"It's your friends! Hey send him what the difference!" Grew more and more panic Feng Nan, finally broke out, and regardless front of this man is not his own boss, and grabbed something on the desk, vocal it towards him to hit.

"Ah Yo ......" Wang Dahu twisted left and right shake hands as surrender like: "Well, well, kid I'm afraid of you, do not hit ...... give you good advice, not to listen to ah?"

"Yes, yes, what?" Poor Xiao Feng Nan, a choking a pharynx asked.

"Keke cough ...... is this ...... and on Haibo Lin's contract there is some problem children,Ling-feng said at least have ten days ...... whoops Yo ...... I would not finish it, you can put that tears beads take it back. "

"Do not talk nonsense, went on to say." Mood evident at Nan Feng before the storm, the little dumb angry voice shouted.

"So this boss decided to send another person to go to Shanghai to help Lin Feng ......"

"I go !!" wait Wang Dahu sound off, Pingnan Li that is widened round eyes, and you will not let me go forward with, I'll bite your fierce look that his superiors.

Wang Dahu indifferent shrug.

To uneasy Or that "unto the bed," the determination, Nan Fung to be a hundred times faster than the speed, catch rushed out.

DDD ...... sounded when the phone's keys, at the moment is on the other side, Wang Dahu Road opera singing with the bumbling old tune: "Mushrooms have pot ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Keguan can enjoy the babble Ayaya ~~~~~ "

The night wore black, Wang Dahu finally freed from a lot of files.

Glanced at the wall clock, he decided to come home from work.

Open soon buy a new SUV, humming a tune, he went all the way to the house Biao.

"Come back!" Heard the sound of the door, an apron tied around his neck Li Qing and then came out from the kitchen.

Yapping ~ ~ ~ ~ Wang Dahu eye to take peach, stepped forward, then grabbed people's waistline, decent women take liberties with the expression: "This is where they come from small virtuous wife, Intuit looked to the delicious . "

"Aside !!" Li Qing Wang Dahu Watch then raised his elbow in the stomach.

He became the only person body bow shrimp, Ziyaliezui should sound: "chirp!"

Cucumber fried shrimp, sweet and sour pork, garlic kelp, steamed cake.

Wang Dahu eat satisfied, secretly thinking, then ran their home craft is really getting better and better, you can go as a cook!

"Yes!" To swallow block gristle, like what he wanted and asked: "?? From today you are not going to the hospital how to practice it appropriate not meet ah."

And one to four years to graduate get out of him is not the same, to study medicine Li Qing now and then a student read, do not! Accurate to say that a master.

(Wang Dahu: hum ~ ~ ~ ~ fight with people who can read and educated, can not afford to really hurt.)

He has recently followed the teacher doing clinical study in a hospital in Beijing.

"! Fortunately," Li Qing natural looking ordinary, he said: "We all get along very well."

After listening to his words, Wang Dahu suddenly silent for a moment.

However, Li Qing Qingzhou his brows: "how?"

"! I want you to put on a doctor's gown look," Wang Dahu look fantastic, he said: "some kind of abstinence is full of beauty !!"

Hum, how had their own school computer professional, if also learn health care, you can not now and then ran "Shuangsushuangfei" yet?

"Popping ----" chopstick heavy blow on the head sinking cranky, in Wang Dahu Tonghu calls in heavy Li Qing then snorted.

This guy head full of yellow waste.

After dinner, two people lounging in front of the television, watching, watching the kitchen floated a pungent herbal smell.

A smell that smell, Wang Dahu look immediately fall down,The whole face seems to be distorted, Li Qing and then grabbed the sleeve of his pitiful said: "! Honey, that thing I ate half a year, you can stop it."

"No!" However, Li Qing categorically replied.

Since Wang Dahu from one of the kidney "did not get" after, Li Qing and then the degree of care to his health was already to the point of panic.

Not only strict requirements of the rest of the day, the dietary laws, but also specifically to repair a door in medicine, changing the law to his body conditioning.

For the love Wang Dahu mind is naturally happy moving! But the degree of difficulty to drink traditional Chinese medicine, and it is an indisputable fact ah!

Twenty minutes later.

"Good medicine tastes bitter to ----!" Ran Li Qing end dress white bowl full of bitter concoction, called a gentle smile: "! Eat fast."

Anqi Wang Dahu two, just do not eat and can not provoke the anger of his wife two, the decisive chose the latter.

Pure man, done!

"Good nice!" Looked almost bitter tears of Wang Dahu, Li Qing and then attached □, on that bright brains door gently kissed to show their awards.

Ordinary trivial but full of warm days, so day day go by.

And if possible, Wang Dahu hope that it will go on forever.

Eat a candied slow down the taste of his mouth, he pretended to casually said: "! Let's play it out over time."

However, Li Qing slightly stunned, then asked: "? Where to go."

"Bali or the Maldives? Hawaii is also very good, but listen to the last two demon called and said, I have younger brother and godfather to go there to spend the twentieth anniversary wedding anniversary, tut ...... this couple, how much years or so disgusting! "

For lovers of irony, Li Qing and then turn a deaf ear, only in the mind quickly under their regular schedule, the reluctance of good after noon, he said: "Well, and so the end of my two-month internship ......"

"Long live !!!" wait for him to finish, Wang Dahu raised their hands to cheer, that the joy of fresh live like in a million lottery.

Two months after his birthday is, presumably Tiger to give myself what pleasant surprise!

However, Li Qing smile.

Forget it! This time he must take his meaning of it.

Wang Dahu heart and really happy, of course, and then Li Qing think the difference is that in this happy also includes other hidden worry


The closer the day I died on its own, Wang Dahu heart is actually more disturbed.

He always could not help but think, will not be a repeat of incidents like the movie "Final Destination! "Where my to who he was lucky to escape from the palm of my death, will eventually escape" death "

Ran Ran looked Kiyotoshi gentle face, Wang Dahu fears and sour, it will just can not stop pouring out.

If you really can not escape the "fate", then the person he loved how should I do ah!

"How?" Wang Dahu noticed unusual in his face, Li Qing and then some concern and asked: "? Not feeling it."

"! No" an arm around his waist, like a baby, like Wang Dahu, said: "It's so happy, and you can dream honeymoon, but I have been oh!"

Li Qing said the sound and then shook his head: "stupid!"

Yes! Perhaps these are his own scare ourselves!

After all, past lives have been too many different places.

That day, the promise will be as usual, ordinary past it!

Wang Dahu in the heart heartfelt prayer.

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