Reborn Only to Love You Again

By Yi Ge Xiao Ping Gai

Chapter 64 photo

Chapter 64 photo

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Nan Feng Wang Dahu coherent at that avoid the three days, but in the end he still have to come to school, but the school has not run, so he deserved to be caught Kong Xiumei, a few days gone, she has grown old very much, a face full of pain and despair.

"Big Tiger, Tiger, I beg of you, you told me then ran in what is not good? I beg you, I beg you!" Kong Xiumei This is in spite of a crowded school gate, plop it on kneeling on the ground, he pulled tightly Wang Dahu trousers cried incessantly.

Nan Feng side of this scene looked stunned, puzzled eyes look to the Wang Dahu, it seems to ask this in the end is how is it?

Wang Dahu blue surface, ineffectively, silent.

Kong Xiumei continue cries out, the sound of desolate, face of misery, even if it was a passing stranger met, will also be afraid of heart sympathy!

Nan Feng see more and more people stop onlookers, over and over again that a woman struggling with grief and asked the whereabouts of Li Qing However, sometimes loose tongue he said: "! Brother ran clear to the United States, you have to be back at the end of it."

Kong Xiumei heard cries sound suddenly stops, this is more gray on pale cheeks worship together, the doctor said, and then a kidney to her daughter, there is no a few days left to live, but now has only the slightest hope in the United States far ......

"No, no ----" Kong Xiumei grew more and more fear, they want to look more excited, the whole body kept twitching, Tude, some eyes, fell down.

Wang Dahu met the hearts of a condensate, and quickly and Nan Feng together, the people sent to the hospital.

To the hospital emergency room hung up, down some examination, the doctor said that is because people are chronically malnourished, plus nervous anxiety and causes moderate dehydration, so the cause of syncope.

"Big brother tiger, which in the end is how ah?" On the hospital corridor, Nan Feng asked, worried face.

Wang Dahu took a deep breath, did not hide, contemporary bar what happened to say it again.

"? What is clear however that the woman's brother -? Mama" Nan Feng consternation.

Wang Dahu nodded and said: "Ran Ran's mother when he was very young, they threw him away, and then she came to Beijing and another man gave birth to a daughter, and now that her daughter got sick, needs a kidney ,and so--"

"? So they put the idea to hit the brother who ran clear" red little face Nan Feng gas, white and tender little fists tightly clenched together:!! When "Too much is too much unnecessary on However, the Qing brother-handed elsewhere, indifferent to her daughter got sick now but ran Baba forced to beg, and among the world how cheap things here again! - that is to put a kidney cut out alive ah! it is so under-lipped on paying lip service to touch a cry, wanted to make people agree, it is a sick mind!

Wang Dahu heard a deep breath, Nan Feng said these words precisely jab him in the pit of the stomach.

Around Kong Xiumei heart, then ran just an afterthought, when not needed do not think that you now need - the need for him is not the man, but his body needs that organ. He could not imagine then of course know that after this incident, there will be more sad,There will be more sad.

"Do not tell him!" Wang Dahu against Nan Fung said:. "Do not let him know about it."

"! But" Nan Feng hesitated and asked: "! After all, this can not conceal how long it one day he will know."

"Anyway, first he will have to spend some days in the United States," says Wang Dahu gritted his teeth.

Li Qing, etc. Then came back from the United States, little girl, fear has ............

Wang Dahu somehow suddenly thought of 67 years ago, before the fruit stand, holding a box sorbet bouncing toward her mother ran a small figure.

For a time, my heart hair blocking the powerful.

Positive mused Kong Xiumei on the bed woke up.

"Ms, Ms ......" Her eyes wide open looking at the empty hole on top of the white ceiling, rows of tears shed prosperous and prosperous.

Wang Dahu heart even then her ruthless Li Qing natural gas, then, can not help but have a trace of compassion.

This is after all, only trying to save her daughter's single-minded mother ah! Kong Xiumei to advance the medical expenses, Nan Feng Wang Dahu and left, the way two people do not speak, silent atmosphere seems to be coming stagnant!

Finally, I asked him again, let him not to reveal these things then Li Qing, Wang Dahu returned to their homes.

In the evening, Li Qing ran to the phone. Wang Dahu is a sudden my heart was, however, Li Qing natural sounds are normal, should be not aware of anything.

After hanging up the phone, Wang Dahu turn on the computer, on the Baidu Web search revenue uremia, a kidney transplant, and other central word, then 11 million messages on the TV drama look arise, this view saw midnight. As was mentioned above, everyone has two kidneys, if a cut out, in theory, the human body is not affected, but in fact, how could little to do it? Like two people in ordinary work, but suddenly one day walked one, but the workload is constant, then the result may be the only left two people that go off to live!

This is how it will not increase the burden

Moreover ............

Wang Dahu looked up and sighed deeply, eyebrows worry even more. Others may not know, but he knows, Li Qing and then as a child always been the reason for his father's battering, the powerful body bone poor, even though Wang Dahu back no matter how great pains to give him up, but because the root hurt, than the normal healthy people, poor or more.

It's that thin body, Wang Dahu how willing, how can we agree, for what he gives to kidney ah!

This is not to abruptly take his own life enchant someone else's life?

but! ! !

Wang Dahu raised his hands, heavily covered in their own eyes, but then of course will say yes, he will agree to change their kidneys to that little girl!

You will be promised!

Own in the end how do we do?

A sleepless night, the second day, Wang Dahu wore double panda feeling nervous, tired with his face once again came to the hospital.

He made inquiries, and in critically ill patients in this hospital, there are called Ms Qin's teenage girl suffering from uremia.

Standing in the doorway, Wang Dahu entered just looked through the glass.And this one left him suddenly a stiff body, I saw on that bed, was lying a little thin figure, with her face oxygen mask, put a lot of pipes in the abdomen, next to the machine without stop ringing.

Hesitated, he eventually opened the door and went inside.

The little girl looks really thin, and very weak, her face a little pale there is no trace of color, but it is a mouth through purple through purple, in what looks like a toxic like of.

Probably open the door to hear the voice of the little girl opened her eyes.

The win raised his hand trembling lips oxygen mask from her weak and asked: "? Big brother, who you are."

Wang Dahu took a deep breath, smiled and said: "Big Brother Wang, I was ......"

"I know!" Without Wang Dahu say anything, the girl immediately Interface: "!! You, you said Wang Dahu Bar is the brother of my brother's good friend ...... Ms, listen to my mom I said."

Wang Dahu pulled a chair and sat down next to it.

"Is it! You're smart, suddenly guessed!"

The little girl's mouth twitched weak, exposed surface of some mirth.

Just listen to her and said: "Big Brother Tiger ...... I my brother to see her beat it?"

Wang Dahu took a deep breath, barely smiled and said:. "Your brother he went to the United States, and has not come back."

He thought, this little girl will be exposed expression full of hate, who knows just a little disappointed, but she said: "! This ah" Then, the central bank will say something about Li Qing Wang Dahu natural.

See her look sickly look forward to endless on the way, Wang Dahu is then hard-hearted can not refuse, then lug some things about Li Qing and then she said

"Really it? My brother really so powerful ah?" The little girl eyes straight shiny, glowing like a small animal.

"Is it! He grew up like a melon head so that, back and forth are the first exam, you can smart way to go!"

"! Ah ah!" The little girl face and are truly proud expression: "My brother is very smart, and he later was to become a doctor of it!"

Wang Dahu smiled, suddenly open asked: "? By the way, how not seen your mom and dad ah"

Ms Qin look for a dark, replied:. "Ms father had died many years, and now only the mother and her beat together, she went home to cook for a while to come back."

"Well ah ......"

"! However, Ms although not a father, but also his brother ah Ms" Ms Qin with the some happy and some sad tone, said: "When my mother told me that I have a brother, I was very happy , I have always wanted a brother, he can play with me, teach me lessons, can dislodge those bad boys bully me, but - "her voice was talking a bit low down:" but, because I had reasons for the disease, I can not see him. "

Wang Dahu: "............"

"Yes, I'll give you a look at my baby now!" Ms Qin difficult to work out from under the pillow of an album, schematic Wang Dahu look.

There are many photo albums, mostly of Ms Qin, from the hundred days of life according to shine, and so on and so on no less than one hundred, Wang Dahu but noticed one of which,It was a family portrait.

Father, mother, and less than one birthday daughter.

Although after so many years, but Wang Dahu vaguely still be able to recognize them, the man is the person should then appear in Kong Xiumei doorstep.

So, Wang Dahu is really shocked.

He shocked than anything else, but the person's appearance.

Sisiwenwen, looks like actually has two points with Li Qing Ran.

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