Reborn Only to Love You Again

By Yi Ge Xiao Ping Gai

Chapter 62 God turning point

Chapter 62 God turning point

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Nan Fung dreamed again!

Open your eyes, the bedroom is still dark, he sat up Xixisuosuo, flees out of little clean pants from under the pillow, he was afraid of making noise wake, so this action will be careful.

After the change down the wet da da stuff into a ball possession of a good, Nan Fung little heart is still jumping a little ahead.

Most recently, he did not know why, always dream of things that go there to see in one day.

Patted bright red cheeks, Nan Feng unknowingly fell into a "trance" symptoms, he thought, they like people should be big tiger brother ah! But why always come to mind now and then clearing his brother's face it?

What's going on.

"You do not sleep most of the night, tossing up what?" Suddenly, a cold voice suddenly sounded.

Feng Nan shocked, boldly and angrily said: "Why do you suddenly speak, deliberately scary ah!"

Lying on opposite beds Kao Ling-feng, rolled over, supporting his head and said:. "I'd sleepy, but you always talk in your sleep, it makes me how to sleep."

Dream, daydream

"Me, I say anything?" Stammered Nan Feng asked.

"Er, er, ah, er, ah, ............" immediate Kao Ling-feng mouth began to send a sweet, shameful voice.

Nan Feng face suddenly flushed with embarrassment.

"You're talking nonsense, I did not!"

"No?" Kao Ling-feng very disdain Lengheng out: "What do not you just change underwear?"

The original just their own actions, people have seen this!

Nan Feng now is not embarrassed, but rather wanted to find a seam to fall in the.

"My my my my, this is a normal physiological performance of adolescent boys, how, how, can not I?" Forced to face, Feng Nan Gengzhuobozi, fooling emphasizes again and again.

Kao Ling-feng has not replied, okay, just asked: "I'd rather curious, who objects are your sexual fantasies?"

Boom ~~~~~~~~~~

Nan Fung have felt face burning, like all the hair and all was like an electric shock, stud erected.

"You you you do you ask, I I I Why should I tell you?"

"You do not say I know!" Gao Ling Feng is full of sarcastic sneer: "You advise dead piece of heart like Wang Dahu it is natural that a man named Li Qing, you have no chance of winning!."

"You shut up, I do not you tube." Nan Feng Gao Ling Feng called really think that guy is really extremely annoying, not only people long "ugly" mouth open poison themselves how is it so bad and this guy assigned to a dormitory of it?

Also, he dreaming, dream big tiger brother's talent is not it, but ............

Think of this, Nan Feng heavy heart jump, caught up in some kind of stared in the natural state.

The opposite Gao Ling Feng see he did not speak, that is to say in his own, and his face instantly brush under the shade of the powerful.

Then, like a Nan Feng himself like to say one thing: "object of sexual fantasies dream, the dream appears, that I could like him?"

Gao Ling air-cooled smiled and said: "Japan has night had a dream, you say?"

Originally, I liked the clean natural brother ah!

Nan Feng touched his little heart, do not quite understand how their own empathy of it so quickly?



"Yo, Wang Dahu, you face is how to get ah?" This is since this morning, the eleventh ask yourself these words of a person.

Wang Dahu bitter lift the lift mouth: "What do you think?"

"You clearly see the hand print, how, do you cheating, caught a girlfriend?"

"Blind say? I was loyal to my wife that, with utter sincerity, how is it possible cheating!"

"Then what are you?" The students asked, puzzled.

Wang Dahu began a bitter "memories."

Saying, at the end of "Xianglushan" trip, Wang Dahu fully appreciate, and occasionally contribute very much to the great significance 'Fufu' feelings when the harmonious development of the "House of Love" in different contexts. So he spent the whole three days, he began excitedly buy in "love, fun products" in stores on Taobao.

But nonetheless unexpected outbreak.

When he looked happy to come, express mail over the "hot sexy sleepwear, black stockings, swimsuit, nurse, * aprons", was not praised but a fiercely big mouth son.

"Why ah?" Wang Dahu spot tears children, whining asked.

That day in the mountains, you show more enthusiasm, and more hot, more than hungry ah.

I do two more happy, and more to enjoy ah.

But how back home, he turned into the original cold manner of Nigeria?

Come up with these outrageous things, even plausible that dare to question me here?

However, Li Qing cold smile, with the most cold cool voice said:. "Do not think I like you sick."

Change, metamorphosis?

Wang Dahu thunderstruck, watched him put things that box, sealing the confiscation of all, take it away.

Instant sense of his lifelong dream, "broken" out.

"Wang Dahu, Wang Dahu ......" next to talk to his classmates, rearing shook his arm: "Great day, what a dream it?"

"Why?" Wake up from the bitter memories, Wang Dahu mood very poor resting his head on the desk.

"I want to tell you, from your cell phone just started to shake up!"

"Ah? Ah!" Wang Dahu looked down and saw that someone really give yourself to the phone.

"Hello? Now? What are you in a hurry? ............ Well! Below you waiting for me, immediately went to."

"Fat Man, I'm out of a trip, for a moment, if named, brother, I can depend on you, oh!"

"I CA, this is the extinction Shitai lesson ah, you ......"

Wang Dahu not wait for him to finish, he knows their children ran Wangwaimian.

Until downstairs, renowned for the call themselves.

"What matter ah? I was in such a hurry to find out?" Wang Dahu watching the small mushrooms raised an eyebrow asked. Strange to say, this time it seems little man hide their meaning ah!

Wang Dahu heard questioning, Feng Nan was silent for a moment, then took a deep breath and widened eyes peering in at him and said: "Big Brother Tiger,I find you to today, there is one thing to say to you! "

"Chant something to say! Why look to the heroic martyrdom of expression," Wang Dahu is wrinkled little face goes on, amused. Then after hearing what he said, no longer the music does not come out!

"I love my brother ran clear, from today I will pursue him!"

"What?" Wang Dahu high shocked jumped three feet.

What did he say, what did he say?

I got it wrong, right! You must have got it wrong!

"I mean, since then, the two of us is a rival, even big tiger brother, I will not hold back!"

Wang Dahu feel completely keep up with the thinking of the little mushrooms.

"You ...... you do not crush me?" He asked, incredible.

How a few days gone, you, put the target shifted?

Also transferred to his home then ran him up?

There is more absurd than this thing do in this world?

Wang Dahu said he heard a crush on him, Feng Nan vain and tender little face flushed look on, just listen to his Qiqiyiyi said: "I started really some meaning to you, it is because you are not only my big brother tiger savior , and, and looks pretty special to my liking. oddly enough, the original, and I especially do not like people who look bitch chirp, it looks too there is no beauty, but, since ...... but ...... Ahem cough ...... anyway, I just liked the clear and then my brother. "

The world really is too fantasy ~~~~~

Wang Dahu in autumn dense drop messy.

But the next moment, he immediately perk up.

To know that in this life before and after the two add up to a life course, the reason why he will succeed so much to beat him home baby "evil intentions" of men and women, must rely on "once discovered, quickly snuffed, no mercy," the faith .

Now, only a small mushroom keep me get people act recklessly, I naturally can not let myself!

"You want to pour beauty!" Wang Dahu Shuangshoubaoxiong, immediately put Vice rival meet 'you die' right of expression, cold channel: "I tell you, I grew up and then ran childhood grew up with, each other feelings, is not you can get involved, and we met a look at the part, I advise you one, died early this heart, find people who truly love you, I watch Kao Ling-feng pretty good thing ......... .... "

"! Enough" small fry mushrooms, like Mao, bellowed direct call out: "Big Brother Tiger, you look down on people less, and one day, one day, I will certainly clear from your hand and then my brother taken away! "

For his declaration, Wang Dahu is looked up and down with a pair of eyes for a moment, then leaned the body, with a tone of contempt scoffed: "? Relying on you this mushroom-like five short stature, and I want to fight."

Bad acting, the acting is too bad!

Center scars poked Feng Nan, gas immediately red eyes.

I saw his little white teeth, rearing bite the lower lip, nose and a small drum, a drum, it seems to be able to see his breath Xuan.

"? How the" Xiaoyan Wang Dahu Feifei children, in all earnestness, said: "In fact, Tiger brother say these are good for you!What would that Gao Ling Feng, say it, you look at that guy looks prettier than then ran ah! When his wife gave him, you will be very happy Oh! "

Just when Wang Dahu enraptured want to make this little mushroom change of heart, the transfer target.

Nan Feng was repeatedly looked down upon, and finally could not resist - a leg up!

Bang when flapping in the wind ...... ...... ...... Kacha

Wang Dahu neck with rust-like, little by little, turned his head and saw the wall is to be a good few broken bricks.

Rubbing the ears of Wang Dahu, Nan Fung slowly recover their high station, and left leg.

"! Told you," his bulging chest, sweetly squeamish put up with index finger: "I was pure 1, I do do his husband!"

Wang Dahu: ............

W H A T?

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