Reborn Only to Love You Again

By Yi Ge Xiao Ping Gai

Chapter 61 Field

Chapter 61 Field

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(Wang Dahu Aoaozhijiao, then ran today is the Intuit to force ~ \ (≧ ▽ ≦) / ~ la la la)

Nan Fung is the bloom ran, Wang Dahu they were afraid of what happened, busy in the chase followed.

Just the children who grow little Tintin, can actually run faster, and shortly invisible.

No signal inside the mountain, the phone can not get through, no way can only find separately.

Kao Ling-feng to go from one to the north along the road, and Li Qing Wang Dahu What, then walk in the woods trail.

Wang Dahu is a heartless, not for a while put the other end in tears by his small mushrooms disregard, and I feel very good pick up a small roadside wildflowers.

Deft hands and feet to compile them into a wreath, then will head to the Li Qing wear.

Unfortunately, people do not appreciate, but revealing look dislike expression.

Wang Dahu muttering something few do not know what, our only wearing.

The man wore a big flower head, it looks like looks indescribably ridiculous!

"Suspect?" Wang Dahu suddenly looked up at the darkening sky, facing the next Li Qing Ran said: "It looks like rain ah?"

"It should be thunderstorms."

Just then, suddenly there is water dripping down, Wang Dahu quickly comes round, Li Qing and then pulled aboard their nearest ran a big tree.

But the so-called "thunderstorm", that is as fast as lightning falling rain.

But obviously Ji Shibu distance, but let Li Qing Wang Dahu and then all sorts of wet shower.

Quickly pulled out a packet of tissues, Li Qing Wang Dahu then wiping his face to one side, one side is full of complaints, he said: "God damn it, at how to say, the people Nothing prepared, and so will you then ran Son, I remember backpack put a coat, I'll look. "

Wang Dahu quickly went from mountaineering bag, pulls out a black clothes.

"You wear it, I'm not cold!" Qing Li Ran put off.

"That's how the line, your body is weak with kittens like, nipped, not distressed me, fast obedient, wet clothes off and put on."

However, Li Qing: "............."

"Ok, I know, I will not peek," Wang Dahu turned to a look of pity: "Now no one took advantage, you will soon change it!"

However, Li Qing quietly glared at him and began Xixisuosuo change from the clothes.

When done, the two men sat under trees waiting for the rain.

But, ah, etc. ~ ~ ~

This will not only did not stop the rain, but growing.

It took more than two hours, seeing the black sky start up, Wang Dahu not help but start up a little anxious.

They are now in the mountains, heavy rain a bit, began to muddy up the entire road, and if the rain down the mountain, in case of slipping, no laughing matter.

"Kao Ling-feng do not know the guy looking to find Nan Feng did not find" Wang Dahu, he told himself: "To be honest blame the little mushrooms, hey ran what ......"

"You and what did he say?" Li Qing and then looked at him, suddenly asked.

Wang Dahu Jiliguala put a few circumstances surrounding the matter finished.

Finally also very aggrieved and said: "That guy really is Xiaodujichang, what I did not say it, why so big air,Said roared told me that 'hate big brother Tiger' is really baffling.

The man in the end is really slow it? It naive or false?

However, Li Qing mouth slightly, revealing a son sneer.

Wang Dahu uphold the chatter out there, so did not see, or else definitely know that this is their home began to be paid - then ran his rhythm ah!

"Big Tiger ......" Suddenly, Li Qing and then blankly and said: "I'm cold!"

After listening to Wang Dahu, the first reaction is going to hold his hand, but on the way he is now remembered who is *, and if hold, his body is not too wet ah.

"Why do not you get some activity, or two laps around the trunk, perhaps not cold!" Wang Dahu others to be given a good viable solution.

But Li Qing However, this can be satisfied.

"Your clothes off in around me, not on the line!"

"Ah, you make me naked ah?" Wang Dahu stared, some do not believe this is similar to "*", then it will run out of natural Li Qing mouth.

"? How" Li Qing and then slightly lifted chin, fell faster than the open book of coldly asked: "? Reluctant"

Plump ~ ~ ~ ~

Wang Dahu swallowed.

"Wing, greatest of pleasure."

He did not all off, just opened the front skirt, revealing a chest j □ j.

Li Qing then sat on his lap, put some cold face posted up there, Wang Dahu happily holding him, smelling his scent bowed his head from time to time between hair. "

"Still cold!" Ran Li Qing discontent speaker said.

"Well, then how do?"

However, Li Qing looked at him, suddenly said: "! I have to do."

"? Ah" Wang Dahu did not react, silly asked: "? What do"

"? What do you say," Ran Li Qing said blankly: "Do love!"

At this moment, Wang Dahu first reaction is not the nosebleeds but - the boy demons!

"Ran Ran, are you okay?" Faint whirring touched his forehead: "OK, not fever ah!"

"Yeah ---- What are you doing?" Wang Dahu under the wind, eyeball stare round and smooth, he looked incredible working with his jeans buttons, waist belt and strenuous struggle Li Qing versa.

Slender but cold fingers, like a sly poison tongue, in the drain that the rapid uplift of a group.

And tentative move up.

However, Li Qing Wang Dahu upper body completely against him, looked up high, his face very focused and serious, this time he was completely unable to imagine how kinky, dirty things.

Wang Dahu confused at first, but Soars intense pleasure, but gradually so that he could not consider other, clutching his chest man child, Wang Dahu hoarsely, hiss and asked: "? Really do."

Over his shoulder, Li Qing and then look to the sight of them not far from the bushes, where revealing a piece of white clothes.

He glamorous smile, take the initiative to latch onto the earlobe children Wang Dahu: "Anyway, no one else here, is not it?"

Wang Dahu never thought I would have such a day, though I do not know this little cat head committed a draw, but as the saying Jibukeshi never."Field" two bright red characters, like a golden apple in the Garden of Eden, for Wang Dahu is irresistible temptation.

Perhaps this lifetime chance.

Almost with tears of excitement to the mood, the moment will be Li Qing Wang Dahu then under pressure in the body.

Because he was not feeling well, so the j □ j, Wang Dahu always very gentle and very modest, can be like this, Li Qing and then when done, are very often not relax.

But today, very uncharacteristically.

However, Li Qing showed a different kind of passion.

His body is like white jade is one of the most enchanting of White Snake, will be completely wrapped Wang Dahu, made no secret of breathing hot and agonistic warble sounded in the woods of this silent, even loudly sound of rain, it did not cover it up.

Wang Dahu is completely red eyes, huge thrill puncture j □ j back and forth resulting in compact warm place, almost the entire skull so that he should blow up.

"Ran Ran Ran Ran ...... ......" Wang Dahu wits in his ear, kept blind exclaimed: "Great, oh, great good baby, I love you, love you.!"

However, Li Qing raised his arms, hugging Wang Dahu neck, two soft white thighs was terribly ashamed of wide open posture, retreated underwear ankle, with the shock and keep the body strong shaking in the air.

"This world Who is your favorite?" Drunk with red cheeks, Li Qing Ran 'Meiyanrusi' asked.

He was able to answer the clouds of heaven are Zhensan roared: "Ran Li Qing !!!"

"Who loves you in this world?"

Continue to roar: "Ran Li Qing !!!"

Wang Dahu favorite Ran Li Qing, Li Qing favorite Ran Wang Dahu.

Like 1 + 1 = 2, there is no why!

Because that is the meaning of their existence.

The days have been completely dark down, at the foot of the mountain "ALICE club," the president, Wang Guangming anxiously pacing back and forth with.

In his almost anxious to kneel on the floor to knock a few times God, it was the pace of wind gradually came over.

"!! Whoops my mother ah Thankfully, the two of you can finally come back ah" Wang Guangming quickly ran up: "how do suspect your friend??"

Looked at by himself in his arms, he had completely lost consciousness of Li Qing However, Wang Dahu laugh "exceptionally gentle."

"Nothing is tired, asleep."

Climbing is also a manual labor ah!

Wang Guangming understanding of nodded his head, the man saw the body is very thin, I can not blame physical so bad it!

"Well, the first mention, faster car now! Sent you two up."

Wang Dahu asked: "Feng Nan back yet?"

"Come back earlier than you two a while, in the car too!"

Sure enough, when Wang Dahu up, I saw the same wet shower of small mushrooms, Kao Ling-feng also sitting beside him.

Li Qing and then carefully placed on the seat, he half raised himself, nudged in front of Nan Feng.

"You where to run, harm our Dayton easy to find."

Nan Feng little face stared do not know what they thought, Wang Dahu for questioning, no answer,But down from the clouds to see the crooked on the seat of Li Qing versa.

However, the Qing brother obviously is a very cool people, ah!

But I did not expect, in doing that kind of thing, but it is like that, like that ............

Nan Feng on that word does not describe, just feel a little heart do not know why suddenly jumped so fast, so fast.

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