Reborn Only to Love You Again

By Yi Ge Xiao Ping Gai

Chapter 59 对上

Chapter 59 对上

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Wang Dahu catch rushed into the house, his hands up in the Basin-sized tortoise, then proudly show off toward Li Qing said:! "Look, this is my row over an hour in the seafood market to buy back, this stuff can be used fresh yet children are nourishing soup, I went out to pick up, just in time for you to drink at noon. "

Looking at the body of Wang Dahu large package wrapped in a small, Li Qing and then easily pick up some over: "you buy too much of it!"

In addition to a variety of seasonal vegetables, poultry meat, but actually there are many attractive packaging nutrition, like any bird's nest, pink lotus seeds, jujube tea, almond milk, and if it is Wang Dahu tall, have to learn this stuff was "buried alive "the not.

"Well of course you get from the body weak to eat up a!." Wang Dahu not mind muddy shook hands finally idle down, grinning, he said: "! Who told you is a 'sister Lee' it."

Li Qing then be willing to listen to the words of Wang Dahu make fun of, bent down to pick up a pear on the tea tray, Xiunao unto the individual's face severely hit go. "Go cook!"


At noon, Wang Dahu made four dishes and one soup.

Garlic spinach, stir-fried blood sausage, sauce trotter, five kernels of corn, of course, ultimately be boiled scented "turtle soup."

"Come on, then of course, this is some blood, raise gas dishes you eat!" Wang Dahu smile was about to put an apron tied around the waist of the solution down Angela, I did not expect it at home q doorbell rang.

He walked some doubts door, lying in a cat's eye look, uttered a "suspect?"

"How do you come?" Wang Dahu opened the door, standing outside in front of people, very strange asked.

"I asked him to come!" Ranging asked what that man said, Li Qing and then waltz came over, his face showing a "soft" extremely smile:? "You are right Come Feng Nan students we were just ready to eat lunch too! "

Nan Feng hear it all of a sudden he showed his thin face slightly red, some embarrassed, said: "I, I heard a big tiger brother leave today thinking you're sick or something, I head some do not trust, the , so we came to see. "

"! Oh, I am free," Wang Dahu some inexplicable mysterious Li Qing looked natural look, then turned his head toward Nan Fung said: "Do not stand outside ah, advanced to say."

"Playing to bother you!"

Wang Dahu former deputy took more dishes from the kitchen out of three people sitting at the table, and then said with a smile on Li Qing Feng Nan to call things.

"I did not think it would be clear then brother answered the phone, to be honest I was really surprised it!" Feng Nan round eyes looking out across the sparkling Li Qing versa. Because he was a child abducted in those days, and his brother had each other's tiger population is brought up then Li Qing three words, so he does not feel strange.

But that does not mean he is not surprised to know that he always thought big tiger brother and cohabitation outside of his "girlfriend."

"In fact, I'm surprised it did not think you became a big tiger classmates, this really is a small world sometimes can be." However, Li Qing smiled and picked up a blood sausage on a bowl of Wang Dahu: "You stomach not good,Fast hot to eat it! "

Wang Dahu hastened, almost flattered the blood sausage into his mouth, smiling big mouth chewing. However, Li Qing light glared at him, out of paper towels, gently wipe the lips for him, Chen Dao: "Eat slowly, with dead people rob you."

I looked at the two men kiss my interactive scenes, Feng Nan eyes flashed wipe loss of color, this bad mood, his face can not help but to bring out some, he murmured, said: "Big Brother you two tiger a nice feeling ah! "

"Ha ha ha, that is, that is!" Said Wang Dahu not see facial features beaming smile.

After lunch, Nan Feng soon say good-bye, Wang Dahu personally took him to the downstairs.

Nan Feng face appeared hesitant look, after all, cautiously asked: "Big Brother Tiger and Brother Lee you ......"

"Yes!" Not wait for him to finish, Wang Dahu face does not matter directly dress down: "It was what you think, we two are a pair!"

Nan Feng footsteps stop, look Zhengran.

"Because you as a friend so do not want to lie to you, then ran the one I love, but also the life of people want to go with, I hope you can bless."

"When, I certainly would bless!" Nan Feng bowed his head, and my heart feel a spasmodic painful death, tears is turning in his eyes, it was so awkward simmering can not let it fall.

Wang Dahu looked at him, suddenly Perfectionist a chuckle: "! Yes Well, that's great."

"People go?" Li Qing then sat on the sofa, his hand was holding a green apple, like a little hamster gnawing like a little something.

"Gone!" Wang Dahu sat next to him, looked him up and down.

Does not apply to such "meaningful" in the eyes, then frowned Li Qing, muddy uncomfortable low denounced: "You see I do!"

"! Nothing is to see - this" Wang Dahu out pesky fingers clubbed his position a little bit of heart: "The stuff inside just how small!"

It is said that he indirectly petty ah!

However, Li Qing mad up, just know that this behavior so smelly tiger head to see what came, he turned away out of sight, grinding his teeth, find, said: "I do not know what you're talk nonsense, get out, I'm going to taking a nap. "

"Good good !!!!" Wang Dahu Le Diandian with the way the princess picked up someone hold:. "This little wait on the empress to bed."

However, Li Qing: "............."

Three days later, Li Qing Wang Dahu despite strong opposition from the natural, back to school, of course, after this incident, Wang Dahu heart secretly resolved to spend more time and energy to care for him to accompany him every night, he will say a lot during the day with him things happen, like what the teacher looks like a nun killer matter what the students especially hate people like to chew on the back of the tongue, ah, like he finally decided to join the consideration of several "Club Mix", and just because the loosest association, no forced participate etc., etc., both large and small, trivial, Wang Dahu will patiently spoke with him one by one.

However, these do not seem to feel bored Li Qing, he listens very carefully, from time to time will make some comments or refute some of Wang Dahu outlook on life, world outlook.And when the bedtime, holding his people will use the most sincere language in his ear telling the most touching love words, over and over again to tell him how much he loved him and how much he can not do without.

Gradually, Li Qing and then no longer sleep each destination per sink, mental state also started to flatten out, under the careful efforts of Wang Dahu, everything is changing for the better.

Time slowly walked forward, into November, the weather gradually began to cool down.

About also for this reason, an influenza outbreaks began in the campus out, but unfortunately, the past speaks for itself Wang Dahu healthy baby - in the move!

"You be good, honest stay home, I went to the hospital to give you some medicine to come back." Qing Li Ran looked at the bed flushed weakly Wang Dahu said softly.

"To table, you even want to stay at home with even!" Cried Wang Dahu trained, trained as a very shameless occasion like a baby.

However, after Li Qing did not care for him, he simply said "Stop!" And went out.

He went to the nearest Y Affiliated Hospital from here, because a few days ago Wang Dahu here hanging off number, so that he can go to the seventh floor pharmacy prescriptions on the line, the elevator full of people, Li Qing and then stood in the tightest of angles place, but it is thought the house floating in a body of Wang Dahu. The man really! They are so big, actually afraid of injections, insisted that bulging at home. Li Qing wait a while and then decided he would go back and buy some transfusion medicine, operate by himself and see if he still dare to escape.

"And so on, wait a minute, and my!" A female voice rang anxious, he just squeezed in before lift off.

I heard it, Li Qing and then suddenly the body shocked.

Wang looked incredible in the past, I saw through the heavy shadows, a years fifties, wearing a blue plaid dress pants, hands still carrying a thermos of women are panting profusely face gas.

Li Qing feeling a surge of freezing cold from the soles of the feet and then spring up, let all his thinking suspend all work, only Zhengran stay there.

"Sir? Sir? Are you all right?" Uniformed elevator lady repeatedly called upon by road.

However, Li Qing suddenly recovered, only to find the elevator have no people, strong self-calm mind, his heavy footsteps and went out.

Suddenly take the drugs, come back home.

Wang Dahu looked obviously wrong child, he is busy sat up and asked: "?? Gnaw matter what matter happens."

However, Li Qing shook his head, muttered: "! Maybe I'm wrong it."

After cheer hard escorted Wang Dahu infusion, Li Qing and then face the complex waited at his bedside.

"In the end how? If you do not tell me I'm not that sick these days Oh!" Wang Dahu lift still some hot hand, then ask on the Li Qing cold cheek.

Took a deep breath, then Li Qing said:. "...... Today I was in the hospital and saw the woman."

That woman?

What woman?

Obviously not keep looking at the color of his soul, Wang Dahu mind instantly with some speculation that he tentatively asked: "? See your mother."

They live in Beijing and Kong Xiumei, even if one day meet in the street Lane corner, is not without possible.

"The hospital? ...... she sick?"

However, Li Qing shook his head, then smile, said: "I do not know, I did not talk to her in the past, but wanted to come face to face even if we stand together, after all these years she would not recognize me the same again."

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