Reborn Only to Love You Again

By Yi Ge Xiao Ping Gai

Chapter 55 prom

Chapter 55 prom

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"She should not happen again, right in front of us!" Wang Dahu looked at his face driven to distraction going out Kongcui Ping hit it hit it mouth said.

"How do you not want to?" Ran Li Qing eyebrows tall, very dangerous asked.

"I have no time to set off firecrackers to celebrate it, how could not bear!" Wang Dahu gas pinched his long fingers: "just can not see Yang Li retribution scene immediately, somewhat regrettable."

"Zhao lost, she has a child to support, and the day after will be a hard time. Sometimes a person does not need to torture with a sharp knife, blunt instrument sub-flesh is more painful it!"


"what happened?"

"Nothing! I just think the future must not do things that hurt you ah."

"I know enough."

Time flies blink of an eye has passed three months, the pace of summer gradually coming to us. As Wang Dahu might expect Kong Cuiping never appeared in their lives. And because her home is always an accident, you can not be on time for employment, but also people to quit her job, which came Zheng Tao also specifically apologized.

Wang Dahu natural muddy do not care, outside under the occasional attention, all his thoughts were all placed on preparing for the beginning of the "entrance" to my dear wife and adult admitted to the same place, he is simply doing the last under the original capital It sprints.

12 midnight, dim the lamp, Wang Dahu biting 2B pencil tip in the answer sheet coating applied to wiping.

Li Qing gentle pace then went up to him: "Take a break!"

"? Coffee" Wang Dahu dropped pencil cheering loudly, flattered said: "! Then ran to our house or distressed people know."

However, Li Qing ignore him, just raised his hand resting on the shoulders and began gently kneading it.

Wang Dahu immediately exposed stocks "good comfortable ah!" Wretched kind.

"Alas! How would you say the college entrance examination this evil in the world, enough to toss things Half-Life did it?" Piled up high on the table looking at the book title sea mountains, Wang Dahu began the day will say complaints. In this regard, Li Qing long ago got used to the course and let him monologue there.

"But -" tired of looking at him full of color forehead: "This time is really tired to him."

Li Qing then looked down somewhat distressed and kissed his forehead between.

Wang Dahu sound long-winded immediately stopped, always know how to grasp the opportunity, he immediately reached out and pressed his head, hungry snout that pale pink lips.

Wet da da, it is the sound of a heartbeat blush Gee, enough to ring three or four minutes, he stopped down.

Wang Dahu licked his lips get enough of the silver, and then reminded of something, like, put on a very poor way deputy, desolately sad, he said: "? Really can not do it."

"This is something we have discussed countless times now!" Qing Li Ran looking rosy ramp at him.

! "But almost more than four months Well you know every night to see your sweet sleeping face, but do not touch endured, how hard I Well I can only rely on the poor little Right in that case? - "

"Enough!" Qing Li Ran Xiunao hard pinch of this becomes clearer and the next jerk it."In short, before the end of the college entrance examination, you should not wasting energy on such a useless thing."

"But I think any work can ...... Well, well, well!" And then really start to see Li Qing unhappy, and Wang Dahu had no reluctance to shut up.

Under this, this is like hanging in the "sword of Damocles" of oppression, the last high school years wore on.

June 15 this day, Wang Dahu, Li Qing and then hundreds of thousands of students throughout China, as in the beginning of the restoration of the parents, for the future with hope and anxiety, embarked of their own "life battlefield."

After three days.

They submitted the volunteer form, as well as the decision long ago, Li Qing and then apply for a large North Y, and Z is Wang Dahu apply for large computer systems. In this regard, the family man, although very critical, a firm can watch the kids eyes, and ultimately can only go with them.

Test high-end, first no matter how successful, every students who are fiercely relieved from the heart, and the school also sent a final "graduation party" for this group is about to leave its children.

That day the girls were dressed in their most beautiful dress, the boys wore Youguangzengliang Holmes heads, dancing up in the music. Although they are not very good looking jump, jump or some simply blind, but in the face of these happy and what counted.

On the last day of high school campus where everyone laugh is so, so happy.

"How do you here?" Wang Dahu leaning against the door frame, with a look of nostalgia positive laugh looking face, stroking they had used the desk Li Qing versa. Spot to get caught, then obviously shocked Li Qing, Wang after his eyes, could not help resentment anger, said: "! Do not you coming."

"Of course ......" Wang Dahu slow and graceful went up to him, bent down and gently hold up his right hand: "I am looking for prom queen ah!" Saying this, a kiss off the light.

Students dressed with the usual kind of very different, today he wore a black silk collar silk shirts, the same color outside the ride handmade suit, appears to be that the British shore Chun Wai, Thatcher.

He looked at this, I do not know why Li Qing and then felt his heart suddenly have the urge to accelerate.

"Ran-ran" a man's voice is so gentle, while calling his name is so gentle enough, he seems like a whisper in the ear whispered: "? I can only hop dance it."

However, Li Qing never a moment, as they are now so shy, he micro turn his head, to avoid that seemed to put him quickly burns sight: "If you lack a partner, then auditorium there will be countless girls are willing to solve the problem for you."

"Fool, do not you get it now? My life, the only want, desire only you ah!" Maybe that sounds too gentle, perhaps that is too sweet words, Li Qing and then even if you want your own efforts emotional, but that's beside the moist eyes, tall Meijiao, bright pink lips smile, without exception, to betray him thoroughly.

"...... Well, I will jump too."

"It's okay, follow me."

Under the moon, secluded open classrooms, two men hugged happens and dance.

They might be a bit awkward dance, but whenever the eyes and the eyes of phase intersection,Circulation is deep affection, as well as ----

"Stupid, stupid, where you touch !!"

"...... a little above the waist is good."

"What is feel good, you really are an idiot ...... ah ......"

"Door, someone will."

"There curtains."

"Villain, hate you!"

Then, the "burning" began to regret when Li Qing and then as an afterthought can not wait to head against the wall of j □ j, abstinence has long been a man with a body like the world to prove what is called "spring principle", press the longer, the noise of the outbreak the greater the ah!

So, when Wang Dahu contented to be separated from his beloved baby's body, and then the poor Li Qing had already been frustrating to life and "coma" the.

"Wang, Wang Dahu, Li Qing and then students do?" When the ball is about to end, a red skirt small dress Zhou Hui, stopped in front of him.

Wang Dahu heard involuntarily licked his lips, food for thought, said: "He was tired, had to go back to rest."

Zhou Huili appears a look of disappointment.

Wang Dahu raised his eyes, sweeping her.

"Li Qing Dai Wenbo leaflets slanderous natural" thing because the indication Wang Dahu secretly, which makes the whole school has been well known, Li Qing and then I will not speak of life experience in the end is how, this single is his villain act is enough to make he looked down on everyone, especially the girls have a crush on Li Qing natural heart, but feel it is terrifying. He made it two months before the entrance was completely isolated up, subject to immense psychological pressure.

Zhou Hui and another person associated with this matter, which is the source of all, be laughed called jealousy caused disputes "troubles", but added to a victim's face appeared frequently towards everyone weeping over his Dai Wenbo is such a person like how "helpless" how "unfortunate", was certainly get a little sympathy points.

"You find him something?" Wang Dahu eyebrows asked.

Zhou Hui bite the lower lip, suddenly handed a letter to him.

"Please give this to the students Qing Li Ran" little girl with tears, said emotionally: "! When is the last pictures of it."

Wang Dahu suddenly felt extremely cheerful mood, immediately dropped twenty percent.

Slowly took the letter, Yo ~ ~ or pink, with a perfume smell it.

Which it seems to have something that feels like it should be a necklace.

Wang Dahu mood again dropped twenty percent.

"Do you really like him?" Ice eyes at her, the tone is full of sarcasm.

Like who, although the rights of individuals, but as this self-righteous stalker, a bit too annoying, of course, not to mention the man she has seen it fit their own treasures.

"Wang, Wang Dahu students," Zhou Hui obviously felt the front man of extreme displeasure, it seemed to take her to force people to freeze up the entire line of sight, like a knife to make her feel fear.

She can not help but two steps back.

"But unfortunately -" Just her eyes, the man put the Buddha, like the devil, elegant, slow, put that letter full of girls yearning letters,A little bit torn to pieces.

"You, you -" Zhou Hui stared, excited the whole body trembled.

"But unfortunately - he was my."

After possessed in its ears declare ownership of someone proud, ignoring become transfixed Zhou Hui, Wang Dahu sped away.

Of course, take the time, do not forget the ruthless stepped kicks off the ground on a piece of heart-shaped necklace of force.

Wang Dahu mood immediately rise by 40 per cent.

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