Reborn Only to Love You Again

By Yi Ge Xiao Ping Gai

The first 50 chapters fool

The first 50 chapters fool

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Listening to the words of Wang Dahu bursts of dress down, Li Qing and then face even more embarrassing, some angry, some anger, and some shame.

Yes, he is actually the reason why so awkward, probably because suddenly found himself a relationship so "selfish" people. Nest in the arms of the man, Listening to the calm and lively heartbeat, he bit his lip and said: "That was really sorry, I was so wayward people!"

"You know this little ah!" Wang Dahu Oh a happy, especially not when the pop grumble a pro at that tender cheek.

However Xiunu Li Qing, did not hesitate going to pinch raised his hand to his waist, then, to go out of hand but the accident was Jinjinzuanzhu.

"However, whether it is your usual cold, or now wayward you, I love all the same!" Smell of love, then muttered ringing in the ears, the gentle, softly, like a feather in the scratch Li Qing ran on to heart, so that he became not think, can only afford to let him mercy.


Xingmou slightly lowered, Li Qing and then hoarsely asked: "? Well, you answer it."

"This time, I want you to say it ......" Wang Dahu man had done a stand up pressure in the body, two men cross wrapped around the pupil and the pupil, breathing and respiratory compatibility with: "Come on, tell me you want how I practice? ............ is to follow at home or arrange to stay in the city ...... ............. "

Li Qing natural looking a little pale, and looked in the emergence of violent struggle, after a long time, he said: "! I'm sorry."

"I'm sorry, I'm too selfish!"

"Ran Ran……"

However, Li Qing issued a cry like a low breath, pain, said: "! I do not want to separate from you, one second do not want to."

But do not want to give up their volunteering has always been so, I'm sorry.

Always let you go back.

"Fool!" Wang Dahu swore, bowed his head to lick that hot drops of water, let it slowly-opening in their own tongue.

"Long uncle has just asked me, the two of us to do with me and he said:?.? Students leave, refuses to abandon you see, since even the dead are not able to separate the two of us, and how can a university stumped"

"Big Tiger ......"

"I know, you want to test a large North Y ...... although I do not have it you can become so much a moral character, life-saving doctor, but ......!" Wang Dahu winked, Master Cheng chest, said: "I am asking all good, Y opposite the big Z large, that their computer system but ahead of the country, to another two when we rent a house on the outside, went to school together every day, go home every day, and now is no different . "

So this person unknowingly, so much has been made to prepare for their future yet?

However, Li Qing and touched the hearts and sour.

In front of him he always seemed so naive, what efforts did not tried, only a taste depends on him, knowing that this man will never let go of his hand, he was so "nothing to fear."

It is too selfish!

"I'm sorry ......." Mouth, tears little face rearing rub the rub that thick chest.

"Light a sorry can it?"Snout that delicate neck, Wang Dahu not kiss breath replied:" practical action to better heal my bad mood! "

"Do not! Sa children they ......"

"Nothing, fell asleep, to ...... biting this, as long as you make no noise, just noisy wake them."

However, Li Qing apparently did not want to understand, obviously the moment is very sad conversation, and why the next moment will become so □ scene. That it is kept wet tongue licking his thoughts gradually stripped the body.

"Ah ......" Li Qing then forbear croon the sound, because the man who has become increasingly up too much, punished him slightly biting their skin, some pain, but his heart was ever settle down.

"No, ah ...... ah ......" passion of tears slipped quietly from the corner office, slender body in the air to draw a move attractive arc, intense and chaotic breathing sounded in the room, ten minutes later, two people Meanwhile spilled out.

From the bed out of a toilet paper, after Wang Dahu random to two wiped immediately clasped his arms body, biting his rosy ears, caring and down to help him gently stroking his breath. However, Li Qing absence of the head on his shoulder, hot face close to where the skin, weakness gasped.

"Comfortable?" Wang Dahu whisper in its ear with.

Li Qing then, without a word.

"Stimulate it?" Wang Dahu bad with a smile, and resolutely refused to let him.

However, Li Qing know what he was referring to Italy, carefully swept the sight of two small children not far from being sound asleep, he gradually skinned purple. Enraged, struggled up, but to say, he was immediately blocked by the tongue to move, but was a pair of steel arm hug the wearer. And even more unfortunately, he found that bad things in person, hotter, more perm ......

"You dare!" He bit his lip angle, rage against the dying soon. Just the sound of scold, coupled with crimson cheeks and eyes blurred, not only has no deterrent, but tick people increasingly want to "push your luck." And dare on this issue, Wang Dahu once again set an example and nature thrive He gives his answer.

The second day, early in the morning.

Open your eyes, then Li Qing is no longer around, attached to the bed of a small two star magic was missing, glanced at the wall clock - twenty past six. Wang Dahu lazy turned around, the smell of the bedding vaguely residual faint body fragrance, eyes closed, and return to sleep to go.

"Mom, how you got left from a home ah, do they?" And wake up when Wang Dahu came down and found the living room only Zhang Fang, and can not help but asked, puzzled.

"You dragon uncle took them out to play it!" Zhang Fang flattered the mirror according to a photo of his own stature: "However, then say you do not want to go, no-tell you to take a look at the cub, mother frock! is it nice?"

"United States if the angel!" Wang Dahu tongue sound praise the use of forward surprised eyes. My mind was thinking: surely the little stubborn cat is shy, and this is in hiding since a too!

"Mom, they all go out to play, and how did you go along ah? Implying that I did not go, so you worry, it did not go. Ooo, ooo ~ ~ ~ ~ (> _

"...... That, s not true!"Zhang Fang picked up the bag on the couch, quite embarrassed, he said:" That's what my mother had a good sisters also live in the city, this is not hard to come back, not to see ah! "

Wang Dahu heard face suddenly broke down, bumbling wiped drops of crocodile tears, it really looks bleak.

"...... Oh ...... Li Yi mother and your appointed time to ...... on the table, and some breakfast, you eat a self-ah!" Looking out to catch the mother of adults, some from the thorn touched his Wang Dahu chin, and a hundred percent sure that she is not about Li Yi in the central commercial buildings, was agreed at a department store. Because small to large to be only in the "shopping" his mother would seem so "excited."

Wang Dahu lamented loudly, from a child to eat some bread, and then lying on the sofa extremely boring start strumming the remote control. And also at this time, he heard a "jingle bell" rang up the phone.


"............ big tiger, tiger brother hum ............ ............ Help me!" I heard, the only part of the little girl's cries, let Wang Dahu clearly understand this person's identity .

Half an hour later, Wang Dahu Kong Cuiping appeared in front of the body.

Now is the time since the New Year, so narrow that only two of them workers in the bedroom.

"Yang Li is playing?" Wang Dahu gazes bruising his face, crying deep sorrow little girl can not help but asked, frowning.

Kong Cuiping heard this cry more powerful.

Wang Dahu face will bring intolerance.

After a good long while, it Genggengyanyan Kong Cuiping said: "...... her, he found yesterday over control me, to, money ...... I said I did not, she, she came over to hit me."

"and then?"

"Of course, then, she said, younger brother, younger brother he was sick, very bad disease, have to go to the hospital treatment or else you have to have life-threatening so I -.." When said here, Kong Cuiping raised goes tears cross-flow water little face, huddle, said: "so I put this month's wages and you lend me 2,000 dollars, give, give her ......"

Wang Dahu heard this really the case exposed face can not help but look, mouth also floated wipe mocking smile.

"It seems that you forgot those words I spoke to you of!"

"! No, no," Wang Dahu felt as if unhappy at this time, Kong Cuiping repeatedly shook his head and cried and shouted: "! Can, that's my only brother, ah, ah I can not watch him die."

"So, you find me doing here?" Wang Dahu is actually not particularly angry, disappointed not to mention what the reason had a'll help her, but out of that little mutual affection had met.

Of course, there is nothing worse.

"Big Huge, my mom, my brother is not enough money for medical treatment, so ...... so ...... I beg you, can you help me back, I ...... I beg your knees ...... you! "Wang Dahu Kong Cuiping plop kneeling at the feet, tightly pulled his Kujiao, the sound of weeping desolate road.

Wang Dahu looked at her, looked at her, looked at her -

Then he said: "Your mind is sick of it!"

Kong Cuiping crying stops,He looked up, full of incredible watching him.

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