Reborn Only to Love You Again

By Yi Ge Xiao Ping Gai

Chapter 48 borrow money

Chapter 48 borrow money

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Deal with these and other back to school, have closed the bedroom floor lights out, Wang Dahu it around to the side of the building, two at Pei Pei in her hand two spit spittle, start - climbing a tree!

He has climbed to the top of the tree, toward the opposite side of the second floor of the glass, the thump of throwing a stone.

Under "pan ----" blows out of the sound is made.

It seems to be waiting for the signal in general, that window was soon to open from the inside.

Crosswise out along branches, Wang Dahu like a gecko-like flexible climbed in the past.

A landing when I heard a slight concern that road and reproachful voice: "? How to come back now," I saw was wearing pajamas Li Qing positive Shuangshoubaoxiong however, look very good look at him.

Wang Dahu grin, said the sound: "of running a little thing!"

As he ran, like to know Li Qing, Li Qing then do they not know him, one would feel out of place slightest wrong. But he did not immediately get to the bottom, but patted him falling leaves, snow and other things, he took out a thermos, that which is left of his dinner.

Satiate, Wang Dahu did not wash, only the two face wet towel, it off the clothes into bed.

Naturally, he is the people Li Qing drill natural bed.

Round fluffy, fragrant baby, Wang Dahu heart because those two animals and hold back the surge of anger, finally slightly subsided a bit, the moment there is nothing to hide things from beginning to end of the Kong Cuiping said it again, naturally focus on the extent of cursing under two animal beastly.

After a long while, Li Qing and then raised his hand and touch a few blood purlin child under Wang Dahu face, cold voice said: "! Damn them both."

"True, true!", As Wang Dahu henchman, mad his head, for these words are deep that he ah!

"As the saying goes, not a people do not enter a door, what bird birds find what you said that before and after the two men find her Yang Li, both (TM) is brutal. Scourge not only themselves, but also joint and several others, five Ah this year just fifteen ah! he can go under the hand, if I had not arrived today, and that is really disastrous consequences! "

Li Qing Wang Dahu then put his head on the chest gently dawdle two, sneer, said: "! The two men will not just forget the" like Yang Li kind of vampire, how could abandon Kong Cuiping tree free to press the cash cow .

"Well ...... it when they do not come! If Coushang to act recklessly again, you can not blame a ruthless tiger grandfather." Attached to a child received the air, he will be returned to them with interest in.

Night without it the next day, happens to be Saturday, Li Qing Wang Dahu and then went to see the next Kong Cuiping, though his face haggard girl, but compared to yesterday, obviously a lot of calm.

Wang Dahu asked her why Yang Li will know what she's whereabouts.

Kong Cuiping do some prevarication explained, it was her own trip back, so will be caught Yang Li.

"I earned some money to buy milk powder point, wanted to send to the younger brother, younger brother this year are six years old, but looks thin and small dolls and three or four of the same, sister, Third Sister, Sister in many mother years ago have been given away,Now I only have this one brother, so ...... "is said here, the little girl to tears, you can see that for the mother and stepfather of the child, that she'd really love to do her sister's.

Wang Dahu heard a sigh, the nature of human relations, thicker than water. Yang Li in the eyes of others even if it is hateful again, but for a five Ah is to be the most pro-people.

For two people talking, Li Qing and then just sit a sit in, and did not express any opinion.

It looks a little silence.

Finally, Wang Dahu has asked some of her words, especially Yang Li told her that if they come back to harass her, and immediately to call their own.

"Big Huge, this really thank you! Without you, I, I'm ashamed to live ......" Kong Cuiping looked very excited, she pulled Wang Dahu hands, crying and bowed with limb tell their gratitude.

"Nothing! Now that you called Ran Ran soon cousin, then I should also take care of you!" For Kongcui Ping, Wang Dahu may only persist in a child's impression, he raised his hand and patted the little girl's head like comfort.

Feel this slightly intimate touch, Kong Cuiping blushing, seems to be something in his heart suddenly melt the same.

And also at this time, she felt a wave of sight, but with a cold force people sharp, her hands clutching the involuntary release of Wang Dahu.

They then came out from Kongcui Ping, Li Qing Wang Dahu let go back to school first and then, a few months is the college entrance examination, he did not want to distract him.

"How about you?" He asked Li Qing and then frowned.

"I went to investigate something they'll soon go back!" Wang Dahu squeeze goo goo squeeze into his eyes, then sped away on his bicycle. He slowly looked away in the back, Li Qing and then look faint, no one knows what he was thinking.

Passive and others to attack, Wang Dahu is not a philosophy of life.

In fact, to say how much he cares Kong Cuiping or how a sense of justice that it is purely nonsense. But since he had decided to take this thing, that he will guarantee that this thing can get a satisfactory result.

Another is that he does not want such a person like Yang Li again in his home in the natural course of life.

A whole afternoon, Wang Dahu is near Yang Li family around, he looks handsome and well spoken liking, did not take long to put that one thing to find out a laundry list. Of course, this is also thanks to the reason that the couple toss all day, so he was very easy to get a lot of messages. Mr. Zhao said that the beast it! Zhouzhuang relied on their own looks pretty looks, in this area and a lot of older girls, pretty daughter pass through the "sex scandals", but also because of this, Yang Li did little to quarrel with him, but every time are also thunder no rain, playing for so many years, making for so many years, they still live in one piece.

So, for several days, Wang Dahu is like playing "Detective" game playing on the hidden, as long as a free day, then go out shopping nearby. Li Qing and then finally made a case, this corpuscles down.

In this way time flows, blink of an eye has passed more than a month, as the pace more and more cold weather, the Spring Festival has gradually toward people came.However, Li Qing Wang Dahu and have decided this year, and Long Yat Ming them a feast, so both of them looked very relaxed, this day, Li Qing and then go out to others as a tutor in class, Wang Dahu in the bedroom received a call from the Kong Cuiping.

In the hot shop front of the school, the two met.

Wang Dahu asked her to find that they have something?

The little girl's face appeared slightly nervous look, head down, kept writhing clothes, one does not know how to open the way.

Finally in his repeated questioning, he said it.

"You want so much money to do what?" Wang Dahu asked, frowning.

Kong Cuiping biting mouth, after a good long while and said: "Me, I want to use the money to study large Huge, out of so many years I also understand that, in this society, no knowledge, no skills, is not survival!. Do not worry, I'll work, we will put the money back to you as soon as possible! all you can to help me, I beg you! "

Wang Dahu micro pondered thoughtfully at her.

Kong Cuiping looked a little excited, but it looks like some really telling the truth looks like.

If this is the case, Wang Dahu also willing to pour a little bit to help her.

"Do you have any specific plans?"

"I, I want to go to a technical school, learning the craft, the future Ye Hao bowl of rice to eat!"

"The idea, actually very good." Wang Dahu agree with eye looked at her, I did not expect this girl kinda get the idea.

Give a man a fish than giving the fishing, we want to change the fate of the final had to rely on their own.

"You want a thousand dollars, I will lend you!"

"Really?" Kong Cuiping eyes light up, immediately flushed face up, very excited again and again thanks with: "! Xie Xie Dahu brother, Xie Xie Dahu brother, you are so kind Pinger"

Wang Dahu heard a music, shook his head: "Yes, your mother and stepfather did not come through this period of time there is you!?"

"No, they have not appeared again, and I, I have not been back!"

"! This ah" Wang Dahu looked at the little girl, leaning □ the child, quite pointedly said: "Five Ah, just as we can not choose who from inside the stomach of birth as well, so we can not choose our parents, but after all, is our own life, if you want to get rid of that past life, it would have to have the courage, decisiveness, do not let those nominally your loved ones, it can be dry but it is everything you harm soft-hearted person. I say you understand me? "

"I know, big Huge say all good to me, I'll remember!" Kong Cuiping straining nodded his head, looked at Wang Dahu handsome face full of macho, shy said.

Huge big not only good-looking people are good-hearted, good man really Dingding.

Kong Cuiping never forget that in most of his life in the darkest moments of panic, he came into the world as a hero are like from the heavens will, with their own out of Oliver. And ...... but ...... At that time, he also gave his body looked, now think about it, really makes people feel uncomfortable smell of urine.

Kong Cuiping twist the two □ child, his face crimson halo of increasingly powerful.

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