Reborn Only to Love You Again

By Yi Ge Xiao Ping Gai

Chapter 46 Christmas (hot night)

Chapter 46 Christmas (hot night)

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However, Li Qing face look very calm, however, allows the action to make Wang Dahu not calm, his long fingers one by one untied buttons chest, until prominent collarbone, white chest all storm drain in front.

"Hold me!" He said.

Wang Dahu bitterly swallowed, suddenly got up, not gentle like a carry sack like to get him in the shoulder.

Opened the bedroom door, two people down in the big bed covered with rose petals.

"You're soft ......" Wang Dahu raised his head and goes from the tender pink lips, a kind of rogue got cheaper still cold to.

However, Li Qing clear eyes in the morning without its former self-sustaining, full of blurred and j □ j, he kept panting, apparently cost him the kiss of great physical strength.

"When did you ...... confused ......?"

"How yesterday middle of the night ...... ...... secretly arranged, still like it?" Wang Dahu gentle peck every inch of his chest, try to make him loosen up.

The water belly full of bad guys, is really a premeditated!

He felt his pants were pulled down gently, Li Qing and then bit her lip, cursing the sound: "the bad guys!"

Wang Dahu heard but proud smile.

Finally, two people j □ j and right.

However, Li Qing head sideways, xingmou shimmering, voice trembling, said: "? ...... disappointed yet."

And soft and fragrant girl different, this body of men in the final analysis, he - would despise it?

"! Fool" Wang Dahu punishment like a bite of that white shoulder look: "You really want to put bones residue left, all to eat!"

"! Then eat" Li Qing and then suddenly raised his hand, clinging to the body man's neck: "Do not leave anything."

"Yes, sir!" Wang Dahu should altogether, at this moment his body is feeling because of this influx of "seduce" has been waves of Kuangshao up small things, if he did not vent out, he will be mad.

"Ran Ran, I love you."

"…………Yes, me too!"

Hot body due to friction, because love kissing and touching, soul is not binding compatibility, no more words, only needs a look, a strike, those who let their pain, broken out things will all disappear not see. In the hot fire of love, the battered child who finally got the best of comfort.

The morning sun through the thick curtains, leaving only the shadowy light irradiation kisZ goes into the big bed, Li Qing and then whisper soon opened his eyes, he slightly moved, and then in the next second, a surge of pain from the entire blunt hemp lower body came immediately let him face a stiff.

"Awake?" Some people tease tease his ear broken hair, Oh laughed softly.

Li Qing then held out his hand toward the bed touched, after wear glasses, the purpose is askew muscles bulge, very sturdy chest.

"What time is it?" Xu is out of physical discomfort, and perhaps for some indistinct shame Italy, Li Qing natural sound is clearly a kind of "aggressive" of the state.

"There are 10 minutes past six, when it early, you will sleep in the Son!" Wang Dahu and said hey hey hey.

Zeixiao constantly looking at his face Wang Dahu,However, Li Qing look increasingly distress, especially noticed two men in a body under the quilt, still belong to the j □ j state, meaning that embarrassment is becoming ever larger.

"get out!"


"You go first!"

"Oh! Ok!" Wang Dahu eyes Gululu a turn, really obedient out of bed, his bare big ass, little brother ah shake in front of people then could not shake Li Qing, looking over rogue said: "Ran Ran, your clothes are all in this it, I gave you are ready, there is this cream last night after you wash to last for a while, one will add a touch of your own back, anti-inflammatory ...... good fast ...... ....... "



"Get out!"

"Yes yes yes, which own mellow, mellow themselves."

He could feel the hit to hold the pillow, Wang Dahu naked standing in the bedroom door, scratched his head, constantly, constantly, grinning.

Baked bread, fried eggs, ham, and poured two glasses of hot milk, cajole two small magic star breakfast.

Aware of the seat opposite one less person, he blinked his eyes Sa children puzzled and said: "smelly Runner, then ran older brother?"

Because at a time when a good mood, Wang Dahu also did not blame him for his insult, grinning, said: "! Your brother then ran it in the bedroom."

"Still sleeping?" Side of the children Gudonggudong drank a big gulp of milk, touched his mouth and said: "? Ran Ran brother is a little lazy."

"Was not, then ran his brother so splendidly, how can a pig!" Sa children hear brother so insult their own favorite god, the Jin Jin immediately small nose, retorted: "It must be his brother encountered any problems, can not down to breakfast, SA children go now to help him, then ran my brother I'm coming !! "

"The more children want to go ......"

"The two of you can give me a little corpuscles it:! Wang Dahu deftly grabbed two small magic star nape of the neck by them in the chair.

"You Ran Ran brother ...... just ...... sleep late last night ...... so just get up today!"

"Why late nights??" Sa children big a blind eye, wonder how to be more skeptical and asked: "? The two of you did anything bad yet."

Wang Dahu hearts started sweating profusely thought: These two small children do not even have such things all know it! This Intuit precocious some of it!

Fortunately, just as he was speechless do not know what to say, the protagonist of the event finally comes slowly.

"Ran Ran brother!" Is the Lord saw two little devils, immediately put Wang Dahu thrown into the back of the head, kiss tired tired to climb the Qing Li Ran lap. "Ran Ran brother, how you look so white ah? Is ill?" Sa small children very worried asked.

"My brother all right!" Li Qing and then rubbed his two little guy's head said smiling.

"After my brother then ran to early child sleep sleep ~~~~~ fun ~~~~~ so do not be up the next day! So my father told us!"

"Yes ah, yes ah!" Side of the children kept lit a small head, suddenly do not know what to look at, and was very surprised, pointing to Li Qing Ran neck and said: "Ran Ran brother,You are stinking mosquito mosquito bites a big bag, all red! "

Wang Dahu set eyes look, where is the bite of what the text package ah! Clearly it is sucked out of their own last night hickey.

Li Qing then obviously react, blushing again a black eye daggers at someone being kept laughing.

The vertical shaft concealing his collar, who has always been indifferent children, rarely appeared slightly rattled.

"Well, you two eat fast past!" Ran Li Qing low coughed towards Sa children with the children she said.

Wang Dahu look funny, bad acting can not help but lift the leg, gently hook the next pair of opposite seductive slender legs.

About two.

A hook, two hooks.

"Ow ----" scream, Wang Dahu pain straight with his head knock the table.

"Ran Ran brother, Ran Ran brother, you see how the smell Runner?" Little Magic Star SA child was very surprised to see Wang Dahu, does not seem to understand how this man, hey began on self-flagellation.

"Nothing, you just fall ill brother Runner! But I have to treat him the next, presumably the next time, he will be very quiet!" Li Qing Ran smile is so gentle, snow lotus are like the iceberg, refracted in the sun a holy light, and instantly fans have two small magic star shining bright eyes.

Wang Dahu: "........................."

So in such a sweetness and pain, has passed five days Daweibalang Chihuahua and finally under one thousand hope Wan Wang Dahu from the United States is back!

Two small magic star to see the "long absence" Dad, are extremely happy, muttering around Chihuahua he kept saying. But from time to time they come to their sweep perspective, Wang Dahu be one hundred percent guarantee both bear the child must have been talking ill of their own.

Would like to own more than a week to be bullied two magic star of the day, Wang Dahu on the sad reminder of the incredible, do not say anything else, say ever since the two "first night" since the night he and Li Qing ran just no chance affectionate too. Two broken children have to sleep in the Qing Li Ran around, even though Wang Dahu cheek to get together, bear children would put on a section of "pillow" in the middle of the bed as a community Chuhan.

So, Wang Dahu this time really anxious to get out of here, back to his kennel, and Li Qing and then go over two of the world sweet.

However, before you go, he is also the reported revenge.

Long Yat Ming sat beside Wang Dahu sudden earnestness talking about parenting, child development psychology from parents of children should be given as to how positive impact, rambling grinding grumble for a long time, and finally must've quietly say: "godfather, and when your future brother-loving, we can get the door shut the well, or else you talk about Sa ...... let the children see children with a number of bad ......"

A black face instantly looked down Long Yat Ming, Wang Dahu secretly drop laughed.

But he knows how strong this Daweibalang Du Zhanyu in this area, which from Chihuahua hottest days of the year but also wear long sleeves, long pants this, we understand the Barbara!

Hey ......

Two small magic star of your Good Friday is coming!

............ quack quack Ga Gaga

Wang Dahu of this unit feel pleased effort,Until out of their home did not Huanguo Lai Yat Ming dragon, the people simply enraptured, Germany reported a great hatred of the way.

"Naive!" Li Qing ran behind their disdain death sentence.

Wang Dahu hey hey hey shrugged his shoulders, suddenly picked up the his hand ran forward.

However, Li Qing light calls out too late, it was blowing winds blocked the mouth.

Moonlight Minghui, two teenagers on snow enjoy running and leaving only four lines of footprints, although YY after another, but it looks like they are so harmonious.

Author has to say: Crab wind continues blowing scraping ah, please be sure to pick up the festival parade, pay attention to harmony, not the effect of small fresh show their side of it! o (* ≧ ▽ ≦) tsu

I still Meme thanks to Ray's daughter Jun, Jun tomorrow and loneliness more double O (∩_∩) O haha ​​~ Although this article really have a lot of shortcomings and deficiencies, but still hope that we can support the cap love you ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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