Reborn Only to Love You Again

By Yi Ge Xiao Ping Gai

43 Chapter acquaintance

43 Chapter acquaintance

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PASSING east, Yela have, time flies so quietly goes by, the spring and autumn, blink of an eye in the past three years.

Nineteen of them already, are under pressure of college entrance examination.

Wang Dahu creak bed with a book in her hand, carrying a thermos and other objects, huddled shoulder quickly ran towards the study room. Opened the door, the classroom trapezoidal already widowed widowed yo seat some people. Wang Dahu find a corner rearward, the cushion down, slamming his palms down on the table, take two eyes, dizzy and began to sleep in the past. Apparently because starting too early, I still have not recovered, I do not know how long, feel next to someone pushed him, this has woke up.

"Coming!" Wang Dahu rubbed his eyes and looked at a white down jacket, with a plaid scarf Li Qing course, he got busy to let him past. After Li Qing and then sit down, Wang Dahu very nature of his hand over and put his arms over his, side cover while also complained:! "Is not said about me come take a place like another thing you doing up so early. "see his face still cold color, Wang Dahu and quickly bring the thermos open, and that there is a call from him to get up early, steaming milk.

Drank some milk, then Li Qing's face really any better.

Notice has already been started near Look this way, he implied removed his hand from Wang Dahu arms, Qing Ke a cry began to pick up the book and began to read. Gradually, more and more people, but they are very quiet, each look of all, in this tense atmosphere and Su Ning learning, people can not really produce any slack thinking.

Wang Dahu also pack a good mood, he took out two sets of mathematics examination paper hard at doing again. Through hard work I, to lay a solid foundation. Wang Dahu academic performance, although not as top Li Qing course, but also one of those each exam can enter the top few students. But he bent to Li Qing and then go to the same city, read the same school, so there uncharacteristically extra effort up.

A morning time too Akira however, two out of the study room at noon, the boys but ran into a classmate named Qin Hai, the other party to tell them to find someone at the school gate and then Li Qing.

"You look for Qing Li Ran?" Wang Dahu watching the girl, some doubts raised an eyebrow, not young girls, also fifteen or sixteen, wearing a gray missed Aozai Aozai cotton head green woolen scarf wrapped on the bar, is the school gate stood trembling. Hear his inquiry, the little girl's face lit up, quickly nodded his head, followed by some not sure and asked: "You are the big brother you tiger"

Wang Dahu This is a more surprising, Mo Bucheng little girl even recognize himself?

At this time, seems to be seen in the Qing Li Ran behind him, the little girl's face suddenly exposed the excitement of color, he went underground rub the front of his body, reached out quickly grasped his arm, excited repeatedly said: " you are a small cousin, you are a small cousin of it! "

However, Li Qing heard scowled thin looked at her eyes, and perhaps think of what some hesitation asked: "? You five girl"

"Is it! Is it! Little cousin, it was five Chapin Ah ah!"

Wang Dahu eyes blinked a few times, then suddenly realized it was revealed the color, it turned out that the girl is Kongda Guo and Yang Li's daughter, the man who lived in them for some time, have also been abducted along with Wang Dahu little girl - Kong Cuiping .

"Ten years have not seen, you both have grown!" Wang Dahu quite magical a sigh, however, the heart can not help but raised a touch of vigilance, not his heart is small, but for that whole family, Wang Dahu also really never want to see.

Kong Cuiping a look that only come a long way over, they are not so good to catch her back, she can only receive first went to the cafeteria. Looked bent body, looking down Mengchi, and sent not on grasping the Kongcui Ping, Li Qing Wang Dahu and then quietly, as a glance.

Kong Cuiping eating a full five appetite, and finally put down the chopsticks, rub his chubby belly, her face a look of contentment. To see her finally finished, Wang Dahu this began to ask: "? How do you suddenly look up."

Hear this question, Kong Cuiping spot away from the silver knots, crying talking about the whole story.

Originally, back many years ago, after the old lady died hole, Yang Li took her out of the hole Jiatun, and lived a vagrant life. Was removed a few years, Yang Li in the city found a man fired boiler, where they will temporarily have settled the land, but not by much the man income-generating livelihoods, but many Huahuachangzai, grew increasingly seeing Kong Cuiping, goes as far as the idea hit her body, even once went so far as by night, burst into her room, she was desperate resistance, did not let this beast that beastly shoot me.

When he said here, hole Tweety cry more powerful, piercing look of his heart are sour.

Wang Dahu seeing, cursed twice: "Beasts!"

"That man always on my hands and feet mother ...... ...... ............ my mother did not help me at home that it is not Brad secretly ran out, but one day in this neighborhood saw ... ... saw little cousin ............ ...... I saw him wearing school uniforms would look over ............ ...... hum ...... small cousin, big Huge help the two of you ...... Ah help five bars! I beg you! "Kong Cuiping talking, plop it on kneeling on the ground, keep dropping like two people knock his head.

Obviously, also pushed to the uttermost.

This is the same school cafeteria students, ever seen such a scene, one by one are curious and looking up, pointing toward the side, Wang Dahu frowned, and quickly put her fork up. Two people have class in the afternoon, not let into the boys dormitory Kong Cuiping only arranged for her to go to the Chihuahua office.

"Do you think that how we do" in the classroom, Wang Dahu absently whispered hum.

However eyebrows Qingzhou Li Qing, after a long time, she said dismissively: "! To help her this time."

"...... hehe ...... I then ran home is really a good-hearted boy!"

For this answer, Wang Dahu not at all surprised at how cold in appearance, whether the person is alienated, but his inner was always so warm,So good.

"...... I'm sorry," he said softly micro turned his head.

This speaking from the heart, in fact, Li Qing and then presumably better than anyone else disgusted with the hole family, not only because of their greed and disregard step by step onslaught of blood family, the most important is that they have tried to hurt Wang Dahu, he will never forget Wang Dahu not missing that month, he is what kind of mood to spend, so for them, then that li Qing bottom of my heart - hate. However, when the helpless little sister begging, hoping he can reach out and help himself in the end he was moved compassion.

"! Fool" Wang Dahu secretly holding his hand, pretending angrily clutching a hard grip:? "Why, yes you told me you do these things that I do, rest assured, will give you to do properly the completed ! "

He went ahead, clerking, Wang Dahu in a small inn where the school gate to her rented a single room, let her have a place to shelter. However, in order to avoid trouble and Wang Dahu or her pledge, the most important thing is not to let Yang Li know that they helped her.

Settled slightly under, Wang Dahu and taking advantage of Saturday and Sunday, the start non-stop to help her find a job, but Kong Cuiping did not read the book a few years, a few characters do not know, a lot of work can be done. Finally, going around in circles in a small restaurant where she got a waiter to work, eight hundred a month, eat for evacuation of occupants.

Busy these days, Wang Dahu tired to death, a back bedroom to four, Yang eight oblique down on the bed.

However, Li Qing night came and found him asleep, give him shoes off and covered with blankets. Sitting on the bed looking at his tired face, Li Qing and then can not help but reach out to thin rubbed goes always brought him very warm face.

Why would I be so good?

Li Qing then leaned lying on his thick chest, some sour, some happy smile again.

Midnight, Wang Dahu drowsily woke up, he was a move, Li Qing and then will sober him. Just about to get up, but was grabbed by Wang Dahu first step down, just listen to the man responsible for the lazy sentence: "I said how it felt out of breath, turned out to be little pigs pressure on my chest ah ! "

"Who is the pig?" Li Qing then face lift, some dangerous questions and answers.

"! Do not worry," Wang Dahu again by his little head back to his chest, laughing, said: "Our family is then ran into a pig, it will be the world's most lovable, most beautiful, most intelligent pig! "

Anyway, not a pig. However, Li Qing rebuke heart, open your mouth to bite a small mouth chin toward the man.

Just the bite, not so much a punishment as it is a baby.

Wang Dahu bumbling whoops loudly, looked up to make way for a deputy "revenge", but took the opportunity tongue sound of fierce kisses under a lot goes just woke up on the face.

They trouble for a while.

Wang Dahu suddenly pointed out, smiled and said: "! Ran Ran, look, it snowing outside."

Sure enough, the silence of the night began to float large tracts of snow, everything becomes out of the window of snow up.

Small room, two people close snuggle together, gaze,Chunpan phase, that is to say each other's understanding endless, endless sweet.

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