Reborn Only to Love You Again

By Yi Ge Xiao Ping Gai

Chapter 42 stories

Chapter 42 stories

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Wang Dahu took a deep breath, eyes the color complex thicker.

He really did not think that one day will see the woman again, the man who abandoned their children, along with other men leave women.

"Ran Ran ......" He opened his mouth, but in the end all of a sudden do not know what to speak. Others do not know, but in love with Li Qing Ran daily with his daily life but deeply Wang Dahu know, in fact, his heart has been thinking of his mother, although he never said that, but every time every night, Wang Dahu total It is able to see his eyes leaking tears, heard his mouth whispering mother.

"Ran Ran, you hate her?"

However, Li Qing hear micro turned his head and looked at him, his face look very, very calm, did not look like his mother had just seen the long-awaited appearance.

"After ...... I do not know," a long time, Li Qing and then said softly: "I once read a story, the content of the story is this, there is a woman she married a man, but the man is a gambler, not only lost the home All of paying the money to stop violence against her, and finally one day can not stand the woman escaped and ran when she also took their one year old son. woman found her husband fear, constantly moving house, all day, too scared of the day, but she is very love that child, she wanted to be a good mother, so time goes by, the blink of an eye it took another three years, three years in order to survive and child-rearing, women had very, very hard her face is no longer beautiful, her skin is no longer fine, she was tortured life exhausted. but for the children, she insisted, but a year a year, the child grew, he became more and more like husband, narrow piece of ice-cold eyes, that some hoarse voice is, like most of his life that left her a shadow of a man, so she began to feel fear, and more The more fear. "When said here, Li Qing and then suddenly stopped, his eyes looked dazed and empty in front of the crowds, the world seems completely divided into two sides, one pulsing with fresh people, but only one side he himself,

Invisible boundaries, he and everyone split off.

Suddenly, a pair of warm and thick palm stretched out and holding on tightly to his hand.

Moment, he pulled out of the cold dark abyss.

The sun shines on between the man's hair, shiny shiny, this time he is looking at his face with a look of fear, though frowning like some ugly, but let his heart felt warm.

"The story is not over yet ......" Li Qing then move your fingers, slightly rubbed at the man's thick palm "............ One day, the woman suddenly found that it seems that someone is tracking their own, she suspected her husband got so very, very afraid, not even on the class, stay a day at home, tightly hugged his son, she vowed that whatever happens, she must protect him. Unfortunately, however, took place in a stormy night, the tracking her man broke into the house, he raised the hands of a knife, want to kill the woman, in this time of crisis, the woman made a motion in horror,She raised her son's side, when the shield with the children. "

When hearing this, Wang Dahu involuntary spit breath, and then have some faint Li Qing understand why suddenly tell such a story.

"After killing the man is perfect, and very scared, hurriedly ran out, the last in a small apartment that piece less than 10 square meters, the only covered in blood already Qijueshenwang children and women driven to distraction you say that the end of the story would it be? "

Wang Dahu face bitter, shaking his head.

"Woman committed suicide because she could not forgive myself in that moment, abandon their children ......"

"Ran Ran!"

"So ...... I probably do not hate!" So he said, with a slight smile, however, there are a pair of clear eyes and tears are falling on the mouth.

Drop by drop, drop by drop, and ultimately burst into tears.

So, a lot of people will see, the roadside a teenager obsessed with another teenager in his arms, shoulders trembling with looks so, so sad.

After returning from Beijing, Li Qing and then he did not mention Kong Xiumei, so the day will gradually return to the past.

Suddenly, the summer arrived.

This day, Wang j □ j their own to buy a new mountain bike, with a Tide brand headphones, went straight home away Chihuahua.

"Ding-dong ding-dong ...... ......"

"How did you open ............" said Wang Dahu half of the pinch immediately sound in his throat, he stared, rearing swallowed, never dreamed would see this scene. Long Yat Ming, the wily, always put Daweibalang deputy "god stick" countenance, and this has become ...... became ............ Daddy? ? ? ?

He pointed to the front of the little twists and infant, Wang Dahu stammered asked: "you you you you you you derailed?" Implying because Chihuahua "old and useless", and so the bad guys will play for two heart, have a child with another woman? ? Wang Dahu such a wondering eyes immediately stare round and smooth, her family asked a great backing "revenge" means.

Long Yat Ming heard this, a black face, snappily hum the sound.

"Ah! You came cub" then wearing pink slippers, tilted a recklessly Chihuahua, Tititata ran over.

Wang Dahu immediately that a pair of eyes stare greater.

"How, how, and one ah?"

Yes! Chihuahua's body before leaving for the same twists, twists the little baby being tie bar tie bar of waving hands.

"This in the end is how ah?" Gazes identical twin boys, Wang Dahu forehead banging beat faster.

Chihuahua heard this, his face showing a slight look of embarrassment and excitement, but finally took the Long Yat Ming explained doubled.

"So ...... two children, really is your own son?"

"From the kinship terms on this!"

"............ Although the test-tube baby, but the child's mother ......"

"Children without a mother!" Long Yat Ming sound was light, but a kind of undeniable majesty:. "They only have two fathers."

Wang Dahu moment, then glanced at the white infant baby pink,Finally, she nodded her head slightly.

In his previous life was known, Long Yat Ming and Chihuahuas are no children, so the sudden appearance of two small life, he was very shocked, but also joy. Has been looking mouth smile uncle, Wang Dahu suddenly the sound of Long Yat Ming said: "Thank you!"

Although the get is "You're talking nonsense," look, but Wang Dahu still grinned, hey hey hey good laugh a few times.

A few days later, a few of them driven all his rural home.

Old man, old woman, saw the back of two baby fat, shocked at the time, when they hear this doll is Wang Yaozu child, eyes the tears of children Para Para fell down. In particular Father, Wang Dahu big boy really is the first time I saw him so excited. Father personally to the two children took the name, big called "Wang Sa" small is called "Wang Yue", the idea is surnamed Wang, Long Yat Ming did not give a stay.

The contrast is the old couple to change the attitude of Long Yat Ming and Wang Yaozu, two elderly people and did not ask who the mother is, perhaps precisely because of this "misunderstanding" of them to make the dragon Yat Ming some "guilt", and that they used to be a dragon Yat Ming will play it by ear, and a time to coax the old man kept the two lived all these years, for the first time really is the family accepted!

Wang Dahu looked SA holding the child, crying on the ground out of breath Chihuahua, my heart is really happy for the two men.

For the first time, really feel, Long Yat Ming is so so in love with his younger brother.

Because you happy, so I'm happy.

Because you are not happy, so I want you to be happy.

The so-called love is not such a simple thing?

Whole summer, tiger, Chihuahua, and two children were mandatory stayed.

God looked on the face of aging milk that joyful smile, Wang heart sour at the same time, it has become even more considerate act together. Each day, Wang Family Courtyard will be heard the sound of crying children, the old people to coax the sound of laughter, day after day, just like life heritage, always sensational.

"Back ......" in the bedroom, Li Qing and then opened the door, facing the outside of the packages of Wang Dahu he said, laughing.

Missing more than a month looking at love, "Qiaosheng Sheng" stance in front of their own, Wang Dahu his heart is hot, and threw him out of thin air turn several circles.

"If you want a husband yet?" Wang Dahu licking the face, it is shameless he asked.

Li Qing then ramp at him, did not say a word.

Watching carefully arrayed on the table four dishes and one soup, Wang Dahu knew little darling children must be like himself.

In the evening, Wang Dahu principal think playing rogue, look for a gap, went downstairs to kiss Hozawa what, no one thought Qing Li Ran his first step to do so, lying around watching "fragrance" lady, Wang Dahu almost flattered by the attitude, carefully wolves that road slender waist.

Wang Dahu nestling in the arms, then put down the Li Qing weekdays all alert, his face showing a comfortable, reassuring look.

Wang Dahu twittering all these things an extra place in the home say it again.

What can two little baby crying how!What Daweibalang Chihuahua and how clumsy, will not take care of the children ah!

What are the two old people how happy, he sent did a great feast, tell the world the! And so on and so forth.

"............ But, you say they can conceal the two really is, little wind did not reveal in advance, literally the kids are out we know, can be really powerful le! Ran-ran, you say ............ "Wang Dahu only voice left a half, then bowed his head but found that Li Qing had fallen asleep.

His eyes looked dark blue marks, Wang Dahu distressed forehead kissed the white soft.

"sweet dream!"

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