Reborn Only to Love You Again

By Yi Ge Xiao Ping Gai

Chapter 39 sweet

Chapter 39 sweet

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Just finished another confession mind lover, in general, what will happen to get along?

Answer a sweet sweet honey a day can not wait 25 hours are tired together, example: Wang Dahu.

The second was, desolate, and absolutely no different from the past, example: Ran Li Qing.

So, while the overall look, Wang Dahu recent days off is very "not liking" of. Its main performance is the "desire satisfied" on.

Adolescent boy has just broken the forbidden fruit, and then you want sweetheart "affectionate, affectionate" wrong? Not to mention the little fairy, pleasant child, every night to sleep in his side, his delicate white porcelain-like neck, slow throughput aroma, Jingyi peace of mind sleeping face, all the time does not incite his fragile senses, so he could hold their own, always wanted to touch him, kiss him, touch him wrong?

Wang Dahu eyes of a tear, Weiweiququ touched the face that red hand print, as you fight so hard? As he looked sad, absent-minded when, on the podium full of color serve as role models of Chihuahua with a happy voice spoke and said: "Students" third sector National High School English Contest "is about to begin, in response to the call of superiors, and to exercise and enhance the English proficiency of students, hope that we can actively enrolled, this is about some of the specific requirements of the contest, students can go back and take a good look, teachers hope that we can go to exercise yourself. "

Looking at the front desk sent down a single paper, Wang Dahu looked very seem to lack interest, no one thought turned around, and then they discovered that Li Qing is a look pensive look.

"What you really want to participate ah?" In the bedroom, Wang Dahu hit it a couple of mouth to sing: "But also, you speak English so Shun Liu, was a twelve third prize, there is no pressure ah!"

"I not only" Li Qing and then looked at him dismissively:. "You have to go."

"?? I ah Wang Dahu an immediate fried hair:" You are not do not know, I grew to hate is that large birds flown, I can not go! "

Li Qing then listened to her face suddenly put down down, saw its pink lips of a challenge, coldly asked: "? Not"

"Also, too, is not not talk!" Wang Dahu henpecked see the angry wife immediately listless child down and said, scratching his: "I can not say that birds hello, always with a taste shareholders northern suburbs children, is estimated to go, you have to give people in the first round brush down. "

However, after listening to Li Qing can not help but laugh, said: "So not confident not like you!"

Wang Dahu hey hey hey scratched his head, then squeeze it squeeze it eyes, collected in the man Zeitouzeinao asked:! "They're children, so you want to leave me ah even a single minute I do not want to meet again, this friendship really made to prostrate to her husband moved only favors to report their case, and to let me kiss ---- two !! "

Finished, regardless of other people and then more and more black face Li Qing, Zhang Xuepen mouth would break off on his face pro.


Wang Dahu instant burst into tears, crying grievances whining.

"Ran Ran, you have hit me!"

"You owe to play!"However, Li Qing emerged wiping crimson face, Yan is like a peach in June.

Wang Dahu bumbling howl or two, then see Li Qing is ineffectively Bu Zhisheng, heart Huahuachangzai can not help but began to move up and saw that shot like electricity, under the wind, then put Li Qing hug in the arms. Before he exclaimed aloud, he goes on bullying attractive mouth, unreasonable forced open pink lips, cunning suddenly hooked a piece of soft fragrant uvula.

Li Qing twice ran whining, start Shihai some struggle, the enemy can do nothing really too sophisticated, so pure and kittens quickly defeated, only helpless Ren taste. Greedy color tiger kiss, the kiss will be a full seven or eight minutes, until both were able to come up gas out of breath, only apart "reluctant" in.

Silver fall from the lips of ambiguous, pulled out a long, bright line, the two fierce gasps echoed back and forth in this small bedroom, so that this will become increasingly natural looking rosy Li Qing "Xiunao up". Wang Dahu Laid expression "cheap" Hey smile, rub under stood up with the speed of light with, wind, wind starts to undress.

Blink of an eye, just more than a pure white boxers naked man appeared! ! !

However, Li Qing tightly bite the lower lip, felt some itch root.

"Ran Ran, good baby, want to see what is down here?" A shameless color tiger, full of obscene swing smiled while watching Li Qing ran his index finger side to provoke, to start slowly underpants pulled down side, with black fur garish stamp out.

However, Li Qing saw a deep breath, suddenly looked up into his "enchanting" smile: "you are all off, I do not know."

Wang Dahu ever seen such j □ j, he immediately stare straight ahead Zeiyan one pair of hissing saliva drip down. He snorted a fan of his face awakened heart licking the face hum: "Ran Ran, his wife, Shannon baby children, husband love you!"

However, Li Qing smiling, hand Qingtai, down his handsome rigid body lines, all the way down slowly caress the past, Wang Dahu he tangible j □ j flames, wait for them to immediately stripped of his clothes, and the only soft and tender little cat swallowed belly to do the demolition, he is probably a bit too excited at this time, so unwittingly two "red dragon" to lose face streaming down from the nasal cavity.

Li Qing natural "Mei Xiao" suddenly a stiff, nice to see in the absence of the brow severely vibrate twice.

Wang Dahu indifference, raising his hand rub, the whole chin rub a piece of gooey blood.

His eyes thief like big, breathless, excited even voice began shaking.

"Following continued, do not tell me politely!"

However, Li Qing cold smile in my heart, the vigor of the mill grind their gums.

When you catch the edge of a small piece of underwear in the Men Sao slender bird cool little hands and jumping in the heart of Wang Dahu thought he would explode secretly hidden in the bedside table of condoms and lubricants was finally able to come in handy ............

It sounds miserable, spread throughout the bedroom floor howling Zhang layer, sounded ----

"Loose, loose, broken, to cut off !! hum ......" Wang Dahu a face, that is from red to white, from white to green, from green to purple, purple is also a little black,All in all it was colorful, looks miserable.

"The thing to do is to let you keep below the belt, as I would for you to waste it today, the province's total you all day long from the bad thoughts," Li Qing Ran's face emerges out of a way for Wang Dahu liver quiver of children sneer awe-inspiring hands Banke is not loose, Wang Dahu Jiaoniang pain have a mind.

"Release, release, hum ......" Wang Dahu kept hissing, crying with just the little brother miserable fall into enemy hands, so that he dares legislator, can only wait to die, fancy bullying can be really miserable : "well then ran, Keep Cool, hiss, you can light a little ah this relationship sex life after your half, ah, if bad then you later Awful lonely, who will comfort you ah!!"

Well! By now, this foul mouth dare tiger flower, it seems learned enough ah!

However, Li Qing rare move from the anger really, the moment we do not mercy, will give this all day long, everywhere estrus animals, a bitter lesson.


"How, how?" The door, heard this from the bedroom teacher anxious straight Zamen: "Wang Dahu, Li Qing and then you two what matter?"

It was not until a good long while before from which came a trembling voice.

"Old sir, I, we wooden thing!" Wang Dahu clamping legs, rickets on the knees, his face sweat tears intertwined.

"Nothing of what you call ah, big night startled many people, I tell you ah sleep deducted ten points, in no small blackboard board corpuscles criticism tomorrow !!"

Wang Dahu now patronize the pain, which there are thought not care what the deduction of points, his head buried in the ground of the wearer, a breath a breath, looks to be more pity there is more pathetic.

Li Qing finally ran out of a trip, do not know what the teacher said with the bedroom, they just go.

Li Qing Wang Dahu desolately natural looking, I saw that child heartless guy, actually in front of him, open a bottle of disinfectant, carefully leaching in his hands, fingernails did not even have to put too, seriously askew clean, straight afraid of what looks sloppy things keep his hands again, Wang Dahu gas is a Buddha OBE two Buddhist heaven, an old blood almost did not erupted.

"You, you, Haohen Heart" Wang Dahu shrink in the corner, and with a small daughter suffered abuse like "weeping and pieces" of the accused said: "too hard!"

This is when we made up our mind to the rhythm of eunuchs ah!

In the end is a cat, that is ignorant look at the sweet, it can not change the fact that there is a mat under his meat claws! !

Whining ~~~~ (> _

Author has to say: bite a corner, seeking collection ING ^^

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