Reborn Only to Love You Again

By Yi Ge Xiao Ping Gai

Chapter 38 presents

Chapter 38 presents

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Unparalleled embarrassment.

However, Li Qing Wang Dahu bent over the body, ear and listen to the TV drama coming from next door "fierce fighting" sound, my heart is hot and upset.

"Get up!" Suddenly, looking rosy Li Qing and then gently denounced sound.

Wang Dahu rearing of swallowed, he was a move, the top people in something Li Qing at the thigh and then also followed twitched. And it is clear that this anomaly and fiery strange sense of friction, they have felt!

"Hey hey hey ......" licking the face, Comrade Wang Dahu give full play to their own world and man are trained cheeky. The anti-refundable grabbed it soft, cool and good-looking slender hands, the moment that started for his shady place to touch.

"You ----" aware of a person's intention, Li Qing and then his face has not "red" word can describe it.

"Ran-ran, then ran, his wife ............" Wang Dahu pair of big eyes literally life and life out of the layer of tears, it looks like to those poor, pathetic how he rub beside that white jade-like ears, breathless Nan said: "I'm uncomfortable."

With a broad vision of high intelligence and wide reading Ran Li Qing, I do not know anything of this moment, Wang Dahu why uncomfortable.

But this child is Mianbao and very, very thin people, more and more encouraged under the fingers of the pulse of the growing shape, all the time does not impact all of his senses, so that the normally quiet self-sustaining youth, has been completely lost the ability to think, only eyes wide open, looking at the body of people panic.

"Help me ...... ah?" Wang Dahu sound sweet like honey, stop and coax lied and said: "Nothing, nothing, good wife, I took you, can be comfortable, have a little do not be afraid!"

Winter's big palm like a snake-like drilling Li Qing then go from slightly messy white shirt, along slender Sentimental curve, one begins, greedy but eagerly stroking. However, Li Qing life and uttered a cry, a surge never had the thrill of feeling faint and some tide began to involuntarily let him twist up slightly.

Youth or body always impulsive, Wang Dahu in this regard, something like a cunning hunter, he patiently and in a measured development of the most sensitive areas of the body servant child, listening to his like crying like weeping and difficult to suppress j □ j sound, Wang Dahu is not only the body even all of my heart jump as if to blow up like.

"Tiger ah ...... ......" long fingers evoke wipe j □ j arc, intolerable wrinkle pink sheets under him, finally broke out in the rhythm of the human body more wanton in front of all are put the Buddha-like blow up, broken into numerous pieces.

Wang Dahu is also a soft body, the people are lying on the people who ran Li Qing, two severe breathing back and forth Dangzhuo inside the house. Wang Dahu looked pale crimson glanced Qing Li is apparent absence of the natural state, slightly lifted from the body of the paper drawn bedside, extracting a few tissues, the two lower body wipe clean. Bed clutching his little j □ j, Wang Dahu voice with some satisfaction after he fed carefully asked: "? Ran Ran, are you okay"

However, Li Qing little cat in his arms like a shrink,Bite bite someone is pro-Yin Hong, lips, looks very poor.

Wang Dahu endure more than a decade, a move succeeded, it would be some "unscrupulous" them, although two people did not do the last step, but "hungry" has long been someone that was resorted to various means in every possible way toss Li Qing as pure natural white, straight people are confused panic heart, soul did not, and now the whole body still trembling badly.

Wang Dahu "bumbling" Li Qing then touched the damp hair, and kissed his forehead that run soft, conscious relationship between the two has been out of his way, brow shares will be more than proud. Thinking: If I had known then ran darling of vinegar is so, he should be back to make this trick ah! Why go all day tempted to test, for fear of a sweetheart get the wrong idea, I really regard themselves as the "good guy" was. Then he really should "Kusi!" The.

"! Ran Ran I tell you ah," Wang Dahu next to that white jade-like ears with the "serious," the voice said: "Our two just but occurred * relations, the fight starting job for today, I would be your man, ah you! I was responsible for, you know? "

Qing Li Ran blinked and looked up with a slightly hoarse voice asked: "What did you say?"

"I mean, after that we two couples, a couple, you are my wife, I am your husband ......" However, Li Qing looked increasingly incredible eyes child, Wang Dahu some urgency: "You are to me, that the ...... maybe I have been pregnant belly you have children, you can not admit ah! "

Li Qing then immediately a black face down.

What I tell you this, that the ...... are you such and such to me what it ............ ...... ah ...... This child is foul mouth running Tiger will train! ! !

New enemies plus the old hate, Li Qing and then can not help but brow pricked, choking loudly: "To you is responsible for responsible for me!"

Wang Dahu immediately hit the snake on a stick, grin and said: "!!! OK OK I'm in charge, I'll never be responsible."

Know fooled, Li Qing and angry and ashamed then glared at him ruthless, illegal channels of sound: cunning.

They toss a long while, a moment physically and mentally exhausted long ago, And hold each other for a while with no sleep in the past.

Only that they are nothing but mouth spontaneously sprang up, exudes endless joy and sweet.

The next day, early in the morning, on the way back to school.

Wang Dahu refreshing carrying God neither of Li Qing Qing also unhappy then.

"Put me down!" Qing Li Ran micro-twisted under the body, some unhappy, said.

Patted disobedient little ass, Wang Dahu some blame, said:! "You behave yourself now can walk on that foot wear it a half feet have blisters, having said that, your boss called yesterday in the end? let you made a number of leaflets ah? he was not mean to bully you, ah! look I do not find him afterwards. "

Wang Dahu angrily faced questioning, Li Qing and then there was the slightest look unnatural. How could he tell him, because in the daytime and the girl saw him dearly picture of hate against him to death, but is afraid of something that is so, so at night he hesitated afraid to go back, can only be driven to distraction wandering in the street.

Such a disgrace,Want to come is to kill him, he would never say!

Just when Wang Dahu La La weave of chatter Li Qing then how can toss their own, will not care for themselves how, suddenly felt a cold on his neck, something strange hanging on the top.

"happy Birthday……"

Wang Dahu pace suddenly meal, the joy of my heart is like the bubble-like erupted just can not stop. In a hint of a smile appeared at the corners of his mouth, and then more and more, until almost the whole mouth Checheng and a half months, only silly, said: "! I, I thought you forget it."

However, Li Qing special "condescending" looked at him, do calm force snorted: "April Fool!"

Wang Dahu day and night, sixteen-year-old daughter Period birthday present for a long time, is a hand-sized "Tiepai" Of course, maybe it's not iron, but because it is really very heavy, so I just assume that it is an iron it! Tiepai multiply rectangular jade beads dressed as a chain, carved above is a majestic tiger, the tiger's feet and flowers are blooming peony, tiger and spend a perfect match together so that the whole sculpture is not only a kind there is also a wild beauty indescribable tenderness gorgeous.

Then put down the Li Qing, Wang Dahu out two claws, holding looked and looked "Tiepai" put it down.

"However, of course, this was a lot of money, right?" He asked Babbitt particular sound.

"Do you like it?" Li Qing and then see him face have the joy of my heart can not help but be happy again.

Just do not like his temper, "ups and downs", others do not see nothing.

"Like, love!" Wang Dahu cheering loudly, suddenly threw him, attached to turn a lot of laps.

"Well Ran Ran, a good wife, Thank you so much !!"

On the street early in the morning, a sunny tall handsome boy picked up another slightly stiff indifference youth, non-stop cheering, spinning, they looked so, so be happy.

One day

Wang Dahu was howling was deliberately wearing a shirt unbuttoned shirt, his chest was a birthday present a new reflection quaint secluded Mans in the sun.

A younger brother, see, said: Wei carry this thing, boss belt, the more momentum ah!

Wang Dahu its proud smile.

Brother B, see it, anxious, saying: This was the boss of love, beauty will certainly want to come both hands ah!

Wang Dahu their praise smile.

Brother C, see it, Yi Gulu eyes, wondering themselves have to say something, ah, I said: This thing with dog tags even like men.

Meng Wang Dahu stiff, thought a long while, suddenly exposed stocks, "I see," the laugh.

at night.

Their little hands clutched sweetheart, "tears" sighs: "So you like the faithful dog type it?"

Qing Li Ran "| ........................"

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