Reborn Only to Love You Again

By Yi Ge Xiao Ping Gai

Chapter 36 misunderstanding

Chapter 36 misunderstanding

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"I'm sorry," Wang Dahu with a painful expression on his face, opening:. "I can not accept your mind."

"Is, why?" Joe poetry rain a reject him, eyes immediately filled with a mist of tears.

A full two-year crush, so that finally the courage to confess the sad little girl to death at this time.

"Quite simply, because I already have like people !!"

Qiao Shi Yu suddenly raised his head, was very shocked and asked: "? Who is"

Wang Dahu corner office swept the pair of white sneakers under-eye door, facing the soulful little girl said: "He who is not important, important is that I love him, I love him, I am old and rare old rarity him, in my mind he is the world's most beautiful treasures, tis not pull down the kaolinite flower on a cliff, is the sun in the sky is always light up my life! "

"Woo, hum ............" Joe looked at the poem he sent rain put Vice "Oh! Juliet, Why are you Juliet" style of Wang Dahu, she was touched deeply ----! ! !

Tiger students, really, really good infatuation ah!

"That, that with you yet?" Asked the little girl tears crashed.

Wang Dahu sad and shook his head.

"I have not really show how much I love him, but ---- as long as the distance with him, guard him, whether he know the intention, what difference does it !!"

At this point Joe poem rain completely immersed In a prime-time Taiwan's "brainwashing" mode, she forgot the pain has just been rejected by a crush of people, just as one Wang Dahu really good feel Ye Hao poor affectionate ............ Oh!

"Big tiger same, classmates ...... as long as you stick to it, I believe that one day the girl will understand your mind!"

"Ah! Classmate Joe, thank you for your encouragement. I will continue to refuel!"

"Come on!"

Wang Dahu looked at his face tears go girl, secretly wiped the sweat from his forehead.

The child is indeed natural to stay attributes, such a simple sentence or two later gave fool.

Stick your Zeitouzeinao he went toward the door rub, hand stretched it out, make a trial of strength, had hidden in the corner of the man child, a sudden fell into his arms.

"Well, let me catch it! Say what you overheard it in here?"

Wang Dahu Jinlou TV drama slim waist, next to that white jade-like ears, asked softly.

Li Qing then wipe his face flashed uncomfortable expression, struggle of the two figuring it out from his arms, but nonetheless someone will die a move to succeed hug and hold, but unfortunately had no choice but Oh said: "! I Kuaifang Kai"

"Hold hold on hold!" Wang Dahu strong body twisted to lie: "I broke the legs, you do not stay with me."

Li Qing immediately ran a little anxious look down: "? It does not matter."

See his knee wrapped in several tiers of thick gauze, can not help but blame, said: "! How are not careful."

Wang Dahu smiled, glanced at his coat pocket library card, I know this guy is definitely ran to read a book! Really! Sports Day also went even taking the time to read it!

Really not a bit like a young man.

However, Li Qing Wang Dahu bag has been brought over on the other hand,So two people walked out directly from the infirmary to the hostel direction. Looked around leaning limped own "Keren children" Wang Dahu Flanagan Huahuachangzi began seeping bad water.

"Ahem Ahem ...... just Joe took classes, to be my confession oh!"

However, Li Qing dismissively replied: "I heard!"

"You got no idea yet?"

"I need to have any ideas?"

Wang Dahu: "............."

Meme, I knew jealous of what is likely to occur only at the tip of dead cats.

Self-pity lament for two seconds, he YuanLiuLiu eye of the tiger grunt a turn.

Licking the face and said: "Ran Ran, you have time to do this weekend, we two go ............?"

"I'm going to give other people a weekend catch-up" not wait for him to finish, then they interrupted Li Qing.

Wang Dahu one, the head of the ears immediately pull down the towering, pitiful, he said:! "But this weekend is not an ordinary day, even if you want to give the make up classes ah, the morning is not enough, the rest of the time to me! long time no two of us go out to play alone over! "

However, Li Qing hear without batting an eye replied:. "I'm going to the streets handing out leaflets in the afternoon, late back end"

Wang Dahu deflated deflated lips, his face how sad it is to be more sad: "Ran Ran, you are good to me recently cold!"

However, Li Qing touch of looked at him, thin lips pink light sip, he did not speak.

So, even more silly tiger "Sang heart" was.

Wang Dahu was a burst of "Dear you fly slowly and carefully in front of barbed roses ............" awakened. He stretched lazily from a hand at the bed, the mood was very bad and asked: "? Who is" do not know what the other said, and saw his whiz sat up, astonished and asked He said: "What, you come to the city of H?"

Near the train station, Wang Dahu full forehead lawsuit pleading look at his face look like girls with long hair, it is a headache, he said: "? How do you come."

"Hate, Why are you so reluctant to see me the way, I say again how good is your pro-cousin!" Long-haired girl pursed lips blurted said.

"Well, well, well," Wang Dahu made deputy surrender like: "Well, you suddenly come to H City, ah do not have anything to say on purpose to see me oh!!"

Wang Dahu girl with long hair is a small cousin Qin Lan, smiling, he said: "In fact, I have a little, little thing, you want to please your help."

"What happened?" He asked Wang Dahu look alert.

About the cause of extremes meet, and always punctual dogma chronological different mother, Qin Lan bigger and more elves, the greater the escape, often let the people around it is a headache.

"Come, come, do not worry Well! Two of us to find a place, I said, well now you said" willy-nilly, Qin Lan Wang Dahu pulling arm, grinning go out into the Pizza Hut near the door. Helpless sigh, Wang Dahu his head and glanced at the huge sky sun sinking, the more aware of their own "Today" is quite a sad reminder.

A bloom two tables, not to mention the desperation of being tortured Wang Dahu is how little cousin, one that students at this time just ran out of the house of Li Qing,He raised his wrist, glanced at the time, just ten o'clock in the morning. Micro thought for a moment, he lifted his feet and walked towards the east of the city.

A plaque hanging on the store's "magic pattern," he told the fire position dyed red hair, wearing a nose ring seven or eight children of the influx of men and said: "Some time ago I ordered one thing, to pick up now." .

View the next deposit tickets, said the influx of men after the sound you wait hey, you take things went into the house.

"I said, little brother, you can not think of a little old, pretty visionary, but these things do cold cedar wood, non-wood like iron, is very hard, not blowing you, is that the bullet hit the top, not leaving a band of Indian children. and you choose this style is also mighty, but it took me so long effort was made, looking cool! "

However, Li Qing thin hands caress the next thing, mouth to reveal a satisfactory arc, for he said: "! Give me wrap it."

"Go ahead! A total of three thousand eight hundred yuan, you got it!"

He touched the jacket pocket a small square box, Li Qing and then smiled slightly, though it is full in order to spend all the money she saved between their own half of the work, but just think of that expression when things get personal, he I felt everything worth it.

Once finished their own leaflets, give him a call!

However, Li Qing trouble all night thinking about yesterday, "awkward" smelly tiger, shook his head slightly, what day it is, how could he not remember, really just no stupid head! !

Former bustling central square, Li Qing and then holding the hands of a thick leaflets, being under the hot sun trying to work with.

He has a full standing here for more than three hours.

"However, Li Qing, Zhao Jiayi, you two go along the street made about the flyers" There are managers of two of them shouted.

Zhao Jiayi listened, his face immediately exposed shares reluctant expression, the weather is so hot, that is standing still almost smoking, but also go against the sun, are they going to be roasted to death. But looking at the same old work-study program and smaller than his natural Li Qing, had started, no way, he had to be followed.

Of course, complaining that the road would not have said, what bully people, ah! , Squeezing labor ah! Capitalist exploitation ah! However, Li Qing has completely ignored in the ears listen, the only fast hair leaflets in his hand. And so we walked three blocks, and his hands were nearly finished Zhao Jiayi there is a high pile of it!

"Look suspect?!" Suddenly, Li Qing Zhao Jiayi natural arm pull, it is not far from the gossip pointing to two men and a woman, excited, said: "! Have looked good, brisk walking."

Li Qing However most do not like strangers to touch him, spot brow wrinkled up, just about to throw off his hand, while very familiar male voice came over, so he was covered in a stiff.

"I tell you, but my girlfriend Lan children, sensible, then give me stay away, do not always like with like flies around her."

I saw a heavyset, big handsome boy sun, while long-haired girl hugged the side, while the other looked clear-stricken boys said.

"Nonsense, nonsense!" Sounded pale II hero, was very excited cried.

Sunshine boy "flair" of a stroke hair,He bowed his head against the girl's arms and asked softly: "Baby, you can now clearly told him who I was beating him up on this heart!"

"Chen Tianming, this is what I told you Wang Dahu, that is my boyfriend, I hope you do not come to pester me, we bridge owned by bridge, road return, please after never again appeared in front of me, can you ? "

Oh ~~~~~~

Things are now, the crowd of people understand.

It turned out that two men and a woman fight drama ah!

And, obviously, the outcome had been ah.

II actor probably can not stand the blow, sounded pale and fled, leaving only a pair of golden couple, sweet sweet honey Xiangxie gone. Zhao Jiayi great time to hit it hit it mouth, was about to publish under their own look issued on the matter, who thought turned around, but suddenly stunned.

Now obviously inflammatory day when empty, but side but like winter: cold, so cold! !

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