Reborn Only to Love You Again

By Yi Ge Xiao Ping Gai

Chapter 35 ShinHajime

Chapter 35 ShinHajime

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In early October, Li Qing Wang Dahu and then reluctantly and under Zun Zun told her family and left the piece of land that was theirs to leave them too many memories. H embarked on a train to the city, looking out the window eyes were red, kept waving of family members, Wang Dahu sniffed, feel a little uncomfortable powerful.

Li Qing then tightened his hands, his mouth, his eyes apologetic.

Wang Dahu touched his head, smiled slightly.

Finally, the train started, shallots took two teenagers teenager, and began a new chapter in life.

That night, midnight, only to place them, Long Yat Ming in person to pick them.

Wang Dahu Then not long ago the beginning of "melancholy", quite a sense of the whole people captive birds off the smothering of shares.

"Godfather, my younger brother do?" Luxury BMW car, Wang Dahu asked, grinning.

Long Yat Ming is quite affectionate looked at him and replied: "Joe said to give you Jie Feng, so to prepare meals at home."

"?? Ah ah do him personally," Wang Dahu one, immediately revealing expression of dislike shares, grumbling, said: "He did what dogs do not eat!

Even now, Wang Dahu still clearly remember the last generation, the only time to eat that road by the Chihuahua personally persimmon fried eggs, all kind of wait for them to feel their own sense of taste disappeared, most people can not understand.

Obviously, Long Yat Ming he certainly is not "ordinary people", which was a hundred years from his face a rare smile in, you can understand.

"Ran Ran, you are welcome to!" Just opened the door, leaving a pink apron around his neck Chihuahua Pidianpidian ran over.

He faced puppy smile, Li Qing and then wipe the eyes across warmth, called out: "younger brother!"

And regardless of the two men still standing outside the door, Wang Yaozu happily took him inside.

Wang Dahu met quite Taste snorted.

Chihuahua's cooking, it really is inversely proportional with his enthusiasm, or Wang Dahu captive sleeves fired four of emergency, and that makes a few people will not go hungry. After dinner, the two visited a little under the house, a luxurious two-story cottages, classic European interior design, atmosphere, luxury beauty, yet warm, and looking at the marble table in the restroom couple cups, couple toothbrush, towel couple, Wang Dahu reckon cohabitation Chihuahuas and Daweibalang should be very still very "harmonious".

Night without it.

The second day, the big bright sky.

Because now in November holiday, so take advantage of this opportunity, Long Yat Ming and Wang Yaozu took them two whole H play a big city times. Zoos, botanical gardens, Polar Museum, fairs, children river island, flying tower ...... everywhere left their shadows, and thanks to these days, thanks to Wang Dahu full sun off a layer of skin, pain at night straight noises.


Looked happy finally revealed a slight look of Li Qing However, he felt everything worth it.

H City High School Affiliated to the first, is a set of junior and senior high school as one of the joint.

Its founding history is not long, but flush with capital, so an excellent school environment, not only the advanced facilities complete, and very attention to explore the talent of the students,It is a more open ethos of the school.

Li Qing Wang Dahu and then became a very successful transfer students.

They say that the first day eight classes, class teacher very "coincidence" is Chihuahua.

For two people the arrival of the class, especially the class of female students spontaneously burst into cheers.

Wang Dahu sun handsome.

However, Li Qing cold Zoran.

Although shallots just a teenager, but it is conceivable a few years, the two men set will become the heart of a woman top "male beauty" beauty Jie, so for them, several young girls play acting is really welcome.

Just look at it is seductive ah!

Insert the classes, complete all the formalities transfer, two people went to the dormitory looked. While Chihuahuas kept rubbing so let them live in his house. But Wang Dahu can not do so without discernment, when the electric light bulb gives every day things. Both of them lived exactly the double, which has a bunk beds, a desk, a simple shelves, toilet is in the corridor, all in all very good.

In this way, Li Qing Wang Dahu and then resumed their junior high school life.

This time, their integration is very good.

Especially Wang Dahu, just a period of time with its unique "man" charm and excellent motor nerve, became the man of the class, most of the boys became his "little brother." And Li Qing What, then is the mind on heavily used in the study, all the time like a tightened spring-like desperately to absorb a variety of knowledge.

So, as it should be, he won all the teacher's favor.

At the time of this busy and full of rhythm, quietly went forward.

Suddenly right again two years later.

This day, Wang Dahu is on around him Lord of the "little brother" who, when Wishing to monitor Joe poetry rain came.

"Wang Dahu students, the enrollment of athletic meets no one in the 1600 meters project, you see ----" is said here, a pair of water Wet your eyes she timidly looked up, a very poor way .

"OK, ah! That you put my name on the report of it!" Wang Dahu answer is very straightforward.

Qiao Shi Yu infected with a white little face immediately wipe flush, happy said: "! Tiger classmates really thank you."

"Nothing! For collective honor, a small fire and water is also without any hesitation!" Wang Dahu head of a Young, a fist grip, his face is full of vice "stand ready to sacrifice Revolution" look.

The people around are funny burst out laughing.

It was so "playing field flags floating, athletes are really proud" of the H City High School Affiliated to the first Summer Games began.

Lawn around on the playground, school students to class as a unit, divided neatly sit together.

Because the requirements for each class must pull deputy posters, so which roads, "Friendship first, competition second" "work hard, courage," "refining my body, my mind and body forging" the red banners, pull over a piece.

And where there is a particularly suck the eye, who met with all the laughing.

"Punch Tigers, foot dragon, three years eight classes Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon!"

So "arrogant", then, needless to say certainly by Wang Dahu sinking, full of muscle (Li Qing natural language) of the brain.Deafening sound of gongs and drums to knock the waves, for the students, it is more like a sports festival, you can enjoy the vent and enjoyment.

Under the hot sun, 400 meters sprint finals about to begin.

Wang Dahu standing on the starting line, he sports a bright yellow vest hurdles, only to ultra-thigh shorts, white shoes, nails, his head still special "flair" of black ribbons tied to the bar.

When the gunfire sounded, he is like a pent Tigers, run up in an instant.

The kind of very quiet to very dynamic beauty, deeply attracted many people.

Undoubtedly, Wang Dahu get the championship.

When off the track, he got applause Lethal, the class of the little girls clamoring for him handed a towel, mineral water ...... Barbara sent him to enjoy a "star" treatment.

However, Li Qing afar the eye surrounded by countless pink, looked triumphant silly tiger, shook his eye on the bridge of the nose, withdrew just step over to go to the other side of the legs, turned around and walked in the direction toward the classroom building .

However, there is a saying goes, the wind easily shining waist, big man tinkling Joseph likely to blunder. This does not, in the 1600 meters race in the afternoon, Wang Dahu is eager to catch up behind the fouled, so fiercely fell to the ground, knees crashed bleeding. Chihuahuas make people immediately sent him to the infirmary, limping man in the middle of the frame, he Ziyaliezui and looked around, then ran our household Meme ...... Which went up? Really, all wounded her husband, and did not know came to comfort.

Clinic, a school doctor Wang Dahu done to deal with wounds, where he recommended rest, rest.

People Wang Dahu heart wide, the spot closed his eyes, lying in bed asleep to go.

This sleep, sleep to dusk.

When he opened his eyes again drifted haggard, very surprised to see a squad of Joe poetry rain.

The little girl did not seem to think he would suddenly wake up, bang a little face under the red rose, manners are flawless standing there.

Wang Dahu moment, then smiled and asked: "? How you're here."

Qiao Shi Yu Nana said: "Wang let me come see how you like it?"

"!! Oh fine, all right," Wang Dahu had a lazy stretch waist, said: "!! On the outside can not hear you over the sound of the radio."

Qiao Shi Yu blushed and nodded.

Wang Dahu wondered to find Li Qing and then go home together.

He got up out of bed, who wants a pain in the knee, suddenly a crooked body, thanks to Joe poetry rain hold on him, this should not be offended.

Girl soft chest tightly against his arm, full of youthful sweet flavor of the moment to weigh on the tip of his nose.

Wang Dahu mouth of a pumping, underground passage: bad.

He is busy withdrew his arm, feeling the back of the head to play dumb sound Xie Tao.

Heels would go out, Joe poetry behind the rain seeing him going out, do not know where the courage, suddenly shouted a voice: "Stop!"

Wang Dahu sky and rolled his eyes child, thinking about today but also his brother a girl's heart a break anymore!

And also at this time, his ears to capture the footsteps of someone coming over."Joe poetry rain classmates you doing anything?"

The little girl doing the head down, blushing as blood, however, was young hazy love, always let the girls full of courage.

"Big, big tiger classmates, I love you!" As if to summon all the courage she called confession road.

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