Reborn Only to Love You Again

By Yi Ge Xiao Ping Gai

Chapter 6 34 Nightmare

Chapter 6 34 Nightmare

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However, Li Qing Wang Dahu and a new junior high school life can be said to be awful!

Because they are two obvious by all isolated.

Evasive eyes, secretly kept whispering, disgust, fear, bewildered, and curious, these silent able to make people feel out the mood, like a net, put them firmly trapped in them.

Even the subject teachers who are like this.

No one questions Qing Li Ran in the classroom, no one take the initiative to talk to them, two people do not seem to exist in this class to be like everyone crowding out.

In this regard, Wang Dahu heart is full of anxiety, his shell house, after all, is a mature man, but also better. The main thing is Li Qing However, if long-term in mind that he is full of hostile environment on this battered and how to bear up.

So he had played a "breakaway" idea.

If, far away from here, to a strange new environment, it is not everything can start again.

To this end, he contacted the Long Yat Ming, hoping he could help.

The other to quickly back up the message, he found a school inside the city, so happened, that school is just serving school Wang Yaozu, Li Qing, he has been very fond of course, wanted to have his photo ask, after two junior high school life should be off smoothly.

With the "go to Italy," Wang Dahu on the class of all things now indifferent to it, he does not try to integrate them, and no longer try to make friends. Just waiting for transfer procedures to run, you can leave here next month.

This day, between classes end.

After Wang Dahu down the flow of people back to the classroom, sat down on a chair, he was a bit naughty to holding ice cola labeled Qing Li Ran face.

She closed the book, Li Qing and then turned his head and looked at him.

"What ......" Wang Dahu unsteadily twice, smiled and said: "I'm teasing you too!"

I do not know why, out of self-enclosed Li Qing However, compared to the great changes, the most obvious is that share both cold and sharp momentum before, as if ready to fight all the time, like "aggressive" very strong.

So, Wang Dahu these days is not how shall stir him.

This class is the physical resistor in the voltage, is afflicted more than 40 minutes after lunch break came.

However, I did not think that lunch did not like, wait but is furious teacher Wang Xin.

"Third class did not go to the playground during recess activities of people gave me stand up!"

Wang Dahu brow suddenly Yizhou.

Li Qing and then slowly stood up beside the body.

He count, a total of twelve children did not go out.

"I hung the bag on the chair, who turned?"

Class more than forty children you look at me, I look at you, all aimless do not know why.

Wang Dahu do know, watching this, something is lost it!


"The teacher lost a thousand dollars, that is, in the third class of missing recess, the students no matter who you get, the teacher wanted him to take the initiative to admit mistakes, give it all back! For rectifies students the teacher will forgive him, not to pursue! "

then,All eyes class is divided into two sides.

One side is, "Ah! Fortunately, I just go out during recess, I can not doubt him."

One side is, "Although I am in class, but I did not steal, people who steal money would it?"

You look at me, I look at you, no one really feel like a thief.

Wang Xin, deputy efforts to put "kind" face, but in his heart is very air, that thousand dollars is just the class of receipt of all insurance premiums are handed over to the school, and if it is found again It was her own money, and this school a few days ah! Out of the classroom, such a thing, would not let her in front of people called leaders and colleagues?

Turns asked to stay in the classroom, the students, no one can point to say who turned the package.

Wang Xin look increasingly bad.

"So be it! In order to prove your innocence, take a look at your teacher's desks and school bags, can you?"

Now the children are most likely to watch others face, in order to prove his innocence whiter than white, busy 7788, said:! "Teacher, you turn it did not take people afraid of is, that is, who would not let turn to prove his ulterior! "

I rub, feeling it is to search ah!

Wang Dahu heart began to bad mood.

"So, no, I do not agree?"

"I disagree!"

Suddenly, the voice sounded a cold.

Then I saw Li Qing figure stands erect, looked up, looked at the head teacher on the podium he said.

Shabu shabu ............

Class all gathered from all eyes.

"He did not dare let the teacher turn, pulls out what fear is it!"

"A look that guilty conscience."

"That is, he must have stolen, I heard that he had stolen anything in the elementary school, had a criminal record!"

"Boo! Do not let him hear you carefully and he cut into pieces!"

Buzz buzzed ............ and round, round hit, Wang Dahu under furious, snapped listening will have to stand up, but was Li Qing and then a hold.

"I own something I myself"

From the cool pair of eyes to see this information wipe, Wang Dahu cure for the time being we can not restrain down.

"According to the provisions of Article 37 of the Constitution of People's Republic of China: People's Republic of China citizens are not violated personal freedom of any citizen may be decided by the people's procuratorate or people's court approval or decision by a public security organ, from arrest prohibited. illegal detention and other means of illegal deprivation or restriction of personal freedom of citizens, citizens against unlawful search of the body. "

Wang Xin purple face suddenly rose, and then the words of Li Qing is no doubt in accusing her of being a teacher, but "break the law" was.

"If a teacher regardless of the law insist on search, I will report this matter to the Department of Education. Morality and style wanted recently was arrested they must be very interested in this!"

Threat, this is the j □ j naked threat ah!

Wang Dahu looked dumbfounded homeroom teacher, an equally dumbfounded of the graduates, who raised a laugh comfortable.

Hum ~ ~ ~

I then ran home is indeed the last generation Dingdingyouming "Iceberg lawyer," so small one a "constitution", which he says is eloquent it?Or holding a feather when the arrow into it?

Also, that the "legal encyclopedia" This guy on the desk, and she's not looking to leave it up.

"The teacher just to find out who stole the money, and did not want to search for the meaning of the students themselves," said Wang Xin gritted his teeth.

However, Li Qing can not buy any of looked at her.

"Third class between classes, a total of twelve students in the class under which, in broad daylight, in full view, I want to go around the chair next to the podium, would certainly have been seen. So, its teacher you doubt us, it is better to own think about it, that money is not placed in other place! "

Wang Xin complexion while red white a while, she looked at the cold, such as bamboo boy, chest pain straight gas.

The other students, but inside the heart unknowingly give birth to shares in awe, as if to dare to question and contradict the teacher Li Qing of course, makes them feel scared, like.

Under Wang Xin no alternative but to put the people to eat.

As a result, she probably grew more and go back to gas, Li Qing and then cried again actually the office, in the words of meaning out of the words already found him stealing the money is.

If a child is generally encountered such a big wrong thing, already have gas burst into tears.

However, Li Qing people in front of the office and then to all the teachers face, pick up the phone on the table, reported 110.

As a result, this would become significant.

Not only shock to the police alerted the leaders of the school.

And more more ridiculous is that a thousand dollars really call the police to find out, Wang Xin she has not even put the money in the classroom in the package, but the pressure in the drawer of the desk in the office, because it is a book sandwiched between, she saw no moment.

The whole of so much movement, the result is the teacher's own goal.

So that the presence of the school awkward anxious to find a seam drilling.

"Lee students, wronged you ............" no hair bald, pot belly of the principal in front of two police officers, and then to Li Qing said with a smile: "This thing is your teacher not wronged you, but what there is! things you can do to find a public school leaders well! why bother policeman too! impact to the school, so much is not good! "

However, Li Qing sensitive mind, how can you not hear his speech in Italian of the blame, the moment of sharp anti-stab back: "That according to the principal mean, I deserve to be wrongly accused?"

"You see, your child! I just do not mean a thing, something you can find school leaders Well, we will uphold fairness, you call the shots. Never wronged anyone. Wang ah! Since it is because you are wrong, it happens, that you accompany a student to Lee is not, you see how ah? "

He said to say, but my heart will say that Qing Li Ran "No," but did not expect -

"Not only to apologize, it should also be disclosed in writing to the matter, in order to restore my reputation!"

Wang Xin a face that almost all green, and she is a female teacher just to work, or else it will not take this the worst of the F class.

Li Qing, etc. However, in the end is coming that say "I'm sorry!"

But, he did not face much gay, do not! It should be said, from beginning to end he is so calm,Even later proved to everybody "innocent", but also a faint, had nothing to do look.

On the way home, the two go together side by side.

Wang Dahu one hand carrying a bag, grinning praise him "calm and brave" move today.

"...... I just do not like people to touch me!" Li Qing and then shook it with a new steel frame glasses on the bridge of the nose, he said dismissively.

Wang Dahu will be determined by looked at him, he suddenly grabbed the bird is always very cold right hand, licking the face and asked: "? That you like me to touch you do."

However, sip Min Chun Li Qing, said nothing, but hand over the pages, reverse grip on him.

Golden sunset, to the two teenagers stature coated with a layer of Phnom Penh.

Far it looks, is so beautiful.

Wang Dahu thinking: everything is always up, is not it?

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