Reborn Only to Love You Again

By Yi Ge Xiao Ping Gai

Chapter 33 Nightmare 5

Chapter 33 Nightmare 5

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Dark clouds all over the sky, thunder and lightning, it seems that even God's people feel as sad, it began pouring rain.

What happened that day in the future Wang Dahu memories become fixed up, and sometimes it is so clear, clear to everyone that he can remember his face full of resentment lines. Sometimes it is so vague, fuzzy thinking to let him into a strange kind of blank. But, anyway, when the Public Security Bureau out the door, he was sober him. Because he knew it was more painful than he was, even worse, more desperate, so he could not fall.

However, Li Qing clinging cold hands, Wang Dahu touched he was hit in the mouth bruised, softly asked: "? It hurt."

Li Qing then quietly looked at him, not saying a word.

This is half a month, he again did not say anything to anyone.

However, Li Qing is no longer suitable temporary return to the village of Societe Generale, the two admitted to the nearby county.

Already we know what has happened in Zhang Fang and Wang Guangzong for two children, in particular, Li Qing and then encounter full of pity and sympathy. Over the years these children have been living in their house, watching him is like watching their own children, he was hard-working, studious, sensible Zhang Fang and they are genuinely fond of the boy.

But who thought, Who would have thought him such a terrible calamity will occur.

Biological father became a murderer, let this child later how to do? Other people will see how he ah!

"Ran Ran ah! Do not think so much! Rest in this aunt, rest, and so on, and so over time ............ just fine ...... just fine!" Zhang Fang looked covered with scars, dull eyes Ran Li Qing chest pain stuffy meaning could bear, he broke down and cried and hugged. Li Qing by her tightly in his arms and then, in the eyes of absence seems to be something flashing a bit, but eventually turned it into a drop of tears, slowly dripping on her shoulders.

Rain has been coming, down three full days. Since three days, then the mental state of Li Qing is still little sign of improvement.

Every day, he was just alone and curled up in the foot of the bed, watching the rain outside the window of atheism.

In this way, he felt the chilling let Wang Dahu "fear" because of this feeling, this is full of no love, no fear of the dead eyes reminded him of a previous life, Li Qing and then look at his grave suicide.

So, every moment, Wang Dahu are closely watching him every minute, for fear that their actions make him any harm.

However, imperfection.

In an early morning, when he opened his eyes and found Li Qing and then disappeared.

He like crazy around to look forward to, filled with the hoarse voice calling his name.

All day, he found the whole day.

Finally, it is found in the corner of his house not far from him, he is just like the owner of a small cat abandoned, clinging to his body, helpless against dirty on the wall.

Wang Dahu stood before him, he will be looking at him.

He made a sudden movement.

He raised his hand, then slapped him mercilessly slap in the face.

However, Li Qing trembling over his cheeks, he looked incredible."? Woken up yet," Wang Dahu with red eyes, shouted at him: "! You are in the end to escape to when"

In the end you want to punish yourself to what time?

"My natural course, is not so weak, he is strong, brave, whether it is a man to face any difficulties can simply tough to live, so you will not escape, afraid to face the reality of a coward!"

Wang Dahu roar are like a thunder, rupturing the barrier layers, and then transmitted to the Qing Li in the closed heart.

Suddenly, a tear, two tears, the tears began to numerous road and then not see from the pair left in a cool dark eyes.

However, Li Qing silent weeping.

Wang Dahu also followed left the tears, could not stop distressed, stepped forward and hugged him fiercely.

"He's dead," Li Qing ran against his ear and murmured: "Just in front of me was my father killed, first knife stabbed in the abdomen, then another knife stabbed in the chest, blood, a lot, a lot of blood……"

"Do not say, and then of course, are gone, all gone!" Wang Dahu just hope he comes out from the self-enclosed state, did not want him to go at that bloody thing happened in one day, if possible, Wang Dahu hope he can forget about it all.

"A piece of my father ...... ...... put, all the big strong cut, he must be big and strong pain, pain ...... I am trying very hard to make him stop, but, but ......"

"Not your fault, not your fault!" Wang Dahu hugged him, a pair of hand-shake can not self-suppression.

"Why did my father do this, why would he do that! Why is my son if he !!" Li Qing and then look distorted crazy asked.

Too much fear, too much sadness, too much guilt, has made only twelve year-old boy completely broken.

He did not want to face reality, because he can not face reality.

"However, Li Qing ----" Wang Dahu suddenly screamed, will be looking at him.

Eyes of two people with sinks.

A man full of firm.

One of them was full of despair.

"You listen up! Your father really did unforgivable things, but he is wrong, not you! ...... so ...... So cheer up, okay? When is it okay for me?"

"Woo, hum ...... ah ah ah ah ............ Sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry ......" He raised his hands tightly over his eyes, majestic tears shed from between the fingers, Wang Dahu of the wet chest. He knew that Li Qing is a natural Who said I'm sorry, he knew it was not only able to get a sorry excuse, so after living in their time, even if poor power nearly a lifetime, if possible, also to the Sun family to make repayment, certainly!

A month later, the city's awful shock "broken child murder," declared closed, given the murderers have serious "schizophrenia" and "delusions", LI Chang-gui not the death penalty, replaced by a mental hospital supervision. Sun family refused to accept the appeal. And in the upcoming second trial hearing, but the suspect LI Chang-gui in prison by cutting the neck to commit suicide, he is sharpened toothbrush made of plastic, in line at the throat, cut the throat on the spot.

Wang Dahu when you receive a message,LI Chang-gui was in the hospital dying in the final stage.

"Go?" He asked softly low.

However Qing Li sitting in the window, quietly shaking his head.

Wang Dahu sighed.

LI Chang-gui finally died, Wang Dahu received him dead, buried in the county cemetery group.

Myanmar with a smile looking at the black and white photographs of the tombstones, Wang Dahu hearts of all flavors mixed.

Sprinkle with three glasses of wine on the ground, he was a bit bitter, said: "Uncle, I'm always thinking about this time, you had the mental hospital is not wrong in fact I know, that's not a good place, estimate! that is, normal people have to go in two days deceives crazy! I do not worry, really do not worry, I'm afraid you hurt then ran ............ you are a patient, really! Whether you admit it or not, you really have disease, but, but then I was not thinking carefully and then ran together to cure you, but you can not wait to choose to push far ...... maybe from that day, doomed today's outcome. "

"Ran Ran is now hate you! He can not forgive you, so today no to! But that child has always been a soft-hearted, will one day unravel the knot. I do not know why you would suddenly commit suicide, but I heard What is schizophrenia while clearly understand the moment, I suddenly when you wake up, realize what he was doing, so feel regret. so you are in the world, good for big strong say sorry I! also for me to say, I will say that if there is an afterlife severely bullied him once, never fight back. "

And he said to himself a good long while, Wang Dahu got up and left, before the tombstone yellow chrysanthemum Zou swaying gently in the breeze, tell no one knows whisper.

Blink of an eye, but also a golden September.

However, Li Qing Wang Dahu and ready to junior high school.

School that day, the weather was very hot and there were huge crowds of people. Wang Dahu crowded in front of the bulletin board, and really looked at the placement list, but ----

Is a Class A, F is a class.

His brow wrinkled instant death tight, this has always been a key middle school according to student achievement to placement, so even better when entrance examination scores than their natural course, how that class will be assigned to the worst le?

What seems to think, like, Wang Dahu heart suddenly thrown shares fury, stormed aboard Dean ran.

"There is no misclassification! Qing Li Ran students indeed F class!" Bespectacled male teacher Chen Sheng said with some impatience.

"But, F class is the worst class of it! Then ran to the results that can not be assigned to classes ah!"

"Lee students academic performance is really good! But nonetheless teacher other classes are not willing to receive him, so can only be assigned to F class!"

"I do not want to receive? Why?"

Male teacher looked at him, eyes will have a bit dodge.

"This is a school classmate Wang Dahu arrangements for you as a student only needs to receive it ...... Well! I have something, you first go out!"

Wang Dahu half squint his eyes, sharp lines of his face stretched tight dead, he looked at him, Yiziyizi said: "If the school does not put Li Qing and then transferred to Class A, it would also put me into F class now!'

"………………up to you!"

What is broken schools, the county also key middle of it! A group of bumbling, cold heart, head decadent fools.

Wang Dahu Firelight boiling Sunburn almost shouted.

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