Reborn Only to Love You Again

By Yi Ge Xiao Ping Gai

Chapter 27 same-sex Love (on)

Chapter 27 same-sex Love (on)

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Father did not even let people come in, hauled a scoop before it fell to the feet two, pointing to Wang Yaozu's nose cursed: "Rolling, rolling, all go away, when I do not this son of yours Wang Shoumin . "

"Dad ----" Wang Yaozu look painful left tears, suddenly plop kneeling on the ground, "Dad, I know what you are certainly not accept this, and I can Yat Ming is sincere, I hope you can bless we."

"True ass with" Wang Shoumin in this life probably never sent a such a big fire. He never imagined his childhood love of proud son, even so will embark on a wrong road.

"I tell you, unless your last name, and this dragon off spotless, and a woman get married immediately, otherwise this life I'll never again recognize this son of yours."

"Dad, you do not force me ......" Wang Yaozu cry tears, tears misty eyes full of pleading.

Father listened but turned away, leaving his son just pull off the full back,

The old lady behind the door is kept out of tears, though she was more gas child is distressed him. Li Qing Wang Dahu and then after as the one, he thought the two men stepped forward to help him up and said something.

Long Yat Ming nodded his head, with Wang Yaozu it went outwards.

"Big Tiger ......?" Cried Li Qing and then worry about the light.

"Nothing, I let them go to the old house to stay there, there is nothing such as God or milk disappeared this tone then we'll talk!"

Father apparently the gas hard, and for days off they are gloomy face.

Wang Yaozu'd come here every day, but they could not come, only kneeling on the outside.

Yes! Knees!

Wang Yaozu seem to think this way so that the two elderly people see their determination.

For three days, he fainted did not know how many times, but always returned to the first moments after waking in the yard and then kneeling.

Regardless of wind, rain regardless, he prayed for forgiveness is nothing more than family.

Late at night, Wang Shoumin then smoking a pipe down a mouthful, flickering according to Mars goes on in this weather-beaten face, it is much older.

Wang Dahu quietly went up to him, distressed and handed him a glass of water.

"Grandpa, you do not always smoked, poor health!"

"! Tiger awake yet," Wang Shoumin touched the red eyes, hoarse voice said: "! Fast to sleep, tomorrow it will have to go to school."



"! Grandpa, you'll forgive the little uncle," Wang Dahu a butt sitting on the side of his stool, his head leaning on the arm of the elderly, said softly: "! Small uncle was sick, very severe disease."

Wang Shoumin hand holding a cigarette rod suddenly flick

"He, he gnaw it?"

"Ye also, outside kneeling drops chant, his body this bad bone, called yesterday and was caught in the rain, do not blame the sick, heard that has burned forty degrees, the people are already in shock."

Wang Shoumin not help listening shocked, we must stand up and washed out.

Wang Dahu quickly pulled him.

"Xu Younger doctors have come to read, but also open the medicine. Grandpa too late now, they should have a rest, you go and see tomorrow!"

Wang Yaozu really sick, of course, and Wang Dahu no exaggeration to say that.

Just deal with fractious old "begged" more often than "threat" used to have a lot more.

Sure enough, Wang Shoumin looked worried about the color, a long sigh.

Wang Dahu met wanted to build on the progress, for the two men say soft words.

"Grandpa, I really like to see the younger brother of the dragon uncle ......"


"Grandpa you listen to me ah!" Wang Dahu see Father again fried, busy in his chest to give him shun shun gas, "the younger brother of patience as you know, in fact, looked soft and twisted, but the most stubborn, and now he Long and bent to his uncle together, but insist that you break them, just in case he was spur of the moment, did what the sad thing, you may not regret a lifetime ah! "

Wang Shoumin face change constantly, Wang Dahu also wanted to say in his inner most fears.

"Besides, even if the concession is concerned, younger brother listened to you and other women married, but his life really happy? Be a happy alien better than doing a normal person unhappy to be good multi-it! "



"Well!" Father deeply exhaled slowly sad and tired look between: "Let the Lord himself to stay a while."

Wang Dahu know such a thing is not to persuade others, and ultimately had to open the job they want.

Heavy footsteps on the stairs, opened the door of the room just to see Li Qing was about to leave the course.

"I go to the bathroom?"

Li Qing then shook his head slightly, Wang Dahu see his face full of sadness, eyebrows will not help wipe appeared distressed.

"Younger brother how about it?"

"Nothing! Took the pills now lie in it."

"............ you it does not matter, right?" Ran Li Qing gentle voice asked, Wang Dahu these days the mood has been very right, which makes him very, very worried.

Wang Dahu stared looked at him, suddenly held out his hand tightly encircled a slender waist, Talmud is very tight, very tight. Afraid of what is like to lose the same.

"How?" Ran Li Qing comforting patted his back softly asked.

Wang Dahu sniffed, how could he tell him, Long Yat Ming Wang Yaozu with what he thought of himself with his previous life encountered.

Heartbroken mother crying.

Father's eyes filled with disappointment.

In the middle of affection and love he had to make painful choices.

These are his memories as nightmarish pressure in the heart, he could not tell anyone, can only bear alone the share of suffering.

It seems to have felt the share of struggles, Li Qing and then gently back and hugged him, all his past support himself, so this time, I hope he can give him a little comfort, even if only a little insignificant.

After a long time, Wang Dahu mood began to calm down.

"I'm sorry, let you worry about it."

Li Qing then shook his head.

Wang Dahu looked at him, and looked among seems a bit hesitant, but after careful thought, or asked: "? Small dragon uncle and uncle thing, you have to understand it."

However, Li Qing micro lowered his eyes, "the two of them are lovers?"

His performance is very calm,So Wang Dahu can not see from the true idea of ​​his heart.

"? The two men liked each other very strange to you," Wang Dahu determined by looking at him and said quietly: "But then ran ah there is such a strange thing in this world, even if contrary to biological laws of nature, even if not worldly! received, even if a lifetime of love not see the light, but it still exists and will always exist ...... '

"! I understand," Li Qing and then suddenly raised his head, looked at his firm voice said: 'I know! "

"!! Well that is really good," Wang Dahu smiled and patted his head and muttered: "! That was really good."

Obviously, you want the simple life of Wang Shoumin accept such outrageous things, not so simple.

This day, pent conflict broke out again.

Wang Yaozu weak half against Long Yat Ming who, among sad look is unmatched.

"Dad, Mum, I know I let you down, my bad, my lack of filial piety. But me, I really can not do without Arab League cry, I beg you to forgive me good!"

"Hum, what ah! So how do you fool ah! You are a man that he is a man, the two of you can live out wisdom for years, it has been a lifetime than those who backbite, ah, to my son, how do you non take this road ah! "cried the old lady broke down in tears.

After listening to Wang Yaozu also shed tears, heartache, such as ten million knife twist in which to get.

Long has been silent beside Yiming firmly shook his hand, eyes are never gentle.

"Uncle, Aunt," he took a deep breath looking directly at the two elderly people.

"I Ai Azu, love him to death, which his whole life only love a person, so please allow me to with him, from now on I am your son, would you filial piety and great grandfather together! Accept our it! "

Long Yiming life probably never been begging anyone and be able to see that these words indeed from deep inside the language is heard moving.

Unfortunately, for this time of the Father, he is to say re-touching, afraid not let his mind go down a star got rage.

"Dad!" Wang Yaozu face significantly moving the color appears, see Father or a hard-hearted way, he gritted his teeth and suffering, said:! "Joe filial if, if you really can not accept us ............ when he is never born my son now! "

Wang Dahu next heard Anjiao soon: bad!

This Chihuahua how biased this time to pick a fit of anger ah!

Sure enough, Father had some melting of facial lines, an instant they become like a knife-like sharp.

His twin keeping a close eye Wang Yaozu, he repeatedly pointed angrily: "! Well, well, well, today I put you this little life to recover."

In the horror in the eyes of everyone, he picked up the child suddenly under high wooden chair, go out into the doom Wang Yaozu hit to the body. Effort to that, if hit in the body, non-any death can not.

"Do not ----" With the old lady's screams, Puff touch of hot blood scattered in the air.

"Ah Ming, Ming Ah, how do you, Ah Ming Ming ............ !!!" Long Yat Ming Wang Yaozu is tightly hold in the body,He kept looking at the bleeding forehead, the whole people have almost collapsed.

Long Yat Ming opened his mouth, seemed to want to say anything, but finally Touyi Wai, softly fell on him.

"Arab League cry ----"

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