Reborn Only to Love You Again

By Yi Ge Xiao Ping Gai

Chapter 24 to build a house

Chapter 24 to build a house

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April, warm spring, misty green began to replace legacy of winter depression, the earth was a vitality.

Industrial village, facing the open space Wang Dahu Lord milk house not far from being in full swing and cast his work.

Li Qing Wang Dahu and then hands each carrying a large kettle, filled with cool jujube tea.

"Qin Dashu, Sunda Shu, Zhao uncle, two Yongge ............ drink water fast rest yourself!"

"Yo! Wanderers given us water to the" one long plump, jolly laugh manual labor, middle-aged man lay down his hand, he walked over. Wang Dahu quickly handed him a cup of tea: "Come, come, Sunda Shu You take this, this clean."

"We still gained people would feel bad," the man surnamed Sun smiling quips:. "Unlike my family brats, all day long is crazy as you Amoy neither sensible nor prudent as Lee doll, indeed, uncle get angry ah ! "

Wang Dahu listened, some timid heart could not help it, can you guess who this man's sons? None other than the SUN Da Zhuang Wang Dahu suffered eight hundred times hit was unfortunate. Glanced laugh "kindness" looked like a Buddha-like man, Wang Dahu cautiously said: "What ah big strong man cheerful classmates temper positive, both unity and fraternity students to study hard and work hard, really is a good student,! I Dingding and he's a good friend, old like him! "(like to beat him)

However, listening behind Li Qing Wang Dahu here glib of the lie, and instantly exposed to smiling, look.

Sun Qing heard the child say so Shunliu, though he knows there are nine ten is blind flicker, but it also exposed a joyful smile, large covered cocoon Wang Dahu big hands rubbed his head, slightly cramped He said: "you little friends relationship is better, Uncle on the most happy!"

Wang Dahu blanket a grin, hey hey hollow laugh or two.

Qin also be happy next to rub over, he looks just like skinny shriveled monkey, sympathetic like to say something not very pleasant to the ear, then, so Wang Dahu psyche does not like him.

"Tiger cub, village head cover, cover this, house, flower how much money?"

Wang Dahu is not an ordinary big old cover of this two-story detached homes but small houses, this is the face of a child's head in the Industrial Village. Naturally attracted the envy of everyone.

Han Han Wang Dahu at him revealing a smile, to play dumb replied: "That I do not know, I ask you personally a good God!"

Qin stammer looked back at the verge of completion, a small Western-style exudes style of color under the sun, the sound was instantly filled with the taste of sour: "tiger, cub, the village, the village head, this house is covered for, in order to give you a future wife to marry it! but not just a hair longer homogeneous milk doll, village chief of the village, also wants his wife too far. "

Wang Dahu listened to his words, his face immediately exposed "serious" look.

"Uncle, this is that you do not know it! As the saying goes, people no finest hour ah! Is like your uncle, is because you did not have a decent house now, so it will not tell even his wife what!"Qin Wang Dahu stuttering is a knife stuck in the pain, the surface immediately unsteadily two, plus the next neighborhood are full of playful laughter, but also let him purple leather, and yet not really for kids freak, had bored stuffy forbearance down, indescribably bad.

While supplies of water, two boys were careful to enjoy under cover of the upcoming new home before he began to walk back on the road in Minato Li Qing Wang Dahu then the ear, very quietly, very seriously explained: "You go, I'm there all right, and so another two years some hair to grow out of. "

However, this time also thanks to Li Qing is still small, said Wang Dahu do not understand what is meant, at least they have someone else two days to kneel washboard job.

Ran Ran looked so strange eyes, Wang Dahu exposed face, do not worry, do not worry, everything to me! For the two of us in the future sex life, I will work hard to let it grow and become bigger, stronger, more durable drop! ! !

Wang Dahu family's yard, is quite lively, led by big tiger grandmother seven or eight aunt are upside down lunch. Ju Dou braved the three cauldrons steamed white gas, firewood crackling in the red Zaotang, vegetable flavor, meat flavor, great, full of the yard.

As the saying goes, who promises a good harvest, the old lady who raised a laugh brilliance, his face almost Zhezi open into flowers the daffodils.

Wang Dahu afraid to do labor and was arrested, Li Qing busy pulling then drilled back to their hut, unfortunately, in the end he did not dodging clean, Zhang Fang was caught behind.

"! Then ran back ah" Zhang Fang Li Qing smiled first and then call a cry, and then immediately turned to her son and said:

"Quick, come look at your big tiger brother, my mother going out to help busy grandmother."

Wang Dahu glanced spirits mother, secretly Tucao out: "You do not expect outside help, you want to go outside to show off it!"

Zaba took Zhang Fanghuai, he is the little arms and legs, jumped the real joy of the younger brother, Wang Dahu quite helpless sigh.

"Too many people these days, you can not attend to these small, big brother led the tiger you can not be naughty, then ran They look at points for Aunt ah!"

However, Li Qing nodded, crunchy sound to be good.

After Zhang Fang go out with joy, Li Qing Wang Dahu then turned his head toward vicious child Pieliaopiezui: "how I feel, my mom now than I have for you good?"

Qing Li Ran into his proud eyebrows, took over from Wang Dahu arms he has struggled to hold on "King annoying."

In fact, the reason why the family's attitude will become so, Wang Dahu is well aware of that, which I may say is his own making.

Since then the idea of ​​playing again to give Li Qing cover seat house, Wang Dahu has been wondering what to say to his family about it, because some time ago has spread the lie of reasons, Wang Dahu also had no way to continue to spread down, just put Li Qing ran home to find the "antiques", Li Qing ran into a street and when myself inadvertently bought antiques.

And also he said only sold a total of two hundred thousand.

Not that he was reluctant to give his family money, he just lived, he is fully aware of the huge property, especially, not a huge property but their own efforts to come out of thin air appeared,They tend to make people grasp their own position.

On I, Wang Dahu family happiness.

This life, naturally did not want any surprises occur.

In some ways, he is a selfish now! So, when Wang Dahu got the kind of money to own such a thing to say, immediately stunned by all the "junior partner" who.

"Ran-ran to cure leg, spent sixty thousand, one hundred and forty thousand left so now, you know who lives too far then ran back and forth too inconvenient, so I wondered, we use the remaining money to build a bigger seat children's house, grandfather, grandmother, me and mom and Dad with your free time you can come to live. "

"! How this line," Wang Shoumin first raised objections: "I will not speak can not be built into this house, that became the cover, that is Lee doll house, we live in what count!"

"! Not the case, my grandfather," Wang Dahu to the schematic, Li Qing and then in accordance with prior quasi-good rhetoric and said: "That baby is mine accidentally picked can then spend big tiger brother, so this money big tiger brother had the baby! "

"It's ----" side of the old lady listened, but feel this doll Lee said to pole, I saw she nodded and said: "Good boy, my grandmother did not watch mistaken, you are a conscientious doll. "

So, both sides found it reason.

The remaining fourteen million and one hundred thousand spent to build a house, real estate, although belonging to Wang, Li Qing and then there is the right to live in them. May is the case, Wang Shoumin my heart a little bit uneasy, and subsidies to privately Li Qing ran a thousand dollars.

House cover unexpected fast, obviously in March before moving soil, April infrastructure already completed, just wait a few days on the beam.

After a rattle-like hand push lightly push lightly under the child's head Xiaohu, mess with his own straight Ziya stare, before facing Li Qing Wang Dahu then said: "I know your heart may not be willing to move over and we were going to live, but you I also know that family timid, that was the thing I was looking to see tighter, but I do not want to separate from you, are not willing to even a single minute, not to mention probably not see you every night, not hug you, hold you smell soft body, I will sleep really, "Wang Dahu eyes wandering round the board, tried to set some of them look sincere:"!! so, tiger does not occur to change this Panda contrary to biological evolutionary history of things happen, you will agree, right? "

"............ I did not agree that useful?"

"Sorry seems to be useless."

A child lived alone in the Big East head away from human habitation, no matter how the final analysis can not be reassuring.

"That's it!" However, Li Qing said coax a coax arms after being bullied looked kind of hurt baby, Wang Dahu sigh of relief.

"The fact that you do not gotta live here, like ah, or occasionally during the day I can accompany you live there ............"

"! It does not matter," Li Qing and then suddenly looked up at him and said: "! Where are you, where I am."

Wang Dahu heard immediately nose is a sour, while thinking Implying this is marry a chicken with the chicken marry a dog as a dog?

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