Reborn Only to Love You Again

By Yi Ge Xiao Ping Gai

Act Chapter 23

Act Chapter 23

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Net of justice has long arms.

With the rescued Wang Dahu to sashimi men led by "traffickers" group, all eventually arrested.

This group fled in the northeast provinces for many years, specializing in trafficking in women and children bad bandit, got their comeuppance.

Sashimi men sentenced to death, a small yellow hair middle-aged women and other key sentenced to an indefinite period.

As for Wang Dahu let hate teeth itch Kong Daguo, naturally did not fall significantly better, to take a full fifteen years of prison. Was reportedly arrested the next day, his darling child young widow went to the hospital for abortion, the fetus is male, that life is not good, so the stalls of hard-hearted parents.

Son was taken away to the police jail, appeared to be landing grandson is life and life "kill", and always Diao acid mean the end of the hole lady could not stand such a big hit, it fell ill, said to have been quick to dead stage, of course - Wang Dahu wondering, there is Yang Li in the old lady around, she just wanted to be afraid to die can not die so comfortable.

As of the same trafficked Kong Cuiping public security organs have been rescued back, the next day the little girl tears in their eyes misty-site child to apologize, a one is her father forced her to do so, Wang Dahu though unwilling child with general knowledge, but also really do not want to let her swinging in their own eyes.

Abducted because of the shadow, the old lady said nothing let alone live in Li Qing Wang Dahu then ran home.

Under no way, he had a sudden idea, why not re-starting a house next to his home, both to secure his family's heart, but also can improve living conditions. Anyway, his bank account there are millions, that is, to build a luxury villa is enough enough of it!

They want, the more feel Wang Dahu very good idea, can not wait to tell Li Qing course.

Originally, he wanted to, with the other end extent stubborn kitten, eight will not agree, he did not even want a good words persuade a laundry list. But after listening to Li Qing However, only slightly hesitated and then immediately nodded and said: "! Good"

Wang Dahu blinked: "Really good?"

"...... What did you say all good!"

After all anxious to build a house do not, we have to wait until early spring next year because as Wang Dahu only for the time being the matter in mind. And over a lengthy period, and shortly another year Chinese New Year.

For Wang Dahu it happened this year too many things, there are happy things, sad things there are, there are people called up memories become far more sweet things, but also grab the heart torsion liver can not wait a lifetime could not remember a thing.

All in all, this past year really is full of ups and downs, as people feeling endless.

New Year's Eve, twelve, after the family finished the bustling dumplings were lying on the bed ready to sleep.

Middle of the night, Wang Dahu within anxious, think of it on the toilet, but found that Li Qing and then the positive half-seated beside her, his hands and knees, looked him straight hook.

His eyes are bright, very bright, full of species stubborn.

Wang Dahu met at heart is not a hop, I do not know why it made him recall some previous life performance of Li Qing and then after he died. Then he, too often a man crouched in the bed, watching somewhere empty, eyes bright scary."Ran Ran ......" Wang Dahu quickly adjust their mood, smiled at him, pretending nothing asked: "? So late, how to stay up."

However, Li Qing and biting of lips, maybe or maybe not looking at him looked at him and said: "! ...... I'm afraid you was gone."

Finished! Myself really child left in the shadow, and Wang Dahu heart missed a beat, busy pulling his hands, smiled and said: "that wisdom for what I do in this, Ran Ran Do not you remember who put me away bad people have!? subject to legal sanctions, there is no need to worry. "

However, Li Qing two nice eyebrows wrinkled, Wang Dahu comfort is clearly not so wee bit extra "sense of security."

"Big Brother Tiger" Watching Wang Dahu, Li Qing natural voice actually put on some sad cry: "Would you like to leave my mom like it?"

"! Will not" Wang Dahu firm voice said: "I will never leave you!"

"Really?" However, it seems that some do not believe Li Qing asked: "But you will accompany me how long?"

"Whole life until I die!"

Listening to full and firm voice oath, Li Qing and then suddenly feel that they have been sinking, cold heart pain, miraculously rolled into the heat wave.

It is so warm, warm to make him fear.

"Big brother tiger, why do you have me so well?"

From the first meeting to start like this, as you are so good to me, better than everyone, like I'm your only treasure.

"Well ...... Well!" Wang Dahu suddenly out of fingers rub the rub his nose, it seems to have become embarrassed.

"It's about what's to develop ...... ............"

"Develop ??"

"...... it is like the light source's Scheme of ............"


However, against Li Qing clear bright eyes, Wang Dahu always felt in my mind the idea that "dirty" increasingly unbearable thought up, but He's always been very thick skinned, black Naoliao hey only two back of the head under strong since changed the subject: " Ahem ...... anyway, it is this, my life will depend on the set! "

However, Li Qing listening to "this life" in the name, I do not know why I suddenly felt a hot face, head and heart to suppress those negative emotions seem to look eased, he twice Nana lay down, stretched out a hand pushing Wang Dahu whispered: "you do not want to go to the bathroom? go faster, to put on clothes."

"Well!" Wang Dahu touched his soft white face, a smile should sound.

The next day, dawn.

Two children from the body, New Year's Day, the Royal still crowded.

Xiaohu children, now in the life of the most lovely time.

Vain and tender little face, like lotus root length a length of arm, black Lulu's eyes, coupled with that look of innocence toothless smile, with which has completely replaced the Wang Dahu baby lump, It has become the new darling of Pharaoh home.

And more hateful is that this unpleasant not only took the crowd's attention, but also like pestering Li Qing However, more and more hateful, he always goes with his mouth full of saliva successfully took his "future wife" first kiss, wringing regret the Wang Dahu is, according to the little ass is beaten meal.Because of Wang Dahu have been abducted in the "help" of kindness, this year, Long Yat Ming once again appeared on the dinner table of the Wang family, the whole family are incredibly affectionate to him, even Wang Dahu are flattering attitude, licking sycophant face up with, and comply with the "public opinion" in recognition of his godfather.

His younger brother, Chihuahua and Li Qing Wang Yaozu comrades ran "eye on."

He has always been rich in compassion and love for life experience misery and "quiet and well-behaved" Li Qing and then suddenly in love, and a time to pull him and talk to him.

Wang Dahu thinking about the relationship "last generation" This is like the two "extraordinary", and often let themselves and Long Yat Ming Taste endless, did not think this life is also on the "fall in love" up.

In this way the entire Spring Festival Wang Dahu in a variety of jealousy envy hate quietly walked.

The new year arrived.

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