Reborn Only to Love You Again

By Yi Ge Xiao Ping Gai

Chapter 19 of the wicked

Chapter 19 of the wicked

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Hung mother since that day two was "scared off" after not willing, then he went downtown to several games.

But Wang Shoumin already had indication own great grandchildren, they insisted: Want to land line! The first treatment costs also owed on to say.

This is a mother and son to the village asked, the original reason for Li Qing and then break a leg and Yang Lina woman has a direct relationship, Oh, great! Simmering anger in their minds all made to go to her, almost put Yang Li to scrape a living.

So they dragged on for several days, this mother and child care do not know what led Yang Li in an early morning temporarily disappeared in the Industrial Village.

These sick people left, Wang Dahu immediately feel breathing a little fun.

However, Li Qing is happy, do not wait, walked directly toward his home.

Yang Li these people really shameless powerful, but this house with some of those who can, have all been moved out, and even the kitchen dishes, knives and other objects are also invisible, except ----

Wang Dahu watching Dry thin little girl, frowned and asked: "Who are you?"

"I, I called Kong Cuiping" The little girl looked it five or six sizes, giving her two children braided hair spiked horns, asking for Wang Dahu seems to feel very scared, the total time to time to take glancing round behind him Li Qing versa.

"Ah you five children?" He asked Li Qing Although some hesitation.

"Is it! Little cousin," the little girl replied Nana head down.

"How did you go back with your father and mother?"

He raised the matter, the little girl is obviously a grievances, tears patter that began to fall down, askew runny nose buried Mai Tai eliminating the way, there was not the slightest love and affection to make life.

Of course, this is the most important thing because five is Yang Li and Ah Kong Daguo girl, he did not believe it for "black" husband and wife is true to his home this fall on the girl.

Obviously, Li Qing and then feel the same way, to look at the two, but chose to ignore the little girl crying, ran to the field a fetching water, a rag ready to start pulling disinfection inside and outside again.

Wang Shoumin middle of the trip also came with some daily necessities, but also helped put a neat yard, the little girl Dao Yeting discerning to see, to see everyone is busy opened, also find themselves the only broom began to sweep up to come.

Dry straight to the big black sky, a few people stopped.

"! Today on the first to pick up this right," Wang Dahu touch his head sweat children, but also for Wangshou Min said: "Yeer ago, went to the county milk a few days to see my mother, no one else at home, that you tonight in this eat! I just what Dounong Cook made good. "

Wang Shoumin know quite large cook's grandson, heard this, he nodded his head, smiled and said: "! Good"

So after more than one hour, the color, flavor and taste four dishes and one soup on the table.

What are the dishes Wang Dahu take from home over there, and this time he did that, green pepper potato chips, stir-fried mushrooms, green onion tofu and white meat River.

Several people after a day of living, lack of body early, not many words just bored down to eat a meal. Particularly Kong Cuiping little girl, called a wolf to eat, but only to Wang Dahu noticed her on a plate of vegetables folder,Hunxing did not touch the meat.

In the end are just a poor boy!

Wang Dahu Antan breath caught in her piece of meat to a bowl.

"Eat ah! Stick thin like with ............"

Also looking at a bowl of fragrant meat with a dash of red silk, somehow Kong Cuiping eyes began to feel pain again, and a little cry, but, but - they do not like to cry, hold back, five Ya can not do people to discuss things.

To this girl will not ah! I'm not that give you a fast clip nauseating, they do not like his face twisted into it.

Wang Dahu on smoking in the mouth, in the heart of rumble Fufei people, everything is within sight of Li Qing However, my heart suddenly not feeling up and saw he snapped - and look, just put down the chopsticks, and said: " I'm full! "to turn over the Xiakang.

"? Ran Ran, how do you eat so little, ah," Wang Dahu tight and cried twice: "At night the hungry ah!"

However, Li Qing However, management are ignored him, diameter out of the back room. Wang Dahu raised his hand touched his big head, somehow blinked.

They are bent on Bacheng Kong Daguo put their own course this girl to stay in Li Qing, it has been half a month did see someone to pick.

Of course, maybe for a five Ah, the exact home without her mind. At least here she can eat sleep every day, no hunger and a full meal, but the most important thing is no one here and no one called her to hit her because she was crying and no one, he would kick her heels, so psyche she really did not want to go home.

Compared with nourishing life of the little girl, Kong Daguo these time be living in a hell. It really was a thief Yang Li Jing see his house and promised money disappeared, they killed refused to divorce. On the other side of the little darling also repeated clamor for him, if it does not say so justifiably marry her at home, to go directly to the hospital the children run off.

Kongtai Guo was mentally exhausted and confused, a lot of the people are apathetic.

These are also not his most angry, he was angry most of the time to pay back the money in his pocket and he did not dig a child.

Eighteen thousand dollars of principal plus compound interest seven thousand, for a total twenty-five thousand.

Bangdayaoyuan are four or five men stuck in the corner, Kong Taiguo almost almost scared the urine.

He knelt on the floor with non-stop for mercy, keeps them give yourself some time.

One of the Han tattooed tattoo, Britain a couple of his club, where evil is evil in his ear saying.

Kong Daguo face changed, stammered, he said: "! I, Ah Men big this year was fourteen ah"

"Siye no longer small thing!" Is a look at two Hunzai rogue full of obscene said:! "I was to marry someone else matchmaking thing in the house of Big Brother wife, character appearance these days, le! your daughter married in the past light gifts'll give you a million, you see how ah? "

Kong Taiguo heard the amount of money immediately moving from the heart, eyeball Gululu turned twice, the last to be down for a bite.

After he stumbled away, behind a small attendant bum said: "That SUN Da eggs are a nearly fifty of the old man, the girl hole home with him,Really a pity! "

"! Unfortunately, a hair," a hobo stare small messenger, then said: "These two days are staring point hole that name, which is fish, sure to blow out a lot of you guys are not like oil and water play! brand Well, bring him, that he would be infected with one accurate temper cheap bet implicitly, to the time he was afraid we do not give money to. "

"High! High! High!" Punks thumbs up, face the flattering awkward.

"Ha ha ha, your kid, learn the point of it!"

That Kong Taiguo really live up to this gang Hunzi of "vicious" mind, when in a hurry "to sell" the eldest daughter, that thousand dollars not cover warming up the body, they give all thrown into a field in the Board.

Those who have a big gambler but the next game will certainly be able to "win back" heart, so Kong Taiguo the next time this month's owed more than just the original that twenty-five thousand, but full 250,000.

Fish bait, fishing they have made no patience pull the lever, the cards have been faithful with his fraternizing, the moment all that has changed the face, the neck every day, driving a knife to force him to pay back the money.

"In fact, is not no way!" Looked at the ground is not too full lam face, unsightly Kong Daguo miserable, full of sound hobo's lure, said: "I know your family is indeed difficult, all of a sudden could not get these money, so you guys to finger Ming Road, see how you like? "

"What, what way?" Kong Daguo trembling lifted his head, was relieved of his chin to get him talking are some difficulties.

"Your village male doll but a lot of le!" Hobo man sighed wrong of such a sentence.

Kong Daguo unknown so blinked.

"! Brother, I tell you the truth it" hobo blanket a grin Yinhen called a sinister smile: "Men who are specializing in the sale took Hanako, if you are willing to wish to join us, in your village can only turn a few male Wazi, you owe the money I have not had a minute! "

"You, you are the kidnapper?" Kong Daguo stared in disbelief exclaimed.

The remaining few proud people laugh or two, one of them seemed to threaten, said:! "I know we have to have to help our secret, or Ge Jige inevitably have to come to a murdered brother ah hole you are a smart home You should know how to do it! "

Kong Daguo he heard one a kill, a dead one, as early as scared urine zileuton.

Not for a while so full of sub promise to help them turn a few male Wazi back.

So, so it is so, is so so.

Black cardiopulmonary hands of a few people set a day.

We have determined Kong Daguo into the hearts of the gang end up out of individual ideas.

However, Li Qing can also male Wazi ah! And like him, "fatherless mother" is lost, and no one to go ah!

If he could get him also to sell, not only you can get the money, he lost, think what people called Wang Shoumin old man medical expenses also mention something, that time the house, the land is not on its own a ?

Kong Daguo the more they want to feel this idea is very appropriate, grew more and more feel hungry myself tomorrow "Money" brilliant one.

At this point, he is about to completely do not consider him to be sold is his nephew.Of course, like this girl can not even bat an eye repay the spent beast and wanted to also do not care about these.

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