Reborn Only to Love You Again

By Yi Ge Xiao Ping Gai

Chapter 18 shameless

Chapter 18 shameless

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Wang Dahu squints, the risk of watching the mother and son, and my heart underground passage: "This really is a big world of wonders, if people in the world extremely shameless ah!."

"Thing is all about," Kong Taiguo hint of tears in the eyes of children full of touching said.

Wang Shoumin knock at the hands of the smoker, looked at him, do not buy any of asked: "?? You are not reluctant to raise it Zende Lee doll that suddenly changed his mind."

"! Look village you say these words," Kong Daguo pumping sniffle, hissing Lala said: "But I then ran the pro-nephew, he holds many lessons parents can stop him, when my uncle's natural to assume responsibility, you are old down! I'll take the child home to get him some kind of treat when his own son! "

Wang Dahu not have heard next to help lower lip angle, just so they can then ran for good? Fear is not over a week will be able to abuse the dead.

"This is something your wife know?" Wang Shoumin can not forget that day called Yang Li bitch performance.

"She can do a main Prodigal old bitch, I is not the final say," Kong Taiguo hands shot chink, but he did not say he is about "repudiation" thing.

"No matter how, this thing had to listen to his idea Lee doll," Wang Shoumin turned his head toward the grandson said: "Ran Ran say with his grandmother and uncle came, the pleasure of seeing him come out."

Soon, he led Li Qing Wang Dahu then came out from the back room.

We have heard about the two men had come, Li Qing and then face some bad, sip mouth tightly.

He came out, did not say!

Hole old lady speak up, and I saw she was particularly exaggerated rushed over, a landlord on a Qing Li Ran.

"Good Sun Sun's mother ah! But you suffer ah! Look ...... this skinny little body! Fatherless motherless children is poor ah!"

The old lady rushing too fast, all of a sudden put Wang Dahu hit to one side. She called both together howl loudly sound, only pitiful Li Qing However, not only can not breathe strangulation also highlights the smelly smoke dissipated from her, some really enough to choke.

Wang Dahu quickly stepped forward, life and death catch live till he pulled out.

However, Li Qing is in my heart never to bore the home of these people as their own relatives, also led Kong Xiumei before he went to his own home, which can not even roar with a trip to the curse, especially in that hole lady and Yang Li Shihai his heart is small even hateful than the devil people, so Li Qing ran to them only aversion but Bansi did not want the next of kin of the heart.

"! I had a very good," Li Qing Wang Dahu then standing behind, watching the two Yiziyizi said: "You do not need to take care of."

Face a stiff old lady heard this hole in her heart, not the natural father and mother of Li Qing saw himself not like a straw with renowned affectionate ah! I did not expect this cheap Wazi not only do not appreciate, but a cold shoulder to their child Look, she was to give birth to arrogance, looked at Li Qing and then wink out a little good will come.

"Men are your loved ones, you can harm ye!" Holes old lady stood up, sounds steep turn denounced: "What nonsense every family of a child, listening to adults, then that is honest, while back pack to pack,Today, just before dark hole jiatun Men go back! "

However, Li Qing's listening to this man keeps himself put away, his face can not help but really anxious up, just when he wants to tell, beside Wang Dahu tugged at his hands, he Shaoanwuzao appropriate.

Then suddenly see Li Qing did not speak, bore the old lady thought he was awed by him, could not help but meaning hook the hook mouth, facing his son pick his brows, then signal Kong Taiguo his face suddenly exposed stocks "wretched" smile, I saw him rubbing his hands in front of Wangshou Min said: "What, you think the mayor would have it then ran to raise this child grow up is incumbent upon us to make their loved ones, but also know your old, beautiful home is what happens.! so this ...... ...... ...... I know that there are ten acres of land Xiumei home, is not that the title deed to the Men ah! ...... your peace of mind after all these natural course, only temporarily by the I they gave him custody. "

Dude! The original is directed at that point of land to the ah!

Wang Shoumin immediately put down face down, eyes faint looked at the mother and son.

Seeing the old lady uncomfortable hole a couple of twisted body, she was afraid "cooked duck to fly," cried at him quickly: "But I find out about, the land now hold in your hands , I do not be thinking the lard that it give the ignorant! "

"You what!" Wang Shoumin heard the old lady so slander himself, immediately eyeball stare fiercely roar of sound.

"I say that our household is to say ...... Xiumei now Men have to go back, it is only right and proper, if you do not give the county road Anjiu tell you to go!"

"!! Mother you say this is the hell son," Kong Taiguo stopped a ferocious face, the body began to send some virtual lady, facing Wang Shoumin apologize smiles: "my wife age, and speak some madness, South vain vain north of the village head that you do not mind ah! how do you like this venerable old will depend on our home ground is not yet too! You are not ah? "

Wang Dahu watching a □ face a play the villain of both mother and child, almost about to laugh out loud.

This was not how to do! Began "to our family," it really is, the dog can not stomach Sheng twenty-two sesame oil, so quickly put their own purposes storm drain.

Say what you want to start taking care of Ran-ran. fart! Full fuck are fart.

Wang Dahu Lengheng soon Gululu eyes turned twice, turned around and ran back to the house looking for something do not know to go.

"Li LI Chang-gui home land is uploaded from the ancestral down, how can said to be full of Kong Xiumei!" Wang Shoumin such as the elderly after the storm, two on the mother and son to see this intention, so it is no longer this cold-blooded to cold heart people leave any face, the moment to drop severely scraping pull said: "another one, the village has been settled and Lee Wazi, rented their home ground, but in black and white slip that lease that says it! "

"He knows a little Wazi ass, you is not any sharper!" The old lady hole which is not willing to hear Wang Shoumin Sanshou, and immediately full of BS shouting and said: "I Regardless of farming land that is home Men! you Comin they must come back, old woman or else I will not go! "

"Heaven ah!Open your eyes open now! Some funeral conscience to this bully Men widows and orphans ah! Make a thunder hack this black heart of Pharaoh eight it! "

"You ----" Wang Shoumin gas ah! Some time ago on Yang Lina bitch so busy for a while, but came Comin old, the only thing I do not know, but even more intensified up! This in the end is what people ah.

When the old lady put her in the hole of the skill set of Sapo Ganhao practice is Huan, Wang Dahu bobbing came over.

"The grandmother you want then ran home that farming land is not?" His round face covered with a warm smile.

He asked to business.

The old lady received a sound hole, very simply nodded Gengzhebozai also emphasized sound: "! That has always been the home of Men"

"! That land is not your home, the right is LI Chang-gui home" when looking at the old lady stare eyeball have to howl on, Wang Dahu voice of a turn and then said: "But Ran Ran is the son of LI Chang-gui, LI Chang-gui since not , and this land is his nature, but you also willing to raise him after that to put these to you also makes sense ah! "

"Yes very! I am highly! Or do you know this doll reason Son!" Holes old lady now "happy, smiling" again and again nodded.

"All right! Now that you are willing to carry such a big responsibility for bringing natural course, and we have not grabbed hold those things, but ............"

"But what?" Kong Daguo eyes shine urgent voice asked.

"But before the deed it over to you, you'll have to have a T account the math!"

"What, what account?" The old lady seemed to sense what hole, his face full of suspicion he asked.

"Did you know that some time ago, then ran and broke her leg, go to the city to do the surgery, spent a total of -? I look at it five or six million ah quick money now that money is available to our house!! to advance, you should first see if the funds have the ah! "

Li Qing old lady a hole and then five or six million owed their house quick money, no breath up spot, quite a while to howl bellowed dark green with a straight face and said: "You brats nonsense, so much money, you correct people ah ! "

"! Grandmother how so wronged me," Wang Dahu flick the hands of thick paper: "This hospital is open cases and surgical expenses statements, you can also look at the people above the official seal of it!"

Kongda Guo took glanced at that bar really the beginning of the patient, plain words "Qing Li Ran" in the name.

Oh, this is really panicked mother and two, could this money has not arrived yet! Actually first got bills to a bunch of money?

No! This is definitely not their own five or six million recognized under.

"You little bastard, a broken leg and fell off the chant! With spend the money to cure, Jingui what if he was a porcelain ah! Sangmen star, ruining the goods!" The old lady hole green face, raised a hand Li Qing and then go on to face the fan.

Who wants this time Li Qing then do not hide do not flash, but showing a little face stocks Li color, I do not know what he did, just listen to the sound hole lady pointed Ming, goes skinny palm suddenly emerge at the Park mooring blood to.

Qing Li stood then the fingers are thin sharp blade,Roll on the ground looking at the woman, he said coldly: "As you have such a cold heart cold-blooded animals is not my loved ones, immediately get out from here, never to appear in front of me."

~~~~~~ Xiu (Wang Dahu enraptured whistle)

Deep drops revel in his home then ran cold at this time of grace.

What ~ ~ really want to relent oh!

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