Reborn Only to Love You Again

By Yi Ge Xiao Ping Gai

Chapter 12 missing

Chapter 12 missing

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Because Zhang Fang still in the hospital confinement, Wang Dahu them out of the car, did not go home directly to Ben in the past.

Full-term baby is born, it looks white and fat, very, very cute, so is rare to see two old endless, laughing all over his face creases. Zhang Fang Wang Dahu climbed up on the bed looked worried and asked: "Mom, are you okay?"

Father, mother door look at the little boy did not ask myself, though it is human nature, but in the end my heart is uncomfortable silk, now listen to the voice of caring eldest son, Zhang Fang eyes red, excited on a She hugged him: "mom is like nothing big tiger, the tiger like her mother yet!?"

"miss you!"

Ever since pregnant Zhang Fang Wang Dahu live in God after milk home, mother and two saw very little of it a few times, she naturally extremely miss his son. Seeing his wife red eyes, Wang Guangzong quickly advised: "Fang child carefully your eyes, in the month of falling ill, but a lifetime thing." Tiger also noted that milk this time too excited own daughter, but also to persuade busy to follow up

Zhang Fang listened to put up strong from tears, smiled and said all ah: "! Dad, Mom, gained the past few months is really a burden to you."

"That is what the words, but our big tiger pro-grandson of" old lady least want to hear kind words outside of this see: "Say you so hard and gave birth to Mitsumune kid is a big hero, we thank you too late, what tired counting! "

"Mom!" Cried Zhang Fang moved.

In fact, this second child born she did not want to, they do not have "reproductive indicators", kids are prone to be born, you want to keep a good but it is difficult. But she could see that her husband is a very wanted child, and if so the tires hit, they will be given the gap between husband and wife, no longer as loving as ever. Come back, stomach, after all, that her body is a piece of meat, how can this really hard at heart. She hesitated, then the days drag past day by day, until the drag term, and this child is not all want to die.

"Fang child, do not worry!" The old lady holding grandson sat down beside her, while holding the infant, while firmly holding large daughter's hand: "The big tiger tried to get to us old married couple, you take small, put the body well to say! "


Tiger looked at the hidden room with a trace of sadness but of joy mother sighed softly, he knows why Zhang Fang things suck. Previous life, because newborn tigers, in order to give him Luohu Kou, Wang Dahu was temporarily sent to distant grandmother, would have been just the intention to revive his avoidance of those who want to stay that is six years, until junior high school that she Wang Dahu arrive home. Also this thing, Zhang Fang always felt indebted to the eldest son, so then exceptionally doting on him.

However, Wang Dahu then I thought, this life over again, but it is a lot like change. Lord harmonious relationship between milk with parents, will no longer far away, away of his own. So in other words until elementary school, he should be able to stay in the village of Societe Generale.

Lele said a man and for a moment, then Wangguangzongxu the air drove them home.

At night, the old lady with his support of small chicken made chicken soup, delicious delicious, people smell the mouth watering.Sheng Wang Dahu some to drink, and the rest of the furniture loaded up. They have to go to the hospital for a while two meal Zhang Fang, Wang Dahu did not follow that he stay at home. Zhang Fang Yang is good, but on the fifth day home from the hospital. What's pelvis just not good recovery, only lie in bed possessor.

One day, Wang Dahu was sitting in her bed to cut the apple, suddenly heard the electric bell rang out, he was wearing little slippers mounted the pedal ran to see the results in the cat's eyes and I see a Chihuahua.

Under "younger brother !!!!" Wang Dahu rub open the door, shouting and what a hundred thousand turn back.

Wang Yaozu met with great nephew, his face immediately covered with a beautiful smile, a pair of round black eyes almost became a laughing crescent.

He is dedicated to see the newborn, which is not! A rarity in his arms to let go of it!

"! If you are so fond of children to quickly find the object, quickly got married," the old lady saw, next to ramble platitudes: "The small Central are also not 22, the work is also stable, at a right good, and if you get married and I'm relieved to be dead! "

Small sons, the eldest grandson, almost all elderly heart treasure.

For Wang Yaozu, the old lady was brought up a little pen drowning than other children, so he has also become somewhat naive not know what's temper, and that is because of this she would not trust always wanted to find more living things could get reliable daughter, but his son said that no matter how this talent is not got the idea, indeed agitated the elderly.

"Mom ......" Yao Zu Nana a few times, the white leather of a red rose: "I, I'm not looking object"

"When are you want to find?"

"I, I ......" Wang Yaozu downcast eyes are not straight sound, and saw the old lady is irritated, attached chatter for a moment, before Zhang Fang lived at the mouth of the good things.

Wang Dahu eyes looked down low mood was little uncle, could not help Antan breath.

In China, such a simple and conservative in their families, the sudden appearance of a "gay" it is impossible to accept anyone. Wang Yaozu not say so, he is not ashamed to admit his sexuality, but worried that parents will thus dealt a heavy blow. This has obviously love, but can not appeal to the public's pain, most people simply can not understand that. Li Qing and thinking of his previous life as a natural thing, which makes parents heartbroken, deserted downtown home, he uncomfortable powerful.

For a time, the room was very quiet, two each sub-nephew silently thinking his own thoughts.

Wang Yaozu at home to stay for a day, then returned the next day to go. Wang Dahu drew on school days, he has not seen for a week Li Qing However, the very thought, then go back for a little wait. Zhang Fang thought that his son was "studious" fear of falling school curriculum, and my heart is very guilty for a while. Time to go, Zhang Fang Wang Dahu installed to better his favorite things, he also slipped a one hundred dollars, so he usually buy their favorite things, do not harsh to himself.

Thus, in the parents reluctantly, in spit bubble baby milk Gululu sound Xiaohu, the Wang Dahu they returned to the village of Societe Generale.The village when it is already evening, Li Qing Wang Dahu I did not go then, wondering anyway, tomorrow is Monday to go directly to the school will be able to look at, and do not rush this moment. Sit safely sleep a good sleep, the next day Wang Dahu is a vibrant "country flowers."

But so he did not expect that, in school he did not see Li Qing However, beside his seat from morning to night are empty.

What exactly is going on? However, still the character will not be absent without care, then he does not do these days, what happened?

Asked the students said Li Qing, then four days from start to no school, the teacher Zhao Li Qing said she had to go home and then talked to their parents at home, said Li Qing and then let go to school.

What parents?

Implying that LI Chang-gui or Kong Xiumei back?

The thought of this, Wang Dahu will no longer sit still, do not wait for school to school from the back wall to turn out, Saya Zi Ran Li Qing to the home run.

Easy opened the door, Wang Dahu one pair brow wrinkled up immediately,

But see the floor of the chicken, duck feces, paste over the floor, which makes the yard an unpleasant odor of death. Moreover, Li Qing and then carefully reared on weekdays vegetable has also been the scourge of the inside what things are gone, even the uplift of the soil are also being stepped on a big footprints child. This is where the clean, neatly home, simply pigsties.

To the anger endured excitedly, now the most important thing is to find Li Qing ran as soon as possible.

The room door did not lock, a push on the inside.

Wang Dahu directly to the back room, but see someone sleeping on the positive Siyangbacha that Kangxi. Look at him near a person not others, then it is natural that what aunt ---- Yang Li child labor.

Slips ----

Wang Dahu seem to understand what a pair of eyes instantly red.

He then went outside to bang a pot of cold water, went to the yard to find a thick stick.

When the pot of cold water that give all the whirring of a woman sleeping face down, Yang Li wailing - the screaming again.

Wang Dahu not care her twice on the kang, clutching the hands of the stick vocal doom to take away the body of Yang Li, Yang Li ate up the pain screams, Wang Dahu but not soft, straight mad smashed dozens, Yang Li to play not covered in a good place when it ended the hand.

"Say! You hide it then ran what the?" Wang j □ j on her hands tightly stick stuck in the neck of Yang Li.

In his sleep was straight on the head right in the face of Kuangchou Wang Dahu meal, Yang Li Meng has given way to the ring, and now only the fear, coupled with Wang Dahu stop her neck with a stick card, Yang Li even more afraid.

"! I do not know, ah, I really do not know ah" Yang Li Canhao cried: "It is a little Jianzhong is not a run of their own not my thing ah!!"

Wang Dahu heard more in the eyes of Li, Yang Li grabbed the head, bang - it's dead Sike pit eaves.

Yang Li whine sound, back of the head out of the blood.

"I ask you again, then ran again where!"

Wang Dahu ruthless cold voice, full of desperate Yinhen.

Yang Li was covered shaking as Shaikang, an Grievance came so unexpectedly lost ban."Three, three days ago, he went to the small mountains, I, never came back!"

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