Reborn Only to Love You Again

By Yi Ge Xiao Ping Gai

Chapter 11 take treasure

Chapter 11 take treasure

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Wang Dahu Yiyewumian excited, I could not wait to get up early the next day went to the Qing Li Ran home.

Be careful of the doors and windows closed, he took out a piece of crescent-shaped stone, put it on the ground, his right hand holding a small ax began to look at what Zazhuo. He hit very careful, almost every few will be a little stop, both want it broke down a fear of contradiction like it crumble. About smashed dozens of it! Just listen to "click. Kacha ......" a voice sounded, some small crack stones and fines start Xixisuosuo fall from above. Vaguely we can see a little different from the white inside, wrapped in what seems in this thick layer of rock layers in the same.

Wang Dahu met, nothing left eyes even more, but more and more careful hands up, Li Qing and then stood beside him looked equally dedicated.

"Out!" Ten minutes later, Wang Dahu something on the palm of the hand holding it excited, happy Aoaozhijiao.

However, Li Qing probe over his head and saw lying in the palm of Wang Dahu is no longer just something ordinary blocks of stone but one looks exquisite.

"Big Huge, what is this?"

Wang Dahu ridicule He Hey smile proudly said:! "You do not understand it is called Marble dragon, the ancient royal family to sacrifice something, the old dime a dozen, we can live a good life after two full count it! "but see this thing, the body was lunate, leading first eagle, slender tail. Quintana pale flawless, but not the kind of color of jade, although it can not tell what is what in the end made of light but watch their way, they know this thing is very certain with the idea of ​​the treasure.

Wang Dahu chubby hands, kept groping with Marble dragon, eyes full of big ¥¥.

"Big Huge stone there is to know how this kind of thing?" However, Li Qing Wang Dahu is clearly more than "calm" and more, of course, this is related to his reasons for the lack of understanding of the value of the treasure. Wang Dahu heard, Zeizei smile at him, he will know the reason why this treasure of natural stone for a reason. This thing from his "previous life" Speaking. Then there are the county opened a large hotel on the "Jade Xuan" in the basin engraved with "rich garden, Octagon Lucky" landscape bonsai to buy back, and got me responsible for their father who is Wang Dahu did not think of a year, that restaurant owner-year-old son wanted to have fun, but also somehow, put the bonsai, the stones one by one fell to the ground, this fall, and that the crescent-shaped stone is broken, exposing the inside of treasures . The experts determined that hidden in the stone in the shape of a dragon Treadstone is something that has three thousand years ago during the Shang Dynasty, the last I heard that the boss does not open the hotel industry, direct selling things, a full sell a million Renminbi. It was held in South County, the county is sensational, everyone to make known. Tiger Mom Zhang Fang also obsessed with complaining for a long time say so, and if that had Wangguang Zong know the treasure, mysteriously robbed halfway down, then that would be good.

Wang Dahu time with small, but probably his mother talking too much, but added a note of a ten by ten.

I now heavy work, since it saw the opportunity to make a fortune, not to be missed.

"Ran Ran ......" Suddenly, Wang Dahu is a positive face some serious, he said: "Today, this thing can not talk to anyone,Otherwise, we will have two big trouble, you know? "

Li Qing Ran moment, then nodded his head firmly, and whispered: "! I will not tell anyone."

Treasure is good, but Wang Dahu age is now impossible to sell immediately shot, only to be in the future, will be carefully hid it well, Wang Dahu that excited mood completely calm down. After all, for him, any more than the treasures of this world, but also in front of Li Qing versa. Whether it is money or status, but is to ensure that the two are able to smooth some of the later life of foreign objects Bale! Wang Dahu forest for the trees, how the things he would do?

Put down the matter, they still live like yesterday.

Wang Dahu different and somewhat lazy, Li Qing is a very natural and very hard-working self-discipline of a child. Do not! It should be said that the hard-working too. Five o'clock every day he would get up on time, to the fields or roadside cut two bundles, especially with the dew of the grass, chopped pinned back made of bran feed, poultry feed those back yard fence, he will started cleaning the house of health, inside and out have to rub laid down arms before they agree to spotless. He later also opened a small garden house, four or five furrow plow land, he planted some cabbage, potatoes, eggplant and other items. All meticulously refined every day Sinong the heart. The finished this, he is not satisfied, I do not know what the ladies from the village that took alive, giving to the sweater pattern, one a dollar. Embroidered midnight every day one or two o'clock in order to rest.

Wang Dahu looked at him to life so thoroughgoing, really angry and distressed.

He also sent a temper ridicule him, but then it will Every time Li Qing tightly bit his lip, stubborn look at him. Wang Dahu will be defeated.

Since the scourge of his body so he can not stop, Wang Dahu had to share as much as possible for him.

Fortunately, they are now three meals a day in the big Tiger milk house to eat, he also provides Li Qing and then have to eat eggs daily cup of milk. So he was not compared with the previous thin, but also slightly grow some meat, this is the only thing that Wang Dahu relatively pleasant little.

"This is my grandmother's some kind of food," Li Qing and then the hands carrying a basket of vegetables soil hand it over: "Your grandfather and try it!"

"! You kids have to have every time to bring something!" Smiling tiger grandmother touched his little head: "grandma's no shortage of them, you are a doll of those species is not easy to keep eating myself on the line up! "

"True, true," Wang Dahu next to a write-mouth, grumbling accusations: "The family is going to get outside to do so!"

Li Qing then sip a sip mouth, handing me a hand basket is not recovered.

The old lady Antan heard, Cook took over and boast several times, this kind of dish, then listened to Li Qing, a small smile on his face only Jisi.

After the meal, Wang Dahu send him back.

Father met, suddenly they say back home pregnant black puppy, a few days will be able to be born, time to let go a Li Qing and then get back, beating him to the home-care hospital. Wang Dahu listened to, it is greatly consent. Black back fierce temper their home, except from a master, it is see who bites. It also gave birth to the paparazzi will certainly be a good, that thing will be able to grow faster few months older,There are guarding it in the yard, Wang Dahu also a little feel relieved.

Sure enough, after a few days, litter pup was born.

A total of four, Wang Dahu picked a small black dog seems most spirit, Li Qing and then go out into the bosom house.

Li Qing and saw the pup's natural pair of eyes instantly lit up, touch to touch, and one like the incredible look.

They gave the dog from the name, Wang Dahu proposal called: "Alexander" was Li Qing and then in the name of strange grounds to shoot out!

"Called Cai!" This classic enough of it.

Surprisingly, he had just finished, Li Qing and then eyes will remain exposed, "when you did not forget how the money!" Means.

"That's what you say it!"

"Ah! It is called black!"

Wang Dahu: "............ What a great dog name ah!"

Black is small, but as Wang Dahu expected to temper like overbearing, spent the first few days of the primary weakness, and soon lively up with his favorite course in behind Li Qing, Li Qing is then in the evening when sewing sweaters are also willing to give the lie at his feet, incidentally, the most black people do not like Wang Dahu, each met with Ziya is not bristling hair choking choking whining, often made him angry.

At this time in trivial and complicated leisurely by.

Quickly to the golden September, Societe only village primary school, the school.

Two children, one led by the Wang Shoumin go through the admission procedures, compared to Wang Dahu boredom, Li Qing and then it is a lot of excitement, even on weekdays pair of eyes are too quiet out a dash of exciting light. The school is also full count up but twenty four children, these children have the largest year-old, also the smallest such year-old Li Qing Ran

Wang Dahu have noticed that these people there but there are still a few acquaintances, is on the back and then he beat up a bully Li Qing SUN Da Zhuang had a few back, arms Baoxiong met with a look of malicious look them in the Wang Dahu, a few children Ju Dou shrink the shrink neck, into the crowd and diamond drilling.

The first day did not attend class, the children met with the class teacher, a woman teacher, surnamed Zhao, more than thirty years of age, with glasses looks very stern look. The magazine said a Chase Lara's motto school rules, and according to head to the children divided seat. Wang Dahu clever line up specially camel hump, smooth and Li Qing then became at the same table. At noon, the school put a person, they took the course books issued directly back home.

At this point, Li Qing Wang Dahu and then became a glorious primary school, started his school life.

A month later, when some accommodate this day Wang Dahu finally learning how to write horizontal, vertical, left, flick, understanding how a, o, e, i, u, v, 1 + 1 + 1 = 3 when = 2,2, Zhang Fang Wang Dahu mother finally landed ripe melon gave birth to a second baby.

Not surprisingly, a boy, named Tiger Dad personally - Xiaohu.

Hearing that he addition of two old grandson a big, happy grin that is, even when going to see, Wang Dahu naturally have to follow them, then ask the school to fake a week, three to the county Lele Hehe rush.

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