Reborn Only to Love You Again

By Yi Ge Xiao Ping Gai

Chapter 10 streets

Chapter 10 streets

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However, Li Qing Wang Dahu and did not tell anyone, the next morning, he embarked on a coach to the county.

It may be the reason never too far from the door, and then a bit uneasy Li Qing, Wang Dahu clutched his hands, gesturing out the window along the way than to draw non-stop noisy, and soon let him relaxed, his face a little rare It exposed some joy expression. Wang Dahu met with hearts especially excited, take him out myself loose some fresh air, and she was right! Wang Dahu led him, and they went straight to the "department store" away, the mall is located in the center of the bustling street segments County, arguably one of the most selling throughout South County, the whole place, so that traffic is great. Wang Dahu They like the flexibility of two small fish, the crowd jammed.

They go to one place to sell stationery, and a large glass case next to a station filled with all kinds of stationery. They pick to pick the last option to buy a twenty four Chinese white pencil eraser, a pile of swastika grid, count herbs, as well as pencil boxes, pencil sharpeners, rulers and other items.

"Auntie ......" Wang Dahu cushioned toe, face Hanshi pointing to a shelf behind the shop assistant: "That bag how to sell ah?"

"Fifty-five yuan a, if you buy it, aunt give you five dollars cheaper."

Wang Dahu listened and nodded, then turned his head to Li Qing and then asked: "? It like that."

"No ......" one to fifty dollars, Li Qing little face and then some blue, hurriedly shook his head.

Wang Dahu him bared bared teeth, for that salesman laughed: "Auntie, I want this bag, and next to it the black, just these two plus the election of stationery, I gave a total of one hundred and ten money, you look all right? "


"Big Huge ......" Li Qing Wang Dahu really want to buy natural look, anxious busy tugged at his sleeve: "The home has a cloth bag is enough to do, you spend the money to do!"

"Do not worry," Wang Dahu as thieves Minato whispered in his ear: "! Huge big money, today the two of us to come to a thoroughly shopping"

Bring things packed in a large cloth bag house, Wang Dahu to the body of a back, pulling him began to stroll up. Soon, Li Qing and then it also severely distressed for a while, the place to sell children's clothing, Wang Dahu bought him a full five or six pieces of clothes, everything is the most popular style this year. Huang Gezi led a small knot shirt, brown overalls just to the knee, plus a small leather sandals in front of a child no longer longer just rustic look, look is so delicate and lovely. Wang Dahu is looking to take the golden face, holding his meal is mad rub: "ah, ah, too cute s is too cute ......" Li Qing and then he holds a red little face, coupled with the people around them haha laughter, but he was almost embarrassed wanted to find a way to seam drilling. They then wandered a visit at noon, eat direct selling in the mall to buy a large chaotic place bowls of warm, eat and stroll after a while, seeing the hour is late they began to walk back.

Two little guys who were covered with layers of stuff, all the way down lead a lot of people's attention.

However, Li Qing little face will have a bit nervous, for fear of being robbed of what people look like.To the bus station, bought a ticket, three in the afternoon the car, now only 12 points, will have to wait some time to go back, Wang Dahu hosting the two things up, led Li Qing Mai Binggun then went to places nearby. No matter which city's railway station or bus station, very busy around the capital, South County is no exception, large and small hotels, inns, fruit shop, gift shop, around full circle. Tude, Li Qing natural sights on one of them who pondered it in a micro Li Qing and then whispered something, and then took him and went inside.

"Jade Villa" is small-scale antique shop.

Speaking of antiques, who is very popular in South County for a while. That was ten years ago now, in South County, not far from where archaeologists had unearthed the tombs, I heard what the ancient high official, caused a great sensation, when there are a lot of people He went to the neighborhood to "leak detection" with a fortune overnight. Not to mention, it was really a lot of dug grave goods, based on that period of time are like mushroomed, in a series of antique stores began to emerge in the county, and every claim to the store is "the real thing . " And this "Jade Villa" is also time to open. But because now business is not very good, most of them up selling jade jewelry a.

Into the shop, Wang Dahu a look around, there is a world where there is not a lot about fifty square feet, four around the glass counter, which displays a variety of jade articles, bronze, and a small amount of porcelain, not a lot of things, only two saleswomen chatting. See two small children came in, they did not even eyelid lift. Wang Dahu do not care, then took a small hand Li Qing looked around, a curious look.

"Pretty big sister" Wang Dahu raised his hands full of smiles, pointing to a small gourd-shaped pendant and asked: "How much of this money?"

Wang Dahu smile about too Hanshi or because they are called "beautiful sister" and good mood, in which a saleswoman smiles tenderly said:?? "The children in your home how adults do yourself a man ran in this pendant 200 a block, you like to take you home for adults to buy. "

Wang Dahu Hey smile, cushioned toes another even asked several.

That the shop assistant also saved amuse a child's heart, for it touches on the issue of Wang Dahu give all back.

Li Qing However, standing behind him, looking at his face excitedly Wang Dahu, some concern frowned.

"Sister" Wang Dahu's voice suddenly became shy up: "? My mother's birthday next week, I'd like to buy her a birthday present, but I only have 50 bucks, can you help me choose choose it," his mouth will be a shy face and took out a crumpled red envelope from his trouser pockets.

Look! How filial children ah! So small to know to buy a birthday gift for mom with gift money.

Moment, two of the salesman Wang Dahu is that goodwill was increased ah.

But so little money to buy things like jade is not possible, only buy plastics or do the things Luo Dan.

"Children, you see how this thing? Ruby bracelet agate, your mother must take a good look."

What agate, ah, you lie ghost ah!

Wang Dahu was secretly Tucao,His face was no doubt there was a look of confidence.

"That's big sister, my money enough to buy this do?"

"In the name of you have so much filial piety, it is cheaper to sell you!"

Wang Dahu smiling salesman to put things wrapped, but also specifically on the outside wrapped in a layer of colored wrapping paper, punched a pink bow. And when they are to go out, Li Qing and then suddenly, pointing to the showroom window of a thing and cried: "! Brother, I want that."

It is a half-human, high-shaped bonsai garden, which carved the mountainous, pavilions, bridges ...... is a very delicate look beautiful handicrafts.

Wang Dahu face immediately pained face, muttered: "Well, that is too expensive, can not afford to buy my brother!"

"Well no, no Well" However, Li Qing little face was like a baby face: "They really like the Stone stone."

"The family has not had a lot of stone yet? Are you retrieve, and I really do not understand why you would like this kind of thing?"

"But the Stone stone looked like the moon and the other are not the same," said Li Qing and then insisted: "! I'm going."

"No! If you self-willed, then I'll stay here, no matter you!" Wang Dahu as if to go, Li Qing and then quickly pulled his clothes, red eyes seemed about to cry.

"Well, well, not that stones do? Sister call the shots sent to you!"

"But ......" Wang Dahu hesitation.

"It does not matter anyway, just hand side of the road picking up, out of the way!"

Valuable is the whole of this bonsai, which is used as filler when stones and other objects, but inside the shop to fill, is also not remove some of the matter.

"Is this it?" He asked the saleswoman smiled finger.

"As if half of the next."

That stone has a palm-sized adult, does have some special shape, with a crescent moon really looks like.

"The kids your interest pretty special thing!" Li Qing own hands and then handed the stone, that the shop assistant could not help but squeezed his little face white and tender.

Two out of the shop, no one around the corner straight ahead, hands on his hips Wang Dahu could no longer hold the Yangtianchangxiao up, his smile was so proud, like a night rich upstart. However, Li Qing some concern frowned, softly cried: "Big Huge?"

"Haha, then ran," Wang Dahu hugged him fiercely place two turns round: "We made myself!"

However, Li Qing Although not understand why he is so concerned about a stone, but he was so happy to see the way, can not help laughing.

"! Ran-ran, just a really good performance," Wang Dahu excited Baji a pro-drop in his little face: "There is the potential to test Beijing Film Oh!"

"<< >>> ___

Two things to take in storage, on the return of the coach.

Until about 5 o'clock in the afternoon, only to home.

Put things away locked the door, he went big Tiger milk home for dinner.

Li Qing Wang Dahu almost every day now and then together, both of them just today when they play the two are one, did not know his baby grandson Li Qing led the people then went to the county a lot of shopping.app2 ();


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