Reborn Only to Love You Again

By Yi Ge Xiao Ping Gai

Chapter 3 care

Chapter 3 care

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No matter how spoiled shamelessly Wang Dahu again, or after the rapture carrying Father collar deceives back.

Tiger grandmother at home already so impatient, Lord saw that two finally came back, Mangying over.

After the hot pot dumplings out again, the three sat together talking.

"In the end Editor's Note ah," the old lady look grandchildren some listless listless look, a busy building back: "Your child is curiosity, what's that good-looking, non-keep up the past."

Wang Dahu at this time completely immersed in the natural reunion with Li Qing shocks.

Heard, also Bu Zhisheng, looks a bit stunned.

But added Wang Shoumin was a little puzzled, too Comin Wang Dahu performance of "Brave," the point, kind of sub Zouren vicious, like a six year old child which, is the only completely enraged beast.

"Cub, you know that Lee a child?"

Wang Dahu heard suddenly startled, then recovered somewhat look between the Ching Ming.

I saw his chubby little face, immediately made vice-like indignation, holding a small fist shouted: "! Ran Ran is my good friend, bully his villains, I fight"

Wang Shoumin nodded, thinking about the promise is met when the child playing outside, children Well, two down on the familiar.

Listen to this thing of which there are Wang Dahu, the old lady anxious, hurriedly asked to understand the whole process.

Wang Shoumin lug brief said.

The old lady on a slap shot in the butt grandson, again and again scared of rebuke: "This prodigal boy, the man hand a knife on you dared to every family of a child, Intuit bold.!"

Wang Dahu see Grandma really angry, did not dare answer back twice unsteadily up.

Buyiburao old lady and teaches a long while, this turned to his wife exclaimed:! "Well that LI Chang-gui past two years, grow bigger hair, go on like this, I think Xiumei sooner or later have to die in his hand inside. "

Wang Shoumin point the heavy smoker in his hand, after two Baji said:. "That can zezheng, you know his family situation weekdays in fact your long and almost normal, but his mind is sick, crazy, awkward coming up , is that people do not recognize. he put the two back Xiumei played, remorse kind of woke up after askew burst into tears, you is not never seen, she was truly blame the poor "

Wang Dahu aside after hearing these words, my heart fall has been somewhat understand.

Feelings Ran Ran's father was a "mentally ill", was a violent, manic episode, a face to Kill beat his wife.

This is much more dangerous ah!

"Grandpa, uncle since that is not how sick to go to the hospital? You see him have been put forward today knife, the day Zhibu Ding will kill!"

This year, psychosis can kill even do not have to sit in prison.

"What does not kill kill, what nonsense child every family!" Classic training death sentence.

Wang Dahu grandmother heard they do not want: "I see the grandchildren are right, then to do so non of any death cub, your future far away from their home the point, that a child from Lee also far point!."

Wang Dahu How might do, hastened to begin with and then how Li Qing how pathetic.

The old lady soft heart, and said a few words, they do not mention.

This evening,Wang Dahu lying on the burning hot Tukang, but it is Bansi did not sleep.

Tempting, he began to recall his "past life."

However, to meet with Li Qing is when their own high school classmate two years, but then when Li Qing is a "withdrawn and there is a low sense of" extremely good results but learn some boys in the eyes of all people. And Wang Dahu is the man of the whole school, have personality, sense of obligation, sunny and cheerful boy, this is two totally different people, but because of an accident of the "heroic rescue" and gradually have contact. Until after Wang Dahu Sipilailian pursuit for several years, it was finally established a relationship in college.

After two together, Li Qing and then never mention their own things at home, Wang Dahu touches sneaky asked several times, but each time related to a mine-like touch. Over time, he would not dare to ask the.

"So because this is why they do not say it?" Li Qing thought then that sad little look, Wang Dahu heart just like a needle-like pain.

That clinic does not know where the warm not warm, then ran the evening meal did not even mouth to eat, sleep on it, then you will not be hungry?

It is in this trance, Wang Dahu is the longest for one night, and finally survived.

The next day early, the yard cock just played beeps.

Wang Dahu then Yi Gulu climb up.

In this house, he has his own a little house, scrambling down, enduring the Lord milk.

He landed jacket, trousers, and his face with cold water.

Wang Dahu crept in to the kitchen.

A kitchen stove with firewood point, inside the pot to pour in Sheung Shui and scattered bowls of rice, porridge beginning. Farmhouse kitchen fire Mong, the pot will be out a little while fragrance children, Wang Dahu took out six eggs in a bowl under a shelf, bench fall into the porridge. At his side made when in full swing, in the end or disturb the old man's back room.

Tiger grandmother came out dressed in a jacket, as if stunned to see the little ants got into the drilled grandchildren.

"It's early in the morning, you toss Shane?"

Wang Dahu back, his face Chanxiao said: "! Milk, a large tiger to make breakfast for you and Grandpa."

The old lady's eyes tears shabu on down, look! What a wonderful thing there is such a filial child.

"My heart liver and lung child!" The old lady Louguo great grandson, Bajibaji is two. Wang Dahu straight to boast Xiao Sun became the first through the ages.

Xiao Sun is only the first through the ages, what filial filial piety, we do not know, but it is the only one who knows Xiao Sun, hemp slip that small physique, the things the band across the body, leaving only the sentence: "I went to see ran ran "they ran out of a scare.

That speed, stunned the old lady phrase: "Do not go!" To hold back.

Wang Dahu home from the clinic is not far away, but he frustrated the force villain, stunned is to take half an hour to go. At this time is close to the New Year, it is the coldest period of time, such as when he entered the door of the clinic, has a little face red with cold.

However, Li Qing and then no longer in bed.

Wang Dahu frowned toward that ward next door.

Sure enough, open exudes a strong smell of disinfectant white curtains, I saw that little, lying in bed sleeping on the edge of a child.Wang Dahu no hurry to wake him up, he glanced at the girl lying on the bed - Ran Ran's mother.

In the "past" when, then ran although no mention of their own things at home, but Wang Dahu, after all, was his pillow, a considerable period of time always to know, for example, Ran Ran's mother when he was very young abandoned him.

Wang Dahu can not say he is now what it's like, looking at the bed that bruised, badly bruised woman, who can say?

"You, you're here?" Suddenly, I heard the voice sounded dry dumb, Li Qing and then rubbed his eyes and sat up drowsily.

See his actions as a cat, and it's Meng Wang Dahu little face that step lightly "touch" a couple.

"Ran Ran not hungry? Big Huge brought you to eat."

He first coaxed washed my face, Wang Dahu home from eating out of the band. At this time there is no mug what to eat are loaded with iron boxes, large tiger fear of cold on the outside wrapped in layer after layer of the towel. Because get tight, it is not cold porridge.

"Give -" Wang Dahu handed him a pair of chopsticks.

However, Li Qing looked at him, sip Minzui, did not answer.

Really worthy of a future "iceberg dead cat," Wang Dahu blanket blanket it right lip, stunned the chopsticks into a small dead cat's paw, Hu said: "! Fast food"

However, Li Qing did not move, he glanced back and mother on the bed.

Wang Dahu touched his head: "Auntie share, has been left out of the other, let her sleep in, wake up, eat and so on."

"The two of us eat together!"

Wang Dahu slightly stunned, then laughed: "! Good"

This is a look that hungry child, a lunch box full of porridge every time he ate half, Wang Dahu looked at him very, very distressed. Busy and peel the eggs out of the three, Li Qing and then ate a refused to eat, let Wang Dahu fool for a while that she ate another.

A morning time, Wang Dahu to accompany him in the clinic.

Until close to noon when we come to Hui Letang home.

The old lady is doing lunch pepper potato silk tofu and cabbage stew, fried potatoes tender and creamy silk, fluttering white tofu meat an oil Wang, indeed, people appetites.

Wang Dahu Seven Mile Kacha get a few bites of steak, after finished also not polite to better put into the lunch box, he then ran home, you can not eat!

Of course, natural and ultimately move the elderly meal annoying chatters, but Wang Dahu people how thick skinned ah, one a "Grandma Do you really compassionate." "Your grandmother is really the reincarnation of the living Buddha," "Grandma This is Jide ah" Old Mrs. fooled by his own grandson stumbled, plus, after all, is a village, sending two meals also nothing great, it is no longer so tough caught him. And Wang Dahu back to the ward when they found this time Kong Xiumei was awake, not only that this house has another more than two strange men and women.

His sharp eyes, look to see Li Qing and then leaning on the mother's side.

He is holding a small fist, tightly sipping mouth, his face full of anger.

Wang Dahu eyes instantly half narrowed.

Glanced at the two men do not know, he went to the bedside of the diameter Kong Xiumei said: "aunt Hello,My name is Ran Ran Wang Dahu is a good friend! "(Later husband)

Tears Kong Xiumei touch his face, barely smiled and said: "!! Is the home village of the cub then ran it I just heard to say, this is really a thank you to"

"Nothing, family thing!" Wang Dahu eye teeth bared bared white Sang Sang, smiling affectionately than dogs.

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