99 reunited with their parents

99 reunited with their parents

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Xiao Di Although it is difficult to accept her mother what had happened again, one can not but about illness and death, and this certainly understand her point, she knew her husband spoke of meaning.

She felt sad for a while, she had guessed from her husband cautiously and deliberately cover up the confusion: It is likely that the mother had an accident. She said sadly: "You say I understand, you worry, I will not have any things too hard!"

Due to the short winter days, when the drive to Xiao Di home, the night would have enveloped the entire earth. Rural winter night even more miserable cold, cold Mengmenglonglong moon hanging in the air, sparse few stars blinked in the restless, very cold wind is not very fierce.

This is the quiet dark of night, he was the noisy sound sprint, hit the headlines or the kind of the kind of noisy and hard to get people more miserable heart, Xiao Di far to hear the voice of the heart is an invisible kneading giant hand tightly, and she could not breathe pain, pain she burst into tears, her only feeling is: I'm late!

Yes, Xiao Di far to hear the voice of the people in that village have organized the funeral, employment drumming, horn playing sad music, the sound that encouraging people to heart and liver so she could not extricate themselves from their grief, her most instinct suddenly think of is: my mother is gone!

Yue Chunsheng course had expected to this situation, the elderly in rural areas who face death every hire drumming, morgue for the dead three days, while playing drums, Xiao Di, when the father is left to do so.

Looked grief-stricken Xiao Di, he can not tell the sad, to think he could share her pain and really hurt! His affectionate look at her: "Xiao Di, I think you've thought anyway mother so much older, I think she does not want their children to her too sad you do not get too sad?? a. "

No car parked in front of the home of Xiao Di, Xiao Di can not wait to get off the door, Yue Chunsheng ran to her front, took the child in her arms, holding her with one arm pull to go to the house go with.

At the moment Xiao Di has stumbled, her legs felt weak, the brain of oxygen, opening the mouth she wanted to cry out loud, sleep like a nightmare, like, if he's really the soul has left the sheath. She was in the village of sympathy eyes, big hands under the strong arm of her husband, my parents came to the room.

Mom and Dad's room door wide open, precisely, is the door has been removed to go. In the middle of the room stocked with things like beds, with something boring from the door, above the quiet of a man lying face on a piece of yellow pieces of cloth, a black loose buttons down the front shroud, exposing a length below black tight pants leg Shou, a pair of black shoes embroidered with the pattern of life is particularly conspicuous.

Xiao Di Daileng at the door for a moment, then suddenly flew these people, and of course she knew: this can only be lying on his mother, she fell on her mother who pulled her mother's cold stiff hand: "Mom! how can you just leave? how did not wait to see her daughter one last time? mom, you are so cruel to leave my brother? mom, I will not let you go! you get up ah! "

Human side of her mournful sound of infection, can not help but shed tears! Xiao Di crying for a while,What suddenly seem to remember, Teng's stand straight body, stretched out his hands trembling.

Yue Chunsheng next shocked, hastily leans her personal position. Xiao Di hand wiping tears under the eyes, then carefully lift his hands covered in yellow cloth mother's face.

Is displayed in front of a serene face, khaki-colored face, eyes closed, mouth slightly open a crack, as if you were smiling! She was probably asleep, dreaming of a father, husband and wife being happy reunion again, right?

Mother's face seemed to be dignified vivid than alive, she knew she must be finally reunited with my father, inner joy? In fact, her relatives all know, since my father died, my mother seems to have no love life!

The only thing she wanted to do was to leave with her husband and, in another world them or having a partner, beating each other to look after! If it cares for the children to her dismay, fear children also lost two loved ones can not accept, or she had been together with her husband riding a crane Journey of!

Death to the mother seems to be a relief, is a holy grail of the most satisfying thing, she has long been looking forward to this day, I finally do not have to taste her husband is not around pain and longing, her life apart from her husband really no care, over the years, she has been stubborn intention: the husband where she where it is. She should always follow their husbands, even if it is netherworld she should never betray!

It can be said: Now, my mother finally got his wish, she finally hard to wait, looking forward to his earnest desire to achieve, and her husband can finally reunited!

I see my mother lifelike, sweet dreams as in the same expression, Xiao Di suddenly felt very relieved. Mom go so calm, so quiet, it should be her long-awaited good wishes! She is not dead, but to my father and two of the world too happy to go! Parents themselves should be happy!

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