98 Queer?

98 Queer?

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Yue Chunsheng surprised a moment, immediately grin: "One more, quickly try to open!"

When a long section of the primary colors in a fur coat jacket Xiao Di's body, she seemed reborn into another person, her figure is not high, are beyond the rhetoric Tingtingyuli, but fortunately her body symmetry, see up gives the impression still curvy has caused. Wear ankle length coat close, the people look even look tall and straight.

Xiao Di never dared ventured to wear long section of the clothes, she thought he was not fit to wear short stature, seems to put on their own will be more exposed to short stature weakness. I did not expect her to make a bold attempt to actually reflect a different kind of charm. Two cheeky surprise seemed to enjoy their great creation.

Yue Chunsheng little wife looked charming and moving, could not help heart flag waves, he hugged his two steps forward, bowed his head and kissed her soft jet black hair and a faint smell of incense hair, he was a bit intoxicated, out further neck was going to kiss her, then the phone outdated thought.

He had to peck on her cheek, then pick up the phone. He glanced at the number, heart flicker flash, Xiao Di subconsciously looked at, he was a bit surprised and confused, turned on the phone at the moment and my heart kept praying.

Yue Chunsheng looks very natural, very casually went to the window, he was afraid of what makes Xiao Di unbearable news I hear Xiao Di brother mournful voice:. "Brother, it's me, I did not dare to call my sister , I would first tell you! mom just gone! "

Yue Chunsheng surprised, yesterday dawn tai she was kind enough on the phone, it sounds all right, how one day people gone? He quickly asked: "how is it?"

"Morning, my mother suddenly said sleepy, sleepy for a while. I did not want to wait until lunch time, I called her, told how the results did not wake up." The young girl said sorry, he I feel let my mother go to bed perhaps would happen?

Yue Chunsheng quickly said: "Do not worry, do what to do, we'll go out there to catch."

He quickly put down the phone's thought, then Xiao Di, he said: "? Wife, you have such a good clothes, nest in the home too bad, is not out to show how the"

Xiao Di him to answer the phone did not care too much: "Where?"

He deliberately pretended thought: "? Let's go to your house it has been more than a month did not go up, go back to see my mother?"

Xiao Di suddenly excited: "That will be nice tomorrow morning we go!?" Now the eldest son in kindergarten, the younger son in a nap, so she certainly think that is the fastest time early the next day.

"This has nothing to do, is to stay alone, leave now, just went to the dark." Yue Chunsheng anxious heart, surface mount is very calm.

Xiao Di suddenly feel something is wrong, her heart suddenly panic, she took alarmed: "Just who the phone is not my brother in the end what happened is not my mother????"

He did not think she would be so sensitive, and it would even think of their own home accident, she seems too concerned about his family. He firmly up his own stable of panic,It has always been calm, joy, anger, without form or color, he felt the closest person in anyone who has laid hold of.

He had to lie: "Just phone your Kota come, he said, the mother seems to want you, always talking to you, ask what time we go back."

Xiao Di hear the gospel truth, but the heart is still not practical. Mom why I do not want to call their own? But think it through and my mother yesterday, she thought that his suspicious: "? Not bad day for it."

Yue Chunsheng pretending to be easy: "Of course not bad a day you stay at home but also stay in that stay a day to spend time with my mother not better!?"

Xiao Di one, also: "I will get my things."

Yue Chunsheng very casual, said: "There is nothing to clean up, take the child something to hold him directly, so he went to sleep in the car."

"Can-do? We have to pick up the shiny?" Xiao Di also anxious to throw again no less than his son.

"We are always close at hand the shiny, delay his school did not say, more than a Ping personal home lonely ah? We can not always think of yourself? You go and pick up things, I gave a flat call." Yue Chunsheng not wait to start immediately.

Xiao Di, of course, then it makes sense that her husband, she hurried to get my things. He walked away to see her busy, also called a flat phone: "a flat, Xiao Di's mother has just gone, she and I want to immediately rush in the past, time is too tight, this will not go along with shiny, school, when you pick him up now. home and yard plants are to you! "

A flat was surprised, he was worried that Xiao Di will not be too sad? He made no secret of his concern for her, quickly replied: "!! Uncle worry, there is me at home to take care of them Niangliang"

The car is gone for a while, and soon Ikki woke up, Xiao Di teasing him holding his side play, side and Yue Chunsheng talking. Yue Chunsheng side edge drove tentatively, said: "Xiao Di, also elderly mother immediately seventy years old, the age big accident happens also what is normal, you say, right?" He wanted some mental preparation Xiao Di .

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