96 illness and death

96 illness and death

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Chinese New Year quietly away in silent, the heart and mind a Ping Xiao Di, called in the past: "a flat, are you okay you put a person to stay at home too lonely New Year really sorry, I did not expect?? will be here for so long, it is not a shiny want? "

A mediocre and comfort her: "I'm fine, fine, shiny call me every day, more and more sensible son we have a family with me Uncle Yang, is not alone accompany your peace of mind!! the family, do not worry here! "

Xiao Di eyes were red and tears down, with a strong twang: "a flat, you take care of yourself, take care!"

A flat could feel her mood swings, very anxious, said: "!! Xiao Di, do not cry, I'm really quite good but rather you must pay more attention to the body."

Sixth day of the night, everyone was preparing for bed when my father suddenly doubled spirit, he said to the family: "I saw your grandparents came to pick me up I still have a few words to explain to you, do not say! there is no chance! "

Everyone just felt a moment of fear and desolation.

Gifford star if she were ill all of a sudden the whole good, he looked at the people in the room one by one, very relaxed tone: "I'm leaving!" And some voice suddenly bleak: "Your mother told me life, by so much suffering and sin, not to enjoy anything good, I am very sorry for her, after I'm gone, you have to take care of her! "

Xiao Di and sister were crying: "Dad, we'll take good care of your mother at ease.."

Gifford star looked Xiao Di also look at Yue Chunsheng added:!! "The girl ah your life is not good, we born in such a family, the family I'm sorry, but you still want to say Dad: You're a good boy, it is a blessed people, our family just you and brother duo, after my parents gone, you have to take care of my brother! there you are, parents can eyes closed! "

Xiao Di suddenly kneeling in front of my father, sobbed: "Dad, I'll take care of her mother and brother, the whole family, you worry I swear, I will do my best to take care of them!."

Gifford star nodded, looking at the young girl couple: "Son, you do this brother's brother also have the way, be sure to hurt her sister, she has done for this family too much in the future you have to take care of each other!!"

That night, Gifford star closed his eyes forever.

Although illness and death is human nature, but the push to who is who, who can not remain indifferent. Even though my father seventy-four belong to come to an end, but after all, is the most pro-family, after all, is Tianrenyongge, not sad, how could it?

Xiao Di silent tears, Yue Chunsheng not tell the distressed and worried. He looked at the two children, from time to time guarding Xiao Di, really afraid of her broken heart can not hold. Sad to see her cry, shiny followed wail.

Yue Chunsheng one hand and holding his son with one hand and clutch shiny, his eyes looked at Xiao Di: "Xiao Di, you would not cry, you see the children quickly scared Shangkang feeding it to his son?!" He looked her, seriousness and said: "too sad child milk bad for your health!"

Sad are not willing Xiao Di, she glanced at him, took the child.These days the man's performance, really let her make all the people that are impeccable, she never dared to think, he not only careful and considerate, but also detract from the big man never pay attention to what "face" in front of their own.

Xiao Di, or as long as pleased as long as the child is Xiao Di and beneficial thing, he's duty-bound to do, the kind of willing attitude, enough to make everyone impressed. He will think of law coax Xiao Di and two children happy.

Although now is not the time, he was as much as possible to reduce the extent and Xiao Di sad time.

Under the meticulous care of Yue Chunsheng, soon after the first seven of the father, the father had to grave, Xiao Di packed his things ready to return home in Inner Mongolia, it's quite a long time, a level not know how about at home alone? She really do not trust himself, he was afraid lonely, afraid he might not take care of himself, he is more afraid of a bad mood, ......

In fact, the most anxious or Yue Chunsheng, a level he threw himself at home feeling sorry for him always, especially in factories are also many things pressure on him, did not know he can not afford? But he has not the slightest anxious heart's performance, he will always be without color Tarzan collapse in the former, it is difficult to see his mood had changed much.

Xiao Di looked at had been sitting silent beside her mother, her heart suddenly sink into the abyss, she certainly know the feelings of father and mother, husband and wife two decades has been through thick and thin, had happened to mention differences angry battle the dry! Love Mom and Dad, always considerate of her, love her, he used his real actions to practice sincerity and love to his wife.

Mom also loved my father, my father is my mother's eyes, is the mother's day! She has always been convinced him that she was always on his toe, her heart has always been no grudge against him! At the moment the heavens, I really do not know how to face her?

Mom's eyes seems to be no tears, no one saw her cry, no one heard her crying, saying she did not even say to people, but can not see her inner suffer pain! She was always a place to sit blankly, as if she was a stone or wood carving.

Xiao Di is not an ordinary worried mother, the mother in front of like heartbreaking, painful despair! Of course she knew that she had no hope of life, and in her heart must have been dead set to accompany my father, she was worried about him a lonely man in the other world, she could not accept the loss of her husband to stay together.

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