95 belated apology

95 belated apology

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Xiao Di solemnly thank Yonggang, let Yonggang is more mixed feelings. He stood up and had stood up Yue Chunsheng nod, then a symbolic handshake.

Xiao Di, said a neighbor, Yue Chunsheng had thought know now what I said to myself for the first time he has been handed over to a boy guilty, then that should be the man in front of loved Xiao Di, and Xiao-Di had intimate, and later with words hurt her man?

He was not friendly but not too many hostile looks like ignorant, just like he looked very casual. A young man less than three years old, looks in general, not ugly, not handsome. It looks gentle, but not enough to give a practical, not enough feeling of calm.

Look at his clothes, should family conditions in general, clothes and do not pay attention, it should be very ordinary wage earners. Look him in the eyes Xiao Di, Yue Chunsheng always felt so uncomfortable, as if he were someone else thinking about things on! He is also not difficult to see still hung on her, even unwilling!

But Xiao Di looked more calm, he knew that this man has completely Xiao Di to put down. Even had stung, humiliated are not a little resentment. See this, Yue Chunsheng feel very proud, very satisfied with their own little vanity it seems to have been met.

He saw Yonggang seems to have something to say to Xiao Di, probably because of the house many people, the hardest, he well-intentioned tips and said: "Xiao Di, are not you always wanted to see his wife and children? not also buy the clothes they want to give it? someone at home right now, so when Yonggang back, you also have a look, right? way to get past the clothes look they fit? "

Xiao Di did not react, but the machinery should be: "!. Vomit, you do not say I almost forgot I'll put the clothes out."

Yonggang surprised a moment, he did not think Xiao Xiao Di Di man even let out with their own. He in the end know themselves and know di previous thing? He heard that people are very arrogant, when life and life to scare the Peng Jiafu, Does not he know? Xiao Di should not put people can not see past their own to tell him?

So take it for granted that he has his own basis, himself had never told the story to his wife. He was afraid of her cause misunderstandings and unhappy, multi-less attitude, after all, not a glorious thing.

Think of it he suddenly relaxed and more, the people feel a different man the same.

Xiao Di come as Yonggang wife and daughter to buy a down jacket and several sets of beautiful clothes, and then Yonggang out of their home together.

Yonggang see no one around, this flashing eyes, somewhat contradictory at her and said: "! Xiao Di, a long time since I've been wanting to apologize to you."

Xiao Di sincerely replied: "Yonggang brother, I'm sorry I apologize to you how to turn Yonggang brother, you are not still blame me!??"

Yonggang red eyes: "Xiao Di, remember me go to college, dinner guests that day, I went to his house and Peng Jiafu you say?"

Xiao Di Of course I remember, although she did not blame him, but do not hate him, it does not mean she can forget everything. Her honest nodded: "Remember,But nothing ah? "

"Xiao Di, words of the day I really too much, I formally apologize to you! Actually say those words, my own heart the same pain, like a knife thrust in! Xiao Di, you know, from small to large, I always love you but until now, I was the only person is like you! others can not come into my mind, but can not take your place! I was really hate you, I can not let you, so just tell you those darn words! I thought a long time, I will slowly you forgot! but now I realized that it was simply impossible! "Yonggang getting more and more excited.

Xiao Di surprise, she did not know why and she said Yonggang these? She was a little difficult to cope: "Yonggang brother, I'm sorry you are still you forget me, live it well!!"

Yonggang looked at her a long time, there are too many and too complex feelings, but only he can be a touch of bitter laughter, awkward hidden away: "Xiao Di, in fact, I know, the day I say very unsympathetic, I and my heart also did not know the sacrifice you make for me? If not for the first time you gave me, would not be so cruel Peng Jiafu treatment. in fact, my heart is still very grateful, very guilty. Fortunately, now you too on a happy life, or else I would really for their own selfish, guilty of a lifetime. "

Xiao Di Yonggang finally come of these words, she really did not regret what they have to pay! In fact, even without Yonggang apology, she had never regretted it, she believes: all this is destined. Otherwise, she would not have a happy life now.

She was grateful looked Yonggang: "Yonggang brother, as long as you live, I'm not so self-blame guilt, so you must be good life."

Yonggang affectionate look at him, then smiles sadly:! "Do not worry I will live well, especially with our common memories, unforgettable moments with that, I really have been very satisfied, very happy! "

Xiao Di's heart suddenly feel very sorrow and grief, she even wanted to cry! Or use the body to repay his original error Yonggang their love, it is simply irreparable! If I had not so ignorant, how could cause such outcome?

If I had not of such irresponsible behavior, Yonggang how could you leave an indelible memory in my heart? This memory should not be the kind of wonderful, pure? At that time do not want to own anything, nothing to take into account, the result was almost caused two people live life in pain.

But everything has become a reality, everything has become in the past! Xiao Di know, no matter how regret blame themselves not help it! The key now is to make Yonggang able to face their own life, cherish their own eyes people.

Xiao Di looked worried Yonggang, a pair of eyes in the same pit, full of fear and helplessness. Yonggang returning once again to see this pair of eye, his heart seems to be in the blood.

He was a bit lackluster at her, and finally to make her at ease, he gently said: "You do not worry about me, I'm fine, his wife is very thoughtful, very cute children three of us really very warm, very happy!!In the past only in my heart, I will not dry in front of others, but will not let him affect my life. I will not let anyone see that, my heart is still in love with another woman! "

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