87 weird family

87 weird family

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To see his son such a young age even know distressed adults, as adults do not eat and sad, he also followed sad, a flat feel my heart bursts of warm, he was really pleased.

He put his son in my arms and kissed, thought, and then said:. "Son, go, her mother and grandfather to father to this, and my father have something to say and they say"

Britain is a son of a run out quickly and Xiao Yue Chunsheng di come. Xiao Di bowed his head, she really did not look at one level, she felt sorry for him, he did not face goodbye. She did not know a level will never forgive myself? She is more afraid of a flat this thing take things too hard, that they are not harm him? Her nervous shame of standing on a flat bed.

Yue Chunsheng a flat fear this thing take things too hard, his heart did not end. He came to a flat room, as always, he sat down on the side of the chair, his eyes not to see a flat eyes, he looked at his flat slippers waiting for a talk.

A flat look two, then calm, said: "I've figured out Xiao Di was so young, I can not now subject to a lifetime of crime, she should be re-established her family so I decided to go tomorrow divorce!.. "

Xiao Di could not stop the tears, she Fuxia Shen, clutching a flat arm broke down in tears: "a flat, all my fault, I'm sorry you do not let me leave you, okay I just want to live my life in you!? side, I just want to wait on you forever! forgive me! I will not let you sad sad! "

A flat and gently patted her arm: "Do not be sad to hear me out I know uncle been in love with you, he also has the ability, to play a good man, but now I can not give you!. life can not even take care of themselves, I can not keep you from your youth, you should have your own happiness, I really put you at ease to him! "

Yue Chunsheng did not think his nephew could be so righteous, probably for the sake of this uncle? Or he knows deep love tai love, really want her to be happy? Anyway, he will not leave the nephew.

He was a bit emotional, said: "a flat, uncle, I'm sorry, but you, uncle will not leave you in this life you are my son, no matter how kind my life, you are my family, is the most important home!! a! I'll take care of you with Xiao di, according to Gu Cancan, until I die! "

A flat grin want to smile, he deliberately adjust the atmosphere: "?! You see, I now have the two of you and more cunning abandoned to the care of me, I'm the lucky ah"

Xiao Di board still could not face eyeful of tears, a flat persuasion: "We live as before, is more than one certificate to do and what not affect but rather because of my disability, had all three of us! pain, if you are married and uncle, the three of us have been freed, look at you happiness I feel relieved! Do not cry! this is good! "

He said seemed reasonable, the key is that their relationship is not acceptable. With one mother, but it is two completely different generational, always feel awkward. Xiao Di is still some conflict. Though she really liked Yue Chunsheng.Yue Chunsheng did not care: "ancestors on this land earliest time is inherited his father's wife, that is, his father died, his son of course married life father than the mother of all wives have brother married brother's wife, like this. case too commonplace! nothing new. "

Xiao Di is still crying non-stop, Yue Chunsheng holding shiny leave.

Xiao Di to bed, nestled in a flat arms, she hugged him tightly, so she wanted to permanently nestled in his arms, until forever, until the end of time! She loved him from the heart, she is determined to stay together and his life, even if only mentally with each other to stay together, she also has enough mental preparation.

A flat also hugged him, he knew that after the divorce will not be so embraced, and he loved her, even if it just simply around her, he felt satisfied! He knew he could not give her true happiness, he must let go, this is the real love for her.

The next day three to get a divorce, Yue Chunsheng have to insist on a divorce immediately after finishing here to register marriages:. "That is so save trouble and save time, best of both worlds."

Xiao Di still can not meet the gaze of two, her head bowed, suddenly said: "!?? This is a shame how people will look at me O death, I shall not be a joke."

Yue Chunsheng laughed: "Who dares to laugh at you I put his teeth were knocked Xiao Di you do not think so much, we had our own day, care about the opinions of others and more Leia!!"

He is a rebellious character, but it is not to face Xiao Di others laugh. Her anger and shame, did not know what to say?

To see her little face flushed, Yue Chunsheng straight wanted to laugh, this little guy actually always so shy, blushing at every turn. He could not bear to let Xiao Di embarrassed, had to laugh: "! Would go again another day."

They are smooth divorced, every two days and Di Xiao Yue Chunsheng and took out a marriage certificate.

Only two when he was pleased're just dancing, and he took her tightly in my arms:? "Xiao Di, I do it as a luxurious wedding dress through you you have not, I'll round you dream it! I want you to do the world's most beautiful and happy bride! "

Xiao Di head down, some sad, said: "Do not quiet in our relationship and a good level of swearing heart must hurt, we do not stimulate him!.!"

He is really very satisfied with this little woman, she always and everywhere for others, it seems he really did wrong people! He said emotionally, said: "!! Listen to you after all the things His wife call the shots just treated really badly by you, and only when I owe you a wedding, then I have to make up on!"

So this looks very ordinary family, the hostess became the aunt of niece. When Xiao Di want to help one level replaced the wet pants, a flat little embarrassed, how he did not let Xiao Di hands: "! I myself on the line, you go to busy with other things right."

Xiao Di suddenly tears exchanges:??? "A flat, you are not blame me you would not forgive me that we are husband and wife, although now divorced, but I did not feel any different in my heart you will always be the son of father will always be my beloved husband!If you and I zoning show that you refuse to forgive me! "

A level not know how kind of good? "Xiao Di, I never blame you mean, but rather I feel sorry for you! You think too much! I just think you are now uncle's wife, and we should try to avoid arousing suspicion!"

Then came Yue Chunsheng, stroking his shoulders Xiao Di, said softly: "a flat, you do not avoid arousing suspicion, before she is your wife, and now she is my wife, and I put you as his own son, which We have to change pants son also used to avoid arousing suspicion? "

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