86 I'm really sorry

86 I'm really sorry

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Yue Chunsheng long Xukou Qi, the following words he is really hard to tell: "After the divorce, I hurried to return here, because my heart and mind you, I'm afraid you what things too hard, in fact, I'm afraid faint Xiao Di too much for watching. if she was weak like the wind, I can not say really feel distressed. "

Yue Chunsheng look at one level, some tough continued:. "In the morning, I do not know how deep her love in the end the day just to catch up with the criminals have to be against the law for her, so I was actually fear, I'm afraid she a little room for error occurs, I'd rather own Yongming exchange for her safe! I also discovered at that time, they have ingrained in our hearts, can not extricate themselves in love with her! If things have to end like this ! but why you are my family and her common, we have to take care of you, we must face all day! "

He could not go on, head down, start silent. It took a while before continuing, said: "a flat, you are a man, you should be able to understand and understand: that a man in the face of the beloved woman's desperate impulse in front of her, I hard endure, when the time. engraved remind myself not to get ahead! because she is my only nephew's wife! blazing but more so the more my feelings, the more I can not control myself, I have been able to extricate themselves to the extent of a level, and finally one day, I or could not control themselves, they repeat the same mistakes again. "

A flat disbelief: "You Xiao Di to -"

Yue Chunsheng out of the way watch intently his eyes: "Yes, I did better than animals do Xiao Di is a good woman, she does not want to betray you, but do not want and I do such a shameful having an affair, but she is too. weakness, even in many cases she is submissive. in addition to her suffering silently, she was very painful, very contradictory, very complicated! Nazhen you have found her unusual, she was afraid of you are worried about, more afraid of you know the truth after we nephew will come to an impasse, she did not even know in your heart:? in the end the important thing is she my uncle is more important so she has to bite the bullet on the cheek compromises reason I apologize to you: because she was pregnant Xiao di - she was pregnant with my child you know who I am almost 40 years, and a plum left, I became a loner I'm afraid the old side even a speaker did not have a flat, me!! really you want to own a child! "

At this time a flat has been completely shocked, he did not think his uncle - their most respected uncle, should have done such a thing to an animal as his wife! He could not accept, he wept, he shouted suddenly between hysterical:??? "Why Why not if Xiao Di pregnant with your child, so you wanted to insult her, you fool me today and I said so multi-What do you mean? you do not apologize! "

Yue Chunsheng really feel ashamed: "a flat, I'm really sorry to make that kind of thing, I always feel guilty and I think a lot of times you confess, can I see a dawn tai that frightened even guilty expression, I would!! the courage to say, I'm afraid you will not forgive me, more afraid she would blame me! now, she had children,Do you know how good she was, she would not have the heart to hurt innocent little life! You know, she was just twenty years old, so she should not live! And I also want a real baby of my own! A flat, I'm sorry you! Uncle beg your pardon! "

A flat towering rage, staring at his own uncle, shouted hysterically: "!!! You go out I never want to see you."

Yue Chunsheng Zhang mouth, say something, but finally bowed his head silently out of the room.

He turned to leave the moment found standing by the door Xiao Di, he surprised a moment, and then look at his soulful, put her in his arms hugging two seconds, then straight away.

Rage sad to see a flat look, but do not dare Xiao Di entered the room, she heard the words of Yue Chunsheng has been in tears, she did not think how, the big man that love you love so deep? She would not know how to do the next one level? Should let him calm down?

A flat really so unexpected, and he did not even come to think of. He could not accept from the beginning, their own eyes the most perfect, most people respect uncle should have done something so mean, he really can not accept, even he thought he could not forgive his behavior.

Slowly he calmed down a little bit, his first thought was his uncle for so many years, their love and paternal affection, he was everything his own nephew for the first, either because of their own, he would not husband and wife discord, a plum will not prematurely died.

Besides, when he fell in love with Xiao Di I am not acquainted with Xiao Di, how can this be considered his fault it? He sacrificed his own happiness to this nephew, even their own unique emotional woman also quietly give themselves. What still qualified to blame him? His only mistake is that after his own disability to bully Xiao Di's.

Conversely, if he was a normal person, Xiao Di happy, he certainly would not do such a thing. Xiao Di hope they are not happy? Many times to persuade her to marry again find their own happiness, so in love with her since Uncle, uncle also will give her happiness. Now they have crippled themselves do not trust, not willing to do?

Xiao Di uncle and two of his most pro-people in the world, if they can see them happy, not more than three people are strong in many painful it? Why not do yourself back sacrifice, to fulfill both their loved it? Not to mention he did not need to make sacrifices, we have not give Xiao Di happy, let her uncle happy is not better?

He seems to have thought very clear, very thorough, but difficult to resolve, he is reluctant to Xiao Di, although it can not do a couple of things, there she saw her side, as long as she or his nominal wife, and he kind of indescribably happy and at ease.

After a while, shiny listless first eight brain ran, he pulled a flat hand fingers: "! Father, mother, crying, woo -"

A level of anger vanished instantaneously, I heard my mother crying son said he knew Xiao Di uncle must know just tell myself that things! He began to worry about her, she was distressed. He picked up his son, gently asked: "My son does not eat eat eat eat??"

"Dad do not eat, do not eat my mother crying mother -!" Then unexpectedly "wow" sound burst into tears, the little guy still stressed mother did not eat.

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